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Релиз от нашего лейбла-партнёра GrimmDistribution: новый альбом "The Abyss Noir" греческой heavy/progressive metal группы Disharmony ‎выходит 20 апреля! / Release by our label-partner GrimmDistribution: new album "The Abyss Noir" of Greek heavy/progressive metal band Disharmony ‎out on April 20th, 2017!

DISHARMONY is metal band from Athens which loves to combine various music influeces, following no "musts". Back in early past, the band has released its debut CD titled "SHADES OF INSANITY" (2014, Noisehead Records) - which has gained a serious number of "good" to "superb" reviews all over the world - while has opened for bands like the legendary SANCTUARY and ARCH ENEMY in Greece and Cyprus, and played in a lot of festivals/gigs. Right now, the band is releasing its second CD, titled "THE ABYSS NOIR" (2017, GrimmDistribution) and getting ready to promote it by performing live as much as possible, while, on the other hand, is already working on the "ABYSS NOIR" successor.

Состав / Line-up:

Christos Kounelis - vocal
John Karousiotis - guitar
Stefanos Georgitsopoulos - guitar
Panagiotis Gatsopoulos - bass
Thanos Pappas - drums

A canvas of emotions, art, power, rawness and melodies could be a small synopsis of what "THE ABYSS NOIR" is all about. It also contains a newly mixed cover of Metallica's "Disposable Heroes" as a bonus track, which was also part of the Metal Hammer (magazine) tribute CD to the 30th ann/ry of "Master Of Puppets" album. The album was mixed and engineered by DISHARMONY and mastered by Giannis Fasoulakis at Uprising studios. Matthew Dakoutros (violin) of the Athenian progsters ART OF SIMPLICITY has got a (wonderful) guest appearance at the ending track, "A Song For A Friend". The front cover was designed by Andreas Zafiratos, who's already designed for DISHARMONY in the past, while the layout/booklet art was made by Konstantinos Tzalalis.

Трек-лист / Track-list:

01. The Abyss Noir
02. Vain Messiah
03. Delirium
04. This Caravan
05. Disposable Heroes (Metallica cover)
06. A Song For A Friend

Длительность / Length - 35:14

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