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Roughly two years ago we had the pleasure of premiering a track from the second album by Demonic Obedience, Nocturnal Hymns To the Fallen. That was our own introduction to the band’s music, and it was a hell of a savage greeting. Now, Demonic Obedience are returning with a new album, and we again find ourselves in the fortunate position of delivering another premiere. The name of the new album is Fatalistic Uprisal Of Abhorrent Creation, and the track we have for you in advance of its April 17 release by Satanath Records and Sevared Records is “Awakening“.


Demonic Obedience has led something of a nomadic existence. Originally spawned in Greece by George Ntavelas and George Seremetis in early 2013 under the name of The Deepest, it then continued as the solo project of George Ntavelas after his move to Edinburgh, Scotland. On this new album, Ntavelas is the guitarist, but he was also joined in the recording by two new members of the band, Kruxator (vocals) and Mark Stormwhipper (bass).


From the earliest days, the band’s music has also evolved, eventually drawing strength from both old-school death metal and black metal traditions, and inspiration from such progenitors as Immolation, Incantation, and Dead Congregation.


“Awakening” is a fine example of where the journeys of Demonic Obedience have taken them. At its core, it’s a hellishly ravenous and brutally cold-blooded assault, yet it’s also vibrantly dynamic and multi-textured.


From its gruesome, doom-laden opening, which unfolds slowly through a mix of dismal, moaning guitars and deep crocodilian growls, it then surges into a destructive, rampaging attack as the guitar begins to vibrate in a grim feeding frenzy and the rhythms hammer convulsively. And the music continues to change from there, delivering frequent variations in pacing, with darting, leaping, and seething fretwork interlaced with grim, pile-driving grooves, queasy melodic accents, banshee shrieks,  flame-throwing solos, and eruptions of berserker chaos. Even after the song ends, it remains as a nightmarish haunting in the listeners’ heads.




We hope you enjoy this inventive monstrosity as much as we have.





La calidad compositiva de Demonic Obedience está fuera de toda duda, proyecto consolidado y aupado por la comunidad Underground. Esta banda fue creada por George Ntavelas un compositor y guitarrista griego de 31 años procedente de Tesalónica, después emigró a Edimburgo y se estableció allí, en tierras escocesas donde gira y compone.

demonic obedience 2Su música es de un Death crudo y agresivo, no exento de técnica con alguna pincelada atmosférica de Black. Presentan su tercer trabajo que arranca con el tema Conjuration que tiene un momento estelar con un cambio de ritmo donde aparece el riff atmosférico y con cierta atmósfera oriental, un poquito de todo, desde la influencia de los Nile pasando por el Black ortodoxo de los Rotting Christ.

Inception es la fiesta del riff con un trémolo tan oscuro como acelerado con groove y distorsión máxima, buscan la cara más amarga y cruda del Death Metal, con influencias que van desde Deicide pasando por Incantation, cumplen.

Siempre apostando por temas cortos y directos al grano con esa esencia griega que tiene cada una de sus composiciones y es que por mucho que ahora Ntavelas resida en Escocia, la tierra le tira y su música pasa por el clásico Blackened Death indefinido y ortodoxo heleno con buenos momentos agresivos y oscuros como el del tema lento Awakening, donde quiero destacar el clasicismo de los ritmos que me recordaron a Death y el buen trabajo al bajo.

Outbreak introduce los blast beats y por momentos roza el Brutal Death solo que con esa atmósfera tan evidente del Blackened Death, quizás me falta algo de chispa en sus temas aunque siempre suenan adictivos con este trabajo pretenden sonar más rancios y oscuros que nunca. En este tema las guitarras se van doblando en el riff formando una melodía oscura y pegadiza que me recordó a Blasphemy.

Decampment devuelve a la banda a la senda de la oscuridad total y del Death con mayúsculas, muy en la línea de lo que te hacen hoy en día los Immolation o los Akerckoke, con ese puntito técnico aunque sin llegar a su magia. A medida que los temas se van sucediendo la atmósfera del Blackened Death se va evaporando y la banda suena simplemente a Death Metal como en Act 6(66), aunque en este tema recrean un hipnótico medio tiempo de Death/Thrash primitivo.

Eso sí, en el tramo final se guardan los temas más veloces, técnicos, agresivos y oscuros a golpe de Blast Beats en la batería, que han apostado por un músico de sesión que no figura ni en los créditos y la clásica distorsión con tonos bajos en la guitarra con buenos solos técnicos. Los temas Annihilation y Scythe Bearer ponen el punto y final a este trabajo. No supera a su anterior álbum pero siguen a un nivel alto.




The compositional quality of Demonic Obedience is beyond doubt, consolidated project and promoted by the Underground community. This band was created by George Ntavelas a 31-year-old Greek composer and guitarist from Thessaloniki, then emigrated to Edinburgh and settled there, in Scottish lands where he rotates and composes.

His music is of a crude and aggressive Death, not exempt of technique with some atmospheric brushstroke of Black. They present their third work that starts with the theme Conjuration that has a stellar moment with a change of rhythm where the atmospheric riff appears and with a certain oriental atmosphere, a little bit of everything, from the influence of the Nile to the orthodox Black of Rotting Christ.

Inception is the riff party with a tremolo as dark as accelerated with groove and maximum distortion, looking for the bitterest and most raw face of Death Metal, with influences ranging from Deicide to Incantation.

Always betting on short and straight to the point with that Greek essence that each of his compositions has and is that as much as Ntavelas now resides in Scotland, the earth throws him and his music goes through the classic Blackened Death undefined and Orthodox Hellenic with good aggressive and dark moments like the slow theme Awakening, where I want to highlight the classic rhythms that reminded me of Death and good bass work.

Outbreak introduces the blast beats and at times rubs the Brutal Death only with that atmosphere so evident of the Blackened Death, perhaps I lack some spark in their songs but always sound addictive with this work they pretend to sound more rancid and dark than ever. In this theme the guitars are bent in the riff forming a dark and catchy melody that reminded me of Blasphemy.

Decampment returns the band to the path of total darkness and Death with capital letters, very much in line with what the Immolation or the Akercocke do today, with that technical point but without reaching its magic. As the themes are happening the atmosphere of the Blackened Death is evaporating and the band simply plays Death Metal as in Act 6 (66), although in this theme they recreate a hypnotic half-time of primitive Death / Thrash.

Of course, in the final section are kept the fastest, technical, aggressive and dark to the beat of Blast Beats on the drums, which have opted for a session musician who does not appear in the credits and classic distortion with low tones on the guitar with good technical solos. The themes Annihilation and Scythe Bearer put an end to this work. It does not surpass its previous album but they continue to a high level.






This is the third album from Greek/UK blackened death metal band Demonic Obedience.


On Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation Demonic Obedience offer up 33 minutes of malignant blackened death metal. Merging brutality with no small amount of mood and atmosphere, this is a very gratifying album.


The main style is one of old-school death metal with a firm black metal influence. Brutal and direct, this is blackened death metal that takes no prisoners, except for the ones that it wants to torture endlessly.


Largely fast and brutal, there are slower and mid-paced parts included for variety and pacing. Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation has more going in its favour than mere brutality, however. Melody is used well, but not overly so. When it appears it contributes to the atmospheric side of the band; I particularly like these parts, as they help show that Demonic Obedience know how to structure a good song. For such an intense and punishing collection of tracks, there’s a surprising amount of macabre depth and sinister substance here. The band should be commended for their songcraft.


The vocals are mainly guttural growls, delivered with soulskinning intensity and so much depth they threaten to swallow you whole. Some variety is seen, however, and overall the singer’s performance is daemonic and terrifying.


The album’s production is thick, black, and very satisfying. It allows the music to sound as crushingly malevolent as it should do. Top marks for this.


Demonic Obedience have created the sound of a furious abyss on this album. Think of a blackened mix of bands such as Immolation, Incantation, Morbid Angel, and Arkhon Infaustus, and you’ll have a decent idea of what Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation sounds like. It’s in good company, and is an accomplished piece of work.


A quality slab of extreme metal, I very much enjoyed this. Make sure you give it a listen.





Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation (FUAC) marks the first release from Demonic Obedience in its new lineup; now a trio whereas the band has been the solo project of George Ntavelas for the previous two albums. The album itself follows in what must now be a tradition (or even a challenge) for the band to create a longer, more elaborate, and generally more evil sounding album title than that which came prior to it. This resemblance to older releases is not the only thing that has carried over from the one-man band days of Demonic Obedience, with the band still maintaining their personalised style of play, something which may put concerned fans’ minds at ease. FUAC manages to sound just as heavy, dirty, and downright nasty as that which has came before it; a cataclysmic blast of barbaric sounding metal.




While FUAC maintains the classic stylings of Demonic Obedience, the characterisation carrying over from previous releases, this album is in no way a rehash of that which came before. In more than a few ways, FUAC manages to sound unique and different, an advancement in the sound created by the band. Perhaps what sets this album apart from Nocturnal Hymns of the Fallen (2016) is not the style of play, but the recording itself. No longer does Demonic Obedience cloak their music in heavy distortion, having their music almost muffled in the same style that is prominent within the black metal scene. FUAC maintains a crisp and clear production, something which must have been a deliberate decision, as, in terms of overall sound, the album sounds much in line with classic death metal.


This is loudly presented within the track “Awakening”. Wasting no time, the track makes a bold entrance through a solo atonal riff, cutting through the silence that precedes it, managing to almost scream “Look at me, here I am”. The solo quickly becomes enveloped in a bombardment of furious drumbeats and vocals so low, you would think that they came from Satan himself. As the track progresses, waves of angry metal wash over the listener, pummeling them with some of the most brutally heavy music ever to be recorded.


The same could very well be said for the whole album, as FUAC takes no prisoners. What may come as a surprise is that while “Awakening” might sound heavier than an elephant connecting with the ground after being dropped fifty feet, it is one of the slower songs on the album. Introductory track “Conjuration” seemingly begins before you even consider hitting the play button, a wicked barrage of duel guitar notes flaring in to life, each hitting you like a punch in the face. Much the same can be said for “Inception”, another track which starts fast, and only manages to get faster as it goes on, sounding like the musical equivalent to a rolling boulder; becoming more erratic and dangerous as it rises in velocity.


FUAC is an album that will appeal to fans of extreme metal across the spectrum, though may particularly find a home within the death metal elitist camp due to it’s fast and angry style and the fact that Demonic Obedience have clearly taken influence from the likes of Morbid Angel and early Carcass. The wild nature from previous releases has carried over on to this album, though has become more refined, polished even. By far, FUAC has to be one of the heaviest albums of the year, and the one encapsulating the true sound of extreme metal.





Since 2013 under the moniker of Demonic Obedience, formerly located in Greece, now in Scotland, this Death/Black entity goes for the straight in your face approach leaving no prisoners. Their 3rd album “Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation” is a nice example of face melting Death Metal with a Black edge, smashing razor-sharp riffs around the listener, always being able to change between atmospheric slow motion heaviness and high octane speed eruptions. The vocals are very versatile, so are the solos and the drumming which mostly plays in favor to the song without exaggerating in technical wizardry. There is a good dose of US/European Death Metal with lyrical content that goes more into Black Metal territory as well as some Black Metal riffing incorporated into the Death Metal wall of sound produced by the trio. A good album with tons of killers riffs, twists and turns, which in the end just lack of some outstanding moments compared to the beasts in the genre. Extreme-metal-fetishists should check this out.





Sometimes, with death metal that draws deeply from the likes of Incantation, it can seem like bands have forgotten the “metal” part of things. Atmospheres and darkness is all well and good – and there is undeniably a place in metal for it – but sometimes, I just want to hear some riffs that will have me banging my head. Enter Demonic Obedience and latest album Fatalistic Uprising of Abhorrent Creation. Clearly influenced by Incantation, Dead Congregation, and with hints of Morbid Angel, the album relies less on atmosphere to be successful than some modern contemporaries do, and instead bombards the listener with riff after riff after riff.



There is still plenty of atmosphere here, of course – this kind of death metal will always be steeped in it when done well. But it doesn’t feel as if that’s the focus of Demonic Obedience. Instead, they’re a death metal band that will remind you of just how great the riffs in this kind of music can be, full of darkness and otherworldly power. The production is maybe a little cleaner than the norm, but this actually works to the benefit of the band, allowing the music to come through strongly. Fatalistic Uprising of Abhorrent Creation is a strong album in a crowded scene, and one that deserves your attention.





While a musical journey ends, another one widely starts from the end of the first one, as it was for Demonic Obedience.



Created in Greece by George Ntavelas (all instruments at the beginning, then only guitar now, he also plays in As I Suffer Silently) and George Seremetis (As I Suffer Silently) on the ashes of Deceptive Incarnation, the band, formerly named The Deepest and now based in Scotland, plays a very unhealthy Blackened Death Metal with pelicular vocals. Even if the collaboration between the two guys ends after this name change, George Ntavelas releases two albums before teaming up with Mark Stormwhipper (bass) and Kruxator (vocals) to compose and record Fatalistic Uprisal Of Abhorrent Creation. Sensitive people, be careful.




The band begin with Conjuration, that immediately calms down the most experienced listeners thanks to nasty riffs and vomited vocals that is a blend of dirty scream and cavernous growl. The dark but violent rhythm isn’t afraid to use a more atmospheric lead guitar before coming back to sharp harmonics while Kruxator yells all that he can with ardor. More dissonant harmonics for the powerful Inception and drums that sounds like we’re under a steamroller every ten seconds, while both voices overlaps for a sick blend, but the band has a tendency to slow the tempo down to allow us to perfectly hear the lead guitar. A short Doom influenced-moment for Awakening’s introduction with a worrying sound enable Mark Stormwhipper’s bass to express under this flood of tortured guitars. After many harmonics that slowly go straight to your mind, Outbreak’s goal is go one step further. Merciless rhythm track strongly hits at the very beginning and the intensity won’t decrease until the final note.

Let’s go back on a melodic track with Decampment and some background screams that gather the singer’s powerful voice, but the main role is for the bloody tasting lead guitar. On the chorus, vocals melts with those accurate harmonics to throw us upon Act 6(66), an instrumental track. Musicians take the time to introduce each part with sometimes dissonnant, sometimes atmospheric but always catchy riffs. Once this interlude ends, speed takes possession of the three musicians again for Annihilation. More warlike on screaming parts, we can truly feel pure Black Metal influences while lead guitar seems to ooze Old School Death Metal from the 90’s, but with longer parts than usually. The last track, Scythe Bearer, is also one of the longest one. The airy solo at the very beginning transports us to a jerky rhythmic part that eventually transforms itself into an unhealthy track under a consequent amount of blast beat and double kick, with a mesmerizing end.


It’s a perfect blend between filthy but powerful sound with mystical and looming sonorities that Demonic Obedience offers us with Fatalistic Uprisal Of Abhorrent Creation. For a first album composed by several members, the final mix is very interesting and it’s a great sign for the future. What about live shows? Nothing were told about this, but I hope as much as you do!





Είχαμε τη χαρά να φιλοξενήσουμε τους Demonic Obedience πριν λιγότερο από 2 χρόνια, όταν παρουσιάσαμε την κριτική για το δεύτερο δίσκο τους, “Nocturnal Hymns to the Fallen”. Για όσους δεν θυμούνται, οι Demonic Obedience είναι ένα συγκρότημα που ενώ σχηματίστηκε στη Θεσσαλονίκη, τώρα εδρεύει στο Εδιμβούργο από όταν ο ένας εκ των ιδρυτών του, ο Γιώργος Νταβέλας, μετακόμισε εκεί. Οι δύο πρώτοι τους δίσκοι κυκλοφόρησαν με τον Γιώργο να είναι μοναδικό μέλος, τώρα όμως έχει πλαισιωθεί από δύο άλλους μουσικούς, τον Mark Stormwhipper στο μπάσο και τον Kruxator στα φωνητικά, και με αυτή τη σύνθεση μας παρουσιάζουν την καινούργια δουλειά τους, ονόματι “Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation”.






Με τον καινούργιο δίσκο, οι Demonic Obedience πηγαίνουν τη μουσική τους ένα βήμα παραπέρα. Αρχικά, αυτό που κάνει αμέσως διαφορά είναι η παραγωγή, η οποία είναι αρκετά πιο προσεγμένη και ανεβάζει κατακόρυφα το επίπεδο των συνθέσεων, αλλά και του άλμπουμ στο σύνολό του, καθώς αυτό ακούγεται πιο στιβαρό και καλοδουλεμένο. Μουσικά τώρα, το “Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creature” ακολουθεί τα χνάρια του “Nocturnal Hymn to the Fallen”. Την τιμητική του καθόλη τη διάρκεια του δίσκου έχει το Death Metal, το οποίο όμως είναι διανθισμένο με πολλά Black Metal στοιχεία, αλλά και αρκετά στοιχεία Doom. Και αυτό γιατί, κάτι που συνέβαινε και στην προηγούμενη κυκλοφορία, οι ταχύτητες ανεβοκατεβαίνουν διαρκώς, κάτι που ναι μεν συμβαίνει συχνά σε τέτοιου είδους κυκλοφορίες, συμβάλλει δε στην ποικιλομορφία της μουσικής. Έχουμε έτσι πάρα πολλά γρήγορα ξεσπάσματα, αλλά και αργόσυρτα και ζοφερά σημεία, βγαλμένα από τα βάθη της Κολάσεως, όμως συχνά είναι επίσης και τα πιο mid-tempo περάσματα, τα οποία είναι εξίσου δυνατά και σκοτεινά. Και αυτό γιατί και ο Stormwhipper και ο Νταβέλας παίζουν με καταιγιστικό τρόπο, εκτελώντας τον ακροατή με απανωτές ριπές, ενώ ο Kruxator με τα φωνητικά του χτίζει μια θεοσκότεινη και απειλητική ατμόσφαιρα που έρχεται κατευθείαν από τον 9ο λάκκο της Κολάσεως. Η μουσική πάντως δεν είναι μόνο Black/Death/Doom και ξερό ψωμί, αλλά έχει και μία δόση τεχνικότητας, κυρίως στην κιθάρα, με πολλά τεχνικά riffs και solos, ενώ πολύ ωραία δουλειά έχει γίνει και στις μελωδίες και συγκεκριμένα σε εκείνες που ακούγονται σε πιο αργά περάσματα, όπως είναι για παράδειγμα οι μελωδίες του “Act 6(66)”.






Μπορεί οι Demonic Obedience να μετρούν μόνο 5 χρόνια ζωής, όμως ακούγοντας τις συνθέσεις του καινούργιου δίσκου τους σου βγάζουν μια πολύχρονη εμπειρία που έχει περάσει στη μουσική τους, καταφέρνοντας έτσι να βγάλουν μια φοβερή δουλειά που κερδίζει τον ακροατή γρήγορα. Μια δουλειά που έχει, όπως προανέφερα, μια δυνατή παραγωγή, η οποία όμως δεν έχει καταφέρει να καλύψει το πολύ ωραίο συναίσθημα 90s που υπάρχει σε αφθονία. Ο ερχομός των Stormwhipper και Kruxator σίγουρα έκανε καλό στο συγκρότημα και ανέβασε πιο ψηλά ακόμα τον πήχη, που σίγουρα όμως δεν θα είναι δύσκολο να περαστεί από μια μελλοντική τους κυκλοφορία.





Black/death, but in the bombastically dramatic vein of Necrophobic more than the usual Watain Zombie bullshit that lines the bottom of the Flaming Pyre of Dead Bards every month.


In other words, very listenable for its type, with extremely crunchy guitars, James Murphy-esque solos and a more death- than black- approach to metal, all sinister vibes, blastbeat moments and gargling throaty vox aside.


I liked it just fine, thanks. Hails!





Demonic Obedience begann als eine Ein-Mann-Band, die aus der Asche von Deceptive Incarnation aufstieg. Gegründet von George Ntavelas und George Seremetis Anfang 2013 unter dem Namen „The Deepest“, war die Zukunft der Band dazu bestimmt, sich in kurzer Zeit vom progressiven Death Metal in ein Old School Death / Black Metal Beast zu verwandeln!


Am 1. August 2014, „Morbid Supremacy of Evil“, ihr Debüt in voller Länge, wurde von Azermedoth Records (Mexiko) veröffentlicht. In den nächsten Monaten arbeitete Ntavelas bereits an neuem Material für das zweite Album der Band namens „Nocturnal Hymns to the Fallen“, eine brutalere und düstere Platte, die von Satanath Records (Russland) veröffentlicht wurde. Ende 2016 schlossen sich Kruxator (Gesang) und Mark Stormwhipper (Bass) der Band an und neue Tracks wurden geschrieben und aufgenommen für das dritte Album „Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation“, ein bestialisches Album direkt aus den Tiefen der Hölle .


„Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation“ wurde im Deception Studio, Edinburgh, Schottland, aufgenommen und von Achilleas in den Achillman Studios, Griechenland, gemixt und gemastert. PAINT-IT-BLACK.





Demonic  Obedience  are  a  band  originally  from  Greece  but  now  resides  in  Scotland  that  has  been  featured  before  in  this  zine  and  plays  a  blackened  form  of  death  metal  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2018  album  "Fatalistic  Uprisal  Of  Abhorrent  Creation"  which  was  released  as  a  joint  effort  between  Satanath  and  Severed  Records.


  A  very  heavy  and  brutal  sound  starts  off  the  album  while  the  faster  sections  of  the  songs  also  use  a  great  amount  of  tremolo  picking  and  blast  beats  along  with  the  vocals  being  death  metal growls  and  a  few  black  metal  screams  as  well  as  the  music  also  having  a  great  amount  of  90's  influences.


  Throughout  the  recording  you  can  also  hear  a  great  mixture  of  slow,  mid  paced  and  fast  parts  while  the  solos  and  leads  stick  to  more  of  an  old  school  death  metal  style  along  with  the  riffs  also  bringing  in  a  decent  amount  of  dark  sounding  melodies  as  well  as  one  of  the  tracks  being  all  instrumental  and   the  music  always  remains  very  heavy  and  brutal.


  Demonic  Obedience  creates  another  recording  that  remains  true  to  their  brutal  and  blackened  style  of  death  metal,  the  production  sounds  very  professional  while  the  lyrics  cover  darkness  themes.


  In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  sounding  recording  from  Demonic  Obedience  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  blackened  death  metal,  you  should  check  out  this  album.





La banda de Death Metal, Demonic Obedience, comenzó su andadura en el año 2013 como un proyecto en solitario de George Ntavelas, lanzando dos álbumes titulados “Morbid Supremacy of Evil” y “Nocturnal Hymns to the Fallen”, respectivamente. Actualmente, Demonic Obedience se han reconvertido en un trío y el pasado 17 de abril de este año 2018 lanzaron su tercer álbum de larga duración, llamado “Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation”, a través del sello Satanath Records.




Demonic Obedience, por tanto, ahora está compuesto por George Ntavelas (guitarra), Mark Stormwhipper (bajo) y Kruxator (voz).


En “Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation” lo primero que llama la atención es que, aunque musicalmente continúe teniendo la misma esencia de los dos discos anteriores, las composiciones contienen una mayor fluidez y existe una mayor cohesión entre todos los instrumentos, por lo que George Ntavelas ha dado en el clavo a la hora de incluir a dos miembros más a la formación.


Entrando en materia, lo que nos encontramos en este nuevo álbum son ocho nuevas canciones y una duración de poco mas de 30 minutos, en los que el Death Metal de sabor añejo es el auténtico protagonista; ejecutado a través de intensos riffs muy contundentes y agresivos, junto a una sección rítmica de infarto, en los que se entrelazan tanto ritmos trepidantes como ritmos más pausados, los cuales estos últimos le dan una atmósfera oscura al conjunto de la música, más que notable. También cabe destacar la excelente calidad técnica de Mark Stormwhipper, por lo que, como decía anteriormente es uno de los responsables a la hora de conseguir esa mayor fluidez a lo largo de los temas.




Vocalmente, el registro utilizado es un growl profundo, muy grave, el cual casa perfectamente con esos riffs sombríos y llenos de malevolencia. Además, estos están conjuntados en ocasiones con rasgados de tipo más agudo, por lo que el dinamismo vocal está totalmente suplido.




En definitiva, “Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation” ha supuesto una muy buena evolución con respecto a los anteriores discos y si esta banda ya te gustaba en su época de “one man band”, seguramente este será un punto en que se consolidará tu preferencia hacia Demonic Obedience.





Tal como um relógio suiço, eis um álbum dos Demonic Obedience, dois anos após "Nocturnal Hymns To The Fallen", o seu segundo. E se podemos contar com isso por parte da banda, também podemos contar com death metal blasfemo a fazer lembrar os momentos mais javardos dos Immolation ou dos Incantation (o que preferirem). O que é bom, são (sempre) boas referências. Não chegam a cair na cópia felizmente e apresentam bons pormenores, principalmente ao nível das harmonias de guitarras e de solos, que nos fazem manter o entusiasmo que poderia afastar-se por causa do déjà vú. Poderá não ser global este entusiasmo, mas para nós resultou.










After emerging from the ashes of Deceptive Incarnation, Demonic Obedience has steadily been building up strength from the inception of their debut „Morbid Supremacy of Evil”, from a primal blast of pure speed much in the same style as Deicide or Blasphemy, into the fire-breathing monstrosity which has now unleashed their third full-length assault of psychotic metal, this heathen war machine is now primed for complete global annihilation. „Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation” takes the foundation of extreme speed and spiked-club brutality of Demonic Obedience previous album „Nocturnal Hymns to the Fallen” and wraps it in a stellar production which provides much needed emphasis on the guitar riffs (something the previous album lacked) and gives the entire soundscape a slightly cleaner edge without sacrificing any primal rawness.

What we get here is 34 minutes of crushing, horrific death/black metal insanity. There’s not one blastbeat or grindcore-based riff to be found here – it’s pure, old school violence in the great Incantation/Angelcorpse tradition.They are truly amazing and they are able to take their influences from lots of extreme sides and bands. Their style is not simply brutal death metal but has also inside a great level of technique and the musicianship of these guys is just enviable.Since the opening track, “Conjuration” they show no remorse in martyrizing our poor ears. Incredibly, we can also find some Malevolent Creation influences in the riffage and the production is extremely clear. The blast beats parts are huge and relentless; just few times they are alternated to up tempo sections or fast bass drum restarts. The guitars solos are just amazing because they concentrate everything in few seconds, from technique to brutality and catchiness. There isn’t a moment to relax because when “Conjuration” comes, everything explodes. The tempo is always fast and now some Morbid Angel oriented riffs come to bring the sound a more dissonant and complicated sound. The riffage is precise and it’s amazing to imagine them playing in that way. The title track continues as a support in violence to the other tracks. Up until now we haven’t met a moment to chill out. Everything here is voted to the sheer power, to the speed of the instruments and the brutality of the vocals. Kruxator vocals belch over the top of the cacophony like some enraged ghoul,he’s vocals stink of rotting earth, its like they emerge form below the surface and seem undead, and go so incredibly low that I am convinced they use a pitch-shifter, which apparently they do not,while the guitars run through a series of ear-ripping riffs underpinned by fuzz-encrusted bass abuse and a neverending gamut of time changes.

Overall, one can’t help but be reminded of old Morbid Angel and Angelcorpse here. The blasting, ferocious drumming, snarled vocals, and classic old school death metal riffs pierced by the occasional tormented lead break all smack of both bands’ ability to seamlessly merge sheer violence with thrashing power and a good dose of chaotic melody where needed.This album has it all for any fan of extreme metal: Blasphemous lyrics, harsh-as-hell vocals, brutal guitar work, intense solos, killer and fast drum work, and an original sounding band. Any fan of speed, thrash, black or death metal, GET THIS ALBUM!




The evil seed of DEMONIC OBEDIENCE earlier resided in Greece and if we look at its current international line-up it is not surprising at all that Edinburgh (Scotland) was selected for the band's new headquarter. The third full-length album consists of eight blackened Death Metal cuts that were invoked by the unholy forces of Kruxator (vocals), George Ntavelas (guitars) & Mark Stormwhipper (bass). Their songs are pretty variegated and different if we look in details at the atmospheres of each one. On the one hand, we have a few compositions filled with technical almost progressive Death Metal solutions, while on the other hand there are lots of simple Black Metal riffing as well. When the trio turns into plain song-structures then we mostly have something reminiscent to how the early INCANTATION, GRAVE and ASPHYX records sounded about. I would also have to mention here the influence of the first two albums by legendary DEATH as well. In general, we have a deal with an old-school Death Metal attitude there, which comes with a thick and well-balanced sound production, great solos and competently programmed drum parts. It's a decent material, which most of the Death/Black fans would listen to with pleasure, even though there was nothing special or new created there!





Originally from the UK, Demonic Obedience used to be a one-man band run by a Greek guy named George Dtavelas. He recorded his first two albums, Morbid Supremacy of Evil (2012) and Nocturnal Hymns to the Fallen (2016) by himself before adding more band members.


The band's third album, Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation, was recorded with two additional band members, Kruxator on vocals and Mark Stormwhipper on bass who both add more pitch-black firepower behind the band, while George takes care of the rest (guitar and the programmed drums) to keep his ominous Armageddon-machine going.


Again, this is a co-release between Sevared Records (USA) and Satanath Records (Russia) and, damn, it's a very good one. George made the right move by hiring those two other fellows to participate in this. When Kruxator took over the vocal duties, he also brought more evilness to the songs with his totally vicious and underworldly growls and snarls. The musical territory where they are now is somewhere between Incantation's doomy and brutal heaviness and Sadistic Intent's ancient, all kinds of evilness-reeking Death Metal. It's a very fitting mixture of these two worlds in which different, utterly heavy and brutal elements just complete each other perfectly.


"Awakening" and "Scythe Bearer" seem to stand above the rest of the songs because they are eerier and more varied than the other songs. It's good to have a new album from Demonic Obedience, full of efficient blackened Death Metal bombardment. Get this!






Теперь это полностью дэтово-блэковое извержение из Великобритании. Раньше бывшее греческим. Третий альбом громобойного трио. Второй также выходил на Satanath Records и вот вам цитата из того отклика: «И прежде всего это доказывает гитарный холокост, что устроен здесь по воле автора, безумный и одновременно страстный, полностью подпольный и маниакальный. По скоростному обрабатывая эти обгоревшие от адового огня наделы, струнник меж диавольской быстроты умудряется вставить темные мелодийные пролеты, подходящие для фюнералист-думстеров, или чуть пободрее — но уничтожающе «мелодраматические», если здесь можно употребить это слово".

В прошлый раз трио однозначно показало свою состоятельность как боевой единицы дэт-блэк металла, в пух и прах разбивая все сомнения относительно своеобразного «артистического» таланта композера Demonic Obedience.

Начиная сегодня с вполне трушного посыла в трэке Conjuration, скупо и немилосердно гитарно оформленного, автор показывает серьезность своего намерения. А вокалист ныряет прямо-таки в этот звуковой струнный каскад, проворачивая музыку лопастями своего вокала — низкого, хрипящего, если и дэтового, то тяготеющего к некоему коровому результату.

Inception – вот где композер Demonic Obedience решает в дэтовом ключе, структурно и идеологически. Прорабатывая замедления, и более быстрые куски, и мосты между ними. И несмотря на то, что вокалист в группе один, здесь эта работа смиксована так, будто бы иногда вокалы даже и перебивают друг друга. К тому же один из них становится по-настоящему дэтовым, низким и размеренным - в мид-темповых эпизодах. Они тут появляются время от времени, торжественно прорубая в данной реальности коридор в параллельный мирок по колено залитый красным.

А в целом Demonic Obedience здесь включили свои ОЛДСКУЛЬНЫЕ артсистемы огня и добротно лупят, поливают застывшие в страхе небеса. Несмотря на это, чем дальше в преисподнюю забираются музыканты, тем чаще гитаристу удается приварить к телу компо затейливую «мелодическую» шестеренку, обозначиться по черному настроению, изливая душу. Именно что. Потому что явственно проступают сквозь брутал и ураган — пасмурное расположение духа и неприкрытая мизантропия.

Надо сказать, что в этом творении Demonic Obedience дэтового наполнения гораздо более, чем блэкового, соответственно угнетающие и прессующие посылы тотально превалируют. И в этом, надо заметить, - главная ценность альбома. Его смысл и направление.

Отдельно пару слов про саунд. Он жирный и потому прописан в сторону низов, верхние, однако, на том фоне смотрятся как искрящийся сахар-песок на нефтяной отекающей глыбе.

Совместное издание Satanath Records и Sevared Records (USA). 8-страничный буклет с текстами. Имеется OBI — боковая к коробке диска полиграфия с короткой аннотацией на русском и инглише. Pit-Art на CD - рисунок и текст на рабочей тороне диска.




This is the third full length by DEMONIC OBEDIENCE, a band that originally started out as a one man project. That man being George Ntavelas who was the main force on the first two albums. On this one Ntavelas, who handles guitar, enlisted his friends in DEATH KOMMANDER. They being bassist Mark Stormwhipper and vocalist Kruxator.



There's a lot of things going on with this release so let's just start with the vocals. At first I was not into Kruxator's deep burnt throat sounding vocal style. About half way through I was thinking that he inhales from a blast furnace. By the second to last song (there's eight cuts) I'm thinking this guy is part dragon. When he sings maybe there's smoke and flames shooting out from his mouth. And I really wish someone in metal could pull that off.



Musically this is (wait for it.....) old school blackened death with no melody at all. Ntavelas pairs up his chunky riffs with some tech death Chuck Schuldiner worship leads. You gotta like that. Overall everything on here is compressed blackened death filth with Ntavelas slashing out from the darkness with fatal leads.



On the whole this is a good release but it has two flaws. The first is the percussion. It sounds weak and computer generated. Hey I did not see a drummer mentioned in the band line-up so? Secondly the production as a whole is compressed. Dark and moody is fine but this could be louder wider as well as obnoxious with Satan's sharp claws ripping your face off. It fits the genre bill so hey I just want more.





2013 noch unter dem Namen The Deepest gegründet, wurde dieses von Griechenland nach Schottland ausgewanderte Death-/Black Metal-Projekt noch im selben Jahr in Demonic Obedience umbenannt, was auch viel passender ist. Drei Alben hat Mastermind George Ntavelas seitdem unter diesem Banner unters Volk gehauen, ohne sich dabei jemals mit Demos oder EPs herumgeplagt zu haben. Erst 2017 wurde aus dem Soloprojekt Demonic Obedience ein Trio. Und eine richtige Band im Rücken gibt ganz schön viel Aufwind. Hier gibt es acht Tracks diabolischen, angeschwärzten Death Metals, der hörbar von Bands wie Morbid Angel, Immolation, Krisiun, Deicide, Imprecation, Lectern usw. geprägt zu sein scheint. Die dumpfen, tiefen Gitarren sorgen dabei für eine finstere Atmosphäre. Die Songs klingen ausgereifter, und das Schlagzeug, welches auf den beiden Vorgängern noch störend wirkte, klingt dieses Mal auch schön homogen. Die kurze Spielzeit von gerademal etwas mehr als einer halben Stunde fällt hier nicht negativ ins Gewicht. Eher freut man sich als Hörer darüber, dass die Platte wie aus einem Guss klingt und ohne nervige Lückenfüller auskommt. Cooles Teil!




Aus der Asche von Deceptive Incarnation, einer griechischen Brutal Death Metal Band, entstand 2013 Demonic Obedience, die sich dem geschwärzten Death Metal verschrieben hat und mir ihr drittes Album “Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation” in düsterer Manier präsentiert. Zuvor erschienen “Morbid Supremacy of Evil” (2014) und “Nocturnal Hymns to the Fallen” (2016).


Acht Tracks mit einer Gesamtlänge von 33:16min. (davon einer instrumental), die direkt aus den Tiefen der Hölle kommen und die mir einen melodisch schwarzen Death Metal Brecher nach dem anderen um die Ohren peitschen. Mit dem Opener “Conjuration” beginnt die infernal kreative Tour. Der Song zieht das Tempo an, der Bass kommt ordentlich zur Geltung, die Riffs schneiden sich durch meine Gehörgänge und das Zusammenspiel des Trios klingt einfach perfekt. “Inception” steht seinem Vorgänger in nichts nach. “Awakening” – doomlastig schwer beginnend, entwickelt sich zu einer schweren Kanonade mit gelegentlichen Schnelligkeitsausbrüchen. Was hier die Bass-Drums und der 6-Saiter vollbringen ist schon eine Wucht, genauso wie der Song in seiner Gesamtheit. Oh Mann, auch bei “Outbreak“, “Decampment” oder den restlichen drei Titeln reißt meine Begeisterung nicht ab, ganz im Gegenteil!


Fazit: donnern, tosend mit teilweise halsbrecherischem Tempo, zerfetzenden Vocals, perfekten Riffs und Drumattacken wo ich kein Fell sein möchte. Dies alles mit dunkler Kreativität überzogen und dem Höllenschlund musikalisch entsprungen, ergab für mich den ultimativ dämonischen Hörgenuss! Der Weg in meine Sammlung ist garantiert. Many thanks for the great Album!





Wchodzi Grek, Polak i Niemiec do baru… Tak mógłby zaczynać się dowcip, choć oczywiście Greka pewnie zastąpiłby Rosjanin. Jednak nie w tym przypadku, szczególnie, że nie jest to żaden dowcip. Grek jest więc bezpieczny, zresztą musi być, z oczywistych względów o których przeczytacie poniżej. Co ciekawe, mamy tu jednak Rosjanina, bo płytę o której dziś przeczytacie wydała rosyjska wytwórnia. Natomiast rzeczony Grek pewnie kilka razy wszedł z Niemcem i Polakiem do baru, bo w końcu grają w jednym zespole. Żeby było jeszcze ciekawiej panowie mieszkają na Wyspach, mamy więc iście międzynarodową grupę pod nazwą Demonic Obedience.





Historia zespołu zaczyna się w Grecji, w 2013 roku, pod nazwą The Deepest. Już jako Demonic Obedience panowie wydali trzy pełne albumy, ostatni - „Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation” - w kwietniu 2018 roku. Przeprowadzka głównego kompozytora na Wyspy a konkretnie do Szkocji, spowodowana była zapewne sytuacją ekonomiczną jego ojczyzny, na szczęście nie wpłynęła na istnienie zespołu. George Ntavelas (to on skomponował cały materiał) dokoptował w 2017 roku Polaka (bas) i Niemca (wokal) i wspólnie stworzyli ostatnią płytę. Przyznaję się bez bicia, że nie znam poprzednich albumów Demonic Obedience, nie będę więc się do nich odnosił. „Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation” to moje pierwsze zetknięcie z tym zespołem. Album trwa nieco ponad pół godziny i zawiera osiem kompozycji. Bardzo poprawnych kompozycji w stylu death/black. Z naciskiem na death. Black czuję tu głównie w lekkiej piekielnej posypce, która pokrywa każdy kawałek. Napisałem, że utwory są bardzo poprawne, niestety to dla mnie nie do końca jest plus. Tu po prostu wszystko jest jak od metra, jakby ktoś wziął podręcznik takiego grania, czy w ogóle grania i postępował krok po kroku wg niego. Poczynając od riffów, które w większości brzmią jak „ja to już gdzieś słyszałem”, poprzez aranżacje, które nie zaskakują niczym, kończąc na produkcji, która jest aż nazbyt czysta i sterylna. Wszystko to brzmi niestety zbyt mechanicznie i zbyt nowocześnie jak dla mnie. Brakuje mi w tej płycie serca, ducha, gęstszej atmosfery, czegoś ulotnego ale zarazem odczuwalnego, co cechuje te najciekawsze albumy gatunku. Brak tu po prostu urzekającej atmosfery. Z drugiej strony, paradoksalnie (bo przecież ponarzekałem sobie), technicznie nie ma się do czego przyczepić, bo ten album jest naprawdę profesjonalny. Tylko czy rzeczywiście o to chodzi w ekstremalnym metalu? Ja jednak szukam w nim czegoś innego. I niestety tu tego nie znajduję. Oczywiście nie zrażajcie się moją opinią – nie każdy lubi gruz, piwnicę i uduchowione granie. Jeśli ktoś lubi rzeczy zrealizowane naprawdę profesjonalnie, świetnie brzmiące i idące z duchem nowoczesnych studiów nagraniowych, powinien Demonic Obedience poznać. Słucham „Fatalistic Uprisal...” już któryś raz i w pamięci zostaje mi tylko jeden utwór – trzeci na płycie „Awakening”. Naprawdę dobra rzecz, z fajnym riffem. Pozostałe kawałki zlewają mi się w jedno i nie jestem w stanie wiele zwracających uwagę momentów wyłapać. Pod żadnym pozorem jednak nie jest to zła płyta, ona jest po prostu przeciętna, do tego nie w moim klimacie, bo tego ostatniego tu po prostu brak. A jest to dla mnie jeden z najważniejszych czynników w metalu. Demonic Obedience obrał inną drogę i dlatego zapewne już się nie spotkamy, nie znaczy to, że innym z nim nie po drodze.


Sałatka grecka, wurst i schabowy? Teoretycznie brzmi nieźle, w praktyce trochę gorzej.





De “banda de uma pessoa só” para um trio, O Demonic Obedience foi concebido na Grécia. Hoje sediados na Escócia e com a chegada de seu terceiro lançamento, podemos finalmente ver como eles se saíram como um grupo em si. O já conhecido Death Metal brutal e extremo permanece no som, porém também escutamos um pouco da atmosfera do Black/Doom, principalmente nos vocais e alguns arranjos de guitarra.


Sem muito refresco, “Conjuration” abre o disco com uma avalanche de riffs e bateria a mil por hora, soando até um pouco exagerado, mas é compensado com partes mais calmas e bons solos. Na sequência, ”Inception” mostra bem a influência Black Metal, principalmente na guitarra e partes grunhidas, não descartando uma leve e tímida melodia em algumas partes.


A já citada referência ao Doom surge em “Awakening”, com uma cadência mais arrastada. “Scythe Bearer” fecha o álbum com um dueto de guitarra em seu início (estilo Judas Priest em “Victim of Changes”) e possui muitas partes quebradas, com um clima de desfecho.


Não há muitas surpresas no disco todo. O que posso afirmar é que houve um bom equilíbrio entre o Death Metal e Black Metal e mesmo quando há uma leve fuga para outros estilos, ela é breve e a essência principal do disco é logo resgatada.





DEMONIC OBEDIENCE from Scotland are only active since 2013 but have released their third full-length already. Started as a one man show they finally grew to a three-piece now with a bass-player and German vocalist who both seem to bring some new and evil energy into their game. The opener 'Conjuration‘ is a quite intense starter into the album with thick shredding guitars. The band plays blackend Death Metal, often crossing the borders between Death and Black Metal but always staying fast and aggressive. The guitars are really brutal but always very technical with partly complex solos and melody lines, while the rhythm guitars are brutal and very thick. The bass-lines of their new member are pretty brutal as well and very well played while the drumming is organized, very technical and brutal and so it delivers a solid fundament without sounding programmed at all. The vocals are brutal and slamming and fit very well into the whole concept. The guys do not deliver anything new and surely might have problems to establish their music in the mass of the current releases, but fans of brutal and blackened Death Metal should give these guys a chance anyway as Ntavelas' songwriting is solid and his guitar-work presents some pretty nice and very technical tunes. This album is diverting and not groundbreaking, but at least worth being checked out and with some more promotion the band could really receive more attention.





VERDIKT: Demonic Obedience hrnou dřevní death metal s příměsí černé krve. Jejich třetí zásek není za každou cenu originální a novátorský, ale je poctivý ve svém hrubém zaměření.

Původně řecký projekt Demonic Obedience se proměnil k nepoznání. Kdo slyšel některou z předchozích desek a srovná je se současností, může být veden k názoru, že poslouchá něco jiného. A v podstatě to tak je. George Nthavelas prošel za těch pár let existence kapely velký kus cesty. A to doslova. Kariéra Demonic Obedience začala pod názvem projektu The Deepest a i tento vznikl z brutal deathových Deceptive Incarnation. Obě desky si nahrál i nabroukal sám. Musím říct, že hodně dobře. Poté, co se přestěhoval do Skotska a založil společně s Markem Stormwhipperem a Kruxatorem Death Kommander (na kontě mají zatím pouze demo), rozhodl se spolu s nimi pokračovat i pod jménem Demonic Obedience. Blackovou špínu smrdící sírou nechal poměrně razantně uhasit a třetí album svého projektu (nebo kapely?) Demonic Obedience Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation ovládl v drtivé většině surový death metal.




Nový vokalista Kruxator není špatným frontmanem, ani textařem, nicméně mi hlas George Ntavelase seděl nesrovnatelně víc. Kruxator se nenoří tolik do hloubek, ale raději nenávistně syčí, vrčí a skřípavě řve. Není to marné a deathovým kompozicím tím dodává správně prašivý šmak, ale nic zvláštního se neděje. Rukopisu pana šéfa naopak prospělo přizvání dobrého basáka. Mluvíme tu samozřejmě o deathovém basáku klasičtějšího stylu, který podporuje kytary a tvrdí sound. Nemůžu nikde najít info, kdo album nabubnoval. Ntavelas si zřejmě vystačil s automatem, ale přiznám se, že bych robotické rytmy nepoznal. Jsou totiž pestré, zvuk přirozený, příliš nepřepálený. Ať je tomu jak chce, líbí se mi.








Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation vydal stejně jako výborného předchůdce Nocturnal Hymns to the Fallen ruský label Satanath Records. Album zdobí stylový cover se šklebícím démonem. Graficky decentní je naopak vnitřek bookletu. Tam najdete jak texty, tak veškeré info. Pod textem pak prosakuje motiv front coveru, který nic neruší. Oko fetišisty tak zůstane chladné, nicméně spokojené.




Osm barbarských masakrů má lidovou stopáž. Půl hodiny mají deathers rádi. Ostatně díky tomu nevzniká prostor pro vycpávky a koukání po hodinkách či znuzené zívání. Styl alba je načichlý starobou. Milovníci původních pořádků mohou po desce poslušných démonů spokojeně sáhnout a neriskovat, že se spálí. Nejedná se o bestiální výplachy nebo chaotická zla. Rytmicky i atmosféricky různorodým skladbám vévodí dobrá kytarová práce a agresivní nálada.




Také produkce Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation zaslouží chválu. Kloubí v sobě hrubost a hutnost a dostatečnou průzračnost. Výsledkem je razantně špinavý sound, kde je slyšet každý tón. Přitom album nevzniklo v žádném z věhlasných studií, ale v domácím studiu leadra kapely Deception Studio za výrazné podpory zvukového mistra Achillease a jeho Achillman Studios. Ten album prohnal mixem i masteringem. Šikovní kluci!







Když jsem se zamýšlel, komu by se Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation mohlo líbit, napadli mě fans starých Morbid Angel nebo Immolation. Což je nutno brát z rezervou, protože za a) takové veličiny nevznikají na každém rohu a za b) George Ntavelas se snaží od svých vzorů učit, ale umí se odpoutat a jít si vlastní cestou. To se mu na svém třetím albu v podstatě podařilo. Album Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation není za každou cenu originální či novátorské. Je to poctivé dílo jednoho řeckého srdcaře a jeho nových spolubojovníků. Musím říct, že i mezi skvosty, které vychází v tomto období, si nové album Demonic Obedience v mých očích věru ostudu neudělalo.





Third album since their foundation in 2013 for Demonic Obedience, a trio operating in Edinburgh, Scotland, but whose members comes from three different countries (Greece, Germany, Poland).



What they offered to us thrugh this album is a 8 - song bloodlust in which you will be destroyed by a violent and wicked black/death metal. These guys are clearly influenced a lot by the darker US death metal à la Incantation/Immolation, but often alternating them with total black metal riffs and damned screams. Even though the violence reigns tyrannically throughout this album (especially in "Annihilation", where there are very furious moments), the band is also able to puke some interesting variations like in "Act 6(66)", an instrumental in mid/slow tempos full of sulphurous melodies and a gloomy atmosphere.


The only flaw? The too weak sound of the drums, despite the excellent work by the session drummer Clark (but is he into the regular line-up of some bands? I asking this because I found no infos about him in any places).


In brief, "Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation" is a recommended album, also thanks to nice solos, included one played by Achilleas, the man that produce the Demonic Obedience releases since the beginning.




Kreikkalais-skotlantilainen Demonic Obedience on viiden vuoden ikäinen bändi, jolta löytyy vyöltään jo kolme kokopitkää levytystä. Uusin näistä, Fatalistic Uprisal Of Abhorrent Creation, julkaistiin keväällä 2018.


Varsin perinteikkään death/black-sekoituksen keinoin operoiva levy tarjoaa juuri sitä mitä sopii odottaakin: nopeatempoista, vihaista ja yllätyksetöntä äärimetallia. Elementtejä on lainattu tunnollisesti kummaltakin äärilaidalta, soiton kuitenkin lopulta painottuessa enemmän modernin deathmetalliin kuin blackiin.


Riffit ovat keskinkertaista huttua ja menojalkaa ruokkii lähinnä kiivas tempo ja energinen soitanta. Lähempi tarkastelu jättää suhteen kuitenkin kädenlämpöiseksi: riffit eivät ole kaksisia, tuotanto on keskinkertaista, örinä kuivakkaa peruskauraa ja niin edelleen.


Fatalistic Uprisal Of Abhorrent Creation on juuri niitä levytyksiä, joista on vaikea löytää sen enempää varsinaista haukuttavaa kuin mitään erityistä kehuttavaakaan. Perusvyörytys toimii kuin keskiketterä saunan jälkeen: sammuttaa janon ja tuntuu tilanteeseen sopivalta, muttei jätä mitään suurempia aistielämyksiä jälkipolville kerrottavaksi.




Je tu další ďábelská larva. Zámotek pocházející ze vznešeně nevznešeného vejce zla, sneseného nádherně zvrácenou blasfemickou bestií Incantation do hořícího hnízda krkavčího. Jenže matka není hermafrodit ani frigidní, uměle oplodněná Fúrie a vášnivých otců by se k tomuto povedenému ďáblovu dítěti mohlo skutečně hrdě hlásit hned povícero. A mezi prvními k oplozující kopulaci byl zřejmě přizván i zdárný kus hnusu Immolation. Ale není vůbec vyloučeno, že se na oněch sexuálních orgiích ve stínu ignorovaných křížů mimo death metalových neznabožstev nepřiživilo i nějaké nenávistně otravné black metalové veličenstvo. No a jak červivé jablko nepadá daleko od svého nahnilého stromu, tak ani zde nepadlo vejce daleko od hnízda svých rodičů, i když na rozdíl od svých rodičů se počalo zbavovat skořápky ve skutečném rodišti Shakespearova jazyka. Z vejcete se stala larva a přes zámotek se z něho stala právoplatná zrůda s certifikátem na výrobu smrtícího zla pod jménem DEMONIC OBEDIENCE, nechutně tlačící na démonsky posvěcenou death metalovou pilu. Sice nic nového ve světě práchnivějících mrtvol, ale na svém výtvoru „Fatalistic Uprisal Of Abhorrent Creation“ tahle stvůra jasně ukazuje, že ctí posvátnou ohavnost genů svých rodičů. Ano, dá se říci, že kreativně dělá svým předkům skutečnou čest a nebojí se intenzivně rozsévat zlé zprávy o poskvrněných početích bez toho, aby se tvářil jako nesmělý prvňáček, který ve své nevinnosti neví, co za zkažené básně to tedy vůbec recituje, přesto může připadat někomu kapela DEMONIC OBEDIENCE jenom jako něčí panchart. Jenomže ono o tom to je. Je to bastardí panchart s parchantí povahou, který nebude dobrým hostem u štědrovečerní večeře, ale mohl by být dobrým hostitelem na sabatu o zimním slunovratu. Kdo má rád démonicky pojatý death metal s nebezpečně smrdutou černou atmosférou, tak ten by mohl vzít album „Fatalistic Uprisal Of Abhorrent Creation“, anglické kapely DEMONIC OBEDIENCE, za své dítě do své ohořelé kolébky páně z čerstvě vypálených jesliček.





I Demonic Obedience sono qui per dimostrarci che una band tutto sommato derivativa, che non ha né più né meno possibilità dei propri colleghi di essere scoperta da un eventuale ascoltatore, può essere in grado di creare dischi sopra la media.


Voglio essere schietto: a me piacciono i Demonic Obedience. Già Nocturnal Hymns To The Fallen, con tutti i difetti che poteva avere, è stato capace di stregarmi con la sua oscurità sin dal primo ascolto. Ora Fatalistic Uprisal Of Abhorrent Creation ci consegna una band rinnovata: innanzitutto nella formazione, dato che George Ntavelas, unico esecutore della musica dell’album precedente, stavolta è affiancato da altri due musicisti, Kruxator alla voce e Mark Stormwhipper al basso.


Qualche piccola novità è presente nella musica, che non si distacca di certo dall’empio death metal venato di black proposto fino ad ora, ma sembra lasciare spazio a nuove influenze stilistiche prossime agli Incantation e agli ultimi lavori dei Drawn And Quartered; spesso arrivando ad aggiungere rallentamenti che lambiscono il doom e qualche atmosfera soffocante da alternare all’approccio frontale tanto caro alla band. Anche in termini di produzione è stato compiuto un deciso salto avanti: i suoni non sono ancora perfetti, ma genuini, cattivi e diretti.


Il punto di forza dei Demonic Obedience sono i riff: ogni brano ne possiede almeno uno o due che risultano memorabili. “Outbreak” ne è un chiaro esempio e questa caratteristica è ciò che spinge a rimettere nel lettore il disco più e più volte.


Nel complesso, Fatalistic Uprisal Of Abhorrent Creation è un album che sa essere accattivante, tuttavia ciò non intacca la vera natura estrema della band, che procede senza tentennamenti nella propria opera di distruzione. I Demonic Obedience hanno pensato al fruitore che nel death metal cerca irriverenza sacrilega, creata tramite una formula dall’impatto forte e deciso. Il gruppo non perde mai l’occasione per ferire e nessun colpo viene sprecato.





Czas zapieprza nieubłaganie, bo pamiętam jak jeszcze niedawno miałem okazję napawać się drugim albumem DEMONIC OBEDIENCE. A tu proszę, ponad rok jak nic minął w oka mgnieniu i pastwię się już na trzecim albumem Greka pomieszkującego ze swoimi kamratami w Szkocji. Co prawda do drugiego albumu włącznie był to projekt jedno osobowy. Dopiero przy okazji prac nad ostatnim albumem dołączyli Georgea Ntavelasa Kruxator na wokalach oraz Mark Stormwhipper w roli basisty. Zespół istnieje od 2013 roku i ma na swoim koncie wspomniane już trzy albumy. Nic poza nimi, żadnych demówek, nic. Kto co woli, ja jednak nie obraziłbym się na kilka demosów zanim został nagrany i wydany debiut. Dobra, czas przejść do szczegółów.





Współpraca dwóch labeli, Satanath Records z Rosji i Amerykańskiego Sevared Records wyszła wzorowo. Można się przyczepić do ubogiego wydania graficznego wkładki, bo pod tekstami jako tło mamy po prostu przecięty na trzy części obraz zdobiący okładkę. Według mnie można było bardziej przyozdobić to wydanie, no ale nie mnie to osądzać. Muzyka jaką para się obecne trio z Edinburga to Death Metal z elementami Black Metalu. Tak po prawdzie tego drugiego jest tu niewiele. Bardziej postawiłbym na naleciałości stylistyczne i atmosferę jaką kreują zespoły pokroju starego Immolation czy Incantation. Jest duszna aura, do tego precyzyjne riffy przeplatane równie udanymi solówkami. Te natomiast, może i za bardzo wypieszczone, ale dają słuchaczowi ten moment oddechu. Wspomniany klimat przeplata się z bardziej jakby obecnym, nowocześniejszym wizerunkiem Death Metalu. Nie należy przez to rozumieć, że pojawiają się tu jakieś nowomodne gówna, bo nie ma o tym nawet mowy! Całość jest dobrze przemyślana, współgra jak należy oferując mroczny Death Metal. Świetne wokale od growli po krzyki, nadają dodatkowej złowieszczej aury temu materiałowi. Pomimo poszerzenia składu, perkusja to nadal bardzo udanie zaprogramowany automat. Oczywiście, że lepiej byłoby gdyby te partie zagrał człowiek, ale naprawdę nie ma się tu czego czepiać. Po prostu solidny kawał Death Metalu.

'Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation' raczej podziemiem nie zatrzęsie. Nie jest to jednak słaby lub średni album, o nie! Mordę mi wychłostał solidnie, przesłuchałem go jednym tchem dobre 5-6 razy i chcę jeszcze! Śmiertelne Powstanie Odrażającego Stworzenia, tak - tytuł albumu bardzo dobrze opisuje jego zawartość. Osobiście weszło mi bez popity, niczym dobrej jakości zimna whisky. Jeśli lubicie Death Metal starej szkoły ubarwiony kilkoma rozwiązaniami plasującymi się w obecnych czasach, ta muza jest dla was.



Demonic Obedience black metal band formed in Greece brings us a very powerful proposal in all its musical levels. Extruded guitars, low demolition and a battery that never faints. The guttural section regarding the vos is impeccable again and again reminds us of the brutality of this genre. His album Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation is a masterpiece for the past 2018 untouchable recording and very important edition of it. The Greek bands are still the ones that amazes me the most with their original proposal in terms of extreme metal. We can review the set list of this disc: Conjuration 2. Inception 3. Awakening 4. Outbreak 5. Decampment 6. Act 6 (66) 7. Annihilation 8. Scythe Bearer I recommend each of the pieces without exaggerating you will have an evening of supreme extreme metal when tasting this musical plate. DO is: -George Ntavelas Guitars -Mark Stormwhipper Bass -Kruxator Recommended.





Banda européia de sonoridade fortemente influenciada pela cena Norte Americana do começo dos anos 90 de bandas como: Immolation, Monstrosity, Cannibal Corpse e Malevolent Creation, só que com uma gravação mais típica de 2000 pra cá, essa banda pratica o death metal old school porém com uma produção bastante atual, a qualidade da produção/masterização do álbum é magnifica.






Muita criatividade, diversidade e grande habilidade técnica nos riffs pesados, técnicos e brutais do monumental álbum "Fatalistic Uprisal Of Abhorrent Creation", as mudanças de ritmos/andamentos são muito surpreendentes, não é um album previsível e mais do mesmo de forma alguma, é sim um dos melhores lançamentos do ano de 2018 pra quem realmente gosta de death metal brutal, rápido, pesado, técnico e muito bem tocado, recomendadíssimo.




Tercer álbum de los griegos (hoy afincados en Escocia) Demonic Obedience, donde muestran una brutal andanada de death/black metal a toda potencia.

Ocho canciones rápidas e implacables con la sola intención de atormentarte y torturarte, música caótica, cruda, dura, sin miramientos.

La esencia de la banda se nota a cada paso, pesada, aplastante y diabólica, con estructuras elaboradas y maduras, adquiriendo su propia personalidad.

Riffs densos y complejos, voces guturales, torrentes agresivos que se combinan con pasajes sombríos y siniestros, para redundar en una dinámica salvaje y destructiva.

La producción es perfecta y mejora la crudeza y crueldad que este trio quiere transmitir, dando como resultado un álbum enfermo para gente enferma.






There are several things one could easily criticize regarding Demonic Obedience. The monicker sounds stupid. The cover artwork is clichéd. The music is unoriginal. The lyrics are throwaway.

All of that said, the meat of the matter is quite impressive. This is one album full of impressive brutality that surprises and delights with death that references Morbid Angel, Deeds Of Flesh and Suffocation. The vocals are deep growls, but also vary. The pace is slow or fast, but always heavy. The odd lead guitar does appear and is interesting and appropriate. The instrumental 6(66) is not disposable in any way and will crush as do the other tracks. There is a fair amount of technical ability here, which coupled with the aggression and purity of purpose make the band’s latest a compelling endeavour.





I’ve recently been listening to Morbid Angel’s fist two albums in my car driving to and from work. And it has been kinda like revisiting with an old friend. I totally love those two albums. So it came a s a bit of a surprise to put on this album and find that it reminds me of those albums. Not that it is a band thing. It is in fact bloody great that DEMONIC OBEDIENCE keep that flame alive with this album. Because I cannot get enough of this sore of death metal. Brutal, but not too brutal. But never soft in any ways. This is total attack death metal. the one that can bring South American dictators to their knees. Great stuff.




When the Greek Death Metal outfits Deceptive Incarnation and, following, The Deepest, were put to rest, Georg Davelas (Ntavelas) started a new outfit, Demonic Obedience (which can be considered the successor of The Deepest). In the meantime, FYI, Georg moved over to Scotland, and that’s where he recorded this newest album. Two albums were released before, Morbid Supremacy Of Evil (2014, Azermedoth Records) and Nocturnal Hymns To The Fallen (Satanath Records & Sevared Records, 2016). Both labels, Satanath Records from the Russian Federation and Sevared Records from the American Federation, once again joined forces to have this third Demonic Obedience album released. The eight compositions were recorded in their current home city, Edinburgh (Deception Studio), and both mix and mastering were done, once again, in Greece by long-time friend Achilleas. The line-up, by the way, is this one: Georg on guitar, with vocalist Kruxator and bassist Mark Stormwhipper. For the drum parts, Demonic Obedience worked with a session drummer (one Clark).


Anyway, there were 500 copies, released in a ‘regular’ compact disc format, with a minimally artificial eight-page booklet, which includes the lyrics of the eight tracks. The total running time is little more than half an hour. Once again, the artwork was done by Paint-It-Black, and designed by label owner Aleksey Korolyov.


The band performs a blackened form of Death Metal with a huge technical approach. No, it is not Tech-Death, but several riff structures and many guitar leads are performed with a highly technically skilled precision. And this also goes, by the way, for several drum patterns and bass lines. A fine detail is the injection of almost likeable tremolo riffs, solos and twin leads, which go quite well with the brutal performance and the aggressive basics on which this stuff is built. Those elements do appear throughout the whole album, taking a lead position, yet they do not overrule the totality. And that too is a surplus, for this band is able to have a fine balance in between melody, aggression, technical constructions and a no-nonsense approach. Another splendid equilibrium is the speed. The main parts are fast and energetic, including several blasts and outbursts. Especially the North-American scene comes to mind in those cases. But more than once, everything slows down, with both sudden / unexpected and organically announced passages that offer sort of a doomy touch.


From instrumental point of view, the whole rather balances towards ‘Death Metal’ (I know, this is a simplistically generalised approach, but wait, for I want to make a point), for the main vocals, the better part of the leads and about the whole rhythm section just are ‘Death Metal’, in case you would link this to a simple definition. You can’t ignore that. Okay, it’s more than ‘just Death Metal’, with those technical twists and well-thought song constructions, yet still… Yet above all this, you have that blackened thing, caused by some Black Metal inspired screams, a couple of bleak, obscure riffs, these obscure passages once in a while, the cheerful lyrics, and the grim, dense and morbid atmosphere.


Recommended if you like, well, what about Angelcorpse, Incantation, Dead Congregation, Arkhon Infaustus, Internal Suffering, Morbid Angel, Immolation, Kataklysm and the likes?...


PS: also check out this band’s side-project Death Kommander…




Demonic Obedience је death метал бенд који постоји од 2013. године, а Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation је трећи студијски албум. Бенд, који је иначе више пута мењао име током каријере, вуче нуклеус из Грчке где је оснивач George Nitavelas прва два албума објавио као one man band. Он се у међувремену преселио у Шкотску, регрутовао нове музичаре и са њима снимио још увек актуелно треће издање.


Дакле, овде можете очекивати death метал старе школе са повременим упливима death/black метала. Никаква новина у звуку овог екстремног правца, али ето једног младог, гладног и вредног бенда. Колико сам видео на њиховом Facebook налогу, већ раде на следећем, четвртом албуму. Интересантно је да су на Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation дигитално уснимане деонице бубњева, уместо живог бубња (као и на претходним издањима). Помислићете да то не иде? Међутим, то је сасвим солидно изведено, звук није пластичан, има душу и то даје можда нешто чистији и модернији звук, али бенд не губи на жестини. Интересантно би било чути живи бубањ, али и то само по себи говори да грчког вођу бенда ништа не спречава да ствара музику коју воли, па ни недостатак бубњара.


Овај издање ће задовољити све фанове death метала старе и опскурне школе са сатанским концептом. Добра свирка упакована у нешто више од пола сата је далеко од досадне, те се лако да преслушати. Екипа је показала завидно музичко умеће и дала додатну снагу и енергију које су утицале на прогресију звука, поготово у односу на претходно издање.




Third album from Scottish Demonic Obedience is a bastard son of blackened death metal and the only way to understand this album is to hate it, same as it hate you when you listen to those 8 hideous and miserably bad sounding songs. This is a storming shit of fast and relentless songs that have under average production. Music tries to torment you and torture but music is lame, secondary repetitive and so boring that they are not able to. The best way is to puke on it and flush it away in the toilet. Vocals are horrible, fuzzy and indistinct. You unlikely recognize any English words from vocalist of this UK copy cat band that derives music from much better bands that they never will be. Music is chaotic, no hooks, songs have zero original ideas, just nothing to remember out of this album. I do not like to listen to the music that is full of senseless chaos, and lacks independent creativity. I can`t find anything in those songs that would interests me, at any point. I heard all of that before. I am not sorry. This record is a total waste of time and I already erased it from my mind.