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Once Them Edens


Once Them Edens

New album of greek progressive/avant-garde/death metal band Once Them Edens out on 30.07.2013!

ONCE THEM EDENS started off as a one-man band. Gradually, Ω, guitarist and sole permanent member accommodated Jean Baptiste (RandomWalk) and Dead Fart (Vermingod) on vocals, as well as George Constantinou (ArkOvLies, Wings In Motion) on the (fretless) bass guitar, expanding the borders of the collective’s musical vision: as maximal turns minimal, the story of the tragic jester, that is the album’s concept, unfolds, and completes this progressive extreme metal grandeur.

The Year Is One is the album of the artistic elite and the struggling complexity; a series of cyclothymic events, a theatrical play where the beginning blends into the end. The dramatic personae collapse, as the puppeteer dances. Extremity modernized.


1. All Flawed
2. On Par With I
3. Penance Concrete
4. …And Yet, He Gazes
5. The Gospel Grotesque
6. All Shed
7. Postlude In B Minor, Op.8, Allegro Moderato

The Collective:

Jean Baptiste - Clean Vocals, Growls
Dead Fart - Brutal vocals
George Constantinou - Bass guitar

Ω - guitars, composition, lyrics, drum programming

Info & music: