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This Colombian technical/brutal death metal band, now based in Spain, have been slaughtering eardrums for quite a long time. The band’s inception dates back to 1996, and since then they have released five albums, the most recent of which was 2016’s Cyclonic Void of Power. Their third full-length, Choronzonic Force Domination, was recorded with Hate Eternal’s Erik Rutan and was first released by Displeased Records in 2004. However, on April 25th (today!) it’s being reissued by Satanath Records and Rotten Roll Rex.


The reissue features remastered versions of the original songs plus four bonus tracks, and some other goodies. “Dispersion & Darkness (In The Outermost Abyss It Dwells)” is the one song from the reissue album that you can (and should) check out now, and I’ve included it below.


However, that’s not the only Internal Suffering reissue that was launched today. The same two labels are also releasing a remastered version of the band’s 2002 album, Chaotic Matrix. This reissue also includes four bonus tracks. And the song you can check out below from the reissue is “Cosmic Ancient Mountain (Upcoming Chaos I – The Tree Of Knowledge)“.


As they say in the metal journalism trade, this shit kicks ass.



Reedição do segundo álbum dos Internal Suffering, um dos nomes mais históricos do death metal técnico mais brutal vindo da Colômbia. Os Internal Suffering são daquelas que dedicam tanto tempo a colocar técnica absurda na sua música como que a escrever títulos de músicas maiores e com mais complexidade que letras de outros grupos. Bem, quanto a técnica absurda talvez hoje em dia não seja assim, mas quando foi lançado (em 2002), este trabalho era uma boa representação para onde o death metal brutal se estava a dirigir. Não deixa de ser um bom resgate, embora em termos sonoros, o facto de termos uma sonoridade algo baça (apesar de ter sido remasterizado) faz com que o impacto seja mais reduzido do que aquilo que nos lembrávamos. Ainda assim, um bom momento por parte de um dos grandes da Colômbia que vale a pena conferir. E com faixas bónus a acompanhar, onde se incluem duas ao vivo.




"Chaotic Matrix" is the second album by Colombian sickos INTERNAL SUFFERING originally released in 2002. Now revisited and reissued for the second time by Russian Satanath Records in collaboration with Rotten Roll Rex from Germany. The current edition consists of a fully revamped layout design (8-page booklet with lyrics), completely remastered material extended by four exclusive bonus tracks. Fans of Slamming Brutal Death Metal will agree that this album still kicks major asses and kind of a timeless release for the Brutal Death Metal community. The eleven songs of "Chaotic Matrix" plus the four bonuses will please without exception all the brutal freaks worldwide. This is when brutality pairs perfectly with sonic speed and relentless energy. If you are listening with pleasure to the early materials of SUFFOCATION, DEHUMANIZED, INTERNAL BLEEDING, PYREXIA, DYING FETUS, KATAKLYSM, DEVOURMENT, ORIGIN and BRODEQUIN, then this stuff won't disappoint you and that's for sure! Guttural bulldozer-like madness guaranteed!!!




Internal Suffering to jedyna nazwa, która mówiła mi cokolwiek z tego zestawienia i jedna z nielicznych, która obiła mi się wcześniej o uszy i wydaje w tej wytwórni. Opisywany materiał to reedycja wydanej w 2002 drugiej pełnej płyty zespołu. Kolumbijczycy upodobali sobie techniczny, brutalny death metal i opanowali go w na prawdę zadowalającym stopniu. Ciężkie, wypełnione dołem utwory w połączeniu z bulgotliwym, grindowym wręcz wokalem na prawdę robią robotę. Lekko ponad pół godziny takiego napierdolu to zupełnie wystarczająca dawka by przekonać się, że panowie wiedzą o co chodzi w tego typu graniu. Myślę, że fani gatunku mają już o tym albumie swoje zdanie, a jeśli jakoś ominął was ten krążek polecam zapoznać się z jego reedycją.





“Chaotic Matrix” is the second full length album recorded by the Colombian brutal Death Metal band INTERNAL SUFFERING. A modern classic of intense and ultra brutal Death Metal, originally released in 2001 and recently reissued in a limited and remastered edition by the Russian label Satanath Records. “Chaotic Matrix” follows the wake of INTERNAL SUFFERING's debut album “Supreme Knowledge Domain” in terms of chaos and brutality, although the production here is a bit better; yes, but not so much better to lose the rawness and savagery of their uncompromising brutal sound. “Chaotic Matrix” isn't an over produced, digitized, quantized, polished and adulterared album; no, it's an album played from the first second to the last one and it's extraordinarily well played and well written. This is a real lesson in musical violence: extreme and sick music for extreme and sick people. We have ultra fast, technical and downtuned guitars, enriched by many memorable and complex riffs, a punchy and fatty bass tone, along with an unstoppable and very dynamic drumming. The snare sound is amazing, due to the choice of playing it without wires (a typical characteristic of many Colombian and Indonesian brutal Death Metal bands). The drummer's performance is excellent: very fast and accurate blast beats, bomb blasts, an omnipresent double bass, precise cymbal accents, rollings, everything you would expect from a brutal Death Metal album. Same goes for the vocals: ultra guttural and ferocious, filled with disturbing screamings and pig squeals too. The voices are pretty reminiscent of Sylvain Houde's psychotic and brutal style during his 'Northern Hyperblast' years as lead singer of KATAKLYSM. The early works of the Canadian band - and MORBID ANGEL too - have been for sure a great influence on INTERNAL SUFFERING also for what concerns the concept and the lyrical themes: mysticism, Assyro-Babylonian mythology, demonology and Lovecraftian mythos. Even the song titles and lyrics are written in the same way of old KATAKLYSM, intricated and divided into chapters and subchapters. Well, if you're into technical and brutal Death Metal, “Chaotic Matrix” is a masterpiece, without any doubt. This particular edition contains also some extra material: two live songs, one track from the split with INDUCING TERROR and one from the “Unmercyful Extermination” EP.




If you read Schenk's review on the band's debut album "Supreme Knowledge Domain", you will already be aware of the musical extremes delivered by these Colombian sickos. And even though I never heard last year's "Unmercyful Extermination" MCD, this four piece obviously hasn't changed a bit! Apart from the fact that the production on this new full length is a lot better, they still stick to the ultra brutal, hyper fast grinding DEVOURMENT, DISGORGE (US) and CRYPTOPSY influenced Death Metal. Musically highly impressive, with totally devastating riffing and a tight, yet very intense rhythm section this album could have easily saved my day... if there wouldn't be the totally stupid "vocals" of lead singer Fabio. This guy obviously doesn't know what REAL brutality is all about as his performance exclusively consists of monotonous, completely distorted nonsense. Even the term "frog noise" would be a compliment in his case. Can't stand this uninspired, noisy effect crap any longer and it really pisses me off to see more and more stuff like this popping up. This certainly ain't no Death Metal at all - it might fit a bunch of wannabe stupid Hardcore losers, but not bands that downtune their instruments in order to deliver sick musical brutality. I mean, c'mon - if you're not even able to deliver something brutal with your natural voice, FUCK OFF and leave this scene as bullshit like this is destined to kill a great musical style sooner or later! Too bad for the rest of the guys who seem to be very skilled...




Pues sí. El Chaotic Matrix de los famosos colombianos Internal Suffering (hecho originalmente en el 2002) ha sido reeditado por Satanath recs. y Rotten Roll Rex en el 2018. Y bueno, es Internal Suffering. Brutal Death Metal de inicio a fin, aunque en este disco el sonido no es tan perfecto como en trabajos más recientes. La batería es casi siempre rápida y con blastbeats, que no son supersónicos pero sí bastante acelerados; el redoblante es un poquito agudo y le faltan volumen y claridad al bombo. Los riffs son bastante buenos, algunos graves y otros agudos, aunque no hay mucha variedad ni intensidad que digamos. La voz es un poco seca y apagada, como que tiene un sonido muy ‘de garganta’, pero no desentona; está bastante bien. Es todo lo que puedes esperar de una banda acelerada de Brutal Death del siglo XXI.





Changement de cap avec un départ pour la Hollande dans les rangs du label Displeased. Là, on passe clairement dans une autre division puisque le groupe incorpore une bonne dose de technicité à son brutal death et commence à lever le pied sur le blast, avec parcimonie bien sûr, mais l’hyper agression des débuts n’est plus à l’ordre du jour.


La production grésillante, qui évoque le premier album d’INCANTATION, est une pure merveille en la matière ! Elle mouline et concasse avec délice et transcende le son d’INTERNAL SUFFERING pour lui insuffler une puissance que l’on ne lui connaissait pas encore.

Les riffs sont eux aussi dans la même lignée, d’une intensité sans faille, et viennent lorgner sur les territoires de DEEDS OF FLESH. Une atmosphère chaotique vient compléter le tout avec bonheur, que demander de plus ? Ah oui, quatre titres bonus tirés de live et d’un EP précédent qui complètent à merveille ce qui, à mon sens est l’un des points culminants du groupe avant son split.


Oui, cet album est un monstre de brutal death technique doté d’une production en béton armé, d’un songwriting musclé et d’une section rythmique taille patron, le tout complété par des growls furax et un batteur-pieuvre à faire pâlir Carlo Tentacule : rien de moins !




Now it’s time for a band I had the pleasure to see live and their performance is brutal all the way. Colombian Internal Suffering are a very long running tech brutal Death Metal act which is quite known worldwide for their mix of ultra blast driven tunes and modern tech Death chaoticism, like Origin, Hate Eternal  and Brodequin to name a few. Satanath Records were very kind to re-release  some albums and here we go with “Chaotic Matrix”.


Originally released in 2002, fans of Hate Eternal, Internecine and Disgorge would surely come across this band somehow and “Chaotic Matrix”, their 2nd album was already a brutal slasher, thanks to great technical variation, brutal fast drumming all the way and the killer slams thrown in. The can also slow down, one of my favourite tracks on here “Colossal Vortex” shows a brutal breakdown, similar like Morbid Angel did on “ Formulas.. ”.


This record is definitely not made for easy listening. Often it’s just pure hysteria and cerebral confusion because of its speed and chaotic nature. Cryptopsy, Origin or Disgorge are probably the closest that come to mind while listening to Chaotic Matrix. The vocals are pure guttural brutality and works with the songs, although sometimes it can become one-dimensional. There are tons of excellent riffs, like in “Cosmic Ancient Mountain (Upcoming Chaos I-The Tree of Knowledge)”, full of old school Brutal Death riffs, sometimes really catchy and heavy as falling trees.


“Destroyer Entity” is another of those tracks that just stuck in my head. There is so much going on on this record but there are enough spots for memorable parts like in this song, those heavy slamming moments, just sick! “The Antiquary Horror” follows that path with alternating blasts and slams, including a killer Suffocation like solo.


This reissue features 4 bonus tracks, from splits to live recordings and is 45minutes of insanity, sometimes it feels like being in the ring just defending the entire fight long from punches coming from everywhere. Albums like these are not for everyone and every time but when, then it makes smile all the way through and “Chaotic Matrix” still does this to me. One of the better releases from that era and a legit re-release.




Колумбия. Уже одна эта геолокация должна вызывать нервный трепет и не самые радостные ассоциации у читателя. И не зря. Колумбийцы Internal Suffering лишены и малейшего намека на чувство юмора, а их суровости позавидуют даже коренные челябинцы. Эта апокалипсическая четверка уже давно и по праву заняла свою нишу в рядах экстремальных исполнителей, став флагманом и лицом своей, не особо богатой на музыкальные коллективы, страны. И, хотя, геолокацию группа успела сменить уже дважды, за годы своего существования, они не изменили себе и выбранному стилю. Однако, перейдем от слов к насилию. А насилия на повестке дня более, чем достаточно. Насилия лютого, бескомпромиссного и беспощадного, в лице свежих переизданий (на момент первой редакции - прим.) уже классических альбомов Internal Suffering "Chaotic Matrix" (2002) и "Choronzonic Force Domination" (2004). Ответственность за этот террор над сознанием взяли на себя российский Satanath Records совместно с немецким Rotten Roll Rex.


С самого своего рождения человечество грезит о конце света. Бойтесь своих желаний, ибо "Chaotic Matrix" начинает отсчет ваших дней. Альбом открывает интро, где безымянный пророк декламирует некие откровения, а на заднем фоне начинается инфернальное раскрытие самой преисподней, откуда уже слышны нечеловеческие вопли новорожденных тварей, готовых захватить несчастную Вселенную, как и пророчит название трека. "Кастрюльный" отсчет по малому барабану и второй трек, одноименный самому альбому, без лишних церемоний, с головой окунает слушателя в тотальный хаос. По ощущениям это можно сравнить с любым тематическим 3D шутером в стиле Doom, Half Life, Quake, когда игрока закидывает в самый разгар месева, или сразу на прием к бигбоссу, без тренировочного уровня. Все 11 оригинальных треков держатся на одном уровне, не давая ни намека на пощаду. Сравнение с игрой неспроста, данный альбом стал бы отличным саундтреком для любого шутера.


Отдельно стоит упомянуть вокал Фабио Марина, который издает жуткие гортанные и совершенно нечленораздельные звуки, похожие на звуки речевых аппаратов всех тварей преисподней, что еще более отдаляет слушателя от ассоциации с чем-то человеческим, а жуткую какофонию с музыкой в целом. Создавая тем самым адскую симфонию развернувшегося на Земле тотального хаоса.


Кажется, что на головы несчастных смертных обрушились все возможные и невозможные катаклизмы, мир накрыла тьма египетская, из всех щелей повылезали разномастные упыри, демоны, и даже попутно разбудили спящего Ктулху вкупе со всей его свитой, свершились все библейские пророчества и предсказания секты просветленных рентгенологов Illuminati. В общем, если вожделенный апокалипсис и наступит, он будет звучать именно так, как звучит вторая работа этих колумбийцев.