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Second album of mexican Astarot out on 28.05.2013!

ASTAROT beginning in 2009, founded by Gonzalo GB "Astarot" in Irapuato; Guanajuato, Mexico. Nostalgia, melancholy, nature and astral themes are the main theme of inspiration. Astarot (Astor, Astoret) goddess plant fertility, hence the name was inspired, not be confused with Astaroth.

New release out as 1000 firm compact discs in jewel cases, catalog number: SAT041. "As Leaves Fall" is the second full-length of mexican project, album consisting of 9 tracks (44 minutes overall). With the participation of Torture, this will be the first album with lyrics in most of its duration. All tracks are previously unreleased recordings and specials for this album. Track-list looks so:

  • Chapter I - En el Gran Bosque
  • Chapter II - Nacer, Perecer y Renacer
  • Chapter III - As Leaves Fall
  • Chapter IV - Autumn
  • Chapter V - The Birdsong
  • Chapter VI - Despair
  • Chapter VII - Revelation of the Storm
  • Chapter VIII - The Secret Garden
  • Chapter IX - Walking in the Forest of Time, the Eternal Forest

Inspired completely on nature, melancholy and nostalgia, in this album left entirely the pilot nature, marking a full atmosphere leaving a continuity between each track involved in the middle of eternal forest. Ambient influences & acoustic parts - ideal harmony.