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There’s a decent possibility that I’m misremembering this (especially since a Google search didn’t yield anything), but I swear I’ve seen one of those ‘trying to make it as a singer/songwriter’ movies–you know the kind I mean, and how contrived they all end up being–that had a line of dialogue in it that went something like ‘you don’t always choose the song; sometimes the song chooses you.’


Whether this film actually exists anywhere except inside my head isn’t important. That line of dialogue that I really don’t think I made up perfectly describes how I felt when I heard “The Forest,” the song we’re premiering today from Pittsburgh-based black metal trio Automb. Here’s the thing: in spite of how it may seem sometimes, I don’t spend the entirety of my days churning out content for the Vault. And I don’t say yes to everything premiere opportunity that comes our way. For starters, I do have a real job teaching college English, and sometimes that means I’m stuck in what I tend to call ‘grading hell,’ staring down a stack of 80+ essays. This one was of those weeks, so the last thing I wanted to do was pick up another track premiere…at least until I hit play, and then I couldn’t not do it.


On their debut full-length Esoterica, Automb play an occasionally atmospheric, mostly aggressively melodic style of black metal (think Nokturnal Mortum) with a bit of death metal thrown into the mix for good measure. There’s something very classic about their approach, and they pack more kickass, catchy black metal riffs into a five minute song that some bands have on entire albums. but the death metal elements keep things sounding fresh. Trust me on this one – Automb isn’t the umpteenth band with a Mgła fetish trying to make their own version of With Hearts Towards None.


A quick glance at the band’s lineup, though, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that Automb is so fucking good: Necrophagia guitarist Serge Streltsov and current Morbid Angel skinsman Scott Fuller comprise 2/3 of the band. It’s that final piece, though, that really gives the band their unfuckwithable edge: bassist/vocalist/keyboardist Danielle Evans, who has one of the most intimidating growls I’ve heard from a vocalist of any gender. Add it all together, and you’ve got one of the more impressive aural beatdowns I’ve heard this year.







Esoteric black metal trio Automb are gearing up for the release of their debut album, Esoterica, on October 22nd. Though the name Automb is just making its way into the scene, they’ve already garnered plenty of attention thanks to the the fact that its members have established careers with the likes of Necrophagia and Morbid Angel.


While I stand strong by the opinion that “female-fronted” is a trite and outdated band descriptor that needs to die immediately if not sooner, it would be heinous to brush over the fact that vocalist Danielle Evans is an absolute badass. Her thick, powerful growl commands the attention of the listener, accentuated by her ethereal stage presence on full display in Automb’s latest music video for “Horned God.”


“Horned God” is pure fucking black metal in every sense. DIY aesthetic? Check. Bone-crushing sonic depravity? Check. Satan? You better believe it. However, the band urges us to look further than the initial perceptions of the Satanic imagery: “Although we use prevalent satanic imagery, we encourage their viewers to look deeper into the meaning of these symbols before lumping us in with other ‘satanic black metal’ bands.”





Out of one death comes a new birth. The untimely passing of Frank “Killjoy” Pucci this past spring brought a halt to work on a new album by his long-running death metal band Necrophagia. Necrophagia guitarist Serge Streltsov then chose to turn his full energies to what had begun as a black metal side-project, a band called Automb that he had formed with vocalist/bassist/keyboardist Danielle Evans. They enlisted the aid of Morbid Angel drummer Steve Fuller, and have completed work on a debut Automb album named Esoterica, which will be released on October 22nd through Satanath Records (Russia) and Final Gate Records (Germany).


Whether there will ever be another Necrophagia album is an unknown, but what is abundantly clear is that Automb have created a new album (dedicated to Killjoy) that’s fueled by passion and delivered with immense dark power. One attention-grabbing track from the album has already premiered (“Into Nothingness”), and today we present another: “Call of Hekate“.


This new track, which draws upon death metal as well as black metal traditions, is tremendously heavy and physically punishing, but it also successfuly creates a haunting atmosphere of palpable dread, unstrung delirium, and chilling spookiness.


Fuller‘s pneumatic drumwork (which is attention-grabbing throughout) launches the track, coupled with long chord reverberations that are ominous and oppressive, yet indicative of brooding majesty. Danielle Evans‘ raw, howling vocals magnify the music’s intensity, as do an eruption of double-bass thunder and a rattling snare rhythm, combined with the buzz of a rising and falling tremolo riff. The song repeatedly shifts gears between these two pitch-black formations until it strikes a new level of intensity, the whirring melody becoming more fiery, the drumwork more frenetic, the vocals even more violent.


A guitar lead emerges that writhes and whips about in a manifestation of sonic derangement, backed by bursts of militaristic drumming, yet there is a mood of desolation in this frenzy of sound, and the appearance of brief arpeggios conjure unsettling visions of tortured apparitions before the feeling of terrible dread returns once more.


Esoterica will be released on October 22nd in a jewel-case CD edition of 500 copies, with an 8-page booklet. Pre-order info can be found below, along with “Call of Hekate” and a stream of that previously released track “Into Nothingness” (a free download at Bandcamp), which is overall a more vicious and violent attack, laced with eerie, sinuous, reverberating leads, groaning, stalking chords with an imperious mien, and a demonically freakish solo.





I'm always a fan of great musicians exploring new musical outlets with other great musicians, and such is the case with Automb, a new band featuring Serge Streltsov and Danielle Evans of NECROPHAGIA, with Scott Fuller of MORBID ANGEL on drums. Together they combine extreme forces to create a wall of terrorizing sound in ways you don't often hear from a power trio.


A mix of death metal, black metal, and a menacing soundscape, they set you on a path of destruction you'll want to follow to the depths of hell. Check out the track below for "Into Nothingness" and can an eye out for their debut album, Esoterica, scheduled to release this October.




The latest all-star cast to join the ranks of bitchin’ new bands is this dynamic trio from Pittsburgh: Morbid Angel drummer Scott Fuller, ex-Necrophagia guitarist Serge Streltsov, and Danielle Evans on vocals, keys, and bass. These folks play an electrifying blend of atmospheric, melodic black metal and pummeling death metal that draws from influences of paganism and the occult.


We really can’t lump Automb into the same category as every other modern esoteric black metal band — their elements of pure ferocity make this band a beast of their own. Their debut single, “Into Nothingness,” is an excellent introduction to everything they have to offer: perfect tones, impeccably tight playing, and BARBARIC vocals from Evans that seal the deal. Check it out below, and stay tuned for more music from Automb this fall.




There are not as many women playing black metal but an exception is Danielle Evans with vocals, keys & bass. She plays in Automb a new blackened death metal band from USA. Her thick, powerful growl commands the attention of the listener, accentuated by her ethereal stage presence on full display in Automb’s latest music video for Horned God.


Horned God is from the debut album Esoterica from the trio Automb. Evans fellow musicians are Serge Streltsov on guitar and the drummer Scott Fuller. The musicians are experienced and have established careers with the likes of Necrophagia and Morbid Angel. Esocteria a agressive album but sometimes atmospheric and mostly melodic. Stylish it is black metal with a bit of death metal and a menacing soundscape.


The song Into Nothingness shows perfectly everything Automb have to offer. Very tight playing, barbaric vocal and tons of ferocity.


Lyrically the band draws from influences of paganism and the occult. The three musicians interact and play each other even better. Great musicians which are motivated to play together, and willing to explore new musical territories, create almost without exception exciting and good music. Their combination of musical expertise and experience lead to a wall of torturing but fascinating black metal.




  Automb  are  a  band  from  Pennsylvania  that  plays  a  very  melodic  and  atmospheric  form  of  black  metal  with  some  elements  of  death  metal  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2018  album  "Esoterica"  which  was  released  as  a  joint  effort  between  Satanath  and  Final  Gate  Records.


  Nature  and  ritualistic  sounds  start  off  the  album  along  with  some  melodic  chants  and  spoken  word  parts  before  going  into  a  heavier  direction  which  also  introduces  deep  black  metal  screams  onto  the  recording  while  the  riffs  also  add  in  a  great  amount  of  melody  and  the  music  also  mixes  in  a  lot  of  death  metal  elements.


  When  the  music  speeds  up  a  great  amount  of  blast  beats  can  also  be  heard  while  the solos  and  leads  are  done  in  a  very  melodic  style  along  with  the  songs  also  bringing  in  a  great  mixture  of  slow,  mid  paced  and  fast  parts  as  well  as  the  tremolo  picking  also  giving  the  songs  more  of  a  raw  feeling  and  as  the  album  progresses  the  music  starts  getting  more  atmospheric  and  they  also a dd  in a  brief  keyboard  instrumental  before  returning  back  to  a  heavier  direction  on  the  remaining  tracks.


  Automb  plays  a  style  of  black  metal  that  is  very  melodic  and  atmospheric  sounding  while  also  adding  in  elements  of  death  metal  to  create  a  sound  of  their  own,  the  production  sounds  very  professional  while  the  lyrics  cover  Paganism,  Occultism,  Witchcraft  and  Esoteric  Knowledge  themes.


  In  my  opinion  Automb  are  a  very  great  sounding  melodic  and  atmospheric  mixture  of  black  and  death  metal  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  those  musical  genres,  you  should  check  out  this  band. 




Earlier this fall Satanath Records (Russia) and Final Gate Records (Germany) released Esoterica, the debut album of the Pittsburgh-based black metal band Automb. We had the pleasure of premiering a track from the album in advance of its release, and now we’re pleased again to present an official video for one of the album’s many riveting tracks, a song called “Mourned“.


For those who may be encountering Automb for the first time, it began as a side-project of Necrophagia guitarist Serge Streltsov and vocalist/bassist/keyboardist Danielle Evans. After the untimely passing of Streltsov‘s Necrophagia bandmate Frank “Killjoy” Pucci (to whom this new album is dedicated), he turned his full attention to Automb, and he and Danielle Evans enlisted the aid of Morbid Angel drummer Scott Fuller to create Esoterica.


And for those who might be encountering “Mourned” for the first time, it is dark, dramatic, and relentlessly intense, the music suffused with feelings of turmoil, pain, and grief. The lyrics speak of mourning for those who have lost their way — lost touch with our roots, with nature, with old ways and old gods. “We are the moon, the sun, the leaves, the snow,” the howled words say, but we have forgotten — and that sense of bitter loss comes through in the emotional resonance of the music.


There is deep power in the sound itself, the production lending clarity but preserving heaviness and force. Scott Fuller‘s drumming creates changing militaristic assaults, but also booms like savage thunder in a glowering sky, while Danielle Evans‘ bass attack creates a ravaging undercurrent. Serge Streltsov‘s riffing is fierce and seething, and the leads and soloing become heart-piercing expressions of sorrow and regret. Yet there is also a kind of stateliness and reverence in the music, befitting the song’s subject matter.


The video, also befitting the lyrical expressions, gives us panoramic vistas of nature, entwined with film of the band’s performance.


The genuine passion that comes through in this track is a hallmark of the album as a whole, and we’ve included a full stream of Esoterica along with the video. It’s available now through the links below.




Opera prima per questo trio a stelle e strisce. Il black proposto è piuttosto canonico e ricalca un po’ l’dea di musica primordiale al servizio di un racconto ancestrale sull’occultismo e il potere della natura. I suoni sono piuttosto sostenuti e a dire il vero ci si discosta, intro a parte, dal classico black sulfureo e atmosferico che di solito viene associato a questi temi. Anzi, qui si spinge decisamente sull’acceleratore e non ci sono passaggi strumentali o altro. “Summoning The Storm” è forse l’esempio più rappresentativo dell’album oltre che uno degli episodi più riusciti dell’intero lavoro. Sono davvero pochi i momenti in cui riff e batteria accennano a rallentare un po’ rispetto a ritmi furiosi che impongono un black marziale e preciso, tipicamente inscritto nei canoni della musica estrema americana. Un cd che, a parte le tematiche poco canoniche per un gruppo americano, conserva un’anima aggressiva e molto improntata sulla velocità e sulla furia cieca, con buona pace per chi dalla copertina aveva sperato in un album sulla tradizione nordica… Resta comunque una buona prova, carica nell’impatto e robusta nella struttura, pur non aggiungendo nulla all’attuale scena black metal.




Nun liegt mir das Debütalbum des aus Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania stammenden Trios AUTOMB mit namen “Esoterica” vor. Gegründet wurde die Band 2017 und besteht aus: Scott Fuller – Drums (Morbid Angel), Serge Streltsov – Gitarre (Necrophagia) und Danielle Evans – Bass / Vocals und Keyboards.


Esoterica beinhaltet 10 Tacks inkl. Intro und kommt mit einer Spielzeit von 43:11 Minuten. Das kurze Intro kommt indianisch trommelnd mit düsterer Atmosphäre daher oder ist es eher eine Teufelsbeschwörung? Wer weiß, aber schon der folgende Track “Horned God” lässt keine Zweifel aufkommen, wohin die Reise geht. Das Trio geht hier infernal schwarz episch, mit Geschwindigkeitswechseln, mit jeder Menge bombast zu Werke und die seelengewaltigen Growls von Danielle scheinen direkt aus der Dämonenwelt entsprungen zu sein. Klar (so denke ich zumindest) wurde hier auch an den stimmlichen Reglern gedreht (oder nicht?), aber das ist mir eigentlich völlig egal. Der Song versetzt mich schon zu Beginn in schwarze Ekstase und ich bin begeistert.


“Summoning The Storm” tritt in die Fußstapfen seines Vorgängers und auch hier gefällt mir vor allem der Gitarrensound und die Kreativität, trotz der entsprechenden Härte und Roheit. “Mourned” fällt zu ersten Mal aus dem Rahmen bzw. geht etwas andere Wege z. B. eine schräge Gitarrenpassage, die abrupt kurz nach dem Beginn das Treiben unterbricht. Generell werden hier unterschiedlichste in Töne gefasste Momente abgeliefert und die Drums finden auch mal zu Mid-Tempo Augenblicken den Weg zurück im längsten Titel auf dem Album.


“Call Of Hekate” arbeitet mit schneidenden Riffs und kommt majestätisch schwer daher, um dann aber wieder zwischenzeitlich die Geschwindigkeit anzuziehen. “Blood Moon” überrascht mich mit dezenten Keyboardklängen im Hintergrund, so dass die entsprechende Stimmung mit doomigen Sound zum Blutmond aufkommt, während vorne das Dämonische weiterhin einzug hält. “The Forest” ist episch, schwer und von Düsternis ummantelt. In diesen Wald solltest du bei nacht nicht alleine gehen!


“A Lamentation” dringt kurz instrumental und ruhig in meine Gehörgänge, während “Frozen” sich stampfend wuchtig vorwärts bewegt. Das abschließende “Into Nothingness” ist nochmal ein Brett mit allerlei Wucht und Boshaftigkeit, wobei es mir hier besonders der schwer gitarrenlastige Mittelteil angetan hat, die Sechssaitige generell. Klasse!


Fazit: Hier haben Scott Fuller von Morbid Angel, Serge von Necrophagia und die schöne Danielle die Death Metal-Elemente nahtlos mit klassischem Black Metal und episch atmosphärischen Tönen kombiniert. Ein Debütalbum, was auf meiner dämonischen Speisekarte steht!




У меня сегодня вечер экспериментов. Много мелодика и женского вокала.


Я услышала Automb и их альбом октября 2018-го "Esoterica" сегодня впервые. Молодые обворожительные ребята, их блэк-дэз мне ближе, чем дум. Для меня чересчур мелодичный, но сыграно хорошо, качественно. Вокал красивый, как и сама Danielle. Арт обложки замечательный. Но, не верю я в их историю до конца. А как вы помните, мне нравится целостная история. После клипа "Mourned" перестала верить окончательно. Те же режимы наложения, что и у Superlynx в "Hex". А эффект и качество разное. У Automb нет никакой разницы играют они в подвале на репетиции или в лесу из клипа. Просто смена декорации и просто смена кадров из леса. Меня не вовлекло. Из всего альбома хочу выделить пару песен: "Horned God" и "The Forest".

В целом группа очень даже хорошая, отлично зайдет молодому поколению неформалов!




I have an experiment tonight. A lot of melodic metal and female vocals.


I heard Automb and their October 2018th album "Esoterica" for the first time today. Young charming guys, their black-death is closer to me than doom. Yeahhh....for me it's too melodic, but played well, qualitatively. The vocals is beautiful, like Danielle. Art cover is wonderful. But...


I do not believe in their history to the end. And, as you remember, I like a complete story. After the clip "Mourned" stopped believing completely. Same blending modes as Superlynx in Hex. But the effect and quality is different. Automb have no difference if they play in the basement during rehearsal or in the forest from the video. Just changing the scenery and just changing frame to frame from the forest. I was not involved. From the whole album I want to highlight a couple of songs: "Horned God" and "The Forest".

Yes it's a good band; it will go well for the young generation of metalheads!




Gli Automb sono tra i miei gruppi Satanath preferiti del 2018. In teoria sono all’esordio. In pratica, c’è Serge, l’ultimo chitarrista dei Necrophagia e degli ottimi Haxxan, la sua fidanzata, e inoltre un session d’eccezione come Scott Fuller (oggi nei Morbid Angel, ma noto anche per gli Annihilated). La bellezza di Esoterica (coprodotto con Final Gate Records) è tanto abbagliante quanto inattesa. Mi ha fatto perdere le parole perché nel blackened death, in genere, il tasso di formaggiosità è molto alto, tra gente inadeguata e cloni spudorati dei Dissection. Quindi quando trovo gruppi come gli Automb quasi mi commuovo. Pisciare in testa a ogni cosa fatta dai Belphegor da oltre dieci anni? Fatto! Qui ovviamente la batteria così pronunciata fa venire in mente lo stile di Inferno dei Behemoth, e quindi anche le sezioni più prettamente death guadagnano un sacco di punti rispetto alla media delle uscite omologhe. A me sembra tutto perfetto: una mole impressionante di idee e di belle canzoni, da ascoltare fino alla nausea. Se solo me ne fossi innamorato prima, Esoterica sarebbe finito nella famigerata listona di fine 2018, statene certi.




Automb hail from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and their debut album Esoterica kicks some serious ass.


Drummer Scott Fuller and guitarist Serge Stelrsov are experienced musicians who've played in several bands (Morbid Angel, Necrophagia, Sentinel Beast, Haxxan, etc.), and they put all that experience to good use on this album. The music herein is a vicious, fast-paced, Christ-lashing, in-yer-fuckin'-face black/death metal frenzy spiced up with vocalist Danielle's deranged, diabolic growls and lyrics obsessed with paganism, occultism, and witchcraft. They mix the speed and ferocity of Immortal or early Emperor with a sufficient amount of atmosphere and dynamic songwriting, never being content with speed for its own sake. "Call of Hecate" is a perfect example of their ability to marry ripping musical velocity with slower passages containing sweeping melodies and a crawling sense of dread.


If black/death carnage that doesn't forget to make real music and atmosphere while tearing your face off is what you're looking for, then be prepared to embrace the beautiful darkness of this album.




Automb are a black metal band from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and who are on Satanath Records. Their music features the traditional screamed vocals, harsh guitars and menacing drums along with spooky synthesisers. With their debut 2018 album ‘Esoterica’, they mix death metal and atmospheric tones to push the boundaries a tiny bit further than some of their contemporaries. The group have been influenced by the likes of Drudkh, Nokturnal, Mortum, Satyricon, Emperor, Moonsorrow and Behemoth, to name a few.


I say the band push boundaries, and they do in a way. However, that’s only because black metal bands often sound more or less exactly the same as each other. Really, however they don’t innovate as much as they should. They also arguably don’t produce material of the same quality as their sources of inspiration. Drudkh often write great hypnotic music with excellent harmony one could listen to for extended periods of time. With Automb, you do get ideas far more advanced than mere power chords, but the progressions don’t develop in a way that is as intelligent and satisfying.


Again, Automb aren’t as good as Moonsorrow, either. The latter band write epic pieces of music that almost develop like symphonies, (ok, that was a bit pretentious, but you know what I mean). With the former you get traditional, more basic black metal, in terms of structure. The band can be compared to Behemoth in that their sound is mostly flat out raging, but don’t expect any crushing, classic anthems that get stuck in your head. Also don’t expect the creativity and skill level of the rhythms.


In conclusion this music is mostly overly typical and more interesting parts that play with different instrumental textures aren’t as common as they should be, if the band are trying to be more thoughtful and based on atmospheres. (The lone guitar duo in ‘Mourned’ is pretty cool, though). Again, tremolo picked guitars are all over the place, so are blast beats, you most likely get the picture. On the plus side, this music IS genuinely exciting almost throughout its entire playing time and it will pump the adrenaline. For that reason alone it will be worth purchasing for many BM fans.




“Automb” nos llega desde América, y es una de estas bandas que en los sonidos extremos no dan tregua, así que nos encontramos con sonidos brutales de puro Death con muchos elementos del Black que hacen a este disco ideal para todas las que como yo os gusten los sonidos retorcidos, crudos y salvajes, que se ve en las composiciones de este trabajo que desprende fuerza por los cuatro costados.




Con la intro “Esotérica” con un carácter oscuro y relacionado con lo mágico nos introducimos en el infierno sonoro que nos proponen los americanos con “Horned God”, un tema denso, crudo  muy enraizado con el Doom, en el que vamos a ver pinceladas black y que le da a la composición momentos deliciosamente caóticos y unos coros que se clavan en el cerebro. Sin darnos tiempo a respirar “Summoning the Storm” es un tema directo de puro Death de los que te deja sin respiración con un ritmo acelerado y salvaje, de los que se disfrutan al máximo mientras que “Mourned” es un tema más oscuro y retorcido donde el registro vocal todavía es más gutural y crudo. Un tema directo sin demasiados cambios que te da directo a la cara.




“Call of Hexate” entra de manera pesada, contundente, con un ritmo que se arrastra como un reptil por el suelo para luego dar un giro y las guitarras imprimen velocidad que nos llevan al principio, denso, oscuro y que personalmente se ha convertido en una de mis temas favoritos, al igual que “Blood Moon” donde el registro vocal cada vez es más oscuro, denso y retorcido teniendo como fondo musical un tono más épico en el inicio que se va transformando en más denso.




Seguimos devorando un disco delicioso pero de los que cuesta que te vaya entrando a la primera ya que a cada canción el disco se recrudece y se hace más oscuro. “The Forest” nos lleva por esos territorios donde el Black se va dando la mano con el Death en un ambiente oscuro que te asfixia y que nos lleva al final del disco donde el brutal “Into Nothingness”  te deja absolutamente destrozado por la brutalidad del sonido en el que no hay concesiones al descanso.




Un buen descubrimiento para los que amamos los sonidos extremos que me ha dejado un excelente sabor de boca.




A collaboration between Danielle Evans (vocals, bass, keys) and Serge Streltsov (guitars, ex-Necrophagia) resulted in the birth of a Black/Death sounding entity called Automb. For their debut album they have recruited drummer Scott Fuller, who is mostly known for handling the sticks on the Morbid Angel album “Kingdoms Disdained”, but he also gained experience in Havok and Abysmal Dawn.


Although having an occasional Death Metal approach when it comes to riffs (the last track “Into Nothingness” for example), it is Black Metal that has the upper hand on “Esoterica”. And all kinds of Black Metal, be it fast, melodic and atmospheric, you will hear it all and you will hear it in the classic (mostly) Scandinavian way but with a nowadays clear sound. While listening to this album you will hear parts & bits that could be on Ancient’s “The Canian Cronicle” or Obtained Enslavement’s “Witchcraft”…and then you hear a savor of Emperor or Dark Funeral. And the list goes on, because a touch of the Slavonic Scene (Drudkh, Hate Forest) and Behemoth (the moment they were transforming, around “Pandemonic Incantations”) are present as well. And it doesn’t sounds exact like the bands and albums I’m mentioning, but the spirit is there.


Although I don’t think it will reach the top 10 of most “Album of The Year” lists, there is certainly nothing wrong with this album. Not outstanding but nevertheless an enjoyable and good listen.




Black metal has been through many iterations over its various waves and permutations, but Pittsburgh act Automb — singer-bassist Danielle Evans, guitarist Serge Streltsov (ex-Necrophagia) and drummer Scott Fuller (Morbid Angel) — have stripped things back to the basics with their video for "Into Nothingness," a chilly track wrought with themes of isolation and darkness taken from their debut album Esoterica.


Focusing on a full-band setup in a nighttime woodland scene, the corpsepaint-wearing band shows a grim dedication to the traditional imagery associated with the Scandinavian second wave of black metal. Shot entirely in black and white, the video jumps between this scene and short bits of the three musicians standing around a ritualistic fire. Evans delivers a fierce, fist-clenching performance in cutaway scenes, deadpanning the lyrics into the camera while dramatic lighting bathes the shot in accentuated shadows.



"Basically the lyrics refer to the Left-Hand Path, or the night side path of paganism," says Evans of the track. "These are part of a spiritual path that discusses the origin of all creation, beyond the cosmic order and even gods themselves. Vast emptiness. The grand darkness that gives birth to light and life. Chaos."


The climax comes when Streltsov climbs onto an enormous fallen tree and stands firm on its branches to perform a squealing guitar solo that modernizes the track with skill and precision lacking in some more traditional purveyors of the genre. The video cuts off quickly as Evans growls the track title once more, and the scene cuts to black.





Da Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, ecco a voi gli Automb, progetto black/death che vede tra le sue fila il batterista dell'album 'K' dei Morbid Angel, Scott Fuller, Serge Streltsov (ex Necrophagia) alle chitarre e tal Danielle Evans, gentil donzella (si fa per dire) per voce, basso e tastiere. Il quadro è cosi completato, ora vi serve solo capire la proposta del trio statunitense in questo primo Lp dal titolo 'Esoterica'. Dicevamo di un black death che punta più sulla veemenza delle proprie ritmiche che su un approccio melodico, e la devastante "Horned God" sembra poterlo confermare con una ritmica massiccia, serrata, un muro di cemento armato contro il quale andarci a sbattere. Eppure in questo grandinare di riff, sento una certa vena melodica di sottofondo, sorretta poi dal vociare grugnolesco della brava Danielle, che propina un growl energico, feroce ma soprattutto convincente, che permette qualche accostamento a quella Angela Gossow che sbraitava qualche tempo fa per gli Arch Enemy. Nel frattempo il suono degli Automb viaggia compatto anche con le successive "Summoning the Storm" o "Mourned", sebbene in quest'ultima, per gentil concessione, i nostri ci regalino il primo momento per prendere fiato con un breve break strumentale. Niente paura, nulla di particolarmente atmosferico, vedevo già molti di voi storcere il naso. La band riprende a macinare e viaggiare su ritmi infuocati, con un solo unico obiettivo: la distruzione dei nostri timpani. Tuttavia ascoltando più attentamente le chitarre di questa song mi viene da fare un paragone col suono delle chitarre dei gods irlandesi Primordial, anche se poi qui siamo distanti anni luce dalla proposta pagana del buon Alan Nemtheanga e soci. In questo 'Esoterica', l'avrete capito, non c'è troppo spazio per le melodie o le atmosfere, impegnati i nostri come sono nella loro opera distruttiva. Eppure anche in "Call of Hekate" riecheggia in un qualche modo, una rivisitazione sicuramente più primitiva dei Primordial a cui aggiungerei però un altro nome della scena norvegese che ahimè è scomparsa dopo un meraviglioso lavoro. Sto parlando degli Obtained Enslavement e del loro 'The Shepherd and the Hounds of Hell' che qui, in talune porzioni di disco, sembra riemergere, mostrando il lato più black oriented degli Automb. Un album per certi versi che vede nelle devastanti e annichilenti "Blood Moon" e "Into Nothingness" altri due momenti interessanti del disco. Sicuramente non siamo di fronte a nulla di originale, eppure quest'opera prima può rappresentare un buon punto di partenza per questo trio americano, da tenere sotto traccia assolutamente.




Terugkeren in de tijd is iets dat ik zelden doe bij het recenseren van platen. Sommige albums verdienen echter, ook na vele maanden, de nodige aandacht, omdat ze niet worden opgemerkt door de doorsnee media binnen het metalgebeuren. We proberen zulke labels en bands dan ook in de schijnwerpers te zetten, omdat ze dat gewoon verdienen. Neem nu Automb. Deze Amerikaanse occulte blackmetalband bracht vorig jaar in oktober zijn debuut op de markt: 'Esoterica'. Een plaat die je doorheen schudt en die klinkt alsof die band al ruimschoots twintig jaar bezig is. Wat toch opmerkelijk is voor een debuut.

Dat puur kwalitatief de perfectie wordt overschreden is gezien de staat van dienst van de leden van deze band niet verwonderlijk. Want ondanks dat het over een gloednieuw project gaat, heeft ieder van de leden binnen deze band al ruimschoots zijn sporen verdiend. Zo heeft Drummer Scott Fuller al bij meerdere gerenommeerde bands zijn diensten bewezen. Hij bedient dan ook bij Automb de drumvellen alsof zijn leven ervan afhangt, verschroeiend uitpakkend tot iedereen murw geslagen in de hoek achter blijft. Ook gitarist Serge Strelsov heeft ondertussen ruimschoots zijn sporen verdiend bij meerdere bands. Ook hij tovert riffs uit zijn gitaar die recht doorheen je hart boren als vlijmscherpe zwaarden. Als kers op de taart is er die grauwe, griezelige stem van Danielle Evens, die je de uiteindelijke doodsteek toedient. De band gaat tekeer als losgeslagen demonen op een rollercoaster, die maar één richting uitgaat. De diepste putten van de Hel.

Elk van de songs, vanaf “Horned God” over “Mourned”, “Calle Of Hekate” tot “Into Nothingness”, gaat dan ook diezelfde waanzinnige weg op. Je zou kunnen stellen dat dit een minpunt kan genoemd worden. Maar door de perfecte kruisbestuiving tussen deze drie talentvolle muzikanten, met de bijzonder tot de verbeelding sprekende stem van Danielle - die klinkt als een hogepriester uit de hel, orden we echter letterlijk in een ijzeren greep gehouden, waaruit ontsnappen onmogelijk is. Demonische klauwen wel te verstaan. Want die occulte aankleding, die de duistere fantasie van ons - en hopelijk ook de aanhoorder van deze plaat - prikkelt, is feitelijk nog het meest opvallende aan deze klasseschijf. Dit is de soort rauwe en dodelijke black metal waardoor we indertijd zijn gevallen voor dit genre. De schijf eindigt dan ook met een oerknal van jewelste, waarbij alle registers worden opengezet, en waarbij demonische wezens uiteindelijk de wereld overheersen. “Into Nothingness” is een titel en song die dat laatste nog wat meer in de verf zet.

Automb is een typische occulte black/deathmetalband die goed heeft begrepen hoe ze duisternis zodanig intensief kunnen doen klinken, dat je je prompt horror verhalen voor de geest haalt en de meest donkere gedachten naar boven komen. Zo intens dat je badend in het angstzweet zit te rillen op je stoel tijdens het beluisteren daarvan. Zelfs als de zon door je raam schijnt - wat tijdens het beluisteren hiervan het geval was - voelt het aan alsof eerder we in ultieme duisternis zijn aanbeland. En dat laatste trekt ons over de gehele lijn nog het meest over de streep.

Kortom, Voer dus voor de black/deathmetalfan die houdt van intensief genieten in die duisternis en daarbij graag zijn donkere fantasie de vrije loop laat.





Po dłuższej przerwie wraca temat płytowych nowości. Automb to młody zespół z USA, który łączy w swojej muzyce Black oraz Death Metal dodając do tej mieszanki szczypty Pogańskiej estetyki. Przyznam, że nie tak znowu często się to spotyka. W każdym razie Automb brzmi dla mnie dosyć oryginalnie i nie ukrywam, że nieco wrażenia na mnie swym debiutanckim krążkiem zrobili.

Z płytą "Esoterica" miałem okazję spotkać się niemal pół roku po jej premierze. Żałuję, że sporo po czasie, często nie jest się w stanie być ze wszystkim na bieżąco. No ale, jak zwykle, nadrabiam i dzielę się z wami co lepszymi wydawnictwami jakie udało mi się wyłapać. Takim niewątpliwie jest bohater niniejszej recenzji. "Esoterica" to pierwszy w dorobku Automb długograj. Pierwszy i już niesamowicie obiecujący. Duet Danielle Evans (wokal, bass, klawisze)/ Serge Streltsov (gitara) wspierany przez perkusistę Morbid Angel Scotta Fullera serwuje nam mieszankę Black i Death Metalowej sztuki w stylu którego elementy odnajdziemy u Dissection, Watain, Morbid Angel czy Belphegor. Do tego dochodzą jeszcze zawieszone w tle elementy Pogańskiego grania w stylu ukraińskiego Drudkh. Z resztą Pogaństwo jaki i okultyzm, to motywy przewodnie w utworach na "Esoterica". Kompozycje mają bardzo mocną sekcję rytmiczną (Scott za garami to istna bestia), tnące riffy, większość kawałków mknie naprzód nie dając słuchaczowi chwili na wytchnienie. Niemniej jest tu również spory nacisk na budowanie podniosłej, tajemniczej lub złowieszczej czasem rytualnej atmosfery, a Serge ma okazję zabłysnąć nieco swym gitarowym rzemiosłem. Przykłady utworów w których to wszystko co wspomniałem w pełni się objawia to "Horned God", "Mourned" czy "Blood Moon". Z kolei na takim "The Forest" odzywają się momentami echa Emperor z czasów "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk". No jest tu czego posłuchać i z aprobatą pokiwać głową. Jest to materiał niezawodny, bogaty w dobre pomysły, a przede wszystkim zawierający sporo świeżości. Chciałbym jeszcze na koniec zwrócić uwagę na wokal Danielle. Jestem tu pełen podziwu i szacunku. Jest to niemal klasyczny growl, mocny, potężny, ale mający w sobie sporo indywidualnego charakteru. Nie miała miejsce sytuacja w której powiedziałbym sobie "ach, słyszałem już identyczny tu, tu i tam". Także Danielle, chylę czoła!

Cieszę się, że ta krótka recenzja pojawia się w momencie kiedy swoją premierę ma winylowa wersja niniejszej płyty. I kto ją wydaje? Ano nasze Heritage Recordings! I tu lecą ode mnie podziękowania dla Tomka, że miał nosa i wydał u siebie "Esoterica". Chyba nikt nie zrobiłby tego lepiej. Zresztą sami możecie zobaczyć poniżej jak się wersja splatter prezentuje.

Płytę polecam wszystkim i każdemu z osobna. To świetny, przepełniony trafionymi pomysłami album, który stworzyły osoby z niezaprzeczalną pasją do grania i wykonywanej sztuki!


English version:


After a long break, the topic of new releases comes back. Automb is a young band from the USA, which combines Black and Death Metal adding a pinch of Pagan aesthetics to this mix. I admit that this does not happen so often. Anyway, Automb sounds quite original to me and I do not hide that they made a little impression on me with their debut album.

With the album "Esoterica" I had the opportunity to meet almost six months after its premiere. I regret that it did not happen earlier, but often you are not able to be up to date with everything. Well, as usual, I make up and share with you the best stuff I managed to find lately. Such is undoubtedly the hero of this review. "Esoterica" is the first longplay in Automb's career. The first and already incredibly promising. Danielle Evans (vocals, bass, keyboards) / Serge Streltsov (guitar) duet supported by Morbid Angel's drummer Scott Fuller, serves us a mix of Black and Death Metal art in the style of which elements we can find in Dissection, Watain, Morbid Angel or Belphegor. Added to this are the elements of Pagan stuff in the vein of the Ukrainian Drudkh which are suspended in the background. All in all, Paganism and occultism are the main themes of the lyrics on "Esoterica". The compositions have a very strong rhythm section (Scott is a real beast behind drums), slashing riffs, most of the tracks moves forward without giving the listener a moment to rest. Nevertheless, there is also a lot of emphasis here on building a lofty, mysterious or ominous, ritual-like atmosphere, and Serge has the opportunity to shine a bit with his guitar craft. Examples of songs in which all that I mentioned is fully revealed is "Horned God", "Mourned" or "Blood Moon". In turn on such one like "The Forest" we can hear an echo of Emperor from the times of "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk". Well, there is a lot to listen to and to nod a head with approval. It is a reliable material, rich in good ideas and, above all, a lot of freshness. I would like to finally pay attention to Danielle's vocal. I am full of admiration and respect here. It is almost a classic growl, powerful, strong, but with a lot of individual character. There was no situation in which I would say to myself "ah, I have heard the same here, here and there". So Danielle, huge respect!

I'm glad that this short review appears when the vinyl version of this album has its premiere. And who released it? Well, Heritage Recordings from my country- Poland! And here I send a lot of thanks to Tomek, that he gave "Esoterica" a chance and released it. I do not think anyone would do it better. Anyway, you can see below how the splatter version presents.

I recommend the record to each and everyone of you. It's a great album filled with ideas that was created by people with an undeniable passion for playing and performing their art!





Let's start with Automb (FB page), a young trio from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that has a huge line-up consisting of ex-Necrophagia members (the Ukrainian guitarplayer Serge Streltsov) while their session drummer is even Scott Fuller from Morbid Angel, that, for the live gigs, is replaced by Jarrett Wann. Well, Automb released in 2018 their debut album "Esoterica", without publishing anything before it, through Satanath Rec along with the German label Final Gate Rec.


The band, that's really active in the live front, plays a good black/death metal with growling vocals performed by the bassplayer Danielle Evans. Mainly influenced by bands like Dissection, Belphegor and Behemoth, Automb plays in a very aggressive and furious style dubbed by them as "Esoteric Black Metal" because of their lyrics focused on occultism, paganism, witchcraft and nature. The band promoted their album through the video of "Horned God" while they are preparing another one for "Into Nothingness".





Fruit d’une collaboration entre Satanath Records et Final Gate Records, l’album du jour « Esoterica » nous est proposé par le groupe américain Automb formé en 2017 qui sévit dans un black metal agrémenté de la lourdeur du death metal.


Pendant un peu plus de 40 minutes, les morceaux se déroulent dans une ambiance des plus sombres, avec une rythmique principalement violente, résidant d’ailleurs comme l’axe de violence le plus impactant dans l’oeuvre tant le travail rythmique est aussi carré que lourd.


Le travail des mélodies de guitares est également bien mis en avant, et d’ailleurs concernant le chant des grattes puis du travail proposé on retrouve les influences des groupes de brutal black scandinaves à la Marduk ou encore Dark Funeral.


L’apport d’un clavier pose une ambiance assez mystique et assombrit encore l’atmosphère comme sur « Blood Moon » et son côté très mélancolique dans l’ exécution. Le tempo y est d’ailleurs plus lent que sur les autres titres qui eux distribuent un côté plus apocalyptique.


Néanmoins, l’énergie qui se dégage du titre a un bon impact de même que pour un titre comme « Frozen » qui se trame dans le même esprit, sur un mid tempo lourd et mélancoliquement mélodique.


On appréciera l’esprit guerrier de « Summoning The Storm » puis ce chant également éraillé et agressif. A noter que le chant est déclamé par une dame qui gère fort bien son art et ces vocaux savent se poser aisément à l’ambiance destructrice.


Les riffs s’enchaînent rapidement et les rythmiques n’arrêtent à aucun moment la distribution de raclées.


Citons aussi « Mourned » qui est une véritable guerre tant les riffs se font agressifs.


Le morceau alterne sur un passage très épique où le solo vient se poser de manière plus atmosphérique, puis le passage lourd mené par une batterie assez tribale vient vous remettre la grappin dessus pour vous replonger dans le tourbillon chaotique et brutal. Ici aussi, on appréciera les petites touches de claviers venant apporter un aspect assez intriguant, englobant les passages.


Le brutalité s’intensifie aussi sur le titre d clôture : « Into Nothingness » qui effectivement expédie l’auditeur dans le néant à la fin de l’album.


Des mélodies assez glaciales et une rythmique emplie de blasts, de contre temps, des variations plus lourdes s’imposent en break également et le chant se fait toujours aussi barbare.


Bien que n’étant que la première œuvre d’Automb, il est à noter que les membres sont déjà forts d’une expérience bien corsée (certains ayant bossé avec des combos comme Necrophagia et Morbid Angel. Les amateurs de violence rythmique mais mélodique apprécieront cet album qui renferme de très bonnes ambiances et qui assure dans son exécution diabolique.


Album bigrement appréciable.




Recent Morbid Angel…geez, does anyone listen to them seriously anymore?


I mean, once they left the first few letters of the alphabet…personally, I run the double “A”‘s through “C”, but some stubbornly hang in through “F” for whatever reason…


Anyway, their most recent replacement for Mike Browning and Pete Sandoval, a Scott Fuller, a fella named Serge who apparently joined Necrophagia after Whiteworm Cathedral and before Killjoy passed and a frankly stunning young lady named Danielle get together and deliver a fairly typical slab of black/death.


It’s certainly bombastically riffed and busily drummed, and you can tell on tracks like “into nothingness” and “horned god” that Morbid Angel is being tapped. And if you have some weird thing for pretty ladies who belch out death growls (and it’s always very obvious when it is a femme working that style, it’s thinner and hollower, a bit more strident in feel), then hey, here’s your far less annoying Alyssa analogue.


But aside from that, is there anything that really stands out here?  You’ve heard this sound soooooo many times now, does anyone actually get excited for template black/death anymore?


Look, there was enough about this that was at least interesting enough to comment on, and their overall sound is surprisingly listenable for the type (most black/death is frankly hard to sit through a full album worth, even one time through…this one just played, and the impression was both “comfortable” and “solid”.


And if you’re gonna blow a few bucks to catch one of these bands live…at least they’ve got someone worth looking at on the mic, right?


Yeah, I’ll give ’em the nod. Passing grade, for sure.





I have certain albums that I build up an expectation on even without having heard a single note from them. This one from AUTOMB is one of these albums. For some reason I thought that this was gonna be right up my alley with some seriously mangling death metal. and I wasn’t too off thinking so. This is the kind of slow death metal that I liked when Mythic or Derketa played it. Or even Demonic Christ. And no, I am not just name dropping to look cool. I am name dropping because these are the bands that I hoped this would remind me of. Given that my references always seem to end up in the 80s or 90s I do listen to newer stuff too. This is some seriously heavy stuff. But that doesn’t mean that it is slow and boring. On the contrary. This is really cool. I like what I hear and it did match my expectations on it.




VERDIKT: Automb nejsou zlou kapelou, přesto znějí dostatečně nekompromisně. Stylová kombinace deathu a blacku přináší příjemně strávené minuty. Přesah a trvanlivost takového materiálu už poněkud chybí.

Na světlo světa se zase vyklubalo nové logo. Tentokrát blackmetalové kapely Automb, které je plné odkazů na lesní porost a i obálku své debutové desky zahalila skupina do pohanských motivů. Zemí původu jsou Spojené státy americké a o vydání se zainteresovalo Rusko. Debut Esoterica totiž vychází po roční existenci skupiny u Satanath Records, tak se na to mrkněme.




Kapelu tvoří trojice umělců, kteří si již něčím prošli a jsou to svým způsobem zajímaví lidé. Tak třeba nejvýrazněji si asi stojí bubeník Scott Fuller. Ano, ten Scotty, který tluče do blán na Kingdoms Disdained. Mimo to má za sebou slušnou řádku jmen, jejichž provázanost si račte nalistovat ve virtuálních archivech dle libosti. Kytaristou je pán Serge Streltsov, jehož hudební přínos jsme již hodnotili skrze kapelu Haxxan. Ani on nezůstává jen u jednoho projektu a objevuje se na celé řadě dalších. Baskytaru, klávesy a zpěv pak má na starosti dívčina jménem Danielle Evans, která je osobou dosud nepolíbenou jinými kapelami. Tedy co se hudebního hlediska týče, jak moc se s kým kamarádí, necháme stranou. Však se jedná o pohlednou slečnu.




Co potěší našince, je fakt, že se o grafiku desky postaral Moonroot. Respektive vytvořil obal a logo. Tenhle chlapík už má za sebou nejeden vynikající počin, takže jeho práce je opět zárukou kvality, což je evidentní. Motiv se vám třeba nemusí zamlouvat, ale jde o tu techniku a zpracování, které je prostě skvělé a velmi detailní. Obrázek nejlépe odpovídá textovému zaměření desky, která je jednoduše o těch pohanských věcech včetně tajuplné mystiky. Člověk by pak snadno čekal, že hudebně půjde o další ódu na Bathory, ale není tomu tak.








Muzika snad nejlépe odpovídá otřelému označení death/black metal. To proto, že opravdu dobře propojuje obojí. Z black metalu bere techniku a způsob hry strunné sekce. Death metal je pak zastoupen zvukem a hradbou kopáků od bicích nástrojů. Scott Fuller se nezapře a je znát, že černočerný death je mu hodně blízký. Po řemeslné stránce je všechno fajn, ale u bicích mi fakt schází trochu charismatičtější zvuk. Je to takové moc moderní, chybí tomu živočišnost, chybí syrový tlukot i se všemi chybami, které takový styl přinese. Vedle toho se ty kytary trochu potápí, ačkoliv záměrnou hutnost jim upřít nelze. Taky škoda, black metal přece bzučí a skřípe. Prostě je vidět, že holá a špinavá deska nebyla úplně v plánu. Proto je ta produkce taková zakulacenější a sražené hrany sice působí aerodynamicky, což je kvůli rychlosti skladeb důležité, ale zároveň proklouzne okolím tak snadno, že zatržené třísky nehrozí, což v případě zlé a ošklivé hudby je nežádoucí jev.




Otázkou je, nakolik chtěli být Automb hrubiány. Drsný přednes jim uchoslyšně není cizí, jelikož vokál budete těžko přisuzovat ženskému hrdlu (natož té drobné blondýnce). Tempo také není zrovna nejpomalejší, ačkoliv to zrovna nejsou vichřice ze švédských lavic. Jistou jiskru to v sobě však má. Je to trochu opatrnější black metal s jasnou infikací death metalem. Pohanský směr se hudebně neprojevuje a esoterní jakbysmet. A na atmosférickou notu takových rozpoložení už tu máme jiné. Ale o těch třeba někdy jindy.




When specifically creative forces collide within a band we get a total masterpiece. Are you agree with me? Well, I am saying this, because this is what exactly happened to the debut material of Automb. Besides the charming Danielle Evans (vocals, bass, keyboards) we have two pretty well-known and experienced musicians here, namely Serge Streltsov on guitar, whom you might remember from Necrophagia, Dreadeth, Haxxan, Grisly Amputation, Incinerate Creation or Bloodwraith, and Scott Fuller on drums (Annihilated, Errorgeist, Morbid Angel, Steelsong, Incinerated Divinity, Plaguereaper, ex-Abysmal Dawn, ex-Havok, ex-Sentinel Beast, ex-Skitzo, ex-Jungle Rot, ex-Acridious). "Esoterica" contains 9 well-structured black/death metal compositions and a wicked intro, which are all about the sheer devastation and bring forth the blackest and darkest energies unleashed upon the humankind. The trio summons an ultimate combination of razor sharp guitar riffs, high speed drum parts, vocals from the outer world and ethereal atmospheres that forge into the most ominous sonic formula ever. "Horned God" is a very good example for the relentless power the trio likes to incorporate and spread over the listener. The potential is almost outstanding throughout the entire album, so I want to warmly recommend the music of Automb to every black/death metal soul worldwide!!! It's an awesome stuff, which lyrically deals with the topics of paganism, occultism, vedism, esoteric knowledge and witchcraft.




"Ночь идет за нами".

Ну как сказать? У Satanath Records все группы необыкновенные, а вот американская AUTOMB - еще более необыкновенная. По нескольким причинам, я постараюсь на нескольких страницах рассказать что и как.

1. атмосферный блэк дэт. Оригинальный, своеобычный, своей закрутки, собственного индивидуального изготовления. Это главное, само собой — без этого все остальное не выстрелило бы.

2. состав смотрим:

Serge Streltsov — Guitars (также Dreadeth, Haxxan, ex-Grisly Amputation, ex-Incinerate Creation, ex-Necrophagia, ex-Bloodwraith)

Scott Fuller — Drums (также Annihilated, Errorgeist, Morbid Angel, Steelsong, Incinerated Divinity, Plaguereaper, ex-Abysmal Dawn, ex-Havok, ex-Sentinel Beast, ex-Skitzo, ex-Jungle Rot (live), ex-Acridious)

Danielle Evans - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards

Не правда ли, состав роскошный?

3. Ну как-то необычно сыграла тут обложка (для меня) — классное лого + сам арт. Редко такое бывает. Вроде ничего супернеобычного, однако — работает.

Это дебют данного проекта. Согласно прессухи, Серж рассказывает, что создал его вместе с Даниеэллой. А когда с Necrophagia все стало непонятно, решил что сосредоточится на AUTOMB. Отдать дань блэку здесь, причем на основе дэта, который играл в Некрофагии.

Надо еще учесть, что Killjoy — самый именитый член группы Necrophagia - вокал (1983-1987, 1998-2018) умер в 2018 г. Вот так все сложилось.

Серж пригласил мощного драммера Scott Fuller - регалии и группы выше. И записал бомбовый альбом блэк-дэта, ядерного экстрима, дневник с военного полигона. Причем в наилучшем качестве, какое только доступно (мне так кажется). Саунд просто кристальный - среди инфранизкочастотного вязкого болота и ультравысочайшего шума стеклянных игл судьбы.

Стартуя с FORESTового вступления и шаманских далеких бубнов с заклинаниями, AUTOMB внезапно начинают как система полевой реактивной артиллерии «Катюша» вваливать массово и главное - драматично - атмосферного блэк-дэта, щедро напоенного эзотерическим зельем (Esoterica — напомню, название альбома). И на удивление, тут так все завернуто композером, что например ракета Horned God слышится как единый пролет этого реактивного заряда.

Тем не менее там слышны и отдельный вокал, и хоровые вставки, и если учесть, что все это сотворила госпожа Danielle Evans, то я в полном … трансе. Все ОК, слышали мы разное и всякое, но расщепление голоса DE..., это надо работать и работать над собой... Что специфично — временами вокалистка исполняет со стальной уверенностью электродрели, а потом вдруг начинается интонирование и небольшой внутренний диалог. В итоге получаем реально шоковую голосовую драматургию.

Серж здесь единственный гитарист, все тяжелые задания он давал самому себе, зато они были выполнимы )). Но вот возьмите композицию Mourned с 1.07, там ведь видно, что с партией струнных оживает клубок колючей проволоки и прорастает новыми железными побегами... В целом его работа - это более 40 минут триумфального прохождение маршем по блэк-дэту, каждый трэк визируя штампом «СВОЕ ДЕЛО».

Scott Fuller, кстати, не только прецизионно и по-настоящему ЭПИЧЕСКИ отбарабанил по своей адовой кухне, но и записал все это в своей студии. Из буклета я вычитал, что он полностью провел ВСЮ звукоинженерную работу со всем альбомом. А я еще удивлялся, отчего звук просто монструозный.




Automb is Pennsylvania/US based extreme metal band.


Esoterica is black metal album with blistering guitar songs from Serge Streltsov. Death metal influences comes from a drummer, Scott Fuller of Morbid Angel. Songs are brutal, have plenty of blast beats and band usually is about playing fast, without compromises. A rough growls from Danielle Evans sound really extreme which basically go along with the music direction of the band that plays dark and vicious songs. Automb delivers their storming black metal songs relentlessly, for most of time giving you little time for rest. Music happens to be more atmospheric, few times.

Esoterica showcases the band at their start gateway to further, more effective annihilation which this album has initiated. This is not a very complex album, I think the songs would be better if were played more technically. Can`t think of it as only extreme record. You should give the album at least a spin, to see if it`s going your way.




Je ne suis pas forcément l’actualité de très près mais, ces derniers mois, il aurait été difficile de passer à côté de la promotion faite autour du premier album des Américains d’Automb, Esoterica. Peut-être est-ce dû à la présence de Scott Fuller (Morbid Angel, Jungle Rot, entre autres) et Serge Streltsov (Necrophagia), ou encore au fait que l’on retrouve une femme, Danielle Evans, derrière la basse et le micro, tout cela semble tout de même assez léger pour justifier une telle mise en avant. L’intérêt doit donc bel et bien être musical.


Et putain, oui, ces dix compositions sont excellentes ! Un putain de Black Métal obscur, mystique, violent, rapide, technique, à la fois parfaitement traditionnel et pourtant doté d’une forte personnalité, c’est vraiment un pur plaisir que de passer quarante-cinq minutes en compagnie du trio. Comme souvent avec ce genre de découvertes flamboyantes, je pourrais aligner les qualificatifs élogieux, vanter l’aisance avec laquelle les musiciens enchaînent les plans mortels, les riffs complexes et les alternances rythmiques, tout le disque est dégraissé au possible pour une efficacité maximale.





This is the sound of war with a barrage of artillery as its rhythm.

Automb is a trio blasting out evil death and war metal featuring the drummer for Morbid Angel, Scott Fuller. Ironic because amidst the mayhem and destruction the drums come across as being programmed. The band is a cross between Hate Eternal, the vocals and speedier moments of Incantation and Impaled Nazarene. It is wild stuff.

The band goes mid-paced only for the rare occasion before destroying the (Nightwish/Metallica) listener with power. A Lamentation is an instrumental lull with Horned God the first proper song and Blood Moon being better and more memorable tracks.

Metallian is not looking for clean production and pristine deliveries ever, but if Automb has not been premeditated about it then the production could use a cleanup and it would likely add to the impact of this mass of ferocity.






Jos ulkomaisten verkkoarvosteluiden pisteytyksiä on uskominen, jenkkibändi Autombin esikoislevy on täysin luokatonta äärimetallia. Onneksi tilanne ei ole ihan näin paha. Vaikkei esikoislevy Esoterica pankkia räjäytä, on se ihan kuuntelukelpoinen.


Tuntuu olevan jonkinlainen viileänkolea tapa, että pisteytykset ovat netissä joko todella lyttääviä tai maasta taivaaseen kehuvia. Keskitietä ei ole. Kummastus onkin suuri, kun tekstin perusteella levy on mukiinmenevä, mutta pisteiden perusteella levy on lytätty täysin. Näin on käynyt pittsburghilaisen kolmikon ensilevylle, joka esimerkiksi Metal Archives -sivustolla on saanut osakseen kahdessa arvostelussa huiman 22 prosentin keskiarvon.


Esoterica ei uusi black/death-tyylilajin määreitä, eikä esitä uutta lähestymistapaa edes itse musiikkiin. Bändin nopeatempoinen synkistelyravistelu on kuitenkin ihan menettelevää kamaa. Tummanpuhuvat melodiat sävyttävät soittoa mukavasti ja yleissävy on aggressiivinen.


Rumpalin napakka rumpalointi on, soundeista johtuen, melkoisen konemaista nakutusta, muttei sentään häiritse. Naislaulajan korina ei ole hassumpaa, vaikkakin ilmaisukyvyltään väritöntä.


Siinä määrin paljon olen huonompaakin kuullut, ettei bändiä kehtaa suuremmin mollata. Esoterica on ensilevyksi varsin passeli ja joka tapauksessa monia demobändejä kehittyneemmällä tasolla. Kyllä tätä mieluummin kuuntelee kuin syö kaurapuuroa kylmänä.








The debut record from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Automb came out in 2018, but ‘Esoterica’ is an album that I’ve just found lurking in my collection. It was released by Satanath Records and looks to claim a place in the slowly overcrowding American black metal scene. Their new album is out this year, so it makes sense to visit this first.


After the gloomy intro title track, we get the even gloomier harshness of ‘Horned God’ which, even though it brings fiery riffing and some killer drumming seems to be smothered in this dense melancholy. The guitar tone is sharp and precise; there’s a little bit of Hypocrisy in there and the savage thrust of ‘Mourned’ is a potent track among an album littered with them. ‘Call of Hekate’ ripples with the kind of melodic leads that Dissection would’ve been proud of, while the blasting ‘Blood Moon’ reminds you that the brimstone fury is still very much a driving force underneath ‘Esoterica’s blackened bonnet.


‘Esoterica’ is a strong debut, full of ferocious black metal shot through with a little Gothenburg guitarwork. But the regal bleakness of ‘Frozen’ is an example of where Automb are capable of taking their sound if they should decide. I’m going to search out their new record with a little more urgency now. Excellent.





Automb, as far as I can tell, is an American-based ‘Dream Team’ of sorts, consisting of two Death Metal strong-arms (one from Morbid Angel, the other from Necrophagia) who apparently wanted to test their mettle with the Black Metal genre. In order to accomplish this, they searched for an undisclosed amount of time until they came across Danielle Evans, a vocalist that I have yet to find any previous bands for – That being said, with the impressive growl she delivers on ”Horned God” (the first track) onwards, I have no doubt that she will rise far. Especially given the fact that she is already standing on the shoulder of giants, in the form of her two band members.


One year after their initial inception, the trio released their first ever release, a Full-length entitled Esoterica – An apt title, given the esoteric nature of the release, and its heavy emphasis on paganism and witchcraft.


Now, given that Automb is primarily made up of Death Metal veterans, I was half expecting Esoterica to be a mixture of both of the genres, not unlike the masterpieces made by Dissection more than two decades ago. To my surprise, however, the Americans have managed to make a full-blooded and high-powered Black Metal release. This fits their female vocalists growling style particularly well, with the fast-paced approach to the music and the occasional solo effortlessly supporting her menacing, guttural exclamations of blasphemy. I genuinely had a hard time finding a track to highlight of the nine tracks presented to me, so I fell back to my fail-safe, which is to google if any of the songs have a music video dedicated to it – In this case only one did, the track ”Into Nothingness”, the very last track on the forty-three minutes long record. It can, of course, be found below.


Now, a last piece of trivia which might not be overall relevant to the album as a whole, but I still felt like including it: The album is dedicated to Frank ”Killjoy” Pussi of Necrophagia fame, who died a mere six months prior to this release. A grand gesture, one that also showcases that even if the world (or your musical genre) changes, you still need to remember and honour your past.


Recommended for fans of Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult.