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Labels & Distro:

Misanthropic Spirit Records (Argentina)

Metal Command Records (Argentina)

Grinder Cirujano Records (Argentina)

Icarus Music (Argentina)

No Canonization Records (Argentina)

Funere (Armenia)

Infinite Regress Records (Australia)

Life Fluid Productions (Australia)

Fall Into Void Records (Austria)

Grindhouse Music (Austria)

Possession Productions (Belarus)

Beyond Andromeda Records (Belarus)

Abstruse Eerie Radiance (Belgium)

Immortal Frost Productions (Belgium)

The Hole Productions (Brazil)

Soul Erazer Records (Brazil)

Sphera Noctis Records (Brazil)

Nyarlathotep Records (Brazil)

Hammer Of Damnation (Brazil)

Cold Art Industry (Brazil)

The Metal Vox (Brazil)

Cianeto (Brazil)

Acclaim Records (Bulgaria)

PRC Music (Canada)

CDN Records (Canada)

Noize Black Musik Manifestation (Chile)

Ancestral Terror Records (Chile)

La Cripta Metal Shop (Chile)

Kuyen Producciones (Chile)

Thanatology Productions (China)

Tribulacion Productions (Colombia)

Rebellious Records (Colombia)

DirtyEar (Colombia)

Bloodstained Records (Colombia)

Cannibal Natives Distro (Colombia)

Yahuar Mallcu Records (Colombia)

Cavan Records (Costa Rica)

Spiritismo Rekords (Costa Rica)

Sanatorio Records (Costa Rica)

Deathhammer Records (Cyprus)

Pařát Productions (Czech Republic)

Lavadome Productions (Czech Republic)

Bizarre Leprous Production (Czech Republic)

Murderous Production (Czech Republic)

Musica Hibrida (Ecuador)

Morbid Skull Records (El Salvador)

Hexenreich Records (Estonia)

Saturnal Records (Finland)

Mansion Of Lost Spirits Records (Finland)

Northern Heritage (Finland)

United By Chaos (Finland)

The Sinister Initiative (Finland)

Mortis Humanae Productions (France)

Le Crépuscule Du Soir Productions (France)

Inhuman Homicide Records (France)

Oriffs Shop (France)

Ira Militias Productions (France)

Hass Weg Productions (France)

Legion Of Death Records (France)

Maltkross Productions (France)

Infernal Kommando (France)

Kaotoxin (France)

Nuclearmageddon Records (France)

France d'Oïl Productions (France)

Anesthetize Productions (France)

Season Of Mist (France)

Byelobog Productions (France)

Overpowered Records (France)

Osmose Productions (France)

Acid Vicious (France)

Fog Of The Apocalypse (Germany)

Obscure Abhorrence Productions (Germany)

Rebirth The Metal Productions (Germany)

Human To Dust Records (Germany)

Pestilence Records (Germany)

Eternal Sound Records (Germany)

Schattenkult Produktionen (Germany)

Abnormality Musick Distribution (Germany)

Runenstein Records (Germany)

Narbentage Produktionen (Germany)

Pesttanz Klangschmiede (Germany)

Kristallblut Records (Germany)

Black Metal Propaganda Deutschland (Germany)

Feudal Throne Records (Germany)

Iron BoneHead Productions (Germany)

Svarga Music (Germany)

Rotten Roll Rex (Germany)

Final Gate Records (Germany)

Astral Nightmare Productions (Germany)

Ragnarök Records (Germany)

Heathen Tribes (Germany)

Century Media Records (Germany)

Inside Out Music (Germany)

Apostasy Records (Germany)

Nuclear Blast (Germany)

Kryrart Records (Germany)

Lifeforce Records (Germany)

Black Blood Records (Germany)

Silent Watcher Records (Germany)

Ketzer Records (Germany)

Metal Throne Productions (Greece)

Sleaszy Rider Records (Greece)

DeadSky Productions (Greece)

Lykoria Productions (Greece)

Metal Ör Die Records (Hungary)

NGC Prod. (Hungary)

Neverheard Distro (Hungary)

Sigillvm Tenebrae Records (Hungary)

Spiritside Productions (Hungary)

Metal Masala (India)

Transcending Obscurity (India)

No Label Records (Indonesia)

Ludah Production (Indonesia)

Waar Productions (Indonesia)

Undying Music (Indonesia)

Maxima Music Pro (Indonesia)

The End Of Time Records (Ireland)

The Eastern Front (Israel)

Bylec-Tum Productions (Italy)

Worm Hole Death (Italy)

Punishment 18 Records (Italy)

MurdHer Records (Italy)

Avantgarde Music (Italy)

Dusktone (Italy)

Kolony Records (Italy)

Lupus Niger Prod. And Distro (Italy)

BlackHeavens Music (Italy)

NBK Records (Italy)

Ira Aeterna (Italy)

74Apocalisse Records (Italy)

The Void Records (Italy)

The Oath (Italy)

The Triad Rec (Italy)

Fog Foundation (Italy)

Rude Awakening Records (Italy)

War Against Yourself Records (Italy)

Weird Truth Productions (Japan)

Amputated Vein Records (Japan)

Zero Dimensional Records (Japan)

Red Rivet Records (Japan)

Invasion Of Solitude Records (Japan)

Narcoleptica Prod. (Kazakhstan)

Darzamadicus Records (Macedonia)

Bhumidhuka Productions (Malaysia)

Astaka Arungan (Malaysia)

Suicide Nihilist Records (Mexico)

Satanic Porno Records (Mexico)

Self Mutilation Services (Mexico)

Throats Productions (Mexico)

American Line Prods (Mexico)

Caligo Arcanum Productions (Mexico)

Craneo Negro Records (Mexico)

Divenia Music (Mexico)

Primitivum Productions (Mexico)

Ritual Productions (Mexico)

Iron, Blood And Death Corporation (Mexico)

Dark Terror Temple (Mexico)

MAT Records (Mexico)

Murder Records (Netherlands)

Dying Sun Records (Netherlands)

The Ritual Productions (Netherlands)

Vidar Records (Netherlands)

Void Wanderer Productions (Netherlands)

Inverted Inhumation Records (Netherlands)

Frozen Blood Industries (New Zealand)

Duplicate Records (Norway)

Evil's Records (Panama)

Heerwegen Tod Production (Poland)

Old Temple Records (Poland)

Witching Hour Productions (Poland)

EastSide Records (Poland)

Lower Silesian Stronghold (Poland)

Dark Omens Production (Poland)

Godz Ov War Productions (Poland)

Third Eye Temple (Poland)

Putrid Cult (Poland)

Selfmadegod Records (Poland)

Let Them Come Prods (Poland)

Wydawnictwo Psycho (Poland)

Werewolf Promotion (Poland)

Mythrone Promotion (Poland)

Terror Cult Productions (Poland)

Pluton's Rising Productions (Poland)

Helldprod (Portugal)

Eye Of Horus Distribution (Portugal)

Satanhades Productions (Portugal)

Sinais Produções (Portugal)

Caverna Abismal Records (Portugal)

Rotem Records (Portugal)

Gravações Tunguska (Portugal)

Arcana Noctis (Romania)

Loud Rage Music (Romania)

Pest Records (Romania)

Dark East Productions (Russia)

Solitude Productions (Russia)

Nihil Art Records (Russia)

Niberu Records (Russia)

Dark Front (Russia)

Desert Of Death (Russia)

NitroAtmosfericum Records (Russia)

Satanarsa Records (Russia)

Silent Time Noise Records (Russia)

Wings Of Destruction (Russia)

Darknagar Records (Russia)

Coyote Records (Russia)

Zombie Records (Russia)

Heretic Records (Russia)

Grotesque Sounds Productions (Russia)

Metal Of Crypt (Russia)

HeadXplode Records (Russia)

Yar' Productions (Russia)

Au-To-Dafe Prod. (Russia)

HTH Productions (Russia)

Cold Breath Of Silence (Russia)

More Hate Productions (Russia)

No Life Records (Russia)

Stygian Crypt Productions (Russia)

Marche Funebre Productions (Russia)

SoundAge Productions (Russia)

Fono (Russia)

Frozen Light (Russia)

Outer Line (Russia)

Lord Of The Sick Recordings (Russia)

Metal Race (Russia)

Myrkr (Russia)

Musica Production (Russia)

Valgriind (Russia)

GS Productions (Russia)

Mazzar Records (Russia)

Endless Winter (Russia)

Echo Abyssi (Russia)

Makima Records (Russia)

From The Dark Past (Russia)

Kattran Records (Russia)

Ksenza Records (Russia)

Svanrenne Music (Russia)

Some Kind Of Distro (Serbia)

Odmetnik (Serbia)

Scrotum Jus Records (Singapore)

Vrykoblast Productions (Singapore)

Sonic Temple Records (Slovakia)

Hirax Shop (Slovakia)

Devil's Obsession Productions (Slovakia)

The House Of What You See (Slovakia)

Immortal Souls Productions (Slovakia)

Fallen-Angels Productions (South Korea)

DarkWoods (Spain)

Xtreem Music (Spain)

BlackSeed Productions (Spain)

Morbid Shrine Productions (Spain)

Dan's Crypt Records (Spain)

SadiXmo (Spain)

The Horror Dimension (Spain)

Base Record Production (Spain)

Suspiria Records (Spain)

Mondongo Canibale Records (Spain)

Arkham Chronicles (Spain)

Hecatombe Records (Spain)

Suprachaotic Records (Spain)

Negra Nit Distro (Spain)

Negre PlanY (Spain)

Black Lion Productions (Sweden)

Fila Sophiae (Sweden)

Unexploded Records (Sweden)

Asgard Hass Productions (Switzerland)

Rotten Vomit Records (Switzerland)

Azif Records (Switzerland)

Krasta Records (Switzerland)

Hell Productions (Thailand)

Inhuman Assault Productions (Thailand)

Aorrahantakhard Productions (Thailand)

Slava Productions (Thailand)

Lyakot Productions (Thailand)

Underground Resistance Records (Turkey)

Envenomed Music (Ukraine)

Vacula Productions (Ukraine)

Wolfshade Records (Ukraine)

Butcher Entertainment (Ukraine)

Dead Center Prods (Ukraine)

Eclectic Productions (Ukraine)

Metal Scrap Records (Ukraine)

Depressive Illusions Records (Ukraine)

A5 Production (Ukraine)

Todestrieb Distro (United Kingdom)

Cold Raw Records (United Kingdom)

Rotten Music (United Kingdom)

Aesthetic Death (United Kingdom)

3rdirex (United Kingdom)

Maleficentissimus Triumphatus (United Kingdom)

Mourning Light Records (United Kingdom)

Peaceville Records (United Kingdom)

InsArt Records (United Kingdom)

Silver Lining Music (United Kingdom)

Onism Productions (United Kingdom)

Godreah Records (United Kingdom)

Sevared Records (USA)

Metallic Media (USA)

Pagan Flames (USA)

Paragon Records (USA)

Negative Existence (USA)

United Guttural Records (USA)

Crucial Blast Records (USA)

Ars Magna Recordings (USA)

Dread Records (USA)

Black Plague Records (USA)

Death Portal Studio (USA)

Eternal Death (USA)

Prison Tatt Records (USA)

Label 56 (USA)

The True Plague (USA)

Pale Horse Recordings (USA)

Deathgasm Records (USA)

Cimmerian Shade Recordings (USA)

Vae Victus Productions (USA)

Slaughterhouse Records (USA)

Red Stream (USA)

Moribund Records (USA)

Wolftyr Productions (USA)

Black Metal Records (USA)

Exalted Woe (USA)

Metal Blade Records (USA)

Shirley Road Records (USA)

Shadow Kingdom Records (USA)

Extreme Zone Records (Uruguay)

Reviewers & Zines:

Puro Ruido (Argentina)

Rocka Rolla (Argentina)

Metal Maelstrom (Australia)

Black Metal Daily (Australia)

Afterlife Zine (Australia)

Metal-Roos (Australia)

MetalHeads.by (Belarus)

Bagnik Zine (Belarus)

Homo Faber (Belarus)

SpaideReviewS (Belarus)

Concrete Web (Belgium)

Zware Metalen (Belgium)

Merchants Of Air (Belgium)

Shoot Me Again (Belgium)

SnoozeControl (Belgium)

Addergebroed (Belgium)

Requiem Webzine (Belgium)

DaMusic (Belgium)

Metal Na Lata (Brazil)

Questões e Argumentos (Brazil)

Roadie Metal (Brazil)

Gaveta De Bagunças (Brazil)

Nocturnal Frost (Brazil)

Domini Inferi (Brazil)

Rock Vibrations (Brazil)

Support Black Metal (Bulgaria)

Le Mot Du Melomaniaque (Canada)

The Headbanging Moose (Canada)

Crown Of Viserys (Canada)

Kultur 666 (Canada)

The Metal Crypt (Canada)

Drunk in a Graveyard (Canada)

Metallian (Canada)

Sonus Infernalis (Chile)

Kraykulla Webzine (Croatia)

La Noire Bestia Zine (Croatia)

R.U.M. Zine (Czech Republic)

Deadly Storm (Czech Republic)

Sicmaggot (Czech Republic)

Echoes Zine (Czech Republic)

Hard Music Base (Czech Republic)

Fobia Zine (Czech Republic)

Metal Line (Czech Republic)

Metal Revolution (Denmark)

Heavymetal.dk (Denmark)

Octavo Sentido (Ecuador)

Metal Extremista (El Salvador)

Murska-arviot (Finland)

Archaic Triad (Finland)

Stench From The Grave (Finland)

Metalliautisti (Finland)

Imperiumi (Finland)

Rauta (Finland)

Metalliluola (Finland)

MagicFireMusic WebZine (France)

United Rock Nations (France)

Aux Portes Du Metal Webzine (France)

OdyMetal (France)

VS-webzine (France)

Hard Force (France)

Metalnews (France)

Mithra Templezine (France)

Acta Infernalis (France)

Pavillon Webzine (France)

Culture Extrême (France)

Scholomance Webzine (France)

Le Scribe Du Rock (France)

Horns Up (France)

Soil Chronicles (France)

Les Eternels (France)

Crossfire Metal (Germany)

FFM-Rock (Germany)

Hateful Metal (Germany)

Sturmglanz (Germany)

Metal Viewer (Germany)

Franconia Metallum (Germany)

Voices From The Darkside (Germany)

Legacy (Germany)

Harte-Musik (Germany)

Powermetal.de (Germany)

Unholy Black Art Of Ritual (Germany)

Hellfire-Magazin (Germany)

Eternity Magazin (Germany)

Metal Division Magazine (Germany)

Streetclip.tv (Germany)

Raben Report (Germany)

Dani Zed Reviews (Germany)

Doomsday Machine with Lucy (Germany)

Metal is the Law with Lucy SD (Germany)

KOBZR Magazine (Germany)

Rock Overdose (Greece)

Tzertzelos (Greece)

Against The Fragmentaire (Greece)

Metal View (Greece)

Flight Of Pegasus (Greece)

Orthodox Black Metal (Greece)

Metaller (Greece)

Vaskarc (Hungary)

Holtkeltok (Hungary)

Fémforgács (Hungary)

Rozsdagyár (Hungary)

Rockbook (Hungary)

The Deadman Review (India)

Trendcrusher (India)

Metal Genesis (India)

BDP Metal (Indonesia)

Bandung Magazine (Indonesia)

Metal Temple (International)

PlanetMosh (International)

Heathen Harvest (International)

Metal Addicts (International)

Nordic Metal (International)

MetalbleedingCorp (International)

Angry Metal Guy (International)

El Cuartel del Metal (International)

Misty Graveyard (Iran)

The Power Of The Riff (Ireland)

Church Of Deviance (Italy)

Aristocrazia Webzine (Italy)

Metalhead (Italy)

InYourEyes (Italy)

Metalitalia.com (Italy)

Heavy Metal Maniac (Italy)

Insane Voices Labirynth (Italy)

Rock Metal Bands Webzine (Italy)

Suffissocore (Italy)

Steel On Fire (Italy)

Hardsounds (Italy)

Blog Thrower (Italy)

All Around Metal (Italy)

Heavy Magazine (Italy)

Timpani Allo Spiedo (Italy)

GiornaleMetal (Italy)

Sick And Sound (Italy)

Relics - Controsuoni (Italy)

Metal Hammer Italia (Italy)

Black Metal Ist Krieg (Italy)

MetalWave (Italy)

Join This Order (Italy)

Roppongi Rocks (Japan)

Resurgam (Kazakhstan)

Podval (Kazakhstan)

Qalaqas Black Art Bible (Malaysia)

Zombie Ritual Fanzine (Mexico)

Darkzen Metal Angels (Mexico)

Reviews To My Blood (Mexico)

Mutante Zine (Mexico)

X-Reviews Zine (Mexico)

Hellbiter Metal Zone (Mexico)

El Hater (Mexico)

MX De Metal (Mexico)

Bog Otac Reviews (Montenegro)

Lords Of Metal (Netherlands)

Rockmuzine (Netherlands)

Folk-Metal (Netherlands)

Absolute Hell (Netherlands)

Wings Of Death (Netherlands)

VM-Underground (Netherlands)

Musiczine (Netherlands)

Gorger's Metal (Norway)

Eternal Terror (Norway)

Scream Magazine (Norway)

Permafrost Today (Norway)

The Viking in the Wilderness (Norway)

The Legion Of Tchort (Peru)

Dargedik Webzine (Peru)

Gloria Metalus (Poland)

Kvlt Magazine (Poland)

Limiter (Poland)

Monarch Magazine (Poland)

Welcome To The Morbid Blog (Poland)

MetalRulez (Poland)

Przyszłość przeszłości (Poland)

Polish Metal Cult (Poland)

Stacja Islandia (Poland)

World Of Metal (Portugal)

The Black Planet (Portugal)

Pest Webzine (Romania)

Metalfan (Romania)

Forbidden Music (Russia)

HeadBanger (Russia)

Brutal Carnage Web-Zine (Russia)

Requiem Magazine (Russia)

Hellz Zine (Russia)

Brutal Beauty Fanzine (Russia)

OR'zine Magazine (Russia)

AudioFormat Magazine (Russia)

Музыкальные СлиFFки (Russia)

Astarta (Russia)

HellVinter Zine (Russia)

DA Vision (Russia)

Metal Re-viewer (Russia)

Железная Атака (Russia)

Dark City (Russia)

JesterMedia (Russia)

InRock (Russia)

Alex Curche (Russia)

VOLGA Metal Community (Russia)

Moscow Meltdown (Russia)

Extreme Exclusive Music (Russia)

I.M.I. Media (Russia)

Обложки винила (Russia)

Metal Box (Russia)

Железная Стена (Russia)

Demon Reports (Serbia)

HeadBang (Serbia)

Ciklonizacija (Serbia)

Marena Zine (Serbia)

Cremation Zine (Slovakia)

Bes Webzine (Slovakia)

Terra Relicta (Slovenia)

Underground Siege (South Africa)

Death By Hammer Zine (South Africa)

Necromance (Spain)

Metal Brothers (Spain)

Friedhof Magazine (Spain)

Zombie War (Spain)

Subterraneo Webzine (Spain)

La Mirada Negra (Spain)

Noizz Webzine (Spain)

La Biblioteca De Miguel Borgas (Spain)

La Muerte Tenia Un Blog (Spain)

Broken Tomb (Spain)

Metalnoia (Spain)

Headbanger (Spain)

Bathory Zine (Spain)

Heavy Metal Brigade (Spain)

Confined Rock (Spain)

Battle Helm (Sweden)

Goregasmic Cinema (Sweden)

RockmusicRaider (Switzerland)

The Pit Of The Damned (Switzerland)

Artnoir Musik (Switzerland)

Acier Doux Metal Webzine (Tunisia)

Extreminal Webzine (Turkey)

Black Reviews (Turkey)

Terroraiser Magazine (Ukraine)

Atmosfear Magazine (Ukraine)

Daily Metal (Ukraine)

Encomium (Ukraine)

Do Not Hide Magazine (Ukraine)

MusicScore (Ukraine)

Doom-metal.com (United Kingdom)

Sonic Abuse (United Kingdom)

Wonderbox Metal (United Kingdom)

Absit Omen Web-Zine (United Kingdom)

DemonsZone (United Kingdom)

The Killchain (United Kingdom)

The Sound Not The Word (United Kingdom)

The Independent Voice (United Kingdom)

Real Gone (United Kingdom)

Loud-Stuff (United Kingdom)

Ave Noctum (United Kingdom)

The Moshville Times (United Kingdom)

Beneath The Surface (United Kingdom)

This Noise Is Ours (United Kingdom)

Dark Matter Webzine (United Kingdom)

Rock 'N' Load Mag (United Kingdom)

Metal Hammer (United Kingdom)

Metal 1on1 (United Kingdom)

Headshot Metal (United Kingdom)

Global Metal Apocalypse (USA)

The Metal Observer (USA)

Explicitly Intense (USA)

Dead Rhetoric (USA)

Head-Banger Reviews (USA)

Taste Of Khaos (USA)

Metal Trenches (USA)

Occult Black Metal Zine (USA)

Forever Slain Zine (USA)

Insanity Remains (USA)

Metal Snob (USA)

Thy Demons Be Scribblin (USA)

Artemortifica (USA)

The Black Siren (USA)

No Clean Singing (USA)

Underworld Zine (USA)

Third Eye Cinema (USA)

Metal Mellowdee (USA)

Blackened Horde Zine (USA)

The Dethrok Blarg (USA)

Metal Underground (USA)

Ugh Metal (USA)

AEA Zine (USA)

MoshPitNation (USA)

Contaminated Tones (USA)

The Metal Channel (USA)

Culture Asylum Magazine (USA)

Toilet Ov Hell (USA)

The Noise Beneath The Snow (USA)

Nataliezworld (USA)

Scumfeast Metal 666 (USA)

Capital Chaos TV (USA)

Nine Circles (USA)

Metal Purgatory Media (USA)

Bruder Des Lichts (USA)

Indy Metal Vault (USA)

ViaOmega Magazine (USA)

Clandestine Sounds (USA)

Metal Injection (USA)

Metal Storm (USA)

Apocalypse Later (USA)

Metal Bite (USA)

Extreme Underground Metal (USA)

Metal Trenches (USA)

Runic Reviews (USA)

Flying Fiddlesticks (USA)

Winter Torment (USA)

From Beyond Metal Fanzine (Venezuela)

Concert Agencies & Recording/Mixing Studios:

OMG Productions (Argentina)

Digivision Records Studio (Belarus)

Composed Sound Records (Belarus)

1026 Mastering (Colombia)

Bushido Audio (Costa Rica)

Wolfthrone Studios (Finland)

Ulag Zone Studio (Italy)

Vip Studio (Italy)

Cut Fire Mixing Studio (Italy)

Studio Still Alive (Japan)

EPN Studios (Spain)

MetroMastering (Spain)

Heretic Agency (Russia)

Midwinter Concert Agency (Russia)

Rotting Music Concert Agency (Russia)

Spika Concert Agency (Russia)

Infinity Concert (Russia)

Madstream Booking (Russia)

Alliance Concert Agency (Russia)

UMC Production (Russia)

Poisoned Sound Studio (Russia)

Cold Knives Records (Russia)

TsunTsun Productions (Russia)

Atra Anduin (Russia)

Ego Sound (Russia)

Distonart (Sweden)

Chernobyl Studios (Ukraine)

Priory Recording Studios (United Kingdom)

Kyle Abbott - Session Drummer (USA)

Red Cat Recording Company (USA)

Painters/Art/Merch Studios & Text Writers:

Paolo Girardi

Pär Olofsson

Eliran Kantor

Sdenzil Budon

Matthew Vickerstaff

Brutal Art Design Studio

God Like Ikons

Paint-It-Black Design

Bulldozer Arts



VeNa Art

Alva Set



Luciferium War Graphics

Evil Art Dominion


The Art Of Diego Gedoz De Souza

Asai Nagasama Art

Ghostfog Art

Armaada Art

Ardha Lepa



3mmi Design

Luciana Nedelea Artworks

Moonroot Art

Abigor Artwork

Headsplit Design

Vamon VII

Timur Khabirov Art

El Negro Metal Art

Baikodrom Kosmadur Art

Phlegeton Art Studio

Kroms Art

ProgArt Media

Carlos Jácome Artworks


The Art Of Yan Sek

Yandema Art

Gogo Melone

Death Design Korps Metal Logo

Menggila Senja

Spiral Occultism

Rmpnks illustration

Cabin Fever Media

Unholy Designs

Revolver Design

Violence Art

Tristan Nuit Artworks

Sorrowtonin Artwork

Sickness 666

Digital Sorcery

Sophie Von Bodisco Art

Productions MAEVE

Alexi Reed Art

Alecto D'Ether

Christophe Szpajdel

Rotted Artist

Puchill. Аrt and Design


Nestor Povarnin

Billie Webster Illustration

Max Martelli Illustration

Gloom Ink Illustration

Fijar Mentari

Severed Goat's Head Merch

Goatesque Merch

Talisman Studio

Moonroot Art / [FB]

Byorro / [VK]

Mayhem Project / [VK]

Painter-designer Oleg Gaponenko [VK]

Text-writer Bragi Dunkelheit [VK]

Text-writer-translator Yanika Aksenova [VK]

Promotion & Distribution:




Russian Death Metal

Viral Propaganda PR

Against PR

Grand Sounds PR

FullBlast PR

Qabar Extreme Music PR

Lissy Promotions

Total Darkness Promotions

Black-Roos Entertainment

Asher Media Relations

BloodCast RadioStation

Nocturn Metal Show

Crypt Of Doom

Radio Heavy Metal

Metal Sanaz

Underground Music Family 515

Metal Messiah Radio

Radio Rock Freeday

Demon Tree Radio

Deal Radio

YOD Multimedia

Seenfilm Video Maker

Black Metal Promotion

Symphonic Black Metal Promotion

Slamming Brutal Death Community

Technical Death Metal

Brutal Full Albums

Metal Vault

Slam Worldwide


Black Metal

Atmospheric Black Metal Albums

Symphonic & Melodic Black Metal

Les Décibels sont dans les prés

Thirty Five Seconds Black Metal

Do Me a Favor and Kill Me

Kryaken Metal Battle

Klaus TV

Acherontia Atropos Inc.

Rob Hammer