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Nunslaughter / Hatevomit

Совместный релиз GrimmDistribution и Metal Ör Die Records: новый сплит "Nunslaughter/Hatevömit" американской death metal группы Nunslaughter и турецко-немецкой black/death metal группы Hatevömit выходит 12 июня!

Co-release by Satanath Records' label-partner GrimmDistribution with Metal Ör Die Records: new split "Nunslaughter/Hatevömit" of U.S. death metal band Nunslaughter and Turkish-German black/death metal band Hatevömit is out on June 12th, 2019!

Nunslaughter founded in 1987 and plays mid-80s Satanic death metal bands like Venom, Sodom, Morbid Angel etc. Released first demo Ritual of Death, then released tons of kult demos and splits through time. In 2000, Nunslaughter released legendary first full-length Hells Unholy Fire and then Goat, Hex And Angelic Dread albums. Nunslaughter also released some live-albums and live DVDs. In 2015, Nunslaughter's long-time drummer Jim ‘Sadist’ Konya unfortunately passed away. After a silence period, Nunslaughter returned with a new drummer Wrath and still going on burning the scene with hell's unholy fire and putting hex on you!


Don of the Dead - vocals
The Mangler - bass
Tormentor - guitars
Wrath - drums

Hatevömit founded by Damnare and Unholy Nuklear Terrorist in the end of first decade of new dark millenia. In the begining, Damnare was in charge of drums and vocals but later he gave up playing drums because of health issues. Damnare keeps blasphemy on vocals and Unholy Nuklear Terrorist is in charge of noise of all strings. Hatevömit first released a demo cassette, and later split albums (with Impaler Of Pest, Ectoplasma, Satan's Propaganda). Their first EP released as CD by Underground Resistance & Symbol of Domination with former drummer Revolt (Vomitile). Later H.A. (Zombieslut, War Agenda) joined the legion of Hatevömit as a new drummer.


Damnare - vocals
U.N.T. - guitar, bass
H.A. - drums
S. Grinder - backing vocals (guest)
Levent Y. - backing vocals (guest)

Две нечестивые группы вернулись! Каждая приготовила по 2 новых песни! Для плодотворных Nunslaughter, которые называют свой стиль Devil Metal, это первый релиз в 2019 году! Для Hatevömit, которые характеризуют свою музыку как Vomit Metal, этот релиз является долгожданным после трёх лет молчания! Обе группы являются истинными легионерами ада, приносящими с собой только злобу, ненависть и хаос!

Two wicked bands are back! Each has prepared 2 new songs! For the prolific Nunslaughter, who call their style Devil Metal, this is the first release in 2019! For Hatevömit, who characterize their music as Vomit Metal, this release is long awaited after three years of silence! Both bands are true legionaries of hell, bringing only anger, hatred and chaos with them!

Attention! Nunslaughter's first release in 2019! The band dubs their music as "devil metal". SLAUGHTERING BLACK DEATH ATTACK! Are you ready to feel the double strokes of evil? Aware! Nunslaughter is slaughtering the nuns again and praise the Sluts of Satan in 2 minutes by the Satanic Slut! And Fukking bastard christ in Fuck the Bastard!!! Don of the Dead and his hell crew are just bringing the total hell on earth for you! Metal is Death! Death is Metal! NunSlaughter is True Death Metal!

After three years of silence, Hatevömit is back to scene from the unholy graveyard to vomit upon all religions again with Nunslaughter split and their 2 new hymns - Necro Future (recorded at 2015-2018) and Possessed Nightmares (recorded at 2018 at Terrorsound Studios). Hatevömit plays relentless old school blackened death metal, and band calls it 'Vomit Metal' in the following of true cult death black metal chaos. With the hymn of called Necro Future, this infamous pair of hell is here bringing humanity's future to the absolute DEATH! 3 minutes of total destruction and psychedelic touching from the beyond!!! Possessed Nightmares is the second hymn which howls the lamentation of world's end! Beware!

Трек-лист / Track-list:

01. Hatevömit - Possessed Nightmares
02. Hatevömit - Necro Future
03. Nunslaughter - Fuck The Bastard
04. Nunslaughter - Satanic Slut

Длительность / Length - 11:00

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Каталожный номер / Catalog number:

037GD | MÖD024

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Nunslaughter Facebook | Instagram
Hatevömit Facebook | Bandcamp

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