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Релиз от Symbol Of Domination: новый альбом ‎"Bež’te živi vraćaju se mrtvi" сербской thrash/black metal группы Wolf's Hunger выходит 9 сентября! / Release by Satanath Records' sub-label Symbol Of Domination: new album ‎"Bež’te živi vraćaju se mrtvi" of Serbian thrash/black metal band Wolf's Hunger ‎out on September 9th, 2016!

Novi Sad (Serbia) based band Wolf's Hunger was founded by Caslav Nickovic and Vladimir Musicki in 2001, with clear intention of playing black metal inspired by Serbian history and mythology. Band gathers a substantial following with the release of their first demo recording titled "Thunders of Perun Are Back" (2003), which is followed by numerous concerts with bands from all over the Balkans, such as Interfector, All My Sins, Defilement, Posmrtna liturgija and others. After that, the band releases their second demo recording „Zemlja moja u plamenu je” (2005). In collaboration with the label Grom Records, Wolf's Hunger releases a split release with Posmrtna liturgija titled "Pagan Thunders" (2006). The band’s first full-length album “Osveta u krvi” is released as a continuation of collaboration with Grom Records in 2007. Album received positive reactions from critics and fans, and it was sold out only couple of months after its release. What follows is the concert where Wolf's Hunger played as a support act for the cult American death metal band Vital Remains. After this period of intense activity the band goes in hibernation and the members spend the following two years engaged in other affairs. In mid-2009 the band mates gather again and the Wolf’s Hunger starts playing concerts again. Next year, in 2010, Wolf's Hunger plays as a support for the Russian folk/pagan act Arkona. In the following years band played on various festivals sharing stage with bands such as Panychida, The Stone, Armada, Kolac, Redenik, Bombarder and so on. In 2015 band entered in the studio and recorded their second full length album “Bež’te živi vraćaju se mrtvi”.

Состав / Line-up:

Caslav Nickovic - vocals/bass
Vladimir Musicki - rhythm/solo guitar
Igor Maric - rhythm guitar/vocals
Ivan Gaspar - drums

One of the most anticipated album from Serbian scene is finally out. Thrash/black metal warriors Wolf's Hunger are striking again with their second full length release. "Bež'te živi vraćaju se mrtvi" offers 35 minutes of uncompromising and merciless thrash/black metal inspired by World War I, Serbian history and Slavic heritage.

Трек-лист / Track-list:

01. Bež’te živi vraćaju se mrtvi
02. U vatri sazdan
03. Gvozdeni puk (Kult rata)
04. Vostani Serbije
05. Rusija
06. Slava Gromu
07. Lešinari će slaviti moje ime
08. Egzekutor
09. Rod

Длительность / Length - 36:41

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