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American project Cryostasium will release on Satanath Records new album called "Alternative Funeral" on 28 june!

CRYOSTASIUM started in 1999 under the name The Abhorrer, changing permanently to Cryostasium in 2003. Most notably known for a split release with Xasthur, Cryostasium has mainly stayed underground making peculiar dark ambient metal. Cryostasium's sole member is Cody MaIllet, also known for being in black metal bands such as Witch Tomb and Bone Ritual, and most recently Zaklanie.

"Alternative Funeral" is technically the first full-length Cryostasium album, but consists of the two ep's "Winter" and "Blood Memories". The resequencing and pairing of these EP's into one LP further brings the listener into an alternate journey as opposed to listening to the two EP's separately, a dark sojourn up to interpretation to the listener, thus becoming one's "Alternative Funeral" from listening to this. Cryostasium takes no responsibility for the actions influenced by this album, it is up to the listener to choose.

Official page & preview on YouTube: