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Debut release by Ragnell from Mexico - Black Requiem EP - out on 26 july!

Founded in 2011 en Toluca, Estado de México in Mexico. Black/Death Metal band have been mainly influenced by Belphegor, Watain, Setherial and Tsjuder. Musicians says about the band: "We have shared stage with bands such as: Watain, Nargaroth, Exhumed, Malevolent Creation, Hate Eternal, and more. On February 2013 we toured around Mexico with the french band Nocturnal Depression. In October 2013 we are touring with the finnish band Azaghal...

Band Members:

Eduardo - Bass, Vocals
Mauricio - Guitar, Vocals
Carlos - Drums

In this mini-album we want to express our hate against chrisitianity, with an admixture of Death and Black metal elements. The main idea of the music was mixing death metal's brutality and black metal's darkness, giving to the people what we think is the best part of both genres, also it has black atmospheric parts in which the can be envolved in darkness..."

Official band page & video-preview: