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Совместный релиз Satanath Records с Morbid Shrine Productions: новый альбом "Christeos Chaos" от испанской black metal группы Chains Ov Beleth выходит 11 мая! / Co-release Satanath Records with Morbid Shrine Productions: new album "Christeos Chaos" of spanish black metal band CHAINS OV BELETH out on May 11th!

CHAINS OV BELETH was created in 2005 by Heolstor. With this musical project, he wished to explore the darkest side of human soul, he wanted to create a special atmosphere, a context to perform the rituals and the sorceries which are necessary to contact the beings of the astral plane. The songs are anthems to the darkness in this world, the humanless beauty reflected in every nocturnal landscape and in the inner landscapes of the human being. As a one mand band, there are no rehearsals and everything comes directly from one mind, without the intervention of anybody else. A demo was recorded during winter 2005, entitled “Walking the path of revelations” which was released on may 2007 by the german label Splendour Prod. on tape format. After some time working on his other bands, in 2008 Heolstor was finally capable of focusing again on CoB, and thus “Katabasis” (which is a greek word that refers to a trip to the underworld) came to life. The music has changed a lot since that first demo, becoming darker and faster, but the spirit behind it is the same. For this new release the band asked the infamous Namtaru Creations (Gorgoroth, Arckanum, Den Saakaldte, and many more) for the design of a new logo and the artwork for the CD. This album was released under the russian label From The Dark Past on casette, limited to 111 copies. The band has since then been working on maturing its sounds, and although several new songs have been produced and recorded, none of them are available yet. The band is presently working on a new full album, to be release sometime this year. New album is pure and dark Occult Black Metal, in the vein of the mid era of Deathspell Omega.

Состав / Line-up:

Heolstor - All instruments, vocals

Трэк-лист / Track-list:

01. Black Wings Spread Wide
02. Breath Of Disease
03. Spirit Of Guidance - Darkness Eternal
04. The Coryphaeus
05. Thrice Named, Thrice Cursed
06. Thus Perish The Defeated
07. Christeos Chaos
08. Transcending

Длительность / Length - 49:52

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Каталожный номер / Catalog number:

MSP014 | SAT116

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