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Dies Irae are a band from Mexico that has been featured before in this zine and on this recording plays a melodic mixture of black, dark, doom and death metal and this is a review of their 1998 album "Etherial" which was re-issued in 2018 by Grimm Distribution.

Clean playing starts off the album while all of the musical instruments have a very powerful sound to them. One the second track the music goes into more of a heavier and melodic musical direction which also introduces high pitched black metal screams and elements of dark and doom metal can also be heard in the slower sections of the music.

Clean singing and spoken word parts can also be heard at times along with most of the tracks being very long and epic in length. Elements of melodic death metal can also be heard quite a bit throughout the recording while the solos and leads also bring in a great amount of melody as well as some Spanish guitars also being used on some of the tracks.

When the music speeds up a small amount of blast beats can be heard as well as clean playing also being brought back in certain sections of the music along with the songs also getting very progressive sounding at times, as the album progresses a couple of instrumentals are also added onto the recording and one track also introduces stringed instruments onto the recording and the bonus tracks where recorded live. The production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover death, darkness, sadness and depression themes.

In my opinion this was a very great sounding recording from Dies Irae and if you are a fan of melodic black, dark, doom and death metal, you should check out this re-issue.