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A cacophony of demonic shrieking and roaring is the first assault on the senses that you’ll hear in this new song. It builds tension, and it conveys a warning that a violent and blood-freezing experience will follow on its heels… and that promise is fulfilled.


The name of the song is “Herencia Terrena” (“Earthly Inheritance”, according to Google Translate), and it appears on Llamas De Gloria Primera, the impressive debut album of the Argentinian black metal band Enoquian, which will be jointly released on November 25 by Satanath Records (Russia) and Morbid Skull Records (El Salvador).


Enoquian are a relatively new band (formed in 2015) from the city of General Roca in the province of Río Negro, and there are only two men in the band (guitarist/vocalist F. Dieser and drummer F.T.), though they sound like an army.


After that opening salvo of horrifying voices, “Herencia Terrena” intensifies the assault with drumming that sounds like a cannonade, and a toxic haze of slashing riffs. As this destructive campaign unfolds, F. Dieser moves rapidly among riffs that jab and jolt and hammer like a pile-driver, while also discharging flashes of alien dissonance and frenzied swirls of eerie, buzzing noise. His vocals also fulfill the promise of the song’s opening cacophony — they’re an unhinged expulsion of enraged howls and throat-tearing shrieks.


And so the song becomes a conjunction of physically arresting, blood-lusting savagery and poisonous, unearthly atmosphere. It’s a real rush to hear, and a great example of what these two young slaughterers have achieved on this debut record.




Satanath and Morbid Skull are releasing the album in a jewel-box, vinyl-style CD edition with a 12-page booklet, limited to 500 copies. For pre-order info, check the links below. And keep an eye on Enoquian — they’re already at work on a second album.



This chaotic sounding Black Metal cohort originates from Argentina. The band itself was formed back in 2015 and this is their only release to date. Their sound production is very raw and totally unpolished. It sounds like a pure rehearsal recording that has to do with their honest and conscious dedication to the past times, where it was done exactly this way. Don't be scared, their debut CD was mixed & mastered properly, just the approach they used during the recording process of their 8 tracks was defined by pure old-school underground spirit. If I listen to the vocal parts, I can conclude they are definitely about those blood-spitting Black Metal screams we used to call "true". Regarding the overall music of ENOQUIAN I would say differently as even if the core structures are Black Metal-ish, we can find a lot of elements coming from the Death & Thrash Metal styles, especially if we look more closely at the guitar playing. The lyrics respectively to the album title were written in Spanish. I am poor at that language, but the occult symbols and sigils in their booklet suggest me they are about anti-religious and misanthropic themes. Those who hate modern sounding records are deeply encouraged to get their hands on this wickedly underground Black Metal item. The CD comes with vinyl-style design on the topside and also includes a killer pit-art on the bottom side, while the booklet is set to 12 pages. Enjoy the crude sounds from the deepest depths of the underground!!!





Next up with just the right level of black destruction (and a sweet name and logo to boot), are the mysterious Argentinian demons Enoquian. They formed in 2015 and have no prior releases to their name bar this debut album ‘Llamas de Gloria Primera’. Which explains why they’ve never crossed my path before now.


A brief moment of chilling ambience sets the tone before the fury kicks in. This is raw unbridled black metal, stripped back and caustic. Some thrashy or death influences creep in through a side window to fuck up your shit when you least expect it, but overall throughout the album they stick to the same formula: a short ambient intro, then unleash the hounds of hell. Which, surprisingly and to their credit, doesn’t get old. There’s enough variety in the tunes to keep each song fresh, and some of the introductions create a genuine horror vibe that only enhances the grimness that follows.


Good throat-shredding vocals cap it all off and the production is kept just on the right side of kvlt; although I’d love to hear what these tracks sound like with an absolutely crushing production. There’s some huge riffs in there with perfect skittering drums behind them that would just annihilate your cranium with a more weighty sound; they’re good as it is, I just can’t help but wonder.


Very pleased I heard this, it’s a great debut and I get the inkling their next one will be fucking incredible. Well worth a listen.






Behexen, Dissection, Mayhem: dopo avere riascoltato vari pezzi di queste formazioni, proposte da Satanath Records nella descrizione e trovando pochi paralleli, mi sono reso conto di dovere cercare anche altrove. "Llamas De Gloria Primera" è il debutto degli argentini Enoquian, fondati nel 2015.


Il gruppo ha la sua base a General Roca, nel sudovest del Paese. Questa è una delle poche informazioni di cui disponiamo. Concentriamoci dunque su "Llamas De Gloria Primera", disco da riassumere a grandi linee così: Scandinavian Black Metal meets Slayer. Ma, chiederete voi, che cosa ne fanno gli Enoquian di questi luoghi comuni? È presto detto. Vi saltano alla gola con la violenza degli Slayer di "Hell Awaits" o "Reign In Blood" ammantati di Death Metal, soffocandovi con gli assillanti ritmi delle scuole Black svedesi e norvegesi. Dark Funeral, Dissection e Darkthrone sono dei riferimenti validi. L'equilibrio compositivo raggiunto con questi elementi, le strutture ricercate e la buona tecnica esecutiva ci lasciano sospettare di essere davanti a musicisti esperti.


Detto questo, alcuni potrebbero etichettare "Llamas De Gloria Primera" come scontato. I Sudamericani in generale sanno però sfruttare influenze di ogni tipo, rifinendole con quel piccolo tocco di proprio. Gli Enoquian si posizionano così facendo nel quadrante occupato anche da nomi come Necrophobic, distinguendosi con canzoni variegate e il tocco pittoresco dato loro dai testi in spagnolo.





Llamas de gloria primera album released on Satanath Records. No shortage of brutality. Every song on this release is crushing. It is very reminiscent of old Morbid Angel and Behemoth. Eight tracks of well delivered madness and velocity. The topics are all sung in spanish. Fast and precise drumming. Well though out riffs. Powerful vocal attack. With this release we get an overall idea of a dark voyage taking place. Songs like "Esclavizando al maestro" and "Destructores del ser" come at you with fierce potency.


In conclusion, If you enjoy dark abysmal sounds, rooted in the path of black metal then look no further.





Which way can the black metal genre be put into account next. For it is the likeness to that of Enoquian to be precise, their album "Llamas De Gloria Primera", doing a fair amount of damage to the genre, but in a good way. Listening in to this album is quite something else, as the album moves along, so does the material, each track showcasing a different stroke of appeal. Like for instance tracks like "Extremo Erróneo", "Herencia Terrena", and "Control Trapezoidal", are more or less the only tracks that really give way to how this album turns out in the end. It being an album of context, that is just downright evil. Evil being a word of choice due to the mannerisms of the material in question, because of how the quality goes, it is approachable in a more welcoming fashion. The tone of vocals and instrumentals being done by just a duo of performers, is saying something, because it all sounds very intense yet frank. Likely being a varying sense to the black metal genre, it being more modernized than anything in the way of how Enoquian is doing it here. Nonetheless though, "Llamas De Gloria Primera", is one piece of work, that makes the black metal genre more pleasing than anything else.





Enoquian  are  a  band  from  Argentina  that  plays  a  very  raw  and  old  school  form  of  black  metal  and  this  is   a  review  of  their  2017  album  "Llamas  De  Gloria  Primera"  which  was  released  as  a  joint  effort  between  Satanath  and  Morbid Skull  Records.


  Atmospheric  soundscapes  start  off  the  album  before  going  into  a  more  heavier  and  melodic  direction  along  with  some  grim  black  metal  screams  while  the  faster  sections  of  the  songs  also  use  a  great  amount  of  tremolo  picking  and  blast  beats  which  also  gives  the  music  a  more  raw  feeling.


  Elements  of  thrash  and  death  metal  can  also  be heard  at  times  while  the  music  is  very  heavily  rooted  in  the  90's  second  wave  tradition  along  with  the  songs  also  bringing  in  a great  mixture  of  slow,  mid  paced  and  fast  parts  as  well  as  some  nature  sounds and  field  recordings  also  being  added  before  some  of  the  tracks  and  he music  always  remains  heavy.


  Enoquian  plays  a  style  of  black  metal  that  is  very  raw  in  the  90's  tradition  while  also  adding  in  touches  of  death  and  thrash  metal,  the  production  sounds  very  raw  and  old  school  while  the  lyrics  are  written  in  Spanish  and  cover  darkness  and  occultism  themes.


  In  my  opinion  Enoquian  are  a  very  great  sounding  raw  and  old  school  black  metal  band  with  touches  of  death  and  thrash  metal  and  if  yo  are  a  fan  of  those  musical  genres,  you  should  check  out  this  band.




This is the debut album from Argentinian black metal band Enoquian.


Llamas de Gloria Primera contains 39 minutes of enjoyably raw second wave-influenced black metal.


You can hear elements of blackthrash in some parts of the band’s delivery, which lends the music an extra nasty bite to its attack. This also adds to the slightly chaotic edge that these songs have, which simply increases the enjoyment to be had when listening to the album; a safe and sanitised black metal release this is not.


Melody is used well in the songs, but not overly so. It’s used as a highlight where necessary, rather than being a key component of Enoquian’s sound.


Occasionally the band’s focus shifts slightly into darker, more atmospheric waters. Although not a huge part of their style, it’s a satisfying change of pace when this occurs and they execute these parts well.


The band’s singer has a deep rasping voice, and his performance marks him as someone who obviously puts a lot of himself into his delivery. He’s a passionate and committed focal point for the band’s musical assault.


If raw and evil old-school daemonic mayhem is your thing, then you should definitely check this out. Llamas de Gloria Primera is a satisfying slice of blackened hatred.





Álbum de estreia dos argentinos Enoquian que se apresentam com um black metal cru e de sonoridades algo dissonantes. O equilíbrio dinâmico entre os momentos mais compassados e os mais uptempos está bem conseguido e não há grandes motivos para qualquer fã de black metal não se sentir atraído pelo o que se passa aqui. No entanto, e sendo um pouco mais minucioso, parece que a mistura é algo desequilibrada, com as guitarras a não terem a definição adequada e a voz a dominar o som todo, enterrando a bateria lá no fundo. Nos tempos actuais onde temos muita oferta, damos por nós a ser particularmente exigentes. Nada que impeça de sermos surpreendidos no futuro.





Argentina has not gained a huge reputation in extreme metal the last decades. Sometimes something interesting comes out of nothing and takes the form of a band like Enoquian and playing some South American Black Metal. Mystifier, Sarcofago and Shub Niggurath, only to name a few. Spanish lyrics, raw production, thin guitar sound, reverb on the vocals, it sounds like a lost gem from the old days. I really like the dark cold atmosphere, something that was perfectly captured on the cover by Nox Fragor Art. Some Scandinavian melodies paired with thrashy elements with a slight amount of technicality towards Death, without sounding progressive or alien to the sound they are looking for,  are found on a few occasions. The amount of northern Black Metal increases with the length of the album and makes it an interesting debut album. Obscurus without the symphonic elements might be an influence as well, as well as a band like Morbid Angel in some slower sections with their octavated chords or Dissection in the most melodic parts of the album. Some chaotic parts even remind me of some old Massacra from France. Chunk New York styled riffing in combination with the demonic voice are some top notch parts and something I haven`t heard that much. Enoquian are able to change face during one song and that`s a very difficult thing they manage with ease without sounding patchwork like. Great debut. Check it out.





Finding unexplored Black Metal propagated from the heathen soil of South America has always been an enthralling matter and if you search in the right places, you can find some outlandish surprises. South America has been renowned for the nefarious extreme Metal that comes out of its entrails, from the distant albums of SARCOFAGO and SEPULTURA, to the darkness of PENTAGRAM and MYSTIFIER and the inflicting savagery of IMPURITY and VULCANO. From the caverns of South American extremity, Argentinian Black Metal band ENOQUIAN are a relatively new band (formed in 2015) from the city of General Roca in the province of Río Negro and there are only two men in the band (guitarist / vocalist F. Dieser and drummer F.T), though they sound like an absolute uncanny force. They have recently released their debut album "Llamas De Gloria Primera" - through the Russian label Satanath Records in coalition with Morbid Skull Records of El Salvador. In early 2016, they have released two promo tracks. Then ENOQUIAN entered the El Otro Lado studio and recorded their maiden effort. “Enochian: The Mysterious Lost Language of Angels” has been the sought after context in the last 16th century. The word “Enoquian” is a Catalan dialect, which turns into “Enochian” after translation. It is unknown whether the band name was inspired by this medieval history but the Spanish titles of the tracks and the symbols we find in this album and inner booklets are full of mysticism and anti-Christian diatribes, and this is just the prelude to what is coming. A brief moment of unnerving and rumbling ambience sets the tone before the fury explodes. Raw unbridled energy and spirit will penetrate the cerebral from the moment of initiation. Some thrashy or Death Metal influences creeps in through when you least expect it, but throughout the album, they stick to the similar arrangements: diminutive moody intro, then releasing the hounds of devastation. However, there is always enough diversity in the tunes and moods to keep each song fresh, and some of the introductions create a genuine vibe of dismay and dreadfulness that only enhances the grimness that follows. The raw and aggressive sound is definitely reminiscent of the classic and traditional Black Metal from the hideous existences of the 90s. The union of a crafty drummer and a guitarist / vocalist who achieved this sound while keeping the traditionality alive is somewhat astounding. Bearing in mind, the possible creative limitations that such arrangements may have, F. Dieser's guitar succeeds to fill the environment with abridged riffs, sometimes a little thrashing from the intro of demonic voices in ‘Poderes Perdurables’ to the last note in ‘Equilibrio’. This album is a voyage through melodic yet dark musical passages, which based on the tremolo picking of F. Dieser and bewildering rhythm sections by F.T. is purely excellent. All this undoubtedly nods the inner understanding and experience of both musicians. The alternating highs and lows of the vocal, which sounds like cacophony of wicked screeching and roaring, certainly recalls the vocal style of Death Metal in some moments while the atmosphere builds tension and it transports a warning of violent and blood-freezing experience which will submerge all through merciless Black Metal attack. “Llamas De Gloria Primera” which means “Flames Of Glory First” is aptly carrying the inner message this record beholds and all the admirers of BEHEXEN, DISSECTION, MAYHEM and other traditional Black Metal bands and those who explore the South American Black Metal, this record will obviously be a well worth listening experience.





Encontrar buen black metal en español es un poco difícil pero si se busca en los lugares correctos puede uno llevarse alguna sorpresa. Sur América se ha caracterizado durante ya mucho tiempo por el buen metal extremo que sale de sus entrañas desde los lejanos álbumes de Sarcófago y Sepultura, hasta la oscuridad de Maleficencia y la bestialidad de Nefario. Es el caso de Enoquian, un dúo argentino que recientemente ha lanzado su primer álbum -"Llamas de la gloria primera"- por medio del sello ruso Satanath Records en coalición con Morbid Skull Records de El Salvador, limitado a 500 copias en edición que incluye OBI strip con traducciones al ruso y diseño similar al de un vinilo, con arte láser en la cara inferior del disco. Los títulos de los tracks y los símbolos que encontramos en éste álbum están llenos de misticismo y diatribas anti cristianas, y esto es solo la antesala de lo que viene.


El sonido es crudo y agresivo, pero no suena como los demos regurgitados por bandas ochenteras en decadencia. La combinación de un baterista y un guitarrista/vocalista que logren ésta consistencia de sonido es algo sorprendente, el bajo es totalmente prescindible en este álbum. Considerando las posibles limitaciones creativas que pueda tener tal alineación, la guitarra de F. Dieser logra llenar el ambiente con riffs concisos, a veces un poco "thrashy", desde la intro de voces demoníacas en "Poderes Perdurables" hasta la última nota en "Equilibrio" el álbum es un viaje por melódicos pasajes musicales oscuros con base en el tremolo picking ejecutado a la perfección. El desempeño en la sección rítmica por parte de F.T. es excelente, de manera que la experiencia de ambos músicos es apreciable a simple vista, éstos no son novatos si se trata de hacer música con sus instrumentos. La vocalización alterna altos y bajos que recuerdan el estilo vocal del death metal pero la atmósfera nos recuerda que estamos ante un ataque de black metal implacable.


La banda fue formada en el año 2015 pero se tomaron su tiempo para completar ésta primera producción. Luego de haber lanzado un solo demo titulado "Poderes Perdurables" que incluye tracks que aparecen en éste álbum (Tracks 8, 1, 5 y 4) éstos sureños se fueron directo a un álbum de larga duración y ciertamente lo han hecho bien. Otros tracks sobresalientes son "Herencia Terrena" y "Control Trapezoidal".


Recomendado para quienes exploran el underground metal latinoamericano y para quienes quieran familiarizarse con el black metal suramericano actual y dejar de vivir apegados a eras pasadas, el presente tiene su propia oscuridad.




Finding good black metal in Spanish language is a bit difficult but if you search in the right places you can find some surprises. South America has been known for the good extreme metal that comes out of its entrails, from the distant albums of Sarcófago and Sepultura, to the darkness of Maleficencia and the bestiality of Nefario. This is the case of Enoquian, an Argentine duo who has recently released their first album - "Llamas de la gloria primera" - through the Russian label Satanath Records in coalition with Morbid Skull Records of El Salvador, limited to 500 copies that includes OBI strip with Russian translations and vinyl-like design, with laser art on the underside. The titles of the tracks and the symbols we find in this album are full of mysticism and anti-Christian diatribes, and this is just the prelude to what is coming.


The sound is raw and aggressive, but it does not sound like the demos regurgitated by decadent eighties bands. The combination of a drummer and a guitarist / vocalist who achieve this sound consistency is somewhat surprising; the bass becomes totally unnecessary in this album. Considering the possible creative limitations that such an alignment may have, F. Dieser's guitar manages to fill the environment with concise riffs, sometimes a little "thrashy", from the intro of demonic voices in "Poderes perdurables" to the last note in "Equilibrio "the album is a journey through melodic dark musical passages based on the tremolo picking superbly executed. The performance in the rhythm section by F.T. is excellent, so that the experience of both musicians is noticeable at first glance; these are not novices when it comes to music making. The vocalization alternates highs and lows that recall the vocal style of death metal but the atmosphere reminds us that we are facing an implacable black metal attack.


The band was formed in 2015 but they took their time to complete this first production. After having released only one demo called "Poderes perdurables" in 2016 that included tracks we can find in this release (Tracks 8, 1, 5 & 4) these Southerners went straight to a full-length album and they certainly did well. Other outstanding tracks are "Herencia terrena" and "Control trapezoidal".


Recommended for those who explore the Latin American underground metal and for those who want to become familiar with the current South American black metal and stop living attached to bygone eras, the present has its own darkness.