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Совместный релиз Symbol Of Domination и Lupus Niger Prod. And Distro: новый альбом ‎"Noht Lerapot" греческой black metal группы Athos выходит 18 сентября! / Co-release by Satanath Records' sub-label Symbol Of Domination with Lupus Niger Prod. And Distro: new album ‎"Noht Lerapot" of Greek black metal band Athos out on September 18th, 2016!

Athos is a Black Metal one-man band from South Hellas (Kalamata), created by Kerveros in 2003. Athos was the ancient Titan that according to the Hesiod’s Cosmogony during the Titan wars, took a huge rock and threw it against Poseidon. The rock missed its target and landed in the third foot of Chalcidice province. The mountain from that impact created took the name of the titan known as Mountain Athos. In the ancient times there were ancient temples most of them dedicated to Goddess Artemis. When Christians dominate the ancient lands they destroyed everything building their churches on the ruins of those ancient temples. In our days nothing is left alive to remind its true history and ancient glory even changing through years the name of the mountain from Athos to ‘’Agio Oros’’ (Saint Mountain). Athos songs talks about the forbidden knowledge/ history that was baptized as something to avoid …Something to be afraid of. As they had given their ''explain'' to all, they had found the never existed enemy… and they found all evil in one name …SATAN.

Состав / Line-up:

Kerveros - All Instruments, Vocals

NOHT LERAPOT is in reverse Greek and means ‘’THE PAST’’ (TO PARELTHON). All lyrics (except 2 songs that one has some English and one is in Greek) are in reverse Greek. The main idea for doing this is because the album concept is about the destructions caused by Christians (destroying statues/temples) trying to terminate the ancient world. In Greece that part of history and about how Christianity ruled, belongs to the lost pages of our history. Some statues and some historical events though are a big proves that Christianity did a lot of crimes. Some of their crimes are mirrored on the broken faces of the ancient statues with most of them having the stigma of vandalism on them, the Christian Cross. As we are staring a broken ancient statue in a museum, a truth and a lost meaning is revealed in front of our own eyes. A truth that is in front of us but we can’t understand. In order to understand that truth we have to go backwards and that’s where the reverse lyrics go with the concept. The lyrics have no meaning if you read them in regular way. The fact is that the meaning is in front of you as it is written there. So all you have to do is to read it backwards in order to understand. The same goes with a broken statue in order to understand we have to look backwards and backwards means to look our history understanding that not all we have learned are true. This is the concept of the album.

Info about songs:

  • E Uevserp Elot Sopael Uapeiga (Instrumental) - This is the intro where you can hear christians breaking statues. The title means "Saint Paul Guide Us" and it is an anthem from the christian church about this. 
  • Enaht Ep Iesp Etsip - This is the second track and first song of the album meaning "Believe or die".
  • E Topek Ihtop Iened Uop A Irot Sii - The 3d track meaning "The Story Never Told".
  • Io Livev Io Sake - The 4th track meaning something like "Hail to those who vandalize".
  • Noht Lerapot (Siesk Atiok Aniep Erpaieht Ilanit Siervan Aig) - 5th track and also the one has English lyrics in it. The title means "In order to find the truth you have to search backwards". This song has on purpose English lyrics because are used keywords in order to reveal the way to understand the lyrics.
  • Samset Hats Sitop Aasem - 6th track meaning "From inside our ashes".
  • Uoeht Uoiar Veson E Amonot Sie - 7th track meaning "In the name of a jewish god".
  • Anap Uotif Ort Sipei - 8th and last track meaning "The return of PAN". This is the track that is in Greek (not reversed).

Трек-лист / Track-list:

01. E Uevserp Elot Sopael Uapeiga (Intro)
02. Enaht Ep Iesp Etsip
03. E Topek Ihtop Iened Uop A Irot Sii
04. Io Livev Io Sake
05. Noht Lerapot (Siesk Atiok Aniep Erpaieht Ilanit Siervan Aig)
06. Samset Hats Sitop Aasem
07. Uoeht Uoiar Veson E Amonot Sie
08. Anap Uotif Ort Sipei

Длительность / Length - 39:35

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SODP074 | LNPD08

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