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The  Sarcophagus  are  a  band  from  Turkey  that  plays  an  occult  form  of  black  metal  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2017  album  "Beyond  the  World's  Illusion"  which  will  be  released  as  a  joint  effort  between  Satanath  Records,  Death  Portal  Studio,  Fila  Sophiae  and  Sphera  Noctis  Records.


  A  very  fast  and  raw  sound  along  with  blast  beats  start  off  the  album  while  the  solos  and  leads  are  done  in  a  very  melodic  fashion  and  the  vocals  are  mostly  grim  yet  high  pitched  black  metal  screams  and  the  songs  also  bring  in  a  great  mixture  of  slow,  mid  paced  and  fast  parts  and  the  riffs  also  use  a  great  amount  of  melody.


  All  of   the  musical  instruments  on  the  recording  have  a  very  powerful  sound  to  them  along  with  the  songs  also  bringing  in  a  good  mixture  of  both  old  school  and  modern  influences  and  there  is  also  a  brief  use  of  atmospheric  synths  and  a  couple  of  the  tracks  are  long  and  epic  in  length  and  when  growls  are  utilized  they  add  in a   touch  of  death  metal  and  as  the  album progresses  a  brief  use  of  clean  playing  and  acoustic  guitars  can  be  heard.


  The  Sarcophagus  plays  a  style  of  occult  black  metal  that  is  very  traditional  while  also  having  its  raw  and  melodic  moments,  the  production  sounds  very  professional  while  the  lyrics  cover  Occultism  and  Qabala   themes.


  In  my  opinion  The  Sarcophagus  are  a  very  great  sounding  occult  black  metal  band  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  musical  genre,  you  should  check  out  this  recording.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "Reign  In  Chaos"  "The  Profanity  Rises"  "Armoured  Death"  and  "Apocalyptic  Beast".





This is typically a black metal outfit no more no less with its hearty chunks of seething metal that really rips you a new one! The strides it takes rampage and attack with utter menace. The good thing about it is that it also holds a chugging melodic content that you can latch on to, and the vocals are superbly gnarly and nasty. This track will devour you whole and lives up to its name of Reign of Chaos.


Ain Sof sounds like the vocalist is gargling and gurgling and in fact, he is but it is such a sweet and delicious sound for the well-trained ear of an extreme metal head. The more putrid the vocals the more I like it anyway! I love the vengeance and rebellion attached to it and the music that surrounds it all makes for a superb listening experience.


Dymadiel is harsh and unyielding just as you would expect it to be with no hidden surprises along the way just a black magic ill-intent and bludgeoning blast beats. This track could summon the devil in seconds!


The Profanity Rites slows things down and provides a more levelled path on which the track stands but it is growing darker by the second, accompanied by flourishing riffs and dark shadowy roars that sound evil and nothing short of demonic!


Sapremia of Earthly Creatures really kicks the pace up a notch and delves into the unknown creating a whirlpool of madness as its storm brews up choking smoke and energy that would keep a nuclear plant in business for a lifetime! The harshness of its melodic rhythmical infection is far reaching!


Triumphant Divine Terror is a major track that gathers all its force and energy and turns it into a blinding rage of pure terror as it covers the unhallowed ground. The insane wickedness is fuelled by a frantic rhythm that is never ending.


Armoured Death the hellish notes continue along with the devilish screeching blackened vocal that spews out utter filth and darkness and as a siren screams the torment worsens and leaves a trail of ash in its wake where its large footprints have been – there is no escaping this mighty beast at any cost!


Flaming Key to Divine Wisdom meanders for a brief time. The vocal bleakness cuts and leaves its bleeding marks on tender flesh while the music rips deep crevasses in the senses knocking you into a confused void of madness.


Apocalyptic Beast the beast is out of the bag so to speak! Witnessing this album first hand I have seen the destruction it can do and it isn’t a pretty sight. The potency is strong, and it will punish its victims in such an unusual way it will be remembered for a long time.


This is one black magical album that deserves respect as it will put a curse on you if you don’t!





I spotted Paolo Girardi’s cover art for this album weeks ago and have been waiting since then for something to hear, and this morning the wait ended when a free track named “Reign of Chaos” appeared on Bandcamp.


The song is from Beyond This World’s Illusion, the new album by the Turkish black metal band Sarcophagus, which follows their debut full-length by eight years. The album will be jointly released on April 4 by Satanath Records (Russia), Death Portal Studio (USA), Fila Sophiae (Sweden), and Sphera Noctis Rec (Brazil).


A seam of sorrow surfaces in this song, but this isn’t a dirgelike or lugubrious affair. To the contrary, it rips, races, and thrashes, and then later hits a hard-rocking groove, propelled by a compelling drum rhythm and a riff that can’t be denied. Even more changes lie ahead, and the multifaceted nature of the song’s tempos and riffs is one of its strengths, along with the band’s razor-sharp execution and the skin-flaying intensity of the snarling vocals.


http://www.nocleansinging.com/2017/02/24/seen- and-heard-part-2-evocation-disma-celestial-grave-foreseen-sarcophagus-cemetery-urn-funeralium/


The Sarcophagus, one of the oldest black metal bands from Turkey, formed by Burak Sümer in 1996. In 1998 they released their first demo “Pagan Storm” which was a brilliant sample of classical black metal. Pagan Storm was distributed by lots of distros/labels such as Moribund Records (USA), Folter Records (DE), Pussy God Records (CZ) and Lynch Distro (TR).


In 2000 they entered the studio to record their self release promo album “Infernal Hordes of the Ancient Times”. This promo highligtened the success of the demo and drew attention of Black Metal fans from all around the world.


Infernal Hordes of The Ancient Times was the last work of The Sarcophagus in melodic black metal style. The album was viewed by lots of local and foreign metal magazines-webzines and the band made lots of interviews. During that period they took place in gigs and festivals.


In 2009 Niklas Kvarforth from Shining and Ozan Yıldırım from Raven Woods joined the band and they got signed with Osmose Productions for 7" EP “Hate Cult” and debut album “Towards The Eternal Chaos”. The new style was far away from the early beginning when they first formed the band.


Couple of years later Niklas decide to quit from all his other band projects to only focus on Shining. With this desicion, Mørkbeast from Russian black metal band Todestriebe joined as the new vocalist and than The Sarcophagus recorded this new album called “Beyond This World’s Illusion” in 2016 including 9 tracks to keep spreading the disease!






Turkey is a country famous for many things. Its Ottoman history, often in conflict with Europe, but certainly not without its grace and grandeur. Its complex domestic political situation, with various ethnic groups and the constant tension between religion and secularism, not to mention the many geopolitical questions in which the nation is involved, with Russia, the Trump administration and the European Union, to mention but a few. One thing Turkey is not famous for is black metal. Throughout the years, there has certainly been a thin trickle of bands and other underground projects from the larger cities (I have a Turkish ‘zine from the 90’s in a box somewhere, but won’t dig it up only to be cool in a review), but no-one would venture to call Turkey a big black metal nation.


Even so, The Sarcophagus have been around for over 20 years. They were formed in 1996 and released their first demo Pagan Storm the next year. It was followed by the EP Infernal Hordes of the Ancient Times and began playing live. Since then, they’ve gone through a variety of phases, and in one odd turn of events they actually had The Shining’s Niklas Kvartforth on vocals for an EP and their debut album Towards the Eternal Chaos on Osmose Productions. The present album, Beyond This World’s Illusion, instead features Russia’s Morkbeast on vocals, and he does a smashing job.


The album is released by a confusing cabal of labels, consisting of Russia’s Satanath Rercords, American Death Portal Studio, Swedish Fila Sophiae and Brazilian Sphera Noctis Records. If any of the label nationalities gives a hint about the album’s style and musical direction, that would be the Swedish one. Millennium shift Setherial and Dark Funeral, as well as Dissection’s The Somberlain, are go-to references here. Even the production is clearly influenced by late 90’s/early 2000’s Swedish black metal, and the sound of the aforementioned bands.


In other words, we are offered lots of blast beats and double kick drum madness, barre chords in minor dripping with hatred, and more than the occasional evil sounding lead. All delivered with a professional production which lets you hear pretty much exactly what’s going on, even though the guitar distortion is turned up pretty much to the max. Occasional synthesizers add some atmosphere here and there, but they are very much in the background. To sum up, this is guitar based, fast, aggressive Scandinavian black metal from Turkey.


If the bands previously mentioned are your thing, or if you just like fairly hi-fi black metal in general, it is highly likely that you will enjoy The Sarcophagus and Beyond This World’s Illusion very much. The album will be released on the 4th of April this year. It has already received quite a lot of attention, and deserves every bit of it. The album can be partially previewed as well as pre-ordered at any number of places, such as at Death Portal Studios and Satanath Records.





Образец бесчеловечности. Метафизическое Зло. Направленные векторы Тьмы. Здесь и неофит, вступающий на Путь, и адепт, ставший Мастером Храма Зверя, найдёт не только Основание, но и Глубину. Синтез текучей и всеотравляющей ртути и вонючей горючей серы.





"Chaos reigns." Yes, that's what Lars Von Trier's self-cannibalizing doom-fox notoriously growled in Antichrist. But it's also a suitable battle cry for Turkish black metal torchbearers The Sarcophagus.


Formed in 1996 by mastermind Burak Sümer, The Sarcophagus' two-decade crusade includes a couple albums and EPs. Despite that modest discography, their roots reach deep into black metal's second wave. After the departure of Shining provocateur Niklas Kvarforth, The Sarcophagus entered a state of hibernation while searching for an appropriate vocal replacement. Now eight years after Towards the Eternal Chaos, The Sarcophagus crack open the crypt once again with their Satanath Records debut, Beyond This World's Illusion.


With Todestriebe venom-spitter Mørk now on the mic, The Sarcophagus charge through familiar battlegrounds with reborn boldness. "Reign of Chaos" carries crestfallen guitars with unrelenting blastbeats before kicking into a blackened Stooges riff. Later, "Sapremia of Earthly Creatures" subtly shapeshifts its airy melodies into cosmic dread. Like the striking cover artwork by Paolo Girardi, Beyond This World's Illusion inhabits the comforting ruins of '90s extreme metal while introducing new horrors.





I really like Black Metal. Unlike the norm, which I’m unsure still applies, I like when it’s recorded properly. It’s great to have a muddied underground classic but seriously, good mix and mastering jobs when recording metal will do wonders. The Sarcophagus utilize the harmonies and discords in conjunction with fast, and faster, blast beats associated with later day Immortal. It’s also a very wide and spacious sounding assault musically and vocally, with new vocalist Morkbeast (Todestriebe) spreading terrifying, blood-curdling screams throughout.





The monstrous cover art of the maestro Paolo Girardi is what first put Beyond This World’s Illusion on our radar screen, and the music from the album has kept it there, moving quickly in an upward trajectory. We’ve previously written about two songs from this new album by The Sarcophagus and now we can bring you the premiere of a third one, “Dymadiel“, in advance of the album’s April 4 release by Satanath Records and a consortium of other international labels.


The origins of The Sarcophagus can be traced to 1996 — their first demo was released in 1997 — making them one of Turkey’s earliest black metal bands. Their discography lists two releases by Osmose Productions that featured the participation of Shining’s Niklas Kvarforth, including the band’s debut album Towards The Eternal Chaos. Seven years have passed since that full-length debut, and Kvarforth’s role is now capably filled by vocalist Mørkbeast from the Russian black metal band Todestriebe.


The song we bring you today is as ever-changing as the tracks we’ve previously featured, bringing to mind the shadows of racing clouds passing over the earth, with glimpses of light in the darkness. The drum rhythms and tempos are in constant flux, delivering strafing runs of blast-beats, bursts of hammering, rocking back-beats, slow lumbering grimness, and more. The melodic currents of the song change as well — swirling and slashing, brooding and ominous, vibrant and triumphant — but with the ever-present intensity of second-wave black metal, enhanced by the caustic violence of the vocals.





O maior desafio para uma horda, seja ela nova ou não, é de saber criar a sua identidade e, quando necessário, saber se reinventar. Diante disso, apresento-lhes essa fantástica horda turca que, apesar de tocar de maneira semelhante a um Belphegor e de vociferar identicamente a um Marduk, se consagrou na cena do Black Metal mundial com o lançamento do seu segundo álbum “Beyond This World’s Illusion”.


Surpreendentemente, e musicalmente falando, aqui não se encontra nenhuma enrolação. A horda não “prepara” o ouvinte com intros maçantes e nem com canticos ritualísticos. O som dos caras já inicia chutando tudo e dizendo ” É isso que vamos oferecer. Senta aí e aprecie !”. A parte da produção e mixagem são tão impressionantes quanto a habilidade técnica dos músicos. Percebe-se grandes influências de Bathory, Setherial e Impaled Nazarene ao longo das faixas. Podem acreditar, eles são excelentes e honram a bandeira da música satânica sem sombra de dúvidas.


Destaque para as excelentes faixas “The Profanity Rites”, “Armoured Death” e a gloriosa “Reigh Of Chaos”.


Um dos grandes lançamentos do ano até agora. Altamente recomendado pra quem gosta de Black Metal bem direto e 100% insano.







The biggest challenge for a horde, be it new or not, is to know how to create your identity and, when necessary, to reinvent yourself. In the face of this, I present to you this fantastic Turkish horde which, despite playing in a similar way to a Belphegor and similarly vociferating a Marduk, was consecrated in the scene of Black Metal world with the release of his second album "Beyond This World's Illusion" .


Surprisingly, and musically speaking, there is no cursing here. The horde does not "prepare" the listener with dull intros or ritualistic songs. The sound of the guys already starts kicking everything and saying "That's what we're going to offer. Sit there and enjoy! " The part of the production and mixing are as impressive as the technical skill of the musicians. There are great influences of Bathory, Setherial and Impaled Nazarene along the tracks. Believe me, they are excellent and honor the banner of s.....c music beyond any doubt.


Highlight for the excellent tracks "The Profanity Rites", "Armored Death" and the glorious "Reigh Of Chaos".


One of the great releases of the year so far. Highly recommended for those who like Black Metal very straight and 100% insane.




There’s not much to say about the blasphemous genre that is black metal, especially if you’ve heard it before. It’s gone through throngs of changes stylistically to make it one of if not the most diverse style of all metal. But there’s nothing wrong with barely changing the original formula and going head first into the inferno. That seems to be the mentality that The Sarcophagus had making their new record, and it is brilliantly unholy and awesomely sacrilegious.


In order to really grasp how much hellfire and brimstone The Sarcophagus absorbed to create this record, all you’ve gotta do is simply look at that horrifying cover art. It’s so putrid, vile, and wondrously macabre that it is all but a perfect illustration to coincide with “Beyond This World’s Illusion”. Every single thing about this record does nothing but justice for the modern state of black metal as it’s got all the “stereotypes” and is one of those records that perfectly fits the image of what raw black metal has made for it. In nine tracks, The Sarcophagus creates a blistering experience the likes of which all fans of the genre can get behind with little to no trouble as “Beyond This World’s Illusion” is an absolute treat. It’s got that absolutely scathing brutality that’s as if the music itself peeled off your skin, dumped acid on it, then rubbed in some table salt, but add some excellent musicianship the kind that can only be found in black metal, and in that explosively toxic concoction comes out The Sarcophagus with “Beyond This World’s Illusion”. This record culminates in something that all fans of the genre are accustomed to and have most likely heard in some form, but it’s just one of those things that you simply can’t get enough of.


The Sarcophagus show with this piece that they aren’t fucking around, and that they know precisely what they’re doing from start to finish, top to bottom, and side to fucking side. It’s a taste and an overall sound that I’ve heard before, but holy shit does the formula still work even after decades of it being done and it’s bands like this that make it as strong and brilliant as it is today! “Beyond This World’s Illusion” truly does take you past this plane of existence, and throws you into another realm that is far more menacing and full of absolute horrors that will never leave your brain, and holy fuck is it awesome!



“Beyond This World’s Illusion” is the second full-length album from Turkey’s The Sarcophagus, following a couple of EPs. Said recording is composed of dark, occult metal that brings to mind such bands as Lord Belial and Naglfar.


“Reign of Chaos” starts the album on a good note, but I hesitate to say the word “good” for a band that is so evil. The guitars are dramatic and melodic and the song is reminiscent of Naglfar. Much of the album follows this tremolo-picked formula, and while all the tracks have a connectivity, there is something different and unique about every one. The production is kind of soupy, which is often the case for black metal albums. The vocals are very throaty but understandable if given a close listen. While there is the occasional speed burst, especially in the drumming, there is a lot of medium tempos on display, or at least medium paces for black metal.


“Ain Sof,” (not sure about the language, but it probably is a phrase to conjure some unclean spirit), shows the band bring the tempo to a near stand-still. During these parts, Nahemoth - who also provides guitar and vocals 0 provides a simple-but-hammering beat that tends to stick out from the rest of the song. “The Profanity Rites” also features some melody in the guitar. There is an acoustic guitar part on “Triumphant Divine Terror,” but it has a strong dynamic back into heavier territories. Both of these songs’ melodies bring to mind Finland’s Lord Belial. “Armoured Death” shows the band really push the pace as one of the fastest tracks on the album.


The Sarcophagus is not doing anything out of the norm, in fact, the name isn’t even out of the ordinary as there are bands like Sarcófago and even Sarcophagus, but the band does this style well, so the album is worth the listen. Fans of the aforementioned groups should find the album to be an enjoyable listen. “Beyond This World’s Illusion” has a dualistic nature that makes it both scathing and melodic, and its good hearing something come out of Asia that brings a sound that could have easily been created in Scandinavia.


Highs: The album is fairly diverse in tempo and movement.


Lows: The Sarcophagus isn't bringing anything new or particularly special.


Bottom line: Worth listening to if black metal is your forte.





Tra le più longeve realtà black metal turche, I The Sarcophagus prendono vita nel lontano 1996 fondati da Burak Sümer che attualmente si occupa di chitarra e synth. La band esordì nel 1997 con il demo “Pagan Storm”, seguito nel 2003 dall’EP “Infernal Hordes of the Ancient Times”.


Ma è il 2009 l’anno della loro consacrazione: con l’ingresso tra le loro file di Niklas Kvarforth alla voce e Ozan Yıldırım al basso (quest’ultimo tutt’ora presente), i The Sarcophagus firmano con la Osmose Prodcution, per cui uscirà l’EP “Hate Cult” e finalmente, il primo full-lenght “Towards the Eternal Chaos”. Niklas abbandona i nostri dopo due anni a favore di Mørkbeast (Todestriebe), e ad otto anni di distanza vede la luce l’ultima loro fatica, “Beyond This World's Illusion” sotto Satanath Records.

L’artwork, a cura del talentuosissimo Paolo Girardi, riprende perfettamente le atmosfere presenti nel CD, catapultando il “futuro” ascoltatore in un mondo brutale e violento.

Il full si apre con “Reign Of Chaos” che non lascia spazio a preamboli od intro proponendo immediatamente blast-beat, riff taglienti e lo scream rauco di Mørkbeast (che non fa rimpiangere la voce sporca di Kvarforth) a metter subito le carte in tavola e mostrare le potenzialità tecniche del gruppo. Si prosegue con “Ain Sof” dalle atmosfere più melodiche, cupe ed evocative quasi da rituale, mentre con “Dymadiel” torniamo ai ritmi più “raw” e feroci. Si va avanti così, alternando ferocia a metà tra raw e black/death a melodie “arabeggianti” e ritualistiche, creando una sensazione di omogeneità e similarità, non essendoci gran differenza tra una canzone e l’altra.

Ci troviamo davanti ad un disco ben mixato, dai suoni puliti e strumenti e voce ben amalgamati tra loro, senza rivaleggiare o sovrapporsi. Con “Beyond This World's Illusion” i nostri proseguono la scelta stilistica di abbandonare la tastiera già presentata nel precedente lavoro “Towards the Eternal Chaos”, passando da un black sinfonico e simil - primi Dimmu Borgir a favore di un sapiente mix di melodic black, atmosfere ritualistiche a tratti orientaleggianti e riff feroci.

Un disco che non aggiunge niente di nuovo nel vasto panorama black metal, ma che si lascia ascoltare con piacere.





Un disco esperado por los fans de esta banda. The Sarcophagus es una banda creada en 1996 en Ankara. Esta banda turca con cantante ruso a la cabeza, sufrió numerosos cambios de formación y les costó arrancar su carrera.

the sarcophagus 2Una demo, dos Ep y este es su segundo trabajo en estudio que llega ocho años después del primero, no se suelen prodigar en estudio y es que son músicos que tienen otros proyectos musicales que les restan tiempo.

Nunca es tarde si la dicha es buena, es un Black metal de calidad el suyo. Reign of Chaos es el primer tema de este álbum, nos encontramos Blast Beats y tonalidades muy agudas en los riffs, con actitud. Pero es en Ain Sof donde sientan las bases de su estilo. No tienen demasiado que ver con el Black nórdico y buscan diferentes  referencias para su música. Este es un tema muy épico que os recordará al Black ortodoxo griego de bandas como los Rotting Christ, por ahí van los tiros, también os podía citar a los Absu americanos.

Dymadiel es el contrapunto al anterior tema, ya no hay melodía ni épica, solo buscan máxima velocidad en la ejecución con un trémolo agresivo y con la quinta marcha puesta, tirando de una producción sucia para pasar a abarcar el Black Raw Metal de bandas como Darkthrone o Pest. Uno de los temas más largos de todo el trabajo es The Profanity Rites y sus casi siete minutos de duración. Un tema con un inicio atmosférico que valdría casi para cualquier estilo musical. Me gusta el ritmo de justicia que le imprimen a este tema y combinándolo con el clásico trémolo de guitarras del Black Raw nórdico, combinando diferentes formas de ejecutar el Black Metal, siempre dentro de una línea muy clásica estos turcos.

Hay pinceladas de Death e incluso de Thrash en su música, pero en cambio, las nuevas corrientes del Black metal como es mezclarlo con Punk, Post Metal, Ambient, Crust, Avantgarde…. prácticamente el Black metal se puede mezclar con cualquier estilo, pues es un estilo muy plástico… como os decía, estas mezclas no aparecen en ningún momento. Pero sí aparecen los clásicos clichés del Black metal como son los mediotiempos con una atmósfera entre deprimente y melancólica, tal es el caso de Sapremia Of Earthly Creatures.

Después de un pasaje melódico toca recuperar toda la agresividad y surgen temas de Black Raw acelerado, sucio y potente en temas como Triumphant Divine Terror, con un toque épico que recuerda a los Destroyer 666 o Diocletian.

Armoured Death es el tema más intenso de todo el trabajo y lo es gracias al ritmo de guitarra rítmico que le da un aire atmosférico y épico al tema de lo más interesante. Flaming Key To Divine Wisdom sigue la estela del anterior tema, de nuevo dándole al Black ortodoxo tan influenciado por las bandas griegas, menos cañero y más atmosférico el tramo final del álbum, el último tema de este álbum, Apocalyptic Beast sigue el mismo discurso. Es un trabajo sobrio, sin grandes temas pero sin irregularidad ni bajón alguno. Escasa creatividad, pero un buen gusto compositivo exquisito y es esa clase de álbumes que es imposible escuchar tan solo una vez.





Segundo Larga duración de esta banda turca, desde 1997 están activos y después de 8 años desde su "Towards The Eternal Chaos" ahora incursionan en mundos muy similares a su obra debut, vamos a detenernos primero en lo que nos interesa en la música, abren con el tema "Reing Of Chaos", parece haber sido sacado de una bolsa de mucho black metal sueco, melódico y con muchos visos de Black /Thrash metal en algo así como unos Dark Funeral o unos Setherial de su mejor época, rafagas intensas de riffeos y cabalgatas rápidas unidas entre voces y una batería a mil por hora, con la característica mixtura entre lo orgánico y lo mecánico, así sera durante el disco, "Ain Sof" es un track a medio camino y contrasta sobre manera con el anterior tema, por momentos pareciera que estuviésemos escuchando a bandas distintas, en "Dymadiel"  continua el ataque continuo de blasfemia pero esta vez no con tanta agresividad que la primera pieza, hay arreglos vario pintos allí, donde se pueden apreciar mas las influencias y la corriente que mencionamos al principio de esta reseña, en "Profanity Rites" continúan con las ambientaciones, una frecuencia media donde la música a black metal se interpola con cambios rítmicos bastante violentos dándole unas muy interesantes características a la música que hacen estos turcos, "Sapremia Of Earthly Creatures", continua la secuencia de lo anterior, una composición lenta que poco a poco va tomando una forma melódica y una rítmica de fácil entendimiento para los oyentes del estilo, "Triumphant Divine Terror", cambian de nuevo, comienza rápida, fugaz y es aquí y en los pocos temas rápidos que tiene The Sarcophagus, donde es mas evidente las tetas de donde maman para luego tratar o intentar recrearlos a su estilo, que sin ser únicos por lo menos nos entretienen un rato en los poco mas de los cuarenta minutos de duración de esta obra. Los siguientes tres temas no hacen mas que confirmar la cierta variedad para la composición, sin llegar muy originales al menos se les arreglan con las herramientas que tienen a la mano a evocar a base de sus convicciones, mención aparte el cover art de Paolo Girardi, excepcional, una portada con todas las de la ley, igual el insert, masterizados en los archi conocidos Necromorbus Studios de Suecia, bueno ya saben por donde vienen los tiros, si buscas algo distinto olvidalo, si eres un fanático, fiel conocedor del estilo, quizás esto no podrá ser de tus delicias auditivas pero de alguna forma estarás conforme con este álbum.





Unfortunatelly some bands take a very long time to release records. That’s the case of The Sarcophagus. Very mature songwriting, skilled musicians that know what they’re doing, high levels of energy and peaks of creativity. The Sarcophagus are a twenty-year-old band and show all that experience and knowledge in their second full length “Beyond This World’s Illusion”. It’s very clear their option for the second wave of black metal sound. Very well built guitar melodic structures that work nicely creating a dark and dense atmosphere. And some songs are pretty impressive, musically speaking, like “Ain Sof”, which is about the divine of the Kabbalah, the God prior to his self-manifestation in the production of any spiritual realm. “Beyond This World’s Illusion” gave up using hypnotic sound textures that most BM bands use nowadays. They prefer to be raw, to be straight ahead and direct. The guitar lines go through another way. They prefer to make a chaotic sound not using power chords but solid guitar phrases and no solos at all. The keyboards help to make an esotheric and misterious atmosphere. “Reign Of Chaos” goes right to the point! And so go the other songs. And that’s the proposal: to go right to the point and unveal the world’s miseries as the album tittle say. “Beyond This World’s Illusion” makes no concessions to the rulers of this world.


It’s interesting to know that “Beyond This World’s Illusion” is a jont venture of four record labels: Satanath Records (Rus) in association with Death Portal Studio (USA), Fila Sophiae (Sweden) & Sphera Noctis Records (Brazil). Not a commom thing. But it shows how liked The Sarcophagus are.







Un disco esperado por los fans de esta banda.  The Sarcophagus es una banda creada en 1996 en Ankara. Esta banda turca con cantante ruso a la cabeza, sufrió numerosos cambios de formación y les costó arrancar su carrera.

Una demo, dos Ep y este es su segundo trabajo en estudio que llega ocho años después del primero, no se suelen prodigar en estudio y es que son músicos que tienen otros proyectos musicales que les restan tiempo.

Nunca es tarde si la dicha es buena, es un Black metal de calidad el suyo. Reign of Chaos es el primer tema de este álbum, nos encontramos Blast Beats y tonalidades muy agudas en los riffs, con actitud. Pero es en Ain Sof donde sientan las bases de su estilo. No tienen demasiado que ver con el Black nórdico y buscan diferentes  referencias para su música. Este es un tema muy épico que os recordará al Black ortodoxo griego de bandas como los Rotting Christ, por ahí van los tiros, también os podía citar a los Absu americanos.

Dymadiel es el contrapunto al anterior tema, ya no hay melodía ni épica, solo buscan máxima velocidad en la ejecución con un trémolo agresivo y con la quinta marcha puesta, tirando de una producción sucia para pasar a abarcar el Black Raw Metal de bandas como Darkthrone o Pest. Uno de los temas mas largos de todo el trabajo es The Profanaty y sus casi siete minutos de duración. Un tema con un inicio atmosférico que valdría casi para cualquier estilo musical. Me gusta el ritmo de justicia que le imprimen a este tema y combinándolo con el clásico trémolo de guitarras del Black Raw nórdico, combinando diferentes formas de ejecutar el Black Metal, siempre dentro de una línea muy clásica estos turcos.

Hay pinceladas de Death e incluso de Thrash en su música, pero en cambio, las nuevas corrientes del Black metal como es mezclarlo con Punk, Post Metal, Ambient , Crust, Avantgarde.... practicamente el Black metal se puede mezclar con cualquier estilo, pues es un estilo muy plástico... como os decía, estas mezclas no aparecen en ningún momento. Pero si aparecen los clásicos clichés del Black metal como son los mediotiempos con una atmósfera entre deprimente y melancólica, tal es el caso de Sapremia Of Earthly Creatures.

Después de un pasaje melódico toca recuperar toda la agresividad y surgen temas de Black Raw acelerado, sucio y potente en temas como Triumphant Divine Terror, con un toque épico que recuerda a los Destroyer 666 o Diocletian.

Armoured Death es el tema mas intenso de todo el trabajo y lo es gracias al ritmo de guitarra rítmico que le da un aire atmosférico y épico al tema de lo mas interesante. Sapremia Of Earthly Creatures sigue la estela del anterior tema, de nuevo dándole al Black ortodoxo tan influenciado por las bandas griegas, menos cañero y mas atmosférico el tramo final del álbum, el último tema de este álbum, Apocalyptic Beast sigue el mismo discurso. Es un trabajo sobrio, sin grandes temas pero sin irregularidad ni bajón alguno. Escasa creatividad, pero un buen gusto compositivo exquesito y es esa clase de álbumes que es imposible escuchar tan solo una vez.






As far as a melodic raw black metal album goes, Beyond This World’s Illusion was pretty decent. On a scale of quality it ranges from good to fairly average, and it is probably worth checking out for dedicated listeners of the genre.


What I did like about the album is that it captured the darker energies quite well. From the get go, The Sarcophagus are able to deliver with a pummeling assault. The intro “Reign of Chaos” is a whirlwind of haunting riffs with some very interesting melodies.


Although the recording creates nothing soul crushing, the band are clearly capable of consuming the listener with a tempest of noise. The songwriting isn’t extraordinary, but it’s definitely good. “Ain Sof” has a fantastic breakdown and mighty riffs that are worthy of hails. The song shows the band’s ability to get cryptic as hell and then lifts off into a face fucking drum barrage.


What I did not like about the album is that overall this just feels like another generic black metal album. With exceptions to a few high points, nothing really grabbed my attention for long. If this came out 15 years ago, then it may have been a really cutting edge record, but instead it just kind of sits in the depths of 1000 bands that sound just like this.


With that being said, if you’re an enthusiast of black metal and want to hunt down as many authentic black metal bands as you can find, then this Turkish unit is definitely respectable enough to check out and maybe add to your kvlt collection.





Beyond This World’s Illusion is an album by Turkish black/ death metal group The Sarcophagus, released by Satanath Records on April 4. Almost forty six minutes long, the album has nine tracks: Reign Of Chaos, Ain Sof, Dymadiel,  The Profanity Rites, Sapremia Of Earthly Creatures, Triumphant Divine Terror, Armoured Death, Flaming Key To Divine Wisdom and Apocalyptic Beast. A marvelous and terrific album, with lancinating and protuberating guitar lines, exceptionally vibrating and effusively original, Beyond This World’s Illusion is a very original album. Although the underline core of its musicality is recognizable, their sound is so incredibly hallucinating, vividly colorful and vehemently spontaneous that almost seems to be pretty much alive. Precisely astute and formidably relevant, this record is a precious pearl of the genre. An ardent and superb masterpiece, Beyond This World’s Illusion deserves to be recognized by all the expressive qualities whimsically delineated in the expansive sonorous delusional science, displayed within the frontiers of its deleterious, but wonderful musical horizons.  


The songs in general are ferociously hostile, but there is such sentimental and lancinating sincere elements added to it, that you almost feel their exceptionally colorful harmonies ardently and fervently trespassing the components of your soul, to exponentially fuse – and infuse – each one of them into the infinite sonorous galaxy carried out by their music. And the songs have such an intrinsic vibrating cosmic rhythm and density that they appear to be sensibly alive, with all the sincere and supreme intensity carried out by the strike of their harmonic directions.


An excellent album, with serious, direct and impeccable harmonies, beautifully conceived with amazing, incisive, conspicuous and interchangeable guitar lines, Beyond This World’s Illusion is one of the most authentic, solicit, wonderful, imponderable and visibly transcendental extreme metal albums of all time. Truly incorporating the genuine spirit of the genre, with sincerity, spontaneity, soul, motivation and a real sense of purpose, there is not a singular second on this album that is tedious, generic or weak. One of the most formidable albums of the century ever created in the history of black and death metal, Beyond This World’s Illusion is imperiously fantastic. From the very first seconds that I’ve heard this marvelous and incredibly brilliant album, I simply couldn’t believe what I was listening too. With an exceptional level of creativity, that simply goes beyond the normal standards, this is the record that I have heard that probably has captured in the best way possible the authentic spirit of extreme metal, with songs created in a crystallized shape, with a style and a structure that audaciously replicated the genre in its purest state, with a genuine sonorous fluidity that really has managed to evoke in the content of its peripheral sensibility a universal wave, forsaken and neglected by the abnormalities of the abhorrent spirit of the human nature.


Beyond This World’s Illusion is unmistakably one of the most marvelous albums ever created in the history of extreme metal. There is no doubt about it. The Sarcophagus really deserves to have a splendid, fruitful and prolific career. Better than play and create extreme metal, are the musicians that truly understand and replicate the spirit behind it.






A stylish but somewhat stylistically misleading cover adorn The Sarcophagus' sophomore full-length album. Haste is certainly not the attribute that best describes the band. Nahemoth namely formed the band in 1996.

By the end of the year, there were 11 black metal bands in the country, a number that had doubled just two years later. Something that was rather symptomatic of the whole scene as it seemed to explode at the time, or implode as true purists would probably say.

With Swedish and French impetus, the debut album was most likely something of a breakthrough.

After the first ten years, only a demo and an EP had been launched, before Niklas Kvarforth was recruited on vocals in 2009, and the band signed to Osmose Productions. Niklas was, however, only considered a guest vocalist, but he participated on both a short EP and the band's first full length album before he retired to focus on Shining. With new impulses, also from other member-replacements, the band moved from a melodic/atmospheric/symphonic style and into a considerably rawer direction on the album Towards The Eternal Chaos, an aggressive seance with clear Nordic inspirations.


They eventually found a vocal replacement in Mørkbeast from Russian Todestriebe, and the band is once again ready to detonate. With Beyond This World's Illusion, The Sarcophagus returns to a little more melodic approach, but they've thankfully left the pompous and synthetic gimmick behind. The men now offers adequate punch and diabolical attitude.


I have not been able to hear much of the album until today, but in return, it's been spun a lot today. Save for small pauses, it has virtually looped on repeat regularly throughout the entire day. Yet it remains a wee bit anonymous. The song material does not stand out a whole lot, but vocals, instrumentation and sound seemingly never makes me tire. Despite its melodic expression, there's no melodies in a conventional sense. The guitars form glowing sadistic glee with swirling rhythms from session member Oktay Fıstık, who is generous on the gunpowder. Adequate variation on the upper deck of the drum-kit is mixed with high engine speed on double pedals below deck. Mørkbeast also does a good job, with a voice that is not as sharp as his predecessor, but rather more snarling. As in the case of Inferno below, Necromorbus has once again been tampering and mastered in a proficient manner.


Beyond This World’s Illusion is a good album. Far better than average if you include the lot of scrap that are poured out on the market. As you may know, I only have time to cover the tip of the iceberg, and of course choose to listen to the best and most interesting. (Something which is impossible in practice, as one can never know until one have listened). Within such a narrow sector, The Sarcophagus ain't much better than “somewhat over medium”. Precisely because of the lack of structured depth and memorable hooks. But even if the album don't adhere the way I was hoping for, even after a dozen spins in a row, it is still packed with killer riffs, intense drumming, sharp vocals and cool individual sequences which apparently can be enjoyed forever without getting worn out. I can not bring myself to award a lower grade than...

Rating: 4


Below is a lyric video for Reign Of Chaos, and a full stream from Bandcamp. Check out the song Ain Sof in particular, for an ample complex content. I'm otherwise a bit weak for the more evocative sections in Sapremia of Earthly Creatures, but I guess I'm just a fucking sensitive person.

Beyond This World’s Illusion is released in cooperation with Death Portal Studio, Fila Sophiae and Sphera Noctis.





I'm very pleased until now with almost all the devilish beauty of black metal albums that have passed through my hands since I started reviewing for Terra Relicta. And so I was also when I put my eyes on this guys from Ankara, Turkey. The Sarcophagus is a very well known band worldwide, in the scene since 1996, in other words they came from the second wave of black metallers. They released the first work in 1997, a demo called Pagan Storm. Subsequently they released two EP’s, one in 2003, the very acclaimed Infernal Hordes Of The Ancient Times and Hate Cult in 2009. Before that Niklas Kvarforth from Shining and Ozan Yıldırım from Raven Woods joined the band and The Sarcophagus signed with legendary label Osmose Productions. Their first full-length album called Towards The Eternal Chaos was released in 2009. This album was kind of an “angular stone”, with 10 tracks and 50 minutes of playing time of such an execution that made them reach the top of Turkish black metal and why not say in almost all world scene.


A couple of years later, Niklas decided to quit from all his other side projects to focus on Shining. With this decision, Morkbeast from Russian black metal band Todestriebe joined the band as the new vocalist. The insane line-up is now featuring Mørkbeast (vocals), Burak (guitars/synth), Ozan (bass) and Oktay (drums). Basically their vision is to explore the occult path. The main theme or better, more often touched ground is about the chaos. According to Burak Sümer the Chaos refered in the lyrics is about an anti-cosmic event. Similarities in the style and direction of the songs refer us to names like Setherial, Dark Funeral, Dissection and clearly follow the path of the Swedish black metallers.


The nine tracks on this album are mainly made up of loads of rough edge blast beats and double kick drums, guitars are dripping hate and are pretty much distorted, fast and furious with occasional gloomy synths that add a lot of atmosphere, sometimes deep in the background. The instrumentation is possessed by a powerful sound, even though remaining 95% raw black metal and aggressively insane, the tracks also bring a reasonable modern and atmospheric influence. The vocals have a slight death metal tone but are from hell, and that's what’s important to me.


According to the tracks progress we also find light and distinct acoustic guitars, but those are not taken into the spotlights, instead they use them in a healthy dose that doesn’t compromise the main goal of The Sarcophagus, that is to keep themselves in the tradicional style. I must also comment on the art of the album, which was under the responsibility of Paolo Girardi. He brought to life the representation of a world beyond the physical barriers, a subtle realm replete with sick creatures created by a mythical and sick animal.


Whitout doubt my favorite tracks are in the top of my list, “Reigh Of Chaos”, “The Profanity Rites”, “Armoured Death” and “Apocalyptic Beast”. The  Sarcophagus are a great occult black metal band and if you, as me, are addicted to the occult and raw black metal, you should check it out and support this great pioneers of Turkish black metal scene.






Continuing my black metal wave up next we have the Turkish band The Sarcophagus. The Sarcophagus are veterans within the scene and one of the longest living metal bands hailing from Turkey, having formed in 1996. Starting as a melodic black metal band this changed to a more raw and aggressive approach with Niklas Kvarforth (Shining) joining in 2009. Still keeping it melodic on some levels but more of a hybrid between pure black metal evilness and the melodic kind. Even after his departure a couple of years later (and the addition of Morkbeast on vocals) The Sarcophagus still plays the same style of black metal that listeners of Mörk Gryning, Setherial, Emperor and Lord Belial will have a lot of fun with.


What The Sarcophagus manages to do is creating a ferocious raw atmosphere along with the more melodic second wave black metal a la Emperor. It’s dark, mystic and got a medieval feel to it. Tracks like Dymadiel are perfect examples of what I mean with feeling medieval. Listen to it and you will feel it too. Most of the album gives you this crazy and evil urge surrounding it that you’re not entirely sure how to react. It’s just bewitching and dark. My favorite track has to be Ain Sof, the melodic aspects on this track makes me think back of Emperor and it’s gorgeous. While Triumphant Divine Terror is a close second due to it’s raw nature. Overall this is a good metal album that takes a lot of influences from the second wave of black metal. Fans that love this era will not be surprised to what The Sarcophagus offers but neither will they be displeased.






Melodische black metal op zijn Turks, dat is The Sarcophagus. En hoe klinkt dat dan? Vooral lekker snel, explosief en met een diversiteit binnen het album als geheel maar ook binnen de tracks zoals je dat alleen bij black metal tegenkomt. Wat je vooral hoort bij The Sarcophagus is dat ze een heel klassieke vorm van black metal spelen, alsof ze dachten: “Waarom zouden we iets veranderen dat goed is?” En waarom zouden ze ook, ze leveren kwaliteit en daar gaat het om. Voor liefhebbers van lekkere snelle metal is dit een album dat zeker niet mag ontbreken in de platenkast of de bandcamp speellijst (of waar je je muziek dan ook bewaart).


De teksten hebben originele onderwerpen als mystiek, mythologie en verdwenen, oude culturen. Helaas is het lastig om dit ook daadwerkelijk in de gezongen lyrics te volgen aangezien er geen noot clean gezongen wordt op dit meest recente album van de Turken. Een ander interessant punt is de fantastische cover art van artiest Paolo Girardi die het album siert. Monsterlijk, griezelig maar intrigerend tegelijk, en heel herkenbaar qua stijl. Paolo Girardi heeft overigens al meer dan honderd metal covers ontworpen voor zowel albums, EPs als singles.


De drie heren met Ankara als uitvalsbasis leveren ‘Beyond this World’s Illusion’ af acht jaar na hun eerste full length CD, ‘Towards the Eternal Chaos’. In de jaren daarvoor (ze bestaan al sinds 1996) brachten ze “maar” twee EPs uit met de onheilspellende titels ‘Infernal Hordes of the Ancient Times’ en ‘Hate Cult’. Maar dat wil niet zeggen dat ze in de ruim twintig jaar dat ze bestaan stil hebben gezeten. In de perioden na het uitbrengen van de EPs en ‘Towards the Eternal Chaos’ zijn de heren flink aan het optreden en aan het touren geweest. Laten we hopen dat ze dat na het uitkomen van dit nieuwe album weer gaan doen.


Over het geheel genomen is dit een album dat zeker de moeite waard is om een keer te beluisteren. Het is een toegankelijk album en je kunt horen dat de tijd die de heren aan het schrijven en opnemen van ‘Beyond this World’s Illusion’ welbesteed is geweest, het staat als een huis.




J'ai découvert The Sarcophagus il y a de ça un ou deux ans par la biais de ''Towards Eternal Chaos'', leur premier album qui se révèle être aujourd'hui un de mes albums de référence. J'avais été assez sauvagement subjugué par ce black metal qui se savait à la fois très catchy, épique et mélodique à la fois tout en conservant sa fiévreuse aura de ténèbres. Encore plus surpris j'avais été d'apprendre plus tard que c'était le fameux Niklas Kvarforth (Shining ..) qui effectuait les vocaux, que j'apprécie finalement bien plus ici qu'au sein de son projet suédois.


La formation du groupe remonte ainsi à 1996, fondée par Burak Sümer (alias Nahemoth) en Turquie, et compte comme l'un des groupes phares de cette contrée. Après le départ de Kvarforth, c'est un membre de la formation russe Todestriebe qui rejoint The Sarcophagus pour officier au chant. C'est par conséquent avec sa participation que sera enregistré le présent album qui vient de sortir sur le label russe Satanath Records après une signature chez les français de Osmose productions pour les deux précédentes sorties (comprenant l'EP ''Hate Cult'').


L'artwork est quand à lui signé de Paolo Girardi, qui il faut le dire, devient un artiste incontournable de l'illustration d'albums avec un style très reconnaissable et souvent du plus beau des effets sur les pochettes de metal extrême. La créature représentée ici y est particulièrement gargantuesque, quelque peu lovecraftienne, avec de grandes ailes, des yeux s'apparentant sévèrement à des crânes humains et un certain nombre de pattes courtes rappelant un arthropode. Aussi, sa bedaine s'ouvre pour former une entrée monumentale, ou une gigantesque gueule. Voyons voir un peu ce que ça donne, du côté de la musique.


L'ouverture de l''album avec 'Reign Of Chaos', le premier morceau, donne un peu le ton de l'album avec une composition assez typique du groupe, c'est à dire une certaine dose de blast, de mid-tempo avec un break ainsi qu'une guitare lead mélodique très entraînante. Et au niveau de l'exécution, c'est remarquable, on est loin de l'approximation. On approche donc ici le satanisme anti-cosmique qui tiendra une place assez importante dans l'album en y mentionnant les onze « wrathful gods of chaos » me faisant immanquablement penser au plus récent album de Acrimonious, intitulé ''Eleven Dragons''.


Ainsi, j'ai pu avoir accès aux paroles du livret que Nahemoth m'a gentiment fait parvenir, je compte ainsi tenter (comme d'habitude) d'éclaircir un peu les thèmes abordés. 'Ain Sof' offrira quant à lui une ambiance beaucoup plus ritualiste et mystique que véritablement vindicative, avec des sonorités utilisées très évocatrices. D'ailleurs « Ain Sof » est un terme kabbalistique pour désigner la divinité en tant qu'être sans fin, enfin tout du moins cela renvoie à la notion d'infini.


Le morceau suivant 'Dymadiel' fait allusion au satanisme anti-cosmique et au « Temple Of The Black Light » dont « Dymadiel » représente une bougie noire symbolisant l'énergie du chaos et une des 5 armes rituelles disposées sur l'autel, avec le pentacle, le calice, la baguette et la dague. Il s'agit la d'un de mes morceaux favoris de l'album, d'une efficacité sans concession avec une formidable rythmique, évoluant plusieurs fois au sein du morceau et un break enchaînant sur une partie mid-tempo à la fois chaotique et jouissive.


C'est une ode à la sorcellerie qui est maintenant exécutée avec 'The Profanity Rites', et on y fait référence à 3 femmes pour le moins démoniaques, avec Hecate triformis (aux trois formes que j'avais déjà abordée lors de ma chronique sur l'album de Kawir), Naamah et Lilith, deux personnages qu'on pourrait associer à des démons de type succube. Les 3 sorcières sont mises en scène pour un vicieux sacrifice rituel dans l'aspiration de canaliser un sort de destruction, le tout dans une ambiance volontairement occulte et rituelle, appuyée par des enchaînements de notes dissonantes en arpèges et des tremolos déterminés comme une lame sacrificielle.


'Sapremia of earthly creatures' reste assez énigmatique pour ma part, ceci dit, « Sapremia » est un terme d'origine médicale renvoyant à une forme d'empoisonnement du sang après l'absorption d'éléments en putréfaction … ou bien par un organisme (comme une bactérie) se développant sur la matière organique en décomposition. On notera dans ce morceau une certaine lancinance des mélodies et un rythme de batterie inperturbable. Et, qu'entends-je, quelques petites notes de clavier magnifiquement bien placées entre le premier et le second tiers de la piste. Un morceau très recommandable tout comme le suivant 'Triumphant Divine Terror' qui insiste sur l'imposture de la religion et les atrocités commises sous la bannière de la lumière qui n'apporte que peste et désolation.


 C'est effectivement une ambiance assez martiale qui prend vie avec 'Triumphant Divine Terror', on imagine sans peine les légions d'anges vengeurs semant la mort sur Terre et le sang plus ou moins innocent coulant sur les lames étincelantes. Et mine de rien, il s'agit d'une mise en bouche tout à fait habile pour la piste suivante nommée 'Armoured Death' soit la Mort elle-même portant une armure. Avec pareil nom on fait référence ici aux chars d'assaut mais aussi plus généralement à la guerre moderne telle qu'elle se pratique depuis le XXème siècle, c'est à dire avec des chars, des bombardiers, des navires et des sous-marins, beaucoup de poudre, et autres technologies au service de notre propre dévastation. L'intro purement guerrière nous gratifie d'une mention de Mars / Arès, dieu antique de la guerre et de la destruction. On peut sentir la fureur de la guerre et la chaleur des explosions dès le premier riff avec un sample de sirène et puis de bombe sifflante suivie d'une déflagration, ça me rappelle d'ailleurs que trop bien le morceau 'Krater' sur le dernier album des norvégiens de Tsjuder ou même le fameux 'Baptism by Fire' de Marduk, qui se calque un peu sur cet esprit d'ambiance purement apocalyptique.


Avec 'Flaming Key to Divine Wisdom' nous revenons sur des thématiques plus directement spirituelles comme abordées au début de l'album, avec un rythme globalement assez serpentiforme et musicalement fort mélodique dans cette quête d'un savoir obscur constitué d'arts occultes interdits. Personnellement, l'évocation d'une clé flamboyante menant à la sagesse divine est une vision emprise de poésie que je ne peux soustraire à mon imagination rêveuse dont la musique est le moteur.


Le point final de l'album se marque avec 'Apocalyptic Beast', au nom assez évocateur et qui évoque l'exil du porteur de lumière dans de sombres fosses et atteint de visions d'une humanité en déclin et désespérée, moment correspondant à celui qu'il choisira pour refaire surface. À la fois mélancolique et rageur, ce dernier morceau traduit adroitement la préméditation d'une vengeance destructrice par le biais de ses mélodies résonnantes, de passages « occultisants » et de montées en puissance plus vindicatives.


Nous tenons ainsi là à mon avis le plus humble le digne et glorieux successeur du précédent ''Towards The Eternal Chaos'', ce dernier s'étant déjà révélé dans ma discothèque comme étant un artefact précieux n'ayant jamais eu le temps de prendre la poussière. ''Beyond This World's Illusion'' est dans la lignée directe de son prédécesseur, je ne saurais vraiment dire s'il lui est supérieur, mais chose certaine, il lui est au minimum égal. On retrouve par ici le même sens de la mélodie et des rythmiques entraînantes ne cédant pas non plus à la facilité technique. Toutefois on notera une musicalité un peu plus ritualiste avec ce nouvel opus ainsi qu'une production améliorée.


The Sarcophagus aime visiblement beaucoup rendre ses morceaux mélodiques et harmoniser avec la guitare lead la plupart des riffs joués qui prennent ainsi une dimension située entre l'épique et l'occulte. D'ailleurs, en parlant d'occulte, le groupe semble avoir une certaine prédisposition pour les thèmes abordant l'occultisme comme ceux traitant du satanisme anti-cosmique ou de l'ésotérisme kabbalistique. Souvent les morceaux abordent également la déchéance de l'humanité pour cause de religions, et les conflits sanglants qui en résultent, mettant en scène une humanité bestiale avide de sa propre annihilation. On constate ainsi une poursuite de l'intérêt du groupe pour des thématiques ayant souvent lien avec la spiritualité et le mysticisme comme on avait pu le voir avec le précédent album qui faisait aussi bien référence à la mythologie nordique, mésopotamienne ou encore grecque. On observe une volonté ainsi de puiser son inspiration dans les riches traditions spirituelles du passé témoignant d'une grande curiosité culturelle, tout en gardant cette attitude pessimiste et haineuse vis à vis de l'humanité, typique du black metal.


Il est important d'ajouter que je ne me suis pas ennuyé une seule minute avec cet album, The Sarcophagus semble connaître l'art de capter l'attention de l'auditeur sans pour autant en faire des tonnes, le temps est pris ici de développer des atmosphères et de créer des ensembles musicalement intéressants et captivants. Pour conclure, je tiens à saluer les membres du groupe pour la réalisation et la réussite totale de ce nouvel album. Ah .. je l'ai déjà écouté un nombre incalculable de fois ...





Una vez más la globalización es una herramienta para la música. THE SARCOPHAGUS es una banda de black metal que tiene ya 20 años de historia aunque sólo dos discos a sus espaldas, y su procedencia es cuanto menos pintoresca para este estilo: Turquía, más concrétamente su burocrática y sobria capital Ankara. Este hecho es ya de por sí llamativo, pero si añadimos que en sus filas tuvieron como cantante en su primer disco (hace casi 8 años…) al abominable Niklas Kvarforth de SHINING la cosa se complica: un sueco, cantando en el disco de una banda turca. Lo cierto es que aquello les abrió las puertas de Osmose y cierta repercusión, pero desde entonces Niklas decidió sólo vomitar en nombre de SHINING y THE SARCOPHAGUS tuvo que buscar nuevo vocalista y lo hizo yéndose a Rusia a por él: Mørkbeast.


El resultado es Beyond this world’s illusion y para mi gusto el cambio y los 8 años pasados desde su anterior plástico han sido para bien. Con Mørkbeast, THE SARCOPHAGUS ha ganado ortodoxia black y más protagonismo para la música. Ésta también ha cambiado hacia algo más visceral sin perder melodía y épica. El resultado sigue siendo un black melódico con toques death a lo IMMORTAL cuyos referentes pueden ser DISSECTION y DARK FUNERAL y con la voz de Mørkbeast además también TAAKE. Esto que puede parecer un paso atrás es una virtud porque el trabajo compositivo es excelso. Cada tema tiene todo lo necesario para cabecear o sentirse en un túnel del tiempo y dejarse llevar por el sonido endemoniado de los turcos.


La producción también es un punto a favor: limpia y fría, detallista pero no pomposa, dando ambiente, melodía y epicidad al conjunto si bien sin grandes alardes. Sólo el papel del bajo está algo tapado y sólo se intuye como mero acompañamiento vertebral. Lo demás es protagonismo absoluto para las guitarras de Nahemoth, auténtico dueño y señor de THE SARCOPHAGUS que es el que dota a las composiciones de su personalidad atávica y conocida pero no por ello menos brillante. Siempre digo que cuando tocas un género de una forma ortodoxa tienes que sobresalir por tu buen hacer y eso es lo que hace este grupo. No te descubre la pólvora pero si quieres un buen disco de black con melodía y estructuras bien elaboradas sin dejar a un lado la variedad de ritmos y riffs del death y los pasajes más orquestados, en Beyond this world’s illusion tienes un grandísimo trabajo.


Sorprende que las composiciones no sean muy largas, sólo “Ain Sof”, usando el medio tiempo a la IMMORTAL (más evidente en “Dymadiel”, tema lleno de cambios rítmicos) y “The Profanity Rites”, que dicho sea de paso es mi tema favorito del trabajo por su variedad y profundidad de elementos, son los que superan los seis minutos. El resto mantienen tiempos asequibles pero no por ello menos detallistas. Simplemente hay que añadir a las benevolencias de este grupo turco-ruso el ir al grano sin florituras innecesarias. Como en “Triumphant Divine Terror” que me recuerda mucho a DARK FUNERAL o “Armoured Death” donde se cuelan cositas de MAYHEM y los cambios típicos de TAAKE.


El exotismo geográfico se cuela en nuestros oídos con una pieza de metal extremo que bien podría haber sido hecha en los países nórdicos y sin embargo procede del cruce cultural de Turquía. El resultado conseguido por THE SARCOPHAGUS en este segundo disco en 20 años de historia (se lo toman con calma) es una pieza sino esencial si altamente recomendable para cualquier seguidor del black melódico de vieja escuela.





The Sarcophagus - "Beyond This World's Illusion" 9/10 A que será que soa ao black metal da Turquia? Como se tivesse saído das entranhas da Noruega basicamente. Estamos a ser injustos, como sempre que fazemos generalizações. Não temos um conhecimento assim tão profundo da cena turca mas, em nossa defesa, The Sarcophagus soa mesmo ao típico som escandinavo. E isso não é mau, para quem é grande fã da referida cena, como é o nosso caso. Segundo álbum da banda, editado oito anos depois, e bem interessante. Dinâmico, potente mas sobretudo, soa a clássico. Soa como se pudesse ter sido lançado em 1996. Aliás, soa como se tivessemos sido transportados até 1996, porque temas como "The Profanity Rites" e "Armoured Death" soa frescos como se o género em si não tivesse uma tradição de trinta anos. Fazer algo assim é sem dúvida apreciável, numa altura em que todos tentam ser mais originais (ou esquisitos) que os vizinhos do lado 





Trovare il bandolo della matassa negli intrighi di alcuni gruppi dell'underground turco era un'esperienza chi mi mancava, ma la domanda è: si metterà l'articolo determinativo in italiano prima del nome The Sarcophagus? Oppure quel "the" posso considerarlo onnicomprensivo? In ogni caso dagli anni Novanta con questo gruppo è rimasto il solo Nahemoth, polistrumentista, che negli anni è entrato nei Raven Woods, ne è uscito e successivamente ha attratto nel Sarcofago il loro bassista. Una corrispondenza di amorosi sensi, tutto sommato. Il buon 'Towards The Eternal Chaos' del 2009 è stato abbastanza pompato, contratto con Osmose e Niklas Kvaforth degli Shining al microfono non sono avvenimenti da poco. Niente male per un primo full length. Se solo non ci fosse stata la drum machine... nulla di irreparabile per carità, se fai black da catapecchia in mezzo al bosco è una cosa, ma se scomodi Kvaforth e suoni qualcosa di più maestoso e imponente è un'altra. Con una formazione meno ingombrante Nahemoth ci riprova dopo ben otto anni e 'Beyond This World's Illusion' (Satanath Records) rappresenta una vera e propria enclave svedese in terra ottomana. Non mi aspettavo che il disco mi consegnasse sostanzialmente una versione più melodica ed elaborata dei Dark Funeral e dei Setherial, in cui le tastiere dell'album precedente e la sua strisciante pomposità sono venute totalmente meno. Ci sono delle chitarre acustiche in "Triumphant Divine Terror", ottimamente integrate nell'ammirabile sound organico creato. Il nuovo cantante è il collaudato Morkbeast dei russi Todestriebe, il quale mi aveva abituato a prestazioni meno classiche, ma anche nel voler fare il discepolo di Emperor Magus Caligula non è disprezzabile. Il batterista -credo sia umano stavolta- è una sicurezza e riesce ad andare, con moderazione, anche oltre gli stereotipi più monotoni del genere. Si sente dalla convinzione con cui questi turchi si dannano l'anima per i tre quarti d'ora di durata: hanno tanta fame. Proprio come la bestiolina antropofaga della copertina, inconfondibile opera di Paolo Girardi.





A significant part of this record being focused on more overtly melodic guitar passages makes this album as good as it is, for me, unlike the first full-length which didn’t utilise them as much. Everything I expected for this release has been included and highlighted. This band seems to use the best ideas they can come up with to make every song incredible on its own. They have an unusually mysterious and chaotic sound.


At the beginning of Armoured Death, the ambience becomes grim and harrowing as sirens resound before the outburst of riffs and blast beats. Sapremia of Earthly Creatures is abyssal and terrorizing, without any respite from the suffocating anguish and tension. The enthralling guitars on Flaming Key To Divine Wisdom make the song descend further into a realm of endless darkness.


This is black metal that doesn’t compromise. All that is apparent through the songs is the hatred that is depicted in their art, which constitutes the foundation of the music itself. The album’s sound is intense and overwhelmingly hostile. Every track is very well balanced. The amount of detail and variations of atmosphere on this album is impressive. The riffs and drums constantly evolve, changing direction and perspective.


With this release, The Sarcophagus succeed in bringing something new to the genre, manifesting their own vision of extreme music. Anyone who likes a lot of black metal with melodic riffs and an extremely sharp, unique sound, shouldn’t overlook this record.





This is the second album from The Sarcophagus, a black metal band form Turkey.


With an album cover like this, how could I pass this one up?


Stemming from the second wave and steeped in occult evil, this is classic underground black metal played with authenticity and clear passion.


As raw and as terrifying as the gloriously scary cover, The Sarcophagus play their black metal with dark melodies that reveal their predilection for the Swedish style of blackened hatred.


The songs are sharp, fast, and full of grim melodic enhancements. These brightly burning elements merge with the thicker distorted riffs to produce songs that are like serrated spears of molten violence.


Each track is an enjoyable example of the style. There are no real surprises here, but nor would you really want there to be. This is black metal played by black metal fans for black metal fans. As such, it really hits the spot and is eminently delectable.


Beyond This World’s Illusion is a solid, strong hit of the black stuff. Check it out





To be honest I’ve never heard about The Sarcophagus and I guess it’s because Turkish metal is not well known, or at least it’s not on my radar.  But after listening to their new album ‘Beyond This World’s Illusion’ I am ashamed now. The band was formed in 1996 as Sarcophagus, and they played under this name until 2009 when they changed it to The Sarcophagus.

The first thing which really caught my attention was the album cover. The picture by Paolo Girardi is a piece of art. It is beautifully painted yet it is of a horrifying creature. After getting lost in this amazing art and letting my mind wander past those pillars into the morbid, I was ready to listen the to album.

For me the first song is really important: it is a test and The Sacrophagus passed it. ‘Reign Of Chaos’ is a great opener and gives you an appetite so you are hungry for the rest. The songs are fast and there is no slowing down (well there is, but only to get a bigger hit after it), blast beats and double kickdrums tear bodies apart, whilst the guitar plays unmistakable black metal riffs which steal the souls of these broken corpses.

Mørk plays with his putrid vocals but keeps just within the lines of black metal. No crap clean vocals or anything else here. Sometimes you can hear synths but these only make the songs more atmospheric. Bits of songs reminded me of the Mayhem album ‘Grand Declaration Of War’ but not too much. In ‘Triumphant Divine Terror’ there is an acoustic bit which might scare some of the readers but believe me it fits perfectly there and readies you for the battle that is the next song ‘Armoured Death’, my favourite from the album. You should at least listen to that song, but I recommend the whole effort.

Obviously ‘Beyond This World’s Illusion’ is not a game changer, but it is a solid black metal album with an amazing sound. Fans of black metal will like it for sure. I did. And it made me listen to previous stuff of The Sarcophagus and dig deeper into the Turkish black metal scene.





A damn scary winged vagina belly beast if ever there was one!

The history of The Sarcophagus is a tad rocky, with a slew of previous members choosing precedence with side projects. However, this release shows no signs of ‘casting’ trouble behind the scenes, in fact Beyond This World’s Illusion shines with commendable production values, professionalism, expertise and musical prowess. Rhythms shift on a frequent and often unexpected basis to portray emotion, atmosphere and depth. The ‘Sticksmanship’ (drumming) employed within this album is stunning, perfect in the overall mix, the likes of which rarely heard with such precision outside of the grindcore/technical death arena.

Reign of Chaos is first track to caress the ears, a perfect introduction to the uniqueness of The Sarchophagus’. Melodies ranging from a galloping mid pace to silly (snapping wrist) speed accompany menacing undertones encapsulated within structures hinting at old school death (Hypocrisy and The Abyss) and traditional black influence.

Armoured Death is a fantastic example of the varied riff attacks and style utilized to retain listeners interest. The style here straddles death and black borders, a homage to a vintage style employing chugging riffs, sweeping majestic melodies and exciting chords plucked at hyper speeds.

A standout is one of the shortest tracks on the album, Triumphant Divine Terror, especially if you enjoy the battery of rolling thunder drums surrounded by a Viking/Pagan vibe. An amazing track very melodic in nature recalling legends of the scene; Dissection (RIP Jon Nödtveidt). With just the right amount of evil tossed in to keep purists happy. Just try to keep static to this tune folks!

Sans giving a track by track narrative I’ll finalize this review with a caution, Spin Beyond This World’s Illusion once and you will be hooked. A shining example of the genre albeit with more melody and emphasis on song structure than the surrounding collective.






Es gehört schon einiges dazu, in einem nicht nur derzeit extrem diktatorisch und intolerant geführten Staat wie der Türkei eine Black-Metal-Combo aus der Taufe zu heben, sie mit extremen religiösen Ansichten zu unterfüttern und sich trotz der zunehmenden Widerstände und Bedrohungen über eine solch lange Zeit zu halten, wie es den Musikern von THE SARCOPHAGUS gelungen ist. Seit mehr als zwei Dekaden ist die Truppe schon aktiv und zog Ende des vergangenen Jahrzehnts die Aufmerksamkeit von SHINING-Frontmann Niklas Kvarforth auf sich, der sich für die Veröffentlichung von "Towards The Eternal Chaos" zur Verfügung stellte, leider aber im Anschluss wieder andere Prioritäten setzte.


Die Türken haben sich aber ganz klar von diesem Verlust erholt und auch in neuer, nahezu ursprünglicher Besetzung wieder zur gewohnten Stärke gefunden. "Beyond This World's Illusion" ist, das kann man jetzt schon festlegen, womöglich das beste Black-Metal-Album, welches jemals aus dem einstigen osmanischen Reich in die Händlerregale geschoben wurde. Und mehr als das: Es ist ein deutliches Zeichen dieser Rebellion, für die der extreme Metal steht, für den Kampf gegen alle politischen und religiösen Widerstände und schließlich auch ein Zeichen für die ungebremste Leidenschaft, die offenbar noch größer geworden ist, jetzt wo Bands wie THE SARCOPHAGUS aufgrund der zensurliebenden Innenpolitik wahrscheinlich selbst kurz vor dem Exitus stehen - doch davon wollen die Herren definitiv noch gar nichts wissen.


Statdessen erheben sie die Faust, lassen beim Songwriting die Muskeln spielen und kreieren einige erhabene Hymnen, die natürlich die übliche nordische Prägung haben, auf "Beyond This World's Illusion" abr nahezu vollständig mit den kultigen Originalen mithalten können. THE SARCOPHAGUS befindet sich auf den Spuren von SETHERIAL und SATYRICON, klammert sich gerne mal an die faszinierenden Finsterimpressionen von LORD BELIAL, beherrscht aber auch die rohe Materie solcher Vorläufer wie TAAKE und CARPATHIAN FOREST, die das neue Album aber deutlich hinter sich lässt.


Überhaupt gibt es kaum eine Band, mit der es diese Herren nicht aufnehmen könnte. THE SARCOPHAGUS hat von den Besten gelernt, mit den Besten gearbeitet und ist schließlich selbst zu einer der besten Erscheinungen der gesamten zweiten Welle des Black Metals geworden. "Beyond This World's Illusion" ist ein weiterer Meilenstein in der denkwürdigen Karriere dieser unkaputtbaren Pioniere!





The Sarcophagus, fue una de las primeras agrupaciones de Black Metal en Turquia, mostrando un brillante Melodic Black Metal al más puro estilo de Dissection. Ganaron fama internacional al unirse a la agrupación Niklas Kvarforth de Shining y lanzó con él "Towards The Eternal Chaos", teniendo una respuesta positiva por la prensa especializada. Tras la partida de Niklas, se integró el vocalista Morkbeast de la banda Todestriebe y luego después de 7 largos años, The Sarcophagus por fin nos entrega su nuevo material llamado "Beyond This World's Illusion"


Reing of Chaos, el track que abre el álbum, desde el primer momento la banda nos ataca con estruendosos blastbeats a la velocidad de la luz y guitarras que suenan a sierras eléctricas, Black Metal directo que va sin contemplaciones; que se apoya de oscuras melodías que te harán hacer headbanging sin lugar a dudas. La voz es buena, nada peculiar dentro del género, pero que va de maravilla con el sonido de la banda


Ain Sof, Un track a medio tempo, hay que destacar muchísimo el trabajo de las guitarras, crean un apared de sonido disonante; propias del Black Metal, a esto sigue un break down fantástico que hará que te pongan collarín, te romperá la espina( no apto para Bro0tal Kids) La melodía sigue imperando, otra gran pista del LP.


Dymadiel, Una batería que perfora tus oídos sin piedad, melodías provenientes del abismo reinan; unas que evocan los sonidos cavernosos del infierno. Todo esto orquestado por el demonio vociferante que la banda tiene como vocalista. Las progresiones de las canciones son fantásticas, no hay lugar para rellenos, estas son dinámicas, transmiten un sentimiento épico y obscuro; ese que sólo evoca el Black Metal Trve.


The Profanity Rites, Un track misterioso y obscuro, que de pronto se torna violento, todo el álbum está lleno de magníficos riffs blackers y está pista no es la excepción. La batería acompaña perfectamente cada nota de guitarra y bajo, acelera cuando lo tiene que hacer y baja el ritmo a placer, gran trabajo del baterista. Siguen los tracks “Sapremia Of Earthly Creatures” y “Triumphant Divine Terror”, repiten la misma fórmula de los anteriores tracks, riffs aplastantes y épicos, sin caer en rellenos, no hay lugar para el aburrimiento, el escucha se deleita con magnificas progresiones de melodías de Black Metal Trve, de las cuales todo el trabajo se encuentra plagado.


Armoured Death, Una canción aplastante por donde se le mire, guitarras, bajo y batería se unen para crear una imponente cortina sónica que taladrarán tus oídos y te trasportaran a las profundidades del averno, donde un demonio vociferante te escupirá blasfemias. Mi track favorito de todo el LP


Flamming Key to Divine Wisdom y Apocalyptic beast, son los tracks que cierran este frenético y trabajo lleno de obscuridad, odio y satanismo anti cósmico. En estas pistas repiten la fórmula ganadora creada a lo largo de todo el álbum. Las guitarras crean obscuras melodías, malignas y memorables, acompañadas por una batería que maneja los tempos a su antojo y el vocalista que escupe blasfemias desde lo más profundo de sus entrañas.


En conclusión, trabajo que sin lugar a dudas supera su anterior registro, esta banda ya no vivirá a la sombra de Kvarforth. Si eres amante del Black Metal Trve, amarás el álbum instantáneamente. El trabajo de la producción es muy bueno, sólo me hubiera gustado que el bajo se escuchara un poco más. Un trabajo que revive a la banda y la pone en escena de nueva cuenta.




Na Turquia essa é a mais antiga banda de Black Metal.


‘The Sarcophagus’ foi formado por Burak Sümer em 1996. No início de 1998, a banda lançou o primeiro demo “Pagan Storm”, que foi uma amostra brilhante de Black Metal Clássico.


A Demo foi distribuída por muitas distros / selos como Moribund Records (EUA), Folter Records (DE), Pussy God Records (CZ) e Lynch Distro (TR).


Em 2000, a banda entrou no estúdio para gravar seu álbum promocional “Infernal Hordes of The Ancient Times”. Esta promo elevou o sucesso da demo e chamou a atenção dos fãs de Black Metal de todo o mundo.


“Infernal Hordes of The Ancient Times” foi o último trabalho de The Sarcophagus em estilo melódico de Black Metal. O álbum foi resenhado por muitas revistas de metal locais e estrangeiras – webzines e a banda fez muitas entrevistas.


Durante esse período, a banda tocou em vários shows e festivais.


Em 2009, Niklas Kvarforth de Shining e Ozan Yıldırım da Raven Woods ingressaram na banda e The Sarcophagus que assinou com a Osmose Productions para um 7 ” EP “Hate Cult” e o álbum de estréia “Towards The Eternal Chaos”.


O novo estilo estava longe do começo inicial quando formaram a banda pela primeira vez. Agora, The Sarcophagus é mais agressivo e cru com a participação de Niklas Kvarforth.


Mais alguns anos depois, Niklas decide sair de todos os outros projetos de sua banda para se concentrar com o ‘Shining’.


Com esta decisão, Morkbeast da banda de Black Metal russo ‘Todestriebe’ juntou-se à banda como o novo vocalista e do The Sarcophagus gravou um novo álbum chamado “Beyond This World’s Illusion” em 2016, incluindo 9 faixas para continuar espalhando a sua doença!







Het Turkse blackmetalgezelschap The Sarcopfagus brengt na acht jaar een tweede full-lenght uit, genaamd Beyond This World’s Illusion. Was op het eerste album van de heren nog Niklas Kvarforth uit Shining achter de microfoon te horen, hebben ze voor deze plaat een nieuwe zanger, genaamd Mørkbeast, uit het Russische Todestriebe.


Beyond This World’s Illusion begint direct goed. Zodra je op play drukt, krijg je direct een walm van gitaargeweld over je heen. Zanger Mørkbeast weet zijn stem prima te plaatsen in dit melodische spel van de de band. Het riffwerk klinkt allemaal prima uitgewerkt en samen met de ruime hoeveelheid aan blastbeats is het geheel helemaal af. De plaat klinkt zoals een blackmetalplaat zou moeten klinken: duister en kwaad.


Wat de heren in de afgelopen acht jaar hebben gedaan, weet ik niet, maar muzikaal is de band zeker gegroeid. De nummers luisteren prima weg en hebben ondanks dat er niet een moment rust in zit een fijn headbanggehalte. Dit klinkt zeker naar meer, nu maar hopen dat het niet weer acht jaar duurt voordat er een nieuw album op tafel ligt.




Se qualcuno volesse ascoltare un disco di black metal suonato con tutti crismi e con le connotazioni tipiche del genere nato tra le foreste ed i fiordi della Norvegia, faccia un salto … in Turchia.


E proprio dal paese europeo politicamente, ma asiatico dal punto di vista geografico, che arrivano i The Sarcophagus, band che viene definita tra le più antiche esponenti del genere nel suo paese, in virtù di una storia ormai ultra ventennale.

Se l’anzianità di servizio vuol dire qualcosa non ci sono dubbi, quindi, sulla bontà e soprattutto l’attendibilità di un lavoro che, davvero, se ci fosse stato presentato come il parto di un gruppo scandinavo nessuno avrebbe potuto dubitarne.

Solo buoni copisti dunque, i The Sarcophagus? No, perché per far proprio un genere come il black non basta solo suonarlo ma bisogna anche viverlo e conoscerlo a fondo. E questo è senza dubbio il caso di Burak Sümer, alias Nahemoth, musicista di Ankara che guida questa band dal 1996, offrendo una quantità di musica risibile rispetto alla sua lunga storia, ma un’immensa qualità racchiusa anche negli unici due full length, Towards the Eternal Chaos del 2009 e quest’ultimo Beyond This World’s Illusion.

Il nostro, nel precedente lavoro si era fatto aiutare alla voce nientemeno che da Niklas Kvarforth, questo tanto per rimarcare di quale credibilità goda Nahemoth nell’ambiente, mentre in quest’ultima occasione al microfono troviamo Mørkbeast (o Mørk) dei russi Todestriebe, confermando al basso l’ormai stabile figura dell’altro musicista turco Ozan Yıldırım (Frostmourne).

Il black metal offerto dai The Sarcophagus è un qualcosa che va molto vicino allo stato dell’arte del genere, essendo esattamente ciò che si attende ogni appassionato senza però risultare scontato in alcuna sua fase: nove brani per tre quarto d’ora resi con un approccio oscuro, privo di tentazioni sperimentali, con splendide aperture melodiche ed una produzione di raro equilibrio.

Per rendersi conto di quanto appena detto basterebbe prendere due episodi a caso, ma nello specifico opterei per la coppia centrale The Profanity Rites e Sapremia of Earthly Creatures, tracce nelle quali vengono esibite in maniera emblematica un po’ tutte le doti del gruppo anatolico.

Beyond This World’s Illusion è un lavoro che ci si può godere anche grazie al lavoro di un etichetta come la Satanath Records, che ne ha evitato la permanenza in un pericoloso limbo: inoltre, ad arricchire un’opera già di per sé irrinunciabile, troviamo un contributo italiano sotto forma della paurosa copertina creata da Paolo Girardi, uno dei grafici più ricercati del momento in ambito metal.

Difficile, fare di più e di meglio, per chi suona questo genere che, a discapito dei detrattori, dimostra d’avere la capacità di rigenerasi trovando protagonisti all’altezza ad ogni latitudine.





"The most Swedish of the Turkish bands rumbles with a second album that does not do in detail! Forty-five minutes in the fog, throwing tremolos in a pack of ten, an icy urgency that returns the listener almost twenty years back, in the golden age of the great DISSECTION, his disciple SACRAMENTUM and the black / death noridc sound proudly worn by the No Fashion label.

The instructions here are perfectly clear : pull out the ribs and sharpen the swords because the atmospheres are warlike, manly and muscular! The rhythmic panzer-section reveals itself indomitable, tricidating the poor ears with great strokes of epic and majestic riffs, supported by a crazy drummer !

A beautiful album in the form of a vibrant tribute to a bygone era, which will delight in passing those in search of a vintage black metal transpiring Scandinavian beauty through all pores. It's winter before the time with THE SARCOPHAGUS!"





Turkey, being in the cross road of Asia and Europe have always been the center point of history because of the infamous Ottoman Empire and for being the complex hotbed of tension between religion and secularism. Extreme Metal transcends in every corner of the known world but Turkey is not renowned for its Black Metal artistry. Throughout the years, there has certainly been a thin trickle of bands and other underground projects from the larger cities, but no-one would venture to call Turkey a big Black Metal nation. Defying all the odds, THE SARCOPHAGUS have been around for over 20 years and spreading the disease since in the deepest underground. In this period, they have produced one demo, two EPs and a debut full length which was released back in 2009, from Osmose Productions. After seven years of silence, they have recorded a new album called “Beyond This World’s Illusion”, which was mastered at Necromorbus Studio in Sweden and this time Satanath Records released this in cooperation with Death Portal Studio (USA), Fila Sophiae (Swe) and Sphera Noctis Records (Bra). The cover art was made by great visionary Paolo Girardi, which perfectly embodied the vision of nefarious and spirited Black Metal from Turkey. Even the production is clearly influenced by late 90s / early 2000s Swedish Black Metal, reminiscent of WATAIN through SETHERIAL and DARK FUNERAL, as well as DISSECTION’s “The Somberlain”; nonetheless this record beholds the mysterious and frenzied sound of another dimension. The opening of the album with 'Reign Of Chaos', the first song, gives introduction of the record with a composition quite typical of the group, a certain dose of fiery blast, mid- tempo with a break as well as a very exhilarating harmonious lead guitar. You will certainly feel that you have entered the passage of wrathful chaos. Going from there, 'Ain Sof' will offer a ceremonial and mystical atmosphere that's truly malicious, with sounds used very evocative and enchanting. Moreover, 'Ain Sof' is a Kabbalistic term describing divinity as "The Endless One" or endless being. The sonic manifestation of the unchanging, eternal, and mysterious Ein Sof (infinity) will truly encapsulate you to the central of nonexistence. The next number 'Dymadiel' refers to anti-cosmic satanism and from the very beginning you will enter the absorbing ritualistic trance with pentacle, chalice, wand and dagger. This track has an uncompromising efficiency of being furious and profane with formidable rhythm, evolving around and a break linking with mid tempo variations. 'The Profanity Rites' is purely an ode to sorcery of vicious sacrifice ritual in the aspiration to channel a spell of destruction, with dissonant notes in arpeggios and tremolos all in an occult and ritual atmosphere. Enter thy zone and soaked with profane insanity. 'Sapremia Of Earthly Creatures' sounds like decomposing organic matter which easily shows utmost disdain against the mass. Few small keyboard notes also fantastically incorporated amidst the first and second third of the track which nothing but proves the intelligent songwriting capability of the creators. After the swirling terror; there comes the commendable 'Triumphant Divine Terror' which exposed the masquerade of religion and the carnages committed under the holy banner of light which always conveys nothing but pandemic and torment. The warlike atmosphere of complete chaos and devastation of this track is nothing but an invitation to confront the 'Armoured Death' or Death itself wearing armor. Initiating with a grim tonality and sirens whirled as nerve-wracking as invocation; before resuming the outburst of apocalyptic madness. Facing war and destruction of such monstrosity with 'Flaming Key To Divine Wisdom' it will return to a spiritual zone like the beginning of the album; with ambience and instrumentation of twisted melodicism you will delve deep into the realm of obscure knowledge and forbidden occult arts; which is actually receiving divine wisdom through total purification. At this point the 'Apocalyptic Beast' has come and marks the end of the album with forlorn manifestation of vengeance through reverberating melodies; like a fitting conclusion of all things declined and infested thus rematerializing through wisdom and spirituality. When everything faded to silence, I have felt that, “Beyond This World's Illusion” is an absolute successor of its predecessor. Improved production and fascinating ritualistic musicality of these Turkish warriors made this truly an enthralling record while delivering their visions of anti-cosmic satanism, kabbalistic esotericism and occult wisdoms to address the complete degradation of humankind for fake beliefs, and inevitable bloody wars which in terms portrayed the horrid self-annihilation of the poor masses. Like the previous record, while keeping this pessimistic and abhorrent attitude towards humanity, thus praising and worshipping the great traditions of the past make THE SARCOPHAGUS certainly an admirable Black Metal entity in modern time. Listeners who seek the sonic capitulation of devastation and spirituality should have an experience with this release and praise such creation.





Non deve essere semplice fare del black in patria per i turchi The Sarcophagus, eppure loro ci sono riusciti e più di una volta. Siamo infatti al secondo album dopo l’esordio di ben otto anni fa. E diciamo pure che a partire dalla splendida copertina dell’album, non c’è alcun velo a coprire le intenzioni sonore del combo: black death di matrice americana con un tocco di Europa giusto per ribadire che la Turchia è il centro di unione culturale per eccellenza. I nostri si dimostrano molto decisi negli accordi e nella parte ritmica nonché in quella vocale. La sensazione percepita è che si ha a che fare con musicisti seri e coscienziosi, capaci di infondere tutta la loro esperienza nell’album. Un album che convince e non fa certo prigionieri, pur non inventando assolutamente nulla di nuovo. Le strutture canzoni sono intricate quel giusto che basta a smuovere l’ascoltatore nella sua curiosità per vedere a dove porterò ogni riff nella sua cangiante evoluzione sonora. Insomma, le carte in regola ci sono tutte: professionalità, esperienza, tecnica. Resta solo da inserirci della personalità più marcata e la ricetta alchemica prenderà nuova vita.





Von 1996 bis 2009 war die türkische Band Sarcophagus schon aktiv und veröffentlichte ein Demo und eine EP, bevor nach der Umbenennung in The Sarcophagus noch eine weitere EP und zwei Alben folgten. Aber von der Sonne der Türkei scheint das Trio nichts abbekommen zu haben, denn was hier aus den Boxen dröhnt, ist bester Black Metal in schwedischem Gewand. Schnell und immer melodisch, ohne jedoch cdem Kitsch zu verfallen, rattern sie im Stil von Bands wie Dissection, Dawn, Dark Funeral, Necrophobic, Unanimated und so weiter, ihre neun infernalischen Hasstiraden präzise runter und hinterlassen einen gefestigten Eindruck. Dass diese Band nicht aus Skandinavien kommt, ist eigentlich unfassbar, wenn man ihrer Musik lauscht. Sarcophagus glänzen mit gutem Songwriting, technischer Versiertheit und einer gehörigen Portion Spielwitz. Die Produktion ist klar und sauber und rückt so alle Details der Musik ins rechte Licht. Wer diese Wahnsinns-Band noch nicht kennt, sollte sie sich unbedingt anhören! Richtig geil!





Every now and then, I am taken by surprise by a band or an album. There is a vast sea of projects plying the waters of extreme metal and most blur together, in all honesty. The Sarcophagus is not one of those bands. Rather, they have managed to their latest album, Beyond This World’s Illusions, exceptional. I have actually struggled to put my finger on exactly what makes this album so good. The drums, ably handled by session drummer Oktay Fistik, are similar to those heard in many death metal bands. The guitar riffs, played by Burak Sumer, are waves of tremolo, both mournful and ominous. Sumer also handles synth duties to add flavor to the sound. Bass lines by Ozan Yildirim, propel the tracks forward with their meaty weight. Morkbeast essentially gives a tutorial on how to handle black metal vocals. Every piece of the puzzle has been done before, though all are very well done here.

So, what is it that makes this album so exceptional? It must be a case where the whole is greater than the sum of their parts. Every nuance at each spot is handled just right. There is no spot on the entire album where the music bogs down. Each track feels just the right length. Burak Sumer states in the interview above that black metal is a passion for the band. It is perhaps this passion that drives the album to be what it is. Beyond This World’s Illusions is a beast called to life by this passion. Both anguished and terrifying, the creature moves of its own accord, drawing the listener along in its wake. Once you start listening, you are hooked, taken along for this ride, for this exploration of chaos. It is perhaps, chaos itself channeled through musicians and their instruments and it is a sight to behold.


Recommendation: Beyond This World’s Illusions is one of the essential albums of 2017. Go buy it. No need to listen first.




As my brain is totally fucked up I don’t know what is real memories and what is dreams but somewhere back in my mind lingers a memory of having heard of this Turkish black metal combo even before I got sent this album. Not that it helps me much now as I listen to this album. Musically I would say that this takes a page or two or ten from the book of Dissection. Melodic black metal (as much as an oxymoron as it is) is the name of the game here. Nobody will ever match the mighty Dissection but it is nice hearing bands try, especially when the outcome is a good as this album is. I find myself enjoying this on all its own merits and forgetting about what it reminds me of.





‘Beyond This World’s Illusion’ is het tweede volledige album van de Turkse black metal band The Sarcophagus. In 2009 debuteerde de band met het album ‘Towards the Eternal Chaos’ dat echter compleet aan Lords of Metal voorbij is gegaan, ondanks dat Shining zanger Niklas Kvarforth op dit album zong, niet de minste persoonlijkheid uit de Zweedse metalscene. The Sarcophagus is al een tijdje actief in de scene, eerder werden nog twee EP’s uitgebracht en hun eerste demo dateert van zo’n twintig jaar geleden. Daarmee is The Sarcophagus één van de oudste black metal bands uit Turkije.


‘Beyond This World’s Illusion’ is desondanks dus een eerste kennismaking met de band maar zeker geen onplezierige, al zeg ik het zelf. De band bestaat uit oudgediende Burak Sümer op gitaar, Ozan Yildirim op bas en op zang de uit Moskou stammende zanger Mørkbeast, die daarnaast ook nog in de black metal band Todestriebe zingt. Een vaste drummer heeft The Sarcophagus op dit moment niet, vandaar dat het album door sessie drummer Oktay Fistik is ingespeeld. De muziek van The Sarcophagus is het beste te omschrijven als Zweedse melodieuze black metal zoals die midden jaren negentig werd gemaakt door bands als Dissection, Naglfar, Dawn en Sacramentum. The Sarcophagus zou perfect in dit rijtje passen, zeker ook kwalitatief, want ‘Beyond This World’s Illusion’ bevat negen uitstekende composities met een prima geluid, dat door Tore Stjerna (Watain, Mayhem, Arcturus) in de Necromorbus Studio in Stockholm werd gemastered. Liefhebbers van melodieuze Zweedse black weten wel raad met ‘Beyond This World’s Illusion’




Zum Jahresende gibt es nochmal eine Prämiere beim MetalViewer. Kurz vor dem alljährlichen Blog-Best-of bekommt mit The Sarcophagus die erste türkische Band ihren Platz auf diesem Forum. Die Jungs sind bereits seit 1996 aktiv, dass sie bisher kaum bekannt sind, könnte allerdings daran liegen, dass in den 21 Jahren nur 2 Alben, 2 EPs und ein Demo das Licht der Welt erblickten. „Beyond This World’s Illusion“ ist besagtes zweites Album und könnte die Band jetzt einige Stufen nach oben hieven.


Gleich vorweg: „Beyond This World’s Illusion“ ist ein unglaublich starkes Album, bei dem eigentlich alles passt. Die Scheibe ist gleichsam roh und aggressiv als auch präzise, düster und sehr melodisch. Jeder Song entwickelt sich ganz natürlich zu dem was er ist, ohne dass irgendetwas gezwungen klingt oder unpassend wirkt. So passiert es dann auch, dass sich immer wieder unerwartet Variationen einschleichen und Abwechslung kreiert wird, die man erst wirklich wahrnimmt, wenn man mitten drin ist. Ansonsten liefert das Trio ziemlich eigenständigen, melodisch frostigen Black Metal, der melancholisches Riffing mit düsteren Bass-Spuren mischt und so atmosphärischen und sehr kraftvollen Black Metal zelebrieren. Hier etwas Old-School, da modernere Einflüsse und im Endeffekt doch etwas ziemlich eigenständiges. Dabei kommt die Band mal stürmisch und direkt nach vorne preschend daher (siehe „Dymadiel„), dann wieder langsamer, dafür umso düsterer und nimmt auch immer wieder ganz das Tempo raus um auch ein paar dichte Keyboard-Teppiche zum Einsatz zu bringen („Sapremia of Earthly Creatures„). Und immer wieder kommen Riffs mit denen man gar nicht gerechnet hätte, die aber unglaublich intensiv daher kommen und den Hörer regelrecht in ihren Bann ziehen (wie die Solos in „Apocalyptic Beast„) oder der Song nimmt unerwartet eine ganz andere Richtung als man dachte. Dazu passt auch das druckvolle Drumming, dass sowohl mit seinen Blasts als auch ruhigeren Momenten immer on-point ist und Spaß macht. Das Album ist gefüllt mit Songs, die in sich selbst stimmig sind ohne auf die anderen zu achten und so ziemlich unterschiedliche Facetten betonen, aber gleichzeitig klingen wie ein einziger langer Song, den man 9 mal durchgeschnitten hat, was die 45 Minuten Spielzeit zu einem einzigen Orchester aus „Oh wie geil!“ und anderen positiv überraschten Ausrufen macht und auch das ein oder andere Lächeln über das grimmige Black Metal-Gesicht wandern lassen


Wer dieses Jahr noch immer auf der Suche nach dem Album des Jahres ist, der könnte es mal mit „Beyond This World’s Illusion“ von The Sarcophagus versuchen, denn die Jungs verstehen ihr Handwerk und liefern 45 Minuten pure Ekstase und großartig eigenständiges und ausgereiftes Songwriting.





DISSECTION started a whole new era with the special lyrical content initiated on their flawless "REINKAOS" album, their kind of chaosophic approach and the MLO teachings about the anti-cosmic theories influenced a pile of nowadays functioning Black & Death Metal bands all over the world. Turkish Black Metal formation named as THE SACROPHAGUS isn't an exception. "Beyond This World's Illusion" combines 9 melodic BM tunes equipped by the afore-cited lyrical clothing. The album begins with a NAGLFAR-like song called "Reign of Chaos". It blasts pretty well and has lots of tempo changes. The atmosphere is also Nordic all the way there. "Ain Sof" continues it with a MAYHEM-influenced riff that turns after a while into breaks that were generally known from the earlier mentioned milestone album of DISSECTION. In the middle of the song we have a pretty eerie moment that came unexpectedly I would say. The third song is "Dymadiel". That one is full of tricky rhythm changes and attacking double bass patterns, but as a whole it reminded me pretty much ABSU, even vocals-wise. "The Profanity Rites" is the next that consists of really plain riffs, something that SATYRICON loves to use with maximum care. The fifth track is titled "Sapremia of Earthly Creatures". It is more abstract and keyboard-oriented than its predecessors, drawing landscapes around the music whilst giving the listener a relaxing radiation. "Triumphant Divine Terror" follows it with a good portion of balanced blast beats, emotional guitar melodies and screams from the world beyond. "Armoured Death" is a song that raging on most of the time and builds upon some cool catchy riffs with marching double-basses. Towards the end of the album we have songs that are mainly about meditative mood, like the "Flaming Key to Divine Wisdom" is. "Apocalyptic Beast" was selected to end the disc. Another calmly infiltrating song it is. Metered speeds and melodious chains of guitars are the characteristics of it. I enjoyed very much listening to this Turkish band and would recommend their 46 minutes album, which by the way sounds fantastic, to the fans of Melodic Black Metal in particular. The booklet was aptly designed featuring mainly the motives of the astounding front cover artwork painted by Paolo Girardi.




Tureckie Sarkofagi nakurwiają black metal co prawda od roku 1996, ale ewentualnych fanów nie rozpieszczają nadmiarem wydawnictw. Dość powiedzieć, że „Beyond” to dopiero ich druga pełna płyta, a mój tak naprawdę pierwszy kontakt z ich muzyką. Poniekąd pierwszy, bo z nazwą się nie zetknąłem, ale dźwięki jakie można tu znaleźć grano już tysiące razy i jak zawsze nie jest to żadną przeszkodą by cieszyć się kolejną porcją piekiełka. Jednak na tym nie koniec, bo mimo tego, że brzmi to znajomo, to jest w tym jednocześnie nawet coś wciągającego. Już przy pierwszym kawałku autentycznie poczułem się jakbym znowu po raz pierwszy słuchał „Mother North”. Unosi się nad tym krążkiem ten skandynawski klimat, rozbrzmiewają tutaj te specyficzne melodie, a cobyśmy się nie ponudzili, to zmieniają się tempa, pojawiają się łagodniejsze motywy, następują przetasowania riffów, jednym słowem panowie włożyli w to niemało pracy i zależało im na tym, żeby nie pozabijać nas monotonią, a to sobie akurat w tej płycie cenię i wyszło im to nie najgorzej. Tak samo jak cenię sobie siarczane popisy wokalisty sprowadzonego aż z Rosji, który swoim głosem wnosi sporo zła, co jest oczywiście na plus. Instrumentaliści Burak i Ozan nie wywrócili gatunku do góry nogami, ale wydobyli z niego sporo dobrego, bez pierdoletów, ozdobników i walenia w bambus. Konkretna, dobra robota. Po prostu nie oczekujcie cudów, a wówczas trzy kwadranse solidnego tła macie zapewnione. Może i zdarzają się mniej angażujące momenty, nie porwie Was dosłownie każda minuta tej piekielnej rozróby, ale najważniejsze w tym wszystkim to, że te słabsze momenty nie przysłaniają arsenału fajnych, rozgrzewających motywów, co sprawia że wchodzimy tutaj lekko w wyższe rejony skali ocen. Dla mnie była to zacna odskocznia od codziennego wałkowania death metalu. W sam raz na kilka odsłuchów, nic ponadczasowego.




Avrei voluto mentirvi sui The Sarcophagus e farvi credere che il qui trattato "Beyond This World's Illusion" fosse il lascito di una band svedese uscito nel 1997, da annoverare in quel gruppo di dischi che hanno segnato l'epoca del black-death melodico di quella terra, famoso per averci donato tante perle della nostra musica. Purtroppo questo lavoro arriva in ritardo di vent'anni, da una formazione proveniente dalla Turchia che nel 1997 ha rilasciato solo il primo demo. Nulla di male in tutto ciò, intendiamoci, ma l'affinità con quella scena e quel contesto è lampante sin dall'inizio.


La questione è che, se non ci fosse stato Internet a smentirmi o gli editori a correggermi, se vi foste basati solo sull'ascolto della musica mi avreste creduto. I The Sarcophagus, senza inventare nulla di nuovo, sono maestri in abilità per quanto riguarda lo stile black metal melodico svedese, riportandocelo nella sua forma più compatta, aggressiva e propriamente metallizzata, senza l'eccessiva enfasi posta sulla melodia da certe band successive che di solito finiscono per stemperare l'aggressività. Il suono reso celebre da Dissection, Necrophobic e Lord Belial viene rielaborato in ottica personale, rimanendovi però fedele il più possibile: il risultato sono soluzioni che sembrano fatte apposta per ricordarci del perché ci piace questo genere. Ma non è solo devozione verso le band succitate: nei Sarcophagus c'è tanto mistero, tanto occulto e una conoscenza molto più ampia del black metal che permette alle composizioni di muoversi con sicurezza. Se da una parte quindi la melodia non è sempre il fulcro, dall'altra la sua importanza nell'economia musicale è di primo piano, in quanto gioca a riprendersi l'ascoltatore dopo le varie esplosioni in blast beat e i momenti dal respiro più oscuro.


La biografia dei The Sarcophagus, quasi a insistere sull'origine svedese della loro anima, sostiene inoltre che a un certo punto anche Niklas Kvarforth abbia prestato la voce alla band. Io invece non ho problemi a dire che gli preferisco il qui presente Mørkbeast, il quale si rivela un interprete perfetto per i brani, per quanto il suo timbro rimandi certamente a Jon Nodtveidt.


Mi rendo conto di aver parlato di "Beyond This World's Illusion" in termini molto positivi, credo però che siano complimenti meritati verso un'opera che è senza dubbio il frutto di esperienza, amore per queste sonorità e tanto lavoro in fase di composizione e arrangiamento. I The Sarcophagus hanno creato un prodotto pensato per essere di interesse circoscritto ai fan che conoscono già le band sopra citate (e altre), ma sono dell'idea che questi ultimi accoglieranno "Beyond This World's Illusion" con un certo entusiasmo.




Turkey's Black Metal horde The Sarcophagus, formed in 1996, are perhaps still an unknown entity for many, but perhaps that's about to change soon because these lads play first-rate melodic and atmospheric Black Metal that follows in the footsteps of bands such as Dissection, Nalgfar, Watain and the likes.


No kidding folks, the band performs absolutely quality Black Metal on their second album, Beyond This World's Illusion, which is varied, carefully detailed and speaks for the amazing amount of talent this trio has. The songs just flow very nicely from start to finish and are all extremely well executed and mesmerizing, clearly giving us a reason (or two) to take them seriously. It's hard for me to find anything to complain about with this stuff, so I will leave all (negative) criticism and whining for others to do.


... And I really don't want to write more about this release. Their music speaks more than a thousand words for itself, so go check them out. I bet you won't regret it.





Turcy z The Sarcophagus istnieją długo, jednak wydają mało. Na przestrzeni dwudziestu lat wypuścili zaledwie dwa albumy, dwie EPki i jedno demo. Ich ostatni materiał brzmi jednak jakby nagrali co najmniej pięć albumów i robili to regularnie, rok do roku. Bardzo poprawny, świetnie zagrany i skonstruowany black metal, którego największą wadą jest... właśnie ta poprawność. Ja osobiście wolę więcej brudu, piwnicy i grozy ale jeśli ktoś szuka ogłady, czystości a przy tym sporej dawki agresji i melodii, to powinien poznać ten album. Wszystko tu jest jak od linijki, wymierzone, zaplanowane i perfekcyjnie zrealizowane co oczywiście przekłada się na bardzo okazały efekt końcowy. Mnie po prostu takie sterylne granie do końca nie porywa.





Отличная обложка у этого диска (artwork - Paolo Girardi). Привлекает внимание. Только можно ошибиться. Подумать, что здесь раздается дэтовый ураган. Когда это блэковый шторм.

The Sarcophagus — одна из старейших турецких чернушных бригад. На архивах заявлено, что турки ваяют с прошлого тысячелетия, с 1996 года. Учитывая, что сейчас вроде как 19-й год, можно понять, что музыканты работают уже более 22 лет. Серьезный возраст для группы. И вот еще - за это время команда записала демку, две эпишки и два полноформата, включая сабжевый. Все это навевает мысли, что турецкие блэкстеры никуда не спешат. Судя по тому компакту, который крутится у меня в дископриемном устройстве — все правильно делают.

Еще необходимое и архиважное intro. Где-то в году 16-ом (или ранее) турки вышли на вокалиста московской блэковой формации Todestriebe. Что закончилось договором о сотрудничестве. Потому Mork (или Morkbeast, как указано в буклете компакта) является вокалистом The Sarcophagus. Надеюсь, у меня будет время и место чуть подробнее рассказать о его влиянии и адовой отработке в композициях, которые насочиняли блэкеры из Анкары.

Mythology, Ancient Cultures, Mysticism — вот такими темами увлечена группа, и это неудивительно, ведь история Передней азии - немалый клубок коллизий, местами тесно связанных с оккультизмом разного рода и проч. Главное (и это привлекло мое внимание) что композер The Sarcophagus решает это все в музыкальном ключе в стиле интенсивного блэка. Мощного, заявляющего о себе внешним фактором скорости и динамизма инструментальных партий, так и созданием внутреннего особого энергетического напора, который ломит и крушит (немалое уничтожающее давление развивает и вокалист).

Странно, что я не сказал - кроме московского вокалиста на мини-постере в буклете изображены еще два музыканта и оба - струнники (гитарист еще ответил за синты). А ударник на диске записался сессионный — нормально отстрелялся — плотно, угарно и драйвово.

Да так собственно и начинает The Sarcophagus свой чернейший доклад на 46 минут под названием Beyond This World's Illusion — мощно, интенсивно, сразу с привлечением всех наличных средств, без раскачки и уговоров. Гитарист здесь смакует убойный режущий риффинг, время от времени отвлекаясь на солирующие перестрелки с вокалистом. Замечу, что соляки струнника зачастую плотно впаяны и заварены в тело композиции, создавая особую фирменную монолитность звучания The Sarcophagus. Но нет-нет и они вырываются наружу и словно языки пламени поджаривают внимание слушателей. Опять-таки местами композер организует мид-темпо-структуры, полные гитарного звука и бронебойной пульсации ритм-секции. Эти места привлекают внимание и тем, что тут прекрасно видна высокоуровневая работа записывающей и студийной братии. Мастеринг, например, проведен в стокгольмской студии Necromorbus...

В четвертый раз упоминаю о вокале, ибо он в блэк-металлической архитектуре формации играет серьезную, во многом определяющую роль. И в принципе, вы поймете, почему турки звонили в Москву. Надо отдать должное их проницательности по этому поводу. Ибо Mork своим сильным грим-скримингом заряжает на диске очень сильно, и зачастую выстраивает прямо-таки вокальный скелет (опорную структуру) для компо. Кроме того, в отдельных трэках вокалом уходит еще ниже, устраивая небольшой диалог с сущностями подземного царства. Поначалу вам покажется, что это нордический грим-войс, в смысле холодный и обезличенный. Так оно и есть некоторое время, но понемногу он разгоняется, и его партии начинают полыхать зарядами ненависти, мизантропии и настоящего безумства. Хороший повод познакомиться с Todestriebe поближе.