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When all else fails to move you, you must travel to unknown locales for that pure taste of death. From the spleen of Sudamerica erupts Verthebral, a young, but eldritch-sounding Paraguayan quartet whose frenetically-engineered death metal will restore your belief in the true underground.


After releasing their obligatory demo/EP, Verthebral wasted no time in spawning their debut full length. Ten tracks of ultimate death metal chaos, Regeneration will have fans of Tucker-era Morbid Angel tearing the flesh from their faces for more.


As part of Decibel magazine’s ongoing efforts to bring our readers the freshest and most morbid tunes out there, we’ve locked down an exclusive premiere of another teaser from Verthebral’s debut, Regeneration.


“‘Without Any God’ has personal lyrics [which] speak about agnosticism, about not believing in any type of god,” says Daniel Larroza, one of Verthebral’s guitarists. “It’s a simple and honest way of thinking, no gods, no demons, no hell, no heaven, just nothing at all—defend the right to believe in nothing. It’s a critical point of view about any kind of indoctrination. The brainwashing of human beings. It’s my opinion about all religions in the world. The lyrics of this song try to awaken the reason in the people who listen and make them understand that religion is not the most important thing in life. The instrumental part was thought to create that feeling of anger and indignation.”


“The album Regeneration is a combination of all the classic elements of death metal, the essence of the 90s,” Larroza continues. “This album preserves the power and brutality mixed with the necessary technique to mark presence in the new generation of old school death metal bands. The idea when composing the songs was to keep the essential characteristics of bands from the 90s . . . combined with our own ideas.”





Prepare yourselves for a death metal rocket-ride that may leave your eyes rolled back in your head, your teeth bared in your frothing mouth, your head banging in a fury, your body convulsed in a seizure.


Okay, that may be overstating things a bit — but it’s not much of an overstatement, because Verthebral are already a ferocious, turbocharged machine despite their relatively young ages, and based on their debut album Regeneration, Verthebral’s future looks very bright.


To help spread the word about these death-dealers from Paraguay, we’re premiering a track from Regeneration named “Beyond the Garden of Creation” in advance of the album’s fast-approaching release by the triumvirate of Satanath Records, More Hate Productions, and Final Gate Records.


As promised above, “Beyond the Garden of Creation” is fast-paced, and it’s technically impressive, too, with flailing, buzzing riffs that rise and fall, rake and rip, in a demented and malicious frenzy. The piston-driven drumwork is punishing, and the push and pulse of the bass gets the bloodstream surging, while the vocalist’s roars and howls amplify the song’s ferocity.


All of that is fine enough, but the song also includes an attention-grabbing guitar lead that lends the song an element of bleak and blasted doom, and an eerie flamethrowing solo that pushes the track to an epic crescendo. Really good stuff!




Regeneration will be released by Satanath, More Hate, and Final Gate on June 29th. It’s recommended for fans of Morbid Angel, Grave, Sinister, Sarcófago, Unleashed, and Bolt Thrower.


The album was produced by Verthebral and was recorded, mixed and mastered by Alberto Santacruz at Abato Records in Paraguay. The artwork was created by Brazilian artist Marcos Miller.





I wouldn’t consider Paraguay one of the more well-known sources of death metal, but Verthebral seems ready to change that. This fearsome four-piece has been stewing 10 songs for their full-length debut, “Regeneration,” and it’ll be ready to serve on June 29th via Satanath Records. To whet your appetite, we’ve got a sizzling new song premiere for you — introducing Old Man’s Memories.


An aggressive palm-muted assault opens up the song, clearing space for double bass to thunder by, bolstered by powerful bass clanking in the background. An uptick in tempo takes the verse to a neck-breaking pace before winding back to the intro/chorus, which with the addition of repugnant vocals has taken on an anthemic (if still pleasantly putrid) quality. We’re then treated to two solos, both of which have their own distinct personality while maintaining the level of antagonistic energy. The odd-time bridge that follows is death metal perfection — I feel guilty admitting that something so brutal could be so catchy, but there you have it. A final short sprint aided by double bass downbeats and a unified guitar attack takes us to a final chorus and catastrophic outro.


Old Man’s Memories is but one meaty slice of “Regeneration,” but I’m already hungry for the whole thing. Verthebral proves they’ve got the chops and songwriting skills to put their country on the map. We’re betting the final result will be a real treat.






Paraguayan death metal. With none too shabby production, even.  Who’d’a thunk?


Promo materials reference Massacra and Vader, among others, which I found interesting. How can you juxtapose the raw, crazed aggression of the Frenchmen with the more controlled, meaty (yet tremelo riff-driven) sound of the Poles?


Well, if anyone could pull that off, Verthebral may have come surprisingly close. Yeah, you can hear a bit of South American blackthrash in the vocals, and maybe the sound is a bit more Loudblast meets Vader than Massacra, but it’s still right in that pocket, and it’s something of an unexpected sweet spot.


You could call in similarly minded Teutonic acts (Protector, early Darkness, Living Death) and still not stray very far from the target sound here…but again, is that a complaint? I was pretty happy with Regeneration, even when they went all stiff arm blastbeat on “spirit in solitude”.


If you’re into any of the bands aforementioned and are curious to see how they’d sound swapping members and with a touch of South American blackthrash influence playing into things, you really can’t go wrong with this one.


I dug it.





Beat the mid-week lull with an exclusive premiere of some solid death metal from Paraguay’s Verthebral.



Yes, it’s only Wednesday. But as much as that kinda sucks, it doesn’t mean your day has to as well. When you think about it, there’s a lot of good to be said about Wednesday. The two shittiest days are over. The inevitable inebriation of Friday is not far off. Sure, we sometimes like to pander to Thursday’s fragile ego and pretend it’s as cool as Friday. However, years of making this exact mistake have jaded that whole experience, yet still we try. At least with Wednesday we know where we stand. There’s some degree of comfort to be found within its dependable and regular space. The horror of waking on Monday morning can range from mere suicidal throes to NUKE MY BRAIN NAAAOW; with “oh great, it’s happening again Tuesday” following closely behind. Thursday, the imposter, eventually cedes to Friday, where you might wake in a stranger’s home. Science dictates that this has a 50/50 chance of being acceptable or irrecoverably vile. This is why, dear flushers, that Wednesday is perfect day for some dependable metal. Some riffs you can really trust. Something you can hit play on and gain immediate satisfaction without some unknown bullshit plaguing your day. Yes, you need some killer 90’s styled death metal.




Ahhh…that’s the stuff. Feels good, don’t it? Verthebral hail from Paraguay and are part of the continued proof that South Americans just have an innate sense of how to create metal minus the pretence. On their debut full-length, the band display all the quintessential hallmarks of both the burgeoning North and South American death metal scenes of the 90’s. A fecund environment, arguably unmatched in potency, brimming with memorable mid-paced riffing atop rolling double-bass drumming and thick audible bass lines that clomped mud-holes aside swamps from Florida to Brasilia, and back. As you’ve no doubt heard by now on the title track to their upcoming album Regeneration, Verthebral bring quality, no-nonsense death metal to the table. No flashy modern clutter. No edgy gimmicks. Just solid, dependable death metal. The stuff Wednesday’s were made for.





This is a fantastic band from Paraguay of all places. Fans of raw, old school death metal will be all over this.


It's not often you come across bands from Paraguay and if this is the first time you have, you are bound to get blown away. This is primal yet superbly channelled death metal music that hearkens back to the days of SARCOFAGO, MALEVOLENT CREATION, MASSACRA, KRISIUN, REBAELLIUN, ANGELCORPSE and VADER. It's a combination of all of the above and sounds rather fresh in its output. There's a South American charm to the proceedings but everything is meticulously planned and executed. The production is suitably raw but also very clear and impactful. I daresay VERTHEBRAL have released one of the most stunning albums in the style this year.



Обложка явно намекает на слэминг-брутал из класса "койотовских" релизов, но на деле все не совсем так. На этом альбоме нас ждет олдовый и мелодичный дэт, местами раскачанный, временами прям прогрессивный, где-то старый, а где то и новый. Да-да, именно так все и обстоит: музыка в таком сочетании приятно ложится на душу, а длинноволосый парниша зачитывает псалмы приглушенным гроулом, словно одержимый священник сатанинской секты. Шучу-шучу. Над вокалом я не стебусь, старается фронтмен на славу, а в среднетемповых и моментах вообще на все сто доказывает закалку своего горла. Парагвайцы могут играть нормальную музыку, особенно если эта музыка - дэт-метал, а теперь научились и обложки рисовать, чем последнее время и привлекают международную аудиторию, конечно же, усилиями русских и немецких (российских и германских) издательств. Ну, а если приглядеться поближе, то тут вообще почти все сверх-прекрасно. Чего только стоят гитарные соляки, атмосферой темного плача относящие слушателя далеко-далеко, аж к началу 90-х. Виртуозно, красиво и с толком. В таких моментах даже иногда создается впечатление, что гитарист ничего в жизни не котирует, кроме хард-рока, что идет коллективу только на руку. Вообще, весь материал прекрасно сыгран и сведен, но предназначен сугубо для ценителей классики. Давящих на уши запилов, необъятных объемов звучания, визгливо-пискливого гуттурала и простреливающих голову барабанов здесь нет. Все предельно натурально, словно плод моих эротичных фантазий, за что "Regeneration", лично для меня пусть будет хоть и не лучшим, но одним из самых железных дэт-метал-релизов 2017 года. Уж эти соляки-то я точно никогда не забуду.




There are a lot of good Death Metal bands from South and Central America. From Paraguay, however, no Death Metal band was known to me yet. Verthebral were founded in 2013, published their first EP in 2015 and now they have made their full length debut. An intro and nine songs are included here, the diabolic and slightly playful but always catchy Death Metal of the old school. The album really sounds as if it was released in the early 1990s. This one has a lot of spirit. In the style of cult heroes such as Morbid Angel, Necrovore, Sadistic Intent, Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Death or Monstrosity, Verthebral draw all the stops of their abilities and leave a good figure. Their models are in no way inferior. The songs are well played and have a certain demonic spirit. The production is good, but not too clean and gives to the whole, the necessary rawness. Everything done right!

Una fabulosa reseña de nuestro albuma "Regeneration" hecha por la alemana Crossfire Metal Webzine.

Texto Traducido:

Hay un montón de buenas bandas de Death Metal de América del Sur y Central. De Paraguay, sin embargo anteriormente no conocia ninguna banda de Death Metal. Verthebral fue fundado en 2013, publicaron en 2015, el primer EP y ahora tienen el lanzamiento de su album debut. Una Introducción y nueve canciones se incluyen aquí para proporcionar la diabólica, bien ejecutada y el siempre pegadizo sonido Death Metal de la vieja escuela. El disco suena realmente como si fuera publicado a principios de los años noventa. Éste album tiene mucho espíritu. al estilo de hordas de culto como Morbid Angel, Necrovore, Sadistic Intent, Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Death y Monstrosity. Verthebral demuestra todas sus habilidades y dejan una buena impresión. Sus modos son insuperables. Las canciones están muy bien tocadas y tienen un espíritu demoníaco. La producción es buena, pero no demasiado limpia y ofrece toda la crudeza necesaria. Todo esta muy bien hecho!




Es gibt viel guten Death Metal aus Süd- und Mittelamerika. Aus Paraguay war mir bislang aber noch keine Death Metal-Band bekannt. Verthebral wurden 2013 gegründet, veröffentlichten 2015 eine erste EP und haben nun ihr Debüt am Start. Ein Intro und neun Songs sind hier enthalten, die diabolischen und leicht verspielten, aber immer eingängigen Death Metal der alten Schule bieten. Das Album klingt wirklich, als sei es Anfang der Neunziger veröffentlicht worden. Das hier hat gehörig Spirit. Im Stil von Kulthorden wie Morbid Angel, Necrovore, Sadistic Intent, Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Death oder Monstrosity ziehen Verthebral alle Register ihres Könnens und hinterlassen eine gute Figur. Ihren Vorbildern stehen sie in nichts nach. Die Songs sind gut gespielt und haben einen gewissen dämonischen Spirit. Die Produktion ist gut, aber nicht zu sauber und bietet dem Ganzen die nötige Rotzigkeit. Alles richtig gemacht! Und Exoten-Bonus!





A banda Paraguaia Verthebral, está na ativa desde 2013 e até então só havia lançado um EP. Com alguns shows na bagagem (inclusive com o Ratos de Porão em Foz do Iguaçu (PR), na qual a banda alega que abriu portas para a sua carreira internacional), é notória a evolução natural.


A consequência se reflete em “Regeneration”, que apresenta um Death Metal puro e bastante técnico. É possível perceber as influências de Morbid Angel, Obituary e outros grandes nomes do gênero. O som apresenta blast beats e bumbos duplos, porém em uma velocidade mediana dando espaço as guitarras.


Músicas como “Spirit in Solitude” e “Place of Death” tem um pouco de Thrash Metal em seus riffs, já “Without Any God” e “Old man’s memories” são bem na linha do Deicide em seus primórdios, tanto na levada quanto nos solos.


O encerramento do álbum é um dos destaques, pois “Inside Of Me” com seus 7 minutos, explorou um lado mais obscuro e arrastado. Ela mostra um excelente trabalho de guitarras e bateria que, progressivamente, vai ganhando velocidade.


Apesar da banda ainda não demostrar 100% de identidade própria, temos um bom registro e uma boa gravação que trará amadurecimento e sequência na carreira da banda.





Verthebral are a death metal band from Paraguay and this is their debut album.


Verthebral play 90s-styled death metal with an infectious assault and honest passion.


Although they haven’t been around that long, Verthebral certainly manage to show that they know how to write some killer death metal tunes on Regeneration. With song-based fury and youthful vigour, the band tear into the material with glee, producing almost 44 minutes of classic death metal.


The music is brutal and has a timeless feel to it, despite its clear influences, and the solid recording merely adds weight to the substance of the songs.


The tracks scream and roar out of the speakers with an undeniable primal aggression. Regeneration is the type of album that you tended to hear quite a bit back in the 90s, yet today, not so much. Not as authentically well-done as this is, at any rate.


The singer has a very satisfying voice, combining growls and screams easily into his delivery. Like the rest of the band he sounds as if he has a real hunger for this type of music, and this translates into his performance.


Regeneration is an album of very enjoyable death metal. A recommended listen for any fan of the style.






  Verthebral  are  a  band  from  Paraguay  that  plays  a  brutal  and  blasphemous  form  of  death  metal  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2017  album  "Regeneration"  which  will  be  released  as  a  joint  effort  between  Satanath,  Final  Gate  Records,  and  more  Hate  Productions.


  Rain  and  thunder  sounds  along  with  some  war  samples  and  synths  start  off  the  album  before  going  into  a  very  fast  and  brutal  direction  which  also  uses  a  great  amount  of  blast  beats  along  with  some  high  pitched  screams  a  few  seconds  later  while  the  solos  and  leads  are  done  in  a  very  dark  yet  melodic  fashion.


  A  great  amount  of  morbid  sounding  melodies  can  be  heard  in  the  riffing  and  after  awhile  death  metal  growls  make  their  presence  known  and  throughout  the  recording  you  can  hear  a  great  mixture  of  slow,  mid  paced  and  fast  parts  as  well  as  a  great  amount  of  90's  influences  while  also  sounding  very  modern  at  the  same  time  and  all  of  the  musical  instruments  have  a  very  powerful  sound  to  them  and  there  is  also  a brief use  of  atmospheric  elements  while  the  main  focus  is  on  a  more  brutal  style  and  a  later  track  also  adds  in  a  few  seconds  of  acoustic  guitars.


  Verthebral  plays  a  style  of  death  metal  that is  brutal  while  also  capturing  the  old  school  raw  aggression  of  the  90's  South  American  bands,  the  production  sounds  very  professional  while  the  lyrics  cover  anti  religion,  philosophy,  death,  and  human  conduct  themes..


  In  my  opinion  Verthebral  are  a  very  great  sounding  brutal  death  metal  band  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  musical  genre,  you  should  check  out  this  recording. 





When I think of blistering Death Metal, naturally my thoughts turn, geographically, to the sleepy plains of South America. Of course I’m talking about Paraguay. It’s what is basically the Kansas of South America. Were else do you expect to find brutal, crushing, tormenting metal? As I’m sure you already know, I’m referring to Verthebral and their forthcoming release “Regeneration” on Satananth Records. 10 tracks of musical onslaught so intense that it’ll make your forgot about every other death metal band from Paraguay you’ve ever heard.


I’ve mentioned it in the past, but I think it bears repeating. Modern technology and the rapid sharing of information, when put to good use can be a powerful force for change. It can bring the underground to the surface and bring an audience to artists that may have previously gone unheard. Twenty years ago, I can nearly guarantee I never would have heard of music coming out of Paraguay. I’m very thankful that I have.


Seriously though, Regeneration is a powerful, driving album with all the metal bits in all the right places. It soars, it seethes, it chugs, and it growls just when you need it too. The riffs are breakneck, and the solos cut through your bones with the metal sound of the late 80s.


This is where the death/doom/dark metal world needs to be. Modern tunes that pay respect to the roots.


Fantastic stuff. Check it out.





In anticipation of Verthebral’s upcoming debut full-length, Regeneration, we at DR have teamed up with Satanath Records to share a new track. “Old Man’s Memories” is the song in question, and Regeneration is set to be released on June 29, 2017 (via Satanath Records, co-releasing with More Hate Productions and Final Gate Records). As per the usual, if you enjoy what you hear, you can pre-order the album in both physical and digital format HERE or click the Bandcamp widget at the bottom of the page. There, you can also check out the track “Spirit in Solitude.”


For those unfamiliar with the Paraguay-based act, Verthebral fire up classic ’90s death metal done right. “Old Man’s Memories” has a tone that may cause you to think about acts like Deicide or Cannibal Corpse, yet doesn’t feel dated. A primal rage fuels the mostly mid-tempo track, with plenty of headbangable moments. A sly melody and solid leadwork (not to mention the pacing) ensures that it’s as memorable as it is heavy. There’s no tricks or hurdles to jump – this is no-frills material that knows what it is and exactly how to succeed with it.


About the band:

It’s not often you come across bands from Paraguay and if this is the first time you have, you are bound to get blown away. This is primal yet superbly channeled death metal music that hearkens back to the days of SARCOFAGO, MALEVOLENT CREATION, MASSACRA, KRISIUN, REBAELLIUN, ANGELCORPSE and VADER. It’s a combination of all of the above and sounds rather fresh in its output. There’s a South American charm to the proceedings but everything is meticulously planned and executed. The production is suitably raw but also very clear and impactful. I daresay VERTHEBRAL have released one of the most stunning albums in the style this year.





Hoeveel death metalbands uit Paraguay ken je? Ik sinds kort eentje: Verthebral. Dit kwartet is begonnen in 2013, kwam in 2015 met EP Adultery of Soul, en is in de vroege zomer van 2017 toe aan hun debuutalbum. Regeneration verschijnt via het Russische Satanath Records, en komt tot ons via de Indiase promotor Transcending Obscurity. Twintig jaar geleden zou de band kansloos zijn geweest om buiten de eigen regio gehoord te worden, de geneugten van de moderne tijd zorgen er voor dat niet alleen informatie, maar ook muziek wereldwijd voor het grijpen ligt. Ik wil wel alvast verklappen dat me dat in het geval van Verthebral goed uitkomt.


Wanneer na het obligatoire intro Apocalyptic Seasons het eerste echte nummer Place of Death uit de startblokken schiet, kan ik eigenlijk maar aan 1 band denken ter vergelijking: Morbid Angel. Riffs, van die heerlijk zwierige solo's die soms bijna uit de bocht vliegen, en ziedende blasts snijden door de botten met het metalen geluid van de late jaren '80 en begin '90. Dit alles wordt voorzien van een rauwe grunt met wat effecten er op; precies die zang die zo bij deze muziek past.


De old school death van Verthebral is dus lekker rauw en bruut, en klinkt bij vlagen wat oubollig, maar dan op een prettige manier. Vind ik tenminste. Authentiek is een woord dat ik hier vind passen. Lekkere ouderwetse death metal, met de productionele pluspunten van de huidige tijd. Verthebral verstaat de kunst om hedendaagse melodieën toe te passen met respect voor de wortels van het genre.


Als stiekeme favorietjes zou ik Place Of Death, titelnummer Regeneration, Beyond the Garden of Creation en de lange, zeer sfeervolle afsluiter Inside Of Me als luistertips willen aanraden. Maar sowieso is het hele album zeker de moeite waard. Ik heb zelf wel het gevoel dat Verthebral het dertien-in-een-dozijn-gehalte net weet voor te blijven met hun eigen kijk op de wat brutere old school death. Ik mag dit wel!





Při myšlence na metalovou scénu v Jižní Americe se vám pravděpodobně jako první vybaví brazilské kapely, potom třeba argentinské… ale co takhle Paraguay? Tento vnitrozemský stát v srdci jihoamerického kontinentu se sice okolním obrům nemůže vyrovnat ekonomicky, počtem kvalitních kapel ani mnoha jinými ukazateli, ale znáte to, jak pod svícnem nebývá největší tma… Jedněmi z mladších zástupců paraguayské deathmetalové scény jsou VERTHEBRAL z města Ciudad del Este, kteří letos debutují velkým albem „Regeneration“. S jejich kytaristou Danielem Larrozou jsme tak probrali i mnoho historických zajímavostí, vázaných na metal v Paraguayi. Třeba vám tyto informace zase rozšíří obzory.





Verthebral  are  a  band  from  Paraguay  that  plays  a  brutal  and  blasphemous  form  of  death  metal  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2017  album  "Regeneration"  which  will  be  released  as  a  joint  effort  between  Satanath,  Final  Gate  Records,  and  more  Hate  Productions.


  Rain  and  thunder  sounds  along  with  some  war  samples  and  synths  start  off  the  album  before  going  into  a  very  fast  and  brutal  direction  which  also  uses  a  great  amount  of  blast  beats  along  with  some  high  pitched  screams  a  few  seconds  later  while  the  solos  and  leads  are  done  in  a  very  dark  yet  melodic  fashion.


  A  great  amount  of  morbid  sounding  melodies  can  be  heard  in  the  riffing  and  after  awhile  death  metal  growls  make  their  presence  known  and  throughout  the  recording  you  can  hear  a  great  mixture  of  slow,  mid  paced  and  fast  parts  as  well  as  a  great  amount  of  90's  influences  while  also  sounding  very  modern  at  the  same  time  and  all  of  the  musical  instruments  have  a  very  powerful  sound  to  them  and  there  is  also  a brief use  of  atmospheric  elements  while  the  main  focus  is  on  a  more  brutal  style  and  a  later  track  also  adds  in  a  few  seconds  of  acoustic  guitars.


  Verthebral  plays  a  style  of  death  metal  that is  brutal  while  also  capturing  the  old  school  raw  aggression  of  the  90's  South  American  bands,  the  production  sounds  very  professional  while  the  lyrics  cover  anti  religion,  philosophy,  death,  and  human  conduct  themes..


  In  my  opinion  Verthebral  are  a  very  great  sounding  brutal  death  metal  band  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  musical  genre,  you  should  check  out  this  recording.




Mais fruta sul-americana? Venha ela. Com o crivo de qualidade da Satanath Records, temos aqui esta estreia por parte dos Verthebral que apresentam um death metal bruto mas cheio de potencial. É um álbum que pega no género tal como era feito na década de noventa e transporta-o para os dias de hoje. Sem exageros técnicos, com grande feeling nos solos e com uma voz profunda e clássica. É um daqueles trabalhos que não temos razão para destacar de todos os outros mas que também não nos dá nenhuma razão para não o fazer. O que no balanço final é o que o faz com que seja obrigatório para todos os fãs de death metal, tornando as coisas bastante simples.





"Verthebral", paragvajski death metal bend, je ove godine objavio svoje drugo izdanje pod nazivom "Regeneration". U pitanju je veoma dobar album koji auditorijumu nudi nešto kao mini istoriju žanra, te se može čuti od svega po malo. Ima tu i deathrasha, i oldschool deatha, ali i nešto zahtevnijih deonica na tragu technical deatha. Sve je to fino uklopljeno, sa jasnim instrumentima i vokalom koji kao da je isečen sa nekog izdanja sa kraja osamdesetih i početka devedesetih. Pesme su manje-više istog tempa, a kao najveću zamerku bih naveo to što im je veoma sličan ritmički uvod (sem poslednje koja je najsporija), ali su i pored toga poprilično slušljive.




The South American death metal scene have witnessed many old and new bands producing and releasing good quality materials to date. Verthebral is absolutely one of those enlisted, hailing from Ciudad del Esta, Paraguay.Formed in 2013, Verthebral released their first full length album "Regeneration" and the response are overwhelming.


"Regeneration" is an death metal album packed with true old school death metal elements combined with today's fresher ideas where both collided for good and the result is simply amazing.Intense and furious, Verthebral managed to balanced their own interpretation of musical direction together with their influences respectively.It's an album with lots of variety in terms of arrangement of their composition which went all out and crossed many obvious borders without regrets. Rough and heavy guitar works are to be heard with interesting licks and old USDM styled twisted solos just to name a few of the album's special features plus the little atmosphere added of this fantastic release.The bass player and the drummer worked their asses out really hard to maintain focused on producing the heavy sound incorporated in this album and overall their sound as a band is tight and consistently progressing."Regeneration is a technical album, not in a modern sense of course but there are times that it reminds me of Gorguts and a few pioneers of death metal from USA.Their vocalist really put an effort in his singing style with a growling and brutal tone to suit the music flow and the concept of this album.


Clocking at 43:27 of total playtime, Verthebral's "Regeneration" is an essential death metal release and worth all to way to check out. The quality of this release is way better than other death metal releases today. Get ready for some pure brutality South American style, make way for Verthebral!






What was it about the 90's that has everyone in such pleasantness. Even nowadays a lot of artists and bands within the music scene, diving back in, to get that sense of feeling of what it was back then. But in the case of metal music, Verthebral, is an act, who doesn't just play 90's style metal music, they take it to where it counts and downright matters most! How so? Well when it comes to their debut full-length album "Regeneration", they don't just play 90's styled metal, but they play death metal, one of the many metal genres, that many acts of the 90's played quite a bit back then. But Verthebral takes on the classic time with not just the style of genre, but their own embrace of it really. When listening to "Regeneration", you get hit with such passion, pride, and pure aggression, on how well everything works. The vocals and instrumentals is endless yet brutal through and through, making this album a solid piece of work and endless lengths of quality at that. This is clearly an album of elements that brings out the metal genre more clearer, with a modern day appeal, that makes their take more satisfying, rather enjoyable, and a great addition to your metal rotation of the genre case and point.





I have been sitting here trying to figure out what this Paraguayan death metal reminds me of. And to be perfectly honest I have no idea. All I know is that I like what I hear. There is an energy to this that if infectious. It is hard to not be smitten by it. There is a tempo to it that gets even the stalest of death metal hearts pumping. And if it doesn’t then nothing will. This is what you want from a death metal album. Aggression. Cool guitar solos. A cool front cover. A cool band name and an album title that tells you that this is not an album full of love songs.





Сразу с фактов начну, - издание HEADBANGERS LATINOAMERICA составило рейтинг 2017 года среди 320 альбомов. И вот так! 15 место не хотите? Сабж наш нынешний. Это серьезно. (А Sepulturа на 4-ом). На всякий случай ссылка - http://www.headbangerslatinoamerica.com/noticias/dici.. . Еще из фб группы узнал, что они часто гастролируют, не упускают случая с подмостков возвестить миру о добром и вечном. Ну, в смысле, совсем наоборот. Ибо как многие из камрадов - дэтовых групп, исповедуют философию упадка и разложения. Да и с кумирами их не пропадешь, они хоть и указаны в фб, я их называть не стану - это столпы мирового дэтового кластера.

Тем не менее, как пожелаете, а я уверен, что сабж далеко не копировщик чужих идей, за такие дела 15 место не дают. Так что послушаем, чем таким выделился парагвайский ВИА, который 5 лет как выступает одним из катализаторов тектонической деятельности в своей локации.

Будто бы срывает подземные запоры и врывается в тот мир неимоверное чудовище под названием VERTHEBRAL. Сразу – резко, жестко, брутально (не считая интро). По садистски залихватски, с внутренним драйвом и самоходной установкой вместо сердца. Причем сразу же с вокальным гнетущим надрывом, означающим полный отказ от здравого взгляда на вещи. Или так как зачитывают приказ по региональной оккультной организации. Вокалист императивно довлеет над музыкальными конструкциями, причем ведет свои партии настолько свободно, насколько это вообще возможно в дэт металле. Получается весьма олдово, на самом деле.

Гитаро-пользователи — два сверхчеловека несут свою пропаганду широко размахивая инструментарием, и, надо сказать, что здесь и речи нет о каком-то заполнении шаблонных форм. Задалбливая потенциального слушателя инфернальным, постоянно меняющимся риффажом, струнники не забывают преподнести странные соло, иногда на дорожке рядом, иногда в стороне, а странные в смысле, что производят они впечатление мало того что не местное, но и слегка горячее, того и гляди из колонок прольется раскаленная лава.

Давайте внимательнее взглянем на трак 8 - The Plague of Insomnia, в котором как в зеркале отразились и атмосферность команды, и потрясающая основы канонада римт-секции, и давящий танковый вокал, и расплескивающиеся риффы, которые намеренно раскачивают эту подводную лодку. И тут же широкие как паруса соляки, которые утащат эту подлодку в края жестокие и ЗЛОнамеренные. А рядом эпизод настоящего молотобойного хаоса и кузнечного состояния между наковальней и прессом — как небольшой портал в ПРЕИСПОДНЮЮ. Это по-настоящему дэтовая компо, искрящаяся и тяжелая... при том заботливо обработанная напильниками композерского мастерства.

Короче, куда ни кинь - везде смерть и … треш (иногда ансамбль талантливо делает дэто-треш по ритм-секции — чисто в олдовом смысле). Видим, что 15-е место получено не зря.

Отмечу красивую, по нашим дэтовым образцам, обложку — зелено-красную, противоречивую, но эффектную. Буклет — 12 страниц, с текстами песен, и фотками с концерта внутри. К диску есть дополнительное полиграфическое вложение OBI - с мини-рецензией на английском и русском языках.





Что будет, если четверо парагвайских парней в майках Venom, Death, Morbid Angel и Entombed возьмут гитары в руки и начнут нарезать тяжеляк? Сегодня у нас с вами есть замечательная возможность проверить это на деле! За немного странным названием Verthebral скрываются как раз эти четверо юношей, а “Регенерация” – это название их дебютного полноформатника, который сейчас стал доступен на CIS-территориях благодаря сотрудничеству трёх лейблов.


Как видно из их музыкально-идеологических предпочтений, радует ребят исключительно дэтовый олдскул, а издающие лейблы в один голос сравнивают их с Morbid Angel, Grave, Sinister, Sarcofago, Bolt Thrower и Unleashed. Всё где-то так и есть: первобытный шведский дэт с лёгкой руки колумбийцев оказался перемешан с типично американскими и европейскими фишками, и в конце концов на самом деле стал звучать как взбесившийся фрегат Дэвида Винсента в начале 90-х.


Вы до сих пор тоскуете по временам “Covenant” и “Altars Of Madness”? Вот вам отличный образчик подобного стаффа, но в исполнении молодых, амбициозных и не обременённых необходимостью экспериментировать и взрывать небесные замки рекрутов. Verthebral техничны, мелодичны, но в их песнях на первый план выходит энтузиазм и нерастраченный молодецкий задор, которого у самих “морбидов” уже с гулькин нос (нос популярной певицы Натальи Гулькиной — sic).


Не ищите на “Regeneration” глубоких идей и “новых риффов”, которые дэт-металлисты ещё не использовали (почему-то Сергей Кастальский очень любит искать на метал-альбомах именно такие риффы), нет здесь и лирических откровений, а напротив всё очень канонично, профильно, но в то же время зажигательно и энергично. Зачем думать и изобретать велосипед, когда можно просто слэмить и трясти “думой” под качёвые бриджи в лучших традициях ветеранов дэта?!


“Классика!” – так и хочется воскликнуть, вгрызаясь в тексты, густо испещрившие буклет. Verthebral протестуют против ложных богов и авторитетов в лучших традициях “Отцов и детей”, восхищаются кровавыми ужасами войны, авторитетно высказываются по поводу сомнительных “радостей” одинокого существования престарелых сограждан, а в итоге призывают поскорее очнуться, открыть глаза и начинать думать и анализировать самостоятельно, не прибегая к авторитетам.


Недостатком можно назвать достаточно редкое использование соло, из-за чего композиции кажутся уж очень похожими друг на друга. Но радикальная молодёжь, насколько я знаю, считает, что если в песне есть крутой рифф, то соло уже не обязательно, а поэтому если это и минус пластинки, минус относительный. Ребята не перебарщивают с техникой, а просто “рубят” в духе ранних Benediction, только что запустивших “Transcend The Rubicon”, и горя не знают.


Как раз в тех фрагментах альбома, когда парагвайцы больше всего напоминают Benediction, они нравятся мне больше всего – оцените хотя бы “Inside Of Me” с его шикарным среднетемповым риффингом и отличной околодумовой атмосферой! А вот титульная вещь, посвящённая успехам современной науки, меня особо не впечатлила: ритм меняется слишком непредсказуемо и как-то алогично, такое чувство, что именно в этом треке шведская и европейская школа дэта в интерпретации команды что-то между собой не поделили, и назрел конфликт.


Альбом далеко не блестящий, но крепкий и плотный. Вполне вероятно, когда-нибудь он станет классикой парагвайского дэт-металла, но сейчас Verthebral просто “продолжают продолжать” дело своих именитых и уже убелённых сединами учителей, напоминая молодым адептам жанра, как могут и должны звучать смертельные риффы в исполнении настоящей дэт-группы, хотя для фанатов Morbid Angel и Benediction диск уже сейчас вполне может стать откровением!





This young Death Metal band and their debut album come from another exotic country as for me, which is Paraguay. Let's start with some background info. VERTHEBRAL has been established in 2013, but as a precursor to "Regeneration" the quartet unleashes a self-released EP in 2015 consisting of 5 songs and named as "Adultery of Soul". Since then the band's line-up is unchanged and combines from the relentless forces of Christian Rojas (bass & vocals), Daniel Larroza (guitar), Alberto Flores (guitar) and Gabriel Galeano (drums). The album sets in with a short but mysterious intro, where some keys and lots of shooting can be heard. It follows "Place of Death" a typical Death Metal cut executed in the best traditions of the 90s. It has all the trademarks that mostly the Florida DM movement used with a great enthusiasm. So the other compositions continue to rip and blaspheme your ears in that discerning formula. I kinda felt myself as a time traveler during over forty minutes. Even the sound production has the same vibes as the bands of the golden Death Metal era were used to have. These guys from Ciudad del Este know really well how to make their songs sound and crush the old-school way! If you were grew up listening to such cult bands as DEICIDE, MONSTROSITY, OBITUARY, DEATH or CANCER, then don't hesitate to take a listen to the songs of "Regeneration". Recommended for all the true Death Metal die-hards around this rotten globe!!!





South America is the real deal for extreme metal bands. Whether they are catalogued black, death, thrash or grind, we no longer count the Brazilians, Mexicans or Chileans who hold the high drag to the rest of the world in the matter of breath-taking experience.. And even if our bad guys of the day, aka VERTHEBRAL, come from Paraguay, they also register fervently in the wild tradition so dear to their elders. Yes, "regeneration" is a high-flying, powerful and addictive death metal, which returns to Tampa in the early 90, with MORBID ANGEL and MASSACRE in his suitcases. No need to make crates, it pulls here in every corner, it crafts leads in a thrashy way and it kicks with as much delicacy as a handful of policemen dropped in a camp of migrants. Add to the picture a hallucinating artwork that will delight the fans of Ed Repka and an unstoppable production forged in the hells of the studios Abato and you are ready to cash without hesitating a new delivery of pure brutality South American. Take No prisoners!





Luego de un pequeño receso que tuve casi obligatorio por la escuela me di a la tarea de por fin reseñar a Verthebral con su más reciente material "Regeneration". Se trata del primer álbum de larga duración de esta agrupación Sudamericana prácticamente joven pues se formó en 2013 por Daniel Larroza en ciudad del este Paraguay para que un par de años después lanzaran su primer EP de forma independiente en febrero del 2015. Este primer trabajo fue su carta de presentación para los amantes del Death Metal dejándonos con ganas de más al terminar los 20 minutos con 30 segundos del material. Altamente influenciados por agrupaciones pioneras del genero como Sarcófago, Obituary y Death.


Ahora vayamos directo al Regeneration, si bien su primer trabajo de manera independiente fue ligeramente más thrash y crudo, con su regreso bajo el sello ruso de Satanath Records se nota una evolución más concreta, aunque en lo personal tuve que poner el álbum un par de veces para poder digerirlo pues hay canciones que tienen bases muy similares y se pueden llegar a confundir o pensar que es un death que casi casi rosa en lo genérico sin llegar a serlo del todo.



Con el intro del álbum te das una idea de lo que va, un fondo lluvioso y húmedo seguido de unos disparos que te predisponen a escuchar “Place of death” título del primer track, con una entrada poderosa y directa las guitarras de Daniel Larroza a la par de Alberto Flores hacen un contrapunto bestial con la batería de Gabriel Galeano que como dije antes es un death que ya todos conocemos pero bien armadito, aquí lo interesante es la esencia de cada miembro pues por poner un ejemplo Larroza es miembro de Ariman una banda de heavy bastante decente y se ve reflejada su escuela en los solos que propone para Regeneration. Por otra parte Verthebral tiene a Cristhian Rojas que debuta como bajo y voz en el primer EP "Adultery of Soul" que no le pide nada a otras bandas de death; monstruoso, directo, visceral y con una muy buena técnica. Mientras siga avanzando el álbum seguirás moviendo la cabeza sin parar pues tiene riffs pegadizos que satisfacen a cualquier amante del death. Con figuras repetitivas bien ejecutadas que cambian de una forma tan sutil que no se siente en que momento es un death basado en la vieja escuela o algo más contemporáneo.


Regeneration es de esos discos que puedes poner para que fluya toda su duración mientras haces tus actividades diarias dándote sorpresas de vez en cuando que harán que detengas todo lo que estés haciendo para decir "que buena rola" y subirle al volumen para disfrutar los solos o la potente voz del joven Rojas.




Klasyczny Death Metal starej szkoły prosto z dalekiego Paragwaju! Tak, ta młoda załoga zapatrzona jest totalnie w bogów gatunku. Z ich nagrań biją inspiracje takimi znamienitościami jak Morbid Angel, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, czy Asphyx lub Grave. Wszystkiego jest tu po trochu, co w całości daje bardzo dobry, można powiedzieć soczysty, efekt. Album brzmi mocarnie i czysto, dzięki czemu można wyłapywać te wszystkie oldschoolowe smaczki i w pełni się nimi delektować. Verthebral potrafią zarówno przyłoić z furią, jak i zaatakować walcowatymi, ciężkimi riffami. Nie brakuje tu też naprawdę przemyślanych, miejscami melodyjnych, a i nieco technicznych solówek. Gdyby żył Chuck z pewnością by chłopakom pogratulował i postawił po piwsku. Młody zespół, mają na koncie tylko epkę i ów debiut, a już mają się czym pochwalić. Słucha się tego z przyjemnością, a nawet uznaniem. Każdy fan Death Metalu, bez względu na jego formę, będzie zadowolony, z mojej strony pełna i niewymuszona rekomendacja. Nie dość, że złapało to moją uwagę, to i sprawiło, że za jakiś czas z chęcią sobie do tej płyty wrócę Pragnę jeszcze dodać, że właśnie takie zespoły jak Verthebral dają świadectwo temu jak wartościowe materiały powstają obecnie w podziemiu i jak wysokiej jakości potrafią być. Rodzą się nagrania, które w wielu przypadkach, wystarczy dobrze poszukać, potrafią przeskakiwać energią, świeżością, oryginalnością, a nawet talentem bardzo wiele grup powszechnie znanych, czy nawet niektórych weteranów. "Regeneration" to płyta, która głośno mówi: "Słuchamy, uczymy się, wyciągamy wnioski i łoimy udoskonalając i odświeżając receptę!" Tak trzymać!








Mi verrebbe da dire che ci sono tante band come i Verthebral là fuori, band dedite al death metal vecchia scuola puro e semplice, che fanno vanto delle proprie influenze al punto tale da non tentare nemmeno di nasconderle. "Regeneration" è uno di quei dischi che dal momento in cui lo infili nel lettore gioca a carte scoperte: queste sono sonorità che ormai conosciamo a menadito e sono frutto di anni passati a studiare sui tomi ammuffiti scritti da formazioni che hanno dedicato la propria carriera discografica al massacro sonoro (Morbid Angel, Massacra, Vital Remains, Obituary e band limitrofe), tomi che i Verthebral hanno deciso di seguire come manuali, non avendo mai la tentazione di discostarvisi.


Eppure "Regeneration" funziona. I Verthebral sono giovani (la fondazione risale al 2013) ma al contempo risultano agguerriti. I brani si alternano senza cali, esprimendo la volontà di creare un suono compatto, sulfureo, assassino e, dulcis in fundo, accattivante. A mio parere, è quest'ultimo aspetto che fa funzionare l'intero album; i musicisti sono affiatati e collaborano tra di loro per conquistare l'attenzione dell'ascoltatore, per poi dedicarsi all'arduo compito di tenerla alta fino alla fine, grazie a idee semplici ma divertenti, merito in particolar modo delle linee vocali del growler Cristhian Rojas.


Tra pezzi cadenzati, aumenti di velocità, qualche passaggio non prevedibilissimo e tanta capacità di divertire, i quaranta minuti di tempo che i Verthebral ci chiedono volano via e noi ascoltatori che cerchiamo questo genere di musica, e che in fondo ci piace così com'è, non possiamo fare altro che esserne contenti. "Regeneration" è derivativo e ciò può renderlo interessante solo per alcuni; d'altra parte, non si può negare una certa abilità della band nel creare musica diretta ed efficace.




Satanath Records, Final Gate Records und More Hate Productions sind an vorliegendem Tonträger beteiligt, dessen Urheber in Paraguay beheimatet sind und die mitunter etwas an angepisste Morbid Angel und auch Mortem erinnern. Aber Verthebral gehen irgendwie verspielter ans Eingemachte, ohne jedoch den Bezug zur Direktheit zu verlieren, weshalb sich "Regeneration" trotzdem überaus schnell Zugang verschaffen kann. Auch Tastenklänge sind mal zu vernehmen, wobei es den Burschen allerdings weit besser steht, wenn man auch mal markantere Momente zum Vorschein kommen lässt, wie etwa bei "Without Any God". Überhaupt sind in der zweiten Hälfte auch die stärksten Stücke vorhanden, reihen sich doch "The Plague Of Insomnia" und das folgende "Immaterial Essence Of Things" mühelos in der vorderen Reihe ein. Dennoch ist der Spannungsbogen nicht beständig am Arbeiten, denn wenn es darum geht, den Konsumenten am Stück zu fesseln, dann wird es etwas eng für Verthrebal, die es zwar schaffen, solide Kost zu zaubern, der aber das gewisse Etwas fehlt.


"Regeneration" bietet guten Death Metal, allerdings sind Höhepunkte ehr die Ausnahme, eine Feststellung, die sich auch nach mehrmaliger Einspeisung nicht ändern lässt. Ansätze mit positiver Note sind vorhanden, aber vielleicht ist es einfach auch nur die fehlende druckvolle Wucht, um sich nachhaltig manifestieren zu können. Aber Verthebral steht die Zukunft noch bevor, weshalb hier keinesfalls das letzte Wort gesprochen ist.




Para os fãs de Obituary, Asphyx, Death(até Spiritual Healing), Benediction, Bolt Thrower, é muito recomendável essa banda paraguaia chamada Verthebral.


Riffs insanos que quebraram o seu pescoço e irão explodir seus ouvidos, não deixando nada nem ninguém vivo, muito impiedoso, é pesado como o death metal sempre deveria ser.




Vocal cavernoso típico da América do Sul, a bateria muito semelhante a bateria do Cannibal Corpse, o que é raro de ser, geralmente a banda tem aquela batida mais tradicional típica do metal dos anos 80 ou o blast beast mais rápido e técnico possível.


O álbum é sólido, é mortífero, é das cavernas, primitivo mesmo para os ogros apreciadores da velha escola do death metal do fim dos anos 80 e começo dos anos 90.




„Regeneration“ might be the best Death Metal record out of Paraguay I have ever come across. How many Paraguayan DM records I own you ask?

Well…you got me. Chances are good though that my initial statement is true although that might not be saying much.

I am a bit lazy when it comes to travelling bur thanks to the world wide web music fans can easily reach the most exotic places to discover new stuff. I am always amazed having found a new gem in a corner of the world in which I did not expect it.


Verthebral are a four piece Metal machine having been founded in 2013. After an EP in 2015 they managed to grab a deal with Satanath to present us their definition of Old School Death Metal. It seems as if they have digged deep in their collection of late eighties and nineties DM collecting some of the best elements and putting them together again in a slightly adopted version.


The guys have a feeling for good songwriting varying between furious speed attacks and slower, filthy parts that give the whole affair the required dark and brooding atmosphere. The guitarists Daniel Larroza and Alberto Flores complement each other with one providing the mostly laid back and hypnotic main riffs and the other one fading in an out with some fantastic soloing work. Of course the boys want to show the world that they know how to play their instruments resulting in some pretty impressive technical pieces. Thankfully those sections never overstay their welcome. It is a bit of a problem these days that a lot of new bands try to compensate for their lacking songwriting abilities with additional speed, brutality and technicality. I am glad to report that this is not the case here.


Gabriel Galeano is the name of the drummer and being from South America he got the rhythm running through his veins. Compared to his North American and European peers he seems to make a bit more use of those rumbling mid ranged toms of his kit giving the drum sound an intense percussive feeling. Bass player Cristhian Rojas is also responsible for the vocals and he is doing a great job. Roaring in the veins of big idols like Martin van Drunen his delivery is top notch. Of course a small accent can be heard but otherwise the lyrics can be understood pretty well.


The production is punchy and modern without being too sterile. There is just enough filth and putridity to put enough dirt into the music without sacrificing any details of the instruments. Often that kind of production leads to muddy sounds burying some elements but luckily this is not the case here.


To summarize your enjoyment of this record will depend on what you are looking for. You can call “Regeneration” pure plagiarism as there is nothing new or innovative to be found here.

If you are like me always searching for new music in the tradition of the nineties keeping the original spirit with a fresher sound chances are good that you will find a new favorite here.