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Совместный релиз Satanath Records и Musica Hibrida: новый альбом "Leprocomio" эквадорской death metal группы Epidemia выходит 15 мая! / Co-release Satanath Records with Musica Hibrida: new album "Leprocomio" of Ecuadorian death metal band Epidemia out on May, 15th!

Epidemia, Quito death metal band created in September 2003 by Adrian Salazar (vocals), Christian Naranjo (guitar), Jean Paul Sanafria (guitar), Daniel Villarreal (drums) and Edison Avellaneda (bass). In that year the band recorded a promotional demo called Decadente Humanidad and participated in a lot of concerts in the country. In 2005 Epidemia recorded his first album called "Mutilador de cuerpos" which had seven tracks, an intro and outro, after recording, the band suffers the first change in their lineup, entering Daniel Murillo on bass. By then the band had already fame within the Ecuadorian undergound scene and had participated in almost all festivals of Ecuador, in 2007 the band promoted a single called Corpse Possesed, in August of the same year the band opened at Cannibal Corpse, since 2008 to 2009 the band kept playing regularly in the country being the opening band for Mortal Sin and Obituary, in 2010 the band recorded another single called Repulsive Existence and later that same year Epidemia comes out of Ecuador for the first time to Lima, Peru in a concert in which they were the opening for Monstrosity. In 2011 the band split due to differences between the members being Adrian Salazar and Daniel Villarreal as the only members of the original line-up, two years later the band returns with the following line up: Adrian Salazar (vocals), Daniel Villarreal (drums) Juan Carlos Cahuasqui (guitar), Roberto Amores (guitar) and Daniel Murillo (bass). In 2013 due to the return the band, it released two demo tapes the first one contain an essay of 2003 called Exterminio with tracks of homemade quality, with songs as Decadente Humanidad and rare criaturas, the second demo tape is titled Corpse Possesed comprises two themes of studio quality and live tracks from the concert in Peru with Monstruosity, in 2014 the band had sporadic appearances, one was in the Devourement concert. In April 2015, the band record what will be their second album, which will be called "Leprocomio", a fully professional quality recorded in Rotten Bowels Records (Ecuador), mixed and masterized at Bravesound Studios (Mexico) and cover design by Sidjimbe Art (Indonesia).

Cостав / Line-up:

Adrian Salazar - vocals
Juan Carlos Cahuasqui - guitar
Roberto Amores - guitar
Daniel Murillo - bass
Daniel Villarreal - drums

The album has eight tracks and this duration is 36 minutes. The greatest weapon of the "Leprocomio", is to have on the table. The past and present of death metal to create visceral and brutal music! With this production the band affirms its commitment to honest and unpretentious extreme music.

Трек-лист / Track-list:

01. Leprocomio
02. Retribución Homicida
03. Redención Del Engendro
04. Miseria Introspectiva
05. Agonistes En El Inframundo
06. Cadáveres Poseídos
07. Necroticismo
08. Existencia Repulsiva

Длительность / Length - 35:29

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Каталожный номер / Catalog number:

SAT147 | HMR018

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