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Совместный релиз лейбла-партнёра GrimmDistribution и NGC Prod: новый альбом "The Sixth Extinction" венгерской doom/death metal группы Nadir выходит 4 декабря! / Co-release by our label-partner GrimmDistribution with NGC Prod: new album "The Sixth Extinction" of Hungarian doom/death metal band Nadir is out on December 4th, 2017!

The band was founded by guitarist/songwriter Norbert Czetvitz back in 1993. From the very beginning, the quintet has been inspired by bands like Bolt Thrower, Entombed, Crowbar. Lyrics with important issues of existence such as social problems or the relation of mankind and nature. NADIR played live since the very early years. The band has accomplished several country-wide tours and festival shows in Hungary and in the neighboring/nearby countries as well. Moreover, opened for bands like Crowbar, Pro-Pain, Stampin’ Ground, Master, Vader, Krisiun, Napalm Death, Dying Fetus, Kataklysm, Dead Congregation, Merauder, Entombed or D.R.I. at their local shows. From the “Tenacity” album on, tradition has been to bring out releases (full length albums, EPs, split EPs with other local underground bands) independent, mostly both on CD and as free download. “Tenacity” has been voted best debut album at the Hungarian “HangSúly” Award (yearly poll of Hungarian musicians, journalists etc.). Then in 2008, the year the “Those Who Bought the Rain” album came out, they won the same award (best live band) again. In 2011, paid their musical influences respect with the “Underground Heroes” cover album, encompassing a large spectrum of underground metal/hardcore music, featuring a couple of guest musicians. In 2013, guys brought out an EP entitled “A Lasting Dose of Venom”. 2015 marks the release of latest full length (very first concept album), “Ventum iam ad finem est” that has been voted the album of the year at the “HangSúly” Award poll. Band watch out for upcoming sixth full length, aptly entitled “The Sixth Extinction”, coming out soon.

Состав / Line-up:

Ferenc Gál - bass
Szabolcs Fekete - drums
Norbert Czetvitz - guitars
Hugó Köves - guitars
Viktor Tauszik - vocals

Венгерская подпольная death metal группа NADIR вернулась со своим шестым полноформатным альбомом, названным «The Sixth Extinction». Да-да, в предыдущем альбоме «Ventum iam ad finem est» заключительный трек как раз назывался «The Sixth Extinction»... Совпадение? Не думаем! Это прямое продолжение, ещё один концептуальный альбом, посвящённый нынешней массивной волне исчезновения видов на Земле, спровоцированной человеком. Пластинка повествует о разрушении окружающей среды, загрязнении, болезнях и находчивости некоторых видов. На диске девять треков, в том числе трилогия «Ice Age in the Immediate Future», вдохновлённая «Трагедией человека» венгерского автора Имре Мадача (1823-64). Альбом полон брутальных doomcore/death metal риффов, потрясных гитарных мелодий и в то же время запоминающихся припевов. Некоторые из музыкантов также были активны в местных группах или проектах, таких как Ghostchant, Enter The Void, Step On It и Our Existence Is Punishment. Настоятельно рекомендуется для поклонников Bolt Thrower, Crowbar, Merauder и Gorefest. Артворк от Fragile Hope Art & Design.

Hungary’s most steadfast and enduring underground extreme metal band Nadir are back with their 6th full-length album, aptly entitled “The Sixth Extinction”. It’s more than a mere coincidence, though: as a continuation to the “Ventum iam ad finem est” record (the closing track of which is called “The Sixth Extinction” as well), this is yet another concept album dealing with the present massive, human enduced wave of extinction of species on Earth and citing environmental destruction, pollution, diseases, invasive species and overhunting as its main causes. Nine tracks, including the “Ice Age in the Immediate Future” trilogy, inspired by the play of Hungarian author Imre Madách (1823-64) “The Tragedy of Man”. The album is full of brutal doomcore/death metal riffs, staggering guitar melodies and at the same time catchy choruses. Some of the members have also been active in local bands or projects such as Ghostchant, Enter The Void, Step On It or Our Existence Is Punishment. Strongly recommended for the fans of Bolt Thrower, Crowbar, Merauder and Gorefest. Artwork by Fragile Hope Art & Design.

Трек-лист / Track-list:

01. The Human Predator
02. The Debris Archipelago
03. Fragmented
04. Along Came Disruption
05. Mountains Mourn
06. Ice Age In The Immediate Future: I. Arctic (Instrumental)
07. Ice Age In The Immediate Future: II. To Leave It All Behind
08. Ice Age In The Immediate Future: III. A Matter Of Survival
09. Les Ruines

Длительность / Length - 33:18

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