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Совместный релиз Symbol Of Domination и More Hate Productions: новый альбом "Endless Fear" сирийской atmospheric black metal/ambient группы Autumnwind выходит 20 мая! / Co-release by Satanath Records' sub-label Symbol Of Domination with More Hate Productions: new album "Endless Fear" of Syrian atmospheric black metal/ambient band Autumnwind is out on May 20th, 2018!

После трёх лет ожидания сирийская atmospheric black metal группа Autumnwind возвращается с третьим альбомом «Endless Fear» в качестве инструментального релиза, чтобы смоделировать историю ужасающих панических атак, которые затуманили разум основателя проекта, Abdulrahman Abu Lail, летом 2017 года. Из глубины ужаса и паники полотно «Endless Fear» родилось, чтобы рассказать историю боли и варварских мыслей, написанных на страницах музыкальных инструментов, рассказ о 5-песенном альбоме, который звучит в голове жертвы, страдающей от страха, который человек может себе только вообразить, страх перед собой и его мыслями. Для поклонников Lustre, Summoning, Agalloch, Elderwind и Shining. Сведение от Digivision Records (Беларусь). Артворк от Paint-It-Black Design.

Autumnwind is a solo project by the Syrian musician Abdulrahman Abu Lail. The band was formed in early 2014 to be a way of a Mind-Describing of its founder. After ingaging in many musical projects, bands, and Syrian regional festivals, Abdulrahman decided to start working on his own music to describe the he thinks, feels, and lives throughout his musical pages. Choosing the genre of Autumnwind was easy for him knowing the fact that he learnt and still learning music since he was a kid, and of course, his love of Black Metal music and its diversities.

Состав / Line-up:

Abdulrahman Abu Lail - everything

After 3 years of waiting, Syrian atmospheric black metal band Autumnwind is back again with the third album 'Endless Fear' as an instrumental release to simulate the story of the terrifying panic attacks that stroke the mind of its founder Abdulrahman Abu Lail in summer 2017. From the depths of horror and panic, 'Endless Fear' was born to tell a story of pain and barbarian thoughts written on musical instruments' pages, a story of a 5 songs album speaking throughout the mind of a victim who suffered the worst fear that a man can imagine, the fear of himself and his thoughts. For fans of Lustre, Summoning, Agalloch, Elderwind and Shining. Mastered by Digivision Records (Belarus). Artwork by Paint-It-Black Design.

Трек-лист / Track-list:

01. The Panic Attack
02. The Hallucination
03. Lost And Alone
04. Forever Insomnia
05. Endless Fear

Длительность / Length - 31:26

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SODP110 | MHP 18-273

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