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«Eternity Borns From A Moment» es el nombre del nuevo disco de la banda polaca de doom/death metal atmosférico Canis Majoris, el cual estará disponible desde el 28 de abril por el sello de Georgia Satanath Records.


CANIS MAJORIS es un proyecto musical creado en Gdansk, Polonia. Está formado por el autor de música y letras Alienus y el vocalista invitado Brut de la banda de death metal Raspatory. La música de Canis Majoris es un Atmospheric Cosmic Doom/Black/Death Metal con elementos de Ambient con las mejores tradiciones de Midnight Odyssey y Lustre.


El álbum debut «Eternity Borns from a Moment» es un viaje por el espacio infinito del Universo. La letra contiene pensamientos filosóficos sobre el Universo, el Tiempo y la Muerte, así como descripciones de fenómenos maravillosos creados por nuestra Naturaleza. Cayendo en la gran atmósfera del álbum, el oyente se convierte en un viajero en el tiempo desde los inicios de la vida hasta su total desaparición…


Sobre el nuevo disco, podemos adelantar que tendrá 12 piezas de gran calibre musical. Además, actualmente ya conocemos parte del artwork y la canción homónima del disco, la cual la puedes escuchar en el siguiente link.





Canis Majoris is a musical project created in Gdansk, Poland by the multi-instrumentalist musician and lyricist Alienus, joined on the project’s debut album by invited vocalist Brut from the death metal band Raspatory.


The name of that album, which will be released by Satanath Records on April 28th, is Eternity Borns From A Moment. It is described as “a journey around the endless space of the Universe,” and a journey through time as well, in which “the listener becomes a time traveller from the beginnings of life till its total disappearance…”


Obviously, the subject matter is vast and daunting, encompassing both the awe-inspiring splendor of Nature and the ultimate catastrophe in which it brings about its own end. How Canis Majoris musically delves into these subjects could be summed up as a formulation of atmospheric death/doom, with a significant ambient music component and ingredients of black metal as well.


The album takes us on the journey through space and time over the course of 12 tracks, and where it all leads is the album’s final song that we’re premiering today — “The End of Civilization“.


The scale and sweep of the song is vast, but in more than one way. Its opening melody is beautiful, mysterious, and mesmerizing, a blending of ethereal shimmering synths, elegantly ringing piano keys, and humming electronic keys of a different timbre. It’s what you might expect after looking at the album’s cover.


Which just makes what happen next all the more stunning. The melody doesn’t vanish, but suddenly the sound becomes titanic, and orders of magnitude darker. The drums slowly pound with gargantuan force; the music flows like a dangerous stellar ocean; and the vocals — the vocals are the kind of deep, harrowing, ragged growls that raise goosebumps.


Those elegant piano keys and soaring synths don’t vanished, but begin to seem more plaintive, in witness to the cataclysms channeled by everything else. For a time, the pounding ceases and the atmosphere of mysterious cosmic splendor expands again, but the power of the music swells once more, becoming submersive again, and the voice roars in fury and pain — right up until the mournfully wailing guitar solo that ends the track.


Satanath will release the album on jewel-box CD format with an 8-page booklet, and digitally. For more info, check the following links. We’ve also included a stream of the album’s previously released title song.