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Old Pagan are a band from Germany that has been featured before in this zine before and plays a very raw, epic and melodic form of black metal and this is a review of their 2015 album "Ogdran Jarhar" which was released as a joint effort between Symbol Of Domination Productions and Narbentage Produktionen.

A very dark, melodic, heavy and atmospheric sound starts off the album along with some grim black metal screams while the faster sections of the music utilize a great amount of blast beats and also bring in more of a raw style of the genre and you can also hear all of the musical instruments that are present on t heir side of the recording.

A couple of the tracks are long and epic in length and the songs also bring in a great mixture of slow,id paced and fast parts as well as adding a more modern production to a 90's influenced style while the synths when they are utilized they give the music more of an epic atmosphere and when guitar leads are brought into the music they add more of a melodic sound to the music and they close the album with a cover of Secrets Of the Moon "Leichengott".

Old Pagan plays a style of black metal on this recording that is very raw, melodic and epic and also uses some of the modern technology to update their sound a bit, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover Anti Christina, occult and Darkness themes.

In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from Old Pagan and if you are a fan of this band, you should enjoy this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Amon Ramah" "Christ Termination" and "Seven Gods Of Chaos".


Ogdrum Jarhar is the fourth full release by German black metallers Old Pagan. This is fast, hectic and overflowing with hatred.

Title track ‘Ogden Jarhar’ kicks off the album with ferocity, unrelenting blast beats and vehement vocals. It follows a fairly typical black metal structure but the softer guitar melodies and vicious vocal delivery complement the aesthetic. Second track ‘Amon Ramah’ continues the fast pace but has some bouncy, catchy passages before ‘Dark Chaos’ drags us though another endless stream of destitution. ‘Malditz’ has some great folk-inspired melodies making this pretty fun and upbeat. It quickly descends into turmoil, closing with a last burst of bounciness before ‘Christ Termination’ returns to the onslaught of blasts, distorted melodies and screaming vocals. ‘Endless Agony’ perseveres similarly and swiftly arising from the assault is ‘Seven Gods Of Chaos’. Once again this is a fast and relentless last effort to take our souls before the last track, a cover of Secrets Of The Moon’s ‘Leichengott’, closes the album.

I enjoyed this despite the overwhelming sense I’d heard most of it before. I’m not familiar with their previous releases but ‘Ogdrum Jarhar’ has made me curious. This album is well delivered, fun, ferocious and energetic with no shortage of screaming.


Old Pagan are from Germany and play Black Metal. This is their fourth album.

Here we have 43 minutes of raw, underground Black Metal spread across 8 tracks, including a Secrets of the Moon cover.

Featuring a sharp recording that screams lo-fi darkness, Old Pagan play orthodox Black Metal that’s enhanced by keyboards and cuts straight to the bone like a serrated, rusty blade.

Frozen melodies and dark incantations power these songs, which complete their running time like Satan himself is chasing after them. The music is fast and furious, blasting icy beats and chilling riffs across the airwaves.

Screamed vocals accompany the blackened melodies and pounding drums with ease, keeping pace with the high-energy music and attacking the listener with frenzied abandon.

If you like your Black Metal fast, relentless and raw, you can do a lot worse than Old Pagan; these veterans know what they’re doing.


German pagan black metal band realised the album. This album is a interesting black metal album, very unusual and special.

Tehnical compliance is good, but it can be more better, aoustic is solid, production is awesome.

On this album it can be heard this interesting black metal sound, that makes this album more black metal, than already is.

This album will take you through a jorney of darkness,paganism,evil,death,chaos, apocylpse.

Old Pagan is anonymos band that desirves a lot of attention of public and listeners.

This band is a true black metal band, with ultimate raw black metal music in great metal manner.


Old Pagan certainly look the part in their photographs. Corpsepaint, tortured grimaces and probably a pretty grim outlook on life. But regardless of what the band looks like, the question is, can they seal the deal musically. Well Germany’s Old Pagan go far and beyond merely playing the role. With a sound reminiscent of early Emperor without the keyboards and Marduk, Old Pagan Pay tribute well to those who have come before them while staking out their own musical way. Old Pagan have been around for quite a few years now, and I imagine this is the peak of their released. Let’s hope they are around long enough for at least another decade of sickness! (AP)


Although Old Pagan have been around a very long time (twenty years this year to be precise). I have not been that familiar with the art the band produce. However saying that I now wish that I had heard of them sooner, especially with their latest album Ogdrun Jarhar.

The album that has a very raw traditional black metal sound with heavy thunderous and quick drums, and a range of equally as quick melodies from the guitars. They all mix with screeching, Hellish sounding vocals. This can  be particularly heard within the first track of the album entitled “Ogdrun Jarhar”  where that black metal sound has given the track more power and heaviness making the song a rather exhilarating.

The band themselves have added their own creative mix to break up the traditional rawness with more melodic breakdowns and changes in tempos. Within these melodies themselves keyboards are introduced to really allow the album to flourish as a whole. The third track on the album, “Dark Chaos”, is one such example where the basic black metal sound has had a door opened up to allow for more diversity to demonstrate a more open theme, again showing how creative this band really is.

However with the fourth track on the album, “Malditz”, the pattern has been mostly obliterated as a much faster track, with faster drums and melodies that still keeps its heaviness. As for the vocals, they are more screeching than what has been in the album thus far. This gives the whole album an added boost of power and really adds to the differences that the band have created for the album.

Old Pagan have really shined through with this black metal-filled album complete with a range of pure musical genius down to the last details. This includes production and the lyrics and themes, which run through the album, based on stories of the seven Gods of Chaos (such as Samael and Nergal) living in parallel universe that is Ogdrun Jarhar.


Alter, die gibt es noch? Ich freue mir gerade voll den Keks! Als ich 1998 anfing, mir erste Black Metal-Demotapes in die Sammlung zu stellen, waren Old Pagan mit dabei. Ihre beiden Demos „Machosias“ (1997) und „Menschenverachtung“ (1998) sowie die selbst betitelte 7“ EP von 1999 befinden sich noch von damals in meiner Privatsammlung. Danach habe ich sie leider völlig aus den Augen verloren. Studioalben gab es damals noch keine; mittlerweile sind es schon vier. Von früher ist nur noch Machosias übrig geblieben, der aber bereits 2006 das Singen aufgegeben hat und heute nur noch Schlagzeug spielt. An der Musik hat sich seltsamerweise aber auch nach zwanzig Jahren Bandgeschichte nicht viel geändert, außer dass Produktion und Zusammenspiel natürlich besser geworden sind. Es gibt immer noch simples Geschrammel im Stil der Neunziger. Darkthrone, Gorgoroth, Marduk, Lunar Aurora, Farsot und Secrets Of The Moon haben deutlich ihre Spuren hinterlassen. Apropos Secrets Of The Moon: Diese werden am Ende noch gecovert. „Leichengott“ befand sich damals auf der „Black Metal Endsieg III“ Split-7“ mit Armagedda, Dark Storm und Bael, die über Sombre Records (R.I.P. Marcel Spaller!) erschien und sich auch noch in meiner Sammlung befindet. Es gibt zwar ansatzweise Gitarrenmelodien, diese sind jedoch nur sehr dezent und versprühen keinerlei Schönheit. Alles klingt kalt und hasserfüllt. So muss räudiger Black Metal klingen!


Die technische Ausrichtung wird vor allem im Opus "Ogdrun Jarhar" deutlich, der durch Rhythmen- und Tempiwechsel, Breaks und kalte Riffs geprägt wird. Die Songs leben Momente ungebremster Raserei und Doublebass-Sperrfeuer. Auch die melodische Seite kommt bei OLD PAGAN nicht zu kurz. Unschlagbarer Hit des Albums in dieser Hinsicht ist "Malditz". OLD PAGAN besitzen in diesem wie in anderen Songs eben das geeignete Händchen, um einfache und komplexe Songs mitreißend und interessant zu gestalten. Im Gesamten betrachtet gefällt mir dieses Album eigentlich recht gut.

Auch nach einigen Durchläufen wird es nicht langweilig, die Songs bieten genug Abwechslung, um immer wieder etwas zu entdecken. Dazu wirkt das Album nicht wie eine lose Ansammlung von Songs, sondern schon vom Gesamteindruck und der aufgebauten Stimmung her zusammenhängend, was mir ebenfalls sehr zusagt.


Old Pagan è una one man band di black metal formata da Machosis, ex mebro degli ora defunti Pagan Winter, e proviene dalla zona di Saarbrucken in Germania.

Il progetto nasce nel 1996, e ha pubblicato in questi venti anni molti dischi. Il suo black metal è debitore della prima ondata di questo genere, è duro ossessivo e misantropo, senza però disdegnare qualche buon intarsio melodico.

Questo nuovo disco è una discesa agli inferi, una veloce ripassata di tutto ciò che può farci paura e violenza senza i vincoli giuridici del vivere in società. Machosias, oltre ad essere un ottimo batterista e musicista, è una persona che conosce la vera essenza del genere e lo trasmette ai posteri. Un disco di black metal come si deve, forse un po’ ripetitivo in certe soluzioni, ma comunque al di sopra della media.


Синтез антирелигиозного фанатизма, таранного драйва, тёмного мистицизма и ритуальной конфронтации с окружающим миром. Странгуляционные петли на шеях, запёкшаяся кровь, сырая чавкающая грязь. Утрата веры в человечество, северный пафос, крайне болезненная экзистенция и погибельные образы параллельной вселенной Ogdrun Jarhar, обители Богов Хаоса. Всё то, что мы любим и ценим.


It’s hard to believe that Old Pagan has been around since 1996, playing the raw and hellish black metal they play.

Musically, it’s nothing out of the ordinary, as it is your typical underground, raw black metal with a low budget studio production and sound. This duo, which recorded everything on this eight tracker have offered the black metal fan plenty of dark and evil atmospheres on “Ogdrun Jarhar”. Their musicianship is good, nothing out of this world, but it gets the job done here, of creating such a horrific feel of torture and death.

Personally, I was not into Old Pagan’s style of black metal, as it sounded just so unfinished in places, with the production being as thin in sound, and the instruments getting buried in the final mix had a lot to be desired.

Old Pagan is definitely for fans of early, early demo tape-era Mayhem, Darkthrone, Enslaved and Emperor.



I do follow Germany-based Old Pagan for quite some time. The members joined forces two decades ago, and since then they did record and release quite some interesting material. In 2014, for example, Vacula Productions and Narbentage Produktionen did release the album MaledictusS (which was actually recorded a couple of years before, yet not released until then); a review which I did write for that recording was published on December 24th 2015, by the way. There seems to be a split on vinyl after that one, but unfortunately I wasn’t aware of this, and a compilation with demo-material both via Bestial Burst), and this review deals with the band’s latest studio recording, Ogdrun Jarhar. It’s been released, once again, via Narbentage Produktionen, this time in collaboration with Symbol Of Domination Productions, owned by the devoted Underground Music promotor Alexsey, who started and owns parent label Satanath Records from Russian soil.


Ogdrun Jarhar (no idea what this means, sorry) was recorded once again in the Dark One Studio by multi-instrumentalist Machosias and screamer Sascha Vollmer with production assistance of former Beyond Serenity guitarist Karsten Gries. Actually they do not bring anything new at all. Old Pagan’s Black Metal is of the traditional kind, heavily rooted in the origins of the Second Wave trend. The songs are extremely intense, fast, aggressive and merciless, with a message of blasphemy, misanthropy and hatred in all aspects. The guitars are quite melodious, supported by a hit-in-the-face rhythm support. Quite characteristic here are the whirlwind drums, violently devastating like a pyroclastic explosion. The main leads carry the whole, but most striking might be the purely venomous, acid, sulphuric screams by Sascha.


The sound quality is all right: not too clean, yet not under-produced either. I like the fact that the bass melodies are clearly hearable – actually the whole mix has been nicely balanced with all ingredients divided in equal parts. Especially during the second half of the album, which consists of more convincing compositions than the first half, I think, that aural majesty comes into its own. Just listen to the buzz-sawing cover of Secrets Of The Moon and you’ll understand this statement.


Ogdrun Jarhar overwhelms, for there is no room for rest, tranquillity, ease. That might bother in case you’re suffering from a heart disease. The mardukian bulldozer attitude, however, does not irritate, for there is quite a lot to enjoy. Take the epic injections, for example, like profoundly present in a hymn like Endless Agony – aren’t they grandiose, those glorious moments? And this duo’s ‘joy-of-play’, which I referred to in my former review, well, this element is still striking. This stuff is elemental. I wonder whether it will mean something additional within a scene that is growing so exponential lately, but hey, do you care? I do not, for it’s the individual result that counts (PS: ‘individual’ stands for the whole album specifically within that constantly growing international scene).





A wave of Black Metal released in late 2015 is flowing this way - this time we are going to Germany to find OLD PAGAN, that have been quite active since 2006, and "Ogdrun Jarhar" is their third full length release. I've been searching and searching to find an origin for the band's name ogdrun jarhar, though the closest I have come, is a reference to the Hellboy comics. One of the first things I think of when thinking of satanism and darkness, though it might be a correct assumption (if it isn't, please enlighten me!) that it is the case, as there is a dragon-looking beast on the cover artwork, and with a bit of symbolism, the title of one of the tracks 'Amon Ramah' could also lead to Hellboy, though let's leave that aside and concentrate on the music. Traditional Black Metal which is brought forth from a good mix of Scandinvian, Middle European and American waves, I actually more than once got flashbacks to a dark past, where the late 90s and mid-00s American Black Metal scene painted my world dark and sinister. Musically it is quite well delivered, as well with the songwriting being decent, the songs are working and we are getting a full blast attack. I really like the vocals, which have a lot of passion and despair into them, and the cold and menacing guitartone is also quite nice in this setting, and paints a lot of the atmosphere. "Ogdrun Jarhar" is a great treat if you like Black Metal from the late 90s to the mid-00s done exactly like that, flawless and well executed, though nothing we haven't heard a great deal of times, though such albums are also good fun once in a while when we are in need for a blast from the past, done contemporary.




El black metal no es de mis géneros favoritos, pero si quiero escuchar black quiero que sea así, como “Ogdrun jarhar”, cuarto álbum de los veteranos Old Pagan.

Crudo, subterráneo, ortodoxo, lleno de heladas melodías, con riffs rápidos y furiosos, atmosferas oscuras y malvadas, y por supuesto, con escalofriantes voces gritadas.

Con una producción al borde del lo-fi, grabado en solo ocho canales, “Ogdrun jarhar” apela a los fans más old-school del género, aquellos que crecieron escuchando las primeras cintas de leyendas como Mayhem, Darkthrone, o Emperor.

Implacable y devastador, Old Pagan es el secreto mejor guardado de la escena blacker mundial. Consíganlo como sea.




Это жестокий подарок настоящим блэкерам от Symbol Of Domination (саблейбла Satanath Records) — полноформат от немецкой группы Old Pagan. Сама формация имеет достаточно культовый статус, ибо работает с 1996 года. Записала уймищу артефактов — среди них четыре альбома, разные сплиты и проч.

Не буду интриговать тех, кто не знаком с этой командой, сразу скажу, что это настоящие реал тру блэкеры, из своеобразного немецкого черного легиона. Надеюсь, уважаемые читатели знают андеграундную дойче сцену, представленную бронебойными адскими коллективами типа Moonblood и иже с ним. - В отличие от мелодик блэка и всевозможного дарк металла, которого в Германии было и есть много, которых часто по модному называли блэком.

Old Pagan - это самый настоящий блэк, дестройный, инфернальный, с претензией на послания из АДА. Это и олд скул блэк метал, и просто блэк метал, который жил себе не тужил 20 с лих.ром лет (в сырых подвалах(?), ага щас там) в своей собственной труйной лакуне на метал-сцене Германии, выступал на концертах. Это были, конечно, специальные концерты и специальная аудитория. Так что... - все путем.

Надо также сразу подсказать, что не стоит отталкиваться от названия, Old Pagan - не язычники, а более поклонники темных и темнейших культов. На диске работают два архиопасных и сверхталантливых человека, которые и врубают весь инструментал плюс вокалы. А вот когда ансамбль взбирается на сцену, тогда он чертовски чудесным образом вырастает до шести голов музыкантского состава.

Более 40 минут предлагаемого труйного блэка — это черный малоограненный брильянт германского происхождения, который зиждется на оскале гитарного безумия, риффах, которые словно камни падают с небес, сооружая занятную угольную стену. Риффаж строится на простой и убойной схеме, где сразу узнается темная антимысль, антимузыка, да и попросту расстрельный приговор. Ритм-секция бесится здесь знатно, описывая агонию множества существ. И вокал будет часто выступать в роли колючей проволоки, смотанной клубком и венчающей этот пароксизм ярости. В некоторых приметных местах это рев бешеного берсерка, а в других — шипение мудрого, но ядовитого змея. Все вместе - это real black metal.

Этот смертоносный посев знатно колосится к концу компакта, давая кой-какое представление о настоящем черном искусстве ( в отличение от мелодических штучек - дрючек). В финале с дорожек этого компакта до нас будет доноситься апокалиптический кавер Secrets Of The Moon (практически ровесников по рождению группы) с траком "Leichengott". Конечно же, скажу, что в разных создаваемых траках гитарист к своему двоичному коду будет добавлять пару - другую цифр, как истинный музыкант волнуя и нервную систему метальной общественности, так и секретариат Хеллканцелярии, куда несомненно доносятся все таковые звуки, а по воскресеньям играет вне графика группа Деициде.

Может кто-то подумает, что для такого урагана не нужно толковой студии. Этот кто-то неправ. Студия нужна всегда, и если (как здесь) звукач прекрасно ориентируется в предмете, то его ценность, как специалиста возрастает по экспоненте.

Великолепный шанс СНГовским металлюгам заполучить черную германскую железную шайбу, тем более в исполнении настоящих патриархов сцены. Солидное пополнение коллекции для законченных)) ценителей блэка.

(Гм-гм, а кто-то думал, что думал, что БМ умер. Сначала научитесь думать).

Добавлю, что диск произведен и выставлен на всеобщее обозрение совместно с немецкой конторой Narbentage Produktionen, которая безусловно знает толк в предмете.