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First release of italian death metal band Daemonokrat - EP "Predators" - out on 24 july!

The "Daemonokrat" band is formed in January 2013 by the sick minds of A. Wehrmacht and Necrosplatter (ex-members of Religio Mortis). Meanwhile, they find the other members for the band, Thrash Maniac and Matteo Maverick Sòllima (both members of the italian Thrashcore band Stesso Sporco Sangue). After some gigs and explosive days at their rehearsal room, in May/June they record their first EP "Predators" @ Tone Deaf Studio, situated in Palermo, Italy.

Musicians says about mini-album: "no need to waste words, just listen to the music"...

Catalog number: SAT051. Edition: 300 copies. Available for pre-order!

Check the links & youtube-preview:


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