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Совместный релиз Satanath Records с Darzamadicus Records: новый альбом "Dekatherion: Ten Years Of Hate & Pride" от венесуэльской black/death metal группы Funebria выходит 29 августа! / Co-release Satanath Records with Darzamadicus Records: new album "Dekatherion: Ten Years Of Hate & Pride" of venezuelan death/black metal band FUNEBRIA out on August 29th!

FUNEBRIA is the name of a rare manuscript named “Carmina Funebria in Obitum Clarissimi” a of influences in opus "Cantiones Profanae", and a fascination for funeral procession's. Founded in 2004 in Venezuela making good reference into the Venezuelan black metal. FUNEBRIA started following the path of a pure old school Metal simplified into a demo named "MANIFIESTO AL ESCLAVO". The band become the exploration of new influences and new lyrical horizons and this is enshrined in "Holocausto Impio en el Desierto de Golgota" (2007) & "In Dominus Blasfemical Est, Ad noctum Sathania" (2008), destructive verses inmersed into chaotic riffs. "Two Headed Beast" (2013) split provoke a rotund collision in the national scene, mature sounds & lyrics for a total disaster album. And now “DEKATHERION” - 10 tracks to proclaim 10 years of hate and pride spreading the plague over your minds with respect and autonomy.


Seth Aum Xul - Vocals
Daemonae - Guitars
Iblis - Bass
Ed Thorn - Drums

Dekatherion is different from old releases by the powerful sound (execution and sound) in collaboration with Markos Mejias (Blood Work, Trauma, Odio) and DAE Home Studio - predominant lyrical ranging from invocations, philosophy, grimoires and total Macrocosmic devotion, reflected in the art of the album, painted by the Venezuelan artist John Quevedo Janssens. In celebration of 10 years, 10 cursed hyms for you.

"Let my servants be few & secret: they shall rule the many & the known”...
(E.A. Crowley)


01. Intro
02. Consolamentum
03. Serpent Sign
04. Whores Of Babylon
05. Nihilist Revelation
06. Divide & Conquer
07. Aeon Of Tyranny
08. Azag (The Crown Of Void)
09. Cult Of Cosmic Destruction
10. Tormento [bonus track]

Length - 42:51

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SAT129 | DR 021 CD

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