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Russian depressive black metal band Taiga has maintained a steady pace of material since 2014, putting out a full length each year alongside a number of EP’s.  This year’s album ‘Cosmos’, the group’s fourth overall, finds band founder Nikolay Seredov pushing towards some new territory while also heading back towards some styles found on his earliest releases.  Now joined by Satanath Records owner and Abigorum member Aleksey Korolyov on keyboards, ‘Cosmos’ is an exploration of the self and what happens as one pushes themselves outsides of those confines.  Set for release on December 15th as a co-release between Symbol of Domination Productions and Final Gate Records, today we bring you a premiere of the song Жить.


The majority of Taiga’s previous material has been very guitar focused, and while the guitars once again play a central role in establishing a haunting, spacey atmosphere the emphasis on the keyboards gives this material a different feel compared to the group’s previous output.  A short mid-tempo section early on quickly transitions over to blasting drums and a whirlwind of keyboard melodies and guitar work.  The atmosphere is one of the elements of this song that I like the most, as there’s a natural balance between melancholy and chaotic, explosive instrumentation that channels a bit more traditional black metal.  What’s also worth mentioning is that the recording gives equal emphasis to each instrument, allowing the keyboards to expand over your speakers and wash over you with ambiance without fully overpowering the guitar work.


Admittedly Nikolay Seredov’s vocals are likely to be what makes ‘Cosmos’ the type of album that listeners are instantly drawn in by or turn off fairly quickly, as he has one of those high pitched, ear piercing shrieks.  It’s certainly not uncommon for depressive black metal and is delivered with considerably intensity and emotion, which is sure to be a positive for anyone that’s a fan of this particular variant of the genre.  The vocal performance this time around recalls Taiga’s earlier releases, as in contrast to the last few albums where Seredov’s shrieks were front and center he’s much further back in the mix and it often sounds like he’s coming from bursting out from beneath the instrumentals.  For an album that explores the idea of expanding outside of the space of the self, this seems wholly appropriate.


The prominent addition of keyboards on ‘Cosmos’ gives Taiga’s latest full length a different dynamic, channeling spacey ambiance and melancholic tones alongside a raw edge and tortured vocals.  It’s a combination that is quite appealing, and if you find the vocals to be to your taste this is a release worth spending some time with.  ‘Cosmos’ is out December 15th on Symbol of Domination Productions and Final Gate Records.





When last we visited the Russian atmospheric black metal band Taiga, roughly 14 months ago, their third album (Sky) was on the brink of release and we were premiering a track from the album named “Похоть“, which in English means “Lust”. Now Taiga are returning with a fourth album, and we’re again premiering a song, this time through a lyric video. This one is named “Стыд” (Shame).


The title of the new album is Cosmos, which might make you think of the vast mysteries of an endless, star-spangled void. But the concept here is an inner cosmos, a space in which anger, love, hate, decency, and other impulses and emotions orbit each other, colliding and exploding in ways that could lead to self-destruction, or to new heights of self-realization.


Once again the album is the work of Taiga’s multi-instrumentalist founder and vocalist Nikolay Seredov (from the bands Стахановцы and Funeral Tears) and keyboardist Aleksey Korolyov (from Abigorum and Satanath). It will be jointly released by Symbol of Domination (Belarus) and Final Gate Records (Germany) on December 15.


The new album should appeal strongly to fans of atmospheric black metal with a depressive cast, and “Стыд” provides a fitting introduction to what it holds in store.


While the music does have a bleak, depressive resonance, it’s quite a dynamic composition. And so although it begins at a slow pace, with grim distorted riffing paired with spectral chiming tones, it becomes a surging force, the drums hammering like pistons and battering like a hailstorm, the lead guitar and keyboards swirling and swarming in an incandescent frenzy, the bass bubbling and boiling. Deep growls force their way through this torrent… and then things change,


As the pace slows once more, that brutish growl gives way to soft, somber spoken words joined by a rapidly rippling melody. When the engine storms to life again, a shimmering, sorrowing ambient layer glides across the top.




The video below presents the lyrics in their original Russian language, but we have also been given a translation of the words into English, which you’ll find below the video. And we have also included a stream of a previously released track from the album (a free download at Bandcamp) named “Космос“.




Like hundreds of needles my sins that crawl deep in the night

Are warming my shame just like filth in complete absence of light

And while I’m slithering through glass shattered, my conscience in pain,

Euphoria obsesses my mind, like dust that runs through my veins

I’ll never find out my strength; it has never been destined for me,

But I shall grant you my soul, let it be smoothening nectar for thee


Mature hath we become and confusing weakness and fear

We covered our scars with the cloth, smiling but unable to feel

Mature hath we become and kneeling before feelings’ control

We were brought into line just like sheep; we’ve been stripped and devoid of souls

Euphoria obsesses my mind like dust that runs through my veins

Forever I shall be blind, but my spirit will liberate you from chains.


Translation by Denis Slobodyannik



"Cosmos" a title such as this, may have you immediately thinking of the sky above, in the matters of space, stars, moon and sun. But that be not the case for Taiga's "Cosmos" album, for it is not of the outer space kind, but more of an inner space kind, this "inner cosmos", is a type of space of emotion, in terms of love, hate, anger, and dignity among other impulses of feeling and emotions, that we as individuals need to express. This is the type of conception that Taiga has put into the album they are calling which has been said as "Cosmos". The album as a whole, really lays out quite a listening experience. When listening in, you get this force of depth and frenzy that is very charming yet compelling. Like how all of the instrumental factors work into play, you get hit with lots of riffs of the guitar structure, drumming aspects, with the bass and vocals being atop all of this, swirling it together, to create something timeless yet catching. Somehow everything just works very much as if it is on a running course of endlessness. How else would "Cosmos", be without a depiction of that, for that is how our outer systems of the other places work, it is an endless open space, and that is how the working's of Taiga works their music.




Ljubiteljima atmosferičnog depresivnog bleka, ukoliko su nepoznati sa bendom, ovo izdanje će biti prava poslastica. Ceo album je mračna, spektakularna kompozicija obavijena tužnim ambijentalnim melanholičnim slojem sa vokalima poput kakvog mučenika koji prenosi svoja osećanja. Albumu Cosmos definitivno vredi posvetiti vreme i prepustiti se istom. Zajedno sa artwork-om, izdanje dobija





Cosmos album released Final Gate Records. A force to be reckon with. The music is powerful and well arranged. This project featuring only two memebers delivers a massive amount of materail and imagination. At melodic and at chaotic. This volitile chemistry

is stiched together perfectly and wraps its sonic tentacles deep inside the mind. Songs like "Религия мёртвых" and "Космос" are perfect examples of  this expression. Production quality is very good. A cohesive and well produced album. Vocals are most certainly depressive and have a way of delivering a certain anguish and pain to every song within.


In conclusion, a journey through the abyss. Pain and suffering expressed through chaotic hymns that deliver an impact.





Schon von der ersten Sekunde an überrollt eine wütende, ursprüngliche und wahrhaftig schwarze Black Metal Attacke der bösartigsten und destruktivsten Art alles, was ihr in die Quere kommt! Von allen Seiten her peitschen einem zerstörerische Black Metal Riffs direkt ins Gesicht und werden dabei von einem tobenden, herrlich ursprünglich abgemischten Schlagzeug unterstützt. Dieses tödliche Gespann entfaltet seine Macht in verschiedensten Tempogefilden, einmal in aggressiven Prügelattacken, dann wieder in schleppenden Midtempoparts. Auch gesanglich halten sich TAIGA erstaunlicherweise recht variabel, denn sowohl grimmige Krächzvocals als auch manisches, krankes Gekreisch begleitet das hasserfüllte Liedgut auf seinem tödlichem Kreuzzug gegen alle Menschheit. Es ist aber vor allem die Atmosphäre, die die vier Schwarzmetalljünger uns hier offerieren, die mich so begeistert. Die Überlänge einiger Songs lässt eine drohende Atmosphäre entstehen. "Cosmos" bietet immer wieder diese hängenden Gitarren gepaart mit hypnotischen Vocals, gebieterisch, das Schwert schwebt dicht über uns, ein Menetekel. Und so geht das munter weiter, Tempo, Riffing und Atmosphäre werden gekonnt variiert, ohne die Genregrenzen zu verletzen. Ungebändigter Hass, abartiger Zorn sowie wehleidige Misanathropie strömen aus dem Innersten des Zuhörers hervor und übernehmen zumindest für die Dauer dieser Platte die Kontrolle über ihn! Sei also gewarnt, bevor Du Dich in die Fänge dieser Hymnen der Feindseligkeit und Verbitterung begibst, Songs wie "Религия мёртвых", "Жить" oder "Своими руками" könnten Dich unter Umständen nämlich nie wieder loslassen…





Russia's  Taiga  have  returned  with  a  new  recording  which  continues  the  atmospheric  and  depressive  style  of  black  metal  from  previous  releases  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2017  album  "Cosmos"  which  was  released  as  a  joint  effort  between  Symbol  Of  Domination  Productions  and  Final  Gate  Records.


  A  very  heavy  and  melodic  sound  along  with  some  atmospheric  synths  start  off  the  album  while  the  faster  sections  of t he  songs  also  use  a  great  amount  of  tremolo  picking  and  blast  beats  which  also  gives  the  songs  a  more  raw  feeling  along  with  the  vocals  meaning  mostly depressive  black  metal  screams  and  cries.


  Spoken  word  parts  can  also  be  heard  at  times  while  clean  playing  is  also  added  into  certain  sections  of  the  recording  along  with  the  solos  and  leads  also  bringing  in  more  of  a  depressive  post  rock  style  as  well  as  all  of  the  musical  instruments  having  a  very  powerful  sound  to  them  and  the  songs  also  bring  in  mostly  a  slow  or  mid  tempo  style.


  Taiga  creates  another  recording that  remains  true  to  the  depressive  and  atmospheric  style  of black  metal  that  was  established  on  previous  releases,  the  production  sounds  very  dark  and  heavy while  the  lyrics  are  written  in  Russian  and  cover  depression,  mental  illness  and  isolation  themes.


 In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  sounding  recording  from  Taiga  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  depressive  and  atmospheric  black  metal,  you  should  check  out  this  album.





For those somewhat lacking in geographical lingo, the term “taiga” refers to an expanse of winter forest located in areas of extreme northern latitudes. And with exquisitely delicate, notey intricacies that display stunning crystalline clarity above a densely muscular undertow of craggy tremolo and sleekly expansive fretwork, it’s easy to see how these atmospheric Russians arrived at such a namesake.




Fresh from releasing their fourth studio opus ‘Cosmos’ at the tail-end of 2017, this tautly orchestrated blend of inky distortion, knife-edged shredding and endlessly unfurling riffs abounds with a darkly intoxicating richness of sound. Straddling influences as varied as transcendental, Alcest-flavoured atmospherics and the dark-hearted hues of funeral doom, deathly standout ‘Всё позади’ sees crushing percussive blasts intermingle with an elegantly orchestrated wealth of smouldering grooves and sumptuous riffage. Mixed with meticulous care and attention to detail, the resulting array of viciously abrasive and stirringly ethereal energies is a hauntingly immersive feast of a listen.  




Russian black metallers Taiga’s newest record ‘Cosmos’ is another piece of the cryptic and bleak Russian black metal puzzle. Russia is a country that constantly cranks out bands of a high quality in various genres, but never seems to get the credit it deserves. ‘Cosmos’ is out now of Symbol of Domination Productions.


This is bleak, depressive black metal at it’s best,with ghostly keyboards accompanying the fiery riffing and the gloomy atmospheres. It often switches between a slower pace where the almost suicidal atmosphere is suffocating to the blasting, white hot setpieces that howl and shriek at the stars above. This dichotomy is what makes Taiga interesting to me; coupling not only the firebrand speed and rage of pure black metal but the weeping, shrieking loneliness of atmospheric black as well. Tracks like ‘Космос’ have an almost uplifting quality to them, when soaring melody drags the misery into the bright lights of day.


There’s definitely plenty of heart wrenching melancholy floating through this record, but Taiga’s grasp on the cold, desperation of life is masterful. ‘Cosmos’ builds itself within a cocoon of solitude, of darkness and of misery. Piercing through with sobbing screams, you still cannot fathom the depths of despair lurking here. Turn it on, turn it up and drift away forever…





La escena metalera en Rusia es bastante potente tanto a nivel de sellos como de bandas. Sin ir más lejos, algunos grupos de aquí han visto sus trabajos editados por discográficas rusas. El disco del que os voy a hablar es el cuarto en la discografía particular de la banda de Tomsk (Siberia) llamada TAIGA. Formados en 2013, y técnicamente un dúo con diversos cambios de formación que en 2016 queda establecido por NIKOLAY SEREDOV y ALEXEY KOROLEV, mente tras el sello SATANATH RECORDS (que si no me equivoco editaron en coedición el discazo "Worms" de los doomsters hispanos BARBARIAN SWORDS y que reseñé en la revista ROCK ESTATAL).


Hubo un tiempo en que estuve bastante al día con respecto a ediciones de este palo en Rusia sobre todo a través del sello SOLITUDE PRODUCTIONS. Bandas como VO SKORBYAH (Во Скорбях), SEPTIC MIND o S.C.A.L.P. se cuentan entre mis favoritas dentro del palo Doom, aunque la propuesta de TAIGA es significativamente distinta. Un Black metal de corte atmosférico que abarca tanto los medios tiempos como larguísimas cabalgadas épicas a lo LIMBONIC ART que quitan el hipo.


La clave fundamental de la banda es mantener la velocidad mientras unos teclados atmosféricos y lentos marcan melodías en un tempo mucho más lento para crear ese contraste tan característico del Black depresivo. Las voces, ultra chillonas y lejanas en algunos tramos, recitadas en otros... y riffs de guitarra que rozan el Black doom son las principales características de este "Cosmos". No soy muy de comparar el sonido de las bandas con cosas nuevas, no sé si porque ando algo desconectado ya del black, o simplemente porque todo esto ya se ha hecho antes... el caso es que me vienen a la mente ABIGOR, los primerísimos IN THE WOODS de la etapa de su primera demo "Isle Of Men", mezclado con la insania de la negrura extremista a lo DEINONYCHUS o sobre todo FORGOTTEN TOMB.


La forma de arrancar algunos temas como el cuarto "Ты" es puramente SUMMONING, lo que me hace reafirmarme en que suena muchísimo al Black austríaco de los dioses ABIGOR por mucho que se citen otro tipo de bandas más modernas en la bio. Lo que sí es cierto es que rezuma cierto sustrato Shoegazing en el conglomerado final, lo cual hace que en algunos pasajes mas acústicos asomen ciertos ramalazos de Post Rock, aunque la batería estoy casi seguro que es programada (al menos en los temas más lentos, porque en los rápidos se nota menos y los toques sinfónicos a lo EMPEROR lo tapan un poco).


"Cosmos" viene con un impresionante artwork de VLADIMIR PROKOFIEV y se edita en coedición de los sellos SYMBOL OF DOMINATION y FINAL GATE RECORDS, incluyéndose un Obi tanto en inglés como en ruso.


A mí me ha sorprendido muchísimo y la verdad es que estoy enganchadísimo. Disco muy recomendado para los que gusten del Black Depresivo.




Depressive Black Metal is the name of the game when it comes to TAIGA. This Russian entity stakes it all on sorrowful guitar melodies, more often than not tremolo picked, with some clean guitars and keyboards thrown in and vocals, that are, well, quite specific. Pushed into the background they vail over the riffs, giving the music a certain feeling of detachment. It could be said that for some they might be a bit of a deal breaker, but the same goes for almost anything that is not quite in line with the norm. Even though we are talking about depressive Black Metal here, there is quite a lot of variation in the music of TAIGA - clever use of keyboard, clean guitars and spoken vocals accentuate certain passages, plus the two members do not shy away from tempo changes. Another plus: bass! Cosmos is the fourth album for TAIGA and it shows: it is splendidly composed, the sound feels "spacious" and songs have more than enough character to be easily differentiated. As bleak as this album sounds it certainly delivers. Do not let the "depressive" part fool you: no cheap tricks are used on this one!





O black metal russo tem a capacidade de conter pequenas preciosidades. E de certa forma é o que os Taiga têm vindo a apresentar ao longo da sua carreira. Movendo-se pelos terrenos do black metal depressivo e melancólico, a banda encaixa-se e ao mesmo tempo não se encaixa nos pârametros do género, tornando o seu som ainda mais interessante do que seria suposto. Com uma camada forte de teclados em cima mas sem permitir que tal lhe retire o poder das guitarras, com uma voz que mete medo à bruxa má do oeste e com, e este é ponto forte de todo o trabalho, com melodias marcantes, este trabalho surpreende pela sua inteligência. Quando se trabalha neste tipo de género, poderá haver a tentação de  fazer músicas longas, mas felizmente isso não acontece assim e há uma sobriedade que se torna cativante. O resultado é um bom álbum que apesar de algumas limitações em termos de produção consegue cativar-nos.





Taiga è un duo russo dedito ad un atmospheric depressive black metal di ottima fattura.


Scorrendo i nomi della coppia di musicisti coinvolti nel progetto, non si può fare a meno di notare come entrambi siano già noti alle cronache trattandosi di Nikolaj Seredov, mastermind degli ottimi Funeral Tears ed Alexey Korolev, boss della Satanath Records (che tramite la sub label Symbol Of Domination dà alle stampe il lavoro).

Se era lecito, quindi, attendersi qualcosa in più rispetto al solito si viene senza dubbio accontentati da questo Cosmos, album con il quale Seredov abbandona il funeral per lasciarsi andare ad una forma di disperazione musicale più esplicita com’è il DBSM. La voce quindi diviene il classico screaming straziato, con Alexey che dal canto suo tesse melodie tastieristiche di ampio respiro, andando a creare quel contrasto tra i due elementi che del sub-genere è caratteristica peculiare.

Da questa interpretazione del genere ciò che si richiede ai musicisti è la capacità di trasformare il senso di disperazione e tragedia incombente in sonorità intense ed in grado di scuotere ed emozionare: l’operazione ai Taiga riesce alla perfezione, dando alle stampe uno dei migliori album ascoltati nel settore negli ultimi anni.

Cosmos (che è il quarto full length pubblicato in quattro anni, a partire dal 2014) si ammanta di quelle melodie dolenti che sono nel bagaglio di chi si cimenta anche con il funeral, ma asservite alle ritmiche più incalzanti del DBSM: per chi ama il genere il disco è un qualcosa di irrinunciabile, in quanto si tratta di un espressione musicale in grado di evocare un turbinio di sensazioni, rappresentando via via vergogna, sgomento, smarrimento, rabbia, ribellione e infine abbandono.

Le liriche in russo sono solo un parziale ostacolo alla fruizione di testi dotati una notevole profondità, vista la comunque scarsa intelligibilità di questo tipo di screaming e il fatto che con un buon traduttore anche l’alfabeto cirillico cessa d’essere un ostacolo insormontabile: viene così meno anche l’ultimo motivo per privarsi dell’ascolto di un lavoro di grande sensibilità.





Symbol Of Domination Prod, un sub-sello de Satanath Records, nos presenta el nuevo trabajo de este dúo procedente de la región rusa de Siberia que responde al nombre de TAIGA, una banda que se fundó en el año 2013 y que se podría etiquetar como Atmospheric / Depressive Black Metal. Se trata del cuarto álbum de estudio del grupo, tras otros tantos EPs y varios singles, y lleva el título de “Cosmos”, aunque si miramos las letras de los temas veremos que están todas en cirílico ya que han sido escritas en el idioma natal de aquella lejana y vasta tierra, un lugar ideal para encontrar la inspiración a la hora de escribir música extrema y evocadora como la que nos ocupa.


En la primera toma de contacto con el disco nos encontramos con un artwork de lo más expresivo que ayuda a meterse en el particular universo que nos ofrece TAIGA, un mundo interno que se proyecta más allá de la carne humana, trascendiendo nuestra breve y miserable existencia. Por eso el título de “Cosmos” encaja tan bien con la imagen y el sonido de este álbum, pese a que el resto de textos estén en ruso. Y es que, desde el primer tema, el dúo formado por Andrey Chernov y Nikolay Seredov logra transportar al oyente fuera de cualquier frontera física, gracias a ambientes evocadores y gritos depresivos que lo hacen caer en una especie de trance del que es difícil escapar. Una experiencia perturbadora, pero también repleta de esa belleza cósmica que solo algunas bandas son capaces de recrear con única ayuda de sus instrumentos y su creatividad más oscura.


Desolación, inmensidad, belleza, atmósferas, crudeza… muchas son las palabras que podríamos atribuir a un disco como el que nos ocupa, pero creo que quienes sepan lo que es el Atmospheric / Depressive Black Metal underground entenderán de inmediato de lo que hablo en cuanto escuchen los primeros segundos de “Cosmos”, ya que el resto es un fluir monumental que no cesa hasta el último corte, sin interrupciones que saquen al oyente de su poderoso trance, pese a la variedad dinámica que encontramos por el camino. Así que en su conjunto, por la calidad de los temas, la buena presentación y la fuerte personalidad del álbum, podemos decir que TAIGA han firmado un trabajo de lo más interesante y recomendable.




Depressive Black Metal was and is always a difficult genre for me to enjoy. Sometimes it is just boring riffs and pure whining with lo-fi thin sound and sometimes it can capture the melancholic beauty of desolation and despair. But still, the vocals are the “make or break” factor for me in this particular style. Screaming like a mentally ill patient is one thing, convincing the listener you’re really going cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs is something else. Taiga from Russia has released quite some EPs, singles and full-lengths before “Cosmos”, their 4th album. When we talk about the music, this is certainly the right Depressive Black Metal for me, long stretched melancholic yet melodic riffs and song structures, pace changes and all accompanied by subtle keyboard parts. For instance a track like “Космос” just has a great build up towards a certain repeating climax-riff, that it deserves to get hit by the “repeat”-button. Frankly, it is a very good album, only the sobbing almost howling vocals are not the right one if you ask me. This album deserves better than the vocals of someone who is in the next room and is crying that the door is locked and the wouldn’t let him in. Actually, it almost sounds like that…like Nikolay Seredov (multi-instrumentalist of Taiga) was in the next room, screaming through the keyhole when he recorded the vocals. So the atmosphere, the riffs, keyboard…everything except for the vocals is absolutely decent on “Cosmos”.





Немного нытья, раз уж у нас сегодня такое. Не часто мы в последнее время делимся с вами хорошей музыкой, и этот факт, поверьте, печалит нас не меньше, чем вас. Была бы моя воля – целыми днями бы слушал новую и старую музыку и писал рецензии, но для этого надо было родиться сыном миллионера и жить в одиночестве на необитаемом острове с хорошим интернетом. Но жизнь такова, что одновременно и мешает, и вдохновляет делать что-то определенное, поэтому вариант судьбы миллионера-социопата, наверное, не лучший для человека, пытающегося писать тексты для людей, ввиду отсутствия у него опыта социального взаимодействия, а значит – и навыка коммуникаций. После затянувшегося творческого вакуума, когда никакая новая музыка не вдохновляла, появился все-таки один альбом, о котором захотелось рассказать. И это снова блэк. Намыленной петлей на шее прошлого года томская группа Taiga затянула новый альбом «Cosmos», вышедший на лейбле Symbol of Domination. Справочно – группа образовалась в 2013 г. и основной темой их лирики являются переживания психически нестабильных людей, страдающих от острых проблем социализации, одиночества, любовных неудач и неспособности найти в себе силу, ополчившись на море смут, сразить их противоборством. Так что про социопатию мы начали неспроста… Предсказуемо, по жанру это атмосферный депрессивный блэк-метал со шрайк-вокалом. Типа там еще тексты есть, но, само собой, глупо пытаться их разбирать в этом болезненном вое. Можно только подвывать. Некоторые из них есть в паблике группы, но, к сожалению, далеко не все. Так что остается только догадываться об их содержании. Концепт альбома, по информации от группы, таков:


Тело - всего лишь сосуд, убежище для внутреннего космоса. Злость, любовь, ненависть, добро - это всё индивидуально для каждого человека, именно это и есть наш космос, и когда он переполняет тело и начинает вырываться наружу, то человек либо приходит к самоуничтожению, либо достигает новых вершин.


Это великолепно изображено на обложке альбома, созданной художником PAINT-IT-BLACK, даже и добавить нечего, артворк просто гениальный!


Как ни странно, шрайк вокалиста Taiga не выводит из себя, что является для меня частой проблемой и даже препятствием при прослушивании DSBM и DBM. Возможно, дело тут в отличной атмосфере скорбного самоуничтожения, создаваемой гитарами. Или просто вокалист воет достаточно мелодично, повторяя основную музыкальную линию, добавляя ей вселенский объем. За меланхолию тут отвечают чистые гитары и синты, а перегруженные создают ощущение наползающего на голову ада, от которого некуда скрыться. Поэтому каждую песню можно представить себе как клиническую картину отдельно взятого сумасшествия с его участками относительного здоровья и бездонными ямами безумия. Не знаю, как вы, но я, слушая такую музыку, на время попадаю в пузырь совершеннейшей безмятежности, блаженного покоя, и ощущаю я себя при этом не просто психически здоровым и уравновешенным, а полубогом, способным справиться с любой бедой. Такова сила контраста. Жаль, что не у всех депрессивный блэк вызывает такие эмоции, иначе такие альбомы, как «Cosmos», надо было бы продавать в аптеке.





Truly, I find myself living in a golden age as far as music goes. In this year alone I have come across several fascinating bands, new or otherwise, from various sources (including friends, family and my esteemed colleagues here at Metal Revolution). And once more, I find myself lucky enough to have been made aware of a band that I would never normally have had a chance of finding on my own: Namely, the Russian Depressive Black Metal duet Taiga.


The two musicians banded together four years ago and have steadily been releasing new material since that happened – Adding up to four EP’s and four Full-length albums as of this writing (I am deliberately not counting their released Singles, which would almost double that number). And while I can only judge their music based upon their 2017 full-length release (incidentally also their newest), I will attest to being a fan based on that one album alone.


Cosmos, as the nine tracks long record is entitled might hide behind an English title, but every last track present upon it is delivered in their native Russian. For me this was not at all a problem, despite me not being able to speak nor understand the language, primarily since I find the language to be very well-fitting together with the overall bleak and dysmal atmosphere, that the band conveys – Alledgedly preferring lyrical themes such as sufering from a depression, feeling isolated and mental illnesses.


Granted, I do not understand a single word pronounced across the almost fifty minutes long album, but I do claim to get the gist of things by immersing myself in the overall atmosphere of Cosmos – Expertly conveyed and delivered both by intense, slow and meticulous use of instruments as well as the by now almost trademarked anguish-wrenched vocal approach that many similar bands seem to prefer (and I for one am positively pre-dispositioned towards as well).


Now, my greatest problem while writing this is highligthing one single track to represent the album – For one, no single one has found my particular fancy, as I ended up devouring the entire album in one continuous loop. Secondly, even if I were to choose one, I would never be able to write down the name, let alone pronounce it if called upon to do so. Therefore, I have chosen one at random, which can be found below.


Recommended for fans of Who Dies in Siberian Slush, Trautonist and Thy Light.




Two-man bands are becoming more and more like a regular thing in the underground Metal world, especially recording-wise. That's the case with Russian Black Metal act Taiga, consisting of Nikolay Seredov and Alexey Korolev, Nikolay handling everything here except the keyboards.


Music-wise, they are being described as a depressive Black Metal band, which is a pretty accurate description if the vocals on this album are anything to go by. At times Nikolay sounds like he's being tortured in a torture chamber. His screams are inhuman and kind of scary, managing to raise a few body hairs every time when he reaches this level where he sounds he's really in great pain. There's a lot of atmosphere within their music, much thanks to Alexey's clever use of his keyboards. The guys' performance is consistent throughout the whole album and it's filled with depression-ridden, varying tempos that keep things on an interesting.


Call this suicidal or depressive Black Metal or whatever, but Taiga surely knows how to encourage weak minds to cut their wrists. There's no positive chord to be found in their music; the only positiveness can be directed to this duo's brilliant performance and musicianship.


Tortured music for tortured souls? That's what this Tomsk, Russia-based Taiga is all about.




Curioso l’album dei russi Taiga. Su un impianto sonoro che alterna black rabbioso e tratti calmi e riflessivi vengono poggiate tracce vocali a volte recitate in stile Burzum degli ultimi album e intermezzi urlati. Effettivamente, come suggerisce il titolo le tematiche trattate lasciano spesso e volentieri la terra e abbracciano argomenti più ampi; ed il suono corredato non fa che richiamare questa distanza. A tratti sembra di ascoltare un album black, in altri casi una release death atmosferica, ma va dato atto che l’equilibrio tra le due parti rappresenta una quadratura del cerchio piuttosto vincente, dove riflessività e aggressività si sono mischiate sapientemente e convivono in modo controllato e pacifico. Un disco a tratti molto interessante, smorzato leggermente a mio avviso da una discontinuità a volte eccessiva tra una traccia e l’altra.




Depressive Black Metal was and is always a difficult genre for me to enjoy. Sometimes it is just boring riffs and pure whining with lo-fi thin sound and sometimes it can capture the melancholic beauty of desolation and despair. But still, the vocals are the “make or break” factor for me in this particular style. Screaming like a mentally ill patient is one thing, convincing the listener you’re really going cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs is something else. Taiga from Russia has released quite some EPs, singles and full-lengths before “Cosmos”, their 4th album. When we talk about the music, this is certainly the right Depressive Black Metal for me, long stretched melancholic yet melodic riffs and song structures, pace changes and all accompanied by subtle keyboard parts. For instance a track like “Космос” just has a great build up towards a certain repeating climax-riff, that it deserves to get hit by the “repeat”-button. Frankly, it is a very good album, only the sobbing almost howling vocals are not the right one if you ask me. This album deserves better than the vocals of someone who is in the next room and is crying that the door is locked and the wouldn’t let him in. Actually, it almost sounds like that…like Nikolay Seredov (multi-instrumentalist of Taiga) was in the next room, screaming through the keyhole when he recorded the vocals. So the atmosphere, the riffs, keyboard…everything except for the vocals is absolutely decent on “Cosmos”.