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Совместный релиз Satanath Records и The Ritual Productions: новый альбом "Worms" испанской black/doom metal группы Barbarian Swords выходит 11 ноября! / Co-release Satanath Records with The Ritual Productions: new album "Worms" of Spanish black/doom metal band Barbarian Swords out on November 11th!

The embryo of Barbarian Swords are Voice of Noise (guitars) and Panzer (bass), but the band is not officially born until 2011 when, inspired by an Electric Wizard gig in Barcelona and the release of Burzum’s Fallen finally, blood brothers Von Päx (vocals) and Voice of Noise decided to form a band that merged the most desperate doom with the most demonic black metal. In 2012, with Sepvlkrvm Fössvrah at the drums and Steamrollers on guitars, they record their first demo, a summit of musical putrefaction named Crusaders of the Apocalypse, which is currently sold out. In July 2013, they begin recording their first full-length album, Hunting Rats, in Javi Félez’s Moontower Studios (Teitanblood, Graveyard, Körgull the Exterminator, Nominon, Ered, Lux Divina, Avulsed, Primigenium). After the recording sessions, Joe Beltza substituted Sepvlkrvm Fössvrah at the drums. Published in 2014, Hunting Rats received excellent reviews by the specialized press, and adding to an enthralling and violent live act, quickly singles out Barbarian Swords as one of the most primeval, tumid and deranged bands in the national scene, which earned them a spot on Primavera Sound’s Primavera Club Festival, together with Monarch! and Bell Witch. Barbarian Swords are now back with an even more terrifying, insane and disturbing work, Worms, a second album recorded again with Javi Félez, and featuring a sensational artwork design by César Valladares (Krisiun, Asphyx, Grave Miasma, Under The Church, Balmog, Graveyard). Worms sticks to the line of extreme nihilism and radical negativism of the band, but elevated to the trillionth power. Blind hatred against everything, exacerbate misanthropy vowing to eradicate any sign of faith and religion from the planet. There is no trace of positive feelings in Barbarian Swords, and Worms has arrived to destroy the world through chaos, blood and in-mass rapes.

Cостав / Line-up:

Von Päx - vocals
Voice of Noise - guitars
Steamroller - guitars
Panzer - bass
Joe Beltza - drums

After earning the praise of specialized media such as Rock Hard (Germany), Legacy (Germany), Metalegion (Portugal) or RockZone (Spain) with their debut album Hunting Rats, Babarian Swords are back and fiercer than ever with Worms, a second album that’s even more aggressive, putrid and murderous than its predecessor. Continuing their crusade against life and all faith, the band from Barcelona has ejaculated nine new songs that are grounded in absolute evil, whose only aim is to submerge the listener in the deepest of miseries and drive them into a merry suicide. When listening to the album, it might seem at first that black takes precedence over doom metal in songs such as ‘I’m Your Demise’ or ‘Pure Demonology’, but soon the supreme derangement of ‘Total Nihilism’, or the fucker punk of ‘Carnivorous Pussy’ take us back to the vile and cruel Barbarian Swords that every disturbed metalhead wants to listen. The final stages of the album, with ‘Ultrasado Bloodbath’ or the infernal 18 minutes ‘Requiem’ tracks drive the album into a nightmare hiding very ill-fated intentions, in a necromantic ode for which not everybody is prepared. Unhinged voices, sonic torture, total war against humanity, morality and ethics. There is no chink of peace in Worms, only blasphemy, violence, chaos and anal violation.

Трек-лист / Track-list:

01. I'm Your Demise
02. Outcast Warlords
03. Pure Demonology
04. Christian Worms
05. Total Nihilism
06. The Last Virgin On The Earth, Sodomized
07. Carnivorous Pussy
08. Requiem
09. Ultrasado Bloodbath

Длительность / Length - 71:02

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Каталожный номер / Catalog number:

SAT162 | FNL005

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