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It’s the weekend! What better way to get it started than with the latest installment of “Funeral Doom Friday”. This weekly column looks to shed some light onto some of the darkest, most depressing, and discordant metal out there. Funeral Doom stems from the deepest depths of Death-Doom and Dirge music. Each week, the goal is to highlight some of the newest music or rediscover classic works from some of the earliest bands and originators such as Australia’s Mournful Congregation, United States’s Evoken, UK’s Esoteric and the Finnish Thergothon. Feel free to share your opinions and suggestions in the comments!


This week, the column returns to Russia to a town in Siberia named Tomsk. The solo endeavor of Nicolay Seredov, named Funeral Tears, is releasing a new album called Beyond the Horizon this April. Seredov has been working as Funeral Tears since 2007. During that time, he has released a handful of singles and two full-length albums. In addition to this, he is also a member of the black metal band, Taiga, and the thrash band, Stakhanovite. The focus, however, remains with his funeral doom.  Today, Metal Injection has a premiere of a new song from his upcoming album called "Breathe"


"Breathe" according to Seredov is meant to portray "the way people want to reach prosperity while losing their humanity." Funeral Tears's music resembles recent feature, Frowning. It may also call to mind early works from Mournful Congregation or Evoken. The song starts with a sobering guitar chord. The notes are a gentle lull that calmly builds towards imposing riffs. Crash cymbals and droning riffs pace the track. Seredov flexes a wide vocal range as well as he switches between various screams and spoken word. It all comes together in a dramatic fashion over the course of eight minutes.


Finally, pre-orders are available for Beyond the Horizon through Satanath Records and Cimmerian Shade Records. Funeral Tears is also on Facebook. Check out the new song below and have a great weekend.





The album is having all of the components that a classic Funeral Doom album should be tempered with: deep, desolated growls, alluring acoustic guitar transitions, drown oriented synthesiser parts, mournfully slow yet heavy riffs and tasteful yet dreary melodic guitar components.  The album, clocking in at near an hour, creates the aura of getting buried in the grave of intense depression. Prepare to be crushed amongst the gloomy passages of six unadulterated Funeral Doom tracks!


I don’t know whether I am really ready for this E.P/Album.  I suppose it depends on what mindset you are in at the time and at the moment I am in a pleasant happy mood and don’t want this to be destroyed. The only thing urging me to review this is the fact I am curious, I want to know what is going on inside Nikolay Seredov’s mind, and work out why he should record such mournful tracks, when there is enough sadness and misery in the world, to begin with, but the only way of finding out is to press the play button. The fact I am a little apprehensive speaks volumes as I am in an upbeat mood so far today, anyway… well here goes!


As Close my Eyes begins the sense of solemn isolation begins to take over and a brood forecast emerges. However, just out of nowhere a thunderous rhythms comes surging through the listening devices and washes you into oblivion. It is a very powerful track with devilish rasping gargles of breath that somehow draw me to it like a magnet to metal. So not bad at all and not what I was expecting!


Breathe begins like a very soft caress and can hardly be heard but after the last track, I got caught out volume wise, so very wary of a repercussion. This has tempered strings that dominate until a little further into the track comes a shrill clash of cymbals and beats. The solitude is felt highly and makes for a gripping encounter. Vocally sustaining its harsh raspy growls it intrigues and captivates, despite its melancholy feel.


Dehiscing Emptiness begins the same way as the other tracks with soft noises and poignant jabs of music but created very subtly. As it opens further it reveals a very dark, sorrowful but melodic side. The vocals, however, have turned even more dispirited and mournful. Making them sound utterly evil.


I Suffocate begins as before with its despondency and pensiveness and then snaps (although gently) into a more lachrymose state. The vocals speak softly so much so you can almost feel the breath in your ears. The vocals are in English and can just about be heard over a doleful rhythm. How unusual would this sound in Russian, I wonder?


Beyond the Horizon again holds subtle encounters and an agitated nature. It is the dreariest of tracks so far on the EP but this is exactly what it says on the label. The textures don’t reach out they amble on their way and cast a darkened shadow over the already black misty atmosphere and smother you alive.


Eternal Tranquillity is what we all want but maybe in different quotas, although it would get highly monotonous if we all wanted the same thing. This track could be labelled as epic in every sense of the word as it breaks off from each angle and re-emerges with a shrill and slightly uplifting tempo. The grazing hellish vocal is gnarly and uproots your feelings and emotions as it splurges from its sleep and continues to blend the track into a masterpiece.


Not as doomy and gloomy as I first thought it would be, although yes it is doom-laden in places but it also holds a very fiery spirit that is attached to its icy tendrils. So, a good blend of everything, well mixed, well written and well executed!


Powerful and intriguing music! It doesn't take long to look Beyond the Horizon! One question needs to be asked and that is "Have you found yourself yet?"





Now we’ll move into some full song streams, beginning with a track named “Breathe” from the third album by Funeral Tears, the solo project of Nikolay Seredov from Tomsk, Russia (who also leads the bands Стахановцы and Taiga). Entitled Beyond the Horizon, the album will be co-released on April 13th by Satanath Records (Russia) and Cimmerian Shade Recordings (USA).


“Breathe” is a deep breath, a slow cascade of crystalline guitars, shimmering ambience, and deep heaving bass. The music moves into heavier territory, propelled further into darkness by deep, jagged growls and equally craggy riffs, by agonized shrieks of pain and the pain-filled pulse of the guitar. It’s an uneasy dream, but dreamlike nonetheless.




Beyond the Horizon, funeral doom project Funeral Tears’ expansive third album, is a heavy, mournful slab of music.


The solo project of Russian musician Nikolay Seredov, Beyond the Horizon is firm yet diverse. Varied vocal delivery including screams, growls and even spoken word passages in addition to mournful guitar melodies and crushing doom keep the album interesting.





This isn’t our site’s first encounter with Funeral Tears or the band’s new album Beyond the Horizon. Back in February I came across another advance track from the album called “Breathe” and was quite enthralled by it. And so it was an easy choice to bring you this premiere of another song from the album, which will be released on April 13 by Satanath Records (Russia) and Cimmerian Shade Recordings (USA). The new song is “I Suffocate“.


This is the third Funeral Tears album, but in case you haven’t encountered the band before, Funeral Tears is the solo project of Nikolay Seredov from Tomsk, Russia (who also leads the groups Стахановцы and Taiga).


“Breathe” is a deep breath, a slow cascade of crystalline guitars, shimmering ambience, and deep heaving bass. The music moves into heavier territory, propelled further into darkness by deep, jagged growls and equally craggy riffs, by agonized shrieks of pain and the pain-filled pulse of the guitar. It’s an uneasy dream, but dreamlike nonetheless.


As its name might suggest, “I Suffocate” is a more disturbing and depressive song, though not without its elements of beauty. The ghostly sounds and the discordant, mewling scratch of violin strings that open it foreshadow the haunting to come. The song’s ponderous, heavy, stalking pace and the gloomy, gargantuan chords are evocative of death and decay. Harsh, near-whispers express the lyrics over an arpeggio that moves like a drifting spirit with no way home, and the voice later turns cavernous and abrading — or abrasively shrieking. The glints of beauty come from ethereal shimmering and even from the jagged, bereft melody with which it’s paired, stricken in its sense of irreversible loss.


The funeral doom of “I Suffocate” is deeply atmospheric and trance-like, capable of irresistibly changing the listener’s mood, turning it in dark directions.





Russian funeral doom act Funeral Tears is set to release 3rd full-length album "Beyond the Horizon" via Satanath Records (Rus) & Cimmerian Shade Recordings (USA).


Ahead of the April 13th release date, today we're officially premiering a lyric video for the title track, which can be found below and is highly recommended to fans of Ea, Worship, Evoken, Mournful Congregation & Frowning.


This title track exhibits despondent melodies, slow yet heavy riffs, and a wide range of vocal craftsmanship across a 9 minute duration. Thematically, the track is about the limitation of ours in terms of finding the truth; we can't get beyond the horizon and and can't find the truth from within. The only thing left for us is to live, and we will only be free when we will die.


Founded in Tomsk, Russia during December of 2007, Funeral Tears is the solo project of Nikolay Seredov and darkly conveys the inner state of Nikolay at different periods of life, the struggle for spiritual balance while at war with himself for only purpose - to find his own eternal peace.


"Beyond The Horizon," clocking in at near an hour across six tracks, creates an aura of being buried into the grave of intense depression. Prepare to be crushed amongst the gloomy passages of unadulterated funeral doom.





Initiated from Tomsk, Russia during December, 2007, Funeral Tears is the solo Funeral Doom project of Nikolay Seredov (leader of bands like Стахановцы [Stakhanovite] and Taiga). Dark melodic music and lyrics convey the inner state of Nikolay at different periods of life, the struggle for spiritual balance, at war with himself for only purpose - to find his own eternal peace. With two grief-stricken full lengths and a split with Poyezd Rodina, Funeral Tears has made their place in the realm of underground Funeral Doom Metal.


The third full-length of Funeral Tears, "Beyond The Horizon" is filled with the musician's thoughts about people - that we are who we are, with our doable or unrealizable dreams, with our own individual perception of the world and with our ideas about the future. The fact is we strive to be closer to the stars, but lose the Earth. The album is having all of the components that a classic Funeral Doom album should be tempered with: deep, desolated growls, alluring acoustic guitar transitions, drown oriented synthesizer parts, mournfully slow yet heavy riffs and tasteful yet dreary melodic guitar components. The album, clocking in at near an hour, creates the aura of getting buried into the grave of intense depression. Prepare to be crushed amongst the gloomy passages of 06 unadulterated Funeral Doom tracks.





Funeral  Tears  are  a  solo  project  from  Russia  that  plays  funeral  doom  metal  and  this  is  a  review  of  his  2017  album  "Beyond  the  Horizon"  which  will  be  released  in  April  as  a  joint  effort  between  Satanath  Records  and  Cimmerian  Shade  Recordings.


  Ambient  style  synths  start  off  the  album  along  with  some  clean  playing  and  they  also  mix  in  with  the  more  heavy  and  melodic  funeral  doom  metal  style  and  after  awhile  deep  death  metal  growls  start  to  make  their  presence  known  on  the  recording  along  with  some  black  metal  screams  also  being  added  into  some  parts  of the  music.


  When  guitar  solos  and  leads  are  utilized  they  are  done  in a  very  depressive  yet  melodic  fashion  and  most  of  the  tracks  are  very  long  and  epic  in  length  and  acoustic  guitars  can  also  be  heard  at  times  and  spoken  word  parts  are  also  used  briefly  and  the  music  also  alternates  between  both  clean  and  heavy  parts  quite  a  bit  throughout  the  recording  always  sticking  to  a very  slow  musical  direction  and  there  is  also  a brief  use  of  post  metal  elements.


  Funeral  Tears  plays  a  style  of  funeral  doom  metal  that  is  very  atmospheric  while  also  adding  in  a  touch  of  black  and  post  metal, the  production  sounds  very  professional  while  the  lyrics  cover  darkness,  spiritual  balance  and  inner  peace  themes.


  In  my  opinion  Funeral  Tears  are  a  very  great  sounding  funeral  doom  metal  solo  project  and  if  you  are  a fan  of  this  musical  genre,  you  should  check  out  this  recording.





The best way to describe the following 56 minutes is by using the word ‘depressing’. Funeral Tears’ new album, Beyond the Horizon is funeral doom. The most oppressive, dark & evil sounding stuff you might hear this year. It’s bloody fantastic.


After a soft intro, Close My Eyes lays it all out for you see. The blackest of riffs, the heaviest of bass lines, vocals that are so guttural & low it’s hard to believe they are coming out of the mouth of a human & an ear shattering drum beat. It’s hard to not become transfixed by what you’re hearing especially when a smallest bit of melody is added to the background.


As starts go it’s one that certainly grabs the attention & for the most part it holds it throughout. Songs like Dehiscing Emptiness & I Suffocate are are so bleak, so dark-fueled that it will feel like you’re filling up with an emptiness. It does begin to wear you down after a while though. It’s a very unique sounding album but with only 6 tracks most begin to drag on.


Often throughout Beyond the Horizon you’ll find what you remember most are moments. The haunting effect that sees out I Suffocate, the screeches that accompanies the flashes of intense heaviness of Beyond the Horizon & the epic-ness of the finale, Eternal Tranquillity.


The latter, with its 10+ minute finish, doesn’t break much new ground for the first few minutes but is worthy of note because of the subtle background tunes. It creates this feeling of growth, a feeling that we’re building to something spectacular. A drop into a soft guitar melody & bowel-shaking bass breaks the song apart well before it flows perfectly into a crushing metal finish.


It’s a great ending to an album that has much for you to smile about even if it leaves you in a black mood.



From delightful post rock we dive into the dark, depressive world of funeral doom, again with an act I'm happy to hear again. Russian one-man funeral doom act Funeral Tears returns with his third full length. This act by Nikolay Seredov (leader of bands like Стахановцы [Stakhanovite] and Taiga) has pleasantly surprised me in the past, not only because this is one of my favorite genres, but also because Funeral Tears throws a lot of melody in his otherwise led-heavy music.


As per usual, the six tracks on this album are enormous anthems, mostly driving on almost tangible drones and riffs. These come with torpid drums and deep, guttural growls, plus the occasional blackened scream. Opener 'Close My Eyes' is already a brilliant anthem, outstanding in atmosphere, intensity and melody, a bit like Shape Of Despair maybe, or any of those awe inspiring funeral doom bands.


You know. I could have just wrote down the words "funeral doom" and publish this review. If you are a fan of this kind of music, this album is an absolute must-have. There is no doubt about that. Everything to make it a prime example of this style is present on 'Beyond The Horizon'. But it is even more than that. I can easily imagine post rock and post-black metal fans skipping over to this kind of stuff.


My favorite song here is 'Breathe', which somehow blend funeral doom with the new wave sound of bands like The Cure. I like that shoegazing guitar lick and I'm very sure I will not be the only one. So yeah, this is another highly recommended doom metal album and a solid reference towards the slowest of metal styles. Excellent job, and now I hope that this act will start touring, that would be bloody awesome...






Siempre es un gusto recibir material proveniente de las gélidas tierras Rusas, más todavía si se trata de Funeral Doom, pues aquellas latitudes parecen especialmente propicias para engendrar proyectos de gran calidad dentro de éste género, (la mayoría de las ocasiones, claro). En este caso se trata del proyecto en solitario del multi instrumentista Nikolay Seredov, también integrante de Стахановцы (Stakhanovite) y Taiga, quien tras una década de actividad presenta en sociedad este "Beyond the Horizon", la nueva y tercera placa a la fecha. Siguiendo la línea de sus antecesores, reúne todos los requisitos que debe tener un buen disco de Funeral Doom y no falla, tal como desglosaremos a continuación.

El tema que abre la función, “Close My Eyes”, presenta un riff minimalista complementado por arpegios limpios o con delay, según el momento, dando variantes a la atmósfera opresiva reinante. Fórmula que utilizará durante todo el recorrido del álbum, imperando el buen gusto en las melodías. “Breathe” sigue la misma tendencia, comenzando con una hermosa melodía de guitarra limpia como motivo principal, alternando con pasajes más cercanos al Doom Death de My Dying Bride (incluso una voz a la Stainthorpe no vendría nada mal sobre dicho motivo). Uno de los momentos más emotivos del disco sin duda, realmente una belleza. “Dehiscing Emptiness” es otra oda a la angustia, con una melodía en la vena de Shape of Despair, bien minimalista, arrastrado y mala onda, tal como debe ser. “I Suffocate” continúa sumiéndonos en la desesperanza, en un principio con la misma tónica del anterior pero decantando en melodías similares a las de los tracks anteriores, de factura Saturniana, con pasajes de arpegios limpios, añadiendo en este caso voces susurradas que acrecientan esta sensación agobiante.

El tema que da nombre a la placa “Beyond the Horizon” no se sale un milímetro del libreto, otra gran pieza del mejor funeral doom con todas las letras, un fatal naufragio dentro de un denso, obscuro e insondable mar de lodo, para alcanzar finalmente la tranquilidad eterna… Pues sí, “Eternal Tranquility” es el cruel desenlace de esta muy buen obra, volviendo a las melodías arpegiadas y a los riffs tendidos. Sin embargo en cada canción Nicolay hace uso de recursos distintivos, en este caso mediando los 4 minutos, un corte da lugar a una especie de loop de guitarra, precediendo el cambio de tiempo que desembocará en un segmento melódico con solo incluido, para luego regresar al trágico medio tiempo inicial y así desvanecerse en el éter. Las melodías son forjadas directamente desde las 6 cuerdas, tanto en sus secciones limpias como distorsionadas, simples pero con mucha clase y elegancia. El trabajo vocal consta de growls durante la mayor parte del tiempo, salvo en las partes donde las guitarras suenan libres de distor, y esporádicos gritos desgarradores al final de las frases donde se produce el quiebre de la atmósfera. Los sintetizadores o teclados sirven a modo de colchón de la melodía principal, reforzando la atmósfera mencionada. La batería es la clásica del estilo, bien minimalista y básica, siendo su mezcla la menos adecuada quizás, pero sólo es una impresión personal. Más allá de eso, estamos ante una obra a la altura de sus antecesoras, y ante un artista que seguramente seguirá llenando de tormento y angustia este mundo decadente.





Nikolay Seredov es un músico de 29 años de edad procedente de Chernogorsk (Rusia). Es joven pero ya se le puede considerar un veterano de la escena extrema y under rusa. Desde el 2013 está en la banda Taiga, de Black depresivo.

funeral tears 2Toca la batería y canta en la banda de Thrash Stakhanovite. Este es su segundo trabajo como Funeral Tears, donde él se encarga de todos los instrumentos. Su primer trabajo ya llamó la atención y el underground internacional puso sus ojos en él, es un músico talentoso y que puede hacer grandes cosas, desde luego con este álbum da un paso adelante de gigante.

Lo suyo son las atmósferas depresivas como demuestra en Close My Eyes, donde la tristeza lo inunda todo. Funeral Doom de libro con un interludio acústico de bella factura y que dota al tema de una atmósfera. El siguiente tema es Breathe, le añaden un toque gótico y atmosférico de Gothic/Doom a lo My Dying Bride en sus inicios, solo que esta no es la verdadera orientación musical de los Funeral Tears, habría que compararlos con otras bandas como Dreaming after Death o Colosseum.

Son importantes los matices que se dan cita en los temas. Con el paso de los minutos el álbum se vuelve más atmosférico y conceptual, temas como Dehiscing Emptiness, te ayudan a perderte en un riff lento y majestuoso que invita a la reflexión. Es sencillo lo que hace este músico ruso, pero a la vez, lo realmente complicado es hacerlo sencillo y ahí está la magia de este compositor que está llamado a hacer cosas muy grandes y encima en cualquier estilo musical que se proponga.

I Suffocate es un tema que busca otras emociones. En la voz combina dos registros guturales, uno roto y que le da una nota de locura y desesperación, nuevas emociones añadidas a su música que combinadas con la majestuosidad de los riffs, le dan un plus extra al tema. Beyond The Horizon es un tema mucho más contemplativo, que me recuerda a otra banda de Funeral Doom ruso que os recomiendo vivamente, Talsur, al igual que Funeral Tears, es un proyecto individual.

Finaliza con Eternal Tranquility el tema más creativo de todo el trabajo. Hay cierto aire de Black atmosférico mezclado con Post Metal porque es un tema con aire conceptual y transcendental en su devenir. Siempre con mucha soltura compositiva este músico, con frescura y sonando diferente. No es la banda de Funeral Doom más oscura y deprimente que escuché en mi vida, de hecho suele haber algún que otro elemento melódico e incluso de folk de la Europa del Este, en el último tema por ejemplo. Mucha versatilidad a un álbum que nunca se hace largo y que invita a la reflexión. Bellos pasajes recreados por este genial compositor.





Funeral Tears started in Tomsk, Russia during December 2007 and is probably best known as a solo funeral doom metal project by Nikolay Seredov (founder of bands like Стахановцы (Stakhanovite) and Taiga). Melancholic melodic music and lyrics seems to define what this man is all about and represent Nikolay at different periods of life, his struggle for spiritual balance, and already with two mighty full lengths behind their back Funeral Tears has made a name inside the underground funeral doom scene.


Now we have the pleasure of enjoying and hearing the latest work of Funeral Tears, the new album Beyond Horizion is more than just beautiful slow drone riffs. Many people find funeral doom or doom metal in general to be very tedious and boring, but they miss the whole point of the slow ambient feeling, the means of provoking someones feelings, and we have been very lucky this past year with great gems from many doom bands, and its great to see that Funeral Tears are among them.


The album is clocking in at near an hour, creates the aura of getting buried into the grave of intense depression and is filled with enchanting and mesmerizing tracks with insanely breathtaking melodies. While the sound is described as funeral doom one may argue over the tempo because it's a bit to high for the songs to pass through as just a typical funeral doom. In my opinion it falls more in the doom metal scene yet mixed with some dsbm vibe over it, there's kind of a Forgotten Tomb vibe present to the whole album. I think that it's nice to have a bit of a mixture thrown into the game.


While the tracks move on, the more we get into the album the more you start to really see the whole world of Nikolay reveal itself, the misery, the darkness and the melancholic thoughts that pass through ones mind. People may say that despair is the last thing that leaves us, however in some cases that might be true. As for this it's litterely burying you underneath a rock of concrete as the songs are presented in a beautiful yet morbid way.


With many insertions of melancholic classic guitar interludes the songs take a step into even darker paths of life. Funeral Tears may not be the most typical funeral doom band, but the music is full of agony and remorse. Like I said, many can argue over the real funeral doom part of the album, it's still there but the songs are very versatile that it does kinda leave you wondering if its more of dsbm band that draws doom influences while some songs are more directly pure funeral doom, and others tend to be more towards the more standard doom tempo, the album after all for sure doesn't leave you disappointed.





Der Zustand der Traurigkeit, den FUNERAL TEARS auf "Beyond The Horizon" beschreibt, scheint nahezu hoffnungslos. Die russische Funeral-Doom-Kapelle zelebriert die schlechte Stimmung in sechs epischen Akten, ist dabei nicht nur melancholisch, sondern phasenweise auch sehr introvertiert unterwegs. Ein paar schleichende Gitarrensounds begleiten die monumentalen Kompositionen, die in sehr bedächtige Intros und Outros gepackt werden und spätestens in jenen kurzen Momenten der Stille, die zwischen den Songs platziert werden, das Gefühl wecken, bereits ganz am Boden zu liegen.


Allerdings fehlt es "Beyond The Horizon" auf der anderen Seite ein wenig an Abwechslung; ein halbwegs experimenteller Track wie das finale und wirklich herausragende 'Eternal Tranquillity' bestätigt die Ausnahme von der Regel; ansonsten ist die Band sehr darauf bedacht, die epische Lava fließen zu lassen, ohne weitere dynamische Aspekte zu berücksichtigen - und das könnte zumindest auf lange Sicht ein Störfaktor werden, da es im Nachhinein nicht mehr allzu viel zu entdecken gibt.


Musikalisch ist aber grundsätzlich nichts anzumerken, was "Beyond The Horizon" antasten könnte. Die Produktion dient der ziemlich beklemmend anmutenden Sache, die Performance beim Gesang ist variabel, und die vereinzelt eingespielten Melodien haben etwas Packendes an sich, was sich später auch als Ankerpunkt herauskristallisieren soll. Von daher greift FUNERAL TEARS auch im verschleppten Tempo nach einer vorderen Position in einer Szene, in der wirklich wertvolles Material inzwischen selten geworden ist. Die neue Scheibe dieser russischen Formation ist jedenfalls eine dieser Platten, die Freunde des Segments kennen lernen sollten!




Per Nikolay Seredov il bivio era tra il metal o il nulla. Cos'altro poteva fare un ragazzo siberiano sui vent'anni? Spararsi nelle palle per la noia? Suonare è stata la sua via di fuga, prima col gruppo thrash metal Stakhanovite, poi da solo col progetto Funeral Tears, con cui ha esordito nel 2010, infine con un polistrumentista ha dato voce -un urlo disperatamente lancinante- ai Taiga, con un album all'anno nel triennio 2014/2015/2016. L'ultimo 'Sky' mostrava irrequietezza nel voler andare un po' oltre il black metal depressivo. Di recente è uscito il terzo disco a nome Funeral Tears, che -dando una scorsa al resto del suo curriculum- è anche la sua espressione creativa migliore. 'Beyond the Horizon' (Satanath Records) ha molte meno tastiere dei suoi fratelli maggiori e oserei anche dire meno lento di loro in molti passaggi. Lavoro egregio sulle sei corde, mai così valorizzate nella loro utilità molto variabile ("I Suffocate"), così come il cantanto, sempre più moribondo. In realtà, nonostante si possa pensare che la musica è una sorta di terapia, credo che Nikolay si senta ancora decisamente solo e desolato visto che passa i suoi giorni tra funeral doom e depressive black, ma finché pubblica dischi strazianti come questi non vorrei mai fargli cambiare abitudini. Non sarebbe la stessa cosa se un giorno diventasse un giocherellone e mettesse in piedi un progetto happy metal, ecco.





Tras la incorporación a filas de otros funerarios como SUFFER YOURSELF o el buen hacer de los nacionales BARBARIAN SWORDS u otras como NORDLAND o AMENTIA el sello Satanath Records pone otra palada de arena a su roster de bandas con los presentes FUNERAL TEARS.


Formados en 2010 y tras un habitual silencio discográfico de apenas tres años, el tercer álbum de FUNERAL TEARS firma la milésima banda funeraria engendrada desde la fría Rusia en la presente década, una avalancha musical que como en todo dejara solamente a las bandas más competitivas tras pasar su respectivo control de morralla.


La banda formada única y exclusivamente por Nikolay Seredov el cuál se encarga de todo y más, deja claro que para nada es un recién llegado en esto y que la experiencia de sus anteriores obras le avala a la hora de repartir el hilo mortuorio que el seguidor del género espera en este tipo de propuestas.


Desde la inicial “Close My Eyes” la doble sensación de estar frente algo mórbido y a la vez depresivo conjunta perfectamente con una bases musicales que pese a su simpleza en ejecución aúnan y de qué manera la soledad y el vacio que transmiten sus composiciones.


Las composiciones ganan pegada al no centrarse simplemente en las coordenadas Funeral ya que en ellas, también son bienvenidas los retales del Metal e incluso del Ambient, aunque eso sí, con un pulso compositivo lentísimo solo comparable con la velocidad de correos en época veraniega.


Las voces totalmente inmersas en esas premisas musicales clavan el asunto en temas como por ejemplo “Breathe”, ocho minutos en donde el señor Nikolay no se ha exprimido para nada las neuronas aunque ha dado con la herramienta perfecta para edificar el mejor corte del disco y familiarizarse con su cálido hilo a raíz de una parte rítmica que airea el tema hacia una dimensión incluso cargada de viveza. Esa sensación asfixiante y dominadora alcanza cuotas infinitas en “Dehiscing Emptiness” quizá la canción con menos contrastes del disco y con un recorrido demasiado rebañado a juzgar por su suceso rutinario a lo largo de su extensa duración.


El protagonismo de la lentitud y el paso de una marcha fúnebre priman en “I Suffocate” creando unas ambientaciones sombrías, decadentes e incluso suicidas en muchísimos desenlaces del mismo.


Como no podía ser de otra forma, el hilo conductor del álbum es alargado y sin suspensión, canciones extensas que van casi por los diez minutos por barba y que en muchísimas ocasiones barajan la misma tonalidad durante un tiempo infinito y valioso.


A raíz de la canción que da título al álbum “Beyond The Horizon” las orquestaciones se hacen más palpables y dominantes e incluso repetitivas al juzgar por la nota que aporrea sin cesar la melodía de la final “Eternal Tranquility” la cuál su alargada extensión creo que es abusiva llegando incluso a descolorar el contenido de la composición en sí.


Por lo demás, nada nuevo bajo el sol, un buen álbum de Funeral Doom made in Rusia, que para nada entraría en el saco de bandas que intentan ir un poco más allá de lo establecido (véase los balleneros AHAB u otras como PROFETUS) aunque eso no quita que FUNERAL TEARS hayan depurado y crecido su base interior en arreglos y demás acabados finales, algo que quizá había quedado mucho más desmaquillado en obras anteriores.


Así pues, nos quedamos con un álbum que cumple las reglas sagradas del género y que a pesar de remover bien sus fichas no aporta nada nuevo a un género tan saturado como repetitivo en sus funerarios desenlaces. Es más, FUNERAL TEARS dejan la sensación de haber escuchado este álbum en algún otro punto del camino de la presente década, algo que a buen seguro no importara a los seguidores acérrimos de un estilo en donde lo extraño es salirse del guión predeterminado.





What is going on here is a one man Blackened  Doom/ Death band that reminds we of a few bands right of the bat that should impress. Shapes of Despair, Thergothon and Dusk and  Winter. The sorrow and bleak sounding arrangement work so well with the Black/ Doom vocals and over all presentation of the release. Doom is suppose to be heavy and slow which are both very easily met here on Funeral Tears album. Long songs as well. Nothing under 7 minutes here my friends. I would like to have heard a bit more fullness to the drums on the album other then that . There are some very gothic elements on the album as well and all that does is enhance the over all somber mood of this album.  The clean guitars  and synths give me a very Unholy and Dolorian feeling as I listen. Excellent work from this one man Russian force.





Funeral Tears is natuurlijk een prachtige naam voor een (funeral) doom"band". Band even tussen aanhalingstekens, want deze bestaat maar uit 1 persoon: Nikolay Seredov. Deze Russische multi-instrumentalist en componist is daarnaast ook nog actief in Taiga (black metal) en Stakhanovite (thrash metal). Met Funeral Tears kan hij zich dus in z'n eentje helemaal uitleven op de meest sombere variant van de doom metal. Beyond The Horizon is zijn derde album, en mijn kennismaking met deze band.


Dat de muziek op deze plaat log, zwaar en traag is, en intens treurig klinkt zijn natuurlijk open deuren. Maar ja, je kunt er natuurlijk niet omheen dat het juist daar bij (funeral) doom om gaat, en dat het wat dat betreft een vrij afgebakend genre is. Funeral Tears laat dan eigenlijk ook niks bijzonders horen. Toch vind ik dit een vrij interessante plaat. Gevarieerde vocale inbreng, waaronder schreeuwen, grunts en gesproken woordpassages, naast rouwende gitaarmelodieën en emotioneel verpletterende doom houden het album interessant.


Uiteraard gaan de lange nummers gepaard met veel herhalingen (Breathe) maar gepast ingezet kan dat natuurlijk een sterk wapen zijn. Dat blijkt hier het geval, met dank aan de hierboven genoemde elementen. Met deprimerend als sleutelwoord is het de combinatie van de meest neerslachtige doomklanken met onderdrukte melodie die hier voor de aantrekkingskracht zorgt. Al luisterend naar bijvoorbeeld Dehiscing Emptiness en I Suffocate (passende titels ook) is het enige dat je nog voelt een onvoorstelbare leegte.


Wanneer de afsluiter van het album dan ook nog Eternal Tranquility (eeuwige rust) heet, kun je je in alle oprechtheid afvragen of er nog wel een vervolg kan komen. Beyond The Horizon moet wel een van de meest deprimerende platen zijn die ik ooit hoorde. Het is dan ook een prachtig album om helemaal in te verdwijnen, jezelf te verliezen en zwelgen in eenzaamheid en verdriet. Intense doom met passie!





Oroszország a vodka és a medve mellett a funeral doomot is nemzeti jelképpé nyilváníthatná. Van olyan vélemény, hogy minden orosz funeral doom ugyanolyan, és ennek a megállapításnak azért van is egy kis alapja. A Septic Mind vagy a Station Dysthimia számomra azonban okozott nagy pillanatokat. Ezen bandák pont a "nem ugyanolyanok". A nyugati világ rohanó tempója mellett ez a műfaj erősen meg nem értett, hiszen ez a rohanó élettempó rohanó agyműködést is szül, ami nehezen képes csápok növesztésére a funeral doom letapogatásához. Ez a vontatott - vonszolt, nem egyszer unalmasnak tűnő stílus elmélyülés igényel. Ha ez sikerül, az unalom átfordul nyugalomba.


A Nikolay Seredov által működtetett Funeral Tears egy egyszemélyes project. Ez a tény ismét csak távolítja az átlag zenehallgatót attól, kóstolót vegyen. Ez a harmadik lemez. Seredov egyébként több bandának tagja, és itt jön képbe a Tajga, amelyben billentyűkön megfordult a Satanath főnök Aleksey Korolyov is. Jelenlegi státusza a csapatban "unknown".




Az első dal ahogyan elindul, az jól előre is vetíti, hogy mit fogunk a továbbiakban hallani. Nincs beetetés, átverés, halk nyitás után jön a lassan ringatózó metalfolyam. Amit átgondoltam volna, az a felvezető akusztikus gitár hangereje. Ugyanis nagyon halk. Az ember feltekeri a hangerőt, aztán a dob belépésnél meg a két dobhártya találkozik valahol a nyúltvelő környékén. Gyakorlottak már ilyenkor eleve kivárnak... Az itt még kellemes akusztikus gitár azonban később egy kicsit már fárasztó lesz. A hatodik perc végén érkező gitárriff érdekes módon középen maradt. Vagy ha direkt van így, színfoltnak is betudható.

A Breathe néhány érdekesen ritmizált dobtémája színfoltnak tudható be, üdvözlöm az ilyeneket. Az a bizonyos akusztikus gitár viszont már egy kicsit zavaró a torzított cucc alatt, vagy csak túl hangos. Pár effekt sem ártott volna rá.

Az egyik kedvenc részem a kiadványon a harmadik tétel (Dehiscing Emptiness) kissé unalmas kezdése utáni hörgős rész. Rém elvont és atmoszférikus az aláfestés, a szintetizátor kellemesen ápol. Ez előtt és után egy kicsit megalszik a dolog, de mikor már érdeklődésemet veszteném, ismét jön valami újabb fordulat. Az I Suffocate közepén nagyon jó a tremolós gitár.


A hangzásnak vannak erősségei és gyengéi is. Én elviselnék még egy kicsit több atmoszférát, ha már funeral doom, és a gitárok is haraphatnának jobban. A basszus halk is és háttérből dübög. Komolyan elgondolkodtam, hogy vajon gép-e, esetleg lepiccselt gitár... Sufnituning létére viszont kellemes az összkép, a lemez bőven a komfortzónában marad.


A szerző saját belső lelki vívódását taglaló szövegvilágot nagyszerűen festi alá ez a szűk egy óra, ami a funeral doomban egy laza játékidő. Sokat nem tesz hozzá a műfaji alapkövetelményekhez, de van az a kemény rajongói mag, akikhez eljutva jó társ lehet komor esti órákban. A fent említett két ruszki csapat eredetiségét és elvontságát mondjuk nem  éri el, de nem is mindig az a cél. A pontozáskor viszont ezt figyelembe kell vegyem.





E’ da circa un decennio che il musicista russo Nikolay Seredov è sulla scena con questo suo progetto solista denominato Funeral Tears.


Ovviamente, un simile monicker lascia ben pochi dubbi sul genere prescelto, che altro non può essere se non un dolente e malinconico funeral/death doom, e in questi casi l’unica discriminante rispetto a molte altre realtà dello stesso tenore è la competenza nell’approccio al genere.

Beyond The Horizon è il terzo fulll length che, dopo prove buone ma ancora leggermente acerbe come Your Life My Death (2010) e The World We Lost (2014), eleva la creatura di Nikolay ad uno status decisamente superiore: nell’album, infatti, tutto funziona per il meglio, a partire da un’ottima resa sonora, base ideale sulla quale erigere un sound che oscilla tra il funeral ed il death doom melodico, con qualche puntata nell’ambient.

In quasi un’ora, il musicista di Tomsk riesce a convogliare con grande proprietà compositiva le varie fonti di ispirazione che vanno a comporre questo bel monolite sonoro di puro e melanconico dolore: chiaramente il tutto è rivolto a quella nicchia di ascoltatori che si nutre avidamente di queste sonorità e che verranno ampiamente ripagati, per esempio, da due tracce magnifiche come Breathe e la conclusiva e struggente Eternal Tranquillity.

In Beyond The Horizon sono ottime le vocals, costituite di norma da un growl profondo che, ogni tanto però, sconfina in un aspro screaming, ed appaiono convincenti anche le trame chitarristiche, lineari ma dal necessario impatto emotivo: i Funeral Tears offrono tutti gli ingredienti capaci di rendere un disco di tale caratteristiche qualcosa di molto simile ad una vertiginosa discesa, senza possibilità di ritorno, nei gorghi della psiche umana.





Another one man band, this time working more of a lush, Paradise Lost-ish take on funeral doom.


Don’t expect something like Ahab here, this is far more simplistic in approach and betrays its one man origins with a general thinness of tone on both guitar (which tends to lean far more towards clean tone than crunchy and distorted, even when the distortion pedal is on) and vocals that veer between whispered and depressively mumble-growled like a drunk laying face-down on the kitchen table, slurring words with one cheek firmly planted on the formica.


So it’s more lush and expansive feeling than much funeral doom…but thinner and more simplistic (not to mention less in your face growly and distorted!) than most of it as well.  Say huh?


And yet…that’s exactly what this is. It’s got the lush, keyboard enhanced, roomy and polished feel of the more melodic end of the death/doom spectrum…but with the simplistic, lumbering feel of funeral doom, albeit without the intensity and crunch normally associated with same.


Sure, it works, alright…but you have to treat Funeral Tears as its own distinct animal, and appreciate it on that level.


Because typical for the style, this ain’t.





Funeral doom. It could be a black metal album title, but as most Archaic Triad readers probably know it is in fact a genre, and Russian Funeral Tears plays it. What is on offering is down-tuned guitars, slow to mid paced drumming and funereal and somewhat repetitive riffing and melodies. While no-one is re-inventing the genre on this album, there is one thing that funeral doom has in common with harsh noise wall and some types of 90’s style black metal: if it is done right, it is always good. Originality doesn’t really enter into the equation.


So, there is little new-antibiotics level innovation to be found here, but Funeral Tears certainly has his own interpretation of what funeral doom should sound like. Having been at it for seven years now, sole member Nikolay Seredov knows his craft. Skepticism and Esoteric could of course be mentioned, but the most obvious comparison would be the short-lived and very underappreciated British doom/death band Chorus of Ruin. The deep vocals, as well as many of the softer passages, are sometimes eerily similar to the first two albums/masterpieces from Theater of Tragedy, though the selection of instruments here is more traditionally metal. Early Katatonia may not be an influence, but there are some clear similarities in the most common tempos and melodies employed.


The track listing is suitably somber and cryptic, with titles such as “Close My Eyes” and “Dehiscing Emptiness” (JFGI, you pleb). It all fits very well together with the mournful, slow-moving and heavy doom-o-rama that keeps going pretty much throughout. This is a very different beast from the stoner and psychedelic doom that has gained such popularity here and there – Funeral Tears are far closer to inner circle metal genres like death and black metal in its stylistic purity. Even so, there is the odd nod to more experimental elements, especially in percussion-free intermezzos and intros, during which the mood at times becomes almost progressive. Other unexpected elements are sudden, Cradle of Filth-like screams in tracks like “Breathe”, and the use of a single, high-pitched guitar tone to approximate the rhythmic beeping of an ECG monitor in “Eternal Tranquility”.


If you need your monthly dose of doom, and you want it free from explicit wacky tobacky references, but full of Russian agony and slightly British stiff-upper-lip mournfulness, Funeral Tears is your best bet so far in 2017. Heavy, melancholic and strengthened by the excellent growls, Beyond the Horizon does everything exactly right. To get your weekend on, all you need is a glass, a couple of bottles of red, some candles, and a deep resentment towards life.




Ao ouvir “Beyond the Horizon”, novo trabalho do Funeral Tears, é inevitável ser acometido por um sentimento de tristeza e melancolia, e nem podia ser diferente em uma banda chamada “Lágrimas do Funeral”.


Nikolay Seredov, a mente criativa por trás da banda, é o responsável por todo o instrumental e conceito lírico/artístico/visual do material, ou seja, é o chefe da porra toda. O músico também é integrante de outras duas formações de estilo semelhante (Stakhanovite e Taiga, ambas bem pouco conhecidas), o que explica o seu talento em criar uma atmosfera tão carregada de emoções em “Beyond the Horizon”.


O Funeral/Doom/Gothic Metal apresentado em “Beyond the Horizon” reflete um conflito interno de seu protagonista e sua percepção acerca da humanidade e de quem são realmente as pessoas. Um conceito amplo e complexo, transposto para músicas longas e soturnas, que se estendem por quase uma hora de profunda desolação.


Confesso que, por se tratar de uma banda do estilo, eu esperava algo bem mais pesado, porém, “Beyond the Horizon” investe muito mais na ambientação da desilusão e da tristeza, apresentando em faixas como “Close my Eyes” e “Dehiscing Emptiness”, na forma de melodias tristes de teclado, deixando um pouco de lado o peso visceral nas guitarras, que numa banda do estilo fazem toda a diferença.


Em alguns momentos do álbum a sonolência é inevitável, como em “I Suffocate”, onde dedilhados de guitarra se unem aos arranjos de teclado, conflitando com o vocal moribundo de Nikolay, produzindo quase 10 minutos de profunda narcolepsia.


Por fim, “Beyond the Horizon” é um álbum de altos e baixos, que vai agradar aos fãs de vertentes mais góticas do som. Aos fãs do real Doom Metal vai soar decepcionante. De que lado você está?





Popular belief says that one man bands are usually a phenomenon of Black Metal. FUNERAL TEARS from Tomsk in Russia prove that mystic wrong. With Nikolay Seredov as the only member for a whole decade, it's hard to deny that we have a one man band here. But Black Metal is definitely not what FUNERAL TEARS has to offer. Instead, we get a huge dose of Doom Metal here, so slow that the term Funeral Doom is either fitting here. And if a look at the cover reminds you of Gothic Metal, you aren't on a completely wrong track either. Those of you who still haven't switched over to the next review will be pleased to read that FUNERAL TEARS are pretty good in what they are doing. From the first notes of the opening 'Close My Eyes', slow motion reigns, uptempo or even speed parts are not allowed on “Beyond The Horizon”. The guitars are crunchy and settled in such low frequencies that a bass guitar might not have been necessary. To keep a certain tense, Nikolay spiced the six extremely long tunes (eight to ten minutes!) with some ambient interludes, Gothic styled breaks and even some hints on Blackgaze ('I Suffocate'). This mix works out, especially in a relaxed mood like the one I'm in now on a Sunday morning, since it doesn't sound depressive or suicidal, but focusses more on moods like sadness or emotional emptiness. Thus, I always sense a little hope in these tunes. With “Beyond The Horizon”, his third album under the moniker FUNERAL TEARS, Nikolay places a promising band on the map.





Coming out of Russia in 2007, the one-man funeral doom project Funeral Tears have taken its time with releases. With only three full-lengths over the last ten years, the project is not the most prolific out there, but surely focuses on quality more than quantity. Coming three years after the last release, Beyond The Horizon is six tracks of melancholy and woe, but having enough heavy riffs and impressive vocal performances to be more than just depressing for the sake of it. Released back in April of this year by Satanath Records, this near hour long-player may feature a bit of repetition, but still satisfies the more dark side of the genre, and leaves you with less than a warm feeling in your heart.


To get the negatives out of the way first, the album does seem to follow a pretty similar, and even underwhelming pattern. The near inaudible introduction to the tracks leading into the heavier moments is a nice build up in the first couple of songs, but by the half way point, it becomes too predictable, and leaves some sense of excitement off the table for the remaining couple of tracks. While “excitement” may be a strange word for this style, there still should be some sense of surprise in a release, and something that allows each song to not feel as a carbon copy of the last, which sadly does not ring too true on this album.


However now, that being said, there is still plenty to enjoy in the actual content of the music. The riffs are deep and heavy as hell, creating a nice crushing tone that really exemplifies the downtrodden nature of the album. The pace of course kept generally on the slower side, really driving home the harrowing emotions being put forth. The bass and drums do a wonderful job adding to this, with the drums keeping a nice beat but still driving home an image of hopelessness in their performance. The vocals are a very nice highlight too as they actually vary quite a bit. There are plenty of harsh vocals on Horizon, usually kept in the lower growl register, but some higher screams do make their way into the mix with great result. The clean vocals add a nice bit of anguish to the record, but the harsh screams are a personal highlight, feeling tortured and utterly distraught. The addition of the synth and keys are very welcome too, adding just enough atmosphere and sadness to amplify how hopeless this album is supposed to feel.


Despite being nearly an hour for only six tracks, the album breezes by. Where some bands have longer songs and only a few tracks make up the entirety of the release, Funeral Tears seems to have found a good balance of length in songs, but movement within those said tracks. Each piece, despite any repetition in the start, manages to flow well, and seems to pass by before you realize it. Beginning and ending the record with the longest tracks, even if most songs are close in length, is also a nice touch as it feels as though the band is looking to impress upfront and leave a lasting impression at the end, which a lot of bands try but sometimes fail to do. Funeral Tears are able to keep the listener engaged for the entire recording, with highlights at the front and back end.


This Russian one-man project is not new to the scene, but may not have the attention a lot of others do, due to the lack of exposure or releases under its belt. Never-the-less, sole member Nikolay is very adept at this brand of metal and has made it known. While 2017 has personally given us a better overall release in the form of the new Loss, Funeral Tears should not by any means be shunned or pushed off to the side. Fans of the genre will find a hell of a lot to rave about with Beyond The Horizon, and the briskness in which it goes by will have you spinning it more than once on various occasions.





Most people cry at a funeral. Their sorrow, pain, and longing are all put into the tears that they shed for their dearly departed. If you were to bottle those feelings up, you would have a pretty good way of describing Funeral Tears’ album Beyond the Horizon. A funeral doom band out of Russia, you can definitely feel their deathly undertones within their music. Through their music, I find that you are taken through grief and pain in order to reach something beautiful that may just be over the horizon for us.

The music in the album is really beautiful, in my mind. There is a heavy presence in every song, like that feeling of longing when you are missing someone who will never be there any more. This weight adds to their overall tone of the album. With it being funeral doom, you get not just the feelings of longing, but the feelings of pan from the heaviness in each of the songs. The real beauty comes from their use of clean guitar tones in their songs. The riffs are a constant reminder that there is a certain beauty in all of the pain and sorrow that happens within death. The combinations of their tones makes their album title choice make sense to me. The music, with all of its pain and beauty, leads us to something beyond our horizon.

The music is beautiful, and the vocals add to it. In all of the tracks there is a mix of a good growl and some sort of clean vocals. Through the vocals you hear pain and sorrow, which makes the sounds of the music better. It gives a context to the feelings within the music and gives depth where it is needed. 

I find that the last track on the album is actually my favorite. It is titled Eternal Tranquility, and you are reminded of it through the music. Through this track, you start to end the ideas of pain and sorrow, and make a step towards acceptance. A great way to end a funeral doom album in my mind.

Overall I find that this album is very good. I like the tones of the album and it makes for a good listen overall. I recommend that you give this album a listen. I can see myself listening to it on a dreary rainy day to help make me feel at ease. Wouldn’t you like that same feeling?




What is going on here is a one man Blackened  Doom/ Death band that reminds we of a few bands right of the bat that should impress. Shapes of Despair, Thergothon and Dusk and  Winter. The sorrow and bleak sounding arrangement work so well with the Black/ Doom vocals and over all presentation of the release. Doom is suppose to be heavy and slow which are both very easily met here on Funeral Tears album. Long songs as well. Nothing under 7 minutes here my friends. I would like to have heard a bit more fullness to the drums on the album other then that . There are some very gothic elements on the album as well and all that does is enhance the over all somber mood of this album.  The clean guitars  and synths give me a very Unholy and Dolorian feeling as I listen. Excellent work from this one man Russian force.





Οι Funeral Tears είναι ένα one-man project από το Tomsk της Ρωσίας. Ιθύνων νους είναι ο Nikolay Seredov και τέχνη του το μελωδικό funeral doom metal. Το φετινό του πόνημα είναι το τρίτο που κυκλοφορεί υπό αυτό το όνομα. Και μπορώ να πω πως το διαμαντάκι αυτό παρολίγο να μην το έπαιρνα χαμπάρι φέτος, αν ένας καλός φίλος δεν μου έστελνε δείγμα από τη νέα δουλειά. Μπαίνει το πρώτο κομμάτι, λοιπόν, με τίτλο “Close my eyes”.



56 λεπτά μετά, το καλοκαίρι έχει πάει περίπτερο ανεπιστρεπτί. Πλακώνει μουντίλα, και... winter is coming (σ.σ. καμία σχέση το Game of Thrones θεματικά!). Από τις πρώτες νότες φαίνεται πως ο Seredov ξέρει τι θέλει από το album του. Ο ήχος χαρακτηρίζεται από ένα ογκώδες rhythm section, με μελωδικά leads και ambient πινελιές από synth, ενώ η φωνή κυμαίνεται από καθαρά φωνητικά σε growls και κραυγές, χωρίς η εναλλαγή αυτή να είναι παράταιρη με την ατμόσφαιρα και τη μελωδία του κομματιού.



Στιχουργικά, όλος ο δίσκος είναι φορτισμένος με πεσσιμισμό, θυμό, απογοήτευση και απελπισία. Μια ματιά στους τίτλους του δίσκου αρκεί. “Close my Eyes”, “I Suffocate”, “Dehiscing Emptiness”, “Eternal Tranquility”. Παραθέτω και ένα απόσπασμα από το “Breathe”:

“Stars attract us and we build new skyscrapers.

And we lose our humanity while trying to touch the sun.

Lights in the night sky mesmerize our minds.

Two hours to the dawn. Breathe”.



Αυτό είναι το ύφος του δίσκου. Και αν ψάχνεις κάτι που να σε βάλει να ακούς doom για τις επόμενες δύο-τρεις ώρες, αυτός ο δίσκος αποτελεί ένα αρκετά καλό προσάναμμα. Όσον αφορά το σύνολο του δίσκου, έχουμε στα χέρια μας ένα πολύ δυνατό άλμπουμ, με πολλή ομοιογένεια στον ήχο, χωρίς στιγμές που να σε κάνουν να νιώθεις ότι ακούς fillers. Πάρε μελωδίες των Draconian, βάλε για growls μία λίγο πιο light έκδοση των Lycus και αυτό είναι ηχητικά το album που σου σερβίρεται. Προσωπικό highlight το “Dehiscing Emptiness”, το οποίο νιώθω πως εκπροσωπεί επάξια τον δίσκο σαν δείγμα, καθώς έχει στη μέγιστη δυνατή αρμονία όλα τα χαρακτηριστικά του album.



Κλείνοντας, οφείλω να πω πως ο Seredov με τη δουλειά του, έχει αρκετές πιθανότητες να εξελιχθεί σε ένα από τα μεγαθήρια του μελαγχολικού ήχου, ειδικά αν λάβουμε υπόψη τη δουλειά του στους Taiga. Εάν είσαι φαν του doom κατηγορίας βαρέων βαρών, αλλά και του D/SBM, αξίζει να ψάξεις τη δουλειά του.





Projecto a solo do russo Nikolay Seredov, num estilo Funeral Doom muito arrastado, com melodias negras e melancólicas, em parte compostas em guitarra limpa ora guitarra distorcida ou conjugando as duas, por vezes quando estão as duas conjugadas a melodia é um pouco estranha, ligeiramente dissonante mas fica ao gosto de cada um; a voz é maioritariamente gutural, com o raro grito; com alguns arranjos sinfónicos e que  consegue o que qualquer bom Funeral Doom pretende, apelar à faceta mais depressiva de cada um, pelo menos na minha opinião. A composição é no geral agradável e longa, aproximadamente 1 hora, deste que é o 3º álbum deste projecto, que para o estilo é competente.