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Совместный релиз Satanath Records с Death Portal Studio: новый альбом "Blackness Unfolds" от бельгийской black/death metal-группы Zardens выходит 18 апреля! / Co-release Satanath Records with Death Portal Studio: new album "Blackness Unfolds" of belgian black/death metal band ZARDENS out on April 18th!

Active on the belgian [Liege] metal scene since 1996 with Moribund (black metal) and later Ex Delirium (thrash metal), Warnacht created ZARDENS in 2008 with the desire to offer a blackened death metal representing a synthesis of his old school metal influences, mainly scandinavian bands of the 90s. The band released its first album, ''Breeding The Dark'', in February 2012 and had the privilege of playing with the veterans of american death metal band Immolation during their ''Summer Invasion Tour''. Zardens recorded his second album, ''Blackness Unfolds ', in May 2013 but the other three members left the band soon after. During the summer of 2014, Dimitri (bass) and Morholt (vocals) joined Zardens. A few months later, Kevin (drummer of the Belgian bands Aktarum, Cocyte and Marrow of Kaladrius) completed the team. Motivated and united, the new line-up wants to give a fresh boost to the band.

Состав / Line-up:

Warnacht - guitars (lead)
Morholt - vocals
Flocky - guitars (rhythm)
Dimitri - bass
Kevin - drums

‘’Blackness Unfolds’’ offers a completed job, with songs both aggressive and melodic and with effective and catchy riffs. Powerful mix of extreme music, bringing in influences from Black Metal, Death Metal and Thrash Metal especially from scandinavian bands of the 90s, blending them into a unique tone.

Трэк-лист / Track-list:

01. Battle Rite
02. The Berserker
03. Reborn
04. Afterlife
05. Slave To The Moon
06. Empty Skies
07. Lifeblood
08. Days Of Doom
09. Among The Dead
10. Sadness

Длительность / Length - 41:44

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Каталожный номер / Catalog number:

SAT104 | DPS002

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