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I’ve been grappling with words, trying to find the best means of capturing the impact this new song has  made on my impressionable mind, and only an agreed deadline has brought my struggles to a halt. I wonder why I struggle, since you’ll be able to listen for yourselves, but I guess it comes from a need to share my enthusiasm in a way that honors the artists who brought it about. So, here we go…


The song here is the title track from Ambre Gris, the debut album by the French avant-garde black metal band Edremerion. Two EPs preceded this album, but the line-up has changed since those were released, and I confess that I haven’t heard them anyway. Even if I hadn’t learned through experience that the labels responsible for this release dependably make good choices, I would have checked out Ambre Gris based on the labels’ comparative references to the likes of Ved Buens Ende, DHG, Ulver, Fleurety, Virus, and Satyricon.


“Ambre Gris” (the song) is just shy of 10 minutes long, but there’s no sense of time passing as the music engulfs you and wildly spins you away around its twisting axis. It starts, without warning, in a conflagration, a bonfire of blasting drums and deranged, boiling, tremolo riffs coupled with equally maniacal bass pyrotechnics. And just as suddenly, the sound transforms into beautiful, glimmering sounds that spiral and warp. It doesn’t take more than the opening and that transformation to teach you that you’re privy to something really interesting, and to kindle intrigue in what will happen next.


What happens next is the launch of a head-nodding bass-and-drum drive, with the guitars reaching heights of extravagant, flaring sound. The voice is a white-hot mania, the riffing swirls, the bass bursts with vibrancy. You become submerged in waves of guitar incandescence, the sound a blend of glorious ecstasy and fracturing reality.


There’s a subsidence in the surge, and the notes ring out in peals of minor-key madness, and become shooting stars of brightness over borealis-like sheets of gleaming sound, barely contained by the methodical punch of the snare and the magma-like froth of the bass. The wash of sound subsides even further, to be replaced by a layering of craggy, croaking spoken words, moody bass notes, and strange, hallucinogenic fretwork — and then the song erupts again in a boil of brain-splintering madness, the roiling guitars manifesting a shattered sanity, the rhythm section engulfed in its own lunacy, the voice crying out as if being impaled by a blizzard of broken glass.


And then everything abruptly stops, leaving the listener in a state of bewilderment and vibrating bliss.




Okay, you can tell that I’ve really been swept off my feet by this track. I will be most eager to hear the rest of the album — though like me, you can hear one more track immediately, since “Deûle” has been previously released, and I’ve included the stream below. If you enjoy this song, you’ll want to hear that one, too.




Step in for some French avant-garde black metal!


I wouldn’t blame you for having heard of Edremerion. I hadn’t either, despite the fact these Frenchmen have existed for nigh a century, enduring several line-up changes, and independently releasing two EP’s before being picked by Symbol of Domination. Co-released with Anesthetize Productions, Edremerion’s debut, Amber Gris, is chock full of melancholic black metal goodness, and for a band so eagerly looking to label themselves as “avant-garde” surprisingly little out of the ordinary elements. The label compares the band to the likes of Ved Buens Ende, Ulver, Satyricon, Fleurety, DHG and Virus, but the majority of these names come to mind scarcely and forcefully.


Amber Gris is a massive record. One that seems, at times, too big for its own frames, which lends the music a nervous quality. Somewhere in the corners lurk hints of post-metal and doom, and despite the constant melancholy, and grim humour with which Edremerion paints portraits of modern life’s bitter irony, Amber Gris remains colourful beyond its palette. From that view, it seems fairer, perhaps, to compare Edremerion to the big names of avant-garde, for although their music has more in common with In The Woods… ‘s last records than it does with VBE, the means of portrayal and sought-after end product remain similar.


Today we have the pleasure of bringing you an aggressively moody piece, “Lèpre”, that will ease you into Edremerion’s world, but only hint at what’s to come. They have such sights to show you.




Step in for some French avant-garde black metal! Probably you never heard about the French band Edermerion from Lille but the band has existed in ten year and have released to EP`s, and now the first full-length finally has arrived. Ambri Gris. The title track Ambre Gris has tremolo riffs and blasting drums and the bass is a very important and present part of the musical textures.




The album Amber Gris is filled with melancholic black metal and is an album with a underlying macabre humor. It`s a massive and very intense album with much going on and an appealing nervous edge and even with some hints of doom and post metal. Sometimes the black metal insanity Ambre Gris is suddenly transformed into some beautiful and glimmering passage in nice Edremerion tradition. The fact that something unexpected can happen has always fascinated me, and there is Edremerion very skilled. When something exciting and well played suddenly could happens next this mostly exciting for me.




Begeben wir uns mal wieder nach Frankreich, das Land des sperrigen Black Metal und verqueren Strukturen und da machen auch Edremerion mit ihrem Debüt „Ambre gris“ keine Ausnahme und zeigen nach 2 EPs in den letzten 9 Jahren endlich ihr volles Potential. Veröffentlicht wurde das Gante natürlich von meinem Lieblingslabel, dem mighty Anesthetize Productions, diesmal allerdings in Zusammenarbeit mit einem anderen mir ebenfalls gut geläufigen Gefährten aus Weißrussland: Symbol of Domination. Da kann also nur was ziemlich geiles bei rauskommen.


„Ambre gris“ zieht seine Wurzeln aus dem klassischen Black Metal, formt daraus allerdings etwas ziemlich verstörendes, avantgardistisches, dissonantes, beklemmendes und ist dadurch zwar anfangs ziemlich anstrengend, wächst aber mit der Zeit zu einem starken Werk tiefschwarzer Kunst. Dissonante Riffwände verstören den Hörer während sich immer wieder eine dem Post-Black entlehnte Leichtigkeit und Wärme aufbaut und sich gequälte Screams mühsam aus dem Schatten trauen. Immer wieder wechseln sich schwarze Brecher mit donnernden Blasts, stürmischen Gitarren und viel Gewalt dahinter mit ruhigen, fast schon betörenden Gitarrenmomenten ab, das Auge des Sturms so zu sagen. Hier und da ein kleines Soli zum Auflockern und schon gehts weiter. Natürlich ist das nichts für jedermann und durch die eher ruppige Produktion wird das Album noch etwas uneingängiger und sperriger, mir sagt es aufgrund seiner „Komplexität“ im Songwriting und dem Intensiven, Verstörenden das der Musik anheftet zutiefst faszinierend. Dazu die Stimme, die mal manisch, mal betrübt und mal schizophren das Unheil verkündet, sich dabei mal mit Hall, mal Mehrstimmigkeit unter die Arme greifen lässt um sich noch weiter zu manifestieren und in den Gehörgang einzubrennen ohne auf große Melodie wert zu legen. Und dazu ein paar kleinere Spoken Word Samples auf (wer hätte es gedacht) Französisch, einer Sprache in der auch die Vocals gehalten sind und die sich ziemlich gut für derart sperrige Musik eignet.


Wer es wüst, sperrig, etwas avant-garde-angehaucht und intensiv haben möchte, der sollte sich das Debüt von Edremerion unbedingt mal anhören, denn die Franzosen sorgen mit ordentlich dissonantem Black Metal der härteren Gangart für ordentlich „Kopfweh“, dass sich aber schnell in Wohlgefallen auflöst. „Ambre gris“ ist ein echter Brocken, der Zeit zum Wachsen braucht. Aber es lohnt sich.




Edremerion  are  a  band  from  France  that  plays  an  avant  garde  form  of  black  metal  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2018  album  "Ambre  Gris"  which  was  released  as  a  joint  effort  between  Symbol  Of  Domination  and  Anesthetize  Productions.


  A  very  dark  and  heavy  sound  starts  off  the  album  along  with  some  melodic  riffing  which  also  adds  in  some  progressive  structures  at  times  while  the  vocals  are  mostly  grim  sounding  black  metal  screams  along  with  the  solos  and  leads  also  adding  in  a  great  amount  of  melody  and  when  the  music  speeds  up  a  great  amount of  blast  beats  can  be  heard.


  When  tremolo  picking  is  utilized  it  gives  the  songs  more  of  a  raw  feeling  while  the  songs  also  bring  in  a  great  mixture  of  slow,  mid  paced  and  fast  parts  along  with  all  of  the  tracks  being  very  long  and  epic  in  length  as  well  as  the  music  also  having  its  avant  garde  moments, throughout  the  recording  you  can  also  hear  a  great  mixture  of  slow,  mid  paced  and  fast  parts  and  some  tracks  also  bring  in  classical  guitars  and  clean  vocals  and  as  the  album  progresses  a brief  use  of  spoken  word  parts  can  also  be  heard


  Edremerion  plays  a  style  of  black  metal  that  is  very  avant  garde  yet aggressive  at  the  same  time,  the  production  sounds  very  professional  while  the  lyrics  are  written  in  French  and  cover  death  and  philosophy  themes.


  In  my  opinion  Edremerion  are  a  very  great  sounding  avant  garde  black  metal  band  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  musical  genre,  you  should  check  out  this  recording.




L’esiguo numero di tracce non deve fuorviare, il disco di debutto dei francesi sfiora i tre quarti d’ora! Gli Edremerion suonano un black tribale e molto ritmato, una sorta di commistione ardita tra vecchio e nuovo, mischiando Watain e Venom. Il lungo minutaggio medio delle tracce in realtà non appesantisce per nulla il lavoro, mostrando canzoni dalla struttura piuttosto mutevole ma mai complicata o poco lineare. Il cantato, preciso e possente, si adagia su parti ritmiche mai velocissime ma sempre attente al mood generale che rimanda al black classicamente inteso nella sua accezione europea. Un album onesto che se nulla aggiunge al panorama musicale estremo almeno non tenta di storpiare un genere di per sé molto resistente ai cambiamenti… per fortuna.




Sebbene la label li etichetti come avantgarde black metal, francamente non ci ho trovato troppa genialità avanguardistica in questo 'Ambre Gris', full length d'esordio degli Edremerion. Fuori per la Symbol of Domination Prod (ed in collaborazione con la Anesthetize Productions), i cinque musicisti di Lille sembrano più portatori di un black metal sghembo e controverso, tipico della scena transalpina. L'album include cinque brani che da "Deûle" alla conclusiva "...Mais Les Étoiles Ne Sont Pas Pour l'Homme" provano ad offrire un qualcosa di originale che tuttavia stenta a decollare. Dicevamo dell'opening track, una traccia dai suoni disarmonici (una costante del disco direi), ma assai freddi e che poco mi hanno coinvolto durante l'ascolto di 'Ambre Gris'. Anche la seconda "Lèpre" si pone con quel black melodico che sta a metà strada tra black e death e cha alla fine non suona nè carne nè pesce. Ci provano con un intermezzo acustico e con un uomo bolso (mah!) per farmi cambiare idea, cosi come pure con un parlato in francese (forse in questo dovrebbe risiedere l'avanguardismo), ma purtroppo credo che la genialità avantgarde risieda in band del calibro dei Pensees Nocturnes, mentre per gli Edremerion la strada sia ancora lunga e in salita. Nella lunga title track, i nostri si lanciano in una lunga cavalcata, subito spezzata da un arpeggio melodico e poi rilanciata alla velocità della luce in un black lunatico e malato, ma comunque dotato di sprazzi melodici grazie a quelle chitarre in tremolo picking che tempestano un brano che vede qualche rallentamento nel suo proseguio. Più piatta "Déchets Nés", un pezzo black thrash che nel finale propone invece ottimi spiragli di influenze heavy classiche in un notevole assolo sfociando addirittura in un rallentamento doom nei 90 secondi finali. L'ultima traccia ci regala ancora una buona dose di melodia e cupa malinconia, interrotta da acuminate scorribande post-black ma anche death, vocals demoniache e qualche altra trovata che dovrebbe far uscire gli Edremerion dal gigantesco calderone black in cui sono intrappolati. Mi sa che serve qualcosina in più per riuscire in questa complicata ascesa.




Excelente álbum de estreia dos franceses Edremerion que é um autêntico tesouro do underground black metal. Sempre considerámos o ambiente como algo que faz a diferença entre o bom e o excelente black metal, e aqui não só temos um excelente black metal, graças ao ambiente, como as músicas em si trazem uma capacidade impressionante de nos surpreender pela simplicidade e ao mesmo tempo genialidade das suas melodias. Cinco longos temas (a média está quase nos nove miutos) que não aborrecem. Muito pelo contrário. Empolgam!








«...любой магический эксперимент таит в себе опасность, и можно лишь удивляться неувядающему бесстрашию экспериментатора, пускающегося во все новые авантюры; ибо за каждыми новыми вратами, куда он входит таким же новорожденным и нагим, как появился на свет, его ожидают страшные враги...»

Лунное дитя. Алистер Кроули.


Новости из чернокнижной чернометалльной Франции. Пятиголовый зверь апокалипсиса как хороший дракон изрыгает мощнейшие патетические саги в стиле Avant-Garde Black Metal. И вправду эпично и претенциозно. Да так, что и блэк металлом это можно было бы и не называть - если бы не вокал. Без него наблюдаем крутой авантажный экстрим прогрессив металл. Really.

Ребята собрались 10 лет назад и пока выпустили две эпишки и этот сабжевый альбом. Только пара музыкантов замечены в сторонних проектах, и еще я увидел, что было время, когда состав поменялся чуть ли не полностью. Интересно, как произошел транзит власти.

Может и музыка тогда была иной? Не буду лезть в дебри старые, потому что тут бы разобраться с мелодическими джунглями, что команда нарастила на этом диске. Кстати группа начинает сразу с тугого мощного трэшеобразного прогги, организованного с запятыми, речитативным экстрим-вокалом, сложного ритмически и, откровенно говоря, прямо ХАОСного местами. При этом трэк принимает очертания гигантской башни, из высоких бойниц которой выбрасывают кого-то кричащего - этаж за этажом, пролет за пролетом. Тут еще вот какая вещь — композиции по 8, 9, 10 минут и всего их на 43 минуты. То есть музыканты изначально поставили задачу делать монументальные вещи, где границ для горения творческого огня нет.

Потому удивляешься все-таки, вот пять человек собрались, ладно бы они наваяли ультимативного блэк-трэша или сырого блэка. А эти люди сочиняют сложные структуры, которые и воспроизвести-то на концерте очень непросто. А концерты имеют место быть! Я лично подозреваю, что это люди с музыкальным классическим образованием, и самовыразиться они решили в авангард-блэке. Приветствуется!

И удалось. Это НЕ симфо-блэк, но сложная музыка, которая вполне доступна к восприятию, пониманию и сопереживанию. Кстати, это я к тому, что в 02 вокалист доходит до чистого сценического вокала, и переходит к грубому баритону, и далее экстремальничая не на шутку. Вообще вокалист здесь выдал 5-6 (или более) тональностей и голосов, меняя их по ходу пьесы, по мере драматической необходимости. Там же в 02 видны попытки нагнать контраста - меж гитарным рашпильным мелодизмом и обвальным ритм-секционным забоем, неожиданно поддержанным харш вокалом. При этом автор текстов находит темы, которые нечасто встречаются у блэк металлеров. ..., они отражены в названиях.

В принципе такой идейный контраст - это основа произведения, полного экстремальности и аудиальной жути. В конце 04 музыканты допиливают до дет-дума, опять роскошного, красивого и жестокого, задевая своими мелодическими кожистыми крылами до сердца металлиста.

Общее музыкальное настроение диска — истребительно, со вкусом и расстановкой.





Il faut se plonger dans les méandres de 2018, dans les intestins noirs, viciés de ce qui se fait en matière de Black Metal en France pour découvrir Edremerion... un nom qui sonne comme un terme mystique tout droit sorti des méandres d'une mythologie quelconque. Et si la mort, les chaires cadavériques recelaient une forme de vie obscène qui fleure aussi bon que l'Ambre Gris...


Prenant sa source dans la ''Deûle'', Edremerion vient répandre son Black Metal Avantgardiste avec véhémence. Nous parlons bien de « leur Black Metal », une forme personnelle, une forme de Black Metal où toutes les influences ont été dévorées, digérées et régurgitées. Le groupe se fait apôtre d'un Black Metal volontairement avantgardiste, loin du faussement expérimental. Nous pourrions dérouler les expressions « casser les codes », « dépasser les pionniers du genre » etc... Toutes ces phrases déjà faites qui ressortent dès que l'objet que l'on a devant nous est plus difficile à saisir. Mais non, Edremerion, joue de ces codes, il les exploite, chacun d'eux dans leur singularité. Passant d'un Black Metal vicié et introspectif sur ''Deûle'' à des passages poétiques avec un chant plus proche de la narration sur ''Lepre'' le tout accompagné d'une musique languissante aussi maladive que le nom porté par le morceau. Les passages presque Post-Black Metal que l'on trouve sur ''Ambre Gris'' font résonner l'atmosphère plus rance et malsaine qui se dégage des paroles.


L'Ambre Gris devient mystique, propagande morbide à la fois vindicative et désabusée sur ''Déchets Nés'', où la musique, violente, perd en intensité petit à petit, pour se fondre dans un linceul de silence qui nous laisse seul pour contempler « les yeux grands ouverts […] l'Enfer », un enfer terrestre et intérieur.


Edremerion te crache la réalité à la gueule, te fait bien comprendre que la réalité n'est pas le sublime, que la philosophie ne fait pas de toi un génie et que même couvert d'or ce cadavre empeste la mort et les déjections humaines.




Desde tierras francesas (Lille), os traigo a la banda EDREMERION, tocando un Black Metal con tintes avantgarde (discrepo) en un tono bastante agresivo. Tras dos Eps, debutan ahora en largo con Ambre Gris, trabajo que recoge esa forma de tocar tan agria de los del país vecino en cuanto a metal extremo se refiere. Sobre la formación es complicado contaros, ya que cada integrante es sólo nombrado con una letra del abecedario y entre miembros que ya no están y colaboradores casi que han completado medio alfabeto.



Ambre Gris rezuma oscuridad por sus cuatro costados y me explico. Dedicado a la figura de  Peder Olsen Feidie, fallecido por Lepra en Bergen (Noruega) en el Hospital de San Jorge en 1849 y del que he encontrado unos extractos de poesías que se publicaron en su libro “En Klagesang”-- “A Lament” retratando sus 17 años de amargas vivencias:


I dream of when I was a lad,

Of all the happy times I had – A joy it was to live.

But fortune quickly changed her face

And sorrow then did joy replace.

For me and many more

This fate has lain in store.


I was not yet fifteen years old,

My mind was full of joys untold,

Then were they all cut short.

Pain overcame me and did start

Quickly to pierce marrow bone and heart

Oh! It was hard to bear

This burden laid on me.




Musicalmente estamos ante un disco de gran intensidad. Cortantes y helados riffs de guitarra y una demoledora percusión demuestran la razón de que los franceses a día de hoy sean más intensos en lo que a Black de raigambre nórdica se refiere. El tono para que os hagáis una idea sería cercano a SATYRICON incluidos los ambientales cambios de ritmo mientras que los vertiginosos arranques beben bastante de bandas como DARK FUNERAL... es decir, una batería no apta para cardiacos.


Por su parte, las voces tienen todo lo que este tipo de grabaciones buscan. Desde agudos imposibles a momentos de más guturalidad, haciendo escala en susurros, voces limpias y todo eso. Es por lo que no termino de ver la etiqueta Avantgarde hasta casi el final del disco y si acaso es por la forma de construir los riffs de las guitarras que gustan de ritmos enrevesados (es una ventaja el contar con dos guitarras).




Quizás el tema "Déchets Nés" sea de mis preferidos. Abriéndose con un largo sampler y buscando más el medio tiempo, define a la banda a la perfección e incluso tiene toques al Death Sueco de toda la vida. Sus voces recitadas en francés hacen de preludio a la tormenta que se desencadena a mitad del tema, salvajada Black con regusto noruego con fade out melódico que se permite el lujo incluso de solos de guitarra y bajar el tempo a niveles Doom. Como digo, el mejor corte de Ambre Gris.


Muy buen disco. Edita SYMBOL OF DOMINATION y ANESTHETIZE PRODUCTIONS en un disco que no inventa nada nuevo pero que está muy bien acabado.




In a way this band could have come from no other country than France. Having given us strange bands like Treponem pal and more recently Deathspell Omega the French are no strangers to the avant garde. But this is not as off the charts as I kinda expected it to be. It is in fact very straight forward, albeit with the odd twist here and there. This is in fact a really cool black metal album that hit me like a ton of bricks, or at least a kilo of bricks. A nice new acquaintance.






The story of this French black metal cohort started in the year of 2009. After two EPs, the self-titled "Edremerion" in 2012 and "Trou Noir Metal (Verschlimmbessern)" in 2015, the 5-member horde returns with their debut full-length album "Ambre Gris". It consists of five lengthy tunes that were written and composed in the best traditions of the avant-garde and post black metal styles. Their tracks include quite a lot of dismal, esoteric and doomy guitar riffs to which a sharp guitar sound was paired adequately. The screaming vocal parts are harsh and spread no mercy in general. Their musical content was also filled with deep emotional passages, so it perfectly fits into the atmospheric black metal category too. The sound production is rather gloomy plus it has the depressive kind in it. Furthermore, on my opinion, the use of the French lyrics definitely added some sort of weirdness or let's say charisma to the 43-minute long repertory. Don't know why, but I would easily imagine their kind of music as the soundtrack to some surrealist cinema. Well, check and listen to Edremerion's "Ambre Gris" and decide it yourself.





Nuestros siguientes protagonistas son un grupo procedente de la vecina Francia conocido como EDREMERION, quienes el pasado año 2018 publicaron nuevo álbum, al que le precedían un par de trabajos como fueron el debut publicado en 2012, de título homónimo, y el EP de 2015 al que bautizaron como “Trou Noir Metal (Verschlimmbessern)”. Se trata de “Ambre Gris” y fue lanzado por el sello ruso Symbol Of Domination (sub-sello de Satanath Records) en colaboración con la firma francesa Anesthetize Productions, contando con cinco cortes de Post Black Metal con influencias Avant Garde que emanan una oscuridad extrema de principio a fin. De hecho el trabajo está dedicado al noruego Peder Olsen Feidie (1819 - 1849), quien dejó estremecedores versos tras su ingreso en un hospital para leprosos.


“Ambre Gris” arranca con su perturbador Black Metal de ambientes fríos y cortantes en el que se intercalan tiempos lentos con partes más rápidas y agresivas, muy en la onda de lo que han hecho bandas noruegas como DHG, KHOLD o SATYRICON por citar algunos nombres. Por otro lado está el uso del francés en las letras, que aporta personalidad al conjunto, dotando a los temas de un tono muy especial que encaja a la perfección con el dramatismo virulento de la propuesta. Y es que, pese a las influencias, hay que reconocer que EDREMERION son capaces de dar una perspectiva propia dentro de todo esto del Post Black Metal y el Avant Garde extremo. Un estilo de música que por su aparente complejidad, caos y violencia sonora no resultará de fácil escucha para el gran público.


Ya desde la portada EDREMERION han querido mostrar su perturbador mundo sonoro y su personalidad fuera de lo común, algo que se desarrolla gráficamente con más riqueza en el libreto interior. Y es que un trabajo como “Ambre Gris” va más allá de los tópicos y profundiza en los abismos más negros de la existencia, haciendo de la experiencia sonora algo tan terrible como fascinante. Por eso, si sabes apreciar lo que representa el Post Black Metal y el Avant Garde, te recomiendo que no dejes pasar la ocasión de escuchar el álbum ya que merece mucho la pena.




Music of the band will guide you through emotions but here, it is mainly a music narration that makes Ambre Gris an album that I can`t stop listening to.

Deûle is a top notch song of the band. This track should please fans of Opeth and black metal because it`s a realm where Edremerion put their sound and harshly performed vocals.  The song is a fountain of amazingly arranged guitar riffs that touch progressive metal side of their music which defines a term avant-garde metal for Edremerion.  For me, Deûle is definitely a jewel of this album, also, thanks to grim but catchy/theatrical music moments that this, and next song - Lepre have.

You can hear that the band took their time to craft their songs. Sometimes, song build up is slower, and music ideas playing by the band flourishes over time (Lepre), or they just do not hesitate, and play fast, extravagant black metal parts that are very atmospheric at the same time - Ambre Gris.


Déchets Nés in the beginning reminds a bit Satyricon, so there is a Scandinavian element in this album, just not so much. I mean, they sound very European-black metal all over the place but have some post- black metal inclinations that differ them from many other bands. Post metal influence is a track called Mais les étoiles ne sont pas pour l'Homme. It`s the song with a characteristic, high guitar tone, which is very atmospheric. You can also listen to a lot of blistering, very fast guitar shreds and drum beats as well.

The album is sung by the singer in French and they dedicated it to the memory of Peder Olsen Feidie (1819 – 1849).


Ambre Gris is a very good album!





This France-based quintet brings a solid release to the fore here that, while not the type of catchy and easy listening that would have the listener nodding immediately, has enough depth and quality to grab the attention of those who like their metal underground, extreme and with a fair amount of originality.

Edremerion operates in French and so discerning meaning and understanding the themes may be difficult for non-Francophones, but it is almost certain that despite the assertions of the press this is not a black metal band. There is no indication anywhere of Satanic praise that this reviewer could find. In fact, the band sings of lepers, the waste matter of dolphins and a spaceship into the stars. The original themes is accompanied by elaborate lyrics and sketches in the CD’s booklet.

Musically, there are hints of philosophical thought and avant-garde tendencies in these songs, but the songs and their parts range from early Enslaved, to Satyricon and Dissection and Sweden’s Dawn when the band gets going. The vocals are harsh and brutal. The speed varies, but could reach awesome velocities. The production is cooperative some of the time and uncooperative at others. The drums, in particular, are underserved, muffled and mechanical.

Ambre Gris – apparently the offal of whales prized by perfume chemists – clocks in at forty-three minutes with only five tracks. This is how the act gives itself room to include a variety of moods into the respective songs. Here is a riddle. How many birds is that on the cover?




Edremerion is a French Black Metal quintet that was formed eleven years ago this year. In that time they have produced and released two EP’s, one self-titled and another succeeding it, keeping a strict three-year gap between both their inception and each of their releases. As such, it only makes sense that they would release their next record, a Full-length album, near the end of 2018. This particular album carries the name Ambre Gris and does, for all intents and purposes, mark my first run-in with the band.


Musically the five performers have been very heavily inspired by the growing Black Metal scene around them in their native France, showing a distinct willingness to experiment with their sound and push the limits of what can and cannot be considered modern Black Metal (something, I might add, I have come to almost expect and respect the French Black Metal scene for doing).


In this particular case, the five tracks on Ambre Gris are, by the bands own admission, strongly Avant-Garde influenced, giving the record an overall ‘rolling’ feel, for a lack of a better word. Every note, every vocal expression seems to be invariably connected to the next, producing a current that effortlessly sweeps you along, keeping you invested and curious as the album verbally unfolds.


Their philosophical approach to the concept of death and our own inevitable demise is always a safe bet for a band such as Edremerion, and their native French supports the underlying message and feel just well as a consequence.


Atmosphere-wise, Edremerion is a very solid act – They are clearly dedicated to their chosen profession, and they pour both their expertise and growing experience into their art. And while they did not sweep me completely off my feet and drop me in at the deep end as some of their kinsmen manage to do from time to time, Ambre Gris is an excellent album, and a worthy first Full-length release – As can be attested by the album in its entirety below.


The album contains five tracks, spans roughly forty-three minutes and is recommended for fans of Malevolentia and Au-Dessus.