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Debut self-titled EP of black/doom metal band Alasthor from Mexico out on august 24th 2013!

ALASTHOR back after two years off with different members, returning from the raw and cold winter...

New line-up:
Tortured - vocals and lyrics
Uval Valafar - guitars
JC ''Wofl Co'' - drums
Gonzalo GB "Astarot" - bass and keyboards

In this new mini-album recorded in urder studio, his powerful depressive and raw sound is present in the 6 tracks which have a funereal and dark influence. Intro, outro and 3 original songs + a cover song of worship makes you appreciate his influences of genres such as depressive black metal, doom metal and death metal... After so long finally returned the beast to stay forever in this disc plowing estremeser your senses, depressing your soul and hate life itself.

Listen the music: