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Interview for Fémforgács


Interview for Femforgacs

Новое интервью для портала Fémforgács! / New interview for Fémforgács webzine!

Исходная версия на венгерском здесь. / Original version on Hungarian here.

Aleksey Korolyov is a machine. A horrible dreaded monster with the publishers. I've been planning to pull out a couple of things for a long time, as there is not much to find out about his different profiles. In addition to the release, he also runs bands that he has been humiliating in the background. Here is how to read the gossip of St Petersburg's guru, which is published by the band of hundreds of bands, and now with a well-matched promotional machine...

1. Please tell to us something about the start! As I noticed you started with CD-Rs as te other labels as usual.

Hello to all! Label was founded in 2012. Back in that time I had an ambient project with the same name - Satanath (founded in 2011). Also I had another project that was more close to metal - Abigorum. One day my belarusian mate (R.W.) asked me to print cover art for his band because he knew my profession is typographer (but I worked on other job). I printed the cover art for him and thought "Oh, it's so easy, I can print something myself". That was the moment when I decided to start a label. At the beginning I wanted to release only my own and my friends music, as most of the new labels. I printed my first demo and then a few other releases. Need to notice that I began printing from the CD-R editions from time to time printing CDs until the end of 2013, then since 2014 - CDs only. Now is two persons behind the label - me (boss) and my wife (Evgeniya Abramyan "Jane Orpheus"). We have two sub-labels: first is DeadDogSkull & HeilHellProductions which now is separated from us and operate from Lithuania (focused on non-metal releases) and second one is Symbol Of Domination Prod. (founded by RW from Belarus in 2013) and actively releasing many CDs now also focused on non-metal releases. Also we have label-partner GrimmDistribution (founded by the same mate from Belarus in 2011).

2. The Satanath as band existed earlier than label. Is there any news from that project? What is the role of yours in the Satanath project?

Yes, this project formed in 2011 as a forerunner of the label, there is a lot of ambient music, which is composed in the programm is not made for this, on it wrote music in different styles. There some various albums, last "Your Personal Copy" out this October 2017. As usual, the style is experimental, it is not the same throughout the whole length of the album - from monotonous ambient paintings to rhythmic electronic tracks, but the basis, as always, is dark and cosmic. If compare the sound with previous works, then it is closer to the songs from the split with Hulduefni, I Am Esper and Paleozoic "Aliens VS Dinosaurs" (2015) than to "Deep Universe Vacuum" (2014)... As before, the names of all the songs are invented in a complex language from the world of the universe, where Satanath came from. The booklet is made in the form of a questionnaire-coloring. The idea of this design is the uniqueness of each copy, which its lucky owner will be able to colorize to its taste with pencils or felt-tip pens. The limited edition of 500 pieces is numbered and signed personally by the musician. Honestly i don't know how many fans have this project, i doing only for myself. I try to make my 2nd project Abigorum with more cool music, with metal sound, not just ambient.

3. What is the difference between Satanath, Symbol of Domination and GrimmDistribution?

Satanath Records - black metal bands, satanic death metal, and all bands that i like, extreme or avant-garde... / Symbol Of Domination - for bands that don't want to be "satanic" or they have other genre, not like Satanath Records main bands (for SODP more atmospheric or symphonic)... / GrimmDistribution - not our sub-label, independent label (even with our big support), they release anything they want! Many underground or extreme music...

4. The three labels have 302 releases in total. How much time does it take to manage the labels?

Exactly 311 now - 186 releases on Satanath Records, 104 on Symbol Of Domination and 21 on GrimmDistribution. I have big music taste, i like all metal genres, even non-metal. It have negative sides of course (because we can't be "trve black metal kvlt label" or "label for old school death metal bands only", and someone can say "hey, they released power metal yesterday, doom metal today, and what tomorrow, metalcore? i am black metal guy and don't want to be in roster with power metal bands" etc), but it have positive sides (we cover all metal music industry, have more fans around the world... Metal music on planet isn't very popular genre, so it's like friendly family for us, and all metal genres welcome in our label). It takes many time. When you start label you never receive big money in the first 3-4 years, and it's only if you will hard work on it. We opened in 2012, but some really big sales started only in end of 2014. Depends of many reasons, but it's hard to be like Nuclear Blast without 1,000,000 dollars, some bands don't understand this, they requsted many money for best studios, tours around the world, personal airplane (joke). I work honestly and do all that i can now. It's my personal feelings. It's honor for me to work with guys that i personal respect and listen.

5. Do you have any hobbies between the labels?

Many. Books. I love ride bicycle, or to run (not on stadium, just on the streets). I had great cat that died in december 2017, my black lady... Also for example, my wife showed me 2 anime last months - Death Note and Bleach. I never saw anime before, but this 2 serials are not bad! Many hobbies, difficult to remember... But honestly all this things are secondary, main mission in my life on this planet - press CDs like machine, as many as possible!!!

6. You use to issue albums mainly as co-release. How many labels were your partner until now?

We're open for co-releases with other labels, because we save some money and can release many CDs. All the money goes straight to fund new releases and keep the work of the label up, not to the iPhones and cars. Of course we have a very productive collaboration - the more people involved into CD - the more CD will be spread worldwide. Mostly I print everything here in Russia because price here is not that high as in Europe with the same good quality. So many labels from various countries work with us, and this partnership is very productive, more promotion and distribution, and all labels and bands are very happy in the end! Satanath Records like a virus, our evil production should be in every place of Earth. Honestly, i don't knew, how many labels co-released with us, but i checked my site now, and here all 80 that worked with us as co-release partners: Possession Productions (Belarus), Abstruse Eerie Radiance (Belgium), Sphera Noctis Records (Brazil), Nyarlathotep Records (Brazil), Acclaim Records (Bulgaria), Thanatology Productions (China), Tribulacion Productions (Colombia), Rebellious Records (Colombia), DirtyEar (Colombia), Cavan Records (Costa Rica), Spiritismo Rekords (Costa Rica), Musica Hibrida (Ecuador), Morbid Skull Records (El Salvador), Hexenreich Records (Estonia), United By Chaos (Finland), Le Crépuscule Du Soir Productions [R.I.P.?] (France), Ira Militias Productions (France), Hass Weg Productions (France), Obscure Abhorrence Productions (Germany), Rebirth The Metal Productions (Germany), Schattenkult Produktionen (Germany), Narbentage Produktionen (Germany), Kristallblut Records (Germany), Final Gate Records (Germany), Metal Throne Productions (Greece), NGC Prod. (Hungary), Metal Masala (India), The Eastern Front (Israel), MurdHer Records (Italy), Lupus Niger Prod. And Distro (Italy), Ira Aeterna (Italy), Amputated Vein Records (Japan), Narcoleptica Prod. (Kazakhstan), Darzamadicus Records (Macedonia), Suicide Nihilist Records (Mexico), Caligo Arcanum Productions (Mexico), Craneo Negro Records (Mexico), Divenia Music (Mexico), The Ritual Productions (Netherlands), Evil's Records (Panama), Helldprod (Portugal), Arcana Noctis (Romania), Dark East Productions (Russia), Nihil Art Records (Russia), Niberu Records (Russia), Desert Of Death (Russia), NitroAtmosfericum Records (Russia), Silent Time Noise Records (Russia), Wings Of Destruction (Russia), Darknagar Records (Russia), Heretic Records (Russia), Grotesque Sounds Productions (Russia), Metal Of Crypt (Russia), Yar' Productions (Russia), More Hate Productions (Russia), Frozen Light (Russia), Metal Race (Russia), Morbid Shrine Productions (Spain), Base Record Production (Spain), Black Lion Productions (Sweden), Fila Sophiae (Sweden), Asgard Hass Productions (Switzerland), Hell Productions (Thailand), Underground Resistance Records (Turkey), Envenomed Music (Ukraine), Vacula Productions (Ukraine), Wolfshade Records (Ukraine), Butcher Entertainment (Ukraine), Todestrieb Distro (United Kingdom), Cold Raw Records (United Kingdom), Sevared Records (USA), Metallic Media (USA), Pagan Flames (USA), Black Plague Records (USA), Death Portal Studio (USA), Prison Tatt Records [R.I.P.] (USA), Deathgasm Records (USA), Cimmerian Shade Recordings (USA), Vae Victus Productions (USA), Slaughterhouse Records (USA).

7. Do you plan to issue LPs and cassettes?

Really, i want to start release vinyl, hope that soon! And maybe will be not many bands as early, we gave a chance to many new young talented groups, now we want to make efforts to very serious projects. Not sure about tapes. Our main format - jewel case CD. Also i personally don't love digipak format, but released some albums too.

8. What do you think about the Russian metal scene?

Russian metal not like world or even European. Here was their special way of rock music in USSR, isolated scene. So metal is not very popular here, many guys can't play or don't know how to do good mastering e.t.c. Other culture. But last years with internet, things looks more better! We haven't big metal names. Of course, i don't listen mainstream metal or "Russian folk metal" (major bands with stupid lyrics), but anyway our country not famous in metal. I hope that soon it will be changed!

9. The digital downloads and the stream sites killed the CD, tape and vinyl industry. What is the future?

Let's imagine, may be in internet. You're unit # 1231313131313, i am unit # 432424242424. All people will have wi-fi and iphone in heads, all will be bad for "old skull" guys. It's progress! Humanity always will find some new ways and forms, but always will be people that love physical format, and they will save our work and memory about us in this CDs after thousands years. And yes, at nowadays is even like some kind of a 'fashion' to make himself individual by living in the old school way and resist digitalization. But I'd rather find here an golden mean. Future. In near future, I see myself as a famous boss of label, sipping a martini on the beach. Or contrary, in a Russian prison, if some fanatics tell the authorities that we're satanists and don't love religion or politics of our crazy government (here medieval practices in the trend). It's dangerous to live here, but it's attractive to me. Living in the West is too easy and reliable. I will make my way through difficulties.

10. Do you listen other musics too or only the metal?

Many. Main bands - Death, Autopsy, Obituary, Pestilence, Atheist, Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Vital Remains, Bolt Thrower, Nile, Immolation, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Judas Iscariot, Burzum, Satyricon, Immortal, Darkspace, Striborg, Candlemass, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Slayer, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, e.t.c. Standard set. I love many genres, even jazz and blues. Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Rainbow... Darkwave - Dead Can Dance, Dargaard... Even some popular music. But lovely style always - old school death metal. Check out my old last.fm for example - last.fm/user/satanath

11. What do you do in your civil life if I could ask it?

Now I'm a kind of engineer, but with special features of the job.

12. Had anybody ever seen your eyes? :-D

OK, attached 2 new photos with my wife, i am without black glasses. I just don't love publicity, don't need to publish my face. But you can see it in booklets of Satanath or Abigorum releases ;) Thanks for interview, I rarely talk about my life. I'll go back to my cave from boxes and disсs. Darkest Regards!