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Abigorum began as the solo project of Russian musician Aleksey Korolyov, who is also the owner of Satanath Records. Operating on his own, and drawing upon traditions of doom, black metal, and dark ambient music, he recorded a sequence of releases that included a collaboration with Cryostasium (2016’s Unholy Ghost Liturgy) and a split with Striborg (2018’s Spectral Shadows). After that he expanded the line-up of Abigorum with the addition of two German musicians — guitarist/vocalist Tino Thiele (from Wulfgar and Metamorph) and bassist Sandra Batsch — and together they completed a 2019 debut album named Exaltatus Mechanism.


Ms. Batsch subsequently departed, and now the remaining duo of Korolyov and Thiele have recorded a new Abigorum album named Vergessene Stille that’s set for release by a consortium of labels on April 13th. Today we present the premiere of its first advance track, “Erhebt eure mit Blut gefüllten Hörner“, which manages to create an experience that’s both hypnotizing and nightmarish, both hauntingly seductive and terrorizing.


These seemingly conflicting sensations derive from a multitude of sources as the song morphs over the course of its 11+ minutes. Introduced by a flickering rhythmic pulse overlaid by shimmering synths and wraithlike wails, the song unfolds into a slow and stately drum beat and a combination of grim abrasive chords, swaths of sweeping celestial sheen, and throat-scarring shrieks. Deep, dismal sensations maneuver through the low end, and the music becomes more fraught with sensations of menace and dread. The vocals remain frightening in their intensity, straddling a line between fury and wretchedness and lending elements of violence and poison to the ominous eminence that shrouds this midnight-dark song.


Glimmering arpeggios ring out in grief-stricken yet mesmerizing fashion and the bass emits funereal moans. The experience is segmented by haunting strummed chords, and after each such moment the music undergoes changes, including a shift into eerie, hallucinatory realms that seem both vaporous and laden with peril. As the rhythm shifts into a lurching cadence, the synths soar again, radiating a cold, alien light, and the guitar reverberates in tones both chilling and beckoning. At the end, creepy bubbling vibrations provide an unnerving finale.


If Google Translate is to be trusted, the title of the song translates to “lift up your horns filled with blood”. The album as a whole, we’re told, is “about death, about ridiculing human prejudices, about people who live and enjoy this life, but do not understand that they are only slaves”. It is accompanied by striking cover art created by Luciana Nedelea.




Epic blackened doom project Abigorum spawned in 2012 by Aleksey Korolyov (drums and keys). After several releases and expanding to a trio in 2019, Abigorum is now a duo after the departure of Sandra Batsch. On their upcoming record Vergessene Stille, Tino “Fluch” Thiele provides guitars, bass, vocals, and wrote the lyrics. For this release the band decided to write entirely in German. If you’re familiar with Korolyov’s label Satanath Records, you know there’s some devilish nastiness in store on this album. Satanath is co-releasing this record with Duplicate Records and Black Blood Records, with a cassette release also from Void Wanderer Productions. Vergessene Stille will be released on April 13th.


Following a clang of distortion and a cymbal crash, “Der geheimnisvolle Käfig” begins its hypnotic crunch. Despite being 9 minutes long, the song has an entrancing allure. Abigorum adorn the song’s steady blackened pulse with frigid melodies summoned from the void. Meanwhile, Thiele snarls over the simmering track with a venomous delivery. The stunning artwork by Luciana Nedelea nails the album’s sound. This song feels like a plague of vampire bats and apocalyptic clouds blocking the sun. The lyric video for the new single might alienate those who don’t speak German. Luckily, we have the commonality of heavy music to enjoy the video anyway. Join Abigorum and crack open hell’s gates by pressing play.




Five songs across the span of forty minutes. Again. I cannot claim that I still don’t dread such records, even though I’ve come across a couple of them recently that turned out to be more than decent. Some of them even killer. But I still feel the need to tread carefully around them. Such was the case with this duo comprised of individuals coming from Russia and Germany. So, commence “operation Barbarossa”.


As some formal introduction, it is important to note that this is Abigorum’s second full length album, and its release is spread across three different labels, meaning that “Vergessene Stille” will be out on every possible format. Ties to Satanath Records are obvious, since the owner of the label is one of the men responsible for this band. Genre-wise, the selection of Norway’s Duplicate Records comes in handy. As for Void Wanderer Productions, you have a chance to get to know them better through the interview on our pages, so no surprise there either.


But I digress.


What I’m dealing with here is atmospheric black metal, in case you didn’t figure it out already. Now, it is extremely important that you do not immediately associate Abigorum with heaps of depressive, primitive or overly ambient oriented hordes out there. While certain parallels might be drawn between them, the duo strays to an area scarcely explored. At least from my experience. Yes, their primary objective is to create cold and gloomy atmosphere. Also, they mostly rely on raw basics of Norwegian second wave black metal. However, that is where the similarities end. Fact is that Abigorum is able to compose and arrange their tracks in such a way to forget about any outside connotations. Quite frankly, I’m at a loss trying to come up with any comparable bands.


The music presented on “Vergessene Stille” is mostly slow, crawling around you like the morning fog. It is made up of raw guitars, atmospheric keyboards in the background and hellish screams in the front. However, specifically mesmerizing lead guitars often appear as a beacon of creativity. Keyboard shine through in a couple of instrumental interludes, appearing as more than simple ambient enhancement.


Still, I would like to mention the rhythm section as the key feature of the album. Somewhat unusual approach, especially to drum patterns, gives out a vibe of something more than your traditional atmospheric black metal. Funny, but focusing on them I got such a weird Sisters Of Mercy feel on a couple of tracks. Song titled “Zerbrechlicher kleiner Geist” is the best example. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the music that bears resemblance, but it is such a rhythmical lead that reminded me of the old goths. Another note with regards to the rhythm itself is that Abigorum, on occasion, even uses the guitar to accentuate the rhythm. That too adds to an already rich creative output this album offers.


In all regards, it seems to me that Abigorum succeeded in their intention. High level of creativity, very engaging atmospheric aura and a highly expressive cover artwork to round it all up. Perhaps not the best ever created, but a damn good album, nonetheless.




Duo composto dal batterista e tastierista russo Aleksey Korolyov (ex Taiga, anche boss della pubblicante Satanath Records) e dal tedesco Tino Thiele (boss della Ewig Records oltre che attivo con Metamorph, Wulfgar, Phreneticum e altre band/one man band), impegnato in un black dal sentore atmosferico, drammatico, con interessanti divagazioni doom. Abigorum fu un’idea di Aleksey, progetto originariamente solista con tendenze dark ambient, poi cresciuto fino ad essere un trio (nell’album di debutto c’era anche la bassista tedesca Sandra Batsch, recensione qui) ed ora finalmente assestatosi come duo, nel quale il tedesco è impegnato con chitarre, voce e testi, mentre il russo si occupa di batteria e quelle tastiere che hanno segnato la nascita dell’idea di base. “Vergessene Stille” è un disco suggestivo, intrigante, con un incedere che materializza un senso di mistero; sono solo cinque brani, ma quasi tutti molto corposi e perfetti per scandire questo ‘Silenzio dimenticato’, in quanto generalmente lenti, ricchi di teatralità ed atmosfera tetra. La lunghissima opener “Erhebt eure mit Blut gefüllten Hörner” spazia dal doom atmosferico al black lento esaltato da tastiere gloriose, linee di basso carnali, arpeggi mefitici e linee vocali laceranti. Più travolgente “Der geheimnisvolle Käfig”, traccia volutamente ossessiva e a tratti deliziosamente ipnotica, mentre la title track è uno strumentale che si erige su un black di matrice drone, industrial ed atmosferico, con un sentore cosmico dentro il quale trova vita quel silenzio psichedelico menzionato dal titolo dell’album. Poderosa “Zerbrechlicher kleiner Geist”, canzone che alterna atmosfere epiche ad un incedere cadenzato, marziale, sempre ricco di magnetismo… tanto che il cantato in tedesco non può non farmi venire in mente i mitici Lunar Aurora. La chiusura del disco viene affidata ad una breve divagazione (“Rast und Abschied”) con tendenze apocalittiche, tre minuti di rumori e suoni cosmici che amplificano quel senso di gelo siderale che si percepisce durante l’ascolto dell’intero lavoro, un album oscuro, lento, incisivo, sulfureo, astrale. Quaranta minuti di musica avvolgente, ricca di personalità anche se non vengono nascoste influenze storiche, Burzum tra tutti. “Vergessene Stille” offre melodie grandiose, regala molto spazio agli strumenti generando una nebbia mefitica che avvolge l’ascoltatore, trascinandolo negli inferi, annegandolo in quel mistico silenzio dimenticato.





Russia/Germany's  duo  Abigorum  have  returned  with  a  new  recording  which  continues  their  mixture  of  ambient,  black  and  doom  metal  from  their  previous  releases  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2021  album  "Vergessene  Stille"  which  will  be  released  in  April b y  Void  Wanderer  Productions.




  Ambient  style  keyboards  and  soundscapes  start  off  the  album  along  with  some  clean  playing  a  few  seconds  later  while  the  solos  and  leads  are  also  done  in  a  very  melodic  style.  Elements  of  doom  metal  can  also  be  heard  in  the  slower  sections  of  the  songs  while  all  of  the  musical  instruments  also  have  a  very  powerful  sound  to  them.




  Vocals  are  mostly  high  pitched  black  metal  screams  while  dark  sounding  melodies  are  also  added  into  some  of  the  guitar  riffing.  All  of  the  tracks  are  also  very  long  and  epic  in  length  along  with  the  music  also  having  its  atmospheric  moments  as  well  as  one  of  the  tracks  also  being  an  instrumental,  drones  can  also  be  heard  briefly  and  the  whole  album  also  sticks  to  mostly  a  slow  or  mid  tempo  direction. 




  On  this  recording  Abigorum  re main  true  to  the  mixture  of  ambient,  black  and  doom  metal  that  they  had  established  on  previous  releases.  The  production  sounds  very  raw  and  heavy  while  the  lyrics  cover  death,  ridiculing  human  prejudices  and  people  who  live  and  enjoy  this  life.




  In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  sounding  recording  from  Abigorum  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  ambient,  black  and  doom  metal,  you  should  check  out  this  cassette.




The Melodic Black Metal duo Abigorum have finished their second full-length album, Vergessene Stille.



The band is Aleksey Korolyov from Russia and Tino Thiele of Germany. Their previous album, Exaltatus Mechanism, came out in 2019 (with former bandmate Sandra Batsch in the mix). While the music contains many styles, the primary elements are Black Metal and Doom, tied together with ambient intentions.


There are five tracks on the album, four long pieces and a short wind-down at the end. The opener is “Erhebt eure mit Blut gefüllten Hörner” and it is the perfect example of the overarching trajectory of the music with its clear Black Metal persuasion casting about in the Doom and dread. “Der geheimnisvolle Käfig” has a more up-tempo, almost peppy opening segment, but it quickly takes a dark turn, showing you something menacing in the shadows before the bright-light distraction kicks back in. When it comes back, though, there is a demon in there. This song is sinister, and it is the one I remember most.


The title track leads Side 2, followed by “Zerbrechlicher kleiner Geist.” The former brings a maddening warbling drone that transforms into deep Doom and a weighty feeling of sorrow, while the latter has a more theatrical feel to it, painting dark images in penetrating tones. The final word is “Rast und Abschied.” At first it sounds like a storm rumbling up from the void, but then it turns into a curse, and maybe an unsettling prediction. Taken together, the music from Abigorum on this album is a unique and fluid combination of ideas expressed in a captivating theater. Recommended.



Vergessene Stille is out on April 13th in a variety of forms. Duplicate Records will release an LP version, Satanath Records and Black Blood Records will have CD versions, and Void Wanderer Productions is producing a cassette version. There is also always the digital download.



Multinational band Abigorum recently released their latest album "Vergessene Stille", and extreme metal is the genre explored here. This specific breed of the genre is dominated by majestic landscapes where guitar riffs are used more like textures, fairly often with keyboards of various kinds used to emphasize both depth and the majestic nature of the soundscapes explored. Pace range mainly from slow to midpaced, with a doom-laden tinge to many pf the passages. Twisted and distorted vocal shrieks dominate the vocal department. Every so often the band will incorporate gentler passages of a more ambient and atmospheric laden nature too, and the band's self description as ambient, doom and black metal seems appropriate. An album to spend some time with if this description sounds intriguing.





Kdo jste četli můj výplod k předchozímu albu ABIGORUM a někteří jej i možná vyposlechli, budete vědět, co jsou rusko / němečtí ABIGORUM zač. Chorobná, k posluchači zpočátku nepříliš vstřícná a hrubá symbióza black a doom metalu, kterou uvedli v život Alexej (šéf Satanath Records )  a Tino "Fluch" Thiele (TROND, Feuermann, Metamorph, Phreneticum, Wulfgar a další), vyvrhla dalšího zplozence pekel. Sám netuším, zdali je to tím, že mám za sebou martyrium proniknutí pod kůži minulému albu „Exaltatus Mechanism“ a pochopil jej, nebo přece jen došlo k jisté změně výrazu směrem k snadnější uchopitelnosti skladeb. Tak nebo tak, ABIGORUM mi nějak snadněji lezou do uší.


Ne, žádný strach, ABIGORUM nejsou písničkovou kapelou a pevně doufám, že nikdy v budoucnu nebudou. Pouze na mě s aktuálním albem působí méně uzavření do sebe, pro posluchače to už není taková krvepotná dřina přijít jim na chuť. Již to není ta neproniknutelná černota beznaděje a nejspodnější patro očistce, zapomeňte však na to, že to bude nějaká zívačka pro frekventanty základního kurzu, aby se hoši trochu protáhli – ABIGORUM  jsou stále cokoliv jiného, jen ne poslechově jednoduchým projektem. Nic na tom nemění ani zřetelnější struktura skladeb a lehký ústup od sžíravého depresivního minimalismu, který to všechno srovnal se zemí na „Exaltatus Mechanism“. „Vergessene Stille“ tak říkajíc mírně upravilo technologii, jak se dostat k pozůstatkům života, kterým se podařilo před předchozí zbraní ukrýt. „Vergessene Stille“ je větším dílem vyvrženec pekla, než temný a pochmurný přízrak všeobjímající zkázy, úspornější mluvou to je víc black než doom metal, vybavený sugestivní depresivní atmosférou, zděděnou po starším sourozenci. Pestřejší obsah „Vergessene Stille“ rozhodně prospívá, stejně tak jako variabilnější tempo skladeb, nezůstává jen u konstantního pohřebního, ultrapomalého tempa. V případě ABIGORUM to je zrychlení o přidání dvou turbodmychadel, i když se stále nikdo nikam nežene, skladby se pozvolna odvalují, maximálně se dostanou do pomalého středního rytmu. Rázem se k beznaději bez konce přidává pach spáleniny a sirných plynů, ABIGORUM s touhle deskou získávají výrazně zlomyslný rozměr – zdali tomu bylo podobně u starších nahrávek, to teď nedokážu posoudit, do tohoto temného proudu jsem naskočil teprve nedávno bez předchozího povědomí.


Pro mou osobu je aktuální podoba ABIGORUM daleko bližší, stále se drží konceptu kapely jako obtížně uchopitelného přízraku, který do své blízkosti nepustí jen tak někoho a zároveň se posouvá velmi zajímavým způsobem. Při vší úctě a respektu k jedinečné neuchopitelnosti „Exaltatus Mechanism", „Vergessene Stille“ souzní s mou osobní frekvencí podstatně silněji.




The Russian/German assault on Void Wanderer Productions has commenced. Void Wanderer Productions is going to release Abigorum's album 'Vergessene Stille'. Being Abigorum's second full length, the expectations are going to be high. The 2 year silence between 'Vergessene Stille' and Abigorum's previous release 'Exaltatus Mechanism' is, to say, a great time to expand, improve and learn from your previous record. 'Vergessene Stille' should be a banger by that standard then.


Being its first release as a 2-man group, Abigorum has always operated as a 1-man project until the project became a 3-person group with the first full length 'Exaltatus Mechanism' as result. Shortly after that release, the 3-person group became a 2-man group and since then the only release has been 'Vergessene Stille'. The 50+- minute full length is being released through Void Wanderer Productions on the 13th of April 2021.


Just by looking at the history of Abigorum, you can hear and say that this project is doing some weirder style of black metal. Not like Öxxö XööX weird but more of the experimental ambient style of black metal. There are some clean ambient guitars mixed with scary industrial elements that do hit the spot from time to time. Don't let this information scare you off because there are so many other elements mixed into the sound of Abigorum that make you want to listen to 'Vergessene Stille' over and over again. There are 3 songs on the record that are longer than 9 minutes in length. When I see those lengths on a not atmospheric black metal record I will be a bit afraid. Most of the bands that do that tend to go back to certain riffs/melodies that will reoccur too many times and that will spoil the fun. Abigorum doesn't do that. What they do are taking melodies that reoccur and give it a twist or add extra elements like double vocals.



There are a lot of mid-paced black metal riffs going on and for the fans of that type of black metal 'Vergessene Stille' is filled to the brim with those nasty riffs. They do go slower at certain points so don't expect that Abigorum is going full Dark Funeral at some moments during 'Vergessene Stille'. The title track 'Vergessene Stille' is the best example of ambient black metal I've heard in awhile. The sound of that track feels desolate and ruined. The transition towards the next track 'Zerbrechlicher Kleiner Geist' is just of pure class and draws you back into the mid-paced black metal.



That keeps the songs fresh and it does take some talent to do that correctly. That really pops out during the song 'Zerbrechlicher Kleiner Geist'. That song is probably the best song to encounter the full creativity of Thiele and Korolyov (Abigorum). 'Rast Und Abscheid' is without a doubt the scariest song on 'Vergessene Stille'. The ambient horror elements alongside the extremely raspy vocals of Thiele are just really scary.




To round it up, 'Vergessene Stille' is filled with cold ambient black metal and mid-paced black metal melodies. If that sounds interesting, you need to check out 'Vergessene Stille' by Abigorum through Void Wanderer Productions if you want the tape version of 'Vergessene Stille'.




Two man act Abigorum brings us their second full length album, Vergessene Stille, a hypnotic and morbid album that lures you into its trance with blacken psychedelic riffs and a very slow and steady pace.

This is a very unique album. While it incorporates a lot of styles from black metal, especially aesthetically with the guitar tones and primitive and evil guitar riffs, its main footing is set squarely in the doom metal genre. The guitars are fuzzy and create a very hazy and foggy atmosphere, along side the steady beat of the drum that is incredibly simple, but it doesn't need to be anything more than what it is. Its as heavy as it needs to be and has a great sound that blends in very well with the hazy atmosphere.


Most of the songs don't go past a mid-tempo, this isn't your fast paced blast beat style black metal, no sir. Boasting only five tracks and three of them are over nine-minutes, you'd be surprised by how much are packed in the tracks. While the riffs do repeat, they way they're written doesn't make it sound repetitive. If anything it adds a very hypnotic effect to it, almost blending in the background while at the same time making its self known to you. There are also these clean guitar parts that come up that add a very psychedelic effect to the songs. Its almost like psych-rock meets black metal.


The vocals are also very fitting. They're not very abundant on the album, you won't hear screaming all the way through, but the ones that are there are very well performed. Having a very bestial and ethereal effect to them. It reminds me a lot of early Horna.


Personally, I love these types of albums. Its charm is how distinct they are compared to other black/doom metal acts, and not only that, the very creative approach of genre mixing they did here is something that adds to its uniqueness. I highly recommend giving this a listen. Multiple if that, since if you're like me, you'll keep coming back to it.




…Ante tanto poder y grandeza, solo podía hacer una cosa: postrarme ante ella. Sin duda era la elegida, la que conseguiría traer de vuelta al hijo de Satán. De repente, el Señor del Averno apareció. Alzó su mano derecha y un único rayo de sol se posó en ella, para luego dirigirse a la hechicera. La tierra tembló, emergiendo de forma pausada un puñado de calaveras y huesos humanos. Éstos, comenzaron a levitar y de alguna manera a fusionarse. Después, la piel y órganos de la bruja se le fueron desprendiendo para unirse a ese montón de restos óseos hasta que el cuerpo del vástago del Lucero del Alba se completó por completo. No podía creer lo que acababa de ocurrir, había sido testigo del evento que cambiaría la vida de los mortales para siempre…

Bienvenidos al universo de Abigorum.


Abigorum, lanzaron gracias a Satanath Records, Duplicate Records, Black Blood Records y Void Wanderer Productions su segundo Larga Duración «Vergessene Stille» el pasado 13 de abril de 2021.



Al acabar el redondo, no me asaltó ni la más mínima duda de que el susodicho gustará a aquellos seguidores del Black Doom con inclusiones de carácter atmosférico. Las tonadas, extensas e hipnóticas resultan una oda a la agonía más extrema y prolongada que se pueda imaginar. Cierto es que, de forma completamente subjetiva, un servidor no casa mucho con cosas así, mas es imposible afirmar, ni tan siquiera insinuar que el dúo lo haga mal. La producción, como era de esperar ayuda a que la sensación de sonidos de ultratumba sea elevada a la máxima potencia. Por su lado, desde aquí tengo que felicitar al encargado del artwork. Madre del amor hermoso, si la portada no os resulta escalofriante, es que no sois humanos.




Nihilistas, obsesivos y macaros hasta decir basta son las seis cuerdas. No nos faltan las dobles armonías, las justas raciones de tintes pausados ni los escasos, aunque existentes embistes de tremolo picking.




Con las voces ni hay experimentación ni sobresaltos. El shriek es la única técnica vocal que hallaréis a lo largo y ancho del Elepé.


En la percusión, no existe ni el más mínimo rastro de celeridad. Lo que prima y manda con mano dura, son unos asfixiantes mid tempos.


En esta ocasión, no voy a destacar los temas que más me han gustado, sino precisamente los que menos. Las instrumentales ‘Vergessene Stille‘ y ‘Rast und Abschied‘ me han sobrado muchísimo. A pesar de ello, y en honor a la verdad, ciertamente ambas le dan un plus de ambientación viciada con hedor a cadáver difícilmente igualable al Larga Duración.




Queridos seguidores de Broken Tomb, si buscáis «ruido» radical tortuoso, poneos «Vergessene Stille».




2012-ben Szentpéterváron kezdte meg működését az Abigorum nevű black/doom projekt, amitől az ambient megoldások sem álltak távol. Ekkor még Aleksey Korolyov (Taiga) működtette a gépezetet, akihez hamarosan csatlakozott két német zenész, Tino Thiele (Feuermann, Metamorph, Wulfgar, Trond) és Sandra Batsch. Ez utóbbi már távozott is a csapatból, így a nemzetközivé vált formáció duóként muzsikál tovább, orosz gyökerei ellenére német nyelven… Hosszú ideje formálódik tehát ez a név és úgy érzem, talán most talált magára igazán. Hogy teljes képet kapjak, belehallgattam korábbi anyagaikba, vagyis Aleksey korábbi anyagaiba és eddig csak a csíráját találtam annak, ami a Vergessene Stille esetében úgy néz ki, igazán virágzásnak indult.


A mindössze 5 dalt tartalmazó lemez rendkívül sablonos, mondhatni tucat black/doom metal látszatát keltette bennem az első percekben: második hullámos black metal feltámasztva, újrajátszva, majd egyre jobban beszippantott, köszönhetően az olyan hangulatteremtő elemeknek, melyek jóval atmoszférikusabb irányba terelnek mindent, de azt sem a megszokott módokon.

Mivel megkapta a doom jelzőt is a végeredmény, így nagy darálásokra, apírtásokra ne számítsatok, ettől függetlenül gyakran kapunk meneteléseket és a lassú részek sem a tétlenséget és a teljes monotóniát támogatják. Kitűnő példa erre a nyitó monstrum, az Erhebt Eure Mit Blut Gefüllten Hörner. A valamivel 11 perc fölé kúszó tétel tehát meglehetősen sablonos módon kezdődik, karcos, nyers hangzással, a szoba túlsó végéből érkező rekedtes károgással, viszont amint beindulnak a hangszerek, teljesen magával tudja ragadni az embert. A torz külső alatt megjelennek a finom megoldások, egyszerű misztikummal csábító billentyűhangok és gitártémák. Kapunk egy meglepő váltást, egy fantasztikus lüktetéssel rendelkező, gonosz keringőt és egy igazán magas röptű, már-már epikus lezárást. A dal végére azon kaptam magam, hogy akarom a folytatást…

A Der Geheimnisvolle Käfig nem is várat sokáig magára, egy kis Burzum, egy kis Mayhem felhanggal, 90-es éveket idéző hangzással és egyedi lüktetéssel és újabb hosszú játékidővel támad nekünk. Itt már tényleg muszáj kiemelnem a lüktetést hozó basszust és dobot, ami nemcsak a gonoszság kimeríthetetlen forrása a korongon, de a szórakoztató faktor legfontosabb elemei is. Hiába a színkavalkád a borítón, ami egyébként nagyon mutatós (a sokat foglalkoztatott Luciana Nedela grafikus hölgy munkáját dicséri), ez simán a fekete-fehér borítós vonalat hivatott erősíteni minden egyes percével. Nagyszerű a dal középső részén elterülő instrumentális rész és igazán jóleső az is, ahogy visszatérünk a tiszta black metalhoz Tino minden eddiginél agresszívebb károgása kíséretében. Róla is érdemes pár szót ejteni, hiszen a meglehetősen monoton kezdetek után elég komoly skálát jár be a baljós mormogástól egészen a dühös kántálásig és sikolyokig. Ez a tétel is a végére teljesedik ki igazán, így egyértelmű ívvel rendelkezik, ami sok tudatosságot sejtet.


A lemezt a címadó Vergessene Stille vágja ketté puszta akusztikus merengésként, de itt sem egyszerű pengetésről beszélhetünk, mivel a gitár és billentyű kombó komoly utat jár be a tétel hat perce alatt. Nagyszerű felvezetés a következő óriás szerzeménynek, a Zerbrechliche Kleiner Geistnak, ami egyértelműen a kedvencemmé vált az egész lemezen. Ugyan a minőség többnyire egységes és végig fenntartja a figyelmet, valamint egyfajta feszültséget, a csúcs mindenképp ez a dal. Itt minden mozzanat a helyén van: gonosz, újjára csavaró doom riff, fájdalmasan fagyos hangulat, barátságtalanul csilingelő gitárhangok és egy olyan menetelés, amihez hasonlót már nagyon rég nem hallottam. A lemezt végül a Rast Und Abschied című rövid ambient tétel zárja, ami pont kezd igazán érdekessé válni, amikor véget ér. Ez sem hétköznapi azért, hogy egy ambient tételben pont a rövidsége zavarjon… Hatalmas ugrást tesz az Abigorum eddigi munkásságához képest, ez kétségtelen. Hosszú idő munkája érett be a Vergessene Stille révén, ami ugyan nem teljesen hibátlan és elviselt volna pár finomhangolást, mégis az év egyik leghitelesebb fekete fém kiadványa lesz. Ezt biztosan tudják a készítők is, hiszen április 13-án egyszerre fog megjelenni vinyl, CD és kazetta és digitális formátumban is. Nálam pont egy érdekes verzió landult, ugyanis a kazettát kaptam meg digitalizált verzióban, veszteségmentesen. Mondhatjuk rá, hogy modern formátumba csomagolt ősi underground… A régi vonalas fekete fém hívőknek mindenképp ajánlom megismerésre ezt a lemezt, mert kellemes meglepetést okozhat.





En sus inicios Abigorum había sido concebido como una one man band, sin embargo la llega de Tino ha supuesto una mayor riqueza en cuanto a sonido, ofreciendo si cabe un trabajo mucho más ambicioso que sus predecesores. "Vergessene Stille" se muestra conciso e irreverente en cuanto a acomodarse en une estilo como el ambient black metal, ofreciendo sin lugar a dudas un montón de recursos en forma de elementos que por un lado se pueden encuadrar dentro del doom, pero que también se mueven por lugares cercanos a sonidos digamos que industriales. Si que los temas en sus inicios guardan la formas, ofreciendo secciones casi que limpias con cierta oscuridad, pero cuando entran en acción el resto de instrumentos como las guitarras y la baterías, la música se muestra acida y desconcertante por momentos, olvidándose de todo lo que tenga que ver con un sonido limpio y emotivo para centrarse en la densidad de la propuesta, centrándose en el componente más doom de su música pero que sin embargo tampoco responde a la vertiente más ortodoxa del género para acabar ofreciendo una versión muy particular dentro del ambient, doom y un black irreverente, aderezado por algunas secciones más raw y un ambiente cargada que acaba por definirse y por cobrar todo el protagonismo en la propuesta. Sin lugar a dudas este "Vergessene Stille" no convenza a los puristas del género, sin embargo esa combinación entre un ambient oscuro, crudo y denso y un black metal que se refugia en la contundencia del doom, capaz de mantener un ritmo lento y pastoso al tiempo que mantiene una ambientación árida y cruda creo que funciona perfectamente.





Segundo álbum do duo russo Abigorum que tem uma sonoridade que liga o black metal ao doom, com um factor atmosférico acentuado. Essa descrição é aquela que tanto salta mais à vista como a que é a memorável, o que nos leva para o centro da questão: há uma toada que se torna reconhecível e algo repetetiva nos quatro temas principais – vamos ignorar a outro “Rast Und Abschied”. No entanto, as músicas em si, isoladas, não deixam de ter as suas qualidades, isto mesmo com o defeito da produção demasiado crua. A duração poderá ser excessiva mas não deixam de apresentar ideias interessantes que poderia ser concretizadas de forma diferente.







Two man act Abigorum brings us their second full length album, Vergessene Stille, a hypnotic and morbid album that lures you into its trance with blacken psychedelic riffs and a very slow and steady pace.

This is a very unique album. While it incorporates a lot of styles from black metal, especially aesthetically with the guitar tones and primitive and evil guitar riffs, its main footing is set squarely in the doom metal genre. The guitars are fuzzy and create a very hazy and foggy atmosphere, along side the steady beat of the drum that is incredibly simple, but it doesn't need to be anything more than what it is. Its as heavy as it needs to be and has a great sound that blends in very well with the hazy atmosphere.


Most of the songs don't go past a mid-tempo, this isn't your fast paced blast beat style black metal, no sir. Boasting only five tracks and three of them are over nine-minutes, you'd be surprised by how much are packed in the tracks. While the riffs do repeat, they way they're written doesn't make it sound repetitive. If anything it adds a very hypnotic effect to it, almost blending in the background while at the same time making its self known to you. There are also these clean guitar parts that come up that add a very psychedelic effect to the songs. Its almost like psych-rock meets black metal.


The vocals are also very fitting. They're not very abundant on the album, you won't hear screaming all the way through, but the ones that are there are very well performed. Having a very bestial and ethereal effect to them. It reminds me a lot of early Horna.


Personally, I love these types of albums. Its charm is how distinct they are compared to other black/doom metal acts, and not only that, the very creative approach of genre mixing they did here is something that adds to its uniqueness. I highly recommend giving this a listen. Multiple if that, since if you're like me, you'll keep coming back to it.




Когда-то кто-то сказал мне, что блэк-метал не стоит слушать и вообще воспринимать как музыку по той причине, что этот жанр воплощает в себе зло. И вы знаете, что я на это ответил? Я немного подумал, взвесил все составляющие и сказал: "Да нет. Зло - это когда люди убивают, унижают и пытают друг друга и ни во что не ставят чужие жизни; это когда мировые правительства и корпорации обманывают людей и обрекают их на жизнь в страхе, невежестве и мракобесии ради своих сугубо корыстных целей; это когда мы с вами находим тысячи оправданий нашим преступлениям и продолжаем жить с ними, при этом не гнушаясь новых. А самое страшное заключается в том, что зло неискоренимо - оно является неотъемлемой частью нас, которая появилась в нашей душе ещё во время антропогенеза и до сих пор время от времени поднимает свою уродливую голову. Блэк-метал же является лишь формой самовыражения, которая примиряет человека с его тёмной стороной и помогает ему жить в балансе между добром и злом, светом и тьмой. Ведь человека всегда манили запретные темы, всегда интриговало то, что живёт в темноте, всегда волновало то, что недоступно ему по причине ограничивающей морали. Именно поэтому в мировой культуре так популярны отрицательные персонажи, антигерои и просто аморальные личности, чьи поступки могут угнетать и отвращать. А что самое главное, блэк-метал показывает, как тщетны бывают попытки категоризировать поступки людей и бессмысленно деление их на добро и зло - такие тонкие, примитивные и хрупкие понятия". И на этом я замолчал, так как на тему зла и блэк-метала можно рассуждать часами, а мой знакомый уже окунул свой нос в пивную лужицу на столе и мирно похрапывал.


Сие долгое вступление было отнюдь не случайно, ибо человек, не особенно знакомый с блэк-металом, может увидеть в музыке Abigorum много того, что мы привыкли называть злом. Действительно, музыка этого волнующего проекта намерено впитала в себя всю ту тьму, что есть в человеке и теперь демонстрирует её нам без какого-либо зазрения совести - а мы не можем отвести взгляд.


И если вам знакомо название Abigorum, то это совсем не случайно, так как недавно мы упоминали этот проект в контексте на рецензию на переиздание дебютного альбома Satanath. Действительно - за него ответственен Алексей Королёв, также являющийся боссом лейбла Satanath Records и уже знакомый нам как по нашим рецензиям, так и по рубрике Forged In Russia. Если раньше Abigorum можно было смело назвать "проектом одного человека", то сейчас это дуэт, причём международный (ранее - российско-немецкий, а с Марта 2022 года - грузино-немецкий). Более того, в отличие от Satanath, одним лишь дарк-эмбиентом дело здесь не ограничивается, а музыку коллектива можно описать как классический блэк-метал - сложный, сырой и чрезвычайно тёмный.


Музыканты намерено преследуют олдскульное звучание блэка, при этом отдавая дань уважения таким классическим группам как Burzum, Blut Aus Nord и Satyricon. Их недавний альбом "Vergessene Stille" демонстрирует эти влияния и ещё целый спектр уникальных фишек, делающих саунд Abigorum действительно уникальным и самобытным. Я бы сказал, что лонгплей 2021 является самой заметной и цельной работой коллектива, которая может похвастаться не только роскошными и изощрёнными блэк-металлическими риффами (а их количества здесь можно просто с ума сойти), но и действительно проникновенной атмосферой и беспредельным жанровым смешением.


На альбоме представлены продолжительные и достаточно многогранные композиции, на которых музыканты намерено не придерживаются традиционных композиционных конструкций. Каждая песня на "Vergessene Stille" - это настоящее путешествие в мир зла и тьмы, а то есть тех граней нашего с вами бытия, которые так отрицаются лицемерными праведниками, но на самом деле существуют вопреки всем нашим предубеждениям и являются неотъемлемой частью наших сущностей. Во всём происходящем на альбоме есть что-то средневековое, будто с головой погружаешься в чтение оккультистских писаний пятнадцатого века, и я не могу не похвалить группу, которая умудряется там эффективно передать настроение сего противоречивого и интересного периода истории человечества.


"Vergessene Stille" - альбом, который действительно достоин вашего внимания. Да, Abigorum не являются новаторами современного блэк-метала, но есть у меня предположение, что они и не вызывались на эту должность. Зато этот лонгплей может похвастаться аутентично сырым саундом, тёмной и поэтичной лирикой, обилием изобретательных риффов и, что самое главное, чрезвычайно внушительной атмосферой, которая буквально бьёт через край и с лёгкостью погружает слушателя во вселенную зла и безумия.




Abigorum, initially a solo project launched by Aleksey Korolyov of St. Petersburg in 2012, has grown into a collaborative endeavor with Tino Thiele from Brandenburg, recognized from bands like Wulfgar, Trond, and Phreneticum. Their combined musical expertise has culminated in the production of their second album, ‘Vergessene Stille,’ which was introduced to the world on April 13, 2021, via Satanath Records and Black Blood Records.


‘Vergessene Stille’ succeeds their 2019 debut album ‘Exaltatus Mechanism,’ carrying forward the strong synergy between Korolyov and Thiele. The album delivers a bleak, doomy approach to Black Metal that, though characterized by a monotonous sound, does not undermine the album’s overall quality.


Throughout the album, musical elements such as atmospheric keyboards, drum patterns, and guitar work that ranges from nearly static to slow-tempo riffs, coalesce effortlessly. Paired with bass elements that reinforce the darker shades of the sound, the album incorporates inventive sound effects, including distortions and crackles, which cultivate an overarching dark and intimidating ambiance.


The ambient sequences smartly dispersed throughout the album, along with Thiele’s coarse, raspy vocals delivering lyrics in German, serve to amplify the album’s overall atmosphere. Despite its monotonous sound possibly not appealing to all listeners, the album’s bleak, oppressive ambiance and slow tempo—traits characteristic of Doom Metal—present an interesting dynamic in the interaction between the vocal and musical components.


‘Vergessene Stille,’ despite its apparent monotony, exhibits an impressive fusion of Black, Doom, and Ambient Metal. Its distinctively layered soundscape encapsulates an aura of impending dread and darkness, marking it as a significant contribution to Abigorum’s musical discography. It undoubtedly will resonate with listeners who value this crossroad of metal genres and atmospheric nuances.





In 2021 Abigorum released their latest album, Vergessene Stille. On that record, the band had been reduced to the size of a duo, combining the talents of Russian musician Aleksey Korolyov (who now lives in Georgia) and German guitarist/vocalist Tino Thiele (from Wulfgar and Metamorph).


In the lead-in to that album we premiered a song named “Erhebt eure mit Blut gefüllten Hörner“, which managed to create an experience that was both hypnotizing and nightmarish, both hauntingly seductive and terrorizing. It was not alone in those respects, as we’ve been reminded by a new video for another song off that album.




“Zerbrechlicher kleiner Geist” is in the nature of an extremely dire and daunting saga. As it unfolds, the music heaves and towers, stalking on heavy, bass-shod hooves and raking the senses as it goes through swaths of abrading noise and the clarion call of ringing guitars.


In the saga’s next chapter the beats become compulsive, and those eerily ringing guitars unfurl a beguiling folkish melody that put me in mind of Thy Catafalque. Still rendered in scathing tones, the synth-aided melody builds and becomes swaggering and majestic, even if tormented (though the acid-bathed goblin vocals, doubled for extra intensity, are even more so). This part quickly gets its hooks in the head (along with needles in the ears), especially when that ringing melody re-surfaces over bouncing beats.


In the final chapter, the music stalks again, drenched in gloom and fierce with pain (though the guitar still reverberates in gripping albeit corrosive fashion), inexorably moving toward some final catastrophe.


The accompanying video, set in a barren snow-cloaked wilderness, is swathed in shades of gray, ice-blue, and black, and it features a blood-stained woman not dressed for this place, there to take her own life.




Video review.






Es la tercera vez que os hablo de ABIGORUM, la banda formada por Aleksey Korolyov, dueño de Satanath Records al que posteriormente se uniría el alemán Tino Thiele (Sandra Batsch ya no está en la formación). Os recomiendo pasaros antes por las reseñas de Spectral Shadows, split junto a Striborg, y la del magnífico Exaltatus Mechanism (2020) donde se resume mejor la trayectoria.


Lo que decía, por fin tengo entre las manos Vergessene Stille, el flamante segundo largo de Abigorum (aunque ahora que me informo, me entero que ya tienen otro split rulando por ahí), coeditado entre Satanath, Duplicate, Void Wanderer y Black Blood Records para abarcar nada más y nada menos que cinco formatos: Cd, Lp en dos versiones, Cassette y Digibook. Artwork obra de Luciana Nedelea y sonido apesadumbrado como nos tienen acostumbrado a medio caballo entre el Black y el Doom. Letras íntegramente en alemán y bueno, lo mejor es meterse de lleno en un disco que no tiene término medio; o lo amas o lo odias.



"Erhebt eure mit Blut gefüllten Hörner" abre el disco con un clímax devastador; épico y a medio tiempo, con guitarras ultra desangeladas y cortantes como el puto permafrost. Tempo claramente metido en el Doom y voces de Tino `Flutch´ Thiele a lo Burzum por los cuatro costados, aunque vaya, que perfectamente podríamos encuadrarlo en el timbre vocal de Carpathian Forest, Nortt y toda la posterior ola de Black Doom depresivo que pulula por ahí. Plúmbea base rítmica (recuerda muchísimo a los primeros Dimmu Borgir) con un sonido (no sé si la batería es real o programada) tan feo y necrótico que juraría que puedo coger una tetania escuchando esto. Impresionante cómo el corte se va retorciendo sobre sí mismo hasta el punto de dejar que fluya y pase a un primer plano una guitarra en plan solista soltando una melodía devastadora, todo para volver luego a ese malsano clímax existencial de bandas como Bethlehem, Deinonychus y demás progenie (tirando más al Black atmosférico, se entiende).


Flipantes la crudeza de la producción y los pasajes introspectivos, lánguidos y ultra hipnóticos en los 11 minutos que dura el tema. Una nana nihilista, crepuscular y que exuda una decrepitud sonora como hacía mucho tiempo no escuchaba en una banda de este género y ojito porque advierto que si no eres de estos estilos lentos, obsesivos y poco dados a los cambios puedes llegar a desesperarte. Sigue la apabullante "Der geheimnisvolle Käfig"; un cañón a lo Satyricon en bucle donde se aprieta el acelerador un pelín y se aboga por una repetición `ad nauseam´ de la melodía, provocando esa sensación que me encanta notar con este tipo de bandas... irrealidad, descorporeización y un vacío que te va dragando más y más hondo.



Se permiten parar, meter un trozo ambiental con teclados y bordear lo acústico y salir a tomar aire otra vez a la superficie con más mala hostia si cabe duplicando las voces... eso sí, se cierra como se tiene que cerrar, repitiendo el pegadizo riff de guitarra hasta que no te queda hueso sobre hueso.


Al igual que con su primer disco, me gustan mucho cuando se ponen en plan experimental a los teclados porque llegan a rozar lo cósmico. La homónima e instrumental "Vergessene Stille" empieza así para luego virar hacia un lentísimo pasaje Funeral Doom del copón, perfectamente situada en el tracklist porque permite coger aire, cambiar algo el tercio y coger con más ganas "Zerbrechlicher kleiner Geist", otros 11 minutos monumentales que esta vez tiran más por una vertiente épica tipo Summoning o los Abigor (vaya, sonido austríaco que es un vergel) e inciden en esa pátina sonora tan propia de los padres del género Black pero incidiendo una y otra vez en lo depresivo.


Y todavía queda esa pequeña pieza de tres minutos en modo outro llamada "Rast und Abschied" que os la dejo a vuestras mercedes.