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Started back in 2003 under a different name, CONCEIVED BY HATE is one of those overlooked gems in the underground. Their debut LP "Pestilence Reborn" from 2012 already showed a good direction in terms of identity: a relentless attack of mid-paced Death / Thrash Metal. And their sophomore album, "Death & Beyond" expands further into their style. One of the highlights here is the solid rhythm section. C.B. on bass and V.K. on drums offer one heavy and thick foundation to the riff fest that M.Q. (who also handles vocals) and R.V. unleash upon the listener. And M.Q.'s vocals fit perfectly in this style, providing a raspy Van Drunen - esque grunt that it's not too deep, not too manic. It's amazing that every song has at least two of those memorable riffs that could be found in any old tracks from AUTOPSY and MASTER. Actually, those bands (and some unmistaken NWOSDM influence with some eerie melodies) are a good reference point for CONCEIVED BY HATE. But there is also a twist in the plot, due to the really good keyboard pads and atmospheres from keyboard player T.M. Yep, the keyboards add a lot of variation to the songs where they are featured, similar, but not as present, as in the early NOCTURNUS material. Production wise, the album sounds great. Clear mix, present vocals, thick guitar tone, pounding bass tone and tight drum sound. it does has some dynamic range. It is not compressed to the max so the albums breathes along, which makes a huge difference and makes the whole listening experience really enjoyable. As I said before, these guys are great and, in my humble opinion, criminally underrated! They deserve a lot more of attention for their excellent material. Go ahead and get "Death & Beyond". you won't regret it. A must buy for any respected Death and Thrash Metal fan!





Just a quick review as we have a stupid pile of things to get through here at Moshville Towers. Recently the nice folk at Satanath Records sent us an enormous bunch of albums from their current and back catalogue to plough through. There are some really, really good albums in there and many from bands we’d simply not heard of before.

One such act is Salvadorian death/thrash outfit Conceived by Hate who released Death & Beyond on November 13th. After fifteen years together as a band and an EP release each year since 2012, they felt it was time to get a full album out. With a vocal style not dissimilar to Max Cavalera on the first couple of Sepultura releases, “A.M.” spits out the words but overall the production is far better and much heavier than those early classics.

Death & Beyond pulls no punches. This is full-on, brutal, fast-paced, neck-breaking, fist-pumping death metal. With slower sections which exude evil (“Chaos Upon Us”), and blistering guitar solos to keep the thrashier fans happy (“This is Underground”), this album has everything to keep the dedicated old school death metal fan happy. I can only imagine what kind of bedlam these men visit upon an audience in a small, sweaty venue.

The band were right, 2016 was definitely the time for a full album. It must be, because the one they’ve released is just bloody awesome. Someone needs to get these guys out on the road supporting a suitable headliner where they’ll get some much deserved attention. In fact, as luck would have it, they just advertised on their facebook page looking for venues to host them in Europe at the start of April next year…





El Salvador. Ken ik daar bands uit? Dacht het niet. Daar is nu dus verandering in gekomen met ‘Death & Beyond’ van Conceived By Hate. Wat te verwachten? Nou, gewoon prima uitgevoerde OSDM met een flinke dosis thrash erin. Verdomd catchy spul. Bij de eerste tonen van opener ‘Crossroad Of Fire’ krijgt deze lompe boer al de neiging om er op te gaan dansen. Wat de catchiness ten goede komt zijn de keyboards die erg subtiel in het geluid verwerkt zijn. Hierdoor ontstaat er een extra nauwelijks waar te nemen melodieuze laag. Melodieus? Ja, melodieus zonder dat het melodieuze death metal wordt.

‘Death & Beyond’ is een prima plaat en aan te raden aan een ieder die van OSDM houdt.





One of my absolute favorite releases of the year, Death & Beyond from El Salvador’s CONCEIVED BY HATE positions itself as an instant classic of the genre with its brilliantly conceived and flawlessly executed Death/Thrash Metal attack. This is one of those albums that grabs you from the very first note and has you in its death-grip until the last unearthly shriek. The compositions are pure pounding death but surrender to none of the weaker genre trappings such as raw sewage vocals, repetitive drumming or cliché-riddled riffing instead taking the listener on twisting, winding and shockingly original musical journeys deeper and deeper into the pits of Hell. Super classy packaging and (uncredited) cover art add to the allure of this essential Death/Thrash Metal masterpiece. Imagine a cross between classic BOLT-THROWER/DEICIDE and SEPULTURA and you will have some concept of the raw intensity of this gem. This is what the underground metal scene is all about! (DH)


DOA #8 Magazine



CONCEIVED BY HATE, anteriormente conocidos como SPIRITUAL DEMISE es un combo de El salvador de Death Thrash Metal. Iniciaron su carrera musical en 2002. Tres años más tarde vio la luz su primera y devastadora demo “Lost in the Gardens of Hate” haciendo las delicias de todo aquel que se atrevía a darle al play. En 2009 apareció su E.P “Witness of Decay” donde seguían reventando cráneos, sorprendiendo a propios y a extraños con su propuesta. Tras otra larga espera, en 2012 afortunadamente apareció su primer Larga Duración “Pestilence Reborn”, dejando satisfechos a los seguidores de este tipo de música. Sus siguientes lanzamientos fueron “Inner Hate / Selective Procreations”, “The Figure of Uneasiness / Below the Deck of Opulence” y “Coalition of Death”, de 2013, 2014 y 2015 respectivamente. Estos discos compartidos sirvieron para mantener viva la llama de la banda, mientras que salía su segundo redondo. Finalmente el 13 de noviembre de 2016 vía Satanath Records el mundo verá nacer al nuevo L.P del conjunto. Bautizado con el nombre de “Death & Beyond” este C.D obviamente es la razón de que existan estas agonizantes esquelas. El line up es el siguiente: C.B. (bajo. También miembro de CONFLICTO, ex PITO WILSON, ex TORMENT), R.V. (guitarra. Presta además sus servicios en CONFLICTO), M.Q. (guitarra y voz. Asimismo forma parte de DISORDER, MORBID STENCH, ex ALTAR, ex SCAVENGER), T.M.(teclado. Ex SCAVENGER), V.K. (batería. A su vez está en DISORDER, ex ARCANE, ex TYRANT LORD, ex ANTARES DEATH, ex DISMAL GALE, ex SOOMDRAG, ex AKELDAMA, ex KRYPTORIUM), A.M.(voz).


En esta nueva obra, estos chicos nos ofrecen un trabajo maléfico y realmente directo, que engancha desde la primera escucha.  Podríamos dividirlo en dos. Una primera parte más acelerada y sanguinaria. Y una segunda que opta por introducir momentos más “pausados” y oscuros sin renunciar obviamente a la violencia sónica. Por otro lado, tal vez no sean precisamente el culmen de la originalidad, pero desde luego tampoco lo necesitan. El conjunto tiene personalidad propia y eso es muy de agradecer. La producción es real y con el punto preciso de suciedad, adjuntando un artwork escalofriante.  Los riffs son implacables e intensos. Mezclan lo mejor de la vieja escuela americana y sueca con un el resultado arrollador. Los encontramos fluidos, pesados, a una cuerda, dobles armonías e instantes en limpio. Todo ello lo aderezan con unos punzantes y afiladísimos solos de guitarra.  Las voces son desgarradoras a más no poder. Un registro tan insidioso como el mismo infierno hermanos.  La batería, totalmente devastadora, contiene el perfecto equilibrio entre up y mid tempos.  Señores, se me olvidaba, prestadle atención a las líneas de bajo. Siempre es de agradecer cuando este instrumento sobresale un poco. Bien por ellos.


Al termino de esta descripción general pasemos a comentar brevemente los mejores tracks de esta acometida. Personalmente destacaría “The Underdog”, “Worship the Old Ways” y “Death & Beyond” por las siguientes razones:  “The Underdog” y “Worship the Old Ways” son sin duda las tonadas más descarnadas y agresivas de todas. Id sacando el collarín compañeros, por que del headbanging estaréis doloridos al menos una semana.  “Death & Beyond” te introduce en un universo maligno en forma de mid tempo. Pero la sorpresa llega sobre la mitad del tema. Ahí arranca un riff fluido tremendamente adictivo, con el que de seguro alucinareis. Seguidamente retoman el pulso lúgubre principal incluyendo unos sorprendentes solos melódicos. ¡Grande!


Más grupos como estos hacen falta, donde éstos ponen de manifiesto que se puede sonar como en los viejos tiempos teniendo carácter propio. Recomendados para amantes de la old school.




Now this is more like it. Still leaning very much towards the modern end of death metal (with strong thrash elements), the overall feel you take away from these El Salvadorians is “melodeath”.


And that ain’t exactly a bad thing.


Decent solos, good production, respectable death metallish vox…the only thing I didn’t really like was the drummer’s insistence on sticking to a fast two-beat (BASS-SNARE BASS-SNARE BASS-SNARE) throughout. It’s not as annoying as the blastbeat (or worse, the four on the floor tendinitis beckoning stiff arm approach of Sin of God), but the guy can obviously do much better (and does, on tracks like “we choose who suffers”).


Now, when I hear “death/thrash”, I think semi-unfortunate comparisons like Solstice (good band, shit vocalist), Demolition Hammer (ditto) or Morbid Saint (ditto)…and Conceived by Hate ain’t that. The band plays a slower, more midtempo death feel, but with enough of a trad cum thrash feel to notice that something’s a bit non-template, and the vox ain’t nowhere NEAR as irritating as any of the three aforementioned “crossover” acts. In fact, they’re perfectly acceptable for the style.


Not much else to say about this, except to expect occasional keyboard accompaniment (that was a bit strange, but it fit…) and an encouragement to give ’em a spin…you may well dig it.


I did.







Voilà bien des lunes que je reçois des groupes provenant du continent américain hispanisant.


J'en viens à me demander si le renouveau du métal n'est pas de ce côté de l'Atlantique ou si ce n'est tout simplement pas la mondialisation qui fait son oeuvre à pleine puissance. En tout état de cause cette formation du Salvador a largement sa place dans le concert du death/thrash planétaire.


Son second album vous ramènera quelques décennies en arrière avec comme références un bon vieux "Leave Scars" qui en son temps fit la popularité d'un Dark Angel. Dans ce nouvel effort CONCEIVED BY HATE a tendance à exploiter les chants écorchés toujours agrémentés d'un côté sombre et théâtral.


Jamais follement rapide, mais toujours violents les neuf titres passent comme un cyclone tropical dévastant tout sur son passage. Tant de créativité musicale laisse pantois et ce n'est pas le tambourinage de la rythmique qui va faire baisser la tension qui est continue durant tout ce "Death & Beyond". Les gars d'Amérique centrale se permettent même de nous asséner en clôture de leur opus une pièce de sept minutes qui fait étalage de leurs dispositions aux guitares qui ne feraient pas offense à Dark Tranquillity.


Dans un pays qui est plus à l'actualité pour ses faits divers violents il est rafraîchissant de constater que des métalleux ont mis à profit cette atmosphère ambiante pour la positiver sous forme de musique pour le moins recommandable. J'espère vivement que l'Europe pourra bientôt les accueillir et que nous pourrons juger sur pièce un quintet qui mérite bien plus que de simples encouragements.






As far as I can remember, Conceived By Hate is the first band from El Salvador who honour us with a visit.

The band plays thrashing death metal with excellent technical skills and ditto sound. The song material on the other hand, needed some time to bloom, but even the better part of this gradually came to its right.

Death & Beyond is, to me, an album that sounds good from the first spin, but that requires some time before it begins to grow. The growth curve is not directly proportional with time...



Before the curve-climbing took place, the album remained steadily on “tough as hell, but of little depth”.

The substance eventually snuck up on me, though.


“The Devil is in the details” used to be my favourite idiom. Turns out I had it all wrong, as it doesn't mean that good quality stem from first-rate details, or “qualitative details makes a quality product”. As the son of anti-christ, I refuse to use the phrase “god is in the details”. Nevertheless, Conceived By Hate offer precise details in their otherwise rabid metal. The music is fast and aggressive, but the five Central-American guys have oodles of finesse compared to lots of similar savagery.


The music is vital, with evident enthusiasm from those involved. Mood-sequences and brutality are nicely merged together, both characterized by good and skilled instrumental craftsmanship. Both guitar and bass demonstrate execution with a hint of technical flair. The solos are unbridled and fiery. The drums offer some bizarre rhythmic transitions. Check, for example, the first few minutes of Chaos Upon Us. The downside is slightly directionless, and thus fairly aimless melody lines.


Three songs stands out quite a bit more. We Choose Who Suffers is a slower song with malicious moods and proper amounts of sombre melody, located in the middle on the album. Playful and enjoyable use of fretless bass takes place in a sequence. Even a backdrop of synth reveals itself later, but the usage ain't exaggerated. The droning guitars stands in front and dominate along with hard beats and sick, rasping vocals.


Also in Below the Pale Sky, synth appear. At first together with calm guitars, before the synth withdraw to the back of the car when noisy teenagers board the subway. The contrasts are striking when droning guitars with thundering sound takes over. Another wonderful song.


After a short track with lovely guitar solo, the album ends with the 7.5 minute long title track. In short, Death & Beyond is a real killer with heaps of nifty guitar works. That these three are the albums longest songs are of course gratifying as they are also my undisputed favourites. That all of 'em are placed from the middle and out, also means that I prefer the latter half of the album.


The album as such, is a bit uneven, from songs without striking melodies, to hypnotic giants that blows me over, but the quality of structures and other aspect are nevertheless constantly top notch.

Give Death & Beyond a try, or preferably more.




Are you ready? Are you prepared? It doesn’t matter really, Conceived by Hate are coming for you and your sacred cows with their sophomore album Death & Beyond, ready to prove that this death/thrash quintet from El Salvador can melt your face just as well as your beloved favorites. There’s no time for frivolous introductions nor loquacious asides, no respite or shelter either. Only the snapping of bones under boots. This is music that kicks in your door, shaves your cat, and screams at your furniture. Conceived by Hate demands that you choose the form of your destroyer only to interrupt you mid-reply with an eardrum-puncturing “IT’S US YOU BASTARDS!” So sit down, shut up and prepare to be unceremoniously snatched by the scruff of your neck and hurled into a maelstrom of artery-rupturing riffs and churning solos.


Death & Beyond opens with the frenetically-paced “Crossroad Of Fire,” a sneering tremolo bramble that strongly brings to mind Necrophobic, underpinned by a lively bass that bounces along like an excited puppy. Call to arms “This Is Underground” doubles down on the manic energy as it lurches and hurtles along like a possessed railcar, spitting out white-hot solos that wouldn’t be out of place on an At the Gates album of yore. Death & Beyond would grind your stamina to dust if every track cried out with ceaseless discharge, so it’s reassuring that Conceived by Hate smartly intersperses the album with songs of different hues and textures. “Chaos Upon Us” demonstrates this well, shifting hither-and-tither with varying time signatures, blending Arch Enemy and Carcass Amott-isms with a light dusting of keys for good measure. “We Choose Who Suffers” runs a current into your fast-twitch fibers by way of a hypnotic, snake-charming rhythm section that recalls Morbid Angel’s “Where The Slime Live.”

t’s when we get to the astounding “Below The Pale Sky” that Death & Beyond proves it’s something special. Opening with tremulous clean picking, the track soon unfolds into a poignant journey replete with powerful passages charged with bittersweet longing, conjuring the best of Amon Amarth. For most of the album, the rasps of vocalist Morbid serve the music with little compunction, turning in a decent performance that neither distracts nor shivers the blood. Although still harsh, the vocals on “Below The Pale Sky” are emotionally charged and surprisingly plaintive, demonstrating a range that I would like to hear more of on the rest of the album. Closing out the album at just over seven minutes, title-track “Death & Beyond” earns its widescreen running time with its latticework of charcoaled riffs, delicious percussion, and thrashy lead guitar that draws you in and drags you under. It’s an immensely satisfying conclusion to the album and despite its length, I didn’t want the song to end.

Putting together my impressions over the course of listening to Death & Beyond, my reoccurring thought was that everything was so professionally fashioned. The individual band members secrete musical talent from their pores, the aforementioned clever track composition gives the album a sense of balance, the cover art is impressively rendered and tonally relevant, hell even the track titles themselves are well conceived (by hate), an often overlooked aspect of album-craft. Better yet, clocking in at 45-minutes the running time is all but perfect. There are still areas for improvement, namely a few of the tracks such as “Worship the Old Ways,” “Summoning the Graves” and “The Underdog” are merely competent amongst a rogue’s gallery of greatness. I’ll also single out the production, while thick and organic, is partially hobbled by a mix that lacks balance, favoring percussion, lead guitar and bass while pushing into the background the vocals and rhythm section. This to me is a critical point because in order for Conceived by Hate to be counted with the genre’s heavy-hitters – and believe me they have everything in their arsenal needed to take it to the best – a cracking production that is punchy and clear is essential.


Conceived by Hate had hitherto passed beyond my ken but with Death & Beyond that has changed. This is a band I will keenly follow from here on in and if you have a modicum of taste so should you. If these po-faced Salvadorans build upon their already impressive base then this is a band I feel we will be hearing for years to come. Conceived by Hate are here. Let the carnage be our rapture.




После релиза первого альбома (2012 год) сальвадорцы Conceived By Hate каждый год издавали по сплиту и вот наконец-то разродились очередным полноформатником, в издании которого на этот раз поучаствовали целых три лейбла. По сути, "Death & Beyond" является очень хорошим проводником в музыкальный мир дъявольщины, сатанизма и других темных поклонений, которые очень часто исследуются такими музыкальными жанрами как олдскульный блэк, дэт и трэш-метал. Минимально подверженная компьютерным обработкам запись придает материалу живую насыщенность и в то же время мертвую атмосферу, но мертвую, конечно же, в хорошем смысле. К концу альбома музыка местами все же приобретает какую-то лиричность, но это уже после того, как выплеснется в полную силу настоящий трэш-дэт, пробудив своей долбежкой всю бесовщину в округе. Кстати, при всех прямолинейных постукиваниях и жестоких рыках, материал все же не лишен мелодики даже в самых бронебойных моментах, что, конечно же, ни в коем случае не влияет на общую атмосферу отрицательным образом. Группа как будто находятся в ритуальном зале и играет свой отточенный до предела псалм после очередного жертвоприношения. В подобное ощущении во-многом "виновен" ревер, через который пропущен вокал, ну а отточенность игры сама по себе говорит о профессионализме музыкантов и о том, что с данным стилем ребята действительно на "ты". В некоторых моментах, правда, можно почувствовать определенную однотипность, но это уже больше похоже на жанровую составляющую, чем на минус. Как ни крути, а подобный "олдскул" не очень-то предполагает прогрессивность или излишнюю виртуозность, хотя и сказать, что гитаристы "чешут" какой-то примитив, ни в коем случае нельзя. Особенно это касается игры лидер-гитариста. Не меньше, чем музыка, привлекает внимание и оформление компакт-диска - с чертом, поедающим грешников. Если сравнивать сальвадорцев с отечественными коллективами, то я провел бы некоторые параллели с питерцами Tanator, хотя у последних чувствуется большое влияние краста, чего у Conceived By Hate нет, но зато его грамотно заменяет дэт-метал. Так что для любителей олдскульного трэш-дэта альбом будет в самую "тему", и обходить его стороной никак не следует.




Little beats that feeling of good death metal. I don’t mean another cookie cutter band to make its way out of Gothenburg or some jackasses who want to copy and paste bands like Cannibal Corpse and slap a new name on it. I mean that good, original, visceral death metal that breeds in the underground of the world. Coming from the country of El Salvador of all places, Conceived By Death does not disappoint with their unique brand of the ol’ death.


From the cover art alone, you can just tell there’s something not right about Conceived By Hate, and as someone who isn’t exactly a stranger to death metal it struck me in all the right places as it immediately brought me into the music itself. And as if we needed any extra proof that this band isn’t messing around, the nine tracks we get with “Death & Beyond” are nothing short of fucking brilliance. Invoking the real old school attitude of the genre, Conceived By Hate channel all their inner demons and darkest imaginations in this album to go alongside their ridiculously vicious energy and downright nasty themes to really bring the death out of death metal with this album. All of “Death & Beyond” is a powerhouse and excellently brutal time that if you’re any sort of fan of the genre, you’ll get infinite kicks for what these guys have laid down and it will surely pay off with the rotting riffs, callous vocals, and guttural beats that do not allow the dead to rest for even a split second. And god-fucking-dammit is it delicious!


I understand that there’s an innumerable amount of younger death acts out there that supposedly do their best to take you back to the old school of death metal, but where many fail time and again it is Conceived By Hate who’s risen and proven with one album alone that they’re more than worthy to be one of the more recent bands to carry on the spirit of the genre. “Death & Beyond” is a monstrous slab of death metal that should you be wanting to see what the remote reaches of the scene has to produce, this is one piece you better be sure to investigate.




Свежачок от Satanath Records оказывается очень даже поездатым куском смерть-метала. Граждане Сальвадора очень уверенно и задорно нарезают далеко не проходной thrash/death metal на скорости чуть выше, чем средняя. Тут вам и блэкушный (!) вокал, и хрустящий сочный монолит гитар, и в меру четкие ударные. Кстати, хочу отметить саунд: в нём есть толика сырости, но ее именно совсем чуть-чуть, чтобы создать атмосферку. Обратите внимание на бас - как говорит рюкзачок из мульта про Дашу-путешественницу: "Delicious!" Любителям трэшачка определенно придутся по вкусу забубенные в своих гармониях и завываниях соляки. Чутка краста, чутка клавиш, чутка прога - и вуаля, альбом готов. Да еще какой! Определенно годное музло. И я вас умоляю, таки согласитесь, что облога определенно шедевр!




Salvador ? Mmmmh... Henri ? Et non perdu, on parle bien ici du petit bout d'Amérique centrale coincé entre le Guatemala et le Honduras. Autant dire pas grand chose à l'échelle metallique mondiale. Sauf que ce quintet de San Salvador n'en a que faire et balance un death/thrash musclé et fougueux sans crier gare à ceux et celles qui voudront bien lui laisser sa chance. Bénéficiant d'un très bonne production, ce « Death and Beyond » ravira les fans d'un metal extrême tradi' ancré dans les années 80 avec ce qu'il faut de modernité pour en faire un sérieux concurrent aux AT THE GATES, NECROPHOBIC et autres EUCHARIST.





E quando temos uma banda da América da Sul que trezanda a um misto holandês e sueco? Esse é o momento em que se ouve Conceived Hate pela primeira vez, principalmente este seu segundo trabalho "Death & Beyond" que é um petardo de death metal old school de proporções épicas que agarra-nos desde o primeiro momento e não larga mais como se fôssemos um pedaço de carne à mercê das mandíbulas de um crocodilo. Quando nos preocupamos em procurar por coisas originais e inovadoras é bom aparecerem bandas como os Conceived By Hate que nos mostram que por vezes o melhor é mesmo não inventar. É o que eles fazem, com classe.











Seit mehr als zehn Jahren ist CONCEIVED BY HATE mit einem ziemlich stabilen Line-up an der Front und eine der wenigen Bands aus El Salvador, die es tatsächlich geschafft hat, außerhalb der eng gesteckten Landesgrenzen ein bisschen Aufmerksamkeit zu erzielen. Mit reichlich Beständigkeit hat sich die Truppe in der jüngeren Vergangenheit immer wieder zu Wort gemeldet, auch wenn es dabei meistens nur Beiträge auf Split-Releases waren. Doch man ist angekommen in der Szene und versucht nun, mit der zweiten vollwertigen Scheibe einen neuen Akzent für sich, aber auch für den nationalen Metal-Sektor zu setzen. Und auch wenn "Death & Beyond" ein paar Anlaufschwierigkeiten hat, ist es nicht gerade unwahrscheinlich, dass der erneute Versuch nun auch von Erfolg gekrönt sein wird.


Zunächst jedoch versorgen die Lateinamerikaner ihr Publikum mit Eindrücken, denen man nichts sonderlich Spektakuläres zusprechen kann. Temporeicher Death/Thrash steht auf dem Programm, doch beim Songwriting verschanzt man sich zu sehr hinter der Geschwindigkeit und der Brutalität des Materials und vergisst dabei ganz und gar, die selbst hervorgerufenen CARCASS- und ARCH ENEMY-Parallelen stärker zu betonen.


Genau das geschieht dann aber in der zweiten Hälfte des neuen Albums, die einen ganzen Zacken melodischer gestaltet wird, an sich aber auch mehr Dynamik und Abwechslung mitbringt. Songs wie 'Below The Pale Sky' und 'Death & Beyond' sind Old-School-Futter bester Güte, wohingegen man die britischen Kollegen bei CARCASS in Songs wie 'Worship The Old Ways' und 'Summoning The Graves' stolz machen dürfte.


Insofern ist es schade, dass die Herren nicht direkt mit diesem Niveau starten, sondern sich eine Aufwärmphase gönnen, die bei weitem nicht so stark ist wie die Kür im Finale von "Death & Beyond". Was aber nicht heißen soll, dass man "Death & Beyond" links liegen lassen müsste - denn über weite Strecken ist das neue Album absolut überzeugend!






Conceived By Hate sono una band di San Salvador che suona death/thrash metal. Devo ammettere che i primi due pezzi, ovvero ‘Crossroad Of Fire’ e ‘This Is Underground’ sono due belle mazzate: velocissimi, sanguigni e satanici. Tre elementi fondamentali, almeno per me. Purtroppo dalla terza traccia in poi il tutto comicia ad essere un pò ripetitivo e la tensione si affloscia. Non fraitendetemi: non sono male. Suonano compattti, hanno dei bei riff a mitragliatrice e la voce è catramosa e lurida. Quello che che non mi convince troppo è la registrazione, che suona un pò troppo “meccanica” e “sterile”. Non c’è quell’alone di sporcizia e di lo-fi che un gruppo del genere deve obbligatoriamente avere. Gli strumenti sono molto nitidi ed il suono è molto “rotondo” e definito. Avrei preferito una minore perfezione e precisione. I dieci pezzi che compongono questo loro nuovo full lenght picchiano molto duro, il riff-a-rama è di matrice Slayer/Death/Morbid Angel e viaggia verso l’inferno che è un vero piacere. Sezione ritmica indemoniata e tritacarne. Ogni tanto fa capolino qualche linea melodica, poi subito brutalizzata da assoli fulminanti e molto veloci. Per il resto è un assalto all’arma bianca. Sfortunatamente il tutto è un pò appiattito dalla modalità in cui è stato registrato, come scrivevo in precedenza. Diciamo che sono un buon gruppo, ma li rimando agli esami di ripazione.





L’America Centrale si conferma un vivaio molto attivo per l’underground estremo.

Questi Conceived By Hate arrivano infatti da El Salvador, suonano dal 2002 ed hanno all’attivo un full length uscito 2012 “Pestilence Reborn” , 1 Ep , 3 Split, 1 Demo ed ora escono col nuovo “Death & Beyond”.

La loro proposta musicale è un Thrash-Death feroce ed aggressivo, i riff sono di buona fattura e le canzoni sono ricche di cambi di tempo, stop&go ed accelerazioni, il tutto condito con un growling forse un pò sguaiato tanto è vero che nelle note sulla pagina Fb ufficiale del gruppo, il cantato è denominato “vomit-vocals”, ma essendo in ambito estremo ci può stare. Ciò che a mio avviso invece rende maggiormente fruibile ed originale il lavoro è l’uso delle tastiere che arricchisce di enfasi le composizioni dando loro un ‘atmosfera più lugubre (“ Below the Pale”, “We Choose Who Suffers” “Chaos Upon Us” su tutte ), e che accompagna il riffama serrato e gli assoli iperveloci e sufficientemente tecnici di M.Q e R.V ( i nicknames usati dai 2 chitarristi ). Non ci sono né highlights, né filler, tutti i brani viaggiano su un discreto livello e molto efficaci sono le accoppiate di chitarra e basso che macinano note in perfetta simbiosi ( "Crossroads On Fire" ).I Conceived dimostrano di padroneggiare il genere e gli strumenti confezionando un prodotto che potrà soddisfare gli estimatori del sound estremo in cerca di suoni violenti e diretti.






Giving your neck a good workout from the start ‘Crossroad of Fire’ kicks in and takes control. The vocals are raspy, while the music is played at break-neck speed and tenacious. ‘This is underground’ is bred within the same vein as the previous track, creating chaos, consistently roaring and doesn’t stop to gather breath! ‘Chaos upon us’ does however, start off at a more reasonable pace and certainly doesn’t sound as chaotic, although there is a lot more going on here, the change of tempo for starters and that’s when the chaos appears, when you least expect it! ‘The Underdog’ is again matched with a spectacular steadfast sprint towards the finish line, and a vocal that sounds like its retching!

‘We Choose Who Suffers’ has a superb rhythm etched into its colossal structure, make no mistake. Plus strong bass hooks and melodic twisting hues. ‘Worship the Old Ways’ scampers feverishly to an intense conclusion, making forcible turbulence and leaving a dust trail in its wake! ‘Below The Pale Sky’ this is where everything changes and a beautiful melodic tapestry comes into view. It’s a breathless wonder of uplifting music that contrasts to all the previous tracks and gives the album a slight diversity. The vocals are still raspy and in the spotlight but the emotional wrangle is simply stunning and epic in every sense of the word, proving that Conceived by Hate are capable of more than just death thrash.


‘Summoning the Graves’ goes back to their damming roots CbH nestle back into their particular blend of music and fiercely gather momentum, hitting the potency once more. ‘Death & Beyond’ – the final song and the bands title track starts off at a slow pace and suddenly changes tempo going in for the kill at the drop of a hat. Snarling vehemently and deeply gripping with great melodic rhythm.

Although the band do what they say on the jar, there are a few good surprises to be experienced on this album. It may sound similar in places but the change of tempos and swagger of rhythms coax you into a whirlwind of lively and inventive rhythms that deserve to be explored and savoured.

Without a doubt the track ‘Below the pale sky’ is an absolute masterpiece. Conceived by Hate are superb musicians and deserve recognition for that but definitely worth checking out and savouring the sultry moments among the fire and brimstone!





Auch schon wieder seit 2002 gibt es die aus San Salvador stammenden El Salvadorianer von CONCEIVED BY HATE. Nach einem Demo und einer EP gab es 2012 das erste vollständige Album, "Pestilence Reborn", dann dreimal Split-Veröffentlichungen und jetzt im November 2016 das nunmehr zweite Album "Death & Beyond".


Das Sextett spielt Death Thrash mit Einflüssen die von ASPHYX, MORBID ANGEL bis hin zu OBITUARY und NECROPHOBIC reichen. Nicht viel Neues also, aber wenn man es denn so macht wie CONCEIVED BY HATE dann ist es schon wieder als gut gelungen zu bezeichnen.


Zuallererst sticht der perfekte Sound hervor. Knallhart, nicht zu modern, aber auch nicht gewollt auf Trödelmarktgerumpel getrimmt, gibt es hier neunmal mächtig eine mitten in´s Gesicht. Als Nächstes darf man konstatieren, dass die Musiker alle topfit an ihren Geräten sind. Das wird dem geneigten Hörer jetzt aber nicht dauernd mit einem "Hallo, schaut mal was wir alles können!" vorgelegt, man darf sich aber immer wieder an kleineren (und, wie zum Beispiel bei "Chaos Upon Us" größeren) Spielereien erfreuen.


Was mein dunkles Herz von Beginn an erfreute, waren der Gitarren- und der Schlagzeugsound. Zweiterer ist organisch, klingt nicht wie ein Tischtennisturnier und würde wohl auch der selbsternannten Szeneikone Fenriz gefallen. Dann die Gitarren. Wände, sage ich euch, Wände aus Stahl stürzen über den durch diesen Sound an die Wand genagelten Hörer herein. Herrlich schwedisch, herrlich heavy. Herrlich!


Groß wird das Album immer, wenn man das Tempo anzieht (was ohnedies größtenteils geschieht) und dem herrlich asozialen Gesang ein knackiges Fundament bietet. Dieser hat etwas von Martin van Drunen, nicht als Kopie, aber diese herrliche Grindigkeit erinnert immer wieder an den Holländer.


"Death & Beyond" wird nicht die Musikwelt verändern, hat aber wohl auch gar nicht diesen Anspruch. Der Zweitling von CONCEIVED BY HATE ist einfach eine dreiviertel Stunde deftiger Death/Thrash wie er alle Jahre mal um´s Eck kommt und den härteaffinen Metaller für eine Weile in seinem Bann hält. Auch wenn nicht jeder Song sofort sitzt, darf man den Zentralamerikanern einen Glückwunsch für ein sauberes, bisweilen sogar spannendes, Album aussprechen.


In Zeiten der härter-härter-am härtesten - Soundkatastrophen tut ein solches Album richtig gut. Death/Thrash mit Hirn und genug Schub um auch nebenher zu gefallen.





After almost 15 years of activity, Salvadorian death/thrashers Conceived by Hate have finally unleashed their sophomore full length album in the dominating shape of Death & Beyond.


Harking back to the roots of pure death metal and the groundbreaking noise of early Death, Slayer and Sepultura, with Death & Beyond Conceived By Hate have solidified their position as an unstoppable act. It’s relatively commonplace nowadays to stumble across bands intent on emulating death metal’s pioneering forefathers but to find a band so entrenched in the true spirit of late 80’s/ early 90’s death metal is a rarity indeed.


There is no such concern when it comes to Conceived By Hate who slavishly worship the old ways.


These guys unleash the full ferocity of an era when thrash and death collided to create something truly unholy and breathtakingly, neck-breakingly satisfying. From vicious opener “Crossoad of Fire” and its terrifying tremelo riffing to the unstoppable onslaught of album highlight “Below The Pale Sky”, Conceived By Hate offer no respite, no quarter is given and they obviously care not a jot about the damage they are doing to your ear-holes!


So, if the glory days of the aforementioned Death, Slayer and Sepultura – hell, we’ll throw Morbid Angel, Pestilence and Carcass into the inspirational mix as well – is still stinging your ears with ferocious fervour, then Conceived By Hate are your new (old) favourite band taking death/thrash metal beyond its sacred foundations and into a new golden age.





El segundo álbum de larga duración de la banda death/thrash salvadoreña salió de las sombras en noviembre del 2016 para cerrar el año con una descarga de metal de primer nivel. CbH ha madurado su sonido desde el casi lejano "Pestilence Reborn" y los últimos tres splits lanzados entre 2013 y 2015 han venido preparando el camino para algo grande.


El álbum "Death & Beyond" ha ganado cierta notoriedad entre los asiduos al metal underground y ha logrado buenas reseñas en varias revistas especializadas en el mundo underground. Hay una buena razón para eso: es un álbum bien hecho, desde la portada y el diseño del librillo hasta la música misma.


Una batería sólida, un bajo claro y rápido hacen fondo a las dos guitarras y se mezclan con las ásperas vociferaciones de Morbid, el teclado llena los espacios que pudieran quedar vacíos en la sección melódica, aunque en general tiene poca prominencia.

A un ritmo vertiginoso "Crossroads of Fire" y "This is underground" abren el álbum, uno empieza a darse cuenta que las cosas van en serio desde el principio.

"Chaos Upon Us" tiene tempos poco usuales y cambios inesperados hacen que sea un track interesante. "The underdog" va en la misma línea de sonido rudo y la velocidad que "Worship the Old Ways", violencia auditiva en su mejor estado.


Todos los tracks combinados forman un conjunto balanceado y alternando entre rápidos riffs y la contundencia de algunos tempos más lentos, como  "We Choose Who Suffers" (Con música de R.V.), un track que ha venido sonando en vivo desde hace algunos años pero que hasta ahora es lanzado en un álbum.

"Below the Pale Sky" es una muestra del sonido más orgánico de la banda, mucho tiene que ver el hecho que fue compuesta en 2011. El teclado tiene su momento en el álbum y el desempeño vocal se vuelve un poco melancólico sin disminuir la agresividad y la aspereza. Es uno de los tracks que sobresalen.

Para el cierre "Summoning the Graves" y "Death & Beyond" (El track de más duración, poco más de siete minutos) ponen más del mismo "thrashy death metal" que trae a la mente algunos clásicos pero que tiene la innovación necesaria con riffs que vale la pena escuchar hasta hartarse.

Con todo, son 46 minutos de metal emputado con una producción bien hecha pero que mantiene la crudeza del género.  En ningún momento D&B se vuelve monótono o aburrido. De lo mejor que se ha hecho en El Salvador durante el 2016 y de lo mejor de Latinoamérica también. El álbum se describe en tres palabras: "No fucking bullshit!"





Four years has passed since the debut album by Conceived By Hate dropped, and now the Death / Thrash Metal horde from El Salvador drop their second album with a mighty explosion. Their music is solidly bolted in the old-school style and so should garner much appeal from those who are fans of bands like Destruction, Sepultura and Holy Moses. 'Death & Beyond' is a 46-minute romp with no second spent being wasted faffing around, no no this is no poseur material, this is the real deal. For a band who comes from a scene with very little media coverage or anything in the ways of a metal music industry, this is a solid release that connoisseurs of exotic metal should also invest time in instigating.




Jedan od albuma koji vas na prvo slušanje natera da osetite ''punoću'' u svim tim ''riljačkim'' i ne tako pitomim rifovima. Ja bar to tako nazivm, prosto se u slučaju ovog albuma da osetiti kompletan aranžman i dobar posao producenta. To je sigurno ono što kod većine nas izmami simpatije prema albumu na prvo slušanje. Sve to poseduje ''Death & Beyond'' album death/thrash benda Conceived By Hate iz El Salvadora.



Počeo bih od lica albuma, odnosno od cover arta koji na prvi pogled deluje suviše ''paljevinski'' ali ga ipak donekle vadi kombinacija crne i zlatne boje. Što se same unutrašnjosti tiče, tu nema previše odstupanja od standarda. Mada bogat buklet tekstovima u ne tako čitljivom ''goth'' fontu...Hmm, mogli su i bolje. Zato ocena manje od mene i razlog da što pre pređem na ''meso''





Devet pesama od  kojih pojedine traju i do sedam minuta, brzi,melodični rifovi koji seku kao žilet. Sve u death/thrash maniru i na momente sa po kojim izletom u black metal. Sam početak albuma, (prve 3-4 numere) obiluju brzinom i ne previše interesantnim momentima ali su dovoljno melodične da zadrže pažnju. Što se ostatka albuma tiče, pesme variraju kada je u pitanju tempo i sama atmosfera, pa tako dosta više drže pažnju-znatiželju slušaoca. Mnogo su mi se dopale numere: We Choose Who Suffers, Summoning The Graves i Death & Beyond.


Slušajući ovaj album primetio sam da se kroz većinu pesama skromno provlači klavijatura koja je zasigurno zadužena da nam dočara mističnost i crnilo ovog albuma. To se naročito da osetiti u pesmi Below The Pale Sky. Za sam kraj bih dodao da je ovo album koji se sluša od raspoloženja i sigurno album koji podjednako slušaju svi poklonici čvrstog i brzog metal zvuka.




Ma io vorrei proprio sapere come fa questa etichetta a scovare certe realtà musicali! Questi ragazzoni sono al secondo album in quasi quindici anni di attività, ma per quanto mi riguarda potrebbero pure fare a meno di sfornare album. Per me infatti queste sono band da vedere dal vivo, lì dove il death-thrash primordiale e feroce può rendere al meglio in termini di potenza e coinvolgimento. Non troverete nulla di nuovo o che non sia già stato scritto in quest’opera, ma il genere è di quelli immortali, di quelli che ti ricordi per averti aperto le porte alla musica estrema con il suo accattivante riff da pogo e la cattiveria da musica nera. Aggiungeteci solo un po’ di tastiere per rendere il tutto più enfatico e atmosferico ed ecco la formula perfetta per un album ruffiano e garantista, dove viene dato esattamente ciò che si chiede. I riff, gli assoli, i suoni, le metriche… tutto è congelato agli anni novanta quando al genere è stato permesso di imperversare nella scena musicale. Ora appunto le cose sono cambiate, non c’è più posto per queste produzioni dirette e scarne, sincere e ‘di pancia’. No, non c’è posto, se non nel cuore degli appassionati che vanno a formare la vecchia guardia o lo stage. E la sede live è dove queste due entità guarda caso convergono. Quindi, non comprate questo cd, andate a vedere il gruppo dal vivo ed evitate qualsiasi altro surrogato, per quanto edulcorato sia…





Provenienti da El Salvador,e con una discografia ben solida che dal 2003 gli ha portati ai giorni nostri, arrivano i Conceived By Hate con il loro nuovo album “Death & Beyond”(edito dalla cooperazione tra Morbid Skull Records e Satanath Records),un lavoro di tutto rispetto che  segue i buoni risultati del precedente lavoro “Coalition Of Death” (split interessantissimo con gli Akheron) e che con la sua bordata di death/trash metal è pronto a sciogliervi sino ai minimi termini.


Sebbene il lavoro non presenti una ventata di novità all’interno del genere,c’è da dire che il disco si difende benissimo nel suo stile ‘fedele alla linea’,rifacendosi a diversi mostri sacri del genere,ma presentandosi anche con una personalità di tutto rispetto e ben collaudata.


L’influenza della vecchia scuola trash/death è ovunque in questo disco,partendo dalla copertina (curata ma stilisticamente anni ’80,quel misto tra maligno e ‘fumettoso’ che ben fa intendere le intenzioni della band) e arrivando alla produzione,che e ben pompata ed esalta tantissimo il lavoro del basso,e,ahimè,penalizza un po’ il lavoro delle voci (con quell’ambiente che ricorda un po’ i primi lavori del death americano),che rispetto allo strumentale sembrano relegate in secondo piano.Nonostante questa pecca,il disco ha una sua identità ben precisa e comunque trascina nell’ascolto.

Ma,come la vecchia scuola insegna,al bando le frivolezze e le introduzioni,al diavolo le patinature : qui c’è solo musica pronta a rompervi le ossa,prendervi a calci e incastrarvi per bene al tappeto;qui ci sono 46 minuti di totale distruzione farcita di lyrics che portano alla luce solitudine,società,senso di vendetta e vacuità del nostro mondo,il tutto a ritmo frenetico e spacca-cranio.


L’apertura è affidata a “Crossroads Of Fire”,frenetica dal riff oscuro e tritacarne,dove il basso ben presente di C.B. delinea un pezzo senza sosta,segue la  corsa all’impazzata di “This Is Underground”,con un bel riff e un solo che ben si amalgamano anche un certo piglio hardcore.

“Chaos Upon Us” è forse uno dei pezzi migliori dell’album,con i suoi cambi di tempo e un notevole tasso tecnico nell’esecuzione (molto bello il lavoro di V.K. dietro le pelli),rimandando sia ai Carcass prima maniera che a certe cose degli Arch Enemy.Interessante la variante del pezzo (intervento delle tastiere ad opera di T.M.),e molto vive le chitarre ad opera di R.V. e del singer M.Q.,che di certo non inventa niente di nuovo con la voce,ma che ha la sua presenza e che riesce nel buon intento di far capire quello che dice (pecca di molte bands,quella di ‘bragiare’ senza farsi capire!),specialmente nella successiva “The Underdog”,dove dove accanto ad un arrangiamento ritmico davvero molto azzeccato si avverte anche una certa impronta melodica sia nella partitura strumentale che vocale.


“We Choose Who Suffers” rallenta questa sequela di cattiveria per riprendere i concetti melodici espressi in “In The Underdog” e li modella in una specie di marcia schiacciasassi infarcita di dimezzamenti e tastiere,innestando una componente nuova all’interno dell’album e confezionando un altro bel brano,anche se,a dire il vero,sia la batteria che il basso risultano un po’ ‘caotici’ nello svolgimento del brano,soprattutto nell’ultima fase della parte centrale che va a svolgersi nel finale.

Si riprende la corsa con “Worship The Old Ways”,a dire il vero un po’ ripetitiva,ma che conserva la vena melodica dei precedenti brani e che si riprende un po’ nel bel finale.


Le tastiere sono invece protagoniste in “Below The Pale Sky”,episodio non proprio riuscitissimo,dove probabilmente la band tenta di coniugare troppa melodia (tempi in levare forse troppo ‘new school’ per il genere) con la pesantezza alla quale i brani ci hanno sinora abituato.Soprattutto nello svolgersi del pezzo,sembra di non capire da quale parte si stiano dirigendo i Conceived By Hate…inspiegabilmente avverto qualcosa di dark,benché M.Q. non si sposti mai dal suo registro abituale.Il pezzo in sé non è affatto male,ma stona all’interno del disco,e il piglio assai ‘mainstream’ di certi arrangiamenti lo discosta assai dal mood dell’album,sia musicalmente che a livello di atmosfera.


“Summoning The Graves” ci riporta sui binari collaudati del trash/death con un buon brano spaccaossa.Qui la batteria un po’ caotica di V.K. non rende troppa giustizia al brano,ma un buon assolo e una bella ritmica serrata la fanno da padroni.


“Death & Beyond”,pezzo finale del disco,è invece un buonissimo pezzo,che respira qualcosa di nuovo nella strofa portata avanti da basso,voce e batteria.Ottimo il bilanciamento tra melodia del brano e la voce di M.Q.,che non spostano la canzone troppo fuori dallo stile generale del disco e che,da buona title-track che si rispetti nella vecchia scuola,ci regala un riassunto della band.Forse un po’ troppo alti i solo in questo brano,ma comunque è una degna conclusione al disco.


Con una carriera lunga e prolifica i Conceived By Hate danno alle stampe un buon prodotto,che nonostante non brilli per originalità contiene qualche apprezzabile spunto,e che comunque mostra una buonissima band in grado anche di spaesare positivamente all’ascolto grazie ad innesti melodici non proprio caratteristici del genere.





Diretamente do El Salvador, a banda Conceived By Hate traz uma inovação da proposta de seu Death/Thrash Metal e, com o lançamento de seu segundo álbum de estúdio, atinge novos patamares dentro do underground. Seu som, agora muito mais amadurecido em face do disco anterior “Pestilence Reborn (2012)”, instiga o ouvinte a explorar as facetas mais insanas de todas as suas nove faixas. A sua sonoridade está exatamente localizada entre a brutalidade coesa de um Morbid Angel na fase “Covenant (1993)” assim como na versatilidade instrumental de um Asphyx na fase “Embrace The Death (1996)”.


O quinteto faz uma perfeita junção sonora de guitarras incessantes e bateria super cadenciada com a harmonia e delimitação de teclados, conforme melhor demonstrada na faixa “Chaos Upon Us”. Nos quesitos “produção e mixagem” está um trabalho fantástico e muito bem elaborado, dando a entender que os caras tiveram excelentes influências e realmente se aprimoraram musicalmente ao dar início as gravações deste disco.


Destaque especial para as faixas “Worship The Old Ways”, “Summoning The Graves”, “This Is Underground” e, como já dito, a espetacular “Chaos Upon Us”.


Um trabalho magnífico para quem curte as bandas acima mencionadas e procura um trabalho sério e muitíssimo inspirado. Recomendo e muito !!!





Conceived  By  Hate  are  a  band  from  El  Salvador  that  has  been  featured  before  in  this  zine  and  plays  a  mixture  of  death  and  thrash  metal  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2016  album  "Death  &  Beyond"  which  was  released  as  a  joint  effort  between  Satanath  Records,  Morbid  Skull  Records and  Deathgasm  Records.


  A  very  dark  and  heavy  sound  starts  off  the  album  along  with  a  great  amount  of  blast  beats  and  after  awhile  high  pitched  screams  are  added  onto  the  recording  and  the  riffs  also  use  a  great  amount  of  melody  and  thrash  influences  while  also  mixing  in  the  raw  aggression  of  South  American  extreme  metal.


  All  of  the  musical  instruments  on  the  recording  have  a  very  powerful  sound  to  them  and  the  solos  and  leads  also stick  to  a  very  old  school  style  of  extreme  metal  and  while  the  music  is  rooted  in  the  past  the  production  gives  the  songs  more  of  a  modern  feeling  and  all  of  the  musical  instruments  have  a  very  powerful  sound  to  them  and  one  track  also  brings  in  a  small  amount  of  synths  while  the  main  focus  remains  more  on  a  guitar  driven  style  and  the  last  track  is  very  long  and  epic  in  length..


  Conceived  By  Hate  remains  true  to  the  death  and  thrash  mixture  of  previous  releases  while  also  updating  the  genre  for  modern  days,  the  production  sounds  very  professional  while  the  lyrics  cover  metal,  solitude,  society,  revenge,  darkness,  revenge  and  emptiness  themes.


  In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  sounding  recording  from  Conceived  By  Hate  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  death  and  thrash  metal,  you  should  check  out  this  album.





If there is one metal genre that thrives in Central America, this must be death metal, usually sprinkled with drops of blood, sweat and …Thrash. This band from El Salvador represents just that.




A teraz death metal, który zdecydowanie bardziej mi podszedł. Hord pochodzi z Salwadoru a opisywane tutaj wydawnictwo to ich drugi pełny album. Dostajemy tutaj na prawdę dobrze zagrany death/thrash. Podoba mi się ten luz i łatwość z jaką przychodzi tym panom plucie bluźnierstwami na prawo i lewo. Człowiek słucha tej muzyki i po prostu czuje, że powstała w zupełnie naturalny sposób. Agresja i zadziorność porównywalna z naszym rodzimym Voidhanger. Na prawdę bardzo dobra, wyróżniająca się na tle innych opisywanych tu rzeczy, płyta.





Iz Salvadora nam dolaze "Conceived by Hate" koji su aktivni već gotovo deceniju i po. Deathrash mešavina koju nude na albumu "Death & Beyond" će zadovoljiti svakoga ko voli pesme blago bržeg srednjeg tempa, pomalo pankoidne rifove, vokal koji nije ni growl, ni scream, ni harsh, već nešto između. Kombinacija kreativnosti, izvedbe i produkcije daje efekat kao da je neki potpuno anderground bend iz osamdesetih imao uslova da već tada snimi album ovakvog kvaliteta. Iako me pomalo smara tupa-tupa-tupa ritam koji se proteže na većem delu izdanja, moram dati solidnih





Отличный образчик сальвадорского дэт треша. Прямо-таки хочется начать с обложки. На ней с большой любовью выгравирована большая нравоучительная картина. Обращает внимание зрителя центровая фигура сатаны, которая композиционно поглощает практически все внимание придирчивого ценителя искусства. Сатана обнаруживает признаки спокойствия и тщательно скрываемого презрения. При этом он картинно держит неких тварей, а одну из них артистично обгладывает, начав с хребта. Предводитель темных легионов к тому же сидит на земле, попирая лапами клубок змей. Все это происходит на фоне адского пламени белого каления. К чему я это рассказываю? Да к тому, что енная обложка - это половина успеха диска в нашем базарном мире, где все цинично продается, но не все покупается.

Кстати было бы заметить, что это второй полноформат американских парней. С ноль 5-го валят камрады стабильный дестройный музон, успев отлить несколько демок, эпишек и сплитов — самый отличный способ заявить о себе.

Сальвадорцы решили просто — делать жестокое, мощное и истребительное музло, валить все чотко, напрягать публику по полной программе. И это у них удачно получается. Это так. Олдовый дэт треш — вроде непритязательный, ментально убойный, с бушующей ритм-секцией из серии «не стойте на моем пути, мы едем на асфальтоукладчике». Кстати, олдовость здесь культивируемая, в некоторых случаях даже «слышно струны» ))). Приятно, черт возьми, слышать, что музыкант играет на живой электрической гитаре, а не на гитарном процессоре.

Каждый трак на этом диске - компактное произведение искусство типа артиллерийского снаряда, который выстреливается из пушек издающих лейбаков. Разных концептуально, но все так же дико ужасных, дэт-трешевых, а где-то конвульсивных, более анархических, как в компо 2…

А далее был медленный трак, интересно стало даже, насколько медленным по протяженности. Но много времени не прошло, и дэт-треш-дум закончился и пошел мид-темпо забой, акцентированный, более трезвый - с прикрученным соляком, как флагом машет: металлисты, валите сюда, здесь будет угар. Заявленное вполне оправдывается,

Тут во время седьмого трека есть интро на 20 секунд, где слегка применены синтезированные клавиши. Для помпезности, ибо чуть подальше врубается античеловеческий эпический полу-дум-дэт. С гроулом, с расстановкой точек силы, пафосом, бередящим душу истинного металхэда.

Формация, кажется, не берет ни одного слепка из дэт металлического пантеона, просто играет так, как видит эту жестокую реальность, как горит пламя в лесу, честно и бескомпромиссно. А получается сокрушительно, очень профессионально и, главное, убедительно.

Представителен аудиально и вокалист - лицо ансамбля. Да, уж он прославился здесь, на сабжевом альбоме крайними подходами - то медвежий дэтовый рык, то трешевый вой, впечатляющий - такой, от которого мухи дохнут, что разгоняет своим экстремальным ором любое собрание сектантов.





Seit 2002 (damals für ein Jahr noch unter dem Namen „Spiritual Demise“) existieren die aus San Salvador stammenden Jungs von „Conceived by Hate“. Neben einer Demo und EP gab es im Jahr 2012 den ersten Longplayer „Pestilence Reborn“. Nach vier Split-Veröffentlichungen sind sie mit dem zweiten Album „Death & Beyond“ am Werk. Für das Quintett aus El Salvador steht temporeicher Death/Thrash auf dem Programm. Einflüsse von „Carcass“, „Morbid Angel“ und „Obituary“ lassen sich nicht leugnen.


Deutlich positiv fällt die Produktion der Scheibe auf, zumal sich der Sound perfekt zwischen Modernem und Old-School befindet. Der Gitarrensound dürfte Fans des schwedischen Death-Metals als Wohlgefallen empfinden. Nach anfänglichen Schwierigkeiten bei Songs wie „Crossroad of Fire“ und „Chaos Upon Us“, gestaltet sich die zweite Hälfte des Albums deutlich melodischer und abwechslungsreicher. Obwohl es immer gefällt, wenn die Jungs das Tempo anziehen. Bereits bei „The Underdog“ legen sie einen Zahn zu und das steht ihnen gut bzw. lässt den Schädel ordentlich kreisen. Die Krönung des Longplayers ist aber eindeutig „Below The Pale Sky“. Der Song sticht durch seine Vielfältigkeit heraus. Die Vocals sind immer noch am krächzen aber durchaus emotional. Zum Abschluss geht man mit „Summoning The Graves“ und „Death & Beyond“ zurück zu den Wurzeln und zieht das Tempo wieder an.


Zwar klingen die Songs oft zu „gleich“ aber diverse Ansätze der Abwechslung sind vorhanden, um diesen Output eine Chance zu geben und zu erkunden. „Death & Beyond“ ist nicht der Burner der einem ewig in den Bann ziehen wird und kann, aber dennoch ist die Scheibe empfehlenswert. Für die nötige Aufmerksamkeit im schönen Zentralamerika wird es auf jeden Fall sorgen.





Spawned in El Salvador in 2002 by Jorge Montesino (of local thrashers Disorder), Conceived by hate are a death-infused thrash band whose calling card is unremitting hostility. Montesino alongside Carlos Basagoitia and Rene Vega, set about building the band’s fan-base dealing with the usual line-up changes that any developing band experiences along the way. Released by Satanath Records in concert with Morbid Skull Records and Deathgasm Records, ‘Death and beyond’ is a thrillingly unpleasant rampage that recalls the bitter horror of Autopsy and the like with its guttural vocals, killer riffs and grinding solos digging into the grimy underbelly of thrash.


From the off, conceived by hate are on a misanthropic mission for the forces of darkness. The sulphurous riff of ‘Crossroad of fire’ immediately sets the blood pounding through the veins and you can rest assured that the band are in no concillatory mood as they rattle through the nine songs that make up the album. Pure, old school death metal, ‘this is underground’ recalls the similarly antagonistic work of Darkthrone on ‘F.O.A.D’ whilst ‘chaos upon us’ is aptly titled, the band indulging in the titular chaos as it sounds like a riot has erupted in your bedroom. Not for the faint of heart, this is brutal, adrenalin charged Metal (with a capital M) and it’s easy to imagine a sea of denim jackets with a Conceived by Hate patch sew on every one such is the potency of the music on offer. Keeping things brutally minimalist, ‘The underdog’ is practically an anthem for every metaller everywhere who has ever felt like an outsider. Ferocious and defiant, I may play this on a permanent loop so that it can serve as a personal theme tune wherever I go, it’s that awesome. ‘We choose who suffers’ concludes the first half of the album, and f*** me if it’s not even better than that which has gone before. Only half way in and already this is shaping up to be an essential release for death metal fans.




The second half of the album kicks off with ‘worship the old ways’, a blistering track that digs into the punk-encrusted heart of thrash. With a scything riff and full-pelt drums, it leaves the listener battered and bruised, but have no fear for ‘below the pale sky’ offers a brief respite with its shimmering intro only for the blazing riffs to return with a vengeance, made all the heavier for their brief absence from the fray. Primitive in the extreme, ‘summoning the graves’ indulges in an Autopsy vibe, the band peeling out deathly riffs with mordant glee. Fast, furious and unrepentant, it sees the album into the end zone on a high. The album ends with its epic length title track. ‘Death and beyond’, at seven minutes in length, offers plenty of space in which the band can stretch out and indulge in a variety of riffs and tempos, just to mix things up a bit. Doomy in places, ferociously fast in others, if you wanted one song to sum up the glory of Conceived by hate, then ‘death and beyond’ would be that song. It ends an already damned good album on a stupendous high and it’s hard to pick out a single weak spot in this gloriously brutal collection of songs.


Drawing inspiration from the likes of Slayer, Darkthrone, Kreator and Autopsy, Conceived by Hate deliver the goods with untrammelled violence. Short, sharp and devastating, this album rules. It’s as simple as that.





Approdiamo sulle coste di El Salvador con i Conceived By Hate, una band Death/Thrash attiva dal 2002 ed un trascorso abbastanza movimentato. Vari cambi di formazione scandiscono il ritmo della band che, nonostante le sostituzioni, realizza autonomamente il primo EP dal titolo "Lost in the Gardens of Hate" nel 2005 e nel 2009 "Witness of Decay" (entrambi di 4 tracce), nel 2012 esce il loro primo full lenght autoprodotto: "Pestilence Reborn". Nel 2013 entrano in contratto con la Morbid Skull Records cosa che favorisce la nascita dei due vinili "Selective Procreations" (2013) e "Below the Deck of Opulence" (2014) in collaborazione rispettivamente con i Nuclear (che occupano il lato A del primo disco) e i Deceased (che, con 4 brani, hanno il lato A del secondo). Il terzo album in split arriva nel 2015 quando viene pubblicato "Coalition of Death" che contiene 4 brani dei Conceived By Hate e 4 dei colombiani Akheron.

Nel 2016 esce finalmente il loro secondo full lenght dal titolo "Death & Beyond", sempre sotto la casa discografica Morbid Skull Records e Satanath Records.


La nostra attenzione cade proprio su quest'ultima uscita e la motivazione è piuttosto semplice: sonorità da paura e voce perfetta al genere rendono l'album degno di nota. La tracklist si apre con "Crossroad Of Fire" e la band lascia subito intendere la propria potenza con un intro che descrive a pieno il genere in cui loro stessi sentono di navigare. La voce di Morbid graffiante e in grado di catturare la scena sonora è perfettamente in linea con lo stile e sebbene spicchi sulla struttura del pezzo, la cosa non dispiace affatto. Per quanto riguarda il testo c'è da dire che è carico di immagini cupe, intriganti e macabre: ancora una volta tutto in linea con la brutalità della band. Il secondo brano è "This Is Underground" e penso che dovrebbe essere la colonna sonora di ogni storia di band underground: descrive a pieno la scena metal odierna e la difficoltà che hanno i meritevoli ad emergere ed essere spalleggiati da case discografiche che non li schiavizzino. Qua si sente un poco di più la componente thrash anche se la voce ci ricorda che di Death, i Conceived By Hate, hanno molto. É messa in musica la rabbia e la forza che devono avere le band underground per emergere, il tutto nominando la loro scena, El Salvador. Possiamo dunque intndere che sia la loro descrizione e la lo riscossa. Non mancano di aggressività e ciò fa loro onore, mantengono alta la linea death senza annoiare. "Chaos Upon Us", terzo titolo nella lista, è la descrizione del brano stesso. Un chaos ben fatto però: cambi improvvisi di ritmiche e tempi, come se il batterista avesse improvvisamente dato di matto, riff caotici quasi da giramento di testa e la stessa potenza vocale. Dalla metà in poi viene introdotto un lieve synth che permette un dimezzamento dei tempi, necessario all'ascoltatore per giungere ad un bellissimo assolo di chitarra che anticipa la conclusione del pezzo. Il chaos è risolto è possiamo passare a "The Underdog" titolo alquanto strambo. Nella prima parte del brano la chitarra solista predilige l'uso di note acute che contrastano con il timbro cupo della voce e della chitarra di accompagnamento. Siamo al cospetto di un brano molto più strumentale degli altri e ben organizzato. Velocità e precisione dominano la scena senza ostacolarsi. Il finale sorprende e lascia in sospeso: l'assolo di chitarra. Scendendo verso la seconda metà del disco si giuge a "We Choose Who Suffers" con una partenza veloce, ma non quanto le precendenti. Una intro di 44 secondi ci proietta in un brano dominato dalla voce, più "tranquillo" degli altri. Tutto scorre perfettamente, niente virtuosismi o prese di posizione di uno strumento sull'altro. Dopo un brano di sottomissione ecco che torna il synth! Torna a farsi sentire nel ritornello, dando al pezzo un atmosfera soft senza farle perdere l'aggressività tipica della band. Adattissimo. Anche gli assoli sono meno carichi, più umili e perfetti. In linea esatta con il senso generale del pezzo in cui anche la voce sembra aprirsi un po' per abbandonare il cupo dei brani precedenti. 6 minuti di puro e instancabile Death. Un finale stoppato perfettamente ci catapulta nella sesta traccia "Worship the Old Ways" in cui nell'intro non emerge nessuno strumento, tutto è equilibrato e dai tempi molto serrati. Anche con questa canzone i Conceived By Hate non deludono le aspettative dell'ascoltatore, donando la stessa grinta e potenza vocale mostrate in tutto l'album. Riff cupi e ripetitivi, batteria ben cadenzata. Differentemente da alcuni brani precedenti qua la voce non emerge sul pezzo rimanendo perfettamente in linea con gli altri membri della band. "Below The Pale Sky", occupante la settima posizione nella tracklist, arriva come un fulmine a ciel sereno: un fantastico ribaltamento dello stile della band. Un'intro melodica, quasi fatata, ricorda molto melodie di bosco. All'entrata delle chitarre la situazione si fa più aggressiva, ma senza perdere l'alone mistico accennato in principio. Tutti gli strumenti si accodano a quella sensazione magica introdotta dal Synth nella parte iniziale dell'introduzione. Quando anche Morbid, alla voce, fa la sua apparizione in scena dopo quasi 1 minuto e 30 di strumentale, l'atmosfera non cambia e rimane sempre molto piacevole: in questo contesto, la parte vocale risulta essere quasi un grido d'aiuto, una supplica. Possiamo però dire che il vero protagonista di questa canzone è Tulio, alle tastiera che realizza dei break musicali contrastanti con la voce, ma totalmente apprezzabili. Una canzone fuori dagli schemi precedentemente evidenziati nel corso dell'album che spiazza chi ascolta. Un disorientamento piacevole, una spettacolare scoperta. Avvicinandosi alla conclusione del lavoro si torna però allo stile che domina tutto "Death & Beyond", infatti con "Summoning The Graves" torna la velocità dei riff ripetitivi delle chitarre, la batteria pressante e la voce che non pare più in cerca d'aiuto, ma quasi incattivita. Nulla di nuovo da aggiungere per questa traccia che rispecchia perfettamente gli altri brani, fatta piccola eccezione per un acuto assolo di chitarra che un po' smorza l'atmosfera senza stravolgerla troppo. Si conclude l'album con "Death & Beyond", traccia che da il titolo a tutto l'album e si capisce il motivo dal primo secondo: la canzone sembra disseminata di piccoli cambi di velocità, di tempo, di sonorità che la rendono molto speciale, diversa dalle altre. Stupefacente come il cambio da un genere ad un altro si noti da una canzone all'altra. Anche qua i riff ripetuti son padroni, ma danno un senso vorticoso che non stona, improvvisi cambi di tono ed entrate sovrapposte delle chitarre catturano continuamente l'attenzione dell'ascoltatore facendolo rimanere concentrato nonostante ogni strumento faccia tutto l'opposto di tutto contemporaneamente. La voce passa quasi in secondo piano, lasciando lunghi spazi ai pezzi strumentali tanto che gli ultimi 2 minuti del brano sono interamente dedicati ad un assolo, ben fatto, di chitarra e batteria. Un ottimo finale per un album che non delude.


Sebbene l'uso di synth sia limitato e riff siano un po' troppo spesso ripetuti e cupi (in linea con il genere proposto, ovviamente) i Conceived By Hate meritano un ascolto da parte di tutti gli amati di questa sfumatura di metal perchè davvero sanno stupire.




With a name like this you gotta be black metal. I can take it if it is really darkened death metal but any other metal is like a misrepresentation. For me there are certain band that I really root for even before I’ve heard a single note just based on name or/and art work. This is one of those. Form the first note I knew that this was going to be neither black metal nor blackened death metal but I couldn’t really care too much. This is much more Swedish death metal circa 1990. Entombed and Dismember. And since I totally love that era this is to me a really cool release. I don’t mind that it wasn’t any of the things I thought it’d be.





Un disco con una producción como esta es algo envidiable, a golpes de death/thrash ésta súper banda nos muestra el camino que han de seguir los que vendrán luego a tomarles el relevo o a seguir sus pasos. Aunque estos estilos no son de los más escuchados por mis oídos, al tenerlos delante lo único que puedo decir es que bajo la onda que tienen los discos de este estilo y este nivel esta banda ha superado mis expectativas y ahora los veo de manera diferente.

Sin crear nada nuevo han creado un disco que está bastante aceptable oído lo oído que ronda por ahí.

Este trabajo ha sido el resultado de la espera de un año desde aquel split con los colombianos Akheron llamado “Coalition of Death”, con el que continúan esmerándose como cabía esperar. Brutalidad y técnica a partes iguales con grandes temas como “This is underground” o “The underdog”, en poco más de 46 minutos despliegan todo su poderío y veteranía en estas lides.

Los integrantes son Rene Vega en guitarra, Jorge Montesino en voz y guitarra, Carlos Basagoitia al  bajo, Tulio Mata en teclados, y Iosif Najarro a la batería.

Un disco realmente salvaje para oídos salvajes, esta gente te dejan ver que el metal extremo venga de donde venga, en este caso desde El Salvador, se hace bien y con contundencia.

A la espera de más noticias de ellos, estaremos atentos.




I never would have thought to review a band from El Salvador. At first, I even did not know where is the country location because I am lazy fucker, bastard to even check it on a google map. I graduated few schools in my life and my instinct tells me it`s somewhere in South America but if I am wrong then go fuck yourself because I do not care about it at all. OK people, you know that I am just being nice right now so let`s say a few words about this cursed fuckers and blasphemous band Conceived By Hate. They exists in Satan’s dungeons of hell on streets of San Salvador where is the band`s activity.


Few spines of the CD and here they come with old school death metal that sound a little retro but that`s OK. They also have a lot of offensive and angry black metal vocals which explains my introduction to this review. I have to write that it`s just much better band that has a vocalist with such good attitude and obscure voice. I like his lyrics and vocals when he spitfires dirty words out of his rusty metal mouth. Particularly in This Is Underground song which is a fucking good one.


Along with death metal influences comes a lot of black thrash with some music echoes from Sodom, Venom etc. It`s not radical album and I mean not that much extreme because they try to input some melodies and groove which expanse more music territories for them. However, it`s mostly old school death black thrash metal that do not cross much speed or fast drum beats throughout. To acknowledge you, musically they are not strictly in 80`sound and influences but also  in 90`s as well.


It`s better that way when they keep structures of songs simpler so the hell out of their music has better taste or karma if you will. This band has surprisingly good guitar solos, not so chaotic ones like hordes of other South American bands. Death&Beyond has that Latin hunger for aggression and sometimes I can assimilate that inspiring energy, and fire my mind through infernos of music. But, mostly from very good, hellish vocals. If you like some atmospheric keyboard sounds, they have some for you, too.


No more, no less, it`s a  good album.





The second full-length album by the Salvadoran death/thrash metal band came out of the shadows in November 2016 to close the year with a first class metal discharge. CbH has matured their sound if we listen to the almost distant "Pestilence Reborn" and the last three splits - launched between 2013 and 2015 - have been paving the way for something big.


The album "Death & Beyond" has gained some notoriety among the underground metal regulars and has obtained good reviews in several specialized magazines in the underground world. There's a good reason for that: it's a well-made album, from the cover and the design of the booklet to the music itself.


Solid drums, a clear and fast bass make the background for two guitars and mix with the harsh Morbid's vociferations, keyboards fill the spaces that could be empty in the melodic section, although in general it has little prominence.

At a dizzying pace "Crossroads of Fire" and "This is underground" open the album, then you will realize that things are serious from the start.

"Chaos Upon Us" has unusual tempos and unexpected changes that make it an interesting track. "The underdog" goes in the same line of rude sound and speed as "Worship the Old Ways", auditory violence at its best.


All the tracks combined make a balanced set and alternate between fast riffs and some crushing slower tempos, like "We Choose Who Suffers", a track that has been part of the band's setlist for a while but has been released in an album only untill this year.

"Below the Pale Sky" is a taste of the band's most organic sound, much has this to do with the fact that it was composed in 2011. It's this track when keyboard has their moment in the album and the vocal performance becomes a bit melancholic without diminishing the aggressiveness and the roughness. It is one of the tracks that stand out.


Closing with "Summoning the Graves" and "Death & Beyond" (The longest track, just over seven minutes) they put more of the same "thrashy death metal" that brings to mind some classics but -still- has the necessary innovation with riffs that are worth listening to over and over again.


All in all, there's 46 minutes of angry metal played with a well-made production that maintains the rawness of the genre. At no time D & B becomes monotonous or boring. This album earns a place among the best metal that has been made in El Salvador and Latin America during 2016. The album describes itself in a few words: "No fucking bullshit!"






The second album by the San Salvador-located Death/Thrash formation delivers us, especially for fans of old school, some really pleasant moments. The 9 tracks of "Death & Beyond" are combining the appropriate guide back to the glorious times of Thrash & Death Metal, the genres that ruled the earth in their essential form during the 80s and 90s. This is the first band from El Salvador that I have the pleasure to listen to and review and I have to admit I really like what they do and how they do. Pure underground music is this, which has been done with total dedication & respect to the aforementioned times and bands of the past decades. The entire material on "Death & Beyond" and even their instruments sound the way it was supposed to sound exceptionally back in the 80s and the first half of the 90s, so no polished modern plastic sounding is there. Such song titles as "This is underground", "Worship the old ways" or "Summoning the graves" plus the devilish cover artwork are proving you once again that this band's dedication is focused on the musical, lyrical and visual heritages of the past not the present or future. I've really enjoyed listening to the old-fashioned but really up to date musical approach of CONCEIVED BY HATE and looking forward to experience their third full-length installment in the very near future. Diehard underground freaks should definitely invest into this piece of CD! I will repeat, it's worth every penny, so don't fool around, better order it right now!!!





El Salvador may not sound like a country that people can relate to kickass underground Metal music. Conceived by Hate hail from the main capital of El Salvador, San Salvador, are clear proof of the country's vivid and, yes, kickass underground Metal scene. As they sing on one of their songs, "Death Metal from El Salvador. This is underground".


Musically, this South American group kicks ass on just about every level, having basically all the pieces in the right place to impress a bunch of metalheads around this dying globe of ours. Both guitarists Rene "Insane" Vega and Jorge Montesino sound like seasoned veterans with their axe work, churning out mainly Bay Area-tinged Thrash fests while doing some very impressive lead work. Jorge, who also handles the vocals, sounds like David Vincent but with a more snarling Black Metal rasp in his voice, fitting the band's music very well. The band's songs are also quite varied, with even keyboards enter every now and then to bring in more depth and beauty to the songs. Some more melodic material can be found on "Below the Pale Sky," which breaks from the thunderous Death/Thrash Metal beating that most of the other songs deliver.


Nonetheless, Death & Beyond should be put on your shopping list if a well crafted and skillfully played mix of Death and Thrash Metal gets your inner fluids out of balance and boiling.




The second full-length album by the Salvadoran death/thrash metal band came out of the shadows in November 2016 to close the year with a first class metal discharge. CbH has matured their sound if we listen to the almost distant "Pestilence Reborn" and the last three splits - launched between 2013 and 2015 - have been paving the way for something big. The album "Death & Beyond" has gained some notoriety among the underground metal regulars and has obtained good reviews in several specialized magazines in the underground world. There's a good reason for that: it's a well-made album, from the cover and the design of the booklet to the music itself.


Solid drums, a clear and fast bass make the background for two guitars and mix with harsh M.Q.'s vociferations, and keyboards fill the spaces that could be empty in the melodic section, although in general it has little prominence. At a dizzying pace "Crossroads of Fire" and "This is Underground" open the album, then you will realize that things are going seriously from the very beginning. "Chaos Upon Us" has unusual tempos and unexpected changes that make it an interesting track. "The Underdog" goes in the same line of rude sound and speed as "Worship the Old Ways", auditory violence at its best.


All the tracks combined make a balanced set and alternate between fast riffs and some crushing slower tempos, like "We Choose Who Suffers", a track that has been part of the band's setlist for a while but has been released in an album only until this year. "Below the Pale Sky" is a taste of the band's most organic sound, much has this to do with the fact that it was composed in 2011. It's this track when keyboard has their moment in the album and the vocal performance becomes a bit melancholic without diminishing the aggressiveness and the roughness. It is one of the tracks that stand out.


Closing with "Summoning the Graves" and "Death & Beyond" (The longest track, just over seven minutes) they put more of the same "thrashy death metal" that brings to mind some classics but -still- has the necessary innovation with riffs that are worth listening to over and over again.


All in all, there's 46 minutes of angry metal played with a well-made production that maintains the rawness of the genre. At no time D & B becomes monotonous or boring. This album earns a place among the best metal that has been made in El Salvador and Latin America during 2016. The album describes itself in a few words: "No fucking bullshit!"




O Conceived by Hate é uma banda de Death/Thrash de El Salvador que faz um som que é um mix de Death/Black e Thrash Metal dos anos 80, para fãs de Sodom, Kreator, Destruction, Assassin, Violent Force, Minotaur, Darkness e de bandas dos anos 90 como Desaster, Nifelheim e Bewitched.


É um resgate ao metal antigo, mas ao mesmo tempo tem uma cara de metal do século XXI, essa fórmula sempre funciona, o que realmente importa é que a banda é do caralho, que é um puta som, se for pra reinventar a roda, que seja algo realmente bom no fim das contas.




Um grande destaque para as passagens de teclado, são o tempero necessário e que dão uma identidade maior musical para a banda.


Prepare as cervejas, os cintos de balas e os spikes e sua jaqueta aborratada de patches para curtir essa grande banda latina.




Ameryka. Jak się okazuje nie tylko w Północnej i Południowej potrafią przywalić. W Środkowej też. Salwador to małe państwo, ale posiada Conceived By Hate, bardzo solidny death/thrashowy band, który wydał do tej pory dwa długograje i kilka splitów. Ostatni pełniak to Death & Beyond z 2016 roku. Jest to krótko mówiąc konkretna jazda do przodu, będąca bardzo fajną mieszanką death i thrash metalu. Motoryka thrashowa, ciężar deathowy, czyli wszystko się zgadza. Płyta trwa 46 minut, czyli jest dość długa i w pewnym momencie wszystko zaczyna się zlewać, bo niestety kompozycje są do siebie dość podobne. Gdyby materiał trwał powiedzmy 30 minut, byłoby to dla niego zbawienne. Ale i tak jest to dobry cios, bardzo przyzwoicie zrealizowany i mający swój urok. Na specjalne wyróżnienie zasługuje początek siódmego utworu, miodzio! (w zasadzie cały jest w pytę, bo odstaje od reszty i wnosi świeży powiew).




What if Carcass had not chosen to go down the Melodic Death Metal root after turning their backs to their Grindcore roots but would have opted to transform their sound into something more akin to an Oldschool Death Metal style while keeping their love for thrashy riffs? Conceived by Hate are trying their best to answer this question on their second full length album “”Death & Beyond”.


Hailing from El Salvador of all places these guys have been making noise since 2003 as documented on various splits, demos and EPs. In 2012 they dropped their first full length “Pestilence Reborn” which is now followed by album number two.


It would be a bit unfair to just call them Carcass worshippers as they try their best to implement some unique sounds into their music. There are elements like exotic sounding leads that give them an own identity. Different to most other Death Metal bands hailing at the altar of the Old School sounds a keyboard player is among the members of the band helping Conceived by Hate to gain their own identity. Thankfully he is never going overboard but uses his instrument to highlight nuances of the music and create a special atmosphere.


The riffing and drumming is hefty and full throttle for most of the playing time with only few excursions into slower territory. The lead guitars have this special melodic tone delivering distinct hooks and melodies that will grab the listener and won’t let him go. Similar to the big boys from Liverpool the vocals are snarling and mid-ranged with a lot of angriness and aggression.


The songs are a bit longer than your average Death Metal tracks but this is fine as Conceived by Hate have enough surprises to keep the listeners on their toes. The production is presented with a great mixture of punchiness and filthiness that should please most Metal heads. There is still room for improvement in the songwriting department of course but as it stands “Death & Beyond” is a very solid slab of rumbling extreme music.