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Fin dalla cover alcuni dischi accendono l’ interesse di noi ascoltatori, di noi ” cercatori d’oro”; mi sbilancio ma questa mi è piaciuta tantissimo e anche il particolare titolo “Ectoplasm” mi ha spinto ad ascoltare il 2° full dei Suffer Yourself, già autori di un ottimo full nel 2014 (Inner Sanctum).

Nati come one man band di Stanislav Govorukha già EX AUTO DA FE (funeral death), CORAM DEO (melodic death), ILLUMINANDI (folk-gothic) si sono evoluti nella attuale band, locata in Svezia, che comprende altri tre musicisti che aiutano il leader a creare un grande disco di funeral death doom in cui si miscelano artigianalmente, con cura certosina, molte influenze per creare un opera che come sempre data la lunghezza, cinque brani per un ora di splendida musica, ha bisogno di numerosi ascolti per “entrare”. Il suono, come il titolo esplica, appare come una “sostanza mobile ectoplasmica” e può essere morbido, sinuoso, vaporoso, fluido, non ben definito, ma in ogni caso sempre emozionante e di infinita tristezza, come nel magnifico brano “The Core\Nika Turbina” in ricordo del trentennale del disastro di Chernobyl (…i’ll paint my name on the abandoned walls to come back in thirty years). Due brani anche per la loro lunghezza, Abysmal Emptiness di sedici minuti e Dead Visions di diciannove minuti sono l’ esempio migliore di come sono intersecate anche in modo inaspettato tutte le influenze del leader, da grandi muri di suono (come i grandi Esoteric) in perenne movimento a momenti più direttamente death (metà di Abysmal) che scivolano in parti più morbide, “melodiche”, in modo da rendere questa opera maestosa, misteriosa e cangiante; le vocals del leader passano da un lento salmodiare a un ottimo growl, con parti anche cantate in russo\ucraino. E’ sempre un piacere poter seguire ed ascoltare bravi musicisti che suonando con passione e idee, ci affascinano nel loro percorso musicale.



Bleak futility.  Destructive energy in the form of soul sucking nothingness.  Throbbing riffs, glacial drumming, and a variety of vocal styles all of which express unrelenting horror.  All is naught.  All is the void.



I’m an absolute sucker for anything that can pull off a half decent atmospheric effect, for I’m also big into anything that sounds even a little ethereal. Now, that makes it sound biased in that I automatically like anything atmospheric, but that’s a lie, I promise you, but today it certainly is nothing but the truth. Suffer Yourself’s upcoming album is a piece that as someone who loves the atmosphere, I can promise anyone who likes it as well will get plenty of enjoyment out of this piece.

There are two sub-genres of metal that make a real match made in all things fiery and brimestony: black and doom metal. The former of the two is by far way more populated with bands who want to take a dissonant approach to the style, but the latter of which is sometimes the most rewarding for those of us who actively seek it out. Suffer Yourself’s forthcoming record of “Ectoplasm” is a definitive example of how monumental atmospheric doom can really be. While the album stays on the heavier end of the spectrum, the five tracks it contains do not for an instant skimp on transporting you into a dark, desolate world where you can truly dwell on the bleakness of existence itself while at the same time crushing you with its eternally monstrous presence. And with three out of five songs stretching over 10 fucking minutes long, “Ectoplasm” gives the listener tons of material to throw around. Not one moment of the record is wasted, as well, which in the end makes it an immensely satisfying piece for all those of you who love your metal heavier than the center of the sun yet eerier than the deepest bowels of the Earth. If that pretty much fits what you’re looking for, then holy fuck does Suffer Yourself got a surprise for you!

I will stipulate and say that this isn’t the most awesome piece of atmospheric doom I’ve heard in my time, but goddamnit does it rank up high amongst all the others! “Ectoplasm” has got the power that the style demands and the band is simply oozing with the talent to back it up. And with an album of equal proportions already under their belt, Suffer Yourself proves that they by no means are pushovers and still have plenty of work to be done.



Suffer Yourself are another band I’m just discovering. According to Metal-Archives, it began in 2011 as a one-man project in Poland, but since then has fleshed out into a group and is now based in Linköping, Sweden. The band’s debut album Inner Sanctum was released in 2014, and their second one — Ectoplasm — is scheduled for release on November 25 by Cimmerian Shade Recordings.

Below you can indulge yourself in the album’s title track, which is well-named. As explained at The Font of All Human Knowledge, the word “ectoplasm” describes a paranormal physical substance — sometimes vaporous, sometimes viscous and gelatinous, sometimes as a bundle of fine threads or a membrane — excreted by mediums in a trance state to drape over the nonphysical bodies of spirits, enabling them to interact in the physical and real universe.

The song “Ectoplasm” likewise has the feel of something not entirely of this world, something that’s ghostly at its core, like a frightening apparition — but one with the ability to shake the earth as it walks. Both crushingly heavy and unnervingly creepy, and with vocals that range from monstrous growls to solemn occult chanting, it’s a very enticing teaser for this new album.



The most special music results when two things happen: Something true is expressed, and it doesn’t quite resemble anything else. So as above in this week’s STCOT, here we experience a singular work of art via the title track of Suffer Yourself’s new album. Funereal, miserable, and kinda militantly expressionist, “Ectoplasm” sounds so sincere because no one would make those sounds if they could actually help it.



Well, this is it. My most re-visited album of the week. This has been a problematic release for me because of the unsuspecting plot twist it influenced in my doom album of the year plans, and I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who listened to this and wondered if it might be the best doom release of 2016. I won’t comment on what I ultimately decided–I’ll be saving that for a later post, thank you very much–but I will tell you that this is a funeral doom/death metal album to be taken seriously. If you’re even remotely a fan of the genre, this is practically a mandatory listen.

• • • In Summary • • •

This week has been clearly dominated by all these spectacular doom releases. I really don’t believe there’s any significant quality gap between any of these aside from the top three (Heavydeath, Cokegoat and Suffer Yourself). Those, for me, were on another level completely, with Suffer Yourself being the obvious top pick.



Slyšíte ten šepot? Cítíte také studený průvan? Stojíme všichni nad vystaveným nebožtíkem a přemýšlíme, co jsme s nim kdy zažili. Občas se ozve pláč, ale většina přítomných má neodbytný pocit, že se každou chvílí probudí. Prochází transformací, proměnou. Pomalu, s funeral doomovou rozvahou, i death metalovým maršem nastává kýžený okamžik. Hlava se nadzvedne, oči obrátí v sloup a pohřební síní se ozvou slova plná nenávisti. Nebyl to zaživa dobrý člověk a není ani po smrti. Utíkáme ven a celá scenérie nás provází po zbytek našich životů.

Kroutím se do pomalých rytmů, přemítám o posledních věcech člověka. Chci být nekonečně sám. Švédští (původně one man polský projekt) SUFFER YOURSELF to se mnou umí. Ke vzájemnému přenosu mnoha temných emocí mezi mnou a kapelou došlo vlastně už u prvního songu. Občas si podobnou hudbu rád pustím, připomíná mi, že tu nejsme navěky. Amen! Kdo se v podobných vodách rádi brodíte, tak moc dobře víte, že u doom metalu hodně záleží na celkové náladě, na tom, jak vás album uchopí, pohltí. Jedná se pokaždé o čistě pocitovou záležitost, ne každému bude vše vyhovovat. Já si přijdu, jako bych byl kusem látky plápolající ve studeném větru. Je mi zima a skladby mě doslova drásají.

Někdy bývá dobré ze všeho toho dnešního stresu uniknout. Mám rád, když na mě působí kapela poctivým, upřímným dojmem. SUFFER YOURSELF zobu všechno to jedovaté zrní, všechno bědování i soužení z ruky. Neseďte doma, ani když venku prší. Vezměte si s sebou novinku "Ectoplasm" a slyšte slova plná smrti. Stylově lze přirovnat kapelu ke všem funeral doomovým velikánům (EVOKEN, MY SHAMEFUL, ESOTERIC, ATARAXIE). Samozřejmě, kapela má svůj vlastní, nezaměnitelný rukopis. Poznáte ho ale až po dlouhých společných seancích, až vám vše pronikne do samé vaší podstaty. Funeral doom death metal, který probouzí mrtvé k životu. Co na tom, že znovu zemřou? Skvělé album.


Odložte všechny nedůležité věci, odhalte svoji mysl, uklidněte svoje duše. Jsou tady SUFFER YOURSELF a jejich nová letošní kompilace smutných písní. Funeral doom metal v jejich podání je velmi chladný, smutný a pojednává o posledních věcech člověka. Klasické songy, tradiční studená atmosféra. Nahrávku bych doporučil všem, kteří rádi tráví dlouhé hodiny na hřbitovních cestách. Pečlivě vystavěné skladby pomalu gradují, hlas preluduje jako kněz při poslední modlitbě. Slyším zase zvony! Kdo bude další na řadě? Všichni tam, do země stínů, jednou musíme a SUFFER YOURSELF nás na to připraví opravdu velmi dobře. Pokud milujete podzim, sychravé počasí, mráz zalezlý někde v kostech, padající a umírající listí, budete s "Ectoplasm" trávit určitě dlouhé chvíle. Vítejte na pohřební hostině, podávána bude nová deska SUFFER YOURSELF.

Asphyx says:

Put away all your trivial duties, unfold your minds and keep calm your souls. The SUFFER YOURSELF is here with its new compilation of sad songs. Funeral doom metal in this delivery is very cold, sad and it tells a story about the last things of a man. The classic songs, traditional cold atmosphere. I would suggest this record to people who like to spend long hours on grave trails. These songs are accurately build and they slowly rise, the voice preludize like a priest during the last prayer. I can hear the bells! Who is the next in line? Everyone has to go to the land of shadows someday and the SUFFER YOURSELF prepares us very good for it. If you love autumn, rainy weather, cold inside of your bones, falling and dying leaves, you will spend a lot of time with the "Ectoplasm". Welcome to the funeral dinner where the new album by SUFFER YOURSELF is served.








This doom band from Sweden is pretty impressive. They have the right amount of atmosphere and on the first song show they can cover a wide range of dynamics while remaining true to the genre. The second song is six minutes longer than the ten minute opener and not as grandiose. The point seems to be the heaviness, though that is not to say they do not still value guitar melodies and textures. Production wise this album is pretty much perfect, this is a great blue print to use for mixing what doom should sound like. They pick up the pace into an almost oppressive death metal chug towards the latter end of the song.


"the Core" starts off in a more hushed atmospheric tone. This song shows despite the more droning and ponderous songs on the album that they can deliver in a more concise fashion, even though this song drone and throbs in a similar fashion to the longer pieces it proves they can trim the fat when called for.  This is followed by the 19 minute "Dead Visions" . I really have a hard time believing any song needs to be twenty minutes long. Even with the lingering ambiance of the opening the metal crunches into place at the two and a half miute mark. They are playing at a more funeral doom like part which takes them longer to get there, but even then is it justified? After a spoken word part it does wind it's way to a more interesting section that blends the darkness of their mood with a heavy chug and cool double bass work. There are sound effects looped in of a woman crying to take things to an even lower level of spookiness. I think the last three minutes of this song are pretty much unneeded.


The last song is what might happen if Watain took acid in the studio. It is more of an outro interlude than a song. I'll give this album an 8.5, it might have scored higher if some of the songs had the fat trimmed.These guys are onto something and like to hear what happens when the song writing matures.





Suffer Yourself are Ukrainian/Swedish and play atmospheric doom/death metal. This is their second album.


This is atmospheric doom/death with an emphasis on long, slow songs that are filled with morbid beauty and hopeless despair.


The pace is torturously slow, but we like it that way. The band take their time to carefully build atmosphere through relentless heavy distortion and lighter, more restrained passages; frequently combined together.


The songs are charged with negative energy, as the band do everything within their power to craft feelings of loss, misery and deep suffering and torment. They seem to be very effective at what they do, and the 61 minutes on Ectoplasm is full of bad vibes.


Even when the band do occasionally put their foot on the accelerator it never actually lightens the mood or changes the feelings of dark despondency that hang over this release like a black cloud.


With a brooding and monumental sound there’s a lot for aficionados of the style to get their teeth into. Ectoplasm is full of substance and worth exploring as the band pile in all of the atmosphere and woe that they can grab.


Vocals? These are mainly growls and screams, but there’s some considerable variety on here.


The screams sound like desperate dying cries of damned sinners. It’s quite unnerving in many ways. They’re almost as unhinged and pain-filled as those to be found in some of Deinonychus’ work. Other screams also appear, but they are more traditional, if you can call them that.


The deep growls are cavernous and brutal, leaving no uncertainty about your fate should you even try to suggest that there might even remotely be some last remnant of hope, somewhere, maybe. Cleaner and semi-clean vocals are also used, with some variety in the delivery. These take the form of everything from anguished laments to chants and sung passages. Female vocals also appear periodically, further adding to the richness of vocal diversity.


There may be many different types of vocals on this release, but they all fit into the band’s framework and they all fit into the theme of despair and hopelessness that the band exude like a dark oil.


This is a well-crafted slab of weighty doom/death with a firm emphasis on the doom side of the equation.


I recommend you give this a listen before the negativity gets too much and the band disappear down some dark hole somewhere. Hopefully that won’t happen, as on this album Suffer Yourself have got the formula just right and have a lot to continue to exist for.





And you already know it ain’t happy stuff.

This doom/death act coming from Sweden -but actually started in Poland– delivered quite a shocking yet mortuary disc. Ectoplasm shows a miserable bent for the ultimate art of depression. The buzzing-drone outro tune, Transcend The Void, works as a valuable addition to the album. And also the 19 minute long epic, Dead Visions, spreads malevolence all over the place. Featuring, amongst others, a creepy and shattering spoken vocal.





When you title your album ECTOPLASM and there’s not a single Ghostbusters reference to be found ANYWHERE, you’re basically setting yourself up for failure. Totally missed opportunity… But as luck would have it, ECTOPLASM, the sophomore release from Poland’s Suffer Yourself, succeeds well enough without the benefit of Slimer or Mr. Stay Puft, instead offering a wretchedly heavy dose of atmospheric funeral doom that will crush your soul.




Musically, there’s a lot going on across the album’s five tracks, which, considering what a challenging medium this can be, definitely helps to maintain some momentum and listener interest. You’ve got a base of slow moving, mildewed riffs that take their cues from the likes of Mournful Congregation and Evoken with bit of death gristle a la Encoffination and an injection of uncomfortable ambiance from the occasional piano keys, dissonant guitar strains, creaking doors and siren cries. I’m pretty sure that I even heard some Morse code buried in there as well. If the intent was to create a theater of sound, the jet’s on the aircraft carrier and the banner reads “Mission Accomplished”. Listening to the 19-minute plus “Dead Visions” with its muddled chanting, I lost track of how many times I felt like I was lost in a catacomb somewhere bearing witness to a ritual or procession that I wasn’t supposed to see. As dense and monolithic as ECTOPLASM can be at times, it holds up across repeated listens. Strap on a pair of headphones and it's more likely than not that you'll hear something new each time.




Extra kudos to Suffer Yourself for committing to not only the physical CD format, but releasing a special edition that’s actually pretty special. The band’s offering an ultra-limited run of ECTOPLASM that’s bound in a handmade leather sleeve, which judging by the pics on the Suffer Yourself Bandcamp page, appears to be a perfect representation of the music captured within. The snail’s pace of ECTOPLASM may be enough to turn off casual listeners, but if you’re willing to commit to the journey, there's a wealth of musical terrain to experience.




"Suffer Yourself" su tu da nam daju nedeljnu dozu funeral doom metala. Ovi Šveđani svojim albumom "Ectoplasm" stvarno znaju kako da nam zvučno objasne kako ledena nordijska prostranstva utiču na psihu. Ko ovih šezdesetak minuta odluša u kontinuitetu i bez pauze, taj ima olovne živce. Ocena: dvadeset nadgrobnih spomenika.





Settling down to Suffer Yourself for the first time almost had me checking my speakers out as the only sound forthcoming was a distant soft fuzz. But before I went for the screwdriver a banshee wail pierced the solitude and the Swedish quartet began to assert their formidably frostbitten interpretation of crushing doom. And crushing it certainly is. Once Suffer Yourself find their groove they squeeze it until it’s red in the face and the eyes are popping on stalks threatening to part company with their head. The methodical menace of opening title track ‘Ectoplasm’ is coated with additional layers of gloom and sporadic female chants that fight for air alongside the deepened crusty croak of Ukrainian Suffer Yourself vocalist Stanislav Govorukha.


As if to reassert which side of the doom coin Suffer Yourself reside, the second song, a 16-minute torturous headtrip is titled ‘Abysmal Emptiness’. You won’t be surprised to learn its painfully slow, mind destroying in places and heavier than a shire horse and almost as hairy. Occasional tinny cymbals try to carve out chinks of light but it’s a losing battle as Suffer Yourself simply pull the covers of darkness more tightly overhead. At one point the throbbing repetitive thud is overlaid with random calls and cries as though coming from behind the brutalized and bloodied walls of a Victorian asylum.


In the slow moving soundscape of Suffer Yourself the third of the five tracks, ‘The Core’, is almost a sprightly jig at around seven minutes. Of course the tone is anything but jiggy as the inherent ambience within is every bit as solemn as what’s gone before. If anything ‘The Core’ almost stumbles over its own laces so painfully slow is the tortured tempo. The feeling is again as cold as ice and the doleful dollops of melancholic doom simply empty themselves of any life the further into this bleak void you go. Not that it needs it, but to heap further layers of intrigue on top the song ends with almost childlike voices, quite possibly provided by the band’s female drummer Kateryna Osmuk.


‘Dead Visions’ is a challenging 20 minutes in duration but with sufficient twists and turns to maintain interest from start to finish. By Suffer Yourself’s own uncompromising standards the early shots into the wilderness are mildly engaging… that is until Govorukha arrives to completely altar the mood with one guttural bellow that comes from such a low point you almost have to reach down to catch it. As the rhythm slowly gains in intensity and depth the Polish vocalist continues to expunge his deathly growl while occasional guitar shards give the whole soundscape a more defined and complete shape. Indeed a riff that works so well within this trough of unbridled despair is sparky and embracing but you just have to peer thorough the murkiness to find it.


Around six minutes into this monstrous opus of a track some Polish (I think!) spoken words of prose are read across a disturbingly bleak and ambient soundscape. I’m unable to shed much light on what is said, although bearing in mind the song is called ‘Dead Visions’ I’m assuming it’s not joyous offerings of bonhomie. As if further evidence was needed that ‘Dead Visions’ is a morose tale of tearful misery, five minutes from the end the melancholic sweep of instrumental music is joined by almost hysterical female weeping that almost has you reaching for the tissues. Not all 20-minute expanses of doom work this well, but ‘Dead Visions’ has enough layers to show that it is time well spent.


Closer ‘Transcend the Void’ ensures the mood at the end of this hour long journey is every bit as gloomy as when we came in. A gossamer thin line of suffocating smog have just abstract male ramblings for company during the initial phase and although the dark and dulcet tones slowly take on more shape, the gentle strokes are still almost too veiled to touch allowing Ectoplasm to eventually fade out, not so much under it’s own head of steam – more like a final dying breath.


If your prefer chunks of doom sliced thicker than a Warburtons’ loaf then Suffer Yourself will fit nicely in your lunchbox.




Ha létezhet zenei műfaj, amivel a szellemvilágot le lehet írni, vagy meg lehet zenésíteni, az számomra a funeral doom lehet talán.

Mikor jó egy funeral doom lemez? Jó vagy nagyon jó? Nagyon jó akkor, ha végig fenntartja az érdeklődést. Na, ez a feladat! Illés Andris a Dreams After Deathben számomra szállította ezt a jelenséget az első két lemezen. Tehát ez a nagyon jó. A jó pedig az, amikor már majdnem kinyomná Ön, mert unja, aztán jön egy ámulatba ejtő rész. Így csinálják az "ígéretes" csapatok.

Ezzel párhuzamosan léteznek a rajongók és a mazochista rajongók. Ezt a lemezt mazochista rajongóként nagyon tudom élvezni. Ugyanis az ámulatba ejtő részek hihetetlenül izgalmasak. Vállalom, hogy végigvárom a vonszoldát azokért az egy perces élvezetekért. Ezt hívnák zenei feloldásnak.

Ugye tudják, hogy most megint csak hülyéskedek? A funeral doomban jó érzés a feloldást várni, de ez csak a második hallgatásnál érvényesül, mert addigra már tudom, hogy lesz...

A svéd kvartetnél már pont megjegyeztem volna, hogy meglepően szlávos a metaljuk, mire egy kicsit beleásva a történetükbe, derült ki, hogy Lengyelországban alakultak 2011-ben, majd Ukrajnába költöztek, a végállomás pedig Svédország lett. Eddigi mérlegük egy demó és két lemez. Nöi dobosuk van!




De nézzük, aprólékosan, hogy miért is jó nekünk, ha Suffer Yourselfet hallgatunk. Először is a tősgyökeres funeral doom arcoknak kimondottan jól jöhet a vontatottság, a dalok lassú felfejlődése. Az első másfél percben csak titokzatos zörejezés és sutyorgás hallatszik. Aztán, ahogy bedörren a metal, haladéktalanul jön vele a gyomorhörgés és a sikoltozás is. Nemsokra rá, kiáll a druzsva, és fájdalmas - ideglelő gitárnyúzás tépi az idegeinket. Gyakorlatilag a negyedik percben jön az első igazán figyelemreméltó téma, amire ennyi idő alatt fel is lettünk csigázva. A hörgésre női ének, illetve ha-ha-házás csempész némi gótikus ízt. Ezzel párhuzamosan szintetizátor és zongora is mélyíti a hatást. A dal második fele pedig maga a mély izgalom. Olyan, mintha valami rituálét figyelnénk.

A második tétel az Abysmal Emptines ultravastag gitárdózerrel indul, majd jön a pszicho gitár a gyomorgörcs énekhanggal, szavalás.

Ekkorra derült ki számomra, hogy a své... lengyelek erősen alapoznak a szuggesztív hangulat kiépítésére, hiszen a monotónia ránk tapos időnként. Szinte pontosan nyolc perc altatás után bejön némi blast beat, ami mintegy kettévágja a közel 17 perces dalmonsztert. Jót tett a rendszerrel, pláne azért, hogy szintetizátort is hallunk ezután, és visszatér a szellemgitár. A 12-ik percben komoly meglepetés ér minket az énekhang eltorzírtással, effektezéssel... Szó szerint szellemi...

Amit kiemelnék még, azok a The Core dalban a csikorgások, és egyéb túlvilági hangok, és a második felében hallgató post-rockos megoldások. Az ultra hosszú (majd 20 perces) Dead Visions meg olyan, mintha több külön álló dal lenne. Ötletes az elején a hamisra húzott gitár, majd jó az álló harmóniázás is. A szláv szavalás hab a tortán. A felétől pedig nagyon bevadul minden

A Transcend the Voiddal egy ambient tétel zárja a több, mint egy órás vonszolót.


Mindent hoz ez a kiadvány, amit egy jó funeral doom albumnak hoznia kell. Ott van benne a vontatottság, a halál hangulat, misztikum, és egy platónyi sötétség is. Monokróm borító, aminek az elején egy csaj éppen ektoplazmát zabál. Erről az anyagról tudvalevő, hogy szellemidézésekkor vagy csak szimpla jelenésekkor hagyják maguk után hátra a kísértetek.

A megszólalás abszolút jó, főleg a Satanath termékekhez képest, ahol azért belefuthatunk meredek dolgokba. Itt azonban nincs erről szó, nem csak a versenyképesség, de e közérthetőség is szempont lehetett.


Nem ismerem a korábbi anyagaikat, de a hallottak alapján egy kiforrott, komoly dalszerzői tudással felvértezett csapatot ismerhettem meg. Az ének is változatos, nem csak az ultramély gyomorkorgatás szól. A műfaj szerelmesei csípni fogják!





Az ektoplazma a szellemhívők és paranormális tevékenységeket kutatók igen kedvelt fogalma, amit több helyen anyagnak titulálnak, de anyagi mivoltára, sőt, egyáltalán létezésére sincs igazán bizonyíték. Ugyan a világhálón keringenek róla kísérteties, fekete-fehér fotók a jónép rémítgetését szolgálva, de olyan valós kép, amit nem 100 éves fényképezőgéppel készítettek legalább ennyi idővel ezelőtt nem igazán fellelhető. A Szellemirtók slejm szerű zöld gusztustalanságát leszámítva a médiumok úgy gondolják, hogy az ektoplazma egy olyan közeg, amin keresztül egy idegen entitás képes üzeneteket küldeni az élők világába. A baráti csevej befejezésével a közvetítő személy szervezetéből valamely testnyílásán keresztül távozik. Létbizonytalansága ellenére épp elég misztikus és sejtelmes ahhoz, hogy egy atmoszférikus, funeral doomban utazó banda felhasználhassa lemezcímnek, a Suffer Yourself pedig élt is ezzel a lehetőséggel új lemezén. A zenekar története épp olyan érdekes, mint maga a választott téma, ugyanis már harmadik nemzetiséghez sorolja őket az enciklopédia. Minden 2011-ben kezdődött, amikor a zenekar főkolomposa, Stanislav Govorukha egymaga útjára indította kísértetvadászatát, amihez aztán két lengyel tag is csatlakozott, Malcolm Sohlen basszer, majd Kateryna Osmuk dobos kisasszony. A formációból már csak egy jó gitáros hiányzott, ehhez a zenekar pedig meg sem állt Svédországig, ahol jelenleg székelnek. Lars Abrahamsson húrszaggató csatlakozásával vált tehát teljessé a kép, legalábbis, ami napjaink Suffer Yourself zenekarát illeti. Debütálásról ugyanakkor nem beszélhetünk, mivel ideiglenes társakkal Stanislav 2014-ben rögzített már egy kis példányszámban megjelent lemezt, ez volt az Inner Sanctum. Némi belefülelés után azt a lemezt sem írnám le, de véleményem szerint most érkezett el az igazi bemutatkozás ideje.


    A misztikum tehát minden ízében és anyagában adott, hogy ebből mit sikerült átültetni a hangjegyek világába, az már más kérdés. Sajnos az elmúlt években nem igazán tudta elnyerni funeral doom lemez a kegyeimet, legalábbis maradéktalanul utoljára az Ahab és az Evoken lemezeit tudtam rongyosra hallgatni, mivel mindkettőt a műfaj klasszikusának tartom. E nélkül nem is egyszerű érvényesülni, mert ezt a műfajt olyan finom hangolással, arányérzékkel kell prezentálni a nagyérdeműnek, ami csak keveseknek adatott meg. Szerencsére azért a Suffer Yourself berkein belül értik ezt a csíziót és bár nem tettek le egy halhatatlan remekművet a műfaj ravatalozó asztalára, azért az ínséges időkben egy kellemes kikapcsolódást nyújthatnak az erre fogékonyaknak. A srácok (és a csaj) összekalapálnak mindent, amitől működhet egy lemez, csak az a fránya arányérzék hagyta cserben őket időnként és beleestek a már klisésnek számító csapdába, a nem túl jól megírt darabokat időhúzással próbálták meg művészinek feltüntetni. Receptúrájuk meglepően jól indított például a címadó, lemezt is nyitó dalban, ahol azonnal felfigyelhetünk az érdekes vokalizálási kísérletekre is. Az ijesztő kriptahangokból előtörő temetői málházást éles sikolyok és pincehörgés keverékével teszik még morbidabbá, később pedig templomi kórusokkal bolondítják meg az amúgy is igen félelemkeltő egyveleget. Egyértelműen a lemez legjobb száma, főleg, hogy tudtak megálljt parancsolni maguknak nem sokkal a tízedik perc után. Lassú, borongós, időnként a basszus uralta tortúráról van itt szó, ami egy kísértettel való kellemetlen, fizikai érzékelés élményét is prezentáló találkáról szól, no meg rendes funeral doom módjára az elkerülhetetlen végről. Mint mondtam, nem remekmű, de egy ritka kellemes példánya annak, amit én elvárok ettől a vonaltól.




    Ezt már a 16 perces Abysmal Emptiness követi, amiben rengeteg hangzással, suttogással, túlvilági hangokkal találkozunk, melyek az utolsó csillag kihunyása után lebegnek a feneketlen ürességben. A zenekar vért izzadva halmozza az élvezeteket változatosság tekintetében, még némi gyorsulást is kapunk, de egyszerűen annyira nincs szerkezete az egész tételnek, hogy úgy folynak el mellettünk a jobbnál jobb pillanatok, mintha nem is léteznének, pedig ott vannak. Olyan, mintha valami nagyon jót lassítottak volna tizedére, mivel minden új hangot képesek benne unásig játszani. A lemez legrövidebb, dala követi, a 7 perces The Core. A dal érdekessége, hogy Nika Turbina szovjet költőnő egy versének részlete is elhangzik benne először eredeti, orosz nyelven, majd angolul, veszettül végighörögve. A kétségbeesett női hangok nagyon sokat hozzátettek a szerzemény hangulatához, amit rengeteg bizarr hanggal toldottak meg. A The Core újabb bizonyíték a rövidebb néha jobb elméletre. A közel 20 perces Dead Visions meglepő módon még jobban sikerült az Abysmal Emptinesshez képest, tehát van élet a monumentalitás közelében is. A végtelenül lassan hömpölygő tételben Poe és egy orosz költőnő, Zinaida Gippius verseinek részleteit hallhatjuk hol a mély hörgés, hol halk narratíva kíséretében, természetesen több nyelven. Valahogy kellemesen andalítóra sikerült ez a szerzemény, még annak ellenére is, hogy zeneileg bizony végtelenül egysíkú és unalmas. A kiadványt újfent rövidebb dal zárja, ez a Transcend The Void, ami inkább előzményeinek visszhangjának tűnik, mintsem egy különálló tételnek.


    Felemás érzelmekkel búcsúztam a lemeztől többszöri végigpörgetés után is, mivel annyira akartam szeretni végre egy jó funeral doom lemezt, de nem tudtam maradéktalanul megbarátkozni a Suffer Yourself világával. Oké, szellemek és para, sötétség és halál, de azért ne felejtsük el, hogy zenét készítünk, aminek van eleje, vége, íve, esetleg koherenciája. Itt a jó ötletek hol költői túlzásokba fulladnak bele, hol pedig unalmunkban siklanak ki a kezeink közül, mert már nincs erőnk, nem is akarunk figyelni. Ettől függetlenül tartogat érdekes pillanatokat és megfelelő hangulatot azoknak, akik még nem mondtak le e fantasztikus műfajról és nem az Abysmal Growls Of Despair lemezeire esküsznek. Próbakörre elvihetitek az anyagot a zenekar bandcamp oldalán.






The subgenre funeral metal was once pioneered by a Swedish band – Katanonia’s 1993 album Dance of December Souls went slow, melodic and tragic when many others were busy with the brutal and aggressive. Since then, the genre has undergone many changes, the most notable of which is its successful marriage to doom metal and the subsequent birth of funeral doom. This is the genre of choice for another Swedish band, Suffer Yourself. Their second album Ectoplasm was released on CD in November last year, and is now due for a vinyl DLP release any day. Originally a solo project based in Poland, Suffer Yourself is now a quartet which unleashes its slow, sad and heavy music upon the world from Linköping in Sweden.


The style is, overall, what might be expected. There’s a heavy flavor of Corrupted and early Esoteric – painfully slow drum work, heavy and distorted guitars, coupled with less distorted melodic string work and sparse but well executed synthesizers. Additionally, there are more than a few ambient, darkly atmospheric sections. At times things speed up somewhat, but that is rare – this is not an album for fast headbanging. The vocals switch between deep, very deep, growls and higher pitched screams.


The whole album consists of only five tracks, but has a playtime of more than an hour. The tempo variations, ambient interludes and efficient atmosphere building all serve to eliminate any risk of boredom, even as the track length of “Dead Visions” approaches 20 minutes. For fans of sludgy funeral doom metal, Suffer Yourself is pretty much the way to go.


Like many albums these days, Ectoplasm is published by a bewildering cabal of labels. The jewel-case CD is done by Satanath Records in collaboration with More Hate Productions, whereas the digipak and cassette versions are out through distributor Cimmerian Shade Recordings, who will also do the double vinyl version (exact date TBA). Most versions, including various bundles, are available form the band’s bandcamp page. If you are up for some doomy funeral doom, you should not hesitate.





Desde la ciudad sueca de Linköping, nos llega el segundo trabajo de funeral doom de SUFFER YOURSELF, editado a través de Cimmerian Shade Recordings / Contaminated Tones. La banda nos propone un universo repleto de detalles musicales, rodeados de angustia y melancolía, además de un toque oscuro y fantasmagórico que nos tendrá en vilo durante su escucha.


“Ectoplasm”, da buena fe de ello, con una atmosfera opresiva, pero melódica, donde las profundas voces de Stanislav Govorukha ponen ese toque doom perfecto, que además se refuerzan con alaridos y coros, (los cuales me recordaron a la bso de “La Profecía”), a cargo de Andrey Tkachenko. Pero lo que más me gusta de este temazo, es el cambio de atmosferas que aplican a su composición, creando una ambientaciones terroríficas y enigmáticas. “Abysmal Emptiness”, nos sumerge aún más en el abismo, con unas guitarras a cargo de Lars Abrahamsson y el propio Stanislav, que se pierden en un eco vacío y penétrate. A esto también ayuda la percusión pausada de Kateryna y un potente bajo a manos de Malcom Sohlen, Dieciséis minutos de penetrantes atmosferas y doom por doquier. Esa ambientación la siguen manteniendo en “The Core”, a la cual añaden sonidos de niños de fondo, una parte súper lenta central y diversos elementos sonoros como toques de telégrafo, sonidos en off… para crear ambientación aún más asfixiante. La cual también consiguen a la perfección en “Trascend The Void”, donde una narración con voz limpia en segundo plano, se ve acompañada de efectos de ecos y una instrumentación que va lentamente apoderándose de la estructura musical, un outro perfecto.


“Dead Visions”, merece mención aparte, donde recogen en sus letras, pasajes de Poe, Gippius, S.G…., para crear un mastodonte de casi veinte minutos de duración de doom atmosférico, que te trasladara a un mundo oscuro y lóbrego, donde las voces giran entre los gritos, los guturales y la narración limpia, con diversos cambios a lo largo de una estructura compositiva compleja y progresiva.


SUFFER YOURSELF, han creado un buen álbum de doom/funeral/metal, con grandes atmosferas y pasajes repletos de misterio. Si te gustan grupos como CATACOMBS, SKEPTICISM, CLOUDS… dale al play y prepárate para entrar en las tinieblas con “Ectoplasm”.





Frickelei Fehlanzeige - denn bei "Ectoplasm", dem zweiten Album von SUFFER YOURSELF, bekommt man es mit atmosphärischem Death / Funeral Doom Metal zu tun, der beinahe ständig die Hand an der Handbremse hat. Ins Schleudern gerät das ukrainisch-schwedische Quartett aber dennoch nicht, als dass die Band gut mit den Stimmungen zu arbeiten weiß.


Geht man an "Ectoplasm" jedoch unter dem Aspekt heran, spitzfindige instrumentale Leistungen oder kompositorische Geniestreiche zu finden, dann wird man nicht ganz glücklich werden. Lässt man sich jedoch darauf ein, das Album einfach nur wirken zu lassen, dann hat man bedeutend mehr davon.


Zieht man in etwa gleich den titelgebenden Opener "Ectoplasm" heran, so offenbart der Zehnminüter durchaus Potenzial, als dass er in dunkler Stimmungslage die Themen (manchmal nicht ganz geschmeidig im Übergang) wechselt und durch seine choralen Passagen an (die großartigen) AMPHITRYON erinnert. Wohl auch, weil die Growls von Stanislav Govorukha durchdringend und tief zum Besten gegeben werden. Zu den Growls mischen sich dann und wann auch Screams und (leidvoll) gesprochene Passagen hinzu.


Die Trägheit des Albums macht sich gegen Ende aber auch negativ bemerkbar, als dass die zweite Albumhälfte etwas abfällt bzw. das abschließende "Transcend the Void" einfach nur droneig ist. Das überlange "Abysmal Emptiness" umschifft diese Gefahr zwar erst spät, aber doch, als dass nach knapp zehn Minuten mehr oder minder plötzlich das Tempo angezogen wird und Drummerin Kateryna Osmuk auch einmal ansatzweise die Blast Beats auspacken darf. Gerade dieser Track erinnert dann auch an MY DYING BRIDE zu "As The Flowers Withers"-Zeiten - nicht zuletzt auch wegen dem Gitarrenklang.


Auch wenn "Ectoplasm" nicht auf ganzer Linie (oder auf ganzer Länge) begeistern kann, so haben SUFFER YOURSELF doch ein stimmungsvolles Album geschaffen, das sich gut dazu eignet, einfach einmal eine Stunde lang abzuschalten und sich in emotionale Kälte zu hüllen.





Тяжеленный, не от мира сего, дум. Гробовая тоска, вываливающаяся из колонок дьявольским речитативом, тёмной, жужжащей магией гитарного рёва, ползущей из могил хищной протоплазмой, одуревшей от безликого сонма дней, проведенных в аду одиночества.


Мощный и полногласный альбом, воспевающий с торжественностью оккультных церемоний свои трагичные гимны.





Suffer Yourself nearly flew under the radar this year with Ectoplasm, a haunting death-doom extravaganza. The album, which sounds almost as if it were recorded deep in the bowels of some massive cave a mile below the surface of the Earth, has all the hallmarks of the genre. Tortuously slow and long songs, that stark, single-note guitar harmony over walls of crashing doom noise, and guttural vocals, though the band isn't afraid to shift it up and even hit full headbanging tempos on occasion. Treat yourself? Hell no. Suffer Yourself, bastard!




Da holen dich die ersten mächtigen Riffs des Openers und Titlestücks Ectoplasm ab und tragen dich ins weite Land des klassischen, des epischen Doom, um dich erst nach einer guten Stunde wieder zu entlassen. Ein grosser Trumpf der Band sind die im Ohr hängenbleibenden Melodien, die mich absolut überzeugen konnten, da sie nicht zu aufdringlich wirken, sondern mit viel Gefühl in das Soundgefüge gewebt wurden… Sieht man mal von den einigen Stellen ab, ist "Ectoplasm" voll mit melodischem und wundervollen Melodien. SUFFER YOURSELF um Lars Abrahamsson, Malcolm Sohlen, Kateryna Osmuk und Stanislav Govorukha , fesseln dabei auf ihrem Album zu jeder Sekunde, da sie es schaffen, ebenjene einzigartige Stimmung durchgängig zu erzeugen, die meines Erachtens den besonderen Reiz des Doom ausmacht: eine eigentümliche Mischung aus dem Bedürfnis mit erhobenen Armen ergriffen auf die Knie zu sinken und dem Drang, sich entschlossen geradezumachen und zu rocken. So gibt es auf "Ectoplasm" Tempowechsel, Dynamik, wiedererkennbare, unterscheidbare, echte Songs.




Шведы Suffer Yourself выпускают уже вторую полноформатную работу, которая все так же обволакивает тьмой тяжелого похоронного дума в сочетании с грубым и тягучим дэт-металом. Стоит сразу отметить, что несмотря на очень низкий темп, музыка отличается разнообразием аранжировок и по полной переносит слушателя в мир хоррора и темной философии то ли космоса, то ли подземелья. "Ectoplasm" действительно очень высоко поднимает планку качества, возрождая что-то мрачное и страшное из самых глубин хаоса и немного, словно эхом, давая почувствовать музыкальную архитектуру как эпохи возрождения, так и мира католического вероисповедания. Уверяю, что сочетание саундтрека какого-нибудь фильма ужасов с церковными мотивами и органами с депрессивной злобой блэк-метала, фьюнерал-думовым давлением тяжеловесных гитар и сочным, утробным гроулом слушается интересно и захватывающе. Разнообразные дроновые вставки и сэмплирование совмещается настолько корректно и выразительно, что данный опус можно смело назвать настоящим шедевром. Что-то подобное мне уже доводилось слышать у американцев Evoken, но шведы, естественно, сделали все по-своему, не принуждая никого вдаваться в дебри сравнений и аналогий. В данном случае сравнения не заходят дальше тяжести звучания и сложности аранжировок. Suffer Yourself - это группа, которая доказывает, что даже такой нерасторопный жанр как фьюнерал-дум может быть очень сложным и максимально разнообразным. Так и хочется здесь добавить еще слово "прогрессивность", но во избежание случайных недоумений все-таки промолчу. Это просто шедевр! Пусть будет так...






With this sophomore release, Suffer Yourself really hit their atmospheric Funeral/Death/Doom stride.




Suffer Yourself were one of those bands that seemingly sprang, fully-formed, out of nowhere, with a debut release of 'Inner Sanctum' in early 2014. It wasn't quite that simple, though: the trio responsible for that were essentially re-recording founder Stanislav Govorukha's solo demo of the same name from 2012 - though the demo only got a physical release, on tape via Contaminated Tones, a couple of months after Cimmerian Shade Recordings launched the debut CD. Fortunately, since I was reviewing the album and paying attention at the time, I also acquired one of the nicely-packaged, signed and personalised demo tapes. Which may not be strictly relevant to the review, but, as someone who still treasures 'real' copies of music, I always feel that it's deeply commendable when bands go that extra mile, even over and above a straightforward physical release. Which also turned out to be the case with 'Ectoplasm' - again released by Cimmerian Shade - available as a digipack CD, tape or ultra-limited leather-bound A5 CD, with or without T-shirt options. For those who don't feel the need to collect rarities, rest assured that the musical content is the same, even on the simple digital download option: for those that do, I'm very satisfied with the cool workmanship of the handmade leather sleeve, and the visual extras enclosed.


Anyway, moving along from the presentation: having relocated from Poland to Ukraine between demo and debut, Suffer Yourself has now shifted operations to Sweden, and is - apart from the constant presence of Stan Govorukha - a new four-piece line-up, featuring guest vocal contributions from Andrey Tkachenko (Vin de Mia Trix) and Drone work from François Bilodeau (co-author of the track 'Transcend The Void'). Most importantly, perhaps - although the previous percussive programming was none too shabby - is the inclusion of a drummer in the person of Kateryna Osmuk, who also supplies soprano vocals.


Pleasingly, the pieces on offer have lost none of their intellectual angle, with tracks including poetry from Russian authors Zinaida Gippius and Nika Turbina, alongside extracts from Lovecraft and Poe, all of them combined around the core concepts of afterlife and rebirth into the infinite. Equally pleasingly, they've lost none of their ability to combine the staples of Funeral and Death/Doom with some unexpected and less-explored angles: as on the opening title track - progressing from a spookily ritualistic beginning, through the abrupt shock of Andrey's familiar shrieks against a cavernous background, to a borderline Death/Funeral-paced section with a delightfully Gothic female counterpoint chorale, all within a matter of minutes. And it's not simply a case of throwing everything and the kitchen sink indiscriminately into the mix: the transitions, even the quicker ones, are so smoothly executed and natural-sounding that you could wonder why someone else hasn't already figured this out and made this album already.


To an extent, that smoothness even disguises the fact that, actually, the content is surprisingly close to 'including the kitchen sink' levels - it's an extraordinarily diverse, even transgressive, album for a notionally Funeral-based work. There's plenty of the slow, hypnotic repetition that sits at the heart of the genre - the five tracks, ranging from seven to twenty minutes, are clearly spacious enough to let such motifs expand and develop incrementally where necessary. It's just that they're equally willing to dive off into some more radical twists and turns - sombre Latin chants, clean-vocalled melodies, echoing atmospherics, darkly pulsing ambience and up-tempo blackened blasts, to name a few just from the initial couple of tracks - with a deftness that belies the diversity on offer.


Don't get the impression that this makes it some kind of arty Prog-prefixed venture, though. Whilst the complexity of the compositions might sometimes qualify on technical grounds, 'Ectoplasm' is primarily a heavy, gloomy beast, firmly anchored in lightless and dreadful places, and the lighter or more romantic flourishes serve to emphasize that with contrast, not reduce it. This should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with 'Inner Sanctum' - essentially, it's a refinement of that same model: an evolution oozing with quality, but undeniably sharing the same basic DNA. And, in much the same vein, it presents an hour of music that really captivates with its depth, breadth and span: I'd struggle to want to pick out a highlight, rather than to listen to the whole album, though at a push - perhaps the keyboard sections and melodies (and the screaming climax) of 'Dead Visions' give it a very slight edge in that category.


If you want a recommendation: well, I allowed myself a top twelve for 2016, and Suffer Yourself made the cut as the sole Funeral Doom representative. I'd simply describe it as being head and shoulders above anything else in that genre over the last year. So, yeah - buy it, it's very good indeed.





Второй альбом шведской funeral death doom metal группы является прямым продолжением первого альбома «Inner Sanctum», но имеет более агрессивный и мрачный саунд. Альбом пронизан оккультизмом, тёмными материями и ambient-вставками, и затрагивает темы небытия, духовного опыта, бесконечности космоса и невосполнимости потерь. Длительность материала чуть более часа, при том что количество песен на диске не превышает пяти. Композиционно трэки созданы на основе тягучих, гнетуще-медленных doom metal риффов, которые, в совокупности с низким вокалом, разнообразными звуковыми эффектами, мистическими drone шумами, и инструментальными интерлюдиями, формируют настоящее ощущение присутствия потусторонних сил и загадочных событий, происходящих с их участием, воссоздают атмосферу спиритических сеансов, момента вызывания и вселения в медиума душ умерших людей. Музыка группы непременно заинтересует поклонников таких групп как Evoken, Catacombs, Disembowelement и Esoteric.





The length of this five-song CD exceeds one hour. The tracks are based on plaintive, oppressively slow doom metal riffs combined with deep vocals, different sound effects, mystical drone noise and instrumental interludes to evoke the sensation of supernatural forces and associated mysterious events, create the atmosphere of spirit-rapping, when the rapper becomes obsessed with summoned souls of the deceased. Definitely will be interested to fans of Evoken, Catacombs, Disembowelement and Esoteric.





Os suecos do Suffer Yourself estão para o Doom, assim como os ingleses do Paradise Lost, Anathema antigo e My Dying Bride Official uk, ou seja, aquela musicalidade rançosa, soturna e mais densa que chumbo é o programa principal em "Ectoplasm", seu mais recente rebento.


Uma atmosfera desoladora e depressiva é criada a partir do primeiro acorde moribundo das guitarras e percorre até o final das cinco longas composições. O andamento letárgico e hipnótico é cortesia de uma cozinha consistente e muito pesada e deverá causar algum desgaste físico e até mesmo emocional ao ouvinte pouco familiarizado com a proposta do Suffer Yourself, mas quem disse que Doom Metal foi feito para amadores?


Os reais simpatizantes da causa entrarão em êxtase profundo ao som das vagarosas "Ectoplasm", com suas belas variações climáticas, e "Dead Visions", uma epopéia Doom de início acalentador, mas que se transforma numa genuína conjuração ao mal durante seu desenvolvimento, em um intenso conflito emocional. Vale uma bela conferida.




Suffer Yourself is a funeral doom metal band and it was initially formed in Poland in 2011. Later they've moved to Ukraine and finally to Sweden. ''Ectoplasm'' is LP which was released in 2016 as a co/release of Satanath Records, More Hate Productions and  Cimerian Shade Recordings.




Collosal dark tones are overlaid with melancholic doom melodies, all entangled with gloomy keyboards and clean guitars that evoke the best moments of Evoken. Dreadful doom/death metal, with songs which are constantly evolving with fresh parts, not allowing a moment of monotony. This album is filled with excellent deep growls, distressful recitations and eerie and stinging DSBM screams, creating leaden and dense atmosphere of imminent doom.


Vocal arrangement at the beginning of the first song, ''Ectoplasm'' brings hurtful screams entwined with growls, followed by obscure slow riffs and bringing back the atmosphere first Wormphlegm. There is a gorgeous slow crushing riff somewhere around the 3rd minute, born in pain from the break with mournful melody that's crawling out of it. That's the first among many on this album, a riff which withers and scars everything in front of it with its massive energy, soon to be joined by severed and slashed opera/like female vocal effects, extended with deep church/like recitals.




''Abyssmal Emptyness'' is beginning with strong vibe of Morgion. It has creeping melodies followed by whispers, and clean guitar parts followed by growls. Haunting melodies constantly intertwine with crushing riffs which are sometimes followed by growls which turn to DSBM screams, like somewhere around the fifth minute. There is a break afterwards with sound like a gramophone giving birth to poignant melodies. Keyboard 7 and half minutes, one break brings us a death metal track followed by a blast/beat that draws on early MDB.


''The Core'' is beginning with clean guitars and all previously mentioned parts, and at some point crushing riff is followed by the sound of a sonar,intensified later with sorrowful melody. There's an interesting break with cranking door, and in the end we hear a female/voiced recital.




''Dead Visions'' begins with a riff that moves slowly like a river of lava, joined by the echoing solo melody. There's a lightweight and atmospheric part with clean guitars that 's caressing like a spring wind, followed by whispers, and the atmospheric riffs afterwards are followed by a melancholic melodies and recitals and disheveled growls and screams on clean-guitar parts. Recital in Swedish sounds pretty harsh, shifting at slow pace, intensified at the end,  joined by creeping melodies. Ghostlike female cries really gave me chill, followed by evolving gothic keyboards and chorals. Sounds of echoing bells end this song.


''Transcend The Void'' is a great way to end this masterpiece, with a spectral recital in the background of creepy guitar sounds that constantly emerge from it.



By my humble opinion, this is one of the best doom releases in 2016 for sure, recommended for fans of Abstract Spirit, Evoken, Morgion, Swallow the Sun.





From one album full of epics, we head straight to another… but this time, the Funeral Doom of Suffer Yourself is a much easier proposition to deal with.


Having originally started in Poland, before venturing off to Ukraine, and then finally settling in Sweden, Suffer Yourself has made the transition from one man band to full band, this time with some new blood in mainman Stanislav Govorukha’s newly adopted country.


Usually, I have to be in the mood for Funeral Doom, but I took an instant like to this album and the Deathly vocals are much easier to absorb than some of the more torturous you can find in this genre. In fact, everything is pretty much an easy listen. Sure, it’s reasonably miserable, but that’s a good thing for a moody fucker like myself. According to my mother, I hate the world… and she was slightly off the mark, I just hate most humans.


If you normally shy away from Funeral Doom, this album could be the one to convert you.






Mit Ektoplasma, der sogenannten Geistersubstanz, die laut Überlieferungen – ob fragwürdig oder nicht – bei spirituellen Medien aus den Körperöffnungen treten soll, befasst sich die schwedisch-ukrainische Band SUFFER YOURSELF. So zähflüssig, wie das Ektoplasma, strömt auch ihr Sound aus den Boxen und versucht immerzu in die Poren einzudringen. Ich weiss nicht was genau es ist, aber die Scheibe hat irgendwas Anziehendes. Etwas geheimnisvolles, das man nicht wecken soll, es aber trotzdem immer wieder tut, um es weiter zu ergründen.

Gerade der titelgebende Opener gibt der umstrittenen Thematik die richtige Gestalt. Der Zehnminüter bewirkt eine immense Tiefenberührung mit vermeintlich anderen Mächten. Mit der gesanglichen Vielfalt aus ultratiefen Growls, den kranken, besessenen Screams, die in Mark und Bein übergehen, dem erzählendem Sprechgesang und dem weiblichen Singsang eines verführerischen, aber vermutlich nichts Gutes verheissenden Engels, öffnet dieser Track eine Pforte, die die Neugierde nur noch mehr entfacht.

Die komplette musikalische Séance geschieht umringt von schleppenden Gitarren und entsprechendem Rhythmusbeitrag, mit denen SUFFER YOURSELF durch die knarzenden Flure wandeln. Durch Zuhilfenahme von Geräusch- und Sprachsamples wird das Erlebnis mit der geheimnisvollen Art noch um einiges verstärkt.

„Ectoplasm“ klappt vermutlich nicht bereits bei der ersten Sitzung. Aber spätestens ab der dritten bis vierten Beschwörung werden Euch die Geister in ihr Geheimnis bereitwillig einweihen.




Wszelkich melancholijnych i klimatycznych odmian doom metalu (czyt. death/doom metal, gothic/doom metal, atmospheric doom metal etc.) mogłabym słuchać godzinami, a nawet czasem i tygodniami. Jednak gdy widzę dopisek „funeral” załącza mi się sceptyczne podejście to danego materiału. Wszystko z obawy przed schematycznym, nużącym i ciągnącym się jak flaki z olejem graniem. Jakiś czas temu w moje ręce wpadł funeralowy właśnie, drugi album ukraińsko-szwedzkiej (niektóre źródła wskazują Polskę jako lokalizację na początku działalności grupy) formacji o wymownej nazwie Suffer Yourself, zatytułowany Ectoplasm. Trochę czasu upłynęło, nim usiadłam do wystukania na klawiaturze słów tej recenzji.


Pierwsza sprawa, która bardzo pozytywnie mnie zaskoczyła, to odczuwalna długość utworów. Chociaż mamy tutaj między innymi trzy ponad 10-minutowe kawałki, płyta dobiega końca w mgnieniu oka. To przede wszystkim zasługa zgrabnie zbudowanych kompozycji, które zawierają wiele przejść, zmian nastrojów, tempa czy też charakteru wokali. Druga kwestia to wyważony ciężar. Powiedziałabym, że jest to funeral doom przyjemny dla ucha. Walcowate riffy gitary rytmicznej idealnie zgrywają się z linią melodyczną gitary prowadzącej, która nadaje tej muzyce niesamowitego i melancholijnego klimatu.


Takim opus magnum tego albumu (według mnie) jest – idący na tak zwany pierwszy ogień – utwór tytułowy. Dzieje się tutaj najwięcej, a mianowicie doświadczymy brzmień od ambientu, poprzez siarczysty death, oczywiście na miażdżącym doomie kończąc. Nawet pod względem wokalnym nie możemy się spodziewać minimalizmu: chóry męskie i żeńskie, niski ryk, a nawet depresyjne, black metalowe wrzaski w tle. I nie, nie jest to przerost formy nad treścią. Muzycy tak zgrabnie łączą te różnorodne formy, że otrzymujemy z tego 10-minutowy, spójny kawałek. Zostajemy wprowadzeni w hipnotyczną, melancholijną podróż.


Genialne są dla mnie również praca gitary rytmicznej i całe samplowe tło utworu Dead Visions. Przy spokojniejszych partiach, które cechują się niezwykle klimatycznym brzmieniem, po prostu odpływam. Liczne monologi i męskie szepty (także w języku ukraińskim) równoważą się z niskim growlem. W drugiej połowie numeru zaś napotykamy oklepany patent sampli żeńskiego płaczu. Całe szczęście nie brzmią one nazbyt pretensjonalnie. Podobnie zresztą jak krzyki w jeszcze późniejszych minutach.


Na sam koniec uwagę przykuwa niespokojny Transcend the Void. Pokusiłabym się nawet o stwierdzenie, że ambientowy. W każdym razie zupełnie inny od zestawu czterech wcześniejszych pozycji na Ectoplasm. Wprowadzający już nie tyle poczucie melancholii, ale depresyjny mrok. Niepokojące odgłosy w tle, brzęcząca cicho gitara – po prostu nie da się nie zauważyć, że tym kawałkiem zespół stworzył najbardziej ponury klimat na albumie.


Ectoplasm zdobył bardzo różne oceny, niektóre nawet dość niskie. Abstrahując od wszystkiego, co mówią „Internety”, ja najnowszy materiał Suffer Yourself jak najbardziej doceniam. Już pominę fakt, że w pewnym sensie zmienili moje nastawienie do funeral doom metalu. W większości stworzyli naprawdę ciekawe numery, które wciągają w wir zapomnienia podczas ich słuchania, nawet pomijając The Core, który wypada dość blado w towarzystwie pozostałych utworów. Tak czy inaczej dawno już nie trafiłam na granie w tych klimatach, które tak pozytywnie by mną wstrząsnęło.





Rzeszow, Poland (ранее) / Kyyiv, Ukraine (посередке) / Linkoping, Sweden (позднее) — именно так квалифицируют страну происхождения этого проекта. Во всяком случае, первый полноформат выходил на американской конторе Cimmerian Shade Recordings. А еще архивы www.metal-archives.com сообщают, что сабжевая группа стартовала как one man project Станислава Говорухи. Вот такие дела. Как фюнерал дум-дэт определен стиль формации. Что предрекает нам немалые печали при прослушивании материала ))).

Эктоплазма, кстати, это термин из области мистики и парапсихологии, так называется вещество, которое истекает из тела медиума, дабы материализоваться на диво всем скептикам. Наблюдалось многократно и фотографировалось сотни раз (обратите внимание на обложку диска). Но наука талдычит свое: — не было, нет, не знаем, руками не щупали. Кстати, ученые ранее говорили, что Солнце вращается вокруг Земли.

Более часа вжигает состав на территории похоронного дума, давая прекрасное обоснование для того, чтобы одуматься, оглядеться, поразмыслить о своем бренном существовании... Начиная вполне традиционно, атмосферно, с голосами витающими под потолком, каплями, эмбиентными клавишами и проч. Но, как оказалось, лавина дэт дума уже прорвала плотину, и на слушателя безапелляционно валится мощный медленный риффинг, разбавленный тремя (или больше) экстремальными и чистым вокалами - мужскими , и одним женским сопрано, которое применено здесь как пару мазков делает именитый художник на своем любимом полотне.

Пока разворачивается звуковая картина первого трека, читателю недвусмысленно дают понять, что здесь все СЛОЖНО — причем для его же блага. И это в принципе, так и есть. Атмосферный дэт дум - вот чем увлекается SUFFER YOURSELF, на радость почитателям самой медленной музыки в этом подлунном мире. Причем я лично доволен, что лидер может петь в разных тональностях да к тому же пригласил еще одного вокалиста - экстремальщика, который поучаствовал к тому же в хорах. Значит, - не только экстремальщик.

К чему все эти тонкости? Они к тому, что бы вы знали, покупая этот диск, вы приобретаете сложную конструкцию, которая понравится профильному металхэду с первого раза и будет востребована не раз, снята с полки и включена агрессивно и бескомпромиссно. О каких бы фюнералистых делах не шла бы речь на этом компакте. Тексты в 8-страничном буклете прилагаются. Среди авторов - чел с именем Эдгар Аллан, а также русская поэтесса 19-20 века Зинаида... я предлагаю фамилии угадать, как и полагается настоящим медиумам.

Композер, к нашему удовольствию, широко разбрасывается своими мрачными мелодическими идеями, молотообразно (ударными) вбивая в теплую податливую почву остатки нашей приязни к челОвечеству, разрабатывая экскаваторный медленный и тяжеловесный гитарный риффинг, который впрочем в некоторых местах устремляется в верхние слои стратосферы, прочь от безумства людей.

Гитары, конечно, здесь доминируют - само собой, они льют свои партии, как толковая бетономешалка, грузными потоками обнимающая серыми бетонными крылами любое контрДвижение и подгоняя мысли соЗВУЧные своему настроению.

Так этого мало. Автор мощно использует и клавиши, добавляя то акустик пиано, то семплер синт, то еще невесть что, дозировано..., так, чтобы мы вцеплялись в них, как в последнюю надежду. А когда указанные средства поражения объединяются в один, то получается как бы маленький музыкальный ядерный взрыв. Медленный, опасный, ужасающий почище всякого потустороннего оккультизма.





Parti de Pologne en 2011, le vaisseau fantôme Suffer Yourself a vogué vers l’Ukraine avec Stanislas Govourkha comme seul maître à bord, avant de s’échouer plus récemment en Suède. Au fil de ce voyage, le Polonais a garni son équipage et affiné sa musique : un doom passablement classique, mais teinté d’éléments qui rendent son écoute plaisante. Sur Ectoplasm, deuxième album du one-man band devenu groupe, le tempo est forcément lent et l’architecture musicale minimaliste mais monumentale (ces cinq titres oscillent entre 7 minutes et 19 minutes 30). L’ensemble reste toutefois varié, parsemé de touches death metal old-school, dans le chant comme dans le son des guitares ou le recours à des leads parfois dissonants (Ectoplasm). De tons plus atmosphériques aussi, avec l’utilisation de guitares cleans, de samples de films, d’instruments traditionnels slavisants ou orientalisants ou de piano. Le chant épouse cette diversité, de grondements graves en hurlements de damné, de chuchotements en prières incantatoires. Tour à tour hypnotique ou étouffant, écrasant ou menaçant, Suffer Yourself joue à merveille avec la palette d’atmosphères propre au doom. Très tournées vers la ligne traditionnelle et funèbre du genre (avec par moments une petite touche My Dying Bride), Abysmal Emptiness et Dead Visions (pas loin de 40 minutes à elles deux) sont deux pièces ambitieuses qui font à elles seules de cet album un vraie réussite. Respectueuse de son public, la formation s’est fendue d’une édition très limitée de toute beauté : une version digipack emballée dans une pochette en cuir, dédicacée par le groupe.





Многозначительная размытая обложка и шесть треков более чем на 60 минут звучания — что это может быть за стиль? Конечно, фьюнерал-дум! Шведская формация с провокационным названием (мне так и видится сцена выбора имени группы: один участник кричит другому: “Да ну тебя нафиг, играй сам свой дум и страдай сколько хочешь!” На что другой ему возражает: “Да это ты играй, чего я? Сам страдай! Suffer Yourself!”) утверждает, что самый канонический и монолитный жанр в металле тоже может быть очень разнообразным и даже непредсказуемым.


На своём уже втором полноформатном лонгплее, который, к слову сказать, в США даже был издан в дигипаке, на кассетах и на виниле, ребята нарезают всё тот же меланхолично-депрессивный фьюнерал-дум с элементами дэта, а вот как они, кстати, говорят о названии релиза, цитируя Рериха: "Вещество эктоплазмы – середина между земным и тонким существом. Психическая энергия, которая присуща всем мирам, прежде всего, имеет сочетание с веществом, близким Тонкому Миру". Однако, их музыка не так уж похожа на эфир. Скорее она тяжела и монолитна, как Dusk, Evoken, Esoteric и Scepticism вместе взятые!


Для записи альбома квартет пригласил в свой лагерь Андрея Ткаченко из Vin De Mia Trix, которому поручили петь хором, и человека по имени Francois Bilodeau, который помог в записи трека “Transcend The Void”, а в качестве композитора и продюсера выступил гитарист / вокалист Станислав Говоруха. В итоге получился максимально ортодоксальный гипермедленный фьюнерал-материал, в котором то и дело встречаются величественные хоры, синтезаторы, католический орган и безнадёжные рыдания.


Альбом впечатляет. С одной стороны шведы остались на привычном думовом стуле, а с другой — они явно уже вовсю осматриваются по сторонам в поисках соседних болот на предмет заимствований оттуда с целью разнообразить свой стафф. Почему бы и нет. Как говорится, цель у нас едина. А цель — качественная, высокохудожественная и интересная музыка, в создании которой шведы немало преуспели. Седуктивный шёпот, чтение стихов По, Лавкрафта и Гиппиус (!) на русском и посвящение одного из треков аварии на чернобыльской АЭС — на этом диске достаточно поводов для того, чтобы осилить немалую длительность пластинки до самого конца, а обращение к творчеству Зинаиды Николаевны вообще немало подкупило меня при прослушивании этого CD. Если не мы, то может быть хоть шведы вспомнят про богатейшее наследие русской литературы?


“Не страшно мне прикосновенье стали

И острота и холод лезвия,

Но слишком туго кольца жизни сжали

И, медленные, душат как змея.

Но пусть развеются мои печали,

Им не открою больше сердца я…

Они далёкими отныне стали

Как ты, любовь ненужная моя!

Пусть душит жизнь, но мне не душно,

Достигнута последняя ступень,

И если смерть придёт за ней послушно,

Пойду в её безгорестную тень:

Так осенью светло и равнодушно

На бледном небе умирает день.”


(с) Suffer Yourself — “Dead Visions” (стихотворение — З.Н. Гиппиус)


Кстати, да не введёт вас в заблуждение присутствие на фотографиях группы представительницы прекрасного пола — Suffer Yourself хоть и шведы, но отнюдь не Draconian. Женского вокала здесь нет. Только каноничный мужской гроул, декламация стихов, шёпот, истерические вскрики немного в духе Funeral Oppression и Taiga, трагические всхлипы (а вот они как раз женские), и чувственные Anathema-подобные стенания. Разнообразно? Да, вполне и даже очень. Вокальные партии не вызывают нареканий и уж точно не покажутся вам монотонными.


Релиз вышел, безусловно, интересным и в какой-то степени необычным, а потому, вне всяких сомнений, достоин высшего балла. Я не назову его шедевром, но “Ectoplasm” действительно крепкая и добротная работа, которая наверняка порадует ценителей жанра и возможно привлечёт внимание даже тех, кто относится к фьюнерал-направлению без фанатизма и восторга. Да, это всё те же Shape Of Despair и Ava Inferi, да, на диске преобладает типичное гитарное уханье в том же духе, что и у всех подобных команд, но есть здесь и заслуживающие внимания ходы, которые делают прослушивание CD намного более интересным, чем оно могло бы быть.





Segundo álbum dos Suffer Yourself, designação mais que propícia para uma banda de funeral doom. Como é esperado neste tipo de coisa, temos cinco temas longos e arrastados que nos levam para os lugares mais obscuros da nossa alma. Claustrofóbico e intenso e também com capacidades para acabar com qualquer tipo de insónia. Não é nenhuma novidade para nós, é sabido que neste tipo de som, há o risco inerente de cair nisto. Apesar de não ser profundamente aborrecido, falta aqui alguma dinâmica e sim, até um álbum de funeral doom vive de dinâmica ou pelo menos de algo que compense essa falta de dinâmica (como melodias vencedoras e marcantes). Não sendo dos lançamentos mais marcantes, não deixa de ser interessante o suficiente para que recomendamos aos amantes do género. (F.F.)





Con un nome che lascia pochi dubbi sul genere suonato, i Suffer Yourself sarebbero potuti rimanere uno dei tanti gruppi dell'Europa orientale a regalarci perle di oscura profondità, di solito di scuola Satanath/Symbol of Domination, nel più nascosto underground. Govorukha, tuttavia, ha deciso di far evolvere la sua creatura e -trasferendosi in Svezia- ha infuso nuova linfa nelle sue creazioni. 'Ectoplasm' segna un parziale discostamento della rocciose sezioni death metal, lentissimi macigni che riempivano l'album di esordio, ma soprattutto si utilizzano melodie molto più ricche, consapevoli, maestose. C'è qualcosa degli Swallow The Sun in più adesso. Era infatti una eccessiva semplicità in alcuni passaggi a rendere migliorabile 'Inner Sanctum'. Oggi non si può parlare solo di un album funeral doom perché ci sono tante striature diverse, compreso l'ambient, che lo rendono molto particolare e dall'appeal internazionale, grazie ad una dovizia di particolari resi in musica con grande professionalità. La morte è ben presente e opprimente, insomma. "Abysmal Emptiness" tiene in ostaggio il malcapitato ascoltatore (beato il malcapitato stavolta!) per sedici minuti, ma vorresti che non finisse mai. Così come il lago di pece senza fondo che prende il nome di "Dead Visions". Altra grossa conquista -con buona pace di Greg Chandler, testa mixante in precedenza- è un suono di chitarra meno rotondo, più aggressivo e ficcante. Picco emotivo dell'opera è la straziante "The Core", in cui si sperimentano soluzioni più diversificate alle chitarre e con vari effetti vocali: qui emerge la desolazione del disastro di Chernobyl, cui è dedicata la canzone. Ovviamente non è qualcosa da ascoltare a cuor leggero, ma con la giusta preparazione 'Ectoplasm' può essere il baratro in cui nascondervi per diversi mesi. Ne uscirete giusto in tempo per andarvi ad accomodare sotto ad un ombrellone, mettendo in mostra con orgoglio il vostro pallore cadaverico.




Heute lassen wir es mal etwas ruhiger angehen und vor allem sehr langsam, denn Suffer Yourself stehen auf dem Programm und mit ihnen Funeral Doom. 2011 in Polen gegründet zog es das Ein-Mann-Projekt zunächst in die Ukraine und später nach Schweden und formte sich langsam zur vollwertigen Band. Dem im Alleingang aufgenommenen ersten Demo folgten 2 als Band aufgenommene Alben, von welchen „Ectoplasm“ das jüngere ist und von der schwedischen Besetzung eingezimmert wurde.


„Ectoplasm“ ist gefüllt mit gerade mal 5 Songs, doch davon lassen sich Doom Metal-Fans nicht lumpen, denn auch so schafft es das Album auf über 60 Minuten Spielzeit und füllt diese voll aus. Keine Füller, keine Gefangenen. Stattdessen feuert der Vierer sich langsam aus den Boxen drückenden Funeral Doom Metal, der durch eine hohe Dosis Death Metal ordentlich an Dichte, Härte und Düsterkeit zunimmt. Schwere Riffs walzen über den Hörer hinweg begleitet von nicht weniger drückenden Basslinien und unterstützt von langsamen wuchtigen Drums. So zerdrückt der schwere Brocken alles in seinem Weg, geht aber auch immer wieder kurz in sich, hält inne und böllert dann erneut los. Unterstützt wird das Ganze hier und da von Keyboards und Samplern, meist sind die beiden Welten aber strikt getrennt und die Sampler und der Dark Ambient sorgen für kurze Verschnaufpausen und verdichten die ohnehin schon mit dem Messer zerschneidbare Atmosphäre und leitet von einem Song zum Nächsten. Als wäre das nicht genial genug setzen die Vocals immer wieder neue Höhepunkte. Hauptaugenmerk liegt auf ultra-tiefen Growls, die sich mit den Gitarren um darum streiten wer jetzt tiefer und kraftvoller daherkommt (mit klarem Sieg für die Vocals). Immer wieder wird allerdings aus diesem Schema ausgebrochen und die Growls verschwimmen zu harschen Pig Squeels oder gewinnen an Höhe und kommen dann als leidgeplagte Screams ihr Elend in die Welt schreien. Hier und da noch etwas rituellen, spirituellen oder düsteren Klargesang und Spoken Words eingestreut, gerne auch mit etwas Hall und man hat so ziemlich alles abgedeckt was Doom und Extreme Metal hergeben. Dabei gelingt es der Band die Stile in ihren Sound einzuweben und daraus eine absolut runde Sache zu machen. Sowohl musikalisch als auch gesanglich!


„Ectoplasm“ wird zurecht als eines DER Extreme Doom Metal-Alben des Jahres gehandelt, denn die Band macht so ziemlich alles richtig was man richtig machen kann. Kraftvolle Songs, düster, drückend und intensiv wie ein richtig guter Horror-Film und dazu abwechslungsreich, vor allem was die Vocals angeht, aber auch musikalisch gibt es einiges was das Album spannend hält. Ich bin eigentlich kein großer Doom und kein großer Death Metal Fan, aber Suffer Yourself finde sogar ich großartig. „Ectoplasm“ sollte jeder Fan von Todesstahl in Zeitlupe in seinem Regal stehen haben.





In times where some bands are trying to put more speed to their music, there are other acts that are trying to do everything the opposite. One of those bands is SUFFER YOURSELF from Poland, currently relocated in Sweden. “Ectoplasm”, their second full-length, was reissued by Russia’s Satanath Records and More Hate Productions and contains 5 tracks distributed in more than one hour of music. SUFFER YOURSELF plays a kind of atmospheric Funeral Doom with Death Metal elements. The first song here, titled ‘Ectoplasm’, is 10 minutes long and is a good general approach to this album. After a short intro, the music begins right away with a scream followed by a growl. Immediately acts like IN THE WOODS… (first album) or DEINONYCHUS (“Insomnia” era) come to my mind. The music sounds similar to Italy’s VOID OF SILENCE (the atmospheric side) and Finland’s COLOSSEUM (the “funeral” side). The music is heavy, slow, suffocating, sometimes ritualistic, dark, and… slow! The occasional use of keyboards fits in a good way with the music, but the main atmospheric element here is the good work on guitars, sometimes similar to DISEMBOWELMENT / INVERLOCH (just listen to the second track, ‘Abysmal Emptiness’). Arpeggios, effects, clean guitars and solos are good resources in that way. If you are into Funeral Doom or Doom / Death metal, try to get this album.




Suffer Yourself is een doom (death) metalband bestaande uit twee Zweden en twee Oekraïners, die ik al wel eens eerder voorbij heb zien/horen komen. Hun vorige album, debuut Inner Sanctum uit 2014 is ons volgens mij indertijd ook ter review aangeboden, maar ik heb geen idee meer waarom het er toen niet van gekomen is. Inmiddels is eind 2016 de opvolger verschenen: Ectoplasm. Deze heb ik dan maar eens aan een luisteronderzoek onderworpen.


Ectoplasm bevat vijf stroperig trage, lange tot zeer lange tracks. Met vijf titels wordt de speelduur van het uur gehaald, dat wordt dus een beste zit. Qua stijl zou ik de band ergens in het midden tussen doomdeath en funeral doom plaatsen. Hoewel er dus ergens death metal-invloeden (ver weg) verstopt zitten, en vooral de (afwisselende) vocalen bij vlagen behoorlijk kunnen extreem zijn, is de muziek overwegend sferisch en melodieus.


Verwacht eerder langere, uitgesponnen passages met veel herhalingen en ingetogen fragmenten, dan echt ruwe of snelle uitbarstingen. Die laatste zijn er overigens wel, maar zeer sporadisch en kort van duur (Abysmal Emptiness). Ook in het tergend langzame tempo kan Suffer Yourself echter lekker log uit de hoek komen, met zware riffs en double bass naast de bulderende zang (The Core).


Uiteraard is de sfeer een zeer donkere, melancholische, geheel conform de duistere thema's die worden aangesneden (spirituele ervaringen, de oneindigheid van de ruimte en intens verlies). Buiten de genoemde muzikale invulling horen we ook af en toe ambient passages (de spacy afsluiter Transcend the Void), drones en samples (Dead Visions) om duister en eenzaamheid te benadrukken.


Dit is nu typisch van die zware doom waarvan de uitermate donkere sfeer als een verstikkende, adembenemende deken over de muziek heen ligt. Beklemmend is wat mij betreft dan ook het sleutelwoord na het beluisteren van Ectoplasm. Dit is eerder eng dan mooi, maar daardoor juist ook wel weer aantrekkelijk. Gevaarlijk mooi misschien wel; in ieder geval vertrouwd voor de doomfanaat. De liefhebber zal zeker van Suffer Yourself weten te genieten!




I promised to review this album a long time ago but it somehow slipped my mind. For that I apologize. But as the saying goes: better late than never. So here comes my review of SUFFER YOURSELF’s album “Ectoplasm”. As I did not know what to think of this album I somehow imagined it to be another death metal album but the truth is that this is much more funeral doom than it is anything else. And with songs that clock in at 16 and 19 minutes there is no doubt that this is going to be slow, and perhaps tortuous. There are not many styles of metal that I am not a sucker for but there are some that triggers me more than others. And done really well funeral doom, with all its slithering, appeals to a very special side of my metal heart. There is a feeling of all not being doom’n’gloom about this album that sets it apart. There is a sort of melodic (as melodic as it gets in funeral doom) string to it that ensnares you and keeps you within the music’s sphere. A really cool album that I should have checked out earlier.





Nati come solo-project di Stanislav Govorukha, ex-Illuminandi e Coram Deo, i Suffer Yourself si sono stabilizzati di recente a Linköping, patria di Ghost e Magna Carta Cartel, e sono riusciti a crearsi una nicchia importante in ambito funeral doom. Dopo un discreto esordio, ‘Inner Sanctum’, hanno evoluto ulteriormente il proprio stile pubblicando le presenti cinque tracce, le più brevi delle quali sui sette minuti, e abbattendo i precedenti limiti. Al fianco del chitarrista-cantante troviamo il bassista Malcolm Sohlen, la batterista Kateryna Osmuk e l’altra ascia Lars Abrahamsson ma è evidente come il materiale sia stato sviluppato da una sola mente. Questo a lungo andare potrebbe essere un limite ed i Suffer Yourself dovranno essere bravi a costruirsi un’attività live significativa e mostrare di essere un collettivo vero e proprio. Per adesso tracce come ‘Ectoplasm’ e ‘Dead Visions’, venti minuti scarsi da brividi, sono manna dal cielo per tutti gli appassionati di My Dying Bride, Esoteric, Worship e Shape Of Despair ma in generale di musica estrema. Nella conclusiva ‘Transcend The Void’ François Bilodeau si occupa di drone e atmosfere. 




Sofferenza, si, sofferenza è la parola più adatta per questo lavoro, perché i russi Suffer Yourself hanno fatto della sofferenza in musica un’ode rabbiosa. La titletrack è lenta, funerea; un doom/death metal retto da growl vocals con scream urlati che appaiono all’improvviso, mentre una sezione ritmica lenta, oppressiva fatta da riff spessi, quasi senza melodia ti comunicano un senso di profondo disagio interiore. “Abysmal emptiness” è lento, macilento e oppressivo, un masso farebbe meno rumore dentro, è inquietudine, malvagità e senso di frustrazione per una strada senza uscita, i riff sono compressi, mentre la marcia è volutamente doom, come se la lezione di campioni come i primi Katatonia, Paradise Lost e compagnia estrema fosse proiettata ancora di più nell’abisso. “The core” è dissoluzione, un accordo di chitarra dissonante ci apre le porte per questi sette minuti di pesantezza, puro doom metal venato di estremo.



“Dead visions” sono quasi venti muniti di marcia lenta, riffing che sfoderano melodie malinconiche scure come l’inchiostro; in mezzo troviamo un intermezzo dissonante recitato in lingua madre, mentre rumori e effetti danno ancora di più un senso di disorientamento per poi tornare a colpire duro mentre in coda si sentono tocchi di tastiera inquietanti e un urlo di dolore prima del solos lancinante e funereo. “Trascend the void” è la coda conclusiva di questo viaggio nell’oscurità più totale, senza speranza, un brano dove una voce pulita ci porta nell’abisso fatto da rumorismi, riff scuri e un tappeto di tastiere inquietante, un brano perfetto per un film del grande David Lynch. Un disco che è fatto di poche tracce, tanta sostanza in questo lavoro, non di certo un ectoplasma; ma musica solida, scura e senza nessuna luce a illuminare il cammino ma rabbia e disperazione.




Grande banda de Funeral Doom/Death Metal, com muito peso nas guitarras, baixo e bateria ritmando a escuridão sonora, belíssimos vocais femininos líricos para apreciadores de sopranos, vocais guturais e rasgados marcam presença nessa obra soturna.


As músicas são belíssimas peças para se cultuar a noite, a misantropia, a escuridão, a solidão, será um grande clássico no futuro esse álbum, com certeza, se tivesse saído nos anos 90, hoje seria uma clássico da história do Doom Metal.




As letras são poéticas e de muito bom gosto, toda a produção musical é maravilhosa, toda a harmonia, ritmo, melodias desse grande artefato obscuro vindo diretamente do Leste Europeu, da grande Polônia.




Ebbi già il piacere di presentarvi i Suffer Yourself all'alba dell'uscita di "Inner Sanctum" e — seppur con un po' di mesi di ritardo sulla pubblicazione — ora ho l'occasione di parlarvi del secondo album del gruppo, intitolato "Ectoplasm". Dopo il trasferimento in Svezia, il buon Stanislav Govorukha ha dunque dato un seguito al debutto di cui sopra e senza troppi giri di parole posso tranquillamente affermare che il nuovo parto riconferma (ed esalta ulteriormente) le buone impressioni lasciate tre anni fa.


"Ectoplasm" si avvale delle medesime coordinate musicali adoperate nell'esordio, pertanto abbiamo nuovamente a che fare con i suoni cupi e maledettamente oscuri tipici del Funeral Doom e con una gamma di influenze piuttosto riconoscibili, tra cui su tutte quella degli Esoteric. Voce cavernosa, sparute urla sgolate, melodie asciutte e decadenti, effettistica minimale e inquietante, tempi lentissimi e sfiancanti, brevi e sporadiche sfuriate di granitico Death Metal; nulla di nuovo sotto il sole quindi, ma la formula è di sicura presa.


Va detto oltretutto che questo album mostra un'impronta caratteriale più marcata, aspetto che offre certamente maggiore possibilità per apprezzare appieno le qualità compositive dei Nostri: la parte atmosferica è ad esempio maggiormente presente, arrivando a picchi particolarmente notevoli nell'aura arcana e terrificante di "Ectoplasm" e nelle visioni morbose e apocalittiche evocate da "The Core" (peraltro dedicata alla memoria della sciagura nucleare di Chernobyl).


Di certo i Suffer Yourself non hanno fatto i salti mortali per affrancarsi dal modello classico del genere, ma hanno comunque dimostrato una perizia ammirevole nel maneggiare canovacci già conosciuti secondo una propria chiave di lettura. Se dunque un episodio come "Abysmal Emptiness" potrebbe essere immaginato come un pezzo scartato dalle registrazioni di "The Maniacal Vale", la monumentale intensità comunicativa di un monolite come "Dead Visions" finisce per ripagare ampiamente qualsiasi possibile lamentela sulla componente più derivativa della proposta.


"Ectoplasm" è un disco assolutamente ottimo e perfettamente ligio al proprio dovere di veicolare un determinato flusso emozionale, un album che senza stravolgere nulla si farà apprezzare senza riserve da qualsiasi amante del genere. Quindi se anche voi vivete di pane, degrado psicofisico e Doom, lasciatevi trasportare per mano da questo Spirito tormentato e immergetevi senza alcuna remora nella trascendenza del Vuoto.




Last weekend I listened once again to Ectoplasm. Damn, it remains one of the best things within its genre. Then I realised that I did never write or publish a review on that album. Though, if I would have some end year’s list for 2016, this specific release would absolutely be part of my top-10 from that very same year. So, I was wondering: why not writing something about that album anyway? It’s never too late, and besides, I do write quite some reviews on older material, even from ten years ago, if a band or label asks me to do (and if I think it is worth spending my time and energy). So, that’s why I am coming back to this album, even though it had been released at the very end of 2016, and having a load of more recently released material from the label involved. This material is just way too impressive not to pay attention to…


First a small introduction. Suffer Yourself were formed in 2011 as a solo-outfit for Stanislav Govorukha (a guy from Ukraine). He recorded and self-released a first demo, called Inner Sanctum, in 2012 (re-released on tape in 2014 via Contaminated Tones Productions). In early 2014, Cimmerian Shade Recordings brought out Suffer Yourself’s debut album, which was recorded with some (session) musicians, and mastered by Greg Chandler. It was sort of a re-recorded version of the demo, yet improved and professionalised. Then things faded away into silence…


…until now. Stanislav wrote some new material, which he wanted to record in professional circumstances. He took care of the lead vocal parts, guitars and programming, and he did produce the album too. This time he was assisted by guitar player Lars Abrahamsson, drummer Kateryna Osmuk (she did the few soprano voices too), Malcolm Sohlen on bass, and Andrey Tkachenko (of N¢O / Human Collapse / Vin De Mia Trix fame) as guest for ‘shrieks and choirs’. Everything was re-amped (whatever) by Dan Lowndes at his Resonance Sound Studio (think: Desolate Shrine, Absu, Draghkar, Spectral Voice, Förgjord, Death Fortress and many, many more). The final mix and mastering were done by Stanislav himself, except for the vinyl-edition, which was mastered by nobody else but Billy Anderson (Dukatalon, Amenra, Thrall, Grime, …).


Ectoplasm gets released via the digital sources, as well as on tape, on vinyl, and on compact disc. The latter goes for a four-panel digipack edition with a twelve-page booklet, or a ‘normal’ jewel-case CD with an eight-page booklet, including quite sober yet very appropriate, fitting artwork. The album consists of five compositions, which last in between seven and twenty minutes, clocking over one hour all together. Indeed, it’s a lengthy trip, but as said before: it’s worth it!


The album starts with the title track (10:32). It opens quite creepy, with haunting drones and eerie ambience, weird synth lines and ominous whispers. Where would it lead us to? But then it evolves into what we can consider as the core of Suffer Yourself: monumental Funeral Doom with a suffocative atmosphere. It’s extremely slow and ultra-heavy, based on massive string lines and hammering drums, with wretched screams and, especially, extremely deep growls. But the melodies are permanently injected by changes in tempo, and several intermezzos. Acoustic and semi-acoustic parts, symphonic and spherical chapters, sharp and sometimes quite weird solos, classically skilled soprano voices and bewitching choirs (reminding me of those cult horror movies from the Seventies), spoken words, piano, some malicious outbursts, and so on. Indeed, the usual ingredients, but brought from a level that high… Besides the huge variety and besides the many levels and layers, this piece is so cohesive, so evidently natural in its execution.


These positive words (haha, ‘positive words’ for such a negative release; what a fabulous contradiction) do not go for the first track only. Abysmal Emptiness, the second track (16:30) (what a fitting title!), starts oh so funereal, oh so heavily grievous… ‘Heavily’ also goes for the severe instrumentation, which is simply gargantuan, colossal, monumental, megalithic (yeah, I can sum up some more synonyms, but it would be a loss of time – I just wanted to make a point…). It’s quite ‘traditional’ if dissecting a definition for ‘Funeral Doom’, but it’s much more once again. Here too, the song consists of different chapters, though cohesive for sure, with surprising twists and fabulous additions. Hypnotic leads interact organically with brutal excerpts (earlier My Dying Bride, Woods Of Belial, Ahab or Abstract Spirit are just some hints…), with desperate fragments, and with dreamlike (read: nightmarish) segments… Incredible how easy the permanently evolving melodies and structures can maintain your full attention!...


The Core is with its length of 7:15 the shortest piece on Ectoplasm. Even in such a compact composition, Suffer Yourself succeed to put so many layers in it. Here too hypnotism and heaviness go hand in hand. If someone would ask me how Funeral Doom sounds like, I would have this song as a primal try-out. The Core is like the core of this wonderful (and largely underestimated) genre.


But the band goes further than ‘just Funeral Doom’, as defined through the first two songs. Well, this is the very same case for track number four, Dead Visions, which is, by the way, and for what it’s worth, my favourite one on this album. It clocks 19:25 minutes, and it’s like a whole conceptual album on its own. This epic contains the same majestic elements from the former ones, with so many things to experience. There is much variation in structure, tempo and atmosphere, yet at the same time being really cohesive. The lyrics, FYI, contain excerpts from e.g. Edgar Allan Poe (no introduction needed, I guess) and Zinaida N. Gippius (a Russian writer / poet / philosophe who was married to Dmitry Merezhkovsky) – the latter being sung / spoken in the native tongue (but translated in the accompanying booklet). Anyway, Dead Visions is Funeral Doom from the highest order. Besides all things mentioned before, this track also includes xylophone-alike sounds, bells, trains (don’t try not to believe me), weeping… The second half has so much to offer, and the finale at the end makes me fly away into formlessness. What beautiful, precious keyboards at the end of this composition, mingling delightfully with those simplistic yet genial bass and electric guitars, those slowly hammering drum patterns, these abyssal growls and the subtle use of bells!


Transcend The Void (7:31), finally, was created with assistance of Canadian Ambient musician François Bilodeau. It starts in a cold way, with a creepy droning melody, then joined by spoken words and whispers, still painting a saturnine soundscape of loss and desolation. The guitar lead is bewitching and mesmerizing (and hey, is that a hint of Twin Peaks going on, at about half of the track?). Even this Sludge / Drone / Doom epic expounds the glorious skills of Suffer Yourself.


Rather than depressing, this album stands far away from the DSBM-scene, for example. Both genres are closely related, but in this case the focus lies on disgust and disappointment rather than suicide. Yet the unhappy and melancholic character for sure remains!