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Satanath Records has been on a roll when it comes to finding noteworthy black metal from around the world.  One of their latest signings is Greek black metal duo Inhibitions, a group that has been around since 2008 and has released two full length albums to date.  Despite flying under the radar until now, it’s clear on the group’s upcoming release ‘La Danse Macabre’ that they’re worth paying attention to thanks to a mixture of foreboding symphonic elements and the icy, jagged edges of traditional black metal.  With the album due out January 13th as a co-release between Satanath and Ira Aeterna, today we’re premiering the song Rusty Razor.


Black metal that falls into the symphonic category can be haunting and mysterious when done right, but so often the keyboards overpower the rest of the instrumentals and come off feeling overly cheesy.  Inhibitions strike that perfect balance between melodic and abrasive riffing, with Rusty Razor being a great representation of this.  The song starts off as a slow burn, letting the bass drive things forward while an acoustic guitar melody plays over top of it and creates a somber mood.  But it doesn’t take long before the distortion kicks in, and from there the band moves back and forth between these softer passages and violent transitions.  The atmosphere that Inhibitions is able to create by doing this is reminiscent of early Satyricon albums, and that’s sure to interest quite a few of you.  Other tracks on ‘La Danse Macabre’ bring in prominent keyboard arrangements to flesh out the symphonic side of the band’s sound, but on Rusty Razor the emphasis is on prominent bass lines and the guitar work which proves to be just as appealing.  The group’s vocals keep things firmly rooted in abrasive and violent screams, and with the recording putting them front and center they tower over the instrumentals and add extra bite to the material.


‘La Danse Macabre’ provides symphonic leaning black metal that doesn’t overpower its dark and evil sounding riffs with overly cheesy melodies.  While Rusty Razor showcases a more guitar and bass centric sound, some of the other songs that have already been released utilize more prominent keyboards and make it clear that Inhibitions is capable of shaking things up throughout the album.  Check out the full release on January 13th courtesy of Satanath Records and Ira Aeterna.





Kicking off with a quick glimpse of some forthcoming Hellenic black metal, Inhibitions have been drawing down the night since 2008 and ‘La Danse Macabre’ marks their third full-length ritual manifestation. One track is available for free download/streaming on Bandcamp now: ‘The Calling’ starts off with some severely skin-crawling shit before launching into a lurching, gothic-piano-twinkling black metal blast. There’s something arcane and hidden about this particular track, an unspeakable evil lurking just out of view that makes you doubt your sanity and fills you with fear. So heed the call and join the dance; full album out January 13th next year and if the rest of it matches up to this, it could be a good one.





The symphonic Greek black metal band Inhibitions was founded in 2008 and since then have released an initial demo, an EP, and two albums. Their third full-length, La Danse Macabre, is now set for release on January 13th by Satanath Records (Russia) and Ira Aeterna (Italy), and today we bring you the third single to be released from the album before its full manifestation next month. The name of the track is “My Journey To Death“.


I had heard the phrase “Danse Macabre” numerous times in the past, but it occurred to me in writing this premiere that I had forgotten whatever I once knew about its origins. Thanks to The Font of All Human Knowledge, I am now reminded that “The Danse Macabre (from the French language), also called the Dance of Death , is an artistic genre of allegory of the Late Middle Ages on the universality of death: no matter one’s station in life, the Dance Macabre unites all”. And so it does.


The same article goes on to explain: “The Danse Macabre consists of the dead or a personification of death summoning representatives from all walks of life to dance along to the grave, typically with a pope, emperor, king, child, and laborer. They were produced as mementos mori, to remind people of the fragility of their lives and how vain were the glories of earthly life. Its origins are postulated from illustrated sermon texts; the earliest recorded visual scheme was a now-lost mural at Holy Innocents’ Cemetery in Paris dating from 1424 to 1425″.


In this context, the song we’re premiering today — “My Journey To Death” — seems to capture many of these ideas. Rather than grim and gloomy, it is indeed something like a wild and sinister dance, a last hysterical and hopeless fling led by The Great Equalizer before entering the cold embrace of the grave.


The song’s symphonic introduction builds a mix of tension, eeriness, and grandeur as a prelude to a conflagration of driving drums, flickering, frenzied riffing, and vehement growls and howls. A retrenchment of the drum assault makes way for rippling keyboard notes and a dark melody, but the energy explodes again in fusillades of blast-beats and swarming guitar, accented by sorcerous keys. The music whirls and gallops, reaching further heights of crazed grandiosity, with that bestial voice leaving no doubt that Death is an unforgiving and remorseless dance-master.




Of all my time in the current ocean that is the modern underground scene of black metal, I rarely come across any symphonic acts. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of bands performing the style or I’m simply going in the wrong direction, but I’ve always wanted to hear more. Luckily, I stumbled across the Greek act of Inhibitions whose take on the genre is reminiscent of old-school Dimmu Borgir but they still carve their own path without relying on a legend’s past work.


It’s very easy for any sort of symphonic band to lose themselves in the symphonies that they’re trying to boast as you can become so focused on them that you forget to integrate any quality black metal in the end. A trap that’s all too often, sadly, but Inhibitions shows with “La Danse Macabre” that they’re just too damned talented to fall slip up on such an act. Possibly the most entertaining black symphonic band that I’ve heard since Dimmu Borgir’s last record, Inhibitions shows with these ten tracks that not only do they know precisely how to appeal to the listener with their intricate craft of welding the occult and fanciful orchestrations together, but they know how to make it more intoxicating that a magnificent ale! From the tantalizing intro track that tells you all you need to know about what’s in store for “La Danse Macabre” to the incredibly tasty cover of Satyricon’s “K.I.N.G.”, Inhibitions knows how to satisfy the listening by providing plenty of what one could want from an album like this! “La Danse Macabre” boasts terrific musicianship from start to finish to really shows that even though these Greeks don’t have all that much material to call their own, what they do have is nothing to scoff at and this record is magnificent proof.


Like I said, symphonic black metal has always been a rarity for me in my time as a metal head, but it’s groups like Inhibitions that always keep me on the look out for more. “La Danse Macabre” is something that will always have me come crawling back, and I’d have no doubt if this group earns a cult following for their awesome taste and impeccable execution that will surely infect the masses!





Τρίτο album για τους Αθηναίους blacksters Inhibitions, ένα χρόνο μετά το πολύ καλό “Flames Of Desolation” και για να δούμε το αποτέλεσμα αυτής της δημιουργικότητας από το ντουέτο των Pain (φωνητικά / κιθάρες) και Dimon's Night (όλα τα υπόλοιπα όργανα).


Το σχήμα στο νέο “La Danse Macabre”, χωρίς να έχει αλλάξει τις βασικές οδούς του, παραμένοντας σταθερό στο πατρογονικό black metal των early to mid '90s, εμφανίζεται πιο μελωδικό, πιο άμεσο και με μια προσπάθεια πολυφωνικότητας, με την προσθήκη πλήκτρων και πιάνο. Και ακούγοντας συνολικά το album έβγαλα το συμπέρασμα ότι αυτό το συγκεκριμένο “ρίσκο” δεν απέδωσε τα αναμενόμενα. Και εξηγούμαι.


Συνθετικά οι Inhibitions τα πάνε πολύ καλά με κομμάτια που αναμιγνύουν επιρροές από συμβατούς αλλά διαφορετικούς χώρους και στοιχεία που εφάπτουν τις black metal αρχές των Satyricon, των Limbonic Art και των Darkthrone με την death metal αισθητική των Dissection στα όσα θαυμαστά διέπραξαν στα“Somberlain” και “Storm of the Light's Bane”, με αισθητή παρουσία στις γέφυρες σε όλα τα κομμάτια.


Highlight του υλικού είναι τα πολύ καλά riffs και solos και η drumming performance, δυο συνιστώσες που μαζί με την ταιριαστή στο γενικότερο κλίμα growl ερμηνεία του Pain έχουν ως αποτέλεσμα μια σειρά καλών τραγουδιών όπως τα εξαιρετικά Darkthrone-ίζοντα “Back to the Dust” και “No Escape”, το “My Journey to Death” που φέρει σημάδια από Edge Of Sanity, τα πλήρως ενεταγμένα στην τεχνοτροπία των Dissection “Eternal Winter” και “Rusty Razor” (με κάποιες δόσεις Old Man's Child), το “Harsh Awakening” που αποπνέει παλιούς Dark Tranquillity και την διασκευή στο “K.I.N.G.” των Satyricon.


Ο ήχος για τα πλαίσια που κινούνται οι Inhibitions είναι αρκετά καλός, βρίσκεται σε μια μέση κατάσταση ανάμεσα στη βρωμιά και τη γυαλάδα, όλα ακούγονται καθαρά και λεπτομερή. Αυτό που αμβλύνει τη γενικότερη εικόνα του “La Danse Macabre” είναι τα keyboards και τα πιάνο θέματα. Τα θεωρώ αχρείαστα, αφαιρούν τη σκληρότητα και το υλικό θα μπορούσε να σταθεί άνετα χωρίς αυτά ή έστω, με ελαττωμένη τη χρήση τους.


Το “La Danse Macabre” είναι ένα αξιοπρεπές album από τους Inhibitions, η συνθετική τους εξέλιξη είναι ολοφάνερη και οι μόνες αδυναμίες και ενστάσεις μου, αφορούν τεχνικούς παράγοντες. Προσωπικά το θεωρώ ένα καλό βήμα, το black metal τους εξελίσσεται και πιστεύω ότι θα γίνουν πιο σαφείς ηχητικά στο μέλλον. Αν σας αρέσει το μαυρομέταλλό σας με λίγη μελωδική ιδιαιτερότητα ως “μπαχαρικό”, αξίζουν την “πιρουνιά” σας.





Zo’n 10 jaar geleden begon de multi-instrumentalist Dimons Night uit Athene zijn opvattingen rond black metal in een eigen project te gieten. Inhibitions was geboren. Gitarist Pain vervoegde het project om langspelers te kunnen uitbrengen. Voor hun ondertussen tweede album werkte de band samen met het Russische label Satanath Records met als resultaat dat in januari een nieuw zwartgeblakerd werkstuk werd losgelaten op de wereld: “La Danse Macabre”.


“La Danse Macabre” haalt zijn inspiratie nadrukkelijk uit de traditionele black metal uit de jaren ‘90. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan bands zoals Marduk, Dimmu Borgir en Satyricon. Al van bij de start neemt een grauwe kilte beslag van de kamer waarin ik sta. Wisselende gitzwarte gitaarriffs worden in sneltempo vanuit de diepte afgevuurd en creëren het beklemmende sfeertje van een griezelplek bij nacht. Het gevoel van de originele ‘true black metal’ op de Noorse leest is nooit veraf. Maar er is een ander element dat uiteindelijk met de meeste aandacht gaat lopen. Een opvallende kenmerk van de eerste paar nummers is het zichzelf herhalende keyboardmelodietje dat enerzijds symfonische horror in de composities brengt en anderzijds de voedingsbodem vormt van waaruit de andere elementen een weg naar de oppervlakte moeten zoeken. Helaas lijken de riffs nogal vaak in die voedingsbodem te blijven steken.


Drie nummers lang vormen de keyboards de nevelsliert die de zwarte vocals en riffs dan weer omringt en dan weer loslaat. Het psychedelische opzet van de gitaarsolo op Back To Dust vormt een eerste verrassende wending. En dit zou niet de enige zijn. Tussen de rauwe symfonische black metal door brengt My Journey To Death een uitgesproken episch gevoel naar boven. Nadien worden de keyboards vooral ingezet als symfonische ondersteuning voor de beukende gitaarpartijen die eindelijk de weg naar het voorplan hebben gevonden.


Naar het einde van de plaat toe steekt de invloed van de eerste paar albums van Satyricon nadrukkelijk de kop op. Bij Rusty Razor denk ik met nostalgie terug aan bijvoorbeeld een “Now, Diabolical” of zelfs "Dark Medieval Times", om daarna met de cover K.I.N.G uit eerstgenoemd album het eindstation van deze plaat te bereiken.


Conclusie: Inhibitions heeft duidelijk lak aan mooi gepolijste black metal. Deze Griekse artiest blijft koppig vasthouden aan het rauwe geluid van de jaren ‘90, maar dan met een griezelige symfonische input. Vanuit de diepte trekt dit verrassende project je mee naar de donkerste krochten en zwartste plekken op, of zelfs onder, het aardoppervlak.





La Danse Macabre album released on Satanath Records. Ten songs of punishing intensity.

Creating an atmosphere of dark roads and distant voids, the music delivers compositions with elaborate keyboard pieces. Songs like "My Journey to Death" and "Eternal Winter" are a perfect example of the mix with brutal riffs and melodic arrangements. The song "Back To The Dust", is one of my favorites from this release. A well thought out expression of sorrow and deep sadness. They end this album with the song K.I.N.G. which happens to be a Satyricon cover and they do a great performance of it.


In conclusion, a journey of obscure dark voids and sad melodic expressions. I would definitely recommend this to any listener of the old school as well as younger generation of metalheads.




"La Danse Macabre" of symphonic black metal band Inhibitions is very much like other acts taking on that choice of genre. These similarity of acts being too which are Dark Funeral, Belphegor, and even Dimmu Borgir. Literally that is whom you hear when listening to just the first track alone, that being "The Calling". This track leading to many others off this album such as "Toxic Run", "Back To The Dust", "No Escape", and "Religion Of Peace", to name a few. The rest of the tracks being more or less the same formula. You get this fast paced energy flow, that keeps the instruments and vocals in tune with one another, while each their own does do their thing, drawing you in with the melodies and harmonics of the music. Like how the vocal chords can sound eerie at times, it makes the music much more rounded. In other words of expression, it becomes a symphonic black metal genre, that is a lot like many others, but is still varying and different. It being more unique, creative, and well crafted, that it is more mellow but also intense too. It's really how "La Danse Macabre", paces itself outward for an act such as Inhibitions. They alone being an act of well balanced work, that is still eerie and freaky at the same time.





Inhibitions  are  a  duo  from  Greece  that  plays  a  symphonic  form  of  black  metal  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2018  album  "La  Danse  Macabre"  which  was  released  as  a  joint  effort  between  Satanath  Records  and  Ira  Aeterna.


  A  horror  movie  orientated  sound  starts  off  the  album  before  going  into  more  of  a  heavier  and  melodic  direction  while  also  introducing  symphonic  elements  onto  the  recording  along  with  the  vocals  being  mostly grim  black  metal  screams  as  well  as  the  faster  sections  of  the  songs  also  bringing  in  a  great  amount  of  blast  beats.


  Throughout  the  recording  you  can  also  hear  a  great  mixture  of  slow,  mid  paced  and  fast  parts  while  spoken  word  parts  can  be  heard  in  certain  sections  of  the  recording  along  with  all  of  the  musical  instruments  having  a  very  powerful  sound  to  them,  death  metal  growls  can  also  be  heard  at  times.


  Acoustic  guitars  are  also  added  on  some  of  the  tracks  while  the  faster  sections  of  the  songs  also  bring  in  a  decent  amount  of  tremolo  picking  along  with  the  songs  also  bringing  in  a  great  mixture  of  slow,  mid  paced  and fast  parts  as  well  as  being  very  heavily  rooted  in  the  90's,  melodic  vocals  can  also  be  heard  on  one  of  the  later  tracks  and  a  later  song  also  brings  in  a  small  amount  of  acoustic  guitars  and  they  close  the  album  with  a  cover  of  Satyricon's  "K.I.N.G".


  Inhibitions  plays  a  style  of  symphonic  black  metal  that  is  very  heavily  rooted  in  the  mid  90's  era  of  the  genre,  the  production  sounds  very  professional  while  the  lyrics  cover  dark  themes.


  In  my  opinion  Inhibitions  are  a  very  great  sounding  symphonic  black  metal  duo  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  musical  genre,  you  should  check  out  this  album.





The Greek symphonic black metal force known as Inhibitions returns with their full length titled La Danse Macabre. This album has reminiscence of real 90’s symphonic black metal. It meshes together the sounds perfected by bands like Dark Funeral and Marduk with symphonic elements that bands like Dimmu Borgir and Mirzadeh perfected. The guitar work is nothing hugely inspirational or epic but fits perfectly in the band’s style. The drum work is very precise and heavy but also not too overdone like a lot of black metal releases can be. The vocals vary between black metal shrill screams along with spoken word at the right times.


Tracks like Toxic Rain and Harsh Awakening bring that traditional black metal element which stand out strong in the album that does feature ten tracks including a cover of Satyricon’s K.I.N.G. as well. This release is really strong from this band and is really good but my only wish is that the guitars were not so drowned at times and sounding like just a dull background sound. Altogether though, this is a solid black metal release that I personally would buy. If you are a fan of 90’s sounding black metal with non-overbearing keyboard work that flows with the track, then this is a great release to check out!





It’s cold out. Why not blast some icy black metal? Why not blast some icy black metal from Inhibitions? Inhibitions is a two-person project based in Athens. Their newest release is La Danse Macabre, and it consists of ten tracks that are determined to bury listeners in the sharpest of shards imaginable.



A handful of tunes on La Danse Macabre deserve to be mentioned. After the first two tracks, “Back to the Dust” jumps out as a well-formed song. Its sturdy rhythm and hypnotizing melodies make it especially enjoyable. “No Escape” has a little bounce to it, and “Eternal Winter” takes you through different levels of emotion. The last track is a fine cover of Satyricon’s “K.I.N.G.,” which was offers just enough of Inhibitions’ personality.


One of the elements I’m fond of is the use of the piano here. It offers some hints of beauty in the sounds of chaos and upheaval. However, La Danse Macabre never avoids the dismal template black metal fanatics appreciate. The guitars remain sharp and crisp, constantly stabbing at the musical atmosphere. Vocals roar throughout the album without being overbearing and tell the songs’ stories with poise. La Danse Macabre is a record that will please any devout extreme metal listener.




Symphonic black metal per i greci Inhibitions, al loro secondo full length all’interno di una carriera ancora relativamente giovane.


Detto così ci si potrebbe aspettare qualcosa di enfatico e basato totalmente sul suono delle tastiere, ma come abbiamo imparato in questi ultimi tempi non è necessariamente così.

La Danse Macabre è  infatti un album nel quale l’aspetto melodico viene tenuto in primo piano, ma gli Inhibitions conferiscono al tutto una certa varietà, inserita in un sound che mantiene il giusto grado di sporcizia che attiene al genere.

Peraltro in questo caso ritroviamo dopo nemmeno troppo tempo Dimons’ Night, musicista che non aveva impressionato più di tanto alle prese con il death doom dei suoi Humanity Zero: qui, invece, il connubio con Pain pare offrire frutti ben più pregiati perché l’album offre molti spunti di interesse, in virtù di un approccio versatile grazie al quale lo spirito del black metal non viene snaturato bensì arricchito dalle numerose digressioni presenti all’interno dei singoli brani.

Troviamo così  un brano davvero ricco come Toxic Rain, con un break centrale di chitarra acustica pregevole, e una più lineare e catchy No Escape nella quale però non si rinuncia a cambiare le carte in tavola nel finale, e anche una notevole Religion of Peace, dai rallentamenti asfissianti che rimandano ai Morbid Angel di Covenant, pur se inseriti su una struttura black alla quale fa da contraltare l’ariosa Harsh Awakening.

Chiude questo buonissimo album la cover di K.I.N.G., vera e proprio hit in campo black metal, la cui riproposizione è utile soprattutto per rendersi conto di quanto nei Satyricon possa fare la differenza il drumming di Frost (infatti, una delle controindicazioni matematiche nel proporre cover fedeli alla versione originale è quella di soccombere inevitabilmente nel confronto con chi il brano l’ha scritto).

Forse gli Inhibitions peccano talvolta in omogeneità, ma nel proporre la loro idea di black metal perlomeno non si accontentano di un’espressione piatta, provando ad inserire con buona proprietà elementi, sempre riconducibili al metal estremo,  capaci di rendere meno prevedibile la proposta.





Grčki bend Inhibitons je na albumu La Danse Macabre predstavio svoje viđenje tradicionalnog black metala i na kom se primećuje uticaj Dimmu Borgira, barem što se simfoničkog dela tiče. Ima tu i Satyricon vajba zbog delimično identičnog vokala. Klasičan primer benda koji pokušava da zvuči kao njegovi uzori, ali sa dodatkom ličnog pečata. Produkcijski je dosta interesantno, ne perfektno ali takođe i daleko od lošeg. Možda bi se ovaj njihov fazon uz više dorade i posvećenosti pretočio u veoma interesantan podžanr koji se već sad nazire, najviše zbog sablasne/horor atmosfere. Sve u svemu, što se tiče celog albuma, primećuje se ozbiljan rad. Ipak, iako solidno izdanje, produkcija je mogla biti bolja.




Greek symphonic metal band. At times, they bear that winning first wave-ish quirkiness of countrymen Rotting Christ…until the tinkling keyboards kick in, and they go all Virgin Steele for no apparent reason.


Paging Dave DeFeis…Dave DeFeis to the recording studio, you’re requested for some black metal album…


Oh, did I mention there are some traditional instruments like the bouzouki that come into play at points? Felt like I was at a sunny outdoor taverna, drinking ouzo and smashing plates for a few minutes, there…


When they’re not trying to be all “symphonic”, these guys seemed fine to me. A bit unhinged and off kilter even at their best moments, but yeah, those parts were good enough.


It’s when DeFeis shows up and goes all House of Atreus on their asses that things really fall apart.





Muitas vezes falámos de como a Grécia nos trazia um som característico na sua música extrema. Aqui temos uma boa representação disso mesmo. Com uma base sinfónica (mais assente em sintetizadores tradicionais do que propriamente em samples orquestrais) esta é uma proposta mais tradicional no que diz respeito ao black metal não sendo tão melódico quanto os sintetizadores poderiam supor. O duo helénico consegue capturar um pouco da inocência do género tal como se estivessemos em 1996 novamente e o resultado, apesar de não ser tão impactante como se estivessemos realmente em 1996, não deixa de ser interessante. Tem ainda uma versão da "K.I.N.G." dos Satyricon




Black-metalul este poate singurul gen metalic în care trupele formate din una sau două persoane prosperă și produc albume importante. Nu trebuie să fac un efort prea mare pentru a aminti doar câteva exemple remarcabile: Burzum, Panopticon, Xasthur, Leviathan, Nortt sau Vinterriket se numără printre trupele care au lăsat urme adânci în analele genului. De obicei artiștii singulari produc albume de black ambiental sau atmosferic însă aceasta nu e o regulă generală.

Inhibitions este un astfel de grup, produs de către un muzician grec numit ”Dimon ҆ s Night” care l-a cooptat ulterior și pe chitaristul Pain. La Danse Macabre este un album de black melodic promovat ca fiind black simfonic. Componenta simfonică nu este însă atât de ostentativă ca în cazul Dimmu Borgir sau al altor trupe de gen. Lipsesc corurile grandioase sau instrumentele clasice de acompaniament, cu excepția unor pasaje scurte cântate la pian. Chitara și bateria sunt acompaniate de sintetizator. Chiar dacă atmosfera pieselor e epică și bombastică, melodiile par a fi inspirate mai degrabă de Dark Funeral decât de trupele de black-simfonic contemporane.

La Danse Macabre este un album care reușește să creeze o atmosferă rece, să sugereze întunericul, răul și moartea, menținându-se însă în zona melodică. Din păcate nu am reușit să dau și de versurile albumului așa că nu pot să spun prea multe despre conceptul care a stat la baza lui. Știm însă că dansul macabru era în Evul Mediu o reprezentare alegorică a morții și efemerității vieții. Fresce sau tablouri din acea perioadă prezintă grupuri de schelete îmbrăcate în hainele unor personaje importante pentru a arăta că oricât de influent ești în viață până la urmă vei părăsi această lume. Uneori grupul respectiv este însoțit de personajul cu coasa care îi conduce pe cei decedați către locul de odihnă eternă.

În lipsa altor indicii putem pleca de la bănuiala că albumul este o variație pe această temă. Ultima piesă de pe album, K.I.N.G., este o preluare Satyricon.

Piesele de pe album sunt suficient de bune ca să îl satisfacă pe orice amator de black-metal și suficient de melodice și lipsite de asperități ca să fie accesibile și celor nefamiliarizați cu genul. Piesele sunt variate iar albumul este lipsit de monotonie sau piese de umplutură dar în același timp nu se poate spune că e revoluționar sau ar aduce ceva nou. Dacă ar fi fost lansat acum 15-20 de ani ar fi fost considerat un album genial însă în momentul de față, în peisajul supraaglomerat al genului e posibil să treacă aproape neobservat.





Herregud, denne måneden har det vært mye bra! Rett og slett en total forandring fra forrige måned! Når jeg trodde alt var over, kommer Inhibitions og blåser hodet av meg! De knuser meg, med pur og ren svart metal, inspirert fra Satyricons storhetstid. Symfonisk svart metal, som river meg over ende! For dette er virkelig i samme gaten som når Satyricon regjerte hardt! Men ikke la deg lure, for Inhibitions skaper sin egen greie med «La Danse Macabre.» Det er rett og slett noe vakkert og farlig med denne musikken som ikke går an å beskrive med andre ord enn «vakker» og «farlig.» Farligere enn Satyricons gjeveste utgivelser? Tja, tett på. Satyricon har noe mer kontroll på det som foregår. Inhibitions har litt mindre kontroll, men er mer eventyr. Produk - sjonen er ikke perfekt, da vokalisten er veldig langt frem i lydbildet. Men det er kanskje det som gjør dette så smertefullt bra. For det skal sies, denne vokalisten her gjør et mesterstykke på dette albumet. Helt og holdent stålkontroll på de kalde temaene! Ikke misforstå meg, de andre i bandet er flinke de også. Men denne vokalisten er virkelig det som gjør dette til den skjulte skatten i nr. 224. Om du ikke tror meg kan du nå skaffe albumet selv, og høre deres egen hyllest og coverversjon av en av deres favorittlåter: K.I.N.G. av Satyricon. Inhibition tar kongen med på eventyr. Vakre minner, takk Satyricon! Deilige nye bekjentskaper, takk Inhibitions! Helt konge!





Θα παραμείνω στην ίδια ατμόσφαιρα με την προηγούμενη κριτική μου, καθώς ούτε η γεωγραφία αλλάζει, ούτε η μουσική σκηνή. Έτσι, μετά τους Human Serpent σειρά έχουν οι Αθηναίοι Inhibitions και το καινούργιο τους άλμπουμ “La Danse Macabre”, το οποίο κυκλοφορεί δύο χρόνια μετά το ντεμπούτο τους, “Flames of Desolation", και δέκα χρόνια μετά την ίδρυση τους. Οι Pain και Dimon’s Night ένωσαν και πάλι τις δυνάμεις τους και μας παρουσιάζουν δέκα συνθέσεις, διάρκειας 47 λεπτών, οι οποίες συμπεριλαμβάνουν και πάλι μία διασκευή σε τραγούδι των Satyricon, που αυτή τη φορά είναι το “K.I.N.G.”.






Θα ξεκινήσω κι εδώ λέγοντας ότι συγκριτικά με τις προηγούμενες κυκλοφορίες, η παραγωγή του “La Danse Macabre” είναι λίγο πιο συμπαγής και λίγο πιο καθαρή, όμως οι Inhibitions δεν έκαναν το λάθος να βγάλουν τελείως τη βρομιά από τη μουσική τους, μιας και αυτό είναι και ένα από τα χαρακτηριστικά του ήχου τους. Έτσι έχουμε ένα διαρκές πάντρεμα του βρόμικου ήχου, που προέρχεται κυρίως από τις παραμορφωμένες κιθάρες, και των μαύρων και άραχνων φωνητικών του Pain, με τις μελωδίες που αναδύονται από τα πλήκτρα, αλλά και από τις ίδιες τις κιθάρες, είτε αυτές παραμένουν παραμορφωμένες είτε καθαρές. Και όλο αυτό δημιουργεί πολλές φορές μια πολύ όμορφη αντίθεση, όπως συμβαίνει για παράδειγμα στο πρώτο μισό του “Rusty Razor”, όπου οι αργές καθαρές μελωδίες της κιθάρας και το πιάνο συνδυάζονται με πολύ ωραίο τρόπο με τα black φωνητικά και μετά με τις στενάχωρες μελωδίες της παραμορφωμένης κιθάρας. Επίσης, η ωραία αυτή αντίθεση μεταξύ μελωδίας και βρομιάς, αλλά και μαυρίλας είναι ακόμα πιο έντονη στα πιο doom περάσματα, όπως συμβαίνει στο “Religion of Peace”.






Από ‘κει και πέρα, οι Αθηναίοι πατάνε γερά πάνω στο Black Metal παίζοντας συχνά με την ταχύτητα. Πότε κινούνται σε χαμηλά και mid-tempo επίπεδα, όπου τα πλήκτρα βρίσκουν ευκαιρία και ακούγονται περισσότερο, αποκτώντας πολλές φορές και πιο πρωταγωνιστικό ρόλο, και πότε ανοίγουν το γκάζι, αφήνοντας τις κιθάρες και τα τύμπανα ελεύθερα να ξεχυθούν μπροστά και να παρασύρουν τα πάντα στο διάβα τους. Αυτό που προσωπικά μου άρεσε πολύ ήταν ότι σε κάποια γρήγορα ξεσπάσματα συμμετείχαν και τα πλήκτρα, αλλά με ένα πιο τρελαμένο παίξιμο, που έκανε τη μουσική να ακούγεται λίγο πιο χαοτική.






Τέλος, εκτός από το Black Metal (προφανώς) και τα στοιχεία Doom, που βρίσκονται διάσπαρτα στο δίσκο, οι Inhibitions αλατοπιπερώνουν συχνά τη μουσική τους αρκετά groovάτα περάσματα, που κάποιες φορές έχουν και μια δόση hard rock μέσα τους (βλέπε το κυρίως κιθαριστικό θέμα του “No Escape”, το οποίο είναι και αρκετά χορευτικό).






Χωρίς να είναι πομπώδες ή να φτάνει στα όρια του επικού, το “Le Danse Macabre” είναι ένα πολύ καλοφτιαγμένο άλμπουμ που όπως προείπα παντρεύει με πολύ ωραίο τρόπο τη βρομιά και το ζόφος με την μελωδία, η οποία σε ορισμένες στιγμές φτάνει και στα όρια του λυρισμού. Η συνεχής εναλλαγή ανάμεσα στα γρήγορα Black Metal ξεσπάσματα, στα αργά doomάτα περάσματα και στις αργές και mid-tempo μελωδικές στιγμές, δημιουργεί ένα ποικιλόμορφο μουσικό κράμα που στη χειρότερη περίπτωση θα ικανοποιήσει εκείνους που θα αποκτήσουν και θα ακούσουν τον συγκεκριμένο δίσκο.




For decades now when it came to symphonic black metal it usually took a band of four, five or six members (and sometimes with an orchestra) in order to create a full blown sound. This duo from Greece proves that it's really not the case anymore. With one foot planted in Hellenic black metal and the other in 1990's Norway for influences. INHIBITIONS brings symphonic black metal back into an interesting limelight.


The band consists of Pain on vocals and guitars plus Dimon's Night also on vocals along with guitars, bass, drums and keyboards. Believe it or not this pair have been at it since 2008, releasing three demos sporadically over the years. Then in 2016 they put out their debut full length, Flames of Desolation. As far as this new one is concerned, it's definitely second wave worship going on. The keyboard use is not grandiose nor held in the background. It's basically an integral part of their song craft on multiple cuts.


The same can be said with their use of acoustic guitar which I think is exquisite. Not simply an intro or segue tool, the acoustic guitar lays in on basic rhythms while being accompanied by your basic amplified tools of mayhem. Also INHIBITIONS don't stick to a symphonic black metal genre script. They add in plenty of outside touches like melodic death or gothic doom and gloom. All of which breaks the monotony and it's the same with the duel vocals which mix harsh with death like growls.


Obviously I could make subtle comparisons to past or present existing BM acts but why bother. INHIBITIONS have found a way to carve their own little niche in a sub genre that for years was corrupted by phony bandwagon jumpers or pompous blowhards riding the mainstream bus. Chalk this up to just talent and dedication to the craft which always leads to greatness.





Greek symphonic black metallers Inhibitions dropped their second album at the start of the year through Satanath Records, and ‘La Danse Macabre’ is a grand follow up to their 2016 debut ‘Flames of Desolation’. This is definitely for fans of Dimmu Borgir, but also Dark Funeral and Burzum.


‘The Calling’ links forlorn piano work into a blasting inferno, while the intricately structured ‘Toxic Rain’ builds through acoustic guitar and keyboard into towering tremolo riffing and a snarling, scowling vocal. Inhibitions tend more towards the symphonic elements being a little more subtle throughout, never bludgeoning you with strings etc. There is indeed, ‘No Escape’ from a traditionalist set of roots for Inhibitions, the very pure core of black metal on full display here, merely enhanced by the addition of symphonic elements, rather than being ruled by it. The dark, crawling ‘Religion of Peace’ is my own personal highlight, as the sheer evil oozing from each shambling riff is magical.


Lacking the grandiosity of a Dimmu, or a Cradle, Inhibitions rely instead on the subtle merging of keyboards into their orthodox black metal assault, and it works really well. Each track is enhanced by the odd detour into more esoteric territory, but none are ruled by it alone. That helps ‘La Danse Macabre’ really stand up from the blackened hordes of samey, corpsepainted goons to show another great side to this genre.