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Совместный релиз Satanath Records с Vacula Productions: переиздание альбома "Ancient Mysteries Unveiled" от бразильской black metal группы Opus Inferii выходит 16 апреля! / Co-release Satanath Records with Vacula Productions: re-issue of album "Ancient Mysteries Unveiled" of brazilian black metal band OPUS INFERII out on April 16th!

2011-the year when Opus Inferii turns the first band of their city to release a official CD "Ancient Mysteries Unveiled", a total explanation of the sound, lyrics and artwork dreamed by Vintras during all this years. Displaying a strong, technical, darkeyned and lugubrious music; lyrics more empyric based on hermetic and occult things, such as the existence of another ones on the universe and erase any jewish/christian concepts from the ideology of the band, Vintras explore a mysterious and forbiden ideas on these lyrics, sharing with the Opus Inferii's followers his ideology, concepts and revealing a new dimension of Black Metal without any space to biblical legends. Hymns like "Unveiled", "The Hecate's Veil" and "Enslaving HumanKind" was based on Vintras's dreams, illusions and supernatural perceptions obtained on his studies of Occultism and transcendental travels: a dream where Luzbel displays to him all reigns of world on the rooftop of a destroyed build on a apocaliptycal world; a nightmare where Vintras's ancestors summon him to a decrepit, horrible and mysterious burial of a unknown woman and a dream that follows him during all his life - apocaliptyc world where he wander alone among the ruins of a destroyed world, plunged on dark clouds, where noone survives and no stone still upon stones.

Nowadays, after Vintras arrival in Curitiba, in deal with Senhor da Morte they resume the band in 2015 to restart the work interrupted in 2012 and after the entrance of Tarithimas (ex-Camos, ex-Aqueronte) on bass and Demogorgom (ex-Camos and mastermind of Supremacy of Evil) on guitar, the band return to studios en stages, with the mission of restore old musics for all releases since the beginning of the band and that songs will be reestructured to live perfomance soon. So, enjoy mystical atmosphere, share transcendental travels and try to rest in peace after enter on Orbis Inferii...
Record’s line up: Vintras - Vocals, Teethgrinder - Guitars and Bass, Seldrack LK (Wisdom horde Paraguay) - Drums [recorded at Hay Hielo Studios in Paraguay]. Artwork by Vintras &IcoNox Signs. Recorded at Evil Prevail Records during March/September 2011. Produced by Brucy Bertholi.


01. Transcendental Gate
02. Unveiled
03. Irreversible Fall Ov God
04. The Hecate's Veil
05. Lumen Luzbel Obscurantii Satanae
06. Nephilin’s Arrival
07. Enslaving Humankind
08. They Unknown What Pain Is
09. Enlightenment
10. Anoint Of Suicide

Length - 47:59

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VP 030 | SAT103

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