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Dimentianon - Chapter VI: Burning Rebirth


Dimentianon - Chapter VI: Burning Rebirth

Совместный релиз Symbol Of Domination с Paragon Records и Pest Records: новый альбом "Chapter VI: Burning Rebirth" американской black/doom/death metal группы Dimentianon выходит 14 апреля 2023!

Co-release of Symbol Of Domination with Paragon Records and Pest Records: new album "Chapter VI: Burning Rebirth" of U.S. black/doom/death metal band Dimentianon is out on April 14th, 2023!

В очередной раз DIMENTIANON возвращаются с новым альбомом, записанным в собственном жанре, миксе из Black/Death/Doom Metal с элементами атмосферного эмбиента. Как всегда, банда не следует тенденциям и выбирает свой путь, который звучит освежающе. Музыканты развивают то, что они сделали на релизе "Dreaming Yuggoth". С вокалистом Mike, клавишником Don из EVOKEN, гитаристом/басистом Joe и барабанщиком Matt, коллектив уносит слушателя в бездну, откуда вряд ли кто-то вернётся другим. Впервые в истории проекта состав остался прежним при выпуске альбома, и это ещё раз показывает, почему они являются одним из старейших и самых мрачных культов, которые может предложить сцена Лонг-Айленда в Нью-Йорке! Артворк от Mystra. Мастеринг от Jos-Sothoth.

DIMENTIANON was created in January of 2002 after the original name “The Forgotten” from ‘95 was abandoned. The lineup included the original members, vocalist M, and M.Weisbaum (drums), and current members at the time J.Mroz (bass), G.Layman (guitar), and J.Fogarazzo (guitar). The goal was to continue with their unique mixture of chaotic Black\Death and Doom metal music. They started to work on material and in the summer of 2002, put out a three-song rehearsal promo for their new album. During this time M.Weisbaum departed to pursue other interests after finishing the “Seven Suicides” recording which was released on Paragon Records in 2003. The band then acquired drummer R. Bohlman (Embracing Carpathian Mourning) whose debut show with the band was opening for Arch Enemy in August 2003. Throughout the year, the band played high profile shows with such acts as Enslaved, Hate Eternal, Incantation, Kreator, Destruction, Cannibal Corpse, and Dying Fetus. After the third full length CD “Hosannas Novas Ordo Seclurum” and the split CD with Rigor Sardonicous, J.Fogarazzo (guitar) left the band to pursue outside interests and keep full time with Rigor Sardonicous. Some months later, J.Mroz (bass) followed as well as R.Bohlman (drums) to pursue solo projects. The live promo is the last live show that both Ryan and Jim performed. All three former members were replaced. Zoltan Valter, former member of Frost from Hungary (lead guitar), Maureen Murphy (bass) who also played with “The Forgotten”, and Pete Christopher (drums) rounded out the new line up. In early 2010 the band parted ways with G.Layman. Dimentianon would record “Collapse the Void” with this line-up and release it in late 2010 on Paragon Records. The Album was well received by the underground and at a later point it was released on cassette by Night Birds Records [Ukraine] and co-released with Paragon Records and Nuclear War Now Productions on LP. Again, line-up problems plagued the band with only M (vocals) remaining working with various members/line ups for the next 9 years. In 2019 the line-up came together strong once again with new and returning members. The current line-up is Matt Hass [drums], Don Zaros [keyboards] a member of Evoken, and Joe Fogarazzo returning to the band on guitar/bass. Once this line-up was solidified the band really got moving and finally recorded 5th album “Dreaming Yuggoth”. The band feels it delivers one of their most diverse recordings to date while still retaining the foundation of the band's roots. With their new album Dimentianon takes their eclectic style a step further with additional twists and turns to challenge the listener. Chapter VI strategically takes elements from many metal and non-metal genres and weaves them into a clever whole that will satisfy the listener who craves more from their music. Dimentianon challenges you to take the ride and experience a Burning Rebirth! Once again Dimentianon return with its own style of Black, Death, Doom Metal with some atmospheric ambient elements. As always, the band follows no trends and carves out a path all their own that sounds natural and refreshing. The band takes what they did on Dreaming Yuggoth slightly further and more cohesive. With long time vocalist M delivering his distinct rasp and growls and the combination of Joe Fogarazzo on guitars/bass and Don Zaros on keyboards who gel so seamlessly and Matt Hass once again delivering an organic and character driven drumming. The band exits in a void where few others will enter. The first time in the bands history that the line-up has stayed the same for an album release and once again showing why they are one of the longest running and darkest cults the long island ny scene has to offer! Artwork by Mystra. Mastered by Jos-Sothoth.

Состав / Line-up:

M - vocals
Matt - drums, cello
Joe - guitar, bass, church organ
Don - keyboards, vocals

Трек-лист / Track-list:

01. Inimica Malevolentia
02. Turn To Ash
03. Kneel Before Me
04. Come To Me In The Darkness
05. Placere Silere
06. Solitude In Whispers
07. The Determining Line
08. Our Dark History
09. To Be Dead Is Fatal
10. Black Angel

Длительность / Length - 59:45

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