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Vomitile hail from the Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus, which they’ve turned into ground zero for their own detonations of hard-charging, war-like death metal since 2007. Over the last decade they’ve released an EP and two full-lengths and performed live with such blood-thirsty luminaries as Sodom, Kreator, Obituary, and Vader, and toured with the likes of Master and Onslaught. Now they’ve got a third album — Pure Eternal Hate — ready for imminent discharge via Satanath Records and the Spanish label Hecatombe Records. It will be upon us on April 18th, but today we’ve got a sample of the punishment it will deliver through our premiere of a lyric video for one of the new songs.


Vomitile have a taste for thrash as well as eviscerating death metal, and so this new song, “Labeled Dead” is a high-octane ripper that gets the blood pumping and the body moving.


The music is fast and explosive, but machine-precise in its delivery of annihilating barbarism. It rushes ahead like an accelerated tank attack right from the start, delivering a mix of seething, jolting, and rapidly darting riffs, plus fusillades of galloping, hammering, and bullet-spraying drumwork. Thunderous bass lines add to the spinal trauma inflicted by the track, while the growled vocals are downright rabid in their viciousness.


It’s a compact attack that Vomitile launch in this song, but nonetheless one that’s very effective in putting the spurs to the listener’s pulse rate.




Vomitile are a death metal band from Cyprus and this is their third album.


War and slaughter, that’s what Vomitile offer us on Pure Eternal Hate. The album title and cover adequately portray Vomitile’s brand of punishing death metal, and they give us 37 minutes of material to become battered and bruised by.


Vomitile bask in the power and glory of true, honest death metal. Unfiltered and unadorned, the songs on this album revel in their brutal assault. With chunky grooves, gruesome energy, and punishing blast beats, this is a collection of barbaric songs that are well-written and confident.


Vomitile take a song-based approach to their carnage, creating songs that are more focused on engaging the listener through riffs and hooks than trying to be the most technical, overly brutal, flashiest, etc. In that sense this is very honest music; it does exactly what it sets out to, and also reflects the passion and enthusiasm of its creators.


I very much like the singer’s voice. His is a style that’s brutal and direct, while remaining largely intelligible. He also shows a decent amount of charisma and individuality throughout.


The album has a primal, explosive power to it born from a familiarity with what made the early death metal trailblazers so enduring. You can hear elements of bands such as Morbid Angel, Malevolent Creation, Hate Eternal, Vader, etc. here and there, but these are merely influences and Vomitile have their own personality fully-formed and intact.


Timeless and classic in both style and substance, Pure Eternal Hate is an easy album to listen to and absorb.





Vomitile aus Zypern wurden 2007 gegründet und deren erste EP „Rotting Life“ erschien 2010. Das erste Full-Lenght Album „Igniting Chaos“ erschien dann 2013 und sorgte bereits damals für Furore in der Death Metal Szene. Im gleichen Atemzug musste die Band allerdings auch mit Besetzungswechsel kämpfen und erst mit ihrem 2014er Werk „Mastering the Art of Killing“ war die Band eine eingespielte Truppe, die sich bis heute in ebendieser Besetzung halten konnte. 2014 ging es auch mit dem Album auf Europatour mit Master, wo ich die Jungs, da ich selbst dort mit meiner Band dabei war, kennenlernen durfte. Eine echt geile Truppe mit viel Spaß und Professionalität im Gepäck. Live der Hammer. Nun, 4 Jahre später, erscheint deren neuestes Werk „Pure Eternal Hate“ über 2 verschiedene Plattenfirmen und auf 1000 Kopien limitiert.


Die Jungs aus Nicosia liefern orderntlich ab. Um genau zu sein liefern die Jungs ein ordentliches Death Metal Brett ab, dass sich nur so gewaschen hat. Pure Eternal Hate eben. Rhythmisch, brutal, hart, teilweise schnell und den alten Helden, denen sie mit Sicherheit frönen (Deicide und Konsorten) um nichts nachstehend. Ein geiles, geiles Teil.


Jeder Songs sitzt. Die songwriterischen Qualitäten haben sich innerhalb der letzten 4 Jahre extrem gesteigert. Das Songwriting ist klug und hervorragend umgesetzt. Die Instrumente machen was sie sollen und die Vocals zeigen auf! Es gibt auch keinen Song, der besonders hervorsticht, weil alle gut sind! So macht Death Metal Spaß! Natürlich ist es so, dass hier nicht über den Tellerrand geblickt wurde. Wozu auch? Neue Elemente müssen hier wahrlich nicht sein, sondern würden den Hörer nur verwirren. So ist es einfach ein böses, brutales Teil, dass mehr Aufmerksamkeit verdient hätte (eine größere Plattenfirma!) und weit mehr als 1000 Kopien verkauft werden sollten.


Kauft euch dieses Wahnsinnsteil! Jetzt! Daumen hoch! Rock on!





Artwork –  Part Sabaton, part Bolt Thrower, part Jungle Rot but not at all a ‘run of the mill’ death metal cover dripping in grue. Color me curious indeed.

First Track – Hardly technical, more ‘meat and potatoes’ style death ala Jungle Rot.  I have no complaint however as this is hitting all the right bases for my tastes.

Initial Listen – For an introduction to the band and metal from Cyprus this is tremendous audio. Influence is utterly recognizable and varied. Fans of Obituary, Jungle Rot, Maleovent Creation and Unleashed (amongst others in the same driving melodic vein) rejoice as this is an album to aim your senses towards and a collection of tracks to place Cyprus firmly on the metal map.




I metalheads ciprioti tornano alla carica sul loro panzer blindato con una collezione di dieci brani in grado di catturare la vera essenza del death metal, puro quanto l’odio che ne percorre le arterie sonore. Riffing punitivo e sezioni ritmiche che si avvalgono di drumming vigoroso in blast, prendono a pugni in faccia l’ascoltatore e lo sbattono faccia a terra mentre viene sbranato dalle brutali distorsioni vocali impiegate in discesa verso il gutturale abissale e in risalita verso il medio purgatorio del growl. Accoglie brillanti assoli in quasi tutti i pezzi e variazioni ritmiche che danno dinamicità ad un disco armato e corazzato. Mentre si contorcono tra le fiamme infernali del metal incendiario che lo caratterizza, i Vomitile riescono ad innescare uno sterminio sonoro protraendo il caos oltre ogni mezza misura e compromesso. Death metal bellico cirpriota in detonazione di caos e sterminio sonoro.





With an album title like „Pure Eternal Hate” potential listeners might get quite a concrete idea of what to expect before hitting the play button. The album cover is reminiscent of other (better known) “War Death Metal” acts like Hail of Bullets or the mighty Bolt Thrower. The font and band name seem to be more than just a tribute to the famous Vomitory and this comparison is not too far off.


On “Pure Eternal Hate” Vomitile are presenting some timeless, balls-to-the-wall Death Metal. Not the type of stuff you have to sit around and dissect the influences or the technical patterns or the country of origin, but the kind of death metal that just speaks for itself. Pure, raw energy that gives you that burst of aggression and fury to make it through the day.


Having gained some reputation in their home country Cyprus by playing shows on a regular basis the band released two albums on “Horror Pain Gore Death Productions” and “Pitch Black Records” before signing with Satanath for their third effort. "Creating Mountains with the dead Bodies" is the first text line of opener “Mass Extermination”. Accompanied by galloping riffs and brutal drumming this song sets the tone for the following 37 minutes of relentless and extreme music.


Similar to their obvious heroes Vomitory the Cypriots include elements from various styles of Death Metal in their music while being rooted in the traditional Old School vein. Most of the time Vomitile are operating in full throttle mode at breakneck speed. However, in songs like “Nothing But Pain” the tempo slows down giving the music even more intensity acting as a contrast to the faster parts. This approach has already worked out for bands like Bolt Thrower and it is no different here. The stomping yet groovy main riff makes this one a favorite of mine.


You can call Vomitile copy cats but at least their approach of being open for a broader range of influences led to them being more creative in the songwriting department compared to the average DM band. Each song can easily be distinguished from one another. While some are your classic genre hymns with blast-beats and chainsaw guitars others concentrate on moodier parts or melodic hooks. The drumming is aggressive but never chaotic. Variation is something I am often missing on DM albums but this is certainly not the case here. There are even moments where the music is completely slowed down in the middle of the track before a new build-up starts giving the songs another dimension. Although all songs feel very classic and I could not shake off the feeling of “heard-it-all-before” there is not one boring moment to be found here.


The instrumentation is fantastic throughout the whole album. With such raw and catchy riffs, slow or fast, each song is worth playing loud as hell. The low tone of the bass and the slightly down-tuned guitars create a heavy and thick atmosphere. That being said the real highlight here are the vocals. Aggressive and delivered in mid-range every single word of the lyrics can be perfectly understood.


The production is powerful and punchy while adding just the right amount of putridity. All instruments can be heard and no detail gets buried in the mix. It is pretty obvious that Vomitile have made a huge step forward with this album. I hope they can build on that momentum and continue to work on their strengths. Although 2018 has been a great year for Death Metal so far “Pure Eternal Hate” is up there with the best.





When it comes to death metal, it’s not often that a band really can do much to surprise. The most brutal and technical areas just continue to expand, but Vomitile proves that it’s still a possibility in terms of whose influence is being drawn from. In the case of Vomitile, the first seconds of “Mass Extermination” is going to be reminiscent of Malevolent Creation, and not one of the more usual sources.


That ‘90s death metal style does stick with Vomitile for the rest of Pure Eternal Hate, and it doesn’t ape Malevolent Creation, but it pleasantly sticks with ‘less copied’ acts as influences. Another easily cited source would be that of Kataklysm, with an emphasis on some thick and chunky grooves to aid with song dynamics. The formula is some pretty straight-forward stuff – pure death metal is all that one is going to be reaching for. That’s not a bad thing however, as Vomitile are quite learned in the subject, and the linear attack serves them well. The focus on songwriting over unbridled brutality is welcomed, with the mid-tempo range flowing for the act, and the afore-mentioned grooves giving each track something for the listener to lean into. For an album like this, it’s actually quite catchy (see “Labeled Dead”). The type of album you can come back to due to its startlingly melodic nature, even if it doesn’t feel like the most innovative release in the world.


Almost the death metal equivalent of comfort food, you know what you are going to be getting with Vomitile’s Pure Eternal Hate. It’s reliable and enjoyable from beginning to end, focusing on a visceral yet melodic approach that crushes everything in its path.






Nicosia è l’ultima città al mondo ad essere divisa a metà da un vero e proprio muro, meno famoso e drammatico di quello di Berlino, ma reale. Ci sono stato molti anni fa: la parte greca, ricca e moderna, è separata da quella turca, povera e arretrata, dalla presenza di lunghi tratti di filo spinato e presidi militari e da zone in cui si erge una specie di muro che, in realtà, è costituito da vecchi edifici abbandonati e pesantemente segnati dal tempo.

E’ proprio da qui che provengono i Vomitile, band che seguo fin dagli esordi e che, oggi, arriva al terzo full lenght; i nostri erano partiti, con il debutto “Igniting chaos”, con uno stile di death metal estremamente brutale che strizzava l’occhio a sonorità grind caotiche che richimavano band tipo i Blasphemy o i primi Carcass; il presente lavoro è frutto di un’evoluzione che ha condotto i ciprioti a suonare un death metal più ragionato, maggiormente trash, con l’introduzione di interessanti stop and go, parti cadenzate e una vena war molto più marcata rispetto all’esordio.

Siamo in ambito tradizionale: chitarre a far da padrone capaci di rendere tutti i pezzi molto rock e godibili, batteria precisa e mostruosa, basso poco udibile e voce tendente al trash molto chiara e possente.

Ne esce un bel lavoro, personale al punto giusto: abbandonate derive troppo estreme, i ragazzi di Nicosia danno il meglio nella opener “Mass extermination”, nella veloce e aggressiva “Labeled dead” e nella conclusiva “Carnal surgery”, ma tutte le songs hanno spunti intriganti, assoli indovinati, pregevoli tappeti di doppio pedale e linee sonore chiare che rendono ogni pezzo riconoscibile dagli altri e dotato di una certa personalità.

Come tutte le band che suonano war death metal, anche i Vomitile alternano poderose sfuriate a parti ritmate più lente; il disco, nel complesso, presenta un’atmosfera death classica, con una forte vena trash che lo rende rockettoso ma brutale allo stesso tempo.

La melodia non esiste, o meglio è garantita dal susseguirsi di riffs ben strutturati che restano subito impressi all’ascoltatore dall’orecchio allenato.

Per chiudere, il tutto è tecnicamente eseguito in maniera perfetta e la produzione, chiara ma volutamente nineties nei suoni, fa il resto, rendendo il disco assolutamente meritevole di attenzione: i Vomitile ci donano mezz’ora abbondante di battaglia e guerriglia tra le strade sotto al muro che divide a metà la loro città e noi non possiamo che accogliere il regalo con soddisfazione.




"Pure Eternal Hate", mehr braucht es manchmal einfach nicht. Drei Schlagworte und der gestandene Metaller ist glücklich.

Und so effektiv und aussagekräftig wieder Albumtitel ist auch die Scheibe selbst. Hier braucht man kein Ägypthologiestudium, man muss nicht in Religionswissenschaft ausgebildet sein und auch Fachwissen zum Thema "Kosmische Kräfte" ist nicht gefragt.

Vomitile aus Zypern kommen auch ohne Beisätze aus, nix is mit Oldschool, Modern, Melodic, Hm2 oder SweDeath - just simple DEATH METAL.





Coming back to a band years after not really listening to them at all is one of my absolute favorite things to do as a metalhead because I get to see how bands continue on with their sound or do something new as well as (hopefully) improve upon their craft. Vomitile caught my attention a few years ago with their brand of flavorful death metal echoing the old school. Finding a highly recommended label of mine and improving ten fold, Vomitile has returned with an album that’s sure to melt the flesh off any willing listener!


One of my favorite things that death metal as a whole does very well manages to waste as little time as possible. No fucking around and straight to the point, the genre has produced a near infinite amount of acts that know how to get right down to business and Vomitile is definitely such an act. With an opening that’s the very epitome of a no-fucking-around attitude, “Pure Eternal Hate” promises to be one of the tastiest and most destructive albums that we’re to get this entire year! Vomitile impresses right out of the gate with a fantastically gritty and nasty cover art but then immediately seals the deal with a supremely vicious display of blood, rage, and war as these ten tracks are the sort of thing that any death metal fan can get behind without even having to think about it. The visceral dismemberment of everything that stands in the way of “Pure Eternal Hate” is just the sort of thing I’ve been looking for recently with death metal feeling a tad stale for me as of late. This amazing display of power with a greatly improved sense of musicianship companied by skin-melting and marrow-boiling riffs that people like me really clamor for when it’s presented on a marvelous platter like what Vomitile has done here.


The island of Cyprus isn’t exactly a hotspot for metal but being the birthplace of personal interests like Tome of the Unreplenished and Solitary Sabred, it’s only fitting that I’d be led to the country yet again by Vomitile’s enticing murderous rampage. “Pure Eternal Hate” is everything the title says it is, and any fan of death metal who has been craving for a sheer onslaught of mindless, instinctual rage then look no further than this stellar display of power!





With an album title like Pure Eternal Hate, there exists an expectation to deliver angry, crushing death metal. Nicosia, Cyprus-based Vomitile bring exactly that on their third album. Starting with “Mass Extermination” and leading the listener through a maze of gore, carnage and pummeling grooves, Pure Eternal Hate is pure, unfiltered death metal that sticks to its strengths and does them well.





My introduction to Cyprus death metal sickos Vomitile was 2014’s Mastering the Art of Killing and they simply won me over with gnarly memorable riffage, sparse but sick melodic soloing, throaty yet decipherable vocal rasps and an overload of fuck the modern textbook aggression that also took bits and pieces of thrash n’ punk under its blackened wings.  What the band lacked in current headlines’ gonzo insanity, they more than made up for with catchier than the clap songwriting and an old school approach that ensured each tougher than railroad spikes tune had several highly enjoyable aspects.  On LP #3 Pure Eternal Hate, Vomitile raise their personal bar by dropping an even more gangrene infectious 10 song collection that hits every bullseye with a heart-popping arrow tipped in black plague.


The militant, ironskin toughness and descending damnation grooves of Bolt Thrower, the thrashier punk as fuck old school of Deceased and slice n’ diced bits of Slayer headbang ring like old familiar artillery fire during opener “Mass Extermination’s” wired tight attack.  Drummer Hugo Olivos relies far less on relentless double-bass than he does frantic, punk-insured rapid fire snare and crosscut tom-kick surgery that keeps the pace lively and never leaden.  Guitarists Panos Larkou and George Yildizian trade mid-tempo thrashing chugs, doom-seared bottom heavy grooves and more typical speed runs with a surprising amount of note/chord clarity.  Things maintain enough infuriated tempos to ring true of the greats while variating the madness enough for maximum, mortars hitting the eardrums impact.  All the while bassist/vocalist Khatch Yildizian maintains an audible subterranean creep that rounds in the space around the guitars as his throaty, booming mid-range growl manages both mental home madness and acute catchiness that clearly enunciates the wartorn, battle-blasted lyrics with final authority.  “Pestilation” coughs up a mucous-lathered, sewage stankin’ 90s DM churn hammered into smithereens by a controlled blast beat that can barely keep in line the snake-winding arpeggios.  Groovy, cave-dwelling slowdowns call to mind some of the doomier lurching of early Fleshcrawl or even Entombed.  When the blasting returns, it brings along a chaotic yet melody-fucked guitar solo that coils around the listener’s neck like a king cobra in love.  Churning, mid-paced thrash smashings focus heavily on tangible riffing and steady, sternum cracking kick drums for some kind of Seasons in the Abyss leaned slaying that clasps the tempo tightly in place so that those intoxicating, head-nodding groove riffs graciously reenter the arena in their quest for a larger collection of severed mortal heads.




“Labeled Dead” has some road-ripping, rubber exploding riffs ala The Crown’s cutthroat, death-y Lemmy-tactics.  HUGE sludgy halts to the pacing are backed by ravaging double-bass blows and then more traditional tremolo picking storms the fences while ruthless blasts beats ensure Vomitile are much more in line with straight up death fuckin’ metal than thrash or death n’ roll.  They toy with a bit of all of it here but these guys are as scraggly of old school death freaks as they come.  Dismember and Grave were in my head on the constant double-bass battery and catchy midtempo guitar scathes of “Hatefield.”  As the song hobbles on missile-tipped crutches through a field of landmines, the second half cripples the pacing even further and adopts some first album Cathedral as well as Winter-y, Sabbed-out note bends with extra swing change in the backpocket and a fiery lil’ guitar solo to spare.  Filled bile-ducts of weighty, visceral riff-grind kick into taut blasting rage on the again Swedish tinged, old school arsenal of “Glorify the Insane.”  Doom-y rein-pulls tussle with corrosive yet semi-melodic chord pattern surges as mincing pinch harmonics pierce the aural cavities, though a slick solo later on hits all of the right tuneful notes amidst Hell’s greatest symphony.  Muck slide grooves bring out the burl during “Executioner of Strength’s” intro as harmony guitars match up the feral riffs with stinging, biting shades that induce a hypnotic, downer headbang.  Palm-muted gnashing and rib-kicking double-bass further the deliberate belligerence of the track while the excellent flow of the spiteful growls work up a devastating urgency thanks to an increase in riff speed and a sick blink n’ you’ll be blind pair of solos.


Clandestine type vibes wash like pond scum over the furiously swarming guitar figures of “To Deflesh,” and though the production here is admittedly clearer than that heard on Entombed’s legendary masterpiece, the arrangement and bite is a familiar lycanthropic puncture.  There’s still plenty of dirt to be dug and it’s some real filth for sure.  These muscular wraparound sequences splay themselves open into wounded blasts and killer change-ups with big gleaming Sunlight Studios inspired solos shining through that are fetid in their intent but crystalline in their message.  “Nothing but Pain” continues the high caliber streak of this record with each song featuring several stellar ideas; this one’s got a crippling, early Celtic Frost-bitten doom dirge going into a vile Bolt Thrower blowout thereafter and some follow-up galloping thrash lunges that rush the finish line with a killing blow readied.  Some of the record’s wildest solos are found right here and it’s only fitting that they lead back to the song’s standout slimehammer opening riff.  The full-speed reckless abandon of “Soulskinner” piles on the frenzied death/thrash speed at a decently blinding pace, leaving the many tempo morphs and grooves of “Carnal Surgery” to act as an all-purpose, all-encompassing closer.


For my money Vomitile has landed at damn near the top of the pack for this style of muggy, murk-infested death metal.  They are never too fast nor are they too sloth-y and these cats shuffle the pacing up enough so that every track is always exciting to watch progress to its blood-soaked climax.  If you like groove you’ll get it plenty here, if you like the doom-y side of the genre it’s around in spades and those of you that like tautly gripped speed freaking and carnally ugly tones then there’s more than enough to satiate a ravenous appetite all across Pure Eternal Hate.  This will be at the top of my death metal pack in 2018 without question.




There’s a lot more to Vomitile than a sick name. From the explosive start of ‘Mass Extermination’, the Cypriot crushers signal their intentions from the gun. This is slug it out old school death metal and despite the warm temperature of this quartet’s homeland don’t go looking for many too many rays of sun amidst these 10 face-ripping tracks.


The band came together just over a decade ago inspired by the likes of Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower and Cannibal Corpse. With two albums behind them (2013/14) Vomitile have risen through the ranks until they’ve been able to support the likes of Sodom, Kreator and Obituary. Pure Eternal Hate is their third album – released through the excellent Russian label Satanath – and carries enough slug in its metal to suggest this Mediterranean mob can reassert their reputation for delivering uncompromising gore splattered death metal.


On tracks such as ‘Hatefield’, Vomitile find their stride with the deep rumbling bass of vocalist Khatch Yildizian opening the doors before the more scissored rhythm pairing of his brother George and Panos Larkou steams in. Hugo Olivos maintains a sustained drum attack throughout, dropping in the blastbeats at the appropriate moment as Vomitile mix up the tempo to serious effect.



The Cypriots are no amateurs and while looking back a couple of decades for their influences, their sound remains acute and the Nicosia nihilists display their own songwriting skills superbly on the likes of the menacing ‘Executioner of Strength’. A slowburner, given time to expunge air, the groove alone makes the song but when the deep throb adds further bicep flexing power, the quartet’s alignment is impressive.


‘Nothing But Pain,’ the album’s longest track at close to five minutes, has another rapier riffage section that pulls you straight down the throat of the song. There’s a smouldering breakdown here that will hook you in until the end of the Summer, while throughout the album production levels stay sharp but not so clean as to smooth out the old school garage feel.


‘Carnal Surgery’ is probably what some people will need if they make it to the brutal final track. But if you like your DM shoveled into your gullet with the savagery of a hyena tearing into its prey, then Pure Eternal Hate will not disappoint.





Ohhhhh My F@cking God!!! ...Hell Yeah Is All That I can Scream When I push Play On My Computer and The Pure Unadulterated Armageddon Of This Brand Spanking New Release From...Vomitile kicks The F@cking Shit Out Of My Senses....Instantly That Riff Kicks In And The Bloody Grooviness And Chunk Has Me Spasming All Around The House Like Im Having A fit!!! I cant Explain That GodDamn Riff But It Has Me Doing One Man Walls Of Death, Circle pits And Im Jumping Off My Mums Furniture Like An 8 Year Old Kid With Severe A.D.H.D


Haha....And Let Me Just Remind You All, That This Is only The First F@cken Song From...Vomitiles, Scorching New Album...PURE ETERNAL HATE Released on...Satanath Records!!! Honestly, I really Don't Know how To put my Extreme Levels Of Pure Excitement About This Band/Release into Words And Anyone That Knows Me, Certainly Knows That I am Very Rarely(If Ever) Speechless!!! ...But This Album Is So Stunningly Astonishing That I am Trully Lost For Words!!! Haha...This Is Extreme Heavy Metal Music ,Written And Played Exactly as ...It Should Be!!!! ...The Rhythm Section Drop Bombs That Will Level Cities...ON OTHER PLANETS!!! The Vocalist Has A Mosh-Inducing Snarl That Honestly Breaks Down The Borders Between Thrash And Death Metal. I Don't Know Who The F@ck He is, But It Should Be (Loud, Raw, Groovy And Heavy) ...The Rhythm Section Drop Bombs That Would Surely Level Cities...On Other Planets!!! The Vocalist Has A Skin Peeling Snarl That Well n Trully Breaks Down The Borders Between Thrash And Death Metal!!! ...Now Lets Talk About The Guitars Shall We, The Guitars Incite Riots. The Room Fills With HELL YEAHS, CHEST BUMPS And HIGH Fives(You Must Remember That Im The only One In the Room Haha) ...Look Peeps, All That I need To say About The Guitar Is (1 minute 15 Seconds)...Of Track 2(Pestilation) And...BOOM!!! the Guitar Solo Is Honestly The Equivelent Of That Scene In ...KILL BILL When (Uma Thurmans) Character Slashes, Slices, Stabs, Cuts, Destroys, Kills And Conquers Every MuthaF@cka In the Room(Yes, You All Know That Bloody Scene)


Ok, Listen Up Peeps, Anyone That Knows Me, Knows That I know...Good, Quallity, Heavy Metal Music And In Saying That...This New FRelease From...Vomitile ( Pure External Hate)...Is Up there with the Very Best Of Them!!! What Can I say But My Senses Have Been Beaten Into Total Submission And I am Left With Nothing Else But To Say...That I award This Disaster-Piece 6(66) Burning Churches Out Of 5 Burning Churches (And Im going To Burn At Least 3 of Those Churches Myself) ...STUNNING, SUPERB, BRILLIANT, BOMBASTIC, BRUTAL!!! ...VOMITILE (Get On It!!!) ...Cheerz And Peace!!! ...Metal\Edd/





Má rakev hořela, už když jsem do ní uléhal. Maso mi seškvařené odpadávalo od kostí, mozek se vařil ve vlastní šťávě. Lebka nakonec praskla žárem. Kremace lidské mysli pokračovala šíleným způsobem a já se těšil konečně na spočinutí. Prach, kterým jsme, vychladl až po dlouhé době. Nad černým mazlavým stínem kdysi silného člověka se jako nějaký bezbarvý balónek vznášela duše. Bylo na čase opustit tento svět a vydat se na nekonečný výlet na druhou stranu.


Vzal jsem si s sebou novou, v pořadí již třetí dlouhohrající, desku řeckých maniaků VOMITILE. Nutno rovnou říci, že jejich temný a ošklivý death metal se stal na dlouhou dobu mým velmi dobrým průvodcem. Pokud máte rádi klasické postupy, totální nasazení a devastující účinky předkládaného materiálu, tak rozhodně neváhejte. Zklamáni nebudete.




Na "Pure Eternal Hate" je hodně znát nejen zkušenost a řemeslná zručnost muzikantů, ale také absolutní oddanost stylu. Morbidní pozůstatky třeba takových DEICIDE, MORBID ANGEL, VADER, BOLT THROWER, ENTOMBED, GRAVE, MALEVOLENT CREATION, PESTILENCE jsou toho jasným důkazem. Album neskutečně řeže, pálí, ničí. Je opatřeno poctivým a ostře řezaným zvukem, parádním obalem a nadšením pro poslední věci člověka. VOMITILE mají zkrátka talent předávat zprávy ze záhrobí opravdu uvěřitelným způsobem. Ano, fanoušek hledající progresi a novátorství pravděpodobně spláče nad výdělkem, ale takovýto člověk se zajisté poohlédne vlastně raději jinde. "Pure Eternal Hate" je stejně nakonec určeno spíše pro vyznavače klasiky, rouhání, infernálních chvilek poezie a morbidity. Pokud mezi takové patříte, mohli by vám VOMITILE určitě zkrátit nekonečné čekání na smrt. Tohle je válka s nebem! Masakr! Devastace a temnota! Zlo! Vynikající deska!






VOMITILE se s tím nepářou, mají jasný cíl - vyhladit! Nutno říci, že se jim to daří. Líbí se mi neurvalý a neučesaný zvuk, mocná produkce i totální nasazení, které do muziky pánové dávají. Oceňuji i monumentální obal. Mám při poslechu pocit, že mi někdo stojí na hrudníku okovanou botou, dusí mě a drtí lebku v kleštích. Tohle album není nic pro slabé povahy. Masakruje, ničí, drásá a je bolestivé jako trhání nehtů bez umrtvení. Řečtí maniaci mě vykostili a pohodili jako nepotřebný kus masa u cesty. Neustále se do skladeb vkrádá temné zlo a jako celek je album doslova devastující. Divocí psi zase jednou všem ukázali, jak se má správně hrát poctivý death metal. Skvělá deska, která připomíná návštěvu opuštěných katakomb. Masakrující album a za mě vynikající hnilobný zážitek!





Asphyx says:


VOMITILE work it well, they have a clear goal – to destroy the world! I have to say that they do a great job with it. I like the rolling sound, powerful production and the total deployment that those gentlemen give to their music. I appreciate the monumental cover. During the listening I feel that someone is standing on my chest with heavy boot, choking me and crushing my skull in pliers. This album is not for weak people. It massacres, destroys, crawls and it is very painful lake tearing of nails with no anaesthesia. Those Greece maniacs teared out my bones and swept me away like an unnecessary piece of flesh by the road. Constantly I hear a dark evil and a whole album is literally devastating. The angry dogs once again showed us how the real death metal is supposed to sound. A great album which feels like a visit of abandoned catacombs. Massacre album and a great rotting experience for me!






Czwarty dzień pada. Lipiec w Polsce. Szlag człowieka trafia. Generalnie fanem upałów nie jestem, no ale lato, to do cholery jasnej, powinno być lato. A tu klops. Postanowiłem coś zmienić i udałem się do biura podróży, bo tak przecież dłużej się nie da. Pieron wie kiedy przestanie padać, bo prognozy jak zwykle są zawodne. Przeglądam foldery. Grecja? Nie, za bardzo oklepana. Włochy? Nie, za drogo. Na dnie stosiku leży zniszczony, pogięty, dawno nie oglądany folder. Cypr! Jasny gwint, czemu nie? Morze Śródziemne, jakaś plaża, trochę zwiedzania. Dobra, niech będzie, czarter do Nikozji i jazda byle dalej od deszczu i wakacji przesiedzianych pod dachem.



Lot trochę się dłużył, nad Włochami trochę trzęsło, ale wreszcie bezpiecznie wylądowaliśmy w Nikozji, stolicy tej niewielkiej wyspy. Urlopowi janusze z cebulą w kieszeniach bili brawo, jakby pilot dokonał cudu na miarę zamiany wody w wino. Ja pragnąłem tylko wyjść i zanurzyć się w miasto, zwiedzać i odkrywać. Słuchawki do uszu i odpalam miejscowy death metal – Vomitile - „Pure Eternal Hate”. Jeszcze wtedy nie wiedziałem, że trzeba uważać, czego sobie życzymy. Otrzeźwienie przyszło szybko i niespodziewanie. Hala lotniska płonęła, wszędzie w panice biegali ludzie, ktoś do nich strzelał. Nad lotniskiem krążyły myśliwce a po pasach startowych czołgi. Czemu do cholery ten samolot tu wylądował? Ślepy służbista pilot nie widział co się dzieje? W ostatniej chwili opuściłem tę blaszaną puszkę bo sekundy później ktoś rozwalił ją pociskiem rakietowym. Wiecie, scena jak z filmu sensacyjnego. Biegnę, pochylając głowę, byle dalej od tego piekła. Udaje mi się dostać przed terminal przylotów. Przede mną miasto i upragniona wolność! A gdzie tam. Nad miastem dymy, na każdej ulicy morderczy szał. Noże, kije, broń palna. Każdy każdego. Bez jeńców i litości. Totalny chaos, rzeź i szaleństwo. Zadźgani, zastrzeleni, obdarci ze skóry leżą dosłownie wszędzie. Rzeki krwi płynie przez miasto. Wychodzi na to, że ze zwiedzania nici. Trzeba ratować życie. Przede wszystkim koniec ze słuchaniem muzyki, trzeba być czujnym. Wciskam stop w odtwarzaczu i nagle… cisza, spokój, piękne jasne niebo, uśmiechnięci turyści na ulicach targujący się z miejscowymi. Żadnej krwi, żadnych morderstw, żadnych czołgów, dymów czy pocisków. Sielanka. Popatrzyłem na odtwarzacz, jeszcze raz przed siebie i postanowiłem, że tej płyty na razie słuchał nie będę. Przynajmniej do końca urlopu. 






Dobra, wstęp przydługi ale tak mnie jakoś wzięło po lekturze tekstów z płyty „Pure Eternal Hate”. Cypryjczycy z Vomitile wielkimi poetami nie są, ale bardzo sugestywnie potrafią opisać zniszczenie, śmierć, zagładę, mordy i wszelkie inne okropieństwa. W zasadzie piszą tylko o tym, więc tytuł płyty jest bardzo trafiony. Okładka też nie pozostawia złudzeń. Nie znam ich poprzednich dzieł, bo ten krążek jest ich trzecim, ale podejrzewam, że tematyka się nie zmieniła. Cypryjski death metal jest dla mnie enigmą, mniej więcej taką jak fizyka na poziomie liceum (nie chcielibyście widzieć moich ocen), tym bardziej jestem mile zaskoczony. Vomitile brzmi potężnie a zarazem czysto. Może nawet trochę za bardzo, czuć w tym nutkę nowoczesnych trendów, które nie do końca mi wchodzą, bo jednak wolę starą szkołę. Ale ale! Nic to po prawdzie, bo ta dawka nie jest duża a poza nią wszystko się zgadza. Wokal, potężne gitary (trochę tu Szwecji) będące zdecydowanie na przedzie. Trochę za bardzo schowana jest perkusja jak na mój gust a mogłaby dodać jeszcze trochę mocy. Vomitile stara się nie nudzić słuchacza i często zmienia tempo oraz zarzuca nas co chwilę nowymi riffami jak wiązką granatów. Płyta trwa trzydzieści sześć minut i nie powoduje chęci na drzemkę. Słychać doświadczenie muzyków, bo czerpią z przeróżnych źródeł, wplatając amerykańską technikę, brytyjski ogień i szwedzki chłód. Nie jest to co prawda mój ulubiony sposób grania death metalu, ale „Pure Eternal Hate” mnie przekonuje. Warto posłuchać, choćby dla szóstego utworu. I dla siódmego. Trzeci też jest dobry. Chrzanić to – warto dla całej płyty.





O Chipre não é um colosso do metal mas podemos considerar os Vomitile como uma das boas bandas a surgir nesta década. "Pure Eternal Hate" é o seu terceiro álbum e poderá não ser impressionante na forma como trata o seu death metal. Poderá ser até um bocado genérico mas sem dúvida que possui entusiasmo, com uma boa produção que faria maravilhas caso estivessemos na década de noventa. Infelizmente não estamos, pelo que o alcance deste trabalho, apesar de sem defeitos, acaba por ser reduzido. Para os fãs de death metal, este será sem dúvida um trabalho recomendado. Para quem espera algo mais, lamentamos mas não é por aqui.




Sto cercando di andare a memoria e può anche darsi che mi sbagli, ma credo proprio che tra le migliaia di recensioni che ho fatto durante questi tre lustri i qui presenti Vomitile siano la prima band cipriota che mi capita. Attivi da poco più di un decennio, i Vomitile tagliano il traguardo del terzo album con questo "Pure Eternal Hate", prodotto da Satanath Records. Risulta chiaro da subito che l'attitudine della band di Nicosia sia marcatamente novantiana, con influenze che spaziano dai Morbid Angel ai Damolition Hammer, dal Thrash più crudo degli Slayer alle sferzate Thrash/Death dei Vader.


Un buon disco Death Metal è quello la cui opening track dichiara immediatamente gli intenti della band: e con "Mass Extermination" i Vomitile palesano la loro voglia di distruzione, con un brano massiccio e che funziona a pieno regime. Nonostante ciò, non dovete aspettarvi un unico lungo massacro sonoro nei quasi 40 minuti di quest'album; il songwriting dei Vomitile ha infatti raggiunto un grado di maturità che consente al quartetto cipriota di non lasciarsi andare alle sole sfuriate Death, ma inserendo - nei punti giusti a mio avviso - parti più catchy, che riescono a dare una maggiore ariosità alle composizioni (ascoltate "HateField" e mi direte). Inoltre i nostri offrono una certa varietà: uno dei brani migliori del lotto, ad esempio, è la terza traccia, "Labeled Dead", in cui le influenze slayeriane la fanno totalmente da padrone. L'ascolto di "Pure Eternal hate" procede spedito, senza un momento di stanca o quello che potrebbe essere un calo fisiologico nella seconda parte dell'album. Anzi proprio la doppietta finale formata da "Soulskinner" e "Carnal Surgery" è un altro momento altamente degno di nota.


Ultimamente mi capita fin troppo spesso di scrivere di quello che è ormai un conclamato revival delle sonorità Death dei 90's; c'è chi riesce a creare lavori interessanti, nonostante il genere marcatamente old school, e c'è chi invece risulta essere una copia sbiadita di leggende del passato. I ciprioti Vomitile appartengono decisamente alla prima categoria, vuoi anche per il mix vario d'influenze riscontrabili nel loro sound. "Pure Eternal Hate" è un album altamente godibile che potrà piacere certamente agli amanti dell'old school Death, ma che potrebbe servire benissimo anche per avvicinare nuove schiere di giovani metalheads a questo genere dal sapore così vintage.




Vomitile hail from island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean. You don’t normally associate brutal death metal with Cyprus but I guess before Death, Obituary, Massacre, Deicide and Morbid Angel – most people did not think of Tampa being the capital of death metal either – so there ya go.


I gotta be honest with you – I have listened to so much death metal over the years and so much good death metal Carcass, Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower etc that a lot of newish death metal does very little for me (I gotta say for the record that Blood Incantation is one of the best new Death metal bands in the last 10 years) anyways I digress.


So yeah where was I ? Oh I know – on the whole I would rather review black metal records – especially ones that push the boundaries of black metal, for example if you sound like a 10th rate Dark throne copy then please don’t ask me to listen to your album. However I try to keep an open mind PLUS I base all my reviews on knee jerk reaction. Meaning I am going to turn your record off after about 10 seconds or I am going to dig it.


These guys I did – sure its savage fucking death metal – but to me what is appealing about Vomitile is the fact that they write songs. There is a structure here and you can make out the lyrics without referring to a lyric sheet. This is a DM band I can get behind


Not sure if we will ever see them play live in America but fuck, this album is great




Death metal de vieja escuela desde Chipre el que nos traen VOMITILE en su tercer largo hasta la fecha. Con una imaginería cercana en algunos puntos a DISMEMBER o BOLT THROWER por lo bélico, su sonido es capaz de resultar crudísimo a la par que pegadizo, todo ello gracias a las incursiones en líneas enemigas de una sección rítmica que suena como un tanque.


Regustos Thrash en algunos momentos que se tornan incluso Doom, lo cierto es que lo que prima es una brutalidad deudora de MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE o CANNIBAL CORPSE capitaneada por las excelentes voces guturales de Khatch Yildizian, también al bajo y que completa un cuarteto que me recuerda muchísimo a los VADER primeros en cuanto a propuesta. La producción es perfecta (SOUNDSCAPE STUDIOS), a lo que ayuda mucho la masterización de Alex Psarquidakis. Completa el asunto un artwork de Arturo Vargas que bien podría ser una versión bastarda del cómic HAZAÑAS BÉLICAS. La edición corre a cargo de SATANATH RECORDS y HECATOMBE PRODUCTIONS en formato cd.




Pues bien, hacía tiempo que no me lo pasaba tan en grande con un disco de Death Metal y ha tenido que ser una banda de Chipre la encargada de retrotraerme a la escena de finales de los 80 y años 90. Old School Thrash Death con una mala hostia acumulada considerable y que por lo general sigue una línea argumental muy coherente desde su inicio, aunque es verdad que hay temas más a medio tiempo como "Executioner of Strength" en que tornan el sonido más americano de los primeros cortes en una rendición que bebe tanto de ENTOMBED como los más Crust Punk VALLENFYRE. Pero ojo, esto sólo es en este tema en concreto, porque el resto la verdad es que es un pepinazo caústico a lo MALEVOLENT CREATION, es decir... mucho Brutal Death a la americana.


La técnica no está reñida con la atmósfera, como bien demuestran temazos a lo "Mass Extermination" o el crudísimo "To Deflesh" que se desarrolla a la velocidad de la luz (especial atención a una batería descomunal). Espacios para los solos cortos pero intensos de la guitarra marcando grandes contrastes en un mismo tema pero si he de quedarme con algo, es con ese apabullante, lento inicio de "Nothing But Pain", himno Death de los que te evisceran en dos segundos o esa pura rendición de "Soulskinner", un temazo que te deja absolutamente sin cervicales a poco que te descuides. Por cierto, comentar que las influencias de los primeros SEPULTURA son más que palpables a lo largo del disco; baste escuchar el cierre de "Carnal Surgery" para retrotraerte a la gran época dorada del género.


Un discazo que aunque no original, tiene una calidad que tira de espaldas.





VERDIKT: Každá nota Pure Eternal Hate je nacpaná upřímností a radostí ze hry. Skladby jsou doslova napěchované výbušnou agresí se silnou atmosférou, občas brutální, občas klasicky thrashově řezavou. Co desce schází na originalitě, to vyrovnává hitovostí a neúprosným tahem na branku.

Kyperští řezníci Vomitile nepatří mezi nejznámější spolky na deathové scéně, nicméně se svými třemi alby si postupně získávají určité renomé. Zatím zřejmě pouze v undergroundových kruzích, ale už nyní je nasnadě, že jejich status ve světě může časem růst. Určitě tomu pomohly štace s veličinami extrémního metalu v čele s Obituary. Po dobře přijatém předchůdci Mastering the Art of Killing vyvstala před Vomitile výzva, jak se popasují s deskou třetí. Jak se říká - třetí album ukáže, zda je kapela dobrá nebo ne. Vomitile nenechali nic náhodě, o desku se jim stará agilní dvojice vydavatelství Satanath Records a Hecatombe Records. Což je krok správným směrem. Nyní už ale směle k desce samotné...





Vomitile na Pure Eternal Hate vsadili na groove nátlak. K tématům, kterými se ve svých textech zaobírají, se střední tempo, kila a valivá síla hodí víc, než blasty a tremola. Válka, nenávist a násilí, to je pouhý nástin lyrického obsahu díla. Kdybych nevěděl, že kapela pochází ze slunného jihu, přiřadil bych si je automaticky mezi britské, potažmo evropské válečníky. Ano, prvotní liskanec je britský. Mluvím o inspiračních vzorech, kterými se Vomitie neohání, ale ani se za ně nestydí. Z jejich hudby jsou znát náznaky velikých Bolt Thrower, kdesi vzadu slyším i Benediction, kolem dokola Vader a za vším odkazy k raným Dismember. Když zavřu oči, připustím i americkou školu a Malevolent Creation.




Pure Eternal Hate není dlouhá deska. Přesně jak extrémní porce zábavy vyžaduje. Můžete si všimnout, že jsou pánové velice zdatnými instrumentalisty, kteří však techniku nedávají na obdiv za každou cenu. Skladbám sluší právě to, že každý z kapely ví, kde je jeho místo, v čem je jeho síla a co píseň právě potřebuje. Právě takový je i growler Khatch Yildizian. Svým hlubokým hlasem umí pracovat, nezvrací ani nekřičí. Naladil se na srozumitelnou strunu, s trochou nadsázky se o něm dá říct, že zpívá. Každá nota desky je nacpaná upřímností a radostí ze hry. Skladby jsou doslova napěchované výbušnou agresí se silnou atmosférou, občas brutální, občas klasicky thrashově řezavou.








Největší předností Pure Eternal Hate je hitovost a přímočarost písní. Mluvil-li jsem na začátku o podzemí, vězte, že svojí kreativitou se staví Vomitile mezi největší esa svého ranku. Každá skladba má odlišný charakter, jste tedy schopni odlišit jednu od druhé a užít si pestrou sbírku úderných řezeb. Přiznávám, že se při poslechu nových desek old schoolových kapel často nesmírně nudím. Vomitile mě zdatně přesvědčují o tom, že i fošna novodobých obdivovatelů staré školy může zabíjet!




Přirovnávání nemívají rády kapely, ale oceňují mladí fans. Staří si udělají obrázek sami. Proto jsem se oháněl tolika jmény. Vomitile se však nesnižují k pouhému vykrádání cizích nápadů. Spíše je na Pure Eternal Hate vzdán hold pionýrům stylu, než snaha si pro sebe ukrást něco z jejich slávy. Můžu s čistým svědomím tedy říct, že tato deska není z těch originálnějších, nicméně suverénně zahraných a složených i vyprodukovaných. Rovněž stylová obálka dokáže posluchače příjemně navnadit. Takže co teď s úvahou?




Dobrá deska, která nepřináší zhola nic nového, ale je skvělým přírůstkem do deathmetalové rodiny… Tomu, kdo o podobnou muziku doposud nezakopl, řeknu - poslechni si raději kultovní alba zmíněných legend a pak teprve Pure Eternal Hate. Stařík jako já si také raději poslechne dílo od samotného mistra než od učně. Ale nechci být a nebudu zlý, protože mě Pure Eternal Hate baví. Hodně! Nevím, jak dlouho mě bavit bude, ale zhruba měsíc strávený ve společnosti sympatických Kypeřanů byl zábavný. Když nic, tak mě navedl k poslechu ...For Victory nebo The Grand Leveller, které jsem neslyšel strašně dlouho a to taky není málo.





But now to more recent discoveries, the first of which originating from Russian label Satanath Records’ rich and expansive trove of underground talent. With its densely muscular grooves and turbulent, Decapitated-style guitar phrases accelerating into a blinding frenzy of blastbeats, VOMITILE’s ‘Carnal Surgery’ leaves me instantly dizzy with adrenaline. Below a gargling cacophony of screams, the various churning, darkly contorting textures of ‘Nothing But Pain’ gather pounding momentum before violently quickening into a bewildering climax of knife-edged shredding. Combining both the classic, visceral rawness of old school death metal with a sharpness of production and compositional intelligence that’s unmistakably of the present, you’d be hard pressed to find a more savage and instantly appealing slab.




This is the first time I bumped into a Death Metal band from Cyprus. "Pure Eternal Hate" is already the band's third full-length album and they've been decomposing around us since 2007. Well, on this almost 37-minute long record the Cypriot quartet performs 10 extremely well-constructed songs. They are all about a Thrash-influenced Death Metal mix, which was supported by a perfect sound production respectively. Have to remark, musically they didn't surprise me at all, because their formula is too simple, just blend SLAYER with GRAVE in a figurative way and you'll get the music of VOMITILE. Don't get me wrong, it's a professional band with a professional sounding release, but I don't really get the point what's good in copying others? I mean where is the serious "let's try to be at least a little bit original" attitude and effort there, I am sorry, but I don't see this in their music. So right now I have kind of divided opinion about their future perspectives. I am just hoping they will start adding and creating something of their own on their fourth long play, because really good songs demand more creativeness and catchiness.




One of the longest-living, and most influential, (Death) Metal bands from Cyprus is Vomitile, active since 2007. They have three official releases since then, the independently released EP Rotting Life (2010), the debut full length Igniting Chaos (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, very early 2013), and Mastering The Art Of Killing (2014, Pitch Black Records). Then total silence entered their planet, at least when it comes to song-writing and recording sessions; it did not mean that the band had faded away. The line-up did not change that much; the sole thing is that bass player Khatch Yildizian took over the vocal duties, after former singer Yiannis left the band (but that was already the case on the last full-length studio recording, actually).


Khatch (bass and vocals, as well as the lyrics), Panos Larkou (guitars), Hugo Olivos (drums) and George Yildizian (guitars) wrote several new tracks, which they recorded and self-produced at the Soundscape Studio. The result gets released via Russia’s Satanath Records, this time in partnership with the strongly underestimated Spanish label Hecatombe Records. Pure Eternal Hatred gathers ten tracks that clock thirty-seven minutes.


Compared to the past, Vomitile did not exactly evolve a lot. Okay, the song writing might sound more catching and mature (that was my biggest ‘problem’ with the former releases, cf. a review like this one: http://www.concreteweb.be/reviews/vomitile), but they still perform a very traditional form of timeless and universal Death Metal. ‘Traditional’, ‘timeless’ and ‘universal’ are three important keywords in my former phrase. It means a lack of originality, or at least the fact that this band does not reinvent the scene at all. Is this a sad, negative aspect? No, not at all, at least as 1) you like this kind of stuff and 2) the result is satisfying. I can’t say anything about you, dear reader, as being ‘fan’ of this genre, but when it comes to the quality of Pure Eternal Hatred, well, then I can say that the average quality of the compositions is not bad at all. Those trusted with Igniting Chaos or Mastering The Art Of Killing will surely agree (great evolution in comparison to the past!). Vomitile perform honest, conventional Death Metal, including the necessary ingredients: deep and gurgling grunts, technical riffs, sharp solos (the one in HateField, for example, is simply adorable, haha), melodic leads, blasting drums (great double bass drums – listen for example to Glorify The Insane), snarling bass guitars, and on top of it a monumental production quality and quite some changes in structure and speed. It keeps the middle in between the old school, yet in a subtle way packaged into a contemporary sphere. What strikes me is the fact that there aren’t that much blasting eruptions. On the contrary, the better part dwells in between almost slowed-down and mid-tempo. But it is not inferior to the heaviness, believe me! There is a war-like attitude going on, rather than a theme of gore and perversion, which comes back within the lyrical themes too, evidently. And another important aspect is the enthusiastic ‘groove’, not of the ‘funny’ kind, yet eruptive, striking and pushing. In collaboration with the highly technically skilled performance and the variation, the groovy aspect adds a great value, which one needs nowadays, seen the overload on comparable releases.


Recommended if you like Vader, God Dethroned, Vomitory, Unleashed, Hail Of Bullets, Krisiun, Dementor, Malevolent Creation, My Darkest Hate and Bolt Thrower.





To jeden z jaśniejszych punktów w tym zestawieniu. Kapela z Cypru grająca death metal – brzmi egzotycznie ale w rzeczywistości wypada bardzo w porządku. Zwolennicy Bolt Thrower czy naszego rodzimego Vadera odnajdą się w tych szybkich strzałach bez problemu. Od pierwszej sekundy gdzie pojawił się wokal od razu miałem przed oczami Petera z tą jego charakterystyczną manierą wokalną. „Pure Eternal Hate” to dziesięć konkretnych i precyzyjnie wymierzonych ciosów. Pomysły na kawałki nie są zbyt skomplikowane natomiast do wykonania ciężko jest się przyczepić. Brzmi to po prostu dobrze. Mocy całości w tym przypadku dodaje dość sterylne i selektywne brzmienie, które w połączeniu z tnącymi riffami daje na prawdę niezły efekt. Na plus oceniam również solówki, które nie męczą, nie są dodane na siłę, a mają za to swój charakter i wpadają w ucho. Rewolucji nie ma, wstydu też nie.




Pure Eternal Hate is the third album from Cypriot Death Metal horde Vomitile, co-released by Hetatombe Records and Satanath Records. These guys swear by old school Death Metal, taking their influences from many sides of the genre. I can hear some influences from bands like Deicide, Sepultura, Krisiun etc. here and there. It's played well, it's brutal and to-the-point, it's moving forward effortlessly, it's old school as fuck, but somehow all the songs sound as if they were cut from the same cloth, missing that little 'surprise' factor which would make things a bit more special for a casual listener. The album has its moments for sure, but it gets pretty tedious after a while, which is a pity.


Vomitile surely show some potential, but they're not there yet.





Овакав death metal волим! А долази са Кипра, ни мање ни више. Одавно ми је познато да су све људске границе побрисане када се ради о метал музици, или уметности уопште, али ме „егзотика” сваки пут наново изненади. Не могу са сигурношћу да тврдим, али верујем да је ово мој први сусрет са музиком пореклом са овог подељеног острва.

У међувремену, Pure Eternal Hate је већ трећи албум у арсеналу ових Кипрана који су на сцени већ целу деценију. Четворка из Никозије доноси death metal какав сви већ познајемо. Не, то није лош знак. Чини ми се да су управо овакви бендови у опасној мањини у данашње време, у односу на бројне технички претеране и претерано бруталне саставе.

Када је реч о Vomitile, они изузетно добро балансирају између технички потковане свирке, добро промишљеног композиторског умећа и аранжерске зрелости. Сви ти елементи доприносе да је комплетан албум довољно разноврстан да држи пажњу слушаоца, док се у исто време креће довољно праволинијски да се не изгуби у лутању по самим ивицама жанра. Томе доприноси и трајање од око 36 минута, што је сасвим довољно за комплетан утисак и самим тим недовољно да угуши евентуалну публику.

Већ сам назив албума наговештава шта можете очекивати овде. Најчешће брз death metal пун мржње коју бескомпромисно намеће и самом слушаоцу. Гитарске деонице воде главнину напада мноштвом добро осмишљених рифова који су, иако својствени жанру, довољно иновативни да не можете баш са лакоћом наћи поређења са познатијим именима. Мада ми Bolt Thrower пада на памет, посебно у деоницама средњег темпа у којима се истиче врхунски одрађен посао ритам секције. Гитаре понекад прошетају кроз солистичке деонице, али и у тим моментима задржавају улогу у самој песми и не беже у гитарске его трипове.

Чврст и сигуран вокал убедљиво проноси поруке нумера. За суштину тих порука опет се може консултовати сам назив албума. Издање је и продукцијски решено до савршенства. Звук је попуњен до тачке пуцања чиме албум добија додатну снагу за сурово „лупање по ушима”.

Искрени фанови жанра ће сигурно бити више него задовољни овде одсвираним. Они којима све и свашта смета ће сигурно приметити недостатак оригиналности. Мени је Pure Eternal Hate савршено „легао”. Не говоримо овде о најбољем албум који је death metal икада доживео, али је светлосним годинама далеко од најгорег. Чак је за класу изнад просека. Кипрани су врло успешно пребродили „клетву трећег албума” те нам остаје да се надамо да ће их баш четврти пробити у прву лигу.





Formation de Chypre, Vomitile est actif depuis 2007. Leur premier EP Rotting Life voit le jour en 2010 et suivront deux albums, Igniting Life et Mastering the Art of Killing, sortis respectivement en 2013 et 2014. Cette année, nos nicosiens font paraitre Pure eternal Hate signé par Satanath Records.


Vomitile joue du Death Metal. Non, pardon : Vomitile joue un PUTAIN de Death Metal ! Voilà qui est mieux. Comme quoi un petit mot peu tout changer car le Death des nicosiotes est sans aucune autre fioriture, si ce n’est qu’il est largement emprunt du Thrash Metal qui le mis au monde jadis. Le Thrash est un pays, le Death un autre, Vomitile marche sur la frontière en faisant quelques petites incursions dans l’un ou l’autre sans jamais s’aventurer plus au cœur de ceux-ci. Ce qu’il en ressort est un pur régal auditif et rien d’étonnant quand on apprend que ce groupe a ouvert pour Sodom, Obituary ou Kreator.


Pas de blast imbuvable, pas de folie derrière la batterie, tout est sur un mid-tempo fort acceptable. La voix n’est pas un growl abject comme sorti de la gorge d’un cadavre ressuscité qui se plaint d’avoir été déterré : elle est puissante, grave et éraillée, assez pour effrayer la grand-mère mais pas assez pour faire fuir la belle-mère. Les riffs sont acérés et thrashy à souhait, invitant incessamment notre nuque à les suivre en rythme. Les soli sont majestueux, hauts en couleur et l’ensemble est étonnamment très mélodique.




Comment peut-on encore vibrer avec ce genre de musique ? C’est aussi simple que la conclusion du Disney Ratatouille : un célèbre critique culinaire qui vient noter un restaurant est dans un premier temps désagréablement surpris pas la simplicité du plat qu’on lui présente, de la ratatouille (!) et, dans un second temps, se prend une baffe mémorable chargée d’émotions dès la première cuillère en bouche. C’est tout Vomitile : on présente un album de Death Metal avec une pochette guerrière, on tire un peu la gueule jusqu’au premier titre qui nous balance illico une baffe chargée d’émotion en pleine poire.


Vomitile nous accroche et nous garde durant toute l’écoute de Pure eternal Hate. C’est agréable, fluide et sans faille…




Surprisingly raw old school death metal, with nasty but wholly appropriate gasping croak vocals.


Sounding like some weird cross between the vocals on Entombed’s “premature autopsy” and the inverted breath swallowing funereality of Martin Van Drunen (or for that matter, Frantisek Storm), frontman Khatch Yildizian (whose brother George is half of the guitar team here…and I feel like Liberace just writing that…wonder if George plays the violin, too?) perfectly appends the overly crunchy, chugging like an incoming tank guitar riffs and wet sounding double bass drums.


This all leaves the band sounding like some odd cross between the

aforementioned and more basic early death metal acts like Vader circa

the Ultimate Incantation, Gorefest and Acheron, but with a mildly thrashy

feel that calls Demolition Hammer or Malevolent Creation to mind (and

surprisingly, most of these bands were in fact name checked in the

label’s promo writeup – hats off to ya for an all too unusual accuracy!)


Is it first tier essential listening for newcomers to the death metal scene?

Well, no, you’re about 27 years too late, nothing recent is.


But for old schoolers and more advanced level fans, looking desperately

for a worthwhile fix among a crowd of black metal-bastardized crap

pretending to be “death metal”?


Yeah, I advise you jump on this one ASAP. These Greeks (well, sorta…technically, they’re Cypriot)  really know their shit, and deliver the goods tout suite.




This is the first band from Cyprus I've ever heard and hopefully they won't be the last. From their album cover as well as song titles I get the idea that VOMITILE are into war themed death metal. They're a mix of straight up early DM style with some touches of melody. Oh yeah and their sound is familiar to GOD DETHRONED and not as their name would suggest, heirs to VOMITORY.



This is the third full length by these Cypriots (is that the correct description?). The band started out in the late 2000s. The debut was a seven song self released EP in 2010. That got the attention of the US label Horror Pain Gore Death Productions which released their debut full length Igniting Chaos in 2013. A year later they put out Mastering the Art of Killing on Cyprus's own Pitch Black Records. They've been quiet up until now.



Musically Pure Eternal Hate is an overcast of thick haze and heavy pummeling riffs. Vocals are in that low military guttural cadence. The band allows enough variance between song structures to leave things interesting enough to keep your eyes open. A hot solo will cut through the fog like a firebrand. But overall it's pretty basic as far as this style of music goes. At least the drumming is organic.




Satanath Records is an exciting label that specializes in delivering quality metal and covers all metal genres. The label is fronted by the young, gifted and enthusiastic Aleksey Korolyov. The first release we received from Satanath Records was a band named Vomitile and their new record Pure Eternal Hate. That record is the third offering from Vomitile, and contains much, including a very god vocal from Khatch Yildizian which also plays bass. Yildizian sings direct and brutal, but he has full control and it’s reasonably impressive vocal and understandable what he sing.




Vomitile take a song-based approach to their carnage, creating songs that are more focused on engaging the listener through riffs and hooks than trying to be the most technical, overly brutal, flashiest, etc. In that sense this is very honest music, it does exactly what it sets out to, and also reflects the passion and enthusiasm of its creators.


Pure Eternal Hate is lyrically centered on war and slaughter, and are definitely not for weak souls. The album title cover adequately Vomitile’s brand of punishing death metal, and they give us 37 minutes of material to become battered and bruised by. Vomitile is influenced by several sources, but these are merely influences as Vomitile have their own personality fully-formed and intact. The music is fast and explosive, but machine-precise in its delivery of annihilating barbarism. It rushes ahead like an accelerated tank attack right from the start, delivering a mix of seething, jolting, and rapidly darting riffs, plus fusillades of galloping, hammering, and bullet-spraying drum work.




Vomitile bask in the power and glory of true, honest death metal. Unfiltered and unadorned, the songs on this album revel in their brutal assault. With chunky grooves, gruesome energy, and punishing blast beats, this is a collection of barbaric songs that are well-written and confident. The album has a primal, explosive power to it born from a familiarity with what made the early death metal trailblazers so enduring. Thunderous bass lines add to the spinal trauma inflicted by the track, while the growled vocals are downright rabid in their viciousness.


Vomitile hail from the Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus, which they’ve turned into ground zero for their own detonations of hard-charging, war-like death metal since 2007.





This is the first time VOMITILE from Cyprus are featured in Voices From The Darkside, I was really surprised about that. Because after eleven years of existence and two albums and one EP the band left a mark in the scene. On the contrary there are bazillion of Death Metal bands out there, I really doubt any Metalhead has an overview of all active bands. But back to "Pure Eternal Hate", the first word that came to my mind was solid. Solid in the meaning of massive and reliable. Nothing but genuine Death Metal can be found here, there is not even the smallest crumb of other genres. VOMITILE are convincing in every discipline of Death Metal. Fast, slow and mid-tempo, which is mostly used. Somehow this albums reminds me of VADER, because the vocals are done in a similar style and the songwriting has the same well-seasoned, matured manner. Any points of criticism? Well, I have found none. This is Death Metal that never gets old.





VOMITILE is a death metal band from Cyprus formed by Khatch Yildizian and Panos Larkou. The group first got their feet wet in the summer of 2007, soon releasing their seven song demo in 2009 titled "Rotting Life." After lineup changes and playing shows with the likes of veterans such as SODOM and OBITUARY, the band would release their debut album "Igniting Chaos" in January 2013, and a follow up in late 2014 titled "Mastering the Art of Killing." Following more lineup changes and a tour with KREATOR in support of the aforementioned album, the four piece headed to the studio to record their third full length, "Pure Eternal Hate."


Upon first inspection, the artwork resembles that of the so called "war death metal" genre, most often associated with BOLT THROWER, and the quartets sound also reflects this. "Mass Extermination" wastes no time at all to get to the beatdown, a slamming guitar riff behind a skank beat and raspy screamed vocals. A catchy "chorus" and varying tempos make this an overall powerful opening track. "Pestilation" is a groovy and dissonant assault, littered with blast beats, tremolo picking and murderous lyrics. "Labeled Dead" leaves the listener with no time to breath with a song bordering on brutal death metal.


"Glorify the Insane" employs much of the elements previously mentioned, with speedy, sinister sounding grooves and seamless transitions. "Executioner of Strength" reverses the increasing tempo of the album completely, with stomping, hypnotizing riffage, which is further exemplified on "Nothing But Pain." The stark contrast, bringing order to the chaos, is something that has also done wonders for BOLT THROWER. The throttle is brought back to full on the aggressive, sonically charged penultimate track, "Soulskinner." The album closes as raw and punchy as it began on "Carnal Surgery," another slamming track with melancholic solos that slowly fades out with the title of the song being oft-repeated.


Overall, "Pure Eternal Hate" is exactly as the title implies and while a lot of this is a throwback to other mighty acts of the genre, VOMITILE come into their own on this tantalizingly brutal release of galloping riffage and breakneck speed drumming. The audible screamed vocals make the fitting lyrical content all the more meaningful and you would be remiss to not look into the impressive musicianship found on this record.






After a black metal break with the French band Geisterfels, today there's new room for some death metal onslaught! Specifically, this is the review about the third album of a quartet coming from Cyprus, a nation surely not famous for its metal bands. If I remember well, these Vomitile are just the first band from Cyprus ever reviewed by me! And, as a first time into the realm of the so-called Cy metal, I must say I started very well since "Pure Eternal Hate" strikes as it should be. What labels released it? The Spanish Hecatombe Records along with Satanath Records, that now is a regular presence on these demented pages since the "far" December 2017.


The first notable thing about "Pure Eternal Hate" is that it starts already at a breakneck speed in order to assault the listeners without proposing any stupid intros. And the second notable thing is that we're talking about an album in which there is an old-school death metal that offers some vaguely thrash metal influences as well few moments closer to brutal death metal, a wise balancement between massive mid-tempos and faster passages (blast-beats included) and merciless war themes. These last ones are recited with immense malice by the classic growls à la Ross Dolan of the bassplayer Khatch Yildizian (that is the twin brother of the guitarist George Yildizian...but it's incredibile that they looks like a friend of mine!).


The approach choosen by Vomitile is predictable enough, so, at the contrary of other Satanath Death metal bands like Wrathrone, these 4 Cypriot headbangers don't offers particular surprises throughout the 10 songs of the album. But, fortunately, the sound is intense and malicious in the right way, especially in the favorite songs of mine such as "Pestilation", "Labeled Dead" (Gorguts' "Considered Dead", anyone?), "To Deflesh" and "Nothing but Pain" (that contains an interesting guitar solos which is stranger than the usual). In addition, in the list you'll find even songs focused on slower tempos called "HateField" and "Executioner of Strenght", that shows the good abilities of Vomitile to create heavier tracks without any fast moments.


That's all, folks! "Pure Eternal Hate" is fit for every maniac in pure eternal love with the US death metal and Bolt Thrower. So, if you like these last ones but even beasts such as Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Cannibal Corpse and the likes, then don't break my balls anymore and buy "Pure Eternal Hate", or otherwise you are a FUKKEN POSER! And now, I would like a lot to have a chat, for a possible interview, with Vomitile also in order to know better the obscure Cyprus metal scene and its conditions totally unknown to me.




Tuntosarveni ovat jatkuvasti koholla uusille, perinteisten heavy metalin mahtimaiden ulkopuolelta tuleville artisteille. Tällä kertaa levylautaselle eksyi Kyprokselta ponnistavan Vomitilen uutukainen ”Pure Eternal Hate”.


Vomitilen musiikki nojaa vahvasti perinteiseen death metaliin, ja uusi albumi on järjestyksessään yhtyeen kolmas. Orkesteri tekee musiikillaan kunniaa Bolt Throwerin tai Obituaryn kaltaisille pioneereille, mutta ei ikävä kyllä onnistu tekemään tahollaan mitään uutta tahi mullistavaa. Tämä tosin koskee pääpiirteissään myös koko kyseistä alagenreä, sillä melko vaikea on näissä raameissa yltää mihinkään, mitä esimerkiksi edellämainitut yhtyeet eivät olisi jo tehneet.


”Pure Eternal Hate” lähtee ryminällä käyntiin, eikä avauskappale ”Mass Extermination” ole lainkaan hassumpi veto. Avausraita tarjoilee tarttuvan riffittelyn ja suhteellisen maukkaan murinan maustamaa rytmikästä jyystöä. Levyn suurin heikkous valkenee kuitenkin jo muutaman kappaleen jälkeen: Tämä kaikki on jo kuultu. Siinä missä esimerkiksi Cattle Decapitation on onnistunut tuomaan tuttuun aiheeseen hieman uutta ja mielenkiintoista kulmaa, jää Vomitile vain nostelemaan kohteliaasti hattua vanhemmille valtiomiehilleen. Kappaleet ovat suhteellisen kovatasoisia kautta linjan, mutta jaksavat pitää otteessaan vain kohtalaisesti.


Albumi on siinä mielessä ristiriitainen teos, että siinä ei ole myöskään mitään suurempaa vikaa – musiikki rullaa omalla painollaan, tuotanto on huippuluokkaa, sovitukset meneviä, ja onpa mukaan saatu muutama erittäin mehukas kitarasoolokin. Kappaleista parasta antia edustanee vauhdikas ”Labeled Dead”.


Vaikkei Vomitile onnistukaan tekemään sinänsä mitään kovin tuoretta tai uraauurtavaa, kannattaa yhtyeen musiikki ottaa etenkin vannoutuneempien kuolometallin ystävien keskuudessa tarkasteluun. Kyseessä on kuitenkin vielä metallin mittapuulla suhteellisen nuori yhtye, eikä heidän laivansa missään nimessä aivan tuuliajolla ole.




Темповый death metal из Кипра, прямиком из Никосии. Группа функционирует с ноль седьмого года, и запустила уже эпишку и три полноформата, учитывая сабжевый. Лирические темы на архивах указаны - Death, Chaos, War, Slaughter — что совсем не удивительно. В реальном направлении поливают ребята.

Pure Eternal Hate это под сорок минут дэтового оскаленного материала, местами напоминающего Morbid Angel, это как раз в скоростных эскападах, а не в общих подходах). Кипрская четверка исполняет в олдовом стиле, игнорируя все позывы усложниться и затехничиться. Это им не надо. Музыканты предпочитают пулеметные очереди ритм-секции и уничтожающие соляки из колючей проволоки. Композер или художественный руководитель, мне кажется, часто водил коллег на строительную площадку и призывал внимательнее прислушаться к работе тракторного двигателя. Так путем репетиций и экскурсий выстраивался стиль VOMITILE — бронебойный, лаконичный, ударный, истребительный.

При том максимально настроенный на результат. И этот результат не замедлил себя показать. На концертных площадка бригада просто сжигает кислород, тотально валит свой материал. Через пару лет они уже открывают выступления Sodom и Obituary. А там конечно же новые и новые выступления, которые подтверждают статус одного из мощнейших коллективов на Кипре. Талант как говорится, не скроешь.

Pure Eternal Hate - это название альбома. А ведь это и наиболее точное определение стиля музыки VOMITILE. Музыканты решают свои задачи путем создания толковой, умощенной крупными булыжниками дороги, по которой несутся как дикие жеребцы гитарные отработки. И более всего в этой картине ценится увязка всех динамических узлов в единый музыкальный ураган.

Ритм-секция работает как адские часы с кукушкой в виде черта с вилами. Этот только отмеряет время на трэки, сигнализирует о переменках, и вновь дает отмашку трезубцем на следующий хелл-эпатаж. Драммер нечеловечески точен, а к нему уже вяжет струну басист, вместе с которым они и ваяют базис для этого бесотрясения.

Гитареро (2 экз) бестиально риффуют, время от времени отвлекаясь на создание соло, более смахивающего на штопор, который втыкается даже не в ухо, а просто в череп. Такая уж это музыка, господа меломаны.

Примечателен здесь и вокалист, одновременно и басист, суховатым гроулом стрижет он все, что сможет взойти на столь безблагодатной почве. Зато достаточно разборчивый вокал.

В целом альбом посвящен каждому металлюге, а более конечно дэтстеру, чтобы показать такой продукт, который олицетворяет гомункулуса из пробирки - из которого вырастет любой дэтовый монстр, любой - какой пожелаете.

Не зря вокаллер в интервью итальянскому metalhead.it заявил, что альбом Pure Eternal Hate крут, «because it gives you that feeling of a good old death metal vibe» - потому что он отлично передает вибрации старого доброго death metal.




Ogni tanto faccio un salto dalle parti (virtuali) di Aleksey Korolyov e, al netto di qualcosa davvero improponibile, trovo sempre della buona musica. Non mi occupavo della sua etichetta da tanto tempo e ho colto l’occasione per riprendere un mucchio di uscite interessanti per svariati motivi. Signori, a voi un’infornata infernale della roba recente che più mi è piaciuta di Satanath Records e delle label satelliti Grimm Distribution e Funere. Nulla purtroppo di Symbol of Domination Prod. mi è piaciuto abbastanza, pazienza. Per farvi capire come mr Korolyov sta crescendo, sappiate che da qualche mese ha iniziato a stampare edizioni russe della discografia intera di Burzum, nonché di tante uscite recenti (Hate Eternal, Orphaned Land e altri ancora). Partiamo dalla label madre.


Hugo Olivos è un batterista messicano che ha dato lustro alla gloria del metal dignitosamente zozzo con gli Hatevomit (ascoltatevi Necrövömit e poi ne riparliamo). E poi come può non essermi simpatico a pelle, se su Facebook lo troviamo con una maglia della Juventus? Ok, basta chiacchiere. Senza voler tornare troppo indietro, poiché ha suonato anche negli Inhearted, cito al volo i Forbidden Rites. Da quando è andato a vivere a Cipro, è nei Vomitile, sedendosi dietro alle pelli appena dopo che questi avevano esordito con l’EP Rotting Life. Il balzo qualitativo è sensibile già nel giro di un anno, da Igniting Chaos (2013) a Mastering The Art of Killing (2014), con una mistura killer dei più veraci Cannibal Corpse, Vader, Bolt Thrower e altri riferimenti sparsi dell’epoca d’oro del death metal. Mi hanno ricordato l’approccio dei Verthebral, altri ragazzi d’oro di Satanath Records, ma con risultati diversi. Pure Eternal Hate (coprodotto assieme a Hecatombe Records) rilancia le quotazioni della band dei gemelli Yildizian con una produzione più piena e grumosa, ma al contempo distanziandosi nello stile dalla roba americana e impiantandosi più saldamente attorno ai riferimenti europei, alcuni dei quali sono già stati citati prima. Cose semplici, fatte bene.




It’s not very often that we have the opportunity to listen to a death metal from the island of Cyprus, so I was quite exited prior to listening of this album. Pure Eternal Hate is the third full-length album from cypriot death metallers Vomitile. The album title and cover artwork adequately portray Vomitile’s brand of 90’s death metal, reminiscent of the mighty Bolt Thrower.


Thus, the album consists of ten tracks full of punishing riffs, fearsome blasting, sickening low and brutal growls and some chunky grooves giving each track something for the listener to lean into, some extra dynamics. The songs are well-written and production is fitting for a death metal release. I like their recognizible sound and consistency of this record, where song can easily be distinguished from one another.


Meanwhile, the songs are mid-paced with whole album clicking at around 37 minutes. The production is powerful and punchy and all instruments can be heard perfectly where no detail gets buried in the mix.


If you’ve ever heard of Vomitile before, you’ll know what to expect to hear on this latest release. It’s reliable and enjoyable record from beginning to end. With Pure Eternal Hate the band once again capture the true essence of death metal. So be prepared for a dose of fast, punishing, true, honest and uncompromising death metal in vein of Mobid Angel, Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Cannibal Corpse, Entombed, Vader, Grave and other death metal giants!




Hay que reconocer que el tempo y estructura de los temas es bastante homogéneo, y estoy seguro de que un poco de variedad hubiera venido bien al conjunto, hay composiciones que terminan por volverse cíclicas, aunque hay guitarras en “Pestilation” que se disfrutan sin miramientos. Gran canción con una parte solista inmejorable. Bueno, de hecho todo este nuevo trabajo es una máquina de precisión, pues los Morbid Angel, Malevolent Creation o Deicide revolotean por “Pure Eternal Hate”, sin negar ecos densos a lo Bolt Thrower, también muy claros en la sexta “Executioner of Strength”.


Gente veterana estos Vomitile de Chipre, que han sacado los trabajos “Rotting Life” (EP de 2009), “Igniting Chaos” (2012) y “Mastering the Art of Killing” (2014), si bien no tengo ningún problema en reconocer que nunca he escuchado ninguno de ellos. Y esa veteranía se nota al tener claro lo que quieren lograr, empezando por una producción que está realmente lograda en los Soundscape Studios (estudios no muy habituados a grabar sonidos extremos y por los cuales han pasado grupos como Joakem, Celestial Iris o Saint Judas), a lo que ayuda mucho la masterización de Alex Psarquidakis. Completa el asunto un llamativo artwork de Arturo Varga, ilustrador de su propia banda Zombiefication y otras como Piraña, Rapture o Heavens Decay. Y ojo al compacto en sí mismo, con un diseño «pit-art CD» siempre atractivo para los ojos.


Lógicamente también se pueden escuchar cosas como “To Deflesh”, muy rápida, sin respiros y a base de riffs imponentes, o la resistencia sonora de “Soulskinner”, aunque antes habremos disfrutado de una buena cantidad de solistas que logran que todo el conjunto de “Pure Eternal Hate” gane enteros, porque cuando acudes a un disco así buscas contundencia, claro, pero también un trabajo en las seis cuerdas, y está claro que Vomitile lo han logrado, con varios solos en algunos temas (“Nothing But Pain”) que denotan una inclinación muy melódica y una esmerada digitación.


Otras canciones que destacan son la final “Carnal Surgery”, muy técnica, al igual que “Labeled Dead”, siempre jugando con las escalas y los riffs complejos y sin perder contundencia. Pueden ser temas que puedes escuchar en el Bandcamp del grupo y decidir por ti mismo si la propuesta de “Pure Eternal Hate” encaja con tus gustos, sin duda si te gustan los grupos citados en el primer párrafo seguro que sabrás disfrutar de esta tercera pieza que nos presentan Vomitile.




Guitarras de 7 cordas são a melhor invenção da história da musica na minha opinião, aliadas um vocal gutural, um baixo pesado e uma bateria insana, nada supera essa combinação,eu amo a sonoridade de bandas que sabem utilizar isso a serviço do peso e da brutalidade dentro do death metal.


Se você gosta de bandas como Morbid Angel, Behemoth, Vader, Cannibal Corpse, Krisiun, Hate, entre outras bandas que foram responsáveis pela "modernização" do death metal no fim dos anos 90, trazendo uma nova era de brutalidade e grandiosidade dentro do metal extremo, com toda certeza você irá adquirir esse petardo álbum chamado "Pure Eternal Hate" da excelente banda de death metal chamada Vomitile.


Se continuarem nesse caminho, em pouco tempo essa banda figurará entre os grandes do metal extremo mundial, a banda já está mais do que preparada para se tornar um grande nome no underground nos próximos anos.



Vomitile the real death metal present and in what way. A disco bestiality of the natives of Nicosia. Pure Eternal Hate is the album of 2018 that this active band presents to us since 2007. The band is composed by: Khatch Yildizian Bass Panos Larkou Guitars Hugo Olivos Drums George Yildizian Guitars Pitch Black Records are in charge of bringing us this great album: 1.Vomitile - Mass Extermination 2.Vomitile - Pestilation 3.Vomitile - Labeled Dead 4.Vomitile - HateField 5.Vomitile - Glorify The Insane 6.Vomitile - Executioner Of Strength 7.Vomitile - To Deflesh 8.Vomitile - Nothing But Pain 9.Vomitile - Soulskinner 10.Vomitile - Carnal Surgery Satanath Records Russia give us again a great extreme metal band.




Chipre parece estar teniendo una muy buena escena metalera, y de hecho ya hemos reseñado varias bandas oriundas de aquella lejana isla. Los deathmetaleros Vomitile nos entregan su tercer álbum y con el cual parecen tener todo como para dar el zarpazo mundial.

La placa dura poco más de media hora (suficiente para darse a conocer) y en los diez tracks el cuarteto nos propina una paliza tras otra, riffs poderosos, voces semiguturales, y blast beats y trémolos por doquier.

Crudo y contundente, sólido y equilibrado, “Pure eternal hate” no deja títere con cabeza merced a una brutalidad bien controlada y consistente, donde las canciones se pueden distinguir fácilmente unas de otras, y la banda captura la verdadera esencia del death metal.






You don’t need to listen to the music to know that Vomitile is pure death metal with no fat. The band’s monicker, album title, cover artwork are indicators of what the music is about. The liner notes proclaim “death fucking metal!!” proudly and that is what the listener gets. Titles like Pestilation, Hatefield, Labeled Dead, To Deflesh, Soulskinner and Carnal Surgery not only hint at other bands’ monickers, but also pound the listener with deep growls and ripping lead guitars. The album’s sole failure is the drum machine.

Need more good stuff in the mould of Disincarnate, Malevolent Creation or Cannibal Corpse? Get hit by a barrage of Vomitile!





I have no idea what it is like to live on an island. If you feel isolated from the rest of the world or what. But that doesn’t seem to stop Cyprian VOMITILE from delivering their bastard form of death metal. In my book all death metal is good death metal but there are different nuances of heaviness to it. And this comes close to being somewhere in the middle of it all. Still heavy enough to appeal to the die-hard death metal fans but still enough accessible to appeal to those that are looking for something a bit extreme but not too extreme. The band has done a great job in creating an album that can appeal to many different metalheads. I am one that like this album.