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Some melodies are so blatantly hooky that they get stuck in your head immediately, even if you don’t think they deserve the attention and wish they would go away, like bits of fluff that annoyingly get stuck to your clothes. Others adhere to your memory more seductively but in a more lasting fashion, because there is greater emotional substance to them. That’s true of the song we’re about to premiere by the Mexican band Ragnell.


The song is “Divine Eradication“, and it’s one of nine tracks on Rebirth in Darkness, the second album by this band from Toluca and the first release since their full-length debut in 2014. Like that first album, the new one will be released by Satanath Records, joined this time in the release by More Hate Productions and The End Of Time Records.


At first, “Divine Eradication” attacks the senses with a skittering riff, a galloping drum beat, and hoarse roars. Then the drum blasts, the layered guitar swirls in a harmony that becomes both fiery and dismal, the bass batters, and the roar becomes a shrieking tirade.


The song cycles through its movements in a heated, head-long race until near the end, when the pace slows and makes room for a wailing guitar solo stricken with grief — and a final whirlwind of sound. And by the end, despite the general speed and intensity of their attack, Ragnell have succeeded in creating a dark and despairing atmosphere — and a through-line of melody with substance that lingers and re-surfaces even after you’ve turned to other things.




Después de un comienzo fulgurante, cuyo punto álgido fue la edición en 2014 de "Consumed by the Eternal Darkness", su primer larga duración, la banda parece que se dio un respiro de casi cuatro años hasta la edición el pasado 2018 de "Rebirth in Darkness", un Ep que sirvió para tenerlos de vuelta otra vez y cuyos cinco temas se han completado con dos más junto con otros dos pertenecientes a su primer EP "Black Requiem" de 2013. Este nuevo lanzamiento nos vuelve a dejar con las buenas sensaciones de anteriores trabajos, siempre desde una vertiente black death que cada día que pasa y en cada nuevo lanzamiento va profundizando en su lado más brutal, ganando presencia y peso el sonido más death con tonos blackened en las línea de bandas como Belphegor. Los nueve temas que contiene este "Rebirth in Darkness" no hacen prácticamente ningún tipo de concesión, desde el inicio arremeten de manera directa de la mano de una voces sobre todo de carácter, agresivo, directo y brutal, ofreciendo un buen equilibro entre guitarra y batería, rodeado todo ello de un inquietante tono oscuro y una sombrío melodía que parece que se quiere acerca a tonos melódicos pero sin sobrepasar la épica, que en este trabajo esta más presente. Algunos interesantes cambios de ritmo ofrecen interesantes perspectivas y abren la música de Ragnell a estilos como el ambiet, que se antojan casi que necesarios en la violencia sónica en la que se sumerge el oyente a lo largo de los treinta y ocho minutos que dura este álbum. Sólo podemos pedir que este regreso tenga continuidad de la mano de nuevos lanzamientos en un corto espacio de tiempo.





Впервые я познакомилась с мексиканской сценой 4 года назад на Carpathian Alliance. Armada отыграли сильно и я была удивлена. Впоследствии мы вели переписку на фейсбуке и я периодически следила за их творчеством. У Ragnell тот же барабанщик и поэтому я сразу знала, что музыка мне понравится. Чувствуется влияние европейской блэк-метал школы и это действительно мрачная и липкая музыка, в ней нет надежды на спасение. На мой взгляд, самые лучшие песни — "Bath In The Blood Of The Priest" и "Path Of Darkness". Они полны силы и энергии, каким и должен быть "Путь Тьмы".





I guess my first introduction with Mexico scene was 4 years ago at Carpathian Alliance fest. Armada played very strong music and I was surprised. Ragnell has the same drummer and I was sure about good Ragnell music. I feel influence of European black metal school and it's really dark and sticky music, there is no hope for salvation. The best songs in my opinion: "Bath In The Blood Of The Priest" and "Path Of Darkness", which I liked the most because of great power and energy. Indeed, this is the Path it should be cool.




This is the second album from Ragnell, a black/death metal band from Mexico.


This is an enjoyable mix of black and death metal, with the ratio skewed towards to the black side a bit more than the death one.


Both parent styles contribute to the band’s sound in different ways. Death metal gives the band their dark growls and sometimes muscular presence, while black metal provides blackened melodies and rhythms, serrated screams, and the occasional keyboard highlight. In simplistic terms, if you think of Rebirth in Darkness as a black metal album with both melody and atmosphere, and then throw in some growls and a death metal influence in some of the writing, then you’ll have an idea of what Ragnell have to offer on this release.


The band’s music covers a range of bases within the above framework. Brutal destruction shares space with melodic darkness, both of which you’d expect on a release like this. Less expected, however, are the moments of grim atmosphere and epic majesty that appear here and there; Ragnell take the time to explore some lesser-travelled paths on occasion. This could be a calmer moment of melancholic reflection existing amidst the majority of the malignant violence, or maybe an old-school background chant to ramp up the creepiness factor. These elements are used sparingly, so when they do get deployed by the band they work well.


The songs are well-written and do their jobs nicely. There’s even the odd hook or catchy chorus that worms its way out of the blackened formula that they employ; Broken to Faith is a good example of these aspects, but it’s certainly not the only one.


A very well-rounded and satisfying listening experience, Rebirth in Darkness is an underground gem of an album.


Very highly recommended.




Viva la blackened Mexiko! RAGNELL – das Trio aus Toluca kehrte im Juni 2019 mit ihrem zweiten Album “Rebirth In Darkness” zurück, nachdem fünf Jahre vorher das Debütalbum “Consumed by the Eternal Darkness” erschien. Etwas komisch erscheint mir die EP aus dem Jahre 2018, denn die wurde gleich betitelt wie das aktuelle Album und enthielt schon fünf Tracks von dem mir hier vorliegenden. Warum macht man sowas? Ich weiß es nicht. Egal!


“Ablaze in the Altar (of Sacrifice)” läutet die Reise zu Beginn seicht akustisch ein, um dann mit gewaltigen Growls und vorpreschendem Rhythmus mich zu überrollen. Stimmlich scheinen sich Eduardo de la Peña / Bass & Vocals und Mauricio / Gitarre & Vocals abzuwechseln und zwischendurch lausche ich kurzzeitig choralem. Der Song wechselt zwischen schweren und straighten Passagen und bietet so eine kreative Abwechslung.


Schwarz auf die Mütze gibt es wuchtig mit “Bath in the Blood of the Priest“, “Broken to Faith” und “Dethone“. Ein Hauch von Death Metal dringt bei “Divine Eradication” zwischenzeitlich in meine Ohren. Dieser Eindruck wird aber abrupt durch die markerschütternden kurzzeitig auftauchenden Vocals unterbrochen. “Infernal Torment” beginnt im Mix, dann zusammen und gemeinsam und es wird teilweise episch, aber natürlich überwiegt hier das Dämonische. “Aeterna Victoria” bietet alles auf, wechselt in dreifacher Hinsicht stimmlich und die Felle bekommen ihr Fett weg. Zum Ende hin wird es schon fast romantisch kuschlig, aber dieses nur in Sekunden dargeboten.


Die beiden Bonus Tracks “Path Of Darkness” und “Holy Center of Worship, to Burn” sind von Sound her nicht mit den vorgehenden zu vergleichen, gehen sie doch eher den Weg des Democharakters. Schade, denn die beiden sind wahrlich infernal.


Fazit: hier gibt es Enchilada rußfarbend, gut durchgebacken und garniert mit dem entsprechend schwarz todesmetallischem Sound!




Mexico's  Ragnell  have  returned  with  a  new  recording  which  continues  their  mixture  of  black  and  death  metal  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2019  album  "Rebirth  in  Darkness"  which  was  released  as  a  joint  effort  between  Satanath,  The  End  Of  time  Records  and  More  Hate  Productions.


  Clean  guitar  playing  starts  off  the  album  before  going  into  a  heavier  direction  while  the  solos  and  leads  are  done  in a  melodic  style.  Vocals  are  a  mixture  of  death  metal  growls  and  black  metal  screams   along  with  the  faster  sections  of  the  songs  also  using  a  great  amount  of  blast  beats  and  tremolo  picking  which  also  gives  the  music  more of  a  raw  feeling.


  Throughout  the  recording  you  can  also  hear  a  great  mixture  of  slow,  mid  paced  and  fast  parts  along  with  the  riffs  also  using  a  decent  amount  of  melody.  Keyboards  can  also  be  heard  in  some  parts  of  the  music  while  all  of  the  musical  instruments  have  a  very  powerful  sound  to  them.


  Whispered  vocals  can  also  be  heard  in  some  parts  of  the  music  while  a    couple of  tracks also  introduces  clean  singing  and  spoken  word  parts  onto  the  recording  and  as  the  album progresses  clean  playing  also  makes  a  brief  return.  The  production  sounds  very  professional  while  the lyrics  cover  anti  religion,  evil  and  violence  themes.


  In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  sounding  recording  from  Ragnell  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  black  and  death  metal,  you  should  check  out  this  album.





The band Ragnell is from Toluca in Mexico. The name Toluca comes from nahuatl Tōllohcān, meaning, the place of God Tōlloh. The band was formed eight years ago, and they are influenced by bands such as Watain and Belphegor. Debut mini-album Black Requiem was released by Satanath Records in 2013. First full-length album Consumed By The Eternal Darkness was released by Satanath Records, Hexenreich Records, Sphera Noctis Records and Dark East Productions in 2014. The main goal for Ragnell is to create a dark but strong atmosphere, packed with blast beats, high and low growls, a trip to hell. 




After 5 years the Mexican black/death metal band Ragnell is back with their 2nd album Rebirth In Darkness. Unholy hymns directly from the infernal abysm, they will embrace you in darkness. Dark riffs, blast beats, high and low guts, and there are fair amont of dark and despairing elements. Some tracks are with much emotions, and some are very, very hectic. The music is probably for fans of band like Belphegor, Setherial, Gogorroth, Behemoth, old Dimmu Borgir and Tjuder.




Ragnell kommer fra Mexico og har tidligere gitt ut to EP-er og et album. Vi snakker her om en krysning mellom black metal og death metal. Det går stort sett unna i et høyt tempo, men bandet kan også spe på med flere atmosfæriske partier og gode melodier. Jeg liker godt hva jeg hører på «Rebirth In Darkness». Spesielt er vokalarbeidet bra og variert. Det dabber litt av ut over skiva og jeg skal ikke påstå at Ragnell er noe spesielt originalt band. Men det fungerer og synes «Rebirth In Darkness» har blitt et godt album.




Latin America is filled with an Old School feeling. A great number of bands from these lands prefer to use some old elements from the past, and their musical works reflect this aspect clearly. One good example is from the Mexican trio RAGNELL, because that’s what “Rebirth in Darkness” is showing. Their musical work is a blend between Old School Death Metal from the 90’s (especially from names as IMMOLATION, DEICIDE and the earlier albums of DEATH) with some harmonies from Black Metal of the 90's (DARKTHRONE’s work could be a nice reference during “A Blaze in the Northern Sky” era). Of course their musical work isn’t something that wasn’t heard before, but they show a personal approach that could be even more expressed on their songs, but it’s a matter of evolution. For now, they’re doing a good job, indeed.


Obviously, such form of music deserves a sound quality that must be crude and truly nasty, and that’s what the listener will find on “Rebirth in Darkness”, but not in a way moldy and that no one could understand. No, nothing sounds like that, because it’s easy to understand what is being played, and the rawness comes from the instrumental tunes used on the recording sessions. The brutal outfit with some melodies shown on “Ablaze in the Altar (of Sacrifice)” (some clean moments are presented here), the harsh ambiance of “Bath in the Blood of the Priest” (very good vocals, with grunts mixed with some clean voices), the nasty atmospheric grasp of “Dethrone” (an insane drumming is presented in some moments), the nasty introspective approach used on the darkened melodies of “Infernal Torment” (very good guitar riffs, indeed), and the fine use of shrieked vocal tunes on “Aeterna Victoria” are the best moments of the album. But the use of some Gregorian-like chants on the bonus song “Path of Darkness” is a good idea as well.


Improving the sound quality (there are ways to sound in an Old School format better than this one), and having the courage to go into deep waters will make RAGNELL’s work reach the next level. For now, they’re truly good, and “Rebirth in Darkness” deserves a careful listening.





Donkerder dan dit kan duisternis niet klinken.


Het Mexicaanse Ragnell brengt sinds 2011 de wellicht donkerste deathmetal die je kan vinden in die Zuiderse streken. In de toch wel sterk katholieke omgeving, die Mexico nog steeds  is, neemt Ragnell een standpunt in dat kan tellen. Want deze band profileert zich als "anti-religion".


Die duisternis wordt al in de verf gezet met het zwartgeblakerde Alblaze In The Altar (Of Sacrifice), een nummer waarbij je je prompt occulte taferelen voor de geest haalt. Net het combineren van die donkere black metal met vuile en verschroeiend harde deathmetal inbrengt vormt de rode - of eerder zwarte -  draad. Bath In The Blood Of The Priest, Broken To Faith en Dethrone zijn songs, waarop deze stelling nog meer van toepassing is. Van enig zonlicht aan het einde van de tunnel is geen sprake.


Maar de beelden van pure waanzin, die je je met de ogen gesloten voor de geest haalt, zijn wel intreigerend. Zowel vocaal als instrumentaal klinkt alles enorm intensief, waardoor het daadwerkelijk lijkt of het einde der tijden nabij is. Origineel is het misschien allemaal niet, maar als het op een dergelijke manier gebracht wordt dat je letterlijk de aardkorst onder de voeten voelt wegzakken, waarna de poorten van de hel opengaan, kan je haast niet anders dan gebiologeerd luisteren. Deze Mexicaanse band tast de grenzen van de duisternis voortdurend af met songs als Infernal Torment, Path Of Darkness, Holy Center en Worship To Burn, de ultieme doodsteek.


Ragnell bezorgt je veertig minuten het gevoel dat de wereld in verderf zal eindigen en dat je daaraan niets meer kunt doen. Je kan je enkel nog laten meesleuren naar de diepste krochten van hun hel. Zwart lijkt hier zowaar nog intenser te worden. Ze mogen dan nog de zoveelste blackened deathmetalband zijn in een lange rij, dan nog zijn ze in het opzet geslaagd.




If you’re looking for some grandiose yet rude and nasty f*** u all stuff, a stiff middle finger in the arse of your saviour, a pitch-black sonic adventure that destroys any last ray of light, I can kindly ask you to give this Mexican trio a try. Or better: I do not kindly ask you to do so; I rather warn you or you’re f*cked!


Ragnell consist of bassist / vocalist Eduardo, vocalist / guitar player Mauricio, and drummer David (not from the original line-up, for what this information might be worth), and they did satisfy my sensitive eardrums with both former recordings, 2014’s EP Black Requiem and the full-length debut Consumed By The Eternal Darkness, also released in 2014. Below you can find the links to the absolutely fabulous reviews I did for both of them. Hell yeah!


No, seriously, I hated it to notice that this band seemed to be disappeared from our beautiful planet’s soil, but then my friend Aleksey brought me the satisfying news: Ragnell are back with new stuff. All together: hurray, praise the Horned One (or whomever you want).


Just like both former releases, this one sees the light – oops, no light here, so I’ll start all over… Here we go…


Just like both former releases, this one gets released in total obscurity via Satanath Records, this time in a partnership with two other labels which I do appreciate a lot, The End Of Time Records and More Hate Productions. Besides a digital version, there is a ‘regular’ edition on compact disc, in a so-called jewel-case, including a very sober eight-page booklet (just the lyrics in a typical typology on a black background; the layout was done, by the way, by Satanath Records’s Aleksey), yet with fine cover artwork too, courtesy of Mary Kankava (Hellcatfairyart). The latter, FYI, in an edition of 500 copies.


It would be too easy to call this band a ‘Blackened Death Metal’ act, for this goes much further. Okay, the spine has a lot Death Metal going on, and there is a huge dose of blackened energy represented too. But Ragnell, well, they go beyond the limitations of the genre. And even more than before, truly intense Black Metal elements are used. I am not talking about quite some blackened screams (besides the extremely harsh, brutal growling grunts), but several passages are comparable to the elegance of the Nordic scene. Within those passages, the guitar sound especially reminds me of some Scandinavian Second Wave trend. Great it is! Yeah, compared to both former recordings, the sulphuric odour of the Underworld smells much more penetrating (and I can’t stop breathing in!).


Another little difference with the past, I think, is the tempo. Okay, don’t you dare to think that Rebirth In Darkness turns out to be a catchy record. No, most of the time, the compositions blast, crush, destroy. Merciless. Unstoppable. Vicious. A vile hybrid of eclectic lightning and pyroclastic eruption. This surely goes for the better part. But more than before, Ragnell slow down, injecting an increased number of doom-laden excerpts; the beauty of this story is that this gets done in such an organic manner. And more psychic beauty caresses my brain when noticing that these slower passages are at least as overwhelming and forceful as the energetic outbursts. Besides, it adds that abyssal dimension, that bleak atmosphere, that obfuscating spirit on top of the brute harshness. This too is much more extant compared to the past.


The song writing is of a very high order. The band succeeds to stay true to the roots, using elements that characterise the tradition of Extreme Metal. But the addition of unique elements (a harmony choir here, an acoustic passage there) and the sublime sound quality (raw and still decently clean), along with the flawless execution, make this newest Ragnell release another highlight. And for what it is worth (yet since I am the reviewer, I can write whatever I want, haha), I think that Rebirth In Darkness is the best Ragnell recording to date.


PS: as bonus, two pieces from Black Requiem have been added…




Zagadka z kategorii tych muzyczno-geograficznych: czy w Meksyku potrafią bawić się w black metal? W razie problemów z udzieleniem odpowiedzi z pomocą spieszy tamtejszy Ragnell. Już jedno posiedzenie z ich drugim albumem udowodni Wam, że owszem, Meksykanie w gruncie rzeczy na graniu blacku się znają. A w zasadzie na blacku z death metalowymi naleciałościami.


Te ostatnie są widoczne przede wszystkim w wokalu, który często i gęsto lawiruje między blackowym skrzekiem a mocarnym śmierć metalowym growlem, choć kilka razy usłyszeć będzie można też coś w stylu chóralnych zaśpiewów. Muzycznie Rebirth in Darkness to w przeważającej większości czysty black zagrany poprawnie i bez efektu „wow”. Zespół stara się nie wychylać za bardzo poza ramy uprawianego gatunku, a szkoda, bo mogłoby to wyjść im na dobre. Okazjonalne krótkie zwolnienia mające zdaje się stopniować napięcie w żaden sposób nie maskują tego, że w tej szybkiej i agresywnej papce nie ma właściwie niczego, co zostałoby ze słuchaczem na dłużej. Nic się nie wyróżnia. Wszystko jest do siebie bardzo podobne i nawet jeśli pierwsze wrażenie wywierane przez niniejszy krążek jest dobre, to gdzieś w jego połowie sekundy zaczynają płynąć wolniej, a oczy mimowolnie szukają najbliższego urządzenia wyświetlającego godzinę. Zainteresowanie wraca na moment podczas pierwszego z dwóch utworów bonusowych (choć co to za bonusy, skoro wersja bez nich nie istnieje?), jednak to tylko dlatego, że dochodzi do zauważalnego pogorszenia brzmienia tych nagrań. Wydaje mi się jednak, że nie o takie zainteresowanie słuchacza chodzi.


Posłuchać Rebirth in Darkness można, pytanie tylko po co? Choć przyzwoicie wykonany, drugi krążek Ragnell nie oferuje niczego więcej niż cała armia tego typu zespołów, a nawet można by powiedzieć, że oferuje od nich mniej – no bo przecież przynudza i ciągnie się mimo metrażu idealnie wpisującego się w obecne standardy. Nie tego oczekuję od muzyki i już w tej chwili wiem, że moja znajomość z meksykańską kapelą dobiegnie końca wraz ze wrzuceniem tej recenzji w sieć. Jeśli jednak ktoś z Was ma niecałe trzy kwadranse do zabicia, to może ten album sprawdzić. Uszy krwawić nie zaczną.




Нужно признать, что редко альбомы мексиканских групп (а уж тем более команд, играющих блэк-дэт) могут похвастаться качественным звуком, часто именно из-за неважного саунда и слушать такую музыку желание отпадает быстро, но эти парни меня очень приятно удивили.


Кстати, выпустил данный релиз наш питерский лейбл Satanath Records, специализирующийся на экстремальных стилях.


Как только вы включите «Rebirth In Darkness», вас сразу же захлестнет волна жестокого и бескомпромиссного блэк-дэта: предельно высокие скорости, ни на секунду не затихающий поток бластбитов, злобный вокал и, конечно же, мрачная и меланхоличная атмосфера…


Тема «Aeterna Victoria» так прочно засела в моем мозгу, что я склонна даже назвать ее хитом.


В общем, думаю, что поклонникам раннего Marduk, Dark Funeral, Enthroned, Infernal War, Stillborn, Black Witchery, Belphegor и других «зубодробильных» групп подобный материал должен прийтись по душе.


Стоит отметить, что это – всего лишь второй по счету альбом брутального трио из Толуки - их дебютник «Consumed by the Eternal Darkness» увидел свет в 2014 году, а сама банда образовалась в 2011 году.




Ragnell has been founded in 2011 and "Rebirth in Darkness" is the second full-length album of the Mexicans. The black metal trio has the following musicians: Eduardo (bass/vocals), Mauricio (guitar/vocals) and Dave (drums). The new stuff contains seven songs plus two bonuses taken from the band's debut EP titled "Black Requiem" (2013). The album tracks are of the so-called orthodox black metal kind with a slight touch of melodic death metal, understand here the Scandinavian hordes of the mid-90s. It's enough grim, incorporating lots of hammer blasts and shrieking vocal parts, but also features a big number of Nordic melodies and patterns we used to hear many times before. Don't get me wrong, this is a decent release supported by a good sound production, but frankly speaking nothing new or innovative was created by the Mexican combo there. Nevertheless, it has its bright moments likewise, for example I personally liked a lot when the screechy vocal parts were paired with clean vocals. The songs from the EP are more brutal and raw, definitely less melodious. If you crave to know how a Mexican band would play the Scandinavian type of black metal, then have a listen to Ragnell's new record!!!




Mexican Black/Death horde Ragnell were founded in 2011, and their sophomore album Rebirth in Darkness shows them continuing their quest to purge the land of all things holy. Musically, you could call them a more blackened and stripped-down version of Vital Remains that does away with the epic elements and long solos, instead focusing on the fast-paced brutality whose relentless intensity will rip the soul straight from your body. The vocals have the expected croaks and grunts from both ends of the genres mixed, but they also add some twisted choirs that sound like the chants of Satanic monks, which really adds to the evil atmosphere of this album. Wrap all of that in a solid production job and you have an album that any fan of Black/Death can safely get sight unseen. Just be sure to toss away your crucifix if you want to survive the experience, because they sure as hell won't show any mercy otherwise!




Ragnell presents on "Rebirth from Darkness" classic and blasting Black Metal with a lots of atmosphere and suicidal vibes.




The sound created on the 9 tracks wraps around you to strangle your throat while the screams and growls cut your flesh to bleed you out with a nice suffering.




The band creates a great mixture of different sounds which is not that easy to describe. Between the different brutal and also vulnerable moments of this album which are still in the black metal region I would even say some influences of Post Black or even progressive musical elements are part of this music along with orchestral touches.




If you are searching for an atmospheric trip which will cut your arms and harm your little soul, you can risk the journey through the "Rebirth of Darkness"!




VERDIKT: Mexická vlna vyvolaná povedeným albem by mohla zvednout ze židle i vás a věřte, že nejde jen o davovou mánii. To album v sobě prostě něco má.

Že bych začal sypat z rukávu kapely, když se řekne Mexiko, to zrovna ne. Ale k té hrstce, kterou se snažím držet v povědomí si rád připíšu i pojem Ragnell. Je to relativně mladá kapela, která za necelých deset let vypustila dvě velké a dvě menší nahrávky. O té poslední velké si nyní něco povíme. Jmenuje se Rebirth In Darkness a najdeme na ní ještě přehrané songy z prvotního EP Black Requiem. Názvy možná tuctové, ale hudba je výrazně schopnější.




Píšu sice, že jde o cosi lepšího, ale pořád musíte brát nějakou rezervu. Stejně jako v autě. Však si to vezměte – nějaká trojice chlapíků z Tolucy se rozhodne hrát tvrdou muziku a za deset let o nich píše nějakej čičmunda z Čech, jací to jsou dobří umělci. Nicméně jistá nápaditost a snaha o svěží materiál tam prostě je. Tu energii nelze přehlédnout, navíc to fakt není marný materiál a některé úseky jsou opravdu povedené. Z tohoto koutu zeměkoule pramení především dobře očerněný death metal, což je právě případ Ragnell. A pro srovnání lze vzpomenout i kapelu Armada, která nejednou hrála i v ČR, však jsem s nimi jednou v Exit-usu zůstal asi do šesti do rána na baru… ale zpět. Ragnell sice nejsou takoví sekáči, ale pivko bych si s nimi klidně dal. Možná i tu tequillu, kterou jsem neměl od doby… brr, hnusná vzpomínka. Co jsem to chtěl? Jo, psát recenzi.




Nutno nastavit nový odstavec a směr toku myšlenek. Takže, co se mi na skupině líbí je její rozmanitost a rozprostření určitých elementů, které využívají. To znamená, že třeba chorály, či sbory (ne nutně stadionové, ale spíše takové mystické a ne zas zcela gregoriánské) se neobjevují v každé skladbě. Mezi těmi, kde je tato technika použita, je určitý rozestup, třeba dvou písní. Tohle je celkem fikaný krok, neboť tím parádně udržují pozornost poslechu. Na začátek desky nasekají výpalnější kusy, pak tam šťouchnou takovéhle výjevy, aby receptory zas o něco přiostřily. Pak zase něco svižného a později, kdy by člověk měl upadnout v monolit, vytáhnou zase nějaký výstřelek. To přece není vůbec blbě poskládaná deska.








V úvodu jsem psal, že do soupisu písní je vměstnáno ještě starší EP. To platí pro dva závěrečné kusy, které jsou z Black Requiem vybrány. Takže celé znění tu není, jen nová verze dvou věcí. To mi taky přijde celkem sympatisch. Protože nezaplňují stopáž celou verzí, ale vyzobnou jen to potřebné, či zajímavé. Ostatně do kontextu zbytku to celkem pěkně sedne. Celek je pak nerozbitný a odolný. Takové desky je dobré držet v patrnosti, sice to nejsou stylotvorné milníky, dějiny a žánry podporující adorace, avšak ani bezduchosti vezoucí se na nějaké vlně. Je vidět, že Ragnell jdou svým směrem a hrají s jasnou vizí. To se mi líbí, a proto jejich snahu dávám na odiv.




Zkuste se na moment pasovat do role hledačů nových nadějí (nikoliv super hvězd, protože to je nesmysl) a objevit v takto neznámých interpretech to zajímavé. Vycítit z jejich muziky tu chuť, energii a svěžest a náležitě toto ocenit. Pochopitelně že nutkání srovnávat s nějakým význačnějším jménem se dostaví, to by pak nesměl nikdo mít přehled, ale dát někomu šanci a odkrýt jeho skutečně dobré úmysly je tak trochu povznášející. No, možná trochu zbytečná filozofie, ale pro případ Ragnell celkem na místě. Alespoň teď to tak vidím.




Ragnell hails from Mexico and plays music that could have easily stemmed from Scandinavia. The band is quite underground and likely an unknown entity to most except the most ardent of death/black fans, but that is a pity because the trio delivers for the most part.

The album begins with a short intro, but very quickly ascends (descends?) into a chaotic attack that takes advantage of both speed and ferocity and quality riffing and rhythm. It is effective even if on a couple of tracks, Dethrone and Aeterna Victoria, the group introduces what sounds like Gregorian monk chants, slows down here and there and inserts brief moments of whispered vocals and synthesisers are heard. The rest of it is such a commanding assault that one could only admire this record. The major downside to this record is the mechanical drum sound. The toms and bass drums are too mechanical to make the proceedings more impactful. The bonus track Holy Center Of Worship, To Burn demonstrates how the band has a worthy drummer in its ranks regardless.

There are two bonus tracks on this disc, which whet the appetite for the group’s previous output from whence they come. Path Of Darkness and Holy Center Of Worship, To Burn are even more furious than the tracks on this record.

Incidentally, not only the band likes the word ‘darkness’ in its titles as Consumed By The Eternal Darkness was the group’s 2014 album, but the 2018 EP by the act was also called Rebirth In Darkness!

If comparisons are needed one could point to the early Darkthrone output, but that may be because the opening track here is called Ablaze In The Altar (Of Sacrifice). That title itself could also invite Deicide comparisons. A better description would be Immortal - especially second track Bath In The Blood Of The Priest - meets Vital Remains. Those associations do the Mexicans justice.




The first thing I came to think of when I saw this band’s name was the Swedish waste management company Ragn Sells. Perhaps not the association you might want as a band but that is where my mind wandered. I cannot remember the last time I heard a black metal band from Mexico. I know that there is a vibrant scene that I want to know more about. Listening to this I cannot really pin point any one band that it reminds me of but I do know that I like what I hear. This is not the most brutal black metal out there but it is brutal enough. If I were to label it I’d say it is more on the melodic side. But you don’t have to be brutal to be good. And this is good.