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Совместный релиз Symbol Of Domination и Morbid Skull Records: новый альбом "Fuego Negro" сальвадорской thrash/black metal группы Disorder выходит 21 апреля! / Co-release by Satanath Records' sub-label Symbol Of Domination with Morbid Skull Records: new album "Fuego Negro" of Salvadorian thrash/black metal band Disorder ‎out on April 21st, 2017!

In 1993/1994 Jorge Montesino started writing songs for his first musical project with an acoustic guitar recording them on a tape recorder at home. He started to search for band members but it was so difficult to find people who had instruments and the same musical taste mainly because the local scene was rotten in the wave of grunge and alternative bands. In 1994/1997 several songs were ready but it was not until the end of this period that the first stable lineup was ready to play live and rehearse. Some members were not fully dedicated to the genre of Metal but were recruited due to lack of options. In 2001 the first demo rehearsal was recorded and distributed, a few copies on cassette format and some other copies on CD-R format. In 2011 ten years after Jorge Montesino reactivated the band as studio project under the pseudonym MORBID and joins forces with his nephew Kevin Orellana who takes his pseudonym HELLBASTARD. Morbid began composing new material and adjust old songs gradually. In 2014 the second official full length album of the band was released in October on CD under the label Morbid Skull Records and called “En El Rio Del Olvido”. In 2015 Morbid kicked out Hellbastard from the band for personal differences and started recording the new full length. Morbid changed name to M.Q. And welcome V.K. As permanent member on the drums. In 2016 M.Q. recorded all vocals, guitars and bass for the new releases. A pro tape split with the Swedish band TOTAL INFERNO was released under MORBID SKULL RECORDS limited to 100 handnumbered copies and titled “Ina Etuti Asbu”, this split was also released as 7”s by DEATHGASM and MORBID SKULL RECORDS limited to 300 copies. Band finished recordings and production for the new album called “Fuego Negro. In 2017 the third full length called “Fuego Negro” is confirmed to be release on CD format by SYMBOL OF DOMINATION Prod. and MORBID SKULL RECORDS limited to 666 copies.

Состав / Line-up:

M.Q. - vocals, bass, guitars
V.K. - drums

Fuego Negro is an album on which you will find a lot of speed and rabid riffing in a more thrash/black metal vibe as in last full-length "En El Rio Del Olvido", there are not complex arrangements just simple straight fist to the face obscure rhythms and combined with harsh and rough vocals. Something very important to mention is that on this record band also decided to have special contributions from some great artists performing vocals and lead guitars, contributions that for sure enriched this effort. Band feel satisfied with the results and will see what's coming... Beware! Keep the Black Fire immolating your souls!!!

Трек-лист / Track-list:

01. Carroñeros De Justicia
02. Existencias Paralelas
03. Bajo El Yugo De La Ignorancia
04. 333
05. Tiempos Violentos
06. Misantropica Barbarie
07. Fuego Negro

Длительность / Length - 29:32

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