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Abigorum began as the solo project of Russian musician Aleksey Korolyov, who is also the owner of Satanath Records. Operating on his own, and drawing upon traditions of doom, black metal, and dark ambient music, he recorded a sequence of releases that included a collaboration with Cryostasium (2016’s Unholy Ghost Liturgy) and a split with Striborg (2018’s Spectral Shadows). Since then he has expanded the line-up of Abigorum with the addition of two German musicians — guitarist/vocalist Tino Thiele (from Wulfgar and Metamorph) and bassist Sandra Batsch — and together they have completed a debut album named Exaltatus Mechanism.


The album, whose lyrics are in German, “tells the story of the fascination of the black and grey side of evil, the ridicule of vices and hatred for people who are accustomed to a normal life and do not understand that everything around them is just an illusion, and that they are slaves”. The album will be jointly released on June 14th by Satanath Records and the U.S. label Death Portal Studio, and what we have for you today is the second advance track from the album released so far — “Über Dich” (over you or above you).


As you might already know, or perhaps already have guessed from the titles of Abigorum’s previous releases, there is often a deeply haunting quality to the band’s creations, and that is certainly true of “Über Dich“. It proceeds at a slow and stately pace, and weaves an increasingly unsettling but irresistible spell despite the oppressiveness of its miserable mood.


Simplicity is the hallmark of the ingredients — the crack and boom of a plodding drum rhythm; the cycling of long moaning chords; the spectral wailing of the lead guitar; a whispering wind of ambient sound; and the occasional distorted, echoing sounds of monstrous roars, lacerating shrieks, and deep spoken words. Simple though the ingredients may be, they combine to create a sepulchral anthem of preternatural dread and mortal hopelessness. And as the spare, calamitous melody continues its cycle, it becomes increasingly hypnotic even as it sends shivers down the spine. The music seems like the beckoning of skeletal hands, inviting us toward our eternal home of oblivion.




Exaltatus Mechanism features artwork by a favorite of our site, Luciana Nedelea. The album as a whole is recommended for fans of Blut Aus Nord, Spektr, Abigor, Satyricon, and Nortt. It will be releaed by Satanath and Death Portal in a jewelcase CD edition of 500 copies with an 8-page booklet. You’ll find pre-order info below, along with a stream of the previously released track “Maskenball” — and of course the new song we’re presenting today.




It really hasn’t been all that long since we last heard from Abigorum. In fact, it was just this past November and the Spectral Shadows split with everyone’s favorite Tasmanian mad scientist, Striborg. Well…what a difference a few months make. At that point, Abigorum was the solo project of Satanath Records boss Aleksey Korolyov, whose particularly hellish brand of blackened industrial/doom was harsh enough to abrade skin.


In January, the Saint Petersburg-based Korolyov announced that he’d joined forces with a pair of German musicians – bassist Sandra Batsch and guitarist/vocalist Tino Thiele – and I’ll admit that I was skeptical when I first heard about it. I really liked what Korolyov was doing on his own with Abigorum, so why would he try and fix what wasn’t broken?


Turns out he knew what he was doing. The freshly-minted trio’s debut full-length Exaltatus Mechanism is due out on June 14 from Satanath Records (preorder here) and Death Portal Studio (preorder here), and we’re premiering the song “Krieg” here today at Clandestine Sounds. Inevitably, Abigorum, Mk II is a different sounding beast than the original recipe. For starters, the lyrics are all in German, and the mostly slower tempos fall squarely within the doom camp. That being said, there’s still plenty of harshness in the percussion, and those slower tempos add a decidedly sinister element to the song’s atmosphere that I’m not sure I’ve heard from Abigorum before.


In short, if “Krieg” is a sign of what we can expect from Exaltatus Mechanism (spoiler: it is – the previous two preview tracks “Maskenball” and “Grau Und Schwarz” are in a similarly eerie vein), then I suspect Abigorum is on the verge of getting the attention that Korolyov’s music has deserved for a while now. But don’t just take my word for it – check out “Krieg” below.





Woah! Nothing like taking the two most evil sounding subgenres in heavy metal and sticking them together, eh? Well, Abigorum are a Russian/German act that are prepared to serve just that! Satanath Records will deliver a full platter of bloody and disgusting cuts from this horrifying crew next month, but for now, they’ve given us a sample ahead of time known as “Grad Und Schwarz.” In German, this translates to “Gray And Black,” which is quite fitting due to the fact that nothing bright or colorful comes close to the mind upon hearing this.


That said, it’s structurally built around doom riffs that drone on and buzz through the night. Don’t let the blackened label fool you, because there are no blast beats or anything of the sort to back this, rather just thunderous stomps that sound far off in the background. Picture the sound of a storm that hasn’t reached you quite yet. If that isn’t enough, the delivery gives a sense of unstoppable doom as a gut feeling, like something terrible is coming your way.


The blackness comes through primarily in the vocals, as they’re throaty and consist mainly of incomprehensible drawn out shrieks. The shoddy production and lo-fi sensation can certainly back this as well, but do not go into this expecting an onslaught of blasting double kicks and speed riffs; that’s nowhere to be found. But those who’d like a slow and terrifying march to Hell, “Grau Und Schwarz” is exactly what you need to gain access.


Additionally, you can find Abigorum’s previously released track “Maskenball” on the Bandcamp page, as well as a pre-order for the album. The full descent into the inferno known as Exaltatus Mechanism shall hit the scenes on June 14th, 2019. Nothing says hot and sunny like blackened doom, aye?



La formación de Abigorum consiste en Sandra “Pesthexe” Batsch (bajo), Aleksey “Satanath” Korolyov (batería, teclados) y Tino “Fluch” Thiele (guitarra, voz y letras).


“Exaltatus Mechanism” es un trabajo envuelto en un aura tremendamente opresiva y malévola, gracias a sus riffs ultra lentos, los cuales desprenden melancolía y oscuridad a partes iguales a través de sus melodías, incluso siendo capaces de inducirte un trance que te enfrentará a tus propios demonios y difícilmente saldrás indemne de ello; debido también en gran parte a su atmósfera ritualística, la cual infecta tu mente desde lo más profundo. En total estamos ante nueve canciones y 45 minutos de decadencia absoluta. Por supuesto, este no es un álbum para escuchar a diario, pero si necesitas hacer un ejercicio de introspección, “Exaltatus Mechanism” es el disco adecuado.




Como no podía ser de otra manera, la sección rítmica se mueve a través de tempos sosegados más propios del Funeral Doom que del Doom en sí mismo.


El registro vocal, en su mayoría, se trata de un shriek penetrante y absolutamente hipnótico, pero también nos vamos a encontrar con algunas secciones narradas. Sus letras son en alemán y puede que no entiendas de que están hablando, pero da por seguro que Abigorum te harán sentir exactamente lo que ellos quieren.


En definitiva, “Exaltatus Mechanism” es un álbum no apto para todos los públicos, pero si te gustan bandas como Nortt o Abigor, disfrutarás este trabajo desde la primera nota hasta la última.





Non so neanche se abbia senso mantenere il nome per questo gruppo: nel 2019 sono arrivati due componenti tedeschi che hanno cambiato radicalmente il sound del gruppo, il cantato in tedesco ne è un esempio lampante. Non solo, l’intero mood della band è diventato più lento, più simile al doom che al black. Le atmosfere ne hanno risentito positivamente e per fortuna quell’appeal underground è rimasto intatto e marcio al punto giusto. Se presente, quel poco di melodia è funzionale al suono malato e rende perfettamente la sensazione di straniamento che aleggia in ogni traccia. Una certa pesantezza riverbera in tutto il lavoro, facendo di fatto evolvere il gruppo in un qualcosa di molto diverso da prima, che ripeto avrebbe meritato un nuovo nome.




Abigorum are a black/doom metal band from Russia/Germany and this is their debut album.


Exaltatus Mechanism contains 46 minutes of blackened soundscapes filled with bleak, ritualistic occult atmosphere and daemonic presence.


The music is black metal filtered through the apocalyptic lens of doom and tempered with dark ambient. The vocals are primarily blackened screams, although other styles do appear here and there, such as spoken word. Haunting and grimly atmospheric, these songs are insidious, slowly working their way into your mind and infecting your consciousness with a spiritual sickness.


Deliberately operating on the sparse side, the music is effective at crafting dark auras and sinister atmosphere. These are slow, moody pieces that take their time to work their magic, but when they do you’ll find you’re drawn into their spell without even being aware of what’s happening to you. Without incorporating too many different elements, the band focus on what each instrument can add to the whole, and the end result is an affecting collection of dark blackened doom hymns to darkness.


Exaltatus Mechanism has the measure of a ritual, and the feel of an imminent threat of otherworldly incursion. Listen to this in the dark.




Simplicity is the hallmark of the ingredients! The crack and boom of a plodding drum rhythm, the cycling of long moaning chords, the spectral wailing of the lead guitar; a whispering wind of ambient sound. Occasional distorted, echoing sounds of monstrous roars, lacerating shrieks, and deep spoken words. Simple though the ingredients may be, they combine to create a sepulchral anthem of preternatural dread and mortal hopelessness. And as the spare, calamitous melody continues its cycle, it becomes increasingly hypnotic even as it sends shivers down the spine. The music seems like the beckoning of skeletal hands, inviting us toward our eternal home of oblivion.


The lyrics are all in German, and the mostly slower tempos fall squarely within the doom camp. That being said, there’s still plenty of harshness in the percussion, and those slower tempos add a decidedly sinister element to the song’s atmosphere never used by Abigorum before.





Russia's  Abigorum  have  returned  with  a  new  recording  which  shows  them  expanding  from  being  a  solo  project  to  being  a  full  band  along  with  some  embers  residing  in  Germany  and  also  playing  a  mixture  of  black,  doom  metal  and  ambient  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2019  album  "Exaltatus  Mechanism"  which  was  released  as  a  joint  effort  between  Satanath  Records  and  Death  Portal  Studio.


  Atmospheric  soundscapes  start  off  the  album  before  going  into  a  heavier  doom  metal  direction  while  all  of  the  musical  instruments  have  a  very  powerful  sound  to t hem.  Vocals  are  mostly  grim  sounding  black  metal  screams  along  with  the  riffs  also  using  a  decent  amount  of  dark  sounding  melodies.


  At  times  the  music  also  gets  very  experimental  sounding  while  more  deeper  and  demonic  sounding  vocals  can  also  be  heard  in  some  parts  of  the  music.  Elements  of  ambient  and  drone  can  also  be  heard  in  certain  sections  of  the  recording  as  well  as  the  solos  and  leads  being  done  in  a  very  melodic  style  when  they  are  utilized.


  All  of  the  musical  instruments  have  a  very  powerful  sound  to  them  as  well  as  a  couple  of  tracks  being  long  and   epic  in  length,  as  the  album  progresses  a  brief  use  of  grim  sounding  spoken  word  parts  and  clean  vocals  can  also  be  heard  and  all  of  the  music  sticks  to  a  slower  direction.  The  production  sounds  very  professional  while  the  lyrics  are  written  in  German  and  cover  enlightenment,  death  and  cosmos  themes.


  In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  sounding  recording  from  Abigorum  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  ambient,  black  and  doom  metal,  you  should  check  out  this  album.





Posso apostar que muita gente aguardava o primeiro disco do Abigorum ansiosos, correto ?! Depois de quase 15 anos de carreira, demos e singles lançados, já era hora dos russos lançarem o tão esperado álbum de estúdio. E neste ano de 2019, temos então o enigmático “Exaltatus Mechanism”. Vamos a ele.


Esses trabalhos que fazem a mescla do Black Metal com o Doom Metal eu considero um tanto quanto “perigosos” no sentido de se criar uma premissa inicial, afinal, eles sempre irão pender pra um lado mais do que pro outro. E nesse caso não foi diferente. O disco possui uma atmosfera bastante densa e um ritmo (exaustivamente !!!) lento. Podemos perceber que a obra se esforça ao máximo pra mostrar o seu conteúdo mas, até certo ponto, fica extremamente maçante e repetitiva.


As faixas são cantadas em alemão (país onde atualmente a horda se estabeleceu) e possuem todas uma cadência constante. Se eles tentaram se igualar ao Agalloch em “Pale Folklore” (1999), posso dizer que erraram feio na “receita”, pois esse ´trabalho tinha uma boa desenvoltura, algo que os russos não conseguiram dessa vez (por enquanto!!!).


Um trabalho excêntrico e que com certeza irá dividir opiniões. Quem tiver coragem, siga em frente.




Abigorum begynte sitt mørke liv rundt 2012 som enmannsprosjektet til russeren Aleksey Korolyov. I begynnelsen av dette året ble to tyske musikere, gitaristen og vokalisten Tino Thiele samt bassisten Sandra Batsch, ønsket velkommen. Korolyov tok ansvar for trommer og keyboards og Abigorum ble en internasjonal trio. Året 2019 er også bemerkesverdig av andre grunner. Debutalbumet «Exaltatus Mechanism» ble utgitt i juni. Utgivelsen gjør veldig godt inntrykk. Musikken er riffdreven med vanvittig tunge, godt eksponerte akkorder. Diskret keyboard plassert dypt i lydbildet skaper ekstra tyngde og romslighet i musikken i tillegg til en ubehagelig, mørk atmosfære. Selv om riffene er langt fra intrikate, er helheten så godt skrevet at skiven faktisk kaprer selv om mesteparten av materialet beveger seg fremover i stødig tempo som en snegle ikledd en veldig tung rustning. Til tross for sin tilsynelatende enkelthet er musikken mektig, storslagen og nærmest ritualistisk. Den knusktørre, tyskspråklige hvesing til Tino Thiele utfyller musikken på en praktfull måte. Den smågrumsete lyden virker her som et veldig godt valg siden den hjelper å framheve albumets sære og veldig genuine stemning og gir herlige undergrunns vibber. Dette albumet er magnetisk. Gratulerer!





Álbum de estreia deste projecto que une Aleksei Korolyov (o dono da Satanath Records e que também pontua nos projectos Satanath e Taiga), Sandra Batsch e Tino Thiele (dos Trond). Inicialmente era tudo feito por Aleksei, uma verdadeira one-man band, no entanto com a expansão a trio parece haver algo a ganhar. Nunca nos tinham impressionado verdadeiramente mas agora, apesar de não nos deslumbrarem, apresentam algo mais sólido dentro da união do black metal ao doom. Melodias mais marcantes e temas mais cativantes. Estão portanto no bom caminho. Esperamos mais desenvolvimentos.




Alexey Korolev non è solo il boss della Satanath Records e tastierista dei Taiga, scopro solamente oggi infatti che è anche il fondatore di questi Abigorum e fino al 2019 vero factotum strumentale in quanto one-man-band fino allo scorso anno, quando si sono uniti bassista e chitarrista/voce, lasciando concentrare il buon Alexey alle sole batteria e tastiere. Fatto questo largo preambolo, vi dico anche che 'Exaltatus Mechanism' è il debutto sulla lunga distanza per i nostri dopo uno split datato 2018 in compagnia degli Striborg e uno nel 2016 con i Cryostasium. Finalmente possiamo dare un ascolto anche all'album, un disco che si apre con le infernali vocals di "Grau und Schwarz" e le sue solfuree atmosfere black doom. Il cantato in lingua germanica è dovuto al fatto che i due nuovi ingressi in formazione sono proprio tedeschi. Quello da sottolineare sono le melmose sonorità a rallentatore sciorinate dal terzetto, con una serie di rumori in sottofondo che sembrano quelli prodotti da un fantasma ridotto in catene. La voce di Tino "Fluch" Thiele è davvero arcigna e ben ci sta in un contesto musicale del genere. Con "Maskenball" si prosegue all'insegna di ambientazioni tenebrose e vocals che si muovono tra il grim e lo spettrale in un impasto sonoro che non è propriamente funeral probabilmente nemmeno black, essendo un qualcosa al crocevia di questo marasma sonoro. Pertanto, mi viene da dire che la proposta degli Abigorum sia piuttosto originale, sebbene sia alquanto complicata da digerire. "Jetzt" è una marcia atta a smuovere le anime dei dannati negli inferi con un cantato quasi declamatorio e perentorio in un contesto a tratti oppressivo ed esoterico. Non mi dispiace affatto la proposta del trio per quanto possa rivelarsi stralunata, ma le melodie, soprattutto in questa song, funzionano a meraviglia nel creare atmosfere orrorifiche. Sia chiaro che non abbiamo tra le mani un capolavoro ma un album comunque degno di nota per quel suo spirito sperimentale, questo si. "Für Die Ewigkeit" è un altro bell'esempio di sonorità che per certi versi mi hanno evocato i Gloomy Grim degli esordi, cosi come la successiva "Königreich Dunkelheit", con quella sua aria ampollosa, gli arrangiamenti orchestrali ed una costante aura industrial a completare il quadro sonoro. Il disco prosegue su questi stessi binari, proponendo alcune song più interessanti delle altre e penso alla bombastica (per atmosfere e linee di chitarra riverberate) "Der Ängstliche Mensch" e alla sinistra "Über Dich" che rendono l'ascolto di 'Exaltatus Mechanism' comunque soddisfacente fino alla fine.






Moje pierwsze spotkanie z Rosjaninem z ABIGORUM miało miejsce zeszłego roku przy okazji splitu z australijskim Striborg. I tak, jak część muzyczna strony opisywanej ekipy dnia dzisiejszego mi weszła (wtedy projekt solowy Alexeya, właściciela Satanath Records), tak popisy elektro tego drugiego pominę. Śmieszne to, bo na stronie typa można wyczytać wierutne bzdury o rzekomym kreowaniu nowej stylistyki którą ona sam nazywa Blackened Cold Wave. Czyli w skrócie - denne elektro z wokalami a'la BM. Zostawmy jednak tego cepa w jego świecie i wróćmy do ABIGORUM. Trójka Rosjan całkiem sprawnie łączy elementy Black Metalu z Doom i Ambientem, ale o tym niżej, zapraszam do lektury.




Debiutancki album przyniósł przede wszystkim zmiany - muzyczne jak i personalne. Do składu dołącza Tino Thiele i obejmuje stanowiska wokalisty / gitarzysty. Drugą osobą jest Sandra Batsch, która zajmuje się basem. Oboje pochodzą z Niemiec, tak więc mowa już o składzie międzynarodowym, czyli procederze który w dzisiejszych czasach nie dziwi. Tym samym Alexey zostaje za perkusją. Muzycznie wydaje mi się, że ABIGORUM sięga po możliwe chore, prymitywne formy wyrazu. Słuchając "Exaltatus Mechanism" udziela mi się mocno antyludzki nastrój. Nie jest to może szczyt wierzchołka góry, ale według mnie te dźwięki spełniają swoją robotę. Prymitywne riffy gitarowe, które niczym gęsta smoła przetaczają się w tym albumie, są wymieszane z wybijającą rytm perkusją, która nakreśla ten jakże siermiężny klimat. Aranże gitar często oparte są na ciekawych melodiach, które przemycają sporą dawkę smutku do odbioru ich muzyki. Ich powtarzalność stwarza też pewnego rodzaju hipnozę, co również nieźle wpływa na odsłuch w pozytywny sposób. Pewne elementy elektroniki jak pulsacje, trzaski, szmery - wzbogacają tylko materiał. Wokalnie album mnie nie powalił, ale nie oznacza to, że jest tu coś nie tak. Trochę nie do końca to moje gusta i mimo wszystko trzeba przyznać, że wokalizy są zrobione z pomysłem. Surowe skrzeki przechodzące w melodeklamacje szkicują obłęd, jego rozmiar. Nas - słuchaczy - wrzucono w sam jego środek.

ABIGORUM nie nagrało albumu, który przejdzie do historii. Wątpię czy w obecnych czasach ktokolwiek jest w stanie to zrobić jeśli mamy na myśli podziemie. Według mnie to jednak nie problem. Ważnym jest by wspierać zespoły i wytwórnie, a rosyjsko - niemieckie trio na to zasługuje.





Aleksey Korolyov may be the (very busy) boss of Satanath Records, the biggest underground label in Russia, but he is nonetheless an artist and musician.

So is Abigorum, which is neither more nor less than its creation, in the year of grace 2012.

Aleksey plays there almost alone until 2019, when he recruits two musicians from Germany (Tino Thiele on guitar and vocals, also in Metamorph and Wulfgar) and Sandra Batsch on bass). The result of this mutation is this extremely black and sumptuous album, skillfully blending Black and Doom Metal and gloomy Ambient. This "Exlatatus Mechanism" takes you to the darkest confines of space, to distil a music of the spheres that has nothing reassuring about it. Behind Tino's versatile vocals, going from Black Metal "shrieks" to a corpse growling in a second death phase, reinforced for the gutturality of the German language, hides a band at ease in slow tempi, gloomy atmospheres, oppressive heaviness, without forgetting the melodies that allow the listener to breathe between two overwhelming phases. One sometimes thinks of Monotheism's Celtic Frost. Heavy and majestic, this Abigorum's album will delight fans of extreme and sticky Doom as much as lovers of a Black Metal with rusty atmospheres and noxious quasi-industrial ambiences. A real nugget!


Aleksey Korolyov a beau être le (très occupé) patron de Satanath Records, plus gros label underground de Russie, il n'en n'est pas moins artiste et musicien.

Ainsi d'Abigorum qui n'est ni plus ni moins que sa création, en l'an de grâce 2012.

Aleksey y joue a peu près tout seul jusqu'en 2019, année où il recrute deux musiciens en provenance d'Allemagne (Tino Thiele a la guitare et au chant, également dans Metamorph) et Sandra Batsch à la basse). Le résultat de cette mutation est cet album noirissime et somptueux, mêlant avec habileté Black et Doom Metal et Ambient lugubre. Cet "Exlatatus Mechanism" vous transporte aux confins de l'espace le plus sombre, pour y distiller une musique des sphères qui n'a rien de rassurant. Derrière le chant versatile de Tino, passant de "shrieks" Black Metal a un growling de cadavre en phase de deuxième mort, renforcé pour la gutturalité de la langue allemande se terre un groupe a l'aise dans les tempi lents, les atmosphères glauques, la lourdeur oppressante, sans pour autant en oublier les mélodies qui permettent à l'auditeur de respirer entre deux phases écrasantes. On pense parfois au Celtic Frost de Monotheism. Lourd et majestueux, cet album d'Abigorum ravira les amateurs de Doom extrême et poisseux tout autant que les amoureux d'un Black Metal aux atmosphères rouillées et aux ambiances délètères quasi-industrielles. Une vraie pépite !





ABIGORUM (San Petesburgo) se forma como one man band en 2012 y poco a poco se va ampliando su plantel con músicos alemanes. A los teclados/batería de Aleksey Korolev (También en los excelentes TAIGA, que los reseñé aquí), se une el bajo de Sandra Batsch y las guitarras/voces de Tino Thiele, del que recientemente he reseñado su debut en solitario bajo el proyecto TROND (aquí). Tras Spectral Shadows, fantástico split con STRIBORG (aquí), lanzan ahora su nuevo disco como banda completa que me ha dejado con la mandíbula colgando.


Satanath Records en coedición con Death Portal sacan Exaltatus Mechanism, potentítismo artefacto de Black/Doom atmosférico y ambiental que se sirve de unos medios tiempos tan decadentes como hacerse una infusión con algas de río. El artwork de Luciana Nedelea es ya marca de la casa... un bodegón necrótico de estructuras óseas en blanco y negro.




45 minutos que definen un álbum muy correoso y arrastrado con ese género tan complicado del Black/Doom por bandera y que tras un montón de escuchas he de decir que como mejor se disfruta es con auriculares; la razón de ello son unos pequeños detalles burbujeantes de teclados y efectos que cohabitan en una segunda capa del sonido y que son audibles a la perfección en plena oscuridad y con cascos. Decía que el Black/Doom me parece un género complicado por una sencilla razón... cuando se toca lento, se está más expuesto a que los defectos salgan a relucir y si encima tocas en formato trío, tienes que tener muy claro cómo quieres rellenar los espacios que se crean entre nota y nota.


ABIGORUM salen victoriosos sin duda. "Grau Und Schwarz" es un monolítico arranque donde sobre ese fondo fangoso flota la voz acre de Tino Thiele, que ya tuve oportunidad de disfrutar en TROND. Efectos extrañísimos de los sintes compiten con un riff de guitarra muy al estilo de BETHLEHEM y por ende rozando eso que llaman el Suicide Black o Dark Metal si me apuráis. Excelentes dobles voces susurradas y un acojonante, malsano clímax han llevado a este proyecto a un salto cualitativo muy notable. No hay a penas espacio para respirar en la maraña de sonidos de la banda, que gustan de temas cortos pero intensos y circulares al estilo de "Maskenball"; la guitarra exuda otra tremenda melodía depresiva mientras la base rítmica marca un fúnebre tempo que me recuerda a los míticos ALASTIS.


Atentos a cómo aborda la guitarra el comienzo de "Jetzt", doblándose a sí misma al estilo SUMMONING. Los efectos de los que os hablaba van y vienen como acoples acusosos sobre una batería lejana y marcial... cuando estalla el tema, lo hace rozando el Funeral Doom. Densos, pétreos e hipnóticos... es alucinante cómo han mutado ABIGORUM su sonido hasta fundir de forma tan sutil el Black con el Doom.


No llegan al nivel afilado y al borde del suicidio de ATARAXIE, DEINOCHYUS y bandas así, sino que lo funden todo en una especie de simplistas bases que me traen una y otra vez a ALASTIS a la meolla. "Für Die Ewigkeit" suena más distorsionado, con esas percusiones marciales propias del Pagan y con BURZUM por bandera. "Königreich Dunkelheit" o "Der Ángstliche Mensch" parecen versiones apócrifas y bastardas de BURZUM... algo así como si encontraras una grabación perdida de Vikergnes en unos Neo Pergaminos de Qum¡rán en el año 3040. Impresionante la voz de Thiele adaptándose al ritmo calmo y mántrico de la música o recitando homilías desde un púlpito de huesos.


Todo lo que vive, tiene que morir y Exaltatus Mechanism se desangra con otro riff mortuorio marca de la casa en "Krieg"; impulsos percusivos que son extertores pre-mortem, efectos electrónicos como arritmias en un jodido electrocardiograma en una bradicardia maligna y voces de difuntos que llegan de lejos invitándote a que abrazes sus exangües manos. Fríos líquidos exudativos execrables en el sudario musical de "Über Dich", que sólo cambia su dirección para introducir un recitado que pone los pelos de punta ("Oder was denkst du / Über deine freiheit / Oder was denkst du / Über deine freuden") y como punto final, la pátina ambiental de "Das Kloster" con un recitado al más puro estilo Black Nórdico.


Un discazo el que se han marcado ABIGORUM. Da la impresión que los 45 minutos se basan en una misma melodía, y eso a mí, que soy de neuronas semi muertas, me encanta.





The owner of Satanath Records doesn’t only release lots of albums in cooperation with other labels, he also has some free time left to create some tunes as well with Taiga and this Black/Doom entity called Abigorum.


Along with 2 Germans he composed the debut album “Exaltatus Mechanism” which is filled with bleak hybrid of ambient soundscapes and slow Blackened Doom which will not be everyone’s cup of whisky barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout. The fact Abigorum have released a split with a band like Striborg may be a reference for you.


The main theme is “Grey and Black” of this drowned in sorrow piece of despair, sung in the German language. As said, not for everyone but if you can handle a funeral like Nortt, this can be interesting for you.





Rusko – neměcká skvadra ABIGORUM zde v tento čas není náhodně. ABIGORUM jsou totiž od konce ledna 2019 personálně propojení s TROND prostřednictvím Tina Thieleho, který spolu se Sandrou Batsch doplnil sestavu ABIGORUM na současné trio. Do té doby byli ABIGORUM jednočlenným projektem Alexeje Koroljova (který je zároveň ústřední postavou Satanath Records, tolik pro úplnost základních faktů). Německé duo se chopilo drátů a vokálů, na Alexeje vyzbyly toliko škopky a tvorba syntetických zvuků, ruchů a dalších skopičin. Další výraznou změnou je textová složka – komplet v němčině.


ABIGORUM jsou black metal z úplně jiného kouta temného podsvětí. Jsou zatěžkaní, temní, že i soumrak je málo černý. Táhnou se jako temná řeka věčného zmaru, přeplněná jedovatým kalem, který zmaří vše živé, co se mu dostane do spárů. Není naděje, není života, vše již mrtvo jest…jen symfonie smrti zní nad žalostným krajem bez života, jen temnota a mrtvý chlad všude kolem. Jen trosky domů a torza kmenů stromů jsou němými svědky beznaděje, umocněné hrůzyplnými tóny, znějícími z hlubin pekla, svolávajícími démony a zatracené duše na hostinu kmotřičky s kosou. Všudypřítomná šeď a čerň („Grau Und Schwarz“) čaruje temně tísnivé odlesky, kdy sám rohatý přichází mezi zástupy zatracených, aby nezvratně a definitivně ztvrdil všeobecnou zkázu a nadvládu temnoty. Ze zčernalé oblohy se snáší šiplavý déšť, zkrápí mátožné postavy, ploužící se v potácivých tanečních figurách s maskami na pokřivených obličejích („Maskenball“). „Jetzt“ – temné dunění z dáli ohlašuje další chmurný žalozpěv, temnou a beznadějnou melodii. Skřehotavý vokál beze zbytku dotahuje atmosféru zkázy do děsivé přitažlivosti. „Für Die Ewigkeit“ se rozbíhá z lomozu nicoty do plíživé zkázonosné nálady, hypnotické tempo a všudypřítomné syntetické zvukové plochy v pozadí zesilují skličující atmosféru skladby. „Königreich Dunkelheit“ zlehka rozráží husté černé mraky, majestátnost doplňuje temnotu v apokalyptickém orchestřišti, tíseň se o krok vzad stahuje do pozadí ve prospěch temných melodií, pokřivených pod nánosem nicoty a zmaru. „Die Ängstliche Mensch“, strach podobný strachu z posledního okamžiku, tísnivá atmosféra a předtucha blížící se zkázy. Skladba se vleče snad nejpomaleji ze všech, co album obsahuje, a onu děsuplnou nálada doslova rozsévá po okolí. „Krieg“ – plouživý pochod nemrtvých pluků vstříc již dávno vybojované bitvě, odsouzených bojovat stále znova, znovu umírat, na pokraji smrti, kterou nemohou dosáhnout a k životu daleko. Pod černými mraky odsouzeni dobojovat bitvu, která neznamená vysvobození ranou nepřítele, který je stíhán stejným prokletím, bloudit mezi životem a smrtí. „Über Dich“ pokračuje ve skličujícím temném žalozpěvu po nekončící strastné válce, rozervaná krajina úpí pod ranami nemrtvých, hlas Chárona zve prokleté k poslední pouti přes chmurný proud řeky Styx. Děsivě přitažlivá melodie přitahuje zástupy…temné postavy se shromažďují…na břehu temného proudu, pravidelně zde přistává bárka s temnou postavou u vesla. Jediná cesta, kudy dopřát ztrápeným duším klidu. „Das Kloster“ – v pravidelných intervalech se bárka vrací, zástup se tenčí, až nakonec nemá koho na druhý břeh převézt. Ona temná postava se zvolna rozplyne v temnotě…již skončil příběh té temné krajiny , jen zmar a temnota zůstal v očekávání, jaký další příběh nastane….


Již na začátku jsem upozornil, že ABIGORUM jsou úplně jiný black metal. Je to naprosto temný, náladotvorný, absolutně pomalý, nicméně ukrutně zajímavý black / doom metal. Tento mě baví, zajímá a jen tak neomrzí.





From 2012 until 2018 Abigorum was one man project from Russia. This year, the band became an international trio. To former member of Abigorum; Aleksey "Satanath" Korolyov (now playing on drums and keys) have joined Tino - guitar, vocals and Sandra on bass. Both of them are Germans.


The biggest change and compromise in this album are German vocals and lyrics which seems natural because vocals have been taken over by Tino. The exception is Für Die Ewigkeit which has English lyrics.  Music also has changed drastically because from being an ambient/metal band in the past, now, they have channelled the sound of the band much onto metal direction and have improved a sound which is now more organic - probably mixes were done in home-studio.


The album has very primitive songs and feels like the band members just met to write music which in fact has happened, in 2019. It seems not much time for writing songs but anyway, the album is out now.


Exaltatus Mechanism has very obscure, doom/black metal songs. On drums and guitars they play very minimalistic, ridiculously slow songs (1-3). They use bass effect on drum, like in classical music. You can hear it throughout the album many times which enriches the monotony of sound. Für Die Ewigkeit is a bit faster song as for them and includes more harsh guitars with tendencies to black metal sound, also raspy vocals and few different music ideas within the song. Der Ängstliche Mensch with melodic guitar moments is a good try because the song without it is dragging you down, to depths of the abyss. For me, it`s important to hear creativity from rhythm and leading guitarists, Über Dich has little more of it, they just sound very gloomy, never leaving the  darkness. In last, short song, vocals are done differently, music stays the same – no labyrinths at all.

Atmosphere of the album is bleak and doomed, casting out nightmares in your room, at this stage, seems that they do their worst while they like it.

I`ve heard similar albums before- first Samael album: Worship Him or disbanded Xantotol (PL). It felt good when I was listening to these records and I will keep doing the same thing with Abigorum`s Exaltatus Mechanism, I can`t see why not, I have my mysterious ways to enjoy it...





Well, this was something I did look forward to so passionately! When Aleksey Korolyov told me there would be a new Abigorum album, I couldn’t wait to listen to it. I was (and still am) very impressed by all former material he created under this moniker. But there was more. Apparently he did not create this album on his own anymore. No, this time he co-operated with some other musicians, turning Abigorum from a solo-outfit into a real band.


Anyway, before getting deeper into the aural aspects of Exalted Mechanism, the newest Abigorum album, a short introduction. Aleksey is a very active St. Petersburg born Metal Music fan, active as both musician and label owner / distributor. He’s the guy behind the grandiose Russian label Satanath Records, as well as both Symbol Of Domination Productions (based in Belarus), DeadDogSkull & HeilHellProductions (Lithuania; although, if I am not mistaken, it became independent) and GrimmDistribution (Ukraine; this one actually is a befriended label, rather than a sub-label). With these three labels, Aleksey released hundreds of releases, especially Extreme Metal oriented, nowadays also including the re-release of hard-to-get classics for the Russian market. Well, check out the Bandcamp-pages for these labels to learn more. Aleksey is a musician too, active in Satanath (rather Space Ambient / Drone oriented) and, since a couple of years, member of DSBM project Taiga too. And yes, as said he’s the founding member of Abigorum, a project he started in Spring 2012.


As Abigorum, Aleksey did record a limited yet highly interesting couple of things, amongst which a split with Striborg (released in 2018) and a collaboration with Cryostasium (2016). Earlier this year, he joined forces with two German musicians, and as from then on Abigorum became a three-piece band. On the newest album, Aleksey ‘Satanath’ takes care of drums and keyboards especially, while the basses get performed by (female) string-caresser Sandra ‘Pesthexe’ Batsch, and while the main guitar parts and vocals are performed by Tino ‘Fluch’ Thiele. You might know this guy from, for example, Wulfgar or Metamorph, or new outfit Trond (for which I will write and publish a review soon). The latter also wrote the lyrics, which are in German especially (with some fragments in English too). This guy too sort of surprises with this recruitment, for he usually performs as solo-musician (just like Aleksey).


Actually, Exaltatus Mechanism is the first ‘real’ full length, which gets released via Satanath Records in co-operation with Death Portal Studio (not the first collaboration in between both labels, by the way). Besides a digital edition, there are 500 compact disc copies, released in a ‘regular’ jewel case with an eight-page booklet. The latter comes with fine cover artwork (by Romanian visual artist Luciana Nedelea, who also created (cover) artwork for the likes of Empyrean Throne, Nachteule, Cryostasium, Kalmankantaja or Trond) and includes the German lyrics.


What immediately strikes me is the evolution Abigorum made throughout the years. A funereal approach was created as from the earliest years, and this still is the case. But each release, despite a comparable content, did slightly differ from any other. That is exactly the case once more with Exaltatus Mechanism. That funerary sound is the basic sound once more, including the doomy attitude / tempo. And there’s so much bleakness too…


Take opener Grau Und Schwarz, for example: Black / Doom majesty with quite some variation in structure, and a heavy-as-Hell sound. There is – and that actually goes for the better part of this album – a huge vocal diversification presented (screams, grunts, sighs, spoken words, whispers), while the atmosphere is bleak, grim and abyssal. In some way, Abigorum mingle aspects from Ahab, Adaestuo, Monolithe and early Samael. And when talking about the latter (and the other references): this repeats itself throughout the whole album. The approach from Swiss act Samael in its earliest years (up to the unique classic debut full length Worship Him) seems to be a huge influence (coincidence or not?).


But Abigorum are more than an act inspired by higher mentioned bands. With this album, once more they create a massive piece of monumental aural art, mysterious, somewhat naughty, extremely freezing, and deeply throttling. The result turns out to be a fabulous sonic journey, a great mental experience with so many things to dissect, to uncover, to discover. Do not expect high-tech progression or renovative tactics, for the better part is quite ‘simplistic’ in essence. But that is what this band is all about: creating and performing honest and pure Doom / Black ambience based on the timeless and universal principles.


Sound-wise, Exaltatus Mechanism is incredibly heavy and powerful, overwhelming and oppressive. That’s a good thing, for the mix is very decent, yet the final result maintains a rough, anti-clinical and unpolished fierceness, strengthening the doomy hymns in their force and persuasion. The vocal lines are somewhat background-placed, but I think it makes the whole listening experience even more mysterious and untouchable. The focus lies on the string parts rather than the rest, yet without underestimating the other instrumental details. Fine to notice is that the drum patterns, sometimes martial, then again impending, have a certain dungeon-alike character.




Recently, I received the first full length album of Abigorum. First of all, let me give you some information about the band. Abigorum was created in Russia in 2012 but after a demo and split release, this year (2019), two new members coming from Germany, joined the band in order to record their first full length, “Exaltatus Mechanism”. It was released in June of 2019 by Satanath Records and it contains nine tracks of about forty-five minutes of duration.


I really like this kind of albums. The music is raw and straightforward, the atmosphere is very thick and dark, full of passion and intensity. The band creates a mixture of Doom- Funeral Doom with some slow Heavy riffs and a mysterious, agonizing Black Metal atmosphere and a few ambient elements. It is like you have taken Abysmal Grief and Faustcoven and you have put them in a dungeon to record their album, but this similarity is something that will not bother you at all as their ideas are very interesting. The ambient sounds that are added here and there, will deliver you to that cold and wet dungeon I mentioned above, as their use is interesting making the images more vivid. I am not familiar with their work before “Exaltatus Mechanism”, but I guess that there have been some changes and improvements as the new members have contributed their ideas both in compositions and in lyrics. The songs last from three to seven minutes and their structure is good, although the style of the music doesn’t allow the band to make a lot of changes, the way that the song reaches its climax is smooth and comes naturally, so it doesn’t become boring.


As you can understand, the compositions are not that demanding regarding the technical abilities of the members, but they are demanding in passion, atmosphere and intensity. If these demands are not met, the compositions will fail miserably. Fortunately, Abigorum have achieved to deliver a very good performance, achieving to meet those demands. The guitars are raw, bassy and very passionate. The bass is dirty and gives the depth and the darkness that the compositions need. The drums are minimal, without many changes but they are stable and passionate. The vocals are also very good, sometimes clean, narrating, sometimes deep, heavy but most of the times raw, harsh and dirty Black Metal ones, adding various feelings to the compositions. The production is dirty and bassy, while the mixture is balanced giving priority to the guitars without burying any of the other instruments. The lyrics are contained in the four pages booklet and they are written in German. I don’t speak German, so I don’t know what they are about.


I guess the new members benefited Abigorum a lot and as a result they have offered an interesting album full of darkness, images and passion. I have enjoyed the album a lot and I am sure that if they continue to work in the direction that they have at the moment, they will offer some very enjoyable and intense albums. The tracks that stood out are Grau und Schwarz, Jetzt, Königreich Dunkelheit and Krieg, although each one has an interesting moment to catch your attention. If you like Black – Funeral Doom, you will appreciate this effort. Listen to it.




Питерский музыкант и музыкальный издатель Алексей “Satanath” Королёв очень любит разного рода коллаборации и совместные работы, однако если до сих пор все его совместные альбомы в рамках Abigorum носили эпизодический и ситуативный характер, то в январе года нынешнего к проекту на постоянной основе присоединились два немецких музыканта – Тино “Fluch” (гитара, вокал, лирика) и Сандра “Pesthexe” (бас), что стало очень логичным и правильным решением, избавив Abigorum от необходимости каждый раз искать сторонних вокалистов.


По сравнению с прошлогодним сплитом “Spectral Shadows”, где за вокал отвечал некий Abstrusus, нынешний тройственный союз под вывеской Abigirum стал заметно проще, чище и медленнее. Стало меньше кроссжанровых экспериментов, шумового эмбиента, ритуального мрака и тому подобной экспериментальщины, а вместо всех этих трёх перечисленных составляющих ныне настал черёд очень ровного, практически совершенно не страшного и не инфернального, но очень колоритного и просто гипер-медленного немецкоязычного (!) блэк-дума.


Можно только гадать и теряться в догадках, как так вышло, что Алексей так разом и повсеместно отдал все лирические бразды правления в собственном проекте какому-то немецкому бородачу, но факты однозначно свидетельствуют о том, что Abigorum движется к стабильности, а начиная с “Exaltatus Mechanism” мы все будем наблюдать развитие и экспликацию новой эры проекта, которую я бы определил как варварскую. И дело не в текстах и не в том, о чём они нам повествуют, а исключительно в ощущениях, которые оставляет музыка “Механизма экзальтации”.


Появилось что-то очень немецкое в самой манере исполнения обновлённого Abigorum, гитары и мелодии однозначно отдают Вагнером, а гармонии и переходы то и дело напоминали мне разные знаковые немецкие команды вплоть до совершенно странной ассоциации с Siegfried (да-да, это та самая группа, где одно время пела Сандра Шлерет). Под такую музыку орки Саурона вполне могли бы уныло шагать по направлению к хоббитширу, и такой вариант лично мне кажется намного более правдоподобным и близким к реальности, нежели тут саундтрек, что показывают нам Summoning.


Шумовые эффекты и злая литургичность времён “Unholy Ghost Liturgy” ушли в прошлое, но это не кажется такой уж большой потерей, поскольку на смену былому экспериментальному колориту проекта пришёл иной колорит – злобный, каркающий и лениво торжествующий. Я не так уж мало слышал блэк-дума, но отчего-то теперь именно “Exaltatus Mechanism” стал у меня ассоциироваться с данным поджанром и казаться наиболее чистым, характерным и органическим его воплощением. Почему? Попробуйте послушать сами и оцените.


Каждый, кто пробовал играть нечто подобное или, по крайней мере, готов поверить мне или, скажем, музыкантам My Dying Bride, знает, как тяжело играть грузные и тяжкие риффы медленно. И ещё сложнее играть их гипер-медленно. И при этом не быть унылым, упадочным и скучным. И ведь именно этим занимаются сейчас Abigorum образца 2019 года. И они совсем не скучны и уж тем более не унылы, а их мрак и упадок выглядят очень даже художественно и при всём их единообразии достаточно разнообразно.


На альбоме хватает достаточно интересных мелодий, неплохих атмосферных вставок, причудливых аранжировок и своей особой варварской харизмы. Присутствует даже некоторая преемственность по отношению к ранним релизам проекта, и если не отвлекаться на немецкоязычное неспешное карканье и выдвинувшиеся на первые план маститые гитары, то можно без труда рассмотреть в этом скорбном музыкальном полотне намёк на прежний Abigorum, который всегда так или иначе балансировал на стыке блэка и дума.


По скорости это типичный фьюнерал дум, а вот по настроению – нет. И это притом, что эту музыку не назвать радостной или светлой, и концентрируется она, понятное дело, на тёмных и грустных сторонах эмоционального спектра, но – у печали есть тысячи лиц, и Алексей со своими новыми сотоварищами это нам убедительно демонстрирует. Да и не печаль это на самом деле, а лишь максимальная сосредоточенность и самоуглублённость, граничащая с заторможенностью и какой-то заиндевелой экзальтацией (вероятно, с подобным полуманиакальным настроем Кай в чертогах Снежной Королевы собирал из кусочков разбитого зеркала слово “Вечность”).


Можно рекомендовать этот диск самым разным слушателям, среди которых могут быть как фанаты упоминавшихся выше толкиенутых австрийцев из Summoning, так и симпатизирующие точно так же упоминавшимся несколькими абзацами выше Siegfried. К чести проекта замечу, что они подобрались к рубежам Протектора и Силениуса, совершенно не пытаясь, в отличие например, от Moongates Guardian, воссоздать их фишки или нарулить аналог их мрачной версии Средиземья, но именно это в данном случае и ценно – аутентичность. Аутентичности здесь даже не вёдра - озёра. Вечные чёрные озёра безрадостных слёз назгулов и слепых призраков кромешной печали.