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Ungraved Apparition will unleash new full-length album titled "Pulse_0" on April 23rd via GrimmDistribution, a label partner of Satanath Records.


As we near that release date, today we've got an exclusive premiere of the album's seventh track, which translates to "Неумершее явление" Pre-orders for the album are online here.


The track assaults with a combination of several styles at once, telling a whole story from the first person. First we start with a blistering assault of technical death metal as the main character suddenly gets into a car accident. Then we shift to death metal with a slow swaying as demonized workers appear on the stage and take the main character to the local hospital branch. Soon a shift occurs towards metalcore as we see what happens within the walls of the filthy hospital, with sadistic masters watching on during a brutal bacchanalia. Finally we end with atmospheric some death / doom, with the main character eventually reaching the morgue and going through rigor mortis.


Ungraved Apparition hails from Ekaterinburg, Russia, and was founded in late 2014 by three members: Micky Babossa (guitar), Paul Kas (drums), and Leon Kratt (bass guitar). In the process of creating the material, the musicians felt the need for a powerful and heavier sound, thus in August 2015 Bones Taker joined them as the second guitarist, mainly for playing the solos. Accompanying him was Damned for the role of the vocalist.


The band's debut album "Pulse_0" is a concept of how musicians see the inner world of a person and his desperate struggle for every minute of life.





PULSE_0 is the debut album from Russian metal unit, Ungraved Apparition. It will be unleashed into the world on April 23rd 2017 via GrimmDistribution).


The band describe the idea behind the album as a merging of two worlds. The world of depression and despair from incurable diseases, the sadism of bloody surgery experiments & the afterlife. All inhabited by the suffering souls of the dead people, the chilling horror of which is squeezed by convulsive cries in the throat.


Ungraved Apparition play dark, heavy music with uplifting melodic moments as evident on opening track, Кома. Deliciously evil sounding vocals with some stomping riffs & rhythm that sticks in the brain like nasty glue. The marker has been laid down very early.


What’s really interesting about PULSE_0 is that every even numbered song is just a minute to two minutes of the sounds of Hell. Going off Спаси! (Intro), it’s clearly designed to unsettle as we hear the sounds of a man being tortured before an absolute belter of a chugging riff brings in Спаси!. A short slap to the face, the 2 minute song stuffs in some really evil sounding music.


After the screams of a woman die away, Ungraved Apparition cement just why PULSE_0 is a real contender for album of the year. Тот, кто не дышит is stunning. 4 minutes of melodic metal that is chock full of intense hooks & memorable riffs. Everything just gels so well together. The raspy vocals, the brutal drum beats…it’s simply sublime.


There is no denying that melodic metal can start to sound samey & many a band struggle to maintain quality throughout. Ungraved Apparition are not one of those bands. A lot of why PULSE_0 sounds so incredible are the short intros to each track. The sounds of screams & people in pain helps builds atmosphere that flows perfectly into the songs..


That & the absolutely stunning musical talent on show with perhaps the brief guitar solo moments standing out the most (the one on Неумершее явление is unreal).


As the album nears its conclusion things get even darker & more twisted sounding. The sound of tearing flesh leads into the moody & oppressive sounding Гнилостные бактерии. The slow methodical style of the drums mixed with a soaring guitar solo is one of the best moments of the entire album.


It’s hard to find any faults throughout PULSE_0, the production is spot on. Crisp & clear with every note, vocal echo & disgusting trip into the macabre highlighted. It’s genuinely disappointing when the wails, screams & laughs of those in pain signal the end.  Пыль (Intro) caps off the hellish atmosphere created by the intros before a slow, straight-forward melody introduces Пыль fully.


Everything that came before has been building to this, a song that shows off everything that came before & then some. High levels of aggression but with melancholy moments that darken the mind, it’s a stellar finale.


Simply….wow. Hear this album.





Ungraved Apparition come to us from the Russian city of Ekaterinburg on the border of Europe and Asia. With their new concept album PULSE_0, they explore “the inner world of a person and his desperate struggle for every minute of life”, while merging two worlds: “the world of depression and despair from incurable diseases, the sadism of bloody surgery experiments; and the afterlife, inhabited by the suffering souls of the dead people, the chilling horror of which is squeezed by convulsive cries in the throat”.


PULSE_0 will be released by GrimmDistribution (Belarus) on April 23rd. Two songs from the album have appeared so far, and we bring you the premiere of a third one, “Гнилостные бактерии“, which translates to English as “Putrefactive Bacteria”.


When I first encountered the album’s cover art and photos of the band, I guessed that the music would be goregrind or perhaps brutal death metal, but that speculation proved to be wrong-headed. The music is none of those things, and it’s difficult to classify with any other familiar labels.


“Гнилостные бактерии” is neither frenzied nor chaotic, but instead slow, gloom-shrouded, and spellbinding despite the presence of raking guitar abrasion and vocals that reach truly hair-raising levels of bestial savagery. The song is massively heavy, but its deep and corrosive low-end is balanced by high, ethereal guitar melodies that reverberate and shimmer, and near the end by an emotionally intense and enrapturing guitar solo.


The music is wrenchingly sorrowful in its mood but also powerfully jolting, and mystical. In genre terms, I suppose you could contemplate a dark union of doom, death, and perhaps post-metal. Or you could just put those questions aside and listen to this immersive song.


Below you will find the track list along with our premiere of “Гнилостные бактерии” and those two previously released songs, “Кома” and “Гангрена“. Both of them are also excellent.





This is really dark and devastating not to mention creepy and cold. The first track meanders and doesn’t really benefit anyone or anything the same as a coma. It is there but nobody is home! Not sure why the band have done the intro’s separate from the tracks as they would really give them more depth and feeling especially the Save Intro which is really atmospheric and eerie. However, it is like the band produced the album in a hospital where people are dying constantly around them or in extreme agony. After the first intro the band really get into their stride and produce some really serious shit, vocally, just like Diablo has come out to claim his lost souls. Again back to an intro and the sound of someone taking their last breath before moving on into the afterlife – hardly joyous stuff here but I have to admit it is quite interesting. This track is like it welcomes its next victim to the afterlife, although sung in Russian no idea if they are being welcomed or initiated into the fold of demons. Hell’s has its fires burning and a woman’s cackle can be heard above a groaning and strange noise along with weird rumbles can be heard, is the devil giving people a chance to take a dark path? That’s anyone’s guess. It definitely sounds like the initiation has begun on the Immortal Phenomenon for sure, and helped along by its Russian tongue makes it that bit more interesting and devious. The guitars are just perfect, in fact, the band works well together on this demonic album. This sounds spread with severe infection – if you have a good imagination! I am OK with the sounds but the pictures it conjures up are a little bit more revealing. I so wish the band had put the intros into their tracks instead of separating them it would have told the story much better. Now it is Gangrene’s chance to spread and cause misery… however, the intros are a lot more talkative and beneficial to the listener as without them for the tracks it is just like a book with the pages missing. Dust is, however, what we will all become one day and so the final track of this strange but interesting album.


It is definitely unique in its own way, vocally seething and gnarly with solid riffs and hard bass with tempered drums – the band do work well together and sung in their mother tongue about things that we never really think about (apart from Death) is quite ingenious.






Ungraved  Appaition  are  a  band  from  Russia  that  plays  a  dark  form  of  metal  which  mixes  black,  doom  and  death  metal  together  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2017  album  "Pulse"  which  will  be  released  on  April  23rd  by  Grim  Distribution.


  Clean  guitar  playing  starts  off  the  album  along  with  some  drum  beats  a  few  seconds  later  which  also  leads  up  to  some  heavier  riffing  and  the  vocals  bring  in  black  metal  screams  and  death  metal  growls  and  the  riffs  also  use  a  great  amount  of  melody  and  hospital sounds  are  also  used  briefly.


  When  solos  and  leads  are  utilized  they  are  done  in  a  very  melodic  fashion  and  there  is  also  a  brief  instrumental  that  introduces  soundscapes onto  the  recording  as  well  as  a  brief  use  of  tortured  sounds  and  when  the  music  speeds  up  a  small  amount  of  blast  beats  can  be  heard  and  clean  guitars  also  return  on  some  of  the  later  tracks  and  they  also  give  the  songs  a  more  progressive  feeling  and  spoken  word  parts  are  also  used  briefly.



  Ungrave  Apparition  plays  a  musical  style  that  mixes  black,  doom  and  death  metal  together  to  create  their  own  style  of  dark  metal,  the  production  sounds  very  professional  while  the  lyrics  are  written  in  Russian  and  cover  dark a nd  depressive  themes.


  In  my  opinion  Ungraved  Apparition  are  a  very  great  sounding  mixture  of  black,  doom,  and  death  metal  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  those  musical  genres,  you  should  check  out  this  band.





Ungraved Apparition has unleashed new track "Тот, Кто Не Дышит" (which translates to "One Who Does Not Breathe"), a melancholic song taken from the Russian dark metal act's upcoming album Pulse_0, available April 23rd on Grimm Distribution's Bandcamp. The track builds to an intense affair with guttural growls and punchy guitars, but retains a sinister sense of foreboding throughout.


The band commented: "Since the subject of Pulse_0 is completely based on a mixture of hospital horrors and mysticism, the idea of the following order was born: What if in the operating room the souls of people who died in it remain, and when a person is anesthetized during an operation, his soul can take with him some essence that looks like an emaciated elderly old man. This ghost is a patient who died a long time ago, who comes to the still alive and takes their souls with them, thus killing them and replenishing the statistics of incomprehensible deaths within the walls of this hospital.

The souls of the deceased people, whom he took with him, call him 'one who does not breathe.'"


Formed in late 2014, the band went from a trio to a quintet in August 2015. Following the desire to beef up their sound, founding members Micky Babossa (guitar), Paul Kas (drums), and Leon Kratt (bass guitar) welcomed Bones Taker as a second guitarist and Damned as a vocalist.


The album's concept is a fittingly dark and grotesque one, centred around the combining of two distinct worlds. The first of these is one of depression and despair caused by incurable disease and the sadism of gory surgical experiments and another of the dead - the afterlife in which departed souls suffer.





The track “Тот, Кто Не Дышит” (English: One Who Does Not Breath) is having a melancholic environment with the presence of sorrowful guitar plucking, deep growls and mirthless melody driven riffs.






De track “Тот, Кто Не Дышит” (One Who Does Not Breath) heeft een melancholische sfeer met een dieptreurig gitaargeluid, diep gegrom en vreugdeloze melodische riffs.







In this work, we wanted to look into the eerie reality of a person who is between two worlds: the world of the living and the world of the dead, and consequently, torn between them. Before us, the drama of a tortured human soul, tormented by hallucinations unfolds and wants to return to the living world, but it has only one last effort … .. ..


“Гнилостные бактерии” (“The Putrefactive Bacteria”)


Everyone is striving for something in this life, everyone reaches their heights and lives his story, but all stories have one end – worms in gloom!

What if consciousness for a while remains, and the deceased feel how their bodies are eaten by grave beetles? That if there is neither hope nor continuation, there is only darkness and dampness of the grave …………… ..


“Спаси !” (“Save me!”)


In this work we decided to look at all the horror and suffering of people in the hospital, not on behalf of the patient, but on behalf of the employee – Surgeon! Sarcasm with whom he looks at the whole situation and cries for help. A cynic to the marrow of bones, which with a smile watches this death conveyor called a hospital


“Неумершее явление” (“Ungraved Apparition”)


The album’s flagship! In this track, the combination of several styles at once, as in the text tells a whole story from the first person. At the beginning of Technical Death metal – it tells how the main character gets suddenly into a car accident. In the middle of Death metal – a slow swaying, tells how demonized honey workers appear on the stage and take the main character to the local branch. Next is a mixture of Death metal and Metal core – the narrative of what kind of fucking happens in the walls of the hospital, all this hell, dirt and absolute indifference of the “masters” who, like sadists, with a smile lead all this bacchanalia. The ending is measured Death Doom Metal, tells how the main character gets to the ground floor and goes through all the stages of rigor mortis gradually forgetting in the morgue’s refrigerator.


“Гангрена” (“Gangrene”)


In this work, we observe the struggle between two: a man and a deadly disease. Opponents are implacable and eventually one will win.


“Пыль” (“Dust”)


In this work there is a narrative of what stages of the other world the soul of a person passes, before dissolving into oblivion. Probably, this is the only work that can be called 100% Death Doom Metal, as it is created according to all its canons. Sometimes finding peace in death is a way out, because there is no strength to continue the course of life. The listener, together with the protagonist, passes from the quiet beginning to the dramatic end all the steps of comprehension of the inevitable.



В данном произведении мы хотели заглянуть в жуткую действительность человека, который находится между двух миров: мира живых и мира мертвых, а следовательно, раздираемый между ними. Перед нами разворачивается драма измученной человеческой души, терзаемой галлюцинациями, которая безумно устала и хочет вернуться в мир живых , но у нее осталось сил всего на одну последнюю попытку………..


«Гнилостные бактерии»

Каждый стремится к чему то в этой жизни , каждый достигает своих высот и проживает свою историю , но у всех историй один конец - кишащие черви во мгле !

Что если сознание на какое то время остается , и умершие чувствуют как их тело поедают могильные жуки ? Что если нет ни надежды ни продолжения , есть только тьма и сырость могилы ……………..


«Спаси !»

В этом произведении мы решили посмотреть на весь ужас и страдания людей в стенах больницы , не от лица пациента, а от лица работника – Хирурга ! Сарказм с которым он смотрит на всю эту ситуацию и крики о помощи . Циник до мозга костей , который с улыбкой наблюдает за этим конвейером смерти под названием больница


«Неумершее явление»

Флагман альбома !

В этом треке сочетание сразу нескольких стилей так , как в тексте повествуется целая история от первого лица .

В начале Technical Death metal - повествуется о том , как главный персонаж попадает внезапно в автокатастрофу .

В середине Death metal – медленный раскачивающийся , повествует о том , как на сцене появляются демонизированные мед работники и забирают главного персонажа в местное отделение .

Далее идет смесь Death metal и Metal core – повествование того какой пиздец происходит в стенах больницы , весь этот ад , грязь и абсолютное равнодушие «хозяев» , которые , как садисты, с улыбкой руководят всей этой вакханалией.

Концовка - размеренный Death Doom Metal , повествует о том , как главный герой попадает на нижний этаж и проходит все стадии трупного окоченения постепенно забываясь в холодильнике морга.



В данном произведении мы наблюдаем за борьбой двух: человека и смертельной болезни.

Противники непримиримы и в итоге кто то один выйдет победителем.



В данном произведении идет повествование того, через какие стадии потустороннего мира проходит душа человека , перед тем , как раствориться в забытьи . Наверное , это единственное произведение , которое можно на 100% назвать Death Doom Metal , так как оно создано по всем его канонам . Иногда найти покой в смерти - это выход , потому , что нет сил продолжать жизненный путь . Слушатель вместе с главным героем проходит от тихого начала и до драматичного конца все ступеньки осознания неизбежного .



Da Ekaterinburg (Russia) arriva una nuova band, nata nel 2014, chiamata Ungraved Apparition che dopo piccoli assestamenti di line-up ed una chiara idea su quale sarà la via sonora da seguire pubblica il qui presente album Pulse_0. Il gruppo è ovviamente underground a livello totale, non ci sono particolari info sulla storia del collettivo. Musicalmente loro si identificano come dark metal ma a conti fatti i generi da cui attingono sono diversi, che si andranno poi ad analizzare meglio nel corso della recensione.

Prima cosa strana o meglio incomprensibile è l’aver scelto di piazzare delle intro totalmente inutili prima di ogni brano. Il problema è che non aggiungono nulla allungando a dismisura la tracklist, quindi si tenga conto di sette tracce effettive di musica, il resto può essere tranquillamente ignorato. Principalmente ci si trova in ambito estremo, un doom-death metal tendente al funeral-doom con un cantato in bilico tra lo scream ed il growl (l’opener “Кома” ne è un chiaro esempio) con decise iniezioni melodiche davvero ben fatte. Solo in due occasioni il quintetto preme sull’acceleratore, ossia l’opprimente “Спаси!” e la sincopata “Гангрена”, dove emergono delle pieghe più death/black metal. Non si capisce come mai entrambe le tracce si interrompano in maniera fin troppo improvvisa troncando tutto e facendo finire la musica troppo presto. A parte queste piccole imperfezioni le rimanenti quattro tracce sono dei piccoli gioiellini sonori, magari grezzi ma pregni di una piccola lucentezza. Il lavoro chitarristico è lentissimo e sfibrante, plumbeo ed impenetrabile, supportato una sezione ritmica precisa e sufficientemente potente. In “Тот, кто не дышит” si ha a che fare con un certo gothic metal epico e crudo ma che riesce comunque ad emozionare con un bonus grazie al finale etereo. Da menzionare anche il lavoro melodico e solistico delle due asce presente soprattutto negli arpeggi delicati di “Неумершее явление” (sempre comunque inseriti in un contesto doom), nelle cesellature melodiche di “Гнилостные бактерии” volte a descrivere un mood triste e morenti ed infine nel pregevole guitar solo nell’epos di “Пыль” altro brano titanico e malvagio, un viaggio in un tunnel senza fine.

Tutto funziona bene nella maggior parte del disco, tutto è ben registrato e suonato (cantato rigorosamente in lingua madre) ed il risultato scorre molto bene. Una piccola perla nera che non mancherà di appassionare i cultori dell’estremo più di nicchia. Consigliatissimo!!!





Una copertina tra le più improbabili che mi sia capitato di vedere negli ultimi anni è il biglietto da visita con il quale si presentano gli Ungraved Apparition, band moscovita al passo d’esordio con l’album intitolato Pulse_0.


Quello del quintetto russo è il tipico death doom proveniente dall’area ex-sovietica, ovvero dai tratti molto asciutti e spesso aspro, ma non privo di interessanti aperture melodiche.

A livello lirico, come la cover ed il titolo suggeriscono, ad essere preso in esame è fondamentalmente il momento del trapasso, con tutto il carico di tragedia ed abbandono che ne consegue, prima durante e dopo il suo nefasto compiersi.

L’approccio degli Ungraved Apparition è piuttosto naif, così anche l’inserimento di effetti volti a colpire maggiormente l’immaginario dell’ascoltatore appare dettato da una certa ingenuità; d’altra parte questo depone a favore di un sentire genuino che resta il dato saliente di un album privo di quella tensione drammatica che sarebbe lecito attendersi in base al tipo delle tematiche trattate, nonostante non manchino buoni spunti disseminati qua e là.

Detto ciò, Pulse_0 si rivela essenzialmente un ideale punto di partenza per cui, smussando qualche spigolo, focalizzando al meglio l’aspetto melodico ed evitando estemporanee soluzioni ad effetto, come i frequenti campionamenti di pianti, urla e sospiri che servono solo a spezzare il pathos e non ad aumentarlo, gli Ungraved Apparition hanno tutto il tempo ed i margini per fare senz’altro meglio in futuro.





Nell'Anno 2014, direttamente dalla città di Ekaterinburg (Russia), prendi vita il progetto Dark Metal dal nome Ungreved Apparition nato per volonta di Micky Babossa (chitarra), Paul Kas (batteria), e Leon Kratt (basso/chitarra). Il terzetto Russo trova la sua stabilità a partire dal 2016, anno in cui la band dopo un Tour nella propria nazione si dedica alla stesura dei brani che andranno a comporre il nuovo lavoro dal titolo "PULSE_O" pubblicato per la GrimmDistribution. Tredici brani per una durata di poco più di trenta minuti dove spunti melodici si alternano a riff di chitarra più ruvidi ben amalgamati da una linea vocale scream. Cambi di tempo repentini rendono questo progetto originale e interessante, anche in considerazione del fatto che la sezione ritmica riesce ad essere lineare e semplice senza invadere troppo il resto degli strumenti che fanno il loro compito bene e senza intoppi. Buona anche l'idea di inserire synth e suoni campionati che rendono il cd ancora più oscuro e inquietante come se fossiamo all'interno di un film di horror. Una bella dose di Adrenalina ed energia fanno di questo cd un buon prodotto complice un livello di registrazione oltre la sufficienza. Gli Ungreved Apparition, nonostante siano freschi di formazione fanno subito capire di che pasta sono fatti e le loro intenzioni. Una band sicuramente da seguire in futuro.





Strangely experimental take on “dark metal”.


The vox are very gargle-snarly in the black metal meets a certain corner of the death metal scene sense, but the guitars run clean to detuned in a more gothic doom sense and the album is quite well produced in the same vein.


So are they some ersatz gothicized/somewhat death/doom act, vaguely in the same ballpark as My Silent Wake, Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and suchlike?


Well…not really, but…yeah, sorta. I guess if you lean a bit more death, but a strange sort where the distorted guitars are thin and hollow toned, the vocals lean more black metal and then everything goes all clean and gothic doom at regular intervals.


Not bad at all – just throws the listener of any background by refusing to provide solid ground.


Just when you think you’re getting one thing and try to settle in and enjoy, these fuckers throw ya a curve ball and bean you in the head…


Yet and still, should hold definite appeal to the gothic doom crowd and may even grab the more open minded death/doomsters by the short hairs.


Given that I enjoy most or all variants thereof to one degree or another, yeah, I was good with it.




Soundtechnisch ist es schon arg sonderbar, was diese russische Combo auf ihrem Debüt daherzaubert. UNGRAVED APPARITION versteht sich als Dark-Metal-Ensemble mit Hang zu einer sehr finsteren Atmosphäre, die letztendlich auch das Paradestück des neuen Konzeptalbums sein soll. Doch in Sachen Songwriting ist "Pulse 0" eine ziemlich verworrene Angelegenheit, die gerade wegen des konzeptionellen Hintergrunds arg fahrig wirkt und weder thematisch noch musikalisch allzu gut auf den Punkt kommt. Die Russen verwenden viel zu viel Zeit damit, ihre insgesamt sieben Kompositoonen mit stimmungsvollen Intros zu bestücken, vergesen dabei aber, dass die Übergänge gezielt ineinandergreifen sollten und der Mix aus Gothic-Theatralik, Black-Metal-Versatzstücken und Death-Metal-Sequenzen im Stile alter THRION-Releases auch einen gewissen Konsens benötigt - und den erreicht die Band auf "Pulse 0" nie so recht.


Dabei könnte der thematische Schwerpunkt so viele emotionale Wendungen bereithalten, würde man den Umgang mit Depressionen und unheilbaren Krankheiten bzw. den Übergang in das Leben nach dem Tod noch viel stärker in den Fokus rücken, als es den Songs von "Pulse 0" gelingt. Die finstere Atmosphäre mag zwar hin und wieder den Kern des Ganzen treffen, aber die einzelnen Songs sind bis auf wenige Ausnahmen ('The Putrefactive Bacteria', 'Save Me!') nicht in der Lage, die Stimmung aufzunehmen und mit euphorisierenden Stilbrüchen zu überzeugen. Die Kontraste funktionieren nur phasenweise, die Melodien sind unspektakulär, und der wechselhafte Gesang ist auch nicht zwingend das Gelbe vom Ei. In der Summe hat UNGRAVED APPARITION die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten nicht befriedigend genutzt und sich immer wieder in musikalischen Sackgassen verlaufen.


An Potenzial mangelt es sicher nicht, doch der Umgang mit den eigenen Fähigkeiten sollte bei diesen Russen noch einmal konkreter überdacht werden.






E a Rússia mostra que suas bandas vêm se destacando quando o assunto é a formatação mais sorumbática e depressiva do Heavy Metal.


Agora é a vez da banda Ungraved Apparition demonstrar toda a sua destreza com um Dark Metal arrastado, cadenciado e climático, mesclando texturas desesperadoras e assustadoras do Metal Extremo, pinçando,principalmente, a angústia obscura do Black Metal, e o groove rastejante e pútrido do Death Metal. Todavia, o peso e, principalmente, a velocidade são controlados milimetricamente.


À esse traçado estílico temos contornos melódicos fortes, delineados por riffs de Metal Clássico (como ouvimos na variada “Неумершее явление”) em tons sombrios, que conectam uma estrutura tão agressiva quanto atmosférica!


Essa exploração climática de arranjos limpos, que intercalam os andamentos pesados e arrastados, se apresenta muito bem encaixada na sombria e funesta fórmula do Ungraved Apparition.


O grande trunfo deste trabalho, que o faz fugir do perigoso limbo tedioso e maçante da repetitividade, vem das introduções inteligentes.


O álbum é conceitual, e cada faixa vem antecipada por uma introdução que nos insere em diferentes “ambientes” de desespero e depressão, amplificando o poderio de cada composição, como se saídas de um filme de terror.


Claro que o “dinamismo” dos arranjos, à seu modo, consegue dar certa variabilidade às composições, e, o fato de não se alongarem em demasia (o álbum todo mal ultrapassa os trinta minutos), não dando espaço para repetições sonolentas de arranjos, também contribuem para o envolvimento do ouvinte com o trabalho.


Por fim, vale ressaltar que esta justaposição de melodia e agressividade, junto a produção suja e áspera, e obviamente o fato de cantarem em sua língua natal, deram um sabor ainda mais hipnótico e cativante à obscura música do Ungraved Apparition, onde se destacam faixas como “Спаси!”, “Тот, кто не дышит”,”Пыль”, e “Гангрена”.





Grimm Distribution strike at us yet again with more Russian ferocity, this time in the name of Ungraved Apparition. Forgive me if you cannot read the names of the songs, because neither can I. One has to work with what one is handed at times, and no matter how much research I did, (apart from learning another language), my efforts were an utter failure. The next question begs to be asked, are these guys a failure? Let’s have a listen.

Good news people; this particular band have decided to bring something a little different to the table, and this table has been well set. Most of you out there will find something here to appease your hunger. From the mouthings of a mad man in parts, to the deathly doom of the delivery, this is yet again a superb release. (Damn you Grimm, give me something crap so I can at least tell people you are not infallible).

The soundbites before each song serve well to invite you into a world full of dread, uncertainty, and the illusion of the tale that is being told. An Apparition of sorts, floating before you and offering a ghastly hand. The Journey of a man questioning himself maybe? Again to speak Russian would be a blessing. Even so, language is no barrier for madness, nor is it for excellence. The music has spoken. Turn off the light’s and put on your headphones. Kick back and let this seep into you. Take that hand. See the Apparition. The like minded surely will.




I don’t know if it is because I just watched the 2015 movie Victor Frankenstein or what but the start of this album by UNGRAVED APPARITION put me in that mind mood. But apart from my movie memory this made me think of a black metal version of King Diamond. It has that theatrical feel to it that you get from King Diamond. This is being described as dark metal but I don’t know. To me this is much more death doom than anything else. With an atmospheric depressive aura. As I listen to this I find myself enjoying it immensely. There is a charm to this that makes it hard for me to not enjoy it. Not having heard of the name UNGRAVED APPARITION before I am now glad that I have.





В России сейчас действует немало коллективов и one-man-проектов, которым не даёт покоя слава In The Woods… и их странные, парадоксальные стерео-эксперименты конца 90-х. Психоз, Chevauchee, Сумеречная Депрессия, Биопсихоз и многие другие группы по-разному осваивают поле тёмного психоделического металла, а по большому счёту просто облекают свои литературные и поэтические изыскания в музыкальную форму, лишь исходя из соображений аутентичности приближенную по звучанию к экстремальному металлу. Вот, почувствовав волну, и бывшие дэт-металлисты из Екатеринбурга объединились в состав, который назвали Неумершее Явление, и сейчас представляют нам свой дебютный альбом, выполненный всё в том же жанре тяжёлой (во всех смыслах) песни о болезненном и страшном.


Если вы, взглянув на заявленный в шапке жанр, ожидаете услышать на “Pulse 0” что-то в духе Moonspell, то я должен предостеречь вас и сказать, что музыка на компакте намного более болезненная, изломанная, а низкочастотных распевок, характерных для Лунных Чар, здесь не содержится вовсе. Вместо вампирских литаний и возвышенных од чёрной луне материал рецензируемого CD нашпигован под завязку маниально-среднетемповой рефлексией на тему депрессии, безысходности, неизлечимых болезней, садизма, кровавых хирургических опытов и загробного мира, населённого страдающими душами умерших людей. Как видите, с точки зрения описания всё это дело весьма напоминает Дениса Ядрова (Сумеречная Депрессия) и его некрофилическую драматургию.


Вязкий, гнетущий, леденящий и опустошающий сумрак начинает пульсировать где-то внутри уже с первых секунд открывающей диск “Комы”, а тяжёлые гитары и разухабистый скрим-гроул напоминают самых разных экспериментаторов от металла вплоть до Transilvanian Beat Club и Eisregen. Инструментальная составляющая пластинки лишена провисаний и слабых моментов – ребята не зря набирались опыта на ниве смертельного тяжмета, и сейчас с лёгкостью наполняют свои композиции цитатами из Green Carnation и Morgul. К инструменталу – претензий никаких. Вокальная работа выполнена на твёрдую четвёрку, а вот в том, что касается построения композиций и размещения сэмплов всё уже далеко не так однозначно. Сэмплов много. Каждую песню предваряет особое интро, однако их качество я бы не стал называть бесспорным и высоким.


У издания есть один серьёзный недостаток – в буклете нет текстов, а учитывая тот простой факт, что для подобной музыки лирика является едва ли не первостепенной, и на слух разобрать её невероятно сложно, данное обстоятельство огорчает, и весьма сильно. Однако в целом пластинка оставляет ощущение интересной, сильной, хотя пока ещё достаточно сырой и поверхностной работы, лишённой необходимого количества смысловых акцентов. Я воспринимаю “Pulse 0” как набор интересных скетчей, каждый из которых интригует по-своему, но в качестве единого целого они пока ещё не смотрятся. В отличие от In The Woods… с их “Strange In Stereo”, которые последовательно и планомерно проводили единую линию интеллектуально-морального разложения, Ungraved Apparition пока ещё грешат низкопробной российской лубочностью.


Однако стоит оговориться, что я раскритиковал этот диск чуть более, чем он того заслуживает, и дело тут вот в чём. Я ничуть не сомневаюсь, что группа может (могла бы) играть нечто гораздо более сильное, продуманное, глубокое и концептуальное и петь о чём-то более интеллектуальном, нежели о “кишащих червях во мгле”. Чего им не хватает для того, чтобы выдать на гора аналог “Strange In Stereo”, ведь все исходники для этого у них имеются? Не хватает опыта – в том числе опыта издания на CD и хороших концертных выступлений в достойной компании. Я очень надеюсь, что к своему следующему релизу ребята учтут все минусы дебютника и смогут превзойти его по всем пунктам. Учитывая тот потенциал, который я вижу в них, особого труда это составить не должно. Поэтому при всех недостатках даже сейчас 4 из 5.





Screen of review.




Уникальная екатеринбургская команда, которая в результате своих опытов в подвальных и полуподвальных помещениях вывела новый подвид мрачного музла. Дело в том, что авторы смело перехватили знамя садистической медицины и постмортальных экспериментов у дэт-металлических коллег (и фюнералистов тоже). И использовали это знамя на благо стиля, ранее массово не замеченного в таком непотребстве — дарк-металле, и даже иногда утверждается - дум-дарк-металле. Ну это мы сейчас проверим на разном подопытном материале и дадим подробное заключение.

Чтобы читатели не удивлялись в дальнейшем крайнему композиторскому и музыкальному экстремизму формации UNGRAVED APPARITION замечу, что Седой Урал — это место геологического разлома, который бахнул около полумиллиарда лет назад (ОМГ), а потом границы этого титанического «оврага» только сжимались, вздымая к солнцу миллионы кубических километров самой твердой породы, которая только образовывалась в земной коре. Представляете, какая там энергетика и как она отыгралась на Homo Sapiens в антропоцене? Сразу и отвечу, юг Урала считается одной из прародин европейской цивилизации (Аркаим и проч). Креативность местного люда иногда зашкаливает, я знаю, например, чела, который в одиночку на раз, сочиняет весьма сложные многофакторные музыкальные произведения в нашем металлическом стиле.

Ну, а теперь все ж таки к UNGRAVED APPARITION. Группировка объединилась под свой баннер в 14 году и упорно занималась оттачиванием музыкальных навыков, одновременно экспериментируя и ведя дневник опытов для истории. Пришло время показать свои наработки. (А я знаете, подумал, что это трэш, судя по обложке. Специфический такой рисунок).

Как оказалось впоследствии, компакт-диск PULSE_0 начнется мелодическим проигрышем с депрессивной идеей и имПУЛЬС_Ом. Это был вход, типа, «отбрось надежды(тапки), всяк сюда входящий». И никаких шуток - через полминуты разверзается сначала небольшая, а потом и все более крупная черная дыра, которая засасывает неверующих в дарк-металл - навсегда. Эта операция подчеркнута мощным, четким (и низкочастотным) саундом, который оформляет точку сборки в нужное место, создавая новейший образ мира. ДЕПРЕССИЯ, НЕПОВИНОВЕНИЕ, ДРАМА ПРЕВРАЩАЕТСЯ В ПАФОСНУЮ ЧЕРНУЮ КОМЕДИЮ.

UNGRAVED APPARITION варит недлинные эмбиент куски, усугубляя настроения альбома, подтапливая в них звуки, крики, голоса, которые раздаются в бешеной башке главгероя этого произведения. Они периодичны и создают хорошую опорную базу для восприятии материала... почему это происходит - объяснить не берусь.

Через некоторое время композер трамбует новую картину: - дэт-трешеобразный дарк-металл, который из металлургической печи железным потоком валится перед слушателем - ошарашенным, удивленным и в итоге сожженым NO MERCY жаром. Авторы эксплуатируют игровое время не как иные коллеги, - «дайте мне компо на 9 минут и я завоюю весь мир». Могут и в небольшом траке отразить яркое-мрачное настроение, и неожиданно закончить его, оставляя слушателя в ступоре: «эй, хочу больше!»

Однако это далеко не все, что подготовила команда на этом альбоме.

Компо 05. «Тот, кто не дышит». От ласкового лайтового струнного перебора наблюдаем движение к дэт-металлическому на(д)рыву, мид-темповому, но очень жесткому периоду, который реально коловращает реальность, обращая ее в ТЕМНЫЙ МИР. При том настолько перфектно поданный, что немало народа с удовольствием подаст заявления на гражданство в оном. Вокалист здесь обращает на себя внимание: - от харшевого вполовину чистого голоса до дэтового угрожающего гроулинга. К финалу наш уральский волколак вновь сбрасывает шкуру и идет чистить клыки.

Дэтово-трешевые мосты - не редкость на этом диске, они отлично компонуются с более медленными, где-то высеваясь в дэт-дум, где-то в дарк-дэт, а где-то в сокрушительный и драйвовый дарк-металл, хотя никто ранее и не подозревал, что такое вполне возможно. И продолжая про композиционные изыски... — автор умело пользуется замедлениями, это просто его конек, - думовая прогонка - это обязательно гвоздем по стеклу, хватает за душу и прорывается сквозь кожу. Или тоскливая в тему музыкальная арка между двумя агрессивными настроениями.

Как говорится, аутопсию можно было бы и продолжить, но стоит ли? Лучше слушайте уральских дарк-МЕТАЛЛИСТОВ.

Альбом - бомба с психопатологическим настроением и добротным звуком.





Capitanati da una voce dal potere terrificante, la band russa degli Ungraved Apparition approda al suo primo full length attraverso Grimm Distribution/Satanath Records, in forma strabiliante. Un death metal di vecchia scuola, rallentato sulla falsariga di un sound di matrice doom caratterizzato da un'attitudine malata in odor di suicide black metal. Il suono seppur glaciale cede spazio alla melodia mantenendosi comunque ruvido nella sua corposità e nelle vocals, che non lasciano spazio a voci pulite. Come nel migliore degli incubi, con l'ascolto di 'PULSE_0' ci si immerge brano dopo brano in un vortice di emozioni orrorifiche, perverse e depressive, che ammaliano e catturano l'attenzione di chi ascolta. Un concept incentrato su una sorta di viaggio tra la vita e la morte di pazienti all'interno di un ospedale, dove chirurghi dallo humor nero e dal sadico sarcasmo, operano su pazienti inermi che ancora devono capire se il loro destino sarà giacere in eterno tra buio e umidità o se sperare in una salvezza dell'anima. Suoni sinistri, quadrati, potenti, composizioni originali e fantasiose, spesso anticipate da interludi che ne aumentano il tono dark, maligno e perverso. Per comodità, sottolineerei i primi tre brani del disco, a dir poco memorabili. Un ruolo fondamentale poi lo gioca, come detto, la performance del vocalist Damned che canta con una voce abrasiva ed in lingua madre (almeno presumo dai titoli) ottenendo splendidi risultati, calcando sempre pesantemente la mano su atmosfere oscure e presagi a dir poco spaventosi. Belle le aperture chitarristiche di matrice primi Paradise Lost cosi come buona è la produzione del disco, ideale per il tipo di prodotto, con quei suoi inserti d'atmosfera che ricordano band come Psychonaut 4 o Lifelover. La copertina tende ad indirizzare l'ascoltatore verso ambienti più duri del tipo grindcore o brutalcore, rivelandosi altresì ingannevole ma comprensibilissima se si conosce l'intento tematico dell'opera. Uno stile particolare, un modo di intendere il dark metal assai originale, un lavoro cerebrale e affascinante in tutta la sua drammaticità. Ottimo album!





Ungraved Apparition are a young band from Ekaterinburg, a city at the feet of the Ural Mountains in the Russian Federation. The band was formed in 2014 by guitar player Micky Babossa, joined by drummer Paul Kas (who takes care of the visuals too) and bassist Leon Kratt. When vocalist Damned and guitarist Bones Taker joined, the five-piece was ready to record their first album. This one is called Pulse_0 and it consists of seven ‘real’ tracks, all of them divided by an instrumental intermezzo. But I come back to this immediately. Anyway, the band signed to Belarus-based GrimmDistribution, which is part of the Satanath Records company. GrimmDistribution used to be one of the distribution channels for Satanath Records and Symbol Of Domination Productions before, but label owner Aleksey decided to reform GrimmDistribution into a full label too. They release the compact disc in an edition of 500 copies in jewel case, including an eight-page booklet.


Pulse_0 lasts for thirty-four minutes (the intermezzi included), which are brought in the band’s mother tongue. The concept deals with helplessness and impotence, sickness and depression, the sadistic abuse of forceless victims and frenzy surgical experiments and torture, and the life-after-death existence. It’s quite horrific, delving deep into the most morbid, filthy pits of man’s sickened mind. Cheers!


The opener Кома starts off with a desolate guitar riff, soon joined by more strings and a somewhat progressive drum pattern. After just one minute, everything turns into a My Dying Bride-ish heaviness, with massive, trampling riffs and dirty, even diabolical vocals, both blackened and grunting. It’s quite slow and melodic, even melancholic, yet incredibly intense and dingy in execution. Damn, this is that kind of Dark / Doom Metal that brings out the nastiest ideas… Even the hospital bleeps, announcing death, are present.


More sonic mercilessness follows immediately after, with the first interlude. Спаси! (intro) is a creepy piece based on some distantly-floating droning synth lines, joined by footsteps in a desolate clinic corridor, whispers and talks, screams and eventually the sound of some surgical instrument. Welcome to your nightmare… Help!


Спаси! is a short yet mostly monumental Dark / Doom / Black / Death epic, slow and pounding, colossal in sound, and simply skull-crushing. The same goes for (chopped in) pieces like Неумершее явление (‘ungraved apparition’), which is a brain-squeezing headbanger, with slow and faster excerpts, truly fantastic solos, a magnificent string section, and bleak, grim grunts, resulting in a theatrical and suffocating epos.


Occasionally, things seem to turn towards inner tranquillity and self-relativity. An epic like Тот, кто не дышит (‘one who’s not breathing’) offers us a fabulous Doom-Death mo(nu)ment. Okay, it is a collage of clichés reminiscent of the scene, but it is just incredible to notice the unique performance of those ‘known’ elements. The tempo-changes are represented, and so are the melancholic riffs, the use of acoustic guitars and the typifying deep growls, but then again: who minds the lack of being renewing? This is high-qualitatively composed and performed, and with such mighty atmosphere included, the result is astonishing. In a comparable devastating vein lies Гнилостные бактерии (‘putrefaction bacteria’), which is such grandiose classic-to-be, comprised of nothing but impressive details, perfectly and naturally mingled into one fine aural symbiosis.


The interludes all come in that very same horror-themed way as aforementioned Спаси! (intro). Creepy synth lines and sound sources (fragments, samples and noises from different angles) are mingled together, visualising themes of terror, torture and, in consequence, despair and apathy.


All pieces, without exception, on Pulse_0 show the unique approach of Ungraved Apparition. This is Dark Metal indeed, and this is Doom Metal as well, totally poured over by details from the Death and the Black Metal scene, being written and performed in a manner that is distinctive from the familiar. As said, there are a lot of predictable clichés involved for sure, but the result is, to my opinion, above expectation. I deeply hope this band will soon start writing and recording new stuff.





Vean atentamente el arte en portada. Por un momento pensemos en el genial “Operation mindcrime” de Queensryche. Recuerdan aquel concepto del disco? Bien, pareciera ser que el debut de los rusos Ungraved Apparition va por ese lado. Por supuesto la comparación termina ahí nomás, ya que “Pulse_0” no tiene nada de metal progresivo sino que aquí es todo más oscuro, extremo y tenebroso, un disco moderadamente completo, el cual tiene sus raíces entre el doom, el gothic y el death, pero no del tipo propiamente subterráneo, sino más bien enfocado hacia algo más sofisticado e intelectual, bastante cristalino para algunos oídos.

La fase acústica se les da bastante bien al igual que los repentinos riffs que liberan de manera sorpresiva. La voz es fuerte y decisiva, supongo yo que al natural y sin efectos, la batería por su parte corre de vez en cuando; en general estos rusos no traen prisa, ni mucho menos intenciones de destrozarte la espalda a latigazos.

Recomendable en su mayoría para aquellos que se tomen el tiempo de escuchar los discos de manera un poco más minuciosa.




From Russian Ungraved Apparition here comes the creepiest album I`ve heard this year beside a split of Cryostasium/Abigorum. Imagine Necrophagia (RIP Killjoy) meets sickest sounds of haunted asylums and mental hospitals where experiments and sadism on humans are also a prey for trapped souls and spirits. And where close to death patients fight for last minutes of life, surrounded by/or having diseases of worst kind inside their decayed bodies. All this is part of intros that appear between the songs which is frightfully, eventually that gets you scared because the band captures the sounds that give you meaning of real suffering and death.


Musically, they put this album quite simply. They based their ideas on elementary death metal riffs, two different extreme vocals. Atmosphere of the album is suffocating, horrifying and haunting. Music is not spectacular, the band keeps the low profile of their songs and opens the gates of hell once the words are sung and horrors of intros are put in motion. Russians have some melancholic and sad vibe to their songs but most of the tracks are heavily crushing. The music may not make you happy at once because of background of this album, which is something that suppose to terrify you at first. And they do, surely. It is well done piece of death metal where simplicity of music and mid-tempo pace is decently synchronized and strengthened.


As you can see on pictures, the band`s image is very medical oriented. Something to compare with Polish gods of grind Epitome and Dead Infection. What matters; Ungraved Apparition and their Pulse_0 album should not be missed out by fans of dark and horror metal.