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Internal Suffering

Совместный релиз Satanath Records и Rotten Roll Rex: переиздание альбома "Chaotic Matrix" колумбийской technical brutal death metal группы Internal Suffering выходит 24 апреля! / Co-release Satanath Records with Rotten Roll Rex: reissue album "Chaotic Matrix" of Colombian technical brutal death metal band Internal Suffering is out on April 24th, 2018!

Официальное переиздание легендарного 2-го альбома известнейшей колумбийской Brutal Death Metal группы INTERNAL SUFFERING! Диск содержит новый дизайн, полностью ремастирован и снабжён четырьмя эксклюзивными бонус-треками! Обязательно к покупке для любого уважающего себя поклонника классического, культового и экстремального Death Metal в лучшем виде! Первоначально альбом был выпущен Displeased Records в 2002 году. Новая версия включает в себя 8-страничный буклет с текстами, дизайн которого выполнил Алексей Королёв. Ремастеринг сделан Digivision Records (Беларусь) в 2018. Артворк от Toshihiro Egawa. Для поклонников CANNIBAL CORPSE, SUFFOCATION, VITAL REMAINS, INCANTATION, ORIGIN и многих других.

INTERNAL SUFFERING was formed in 1996, since then, the band has been worldwide known for its intense, brutal fast and technical brand of Death Metal, releasing 5 full-length albums to date: “Supreme Knowledge Domain” (2000), “Chaotic Matrix” (2002), “Choronzonic Force Domination” (2004), “Awakening of the Rebel” (2006) and “Cyclonic Void of Power” (2016). Erik Rutan (HATE ETERNAL/ex-MORBID ANGEL) stepped in for the production of the band’s 2 albums at famous MANA RECORDING STUDIOS in Florida (CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEICIDE, NILE, VITAL REMAINS), taking the underground by storm with some of the fastest yet most technical Death Metal records ever in the form of “Awakening of the Rebel”. Live-wise, INTERNAL SUFFERING has toured extensively around the world, doing tours in America, Europe and Asia, playing next to bands such as CANNIBAL CORPSE, SODOM, INCANTATION, EXODUS, ORIGIN, among many more. The band also did one of the most extensive tours for an underground album, playing more than 80 shows in 3 months in support of their critically acclaimed 2nd album “Chaotic Matrix”. As this was not enough, the band has played the majority of the most important extreme metal fests around the globe. Currently relocated to Madrid (SPAIN).

Состав 2002 / Line-up 2002:

Fabio Marin - vocals
Andres Garcia - bass
Leandro Quiza - guitars
Edwin Quiza - drums

Состав 2018 / Line-up 2018:

Fabio Marin - vocals
Andres Garcia - bass
Wilson Henao - drums
Alex Del Rey - guitars

Official re-issue of the legendary 2nd album by Colombian most well-known Brutal Death Metal outfit INTERNAL SUFFERING! Completely remastered including revamped layout and 4 exclusive bonus tracks! A mandatory purchase for any self-respecting fan of classic, cult extreme Death Metal at its very best! Originally album was released by Displeased Records in 2002. New version includes 8-page booklet with lyrics, design made by Aleksey Korolyov. Remastered in 2018 by Digivision Records (Belarus). Artwork by Toshihiro Egawa. For fans of CANNIBAL CORPSE, SUFFOCATION, VITAL REMAINS, INCANTATION, ORIGIN and many others.

Трек-лист / Track-list:

I. The Unfolded Conquest Of The Universe
01. The Unfolded Conquest Of The Universe (Intro)
02. Chaotic Matrix (Prelude I - Onward To Termination)
03. Colossal Vortex (Prelude II - Phenomenal Spectrum)
04. Lurking Monstrosity (Prelude III - Ancient Oceans Dweller)

II. Delivering The Achieved Wisdom
05. Cosmic Ancient Mountain (Upcoming Chaos I - The Tree Of Knowledge)
06. Reborn In Victory (Upcoming Chaos II - The Unholy Manuscript)
07. Cataclysmic Origin (Upcoming Chaos III - Unleashed Astral Chaos)

III. Relentless Wrath Upon Mortals
08. Vatican Bombardment (Upcoming Hecatomb I - Dominion Of The Xul)
09. Destroyer Entity (Upcoming Hecatomb II - Center Of Destruction)
10. The Antiquary Horror (Interlude - At The Edge Of Madness)
11. Decapitation Of The Weak (Upcoming Hecatomb III - Arrival Of The Highest Hierarchy)

Bonus Tracks
12. Decapitation Of The Weak (2001 MCD Version)
13. Vatican Bombardment (2005 Split CD Version)
14. Colossal Vortex (Live At Central Illinois Metalfest 2004)
15. Vatican Bombardment (Live At Central Illinois Metalfest 2004)

Длительность / Length - 43:57

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SAT198 | RRR 109

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