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Grotesque Ceremonium is the brainchild of one Turkish fellow named Batu Çetin who writes and plays everything. This is primitive and dark Death Metal mixed with heavy Doom elements in the style of early Incantation and Winter. In fact there’s even a very well executed cover of Incantation’s “Profanation”. The other nine tracks on Demonic Inquisition are full of hatred for all that is holy, speaking about the murder and destruction of Christians by devils and other unsavory beings. A great primitive and brutal Death Metal gem, Demonic Inquisition is a must for fans of the genre.


This one-man band from Turkey is surprisingly good, especially with its powerful, thunderous sound.

Something that could be explained by Batu Зetin having many years of experience, as well as two other one-man bands in various adjacent genres.

The music is infuriated death metal with enough details to create sufficient friction between the ears, but not enough to stand out in particular.

Allow me to be brief.

Batu does a great job with instrumentation and demonic cellar-vocals, and even present a concept of inverted inquisition. This time it's the Christians who goes through the mill in the uttermost diabolical torture chamber.

Its a rumbling, resounding clamour, and it's devilishly tough. Not ace, perhaps, but more than fine. Only problem is, there's too much close to identical death metal flying around already, and so I don't see the need for Demonic Inquisition.

If you're an above average death-monger, I'm confident you'll revel in Grotesque Ceremonium.

Whether you'll feel that the album offers anything new is a different matter.

Listen to Demonic Inquisition, and decide for yourself.


Turkish black-death.

Yeah, not something you hear very often.

Promo materials namecheck Incantation, and that’s definitely a valid touchpoint. Apparently they’d previously released some tape-only material through a Mexican label, and that holds as well: think Castleumbra.

As those may suggest, this is detuned but still listenable “morbid” inclined death metal with nigh-Demilich bowel-level vomit vocals. What you probably won’t pick up is that this is apparently another one man band, with a certain Batu Cetin handling all duties.

The music doesn’t really go anywhere, though Cetin displays a respectable degree of competence on all fronts which you can pick up from all the stop-starts, double bass drumming and switching between Exodus-lite chunka chunka riffing and weird atonal tremelo meanderings on the guitar.

That said, it’s reasonably well recorded and you can hear everything that’s going on, whether guitar, drums or vocals, and I appreciated the vocals and the more chugging death metal riffs on display herein.



I Grotesque Ceremonium vengono dalla Turchia. Anzi, per essere precisi usiamo il verbo al singolare, visto che dietro a tutti gli strumenti nonché alla voce c’è sempre un’unica mente. E nonostante fin dalla copertina si capisca benissimo che il signore in questione vuole ricalcare in tutto e per tutto il classico Death/Black americano, devo dire che il risultato finale non è male. Anzi, lo trovo un lavoro onesto che magari ha messo da parte la personalità per accentuare quelle atmosfere malsane e crudeli tipiche di Morbid Angel e compagnia bella. Ecco quindi otto tracce più una cover degli Inquisition per far riassaporare all’ascoltatore un genere che in teoria manco dovrebbe ancora esistere, chiuso in se stesso e oltranzista fuori di misura. Ritroviamo qui i tipici ritmi incalzanti e il vocione molto gutturale, un’unica chitarra a trascinare nenie blasfeme e inni a Satana. Ripeto, formula trita e ritrita, ma se è arrivata immutata fino ai giorni nostri un motivo ci dovrà pur essere, no? Redivivi.





Завдяки спільному релізу Satanath Records та More Hate Productions, 15-го червня поточного року вийшов новий альбом Demonic Inquisition турецької death metal групи Grotesque Ceremonium. Batu Çetin – єдиний учасник проекту. Самодостатній турок в недалекому 2014 вирішив записати свій перший ЕР Blasphemous Goat Observance, що складався з чотирьох треків. Металіст з Анкари належним чином зарекомендував себе, тому влітку цього року я з нетерпінням чекала вихід нового повноформатного альбому Demonic Inquisition.



Концептуальний альбом, що складається з дев'яти треків (один з них – кавер на Incantation), розповідає історію Сердньовіччя. Тематика пісень – відьми, чаклунство, тортури у пеклі, протистояння світла й тьми, покарання демонами. Навіть додати нічого не можу, адже потрібно слухати. Характерне розщеплення звуку передає атмосферу люті та ненависті. Після перших секунд прослуховування важкі рифи впиваються у мозок, виникає шалене бажання послемитися, навіть полізти у мош. Барабани додають вогню, і тобі зносить голову. Ці подвійні бочки так і змушують підмахувати головою. Альбом посідає не останні місця у музичних чартах, тому поціновувачам death metal варто звернути на нього увагу.





Grotesque Ceremonium is a one man death metal project from Ankara, Turkey. The brainchild of Austrian born Batu Çetin, their debut album Demonic Inquisition seeks to build upon the momentum of 2014’s Blasphemous Goat Observance EP.


The first thing that struck me about this album (aside from the superb artwork) is how tame it is (relatively speaking). When you consider all the components thrown in the mix: the low, guttural grunts; the thick, heavy riffs; the relentless, pounding drums, you’d probably expect an album of aggressive, relentless death metal. It is, however, quite timid. This is partly due to the fact the programmed drum sound is weak. Rather than feeling each beat resonate and add to the intensity, it sounds like a metronome meekly providing a backdrop for the riffs to work around. This also robs the album of any power in its speedier moments, with faster riffs coming across as mid paced. In a way, this actually works in the album’s favour, and I feel this may have been intentional from Çetin. He seems to have traded off fury in favour of a more sinister, atmospheric sound. The record possesses a murky, dense feel, with twisted, monolithic riffs in abundance. Whilst there are a handful of flaws to be found, the way Çetin is able to evoke such a morbid ambience makes up for some of these shortfalls.


The most important aspect of any record, and sadly one in which Demonic Inquisition comes up a little short, is the song writing. Although Çetin has been able to invoke a dark soundscape, the actual songs themselves could use some work. Many seem to be based around the same sort of blueprint, with riffs and drum patterns that are too similar to one another. A lot of the songs only have one or two drum fills repeated as nauseam, showing a real lack of invention (again, likely due to the programmed drums). A live drummer with a more in depth knowledge and greater experience of crafting drum parts would certainly have been beneficial. There also appears to have been little thought put into developing broader compositional structures, with a lot of the songs launching right into the thick of things with no build up. A more subtle, dynamic approach in some tracks would have added some much needed variety.


For all of Demonic Inquisition’s flaws, there is something irresistible about the inexorable darkness it conveys. With the inclusion of a live drummer and more adventurous song writing this could’ve been a great record. As it stands, it will remain a decent offering that falls short of its potential. Not essential, but Grotesque Ceremonium an still an act worth keeping your eye on.






Дебютный альбом death metal проекта, состоящего из одного участника - Бату Четина, вокалиста турецких групп Cenotaph и Drain of Impurity. Альбом выполнен в стилистике смертельного металла старой школы, как по звуку, так и по музыкальному содержанию. Материал не блещет какими-либо техническими изысками или виртуозными партиями. Это 42 минуты монолитного, густого и обволакивающего как патока брутального дэта, с простыми, бьющими прямо под дых гитарными риффами, и мощным узнаваемым гроулингом Бату. Все ясно, понятно, узнаваемо, и как раз для ценителей такого музла! Альбом содержит концептуальную лирику и посвящен темным временам средневековой инквизиции, только на этот раз тема пыток раскрыта не через призму сжигания еретиков и богохульников, а наоборот, в роли инкизиторов на “Demonic Inqusition” выступают силы тьмы: демоны, бафомет и прочая нечисть, которые жгут, режут, мучают сами знаете кого. В дополнение к основному блюду имеется кавер версия на песню Profanation американской легенды Incantation!




The debut album by a death metal project consisting of one musician - Batu Chetin, the vocalist of Turkish bands CENOTAPH and DRAIN OF IMPURITY. The album presents a piece of old-school death metal in respect of both sound and musical content. The material has no technical fancy or virtuosity to show. Instead, there are 42 minutes of monolithic, thick and enshrouding stream of brutal death metal with simple, punch-in-the-guts guitar riffs and mighty familiar growling of Batu. Everything is distinct, clear and familiar –specifically for the fans of this kind of music! The album includes concept-based lyrics dedicated to dark medieval inquisition times. However, the theme of tortures is explored not through the prism of burning heretics and blasphemers – “Demonic Inqusition” gives the powers of darkness a chance to adopt the role of inquisitors: demons, baphomet and other evil spirits burn, cut and torment you-know-who. As a second to the main course the album features a cover version of “Profanation” – a song originally performed by the legendary American band INCANTATION!



This is a one man (Batu Çetin) project from Turkey, its old sounding death metal with a heavy bass presence which I find similar to the early DM scene, from all quarters of the world. For that I am thinking of a hybrid between Benediction and the US monsters Obituary and Incantation (from which their track ‘Profanation’ is covered at the tail end of this release) and even some Celtic Frost by nature of the guitar tone and tempo. The Florida legions are mentioned as this album has a similar tempo and feel to most of their material. Slow to mid paced, without going too slow to be into the doom death realm, which is fine by me.


Artwork and presentation seems to depict some altered religious and ghoulish medieval dark times with witch burning connotations, with some barbaric decimation of the female form thrown in, of course the statement ‘I Will Not Repent Your God’ confirms this! The songs themselves are not fulfilled as they could be, mainly down to the murky and quite dense production, but limitations like this always figure with recent one man projects when you don’t record everything with live instruments. Although, I have to hand it to Batu, he has recorded, mixed, written and mastered everything himself, but sometimes it pays to add someone else or others into the mix to stave off single minded visions. With this I make reference to the songs, as they don’t really figure that differently from one to the next.


However, the presentation and feel of this CD has a marked level of quality, but perhaps more could be done in the song writing process for future efforts, it would certainly be nice to hear other musicians or sounds appear from time to time to add a touch of rotten spice to the mix. But, this is not a bad album, there’s a fair bit to offer, but it could go a touch further.





Voici donc le tout premier album d’un homme-orchestre : Grotesque Ceremonium. Le Turc Batu Çetin y fait tout : le chant et l’intégralité des instruments. Cela donne une saveur particulière à « Demonic Inquisition », morceau de barbaque pourrie arrachée aux poubelles du Death Métal.

Dans un registre ultra basique, le mec compose huit titres à rapprocher d’Archgoat et parvient à instaurer une ambiance particulièrement malsaine même si les écueils de la répétition et de la linéarité ne sont pas évités. Les riffs, joués sur des tempos similaires, sont certes obscurs, notre homme ayant pigé un truc qui passe au-dessus de la tête de bon nombre de compositeurs, mais le manque de variété finit tout de même par nuire à l’album du fait de sa durée : pas loin de quarante-cinq minutes. Dix de moins eût été l’idéal, même en conservant la reprise d’Incantation qui se fond merveilleusement dans le disque.

J’apprécie également le chant malsain à souhait, le parti pris totalement Underground de la production (la vieille reverb sur le chant, un classique toujours efficace) ou de l’illustration en noir et blanc, ces choix esthétiques correspondant parfaitement aux ambitions musicales du bonhomme : faire du sale, du putride à la gloire de Satan.

Si je n’ai pas été convaincu à la première écoute, les suivantes m’ont permis de bien me rendre compte à quel point Batu Çetin détient un truc rare pour rendre sa musique méphitique : « Demonic Inquisition » me semble idéal pour contrer la joie estivale des vacanciers en short.





Grotesque Ceremonium Profanation – Turkish one man death metal band realeased the album. This ablum is a brutal death metal album, with the true essence and meaning of death metal.


On this album it can be heard the awesome brutal vocals, with raw death metal sound, making the classical death metal atmosphere, with the sounds of death on the way.


There is a cover on the album, of the Legendary American death metal band Incantation, the song is called “Profamation”, the cover is almost the same as the original song, the solos on the song are different on the cover, they are shorter, then in the original song, awesome cover by great death metal musician. Tehnical compliace is brought to ideal, acoustic is solid, production is awesome.


This album will take you through a ride of ocultism, death, evil, darkness, chaos, apocylpse, destruction, brutality.


Grotesque Ceremonium is very raw and brutal one-man death metal band, with some amazing and true death metal music.





Before starting reading this review, go down to the very end of it and take a good listen at the brutal devastation called “Burned At The Stake” by Turkish Death Metal one-man army Grotesque Ceremonium. Are you done listening to it? Good, because that will make it a lot easier for you to understand what an “unholy old school Death Metal band influenced by early 90’s dark, putrid evil” is, also setting the tone for every single song in Demonic Inquisition, the debut full-length album by this promising project led by the multitalented musician Batu Çetin.


Formed in 2014 in Ankara, Turkey, and having released a debut EP entitled Blasphemous Goat Observance that same year, Grotesque Ceremonium return in Demonic Inquisition with a concept album about the Dark Ages and the Medieval Inquisition, where all punishments and inquisition methods were performed by demons and Baphomet’s evil army against all believers of God. Singing about witches, witchcraft, demonic punishments and tortures in the depths of hell (the satanic temple of Baphomet), Mr. Batu Çetin will take you on a tormenting journey accompanied by the sound of his old school extreme music, leaving your agonizing soul completely disoriented and desolated. What else do you need in good Death Metal music, right?


Putrid growls and snarls permeate the air in Defiled Spirits Of Unholy Torments, where Batu displays a very good control of all instruments, in special his obscure riffs and drums like what we see in bands such as Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel, therefore sounding as Death Metal as possible. The title-track Demonic Inquisition builds a direct link with the opening track, enhanced by its profane vociferations and a hellish ambience. By growling deeper and deeper, Batu takes us to the hideous pits of Medieval Inquisition in a little over six minutes or torturing passages and pure Death Metal, exactly the way it’s supposed to sound.


In Burned At The Stake, which is obviously about one of the most heartless forms of torture, Batu translates the unbearable pain caused by fire into brutality with his guitar lines and rhythmic drumming, whereas in Malefizhaus & Hexengefangnis, the witch prisons built during the Bamberg Witch Trials with a capacity of 30 to 40 prisoners each, our one-man army once again provides his vision of such disgusting event through his old school musicality, with highlights to his satanic riffs and nefarious growling. If you feel your head burning after all the darkness spilled by Grotesque Ceremonium so far, get ready for more aggressiveness in Barbaric Apostasy, where despite adding hints of Blackened Doom to his beats, Batu never deviates from the foundations of Death Metal. Put differently, simply bang your fuckin’ heads to this amazing feast of extreme music until your brain detaches from your skull.


gro-bandAgonized Screams Of The Damned might be faster than the previous songs, but it’s still sluggish and extremely heavy, which obviously turns it into one of the most devastating songs of the album (if not the most). Moreover, Batu keeps roaring his fiendish gnarls and delivering his very traditional guitar lines, and pay attention to how vocals and riffs follow the exact same pattern during the entire song, showing how methodical this musician is. Following a similar sonority, we are embraced by total fuckin’ darkness in a disquieting composition entitled In The Cauldrons Of Hell, which blends the heaviness of old school Death Metal with the funereal beats from Doom Metal and Blackened Doom.


The last original track in Demonic Inquisition, named Crushing Morbid Death, is sheer Death Metal with no extra ingredients or any type of shenanigans: it’s simply Batu blasting his wicked growls, riffs and drumming in three minutes of Stygian music. And lastly, the cover version for Profanation, by old school American Death Metal band Incantation, lives up to the original version from 1992, an amazing tribute to one of our death metaller’s main influences with highlights to its “lovable” lyrics (“Pentagram is hailed in hell / Star of death brings infinite life / Enter the circle and desecrate / Devours the soul, embalminate the body…”). Not only that, keep in mind Batu is not a full-bodied band like Incantation, but just one single person, yet again showcasing his refined abilities as a musician.


This impactful display of putrescent Death Metal, available as a jewel box CD limited to 500 copies (including an 8-page booklet) or as a digital download, can be purchased at the band’s BandCamp page, at the Satanath Records’ BandCamp page and webstore, or at Discogs. Perhaps we should say Grotesque Ceremonium, the disfigured child created by the mind of Mr. Batu Çetin, is a forbidding form of Death Metal called “Torturing Metal” or maybe even “Inquisitor Metal” due to its vile nature. A good epitome of what Batu is capable of generating in music, and an excellent alternative for any fas avid for the heaviest form of Death Metal you can think of.





Death metal old school oscuro e brutale , una cascata grondante riff malefici, un muro sonoro violento e monolitico senza soluzione di continuità: questo troverete tra i solchi di Demonic Inquisition, primo lavoro sulla lunga distanza dei Grotesque Ceremonium, one man band proveniente da Ankara fondata da Batu Çetin, polistrumentista e membro di un’altra manciata di gruppi della scena turca (Cenotaph, Drain of Impurity, Phosgendöd, Womb of Decay, Decimation).


Accompagnato da una copertina rigorosamente old school, a richiamare la musica prodotta, l’album si dipana su nove brani estremi per oltre quaranta minuti di oscuro e pesantissimo death metal, reso evil e d’impatto da un growl brutale e profondo (ma leggermente monocorde) ad appannaggio dello stesso Batu Çetin.

L’album risulta un devastante omaggio al sound storico, metal estremo senza compromessi, un massacro sonoro terribile e che non lascia spazio a nulla che non sia potenza, oscurità e violenza, un sound creato nell’abisso senza speranza, o la minima apertura melodica.

Si parte scendendo le scale che portano all’inferno senza guardarsi indietro, l’oscurità si fa spessa come una coltre di catrame putrefatto, riff su riff, growl belluino e demoniaco, una violenza che si tramuta in velocità ragionata mantenendo la velocità di crociera come se a regolare il flusso di note ci fosse un pilota automatico.

Ed è questo il maggior difetto di questo lavoro, i brani formano una lunga suite di feroce metal estremo con la stessa foga dall’inizio alla fine, non ci sono fermate in questo lungo discendere nei meandri nascosti dove cresce il male: non concedono tregua, ma si fatica a riconoscerli, così che diventa difficile trovarne qualcuno che spicchi su una tracklist che risulta un ammasso di lava nera che scorre migliaia di metri nel sottosuolo.

L’impatto è da tregenda, l’attitudine evil non manca, ma l’ascolto è consigliato solo ai fans del genere: se non siete amanti di gruppi come gli Incantation (dei quali viene proposta la cover di Profanation) il consiglio è di passare oltre.






В начале 90-х брутальный сыро-могильный дэт в духе Cannibal Corpse, Bolt Thrower, Grave, Benediction и иже с ними воспринимался совсем не так, как сейчас. В то время это было настоящее откровение. До сих пор помню мегатонны своей радости, когда я впервые открыл для себя эти группы, читал про них в профильной прессе, а в 1995 году у меня наконец появился балахон Cannibal Corpse “Eaten Back To Life”, который, к слову сказать, жив и по сей день. Реально крутая фирменная вещь! Как я его ни носил, сносить так и не смог, и, кстати, ни дырок, ни потёртостей на нём не образовалось. Вот точно так же и тот самый олдскульный дэт-метал начала 90-х — по-прежнему жив и здравствует, как будто и не было вовсе никаких 25 лет.


Только загрузив в свой CD-проигрыватель новейший альбом доселе совершенно неизвестной мне команды Grotesque Ceremonium, я с первых же риффов этого лонгплея ощутил глубоко экстатические конвульсивно-ностальгические спазмы, противостоять которым было решительно невозможно, и голова вашего покорного слуги (с благо отросшей на ней уже довольно длинной растительностью) начала мерно покачиваться вниз и вверх, как и в седые древние времена, когда я только-только открывал для себя смертельно-притягательное творчество всех выше перечисленных групп, а так же всяческих Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Morgoth и многих-премногих, других-предругих.


И вот начав изучать стильный чёрно-белый буклет, сопровождающий диск Grotesque Ceremonium, я с удивлением обнаружил, что автором всего этого великолепия является никто иной, как уже прекрасно знакомый мне Бату Четин из Турции, ответственный за релизы Cenotaph, своего замечательного сольного грайндкорового проекта Drain Of Impurity, а также бесчисленного множества других гостевых и эпизодических проектов и групп. Бату обладает не только превосходным гроулом, но и неистощимой творческой потенцией, буквально фонтанирующей из всего, к чему бы ни прикоснулся Четин своим гениальным сознанием и взаимодействующими с этим самым сознанием конечностями.


“Demonic Inquisition” – дебютное творение его новой команды, а точнее one-man-проекта, где, как и в Drain Of Impurity Бату играет на всех инструментах и смачно гроулит. Отличается лишь стиль Grotesque Ceremonium, который представляет собой утробный среднетемповый и как будто даже задумчивый дэт-метал с просто восхитительной и одухотворённой подачей. Вот уже второй раз прослушивая этот компакт, я не могу отделаться от мысли, что есть на свежеиспечённом альбоме нечто схожее с тем, что я так восторженно любил на ранних релизах шведов Runemagick, что под предводительством Никласа Рудольфсона по кличке “Terror” нарулили в 1999 году шедевральный “Enter The Realm Of Death”, где наряду с архаичным прямолинейным дэтом присутствовала некоторая как бы задумчивость и лёгкий призрак его величества мистера по имени Doom.


Grotesque Ceremonium хорош ровно настолько, насколько могут быть хороши дэт-ветераны, просидевшие где-то в окопе четверть века, но не изменившие своей любимой музыке ни на йоту и ни на дюйм. Его неторопливый утробно-замогильный дэт скроен по всем канонам и закройкам времён расцвета и становления жанра, но Бату смог вдохнуть в давно ставшие мёртвыми и косными шаблоны и клише по-настоящему ураганный смертельный дух истинного дэт-металла, и посему диск слушается просто на одном дыхании – упоительно, свежо и триумфально! Скажу больше: случайно бросив взгляд на распластавшуюся за окном ночь, я был поражён тому, что это не наша привычно современная мобильно-айфоновая ночь, а самая что ни на есть кассетно-кастетная железная ночь 90-х. Вот такие вот чёрные чудеса! А завершающий кавер на Incantation лишь добавляет этому шикарному релизу особого праздничного колорита и шарма.


Если вы тоже хотите отправиться в путешествие по олдскульному дэт-андеграунду времён вашей молодости, юности или детства на этой вагонетке смерти, то самое время забираться внутрь, надёжно пристёгиваться и сниматься с тормозов. Стартует вояж по прогнившим катакомбам и лютым подземельям неупокоенных жестоких созданий, которые покажут вам всю мощь, актуальность и силу демонической инквизиции, которая прямо сейчас начинает свой адский марш по направлению к местам живых и беззаботных обитателей подлунного мира, с тем, чтобы устроить там настоящий дэт-метал-карнавал с пытками, изуверствами и прочими присущими жанру “радостями”! (а как это будет происходить, вы сможете детально увидеть и прочитать в буклете, который прилагается к этому замечательному CD, изданному не менее замечательными лейблами More Hate Productions и Satanath Records).




Batu Cetin (among others: CENOTAPH, DRAIN OF IMPURITY…) newest band GROTESQUE CEREMONIUM is a dark, heavy and slow old school Death Metal project. I wouldn’t call this Doom Death because there are plenty of faster mid-tempo parts and the music has not that apocalyptic atmosphere. If you are into bands such as INCANTATION, AUTOPSY or some of the early 90s heroes from Finland you should check this out. Objectively this is really not bad but I’m not too enthusiastic here because that boring and clinical sounding drum machine pisses me off… Production, vocals, atmosphere and the compositions are fine and I so can’t complain at all. “Demonic Inquisition” is a solid release and it won’t be a mistake to add it to your record collection. By the way, the final track 'Profanation' is an INCANTATION cover.




This next song is more death metal than black metal, but the boundaries I’ve set around these Shades of Black collections are flexible enough to permit its entry. Actually, I didn’t really “permit” anything — this song was an overwhelming invasion of my mind, and I was powerless to resist.


The name of the song is “Malefizhaus & Hexengefangnis” and it comes from the debut album (Demonic Inquisition) by a one-man Turkish band named Grotesque Ceremonium. The album’s sole creator is Batu Çetin, who has been a fixture in many other projects, including the long-running brutal death metal band Cenotaph.


This new song is monstrously menacing, oppressive, and heavy, moving from the devastating gale of a stormfront, to a doom-drenched stagger, to the jagged, rhythmic rush of a freight train from the netherworld. And Batu Çetin’s cavernous growls complete a decimating sound that can’t help but bring to mind the likes of Incantation and Profanatica. It’s one hell of a hellish assault — can’t wait to hear more!


Demonic Inquisition will be released by Satanath Records and More Hate Productions on June 15 in a limited edition jewelcase CD format and digitally.


(Thanks again to “M” for telling me about this album.)




Hroby se otvírají, lebky praskají touhou po pořádném, plesnivém death metalu. Přivolávány jsou hromy a blesky, tma a smrt. Tentokrát v Turecku. Za kapelou/projektem GROTESQUE CEREMONIUM stojí jediný maniak se jménem Batu Çetin. Jedná se o první dlouhohrající album (ještě bylo v roce 2014 vydáno EP "Blasphemous Goat Observance"). Je to taková pocta starým, devadesátkovým kapelám. Tma je náležitě zkapalněna, stíny upěchovány a rozsekány na malé kousky. Následně pak složeny a vypálený pekelným ohněm do pomyslných drážek CD. "Demonic Inquisition" se od prvního okamžiku zle pitvoří a působí jako dobré album. Sice mu chybí "něco navíc", ale jako solidní základ ke kopání hrobů jej mohu jen doporučit.

My, co se rádi přehrabujeme ve starých kostech, navštěvujeme márnice a klid nalézáme jenom mezi náhrobky, budeme s nahrávkou GROTESQUE CEREMONIUM navýsost spokojeni. Milovníci náročnějších kompozic a umělejšího zvuku si odmítavě povzdychnou a prohlásí něco o přílišné monotónnosti, o stereotypu, Jasně, budou mít svůj díl pravdy a označení alba - death metal pro dědky, bude mít své opodstatnění. Mě se skladby líbí. Dávají mi možná až nostalgicky na vědomí, že vše je dnes v muzice komplikované a přeřvané. Ještě existují kousky pavučin, které vás omotají realitou, stáhnou vás do podzemí a přenesou na časové ose zpět. Jsem tomu rád, protože u podobných alb mám pocit, že jsou reálná, zahraná od srdce, s krvelačností v očích. "Demonic Inquisition" je plesnivou odpovědí na ozvěny ze záhrobí.



GROTESQUE CEREMONIUM a jejich novinka útočí na ty nejskrytější noční můry všech fanoušků old school death metalu. Album je odpovědí na všechny ozvěny ze záhrobí, které je možno vůbec slyšet. Klasický, plesnivý death metal se zde potkává s temnotou z devadesátých let a na své si přijdou snad všichni milovníci hřbitovů. Obraťte všechny kříže, zapalte svíce, dnes se bude konat jedna velmi okultní seance. Vystupovat na ní budou death metalisté GROTESQUE CEREMONIUM. V Turecku moc dobře vědí, jak se dělá pravé a nefalšované smrtící řemeslo! "Demonic Inquisition" je plné špíny, pavučin i ozvěn ze starých rakví. Death metal je zde exhumovaný odněkud z devadesátých let a je krásnou vzpomínkou na časy, kde se ještě zabíjelo poctivě, rezavým nožem. Death metalová deska, která vás pokryje plesnivinou!



Asphyx says:


The new album by the GROTESQUE CEREMONIUM attacks the deepest nightmare of every single old school death metal fan. This album is the answer for all of the calls from the beyond you can hear. The classic, moldy death metal meets darkness of the 90s. And I think that every lover of graveyards is going to be satisfied. Turn down all the crosses, light up the candles because today the big occult séance is happening. There are going to be death metal guy (Batu Çetin) GROTESQUE CEREMONIUM. They really know how to do the right deathful job in Turkey. The album "Demonic Inquisition" is full of dirt, spider webs and echo from old coffins. The death metal is exhumed from the 90s and it is a beautiful flashback from the times when the killing was dinkum and was done by a carroty knife. This is the death metal album which covers you with a fungus!




Альбом Grotesque Ceremonium в трушном черно-белом оформлении выпустили совместно Satanath Records и More Hate Productions. А как я заглянул в буклет, то на 8-й странице увидел знакомые буквы — Batu Cetin — Vocals, All instruments (2014-present). Архивы сообщают, что он также играет в Cenotaph, Drain of Impurity, Phosgendod, Womb of Decay, Decimation (live), а также работал в Bereavement, Blutmond (live).  Ну Drain of Impurity многие металлисты уже узнали, ибо группа выпускалась на  More Hate Productions. В сабжевом проекте музыкант тоже рубит тотально соло, как и в ДоИ. Но, видимо, предлагает иной концепт, что заметно уже по оформлению.

Думается, этот проект завязан на сатанизме и в целом — темной стороне, во в всяком случае именно на это намекают как оформление сабжевого диска, так и первой эпишки, которая ранее вышла в физическом виде в формате кассеты.

Demonic Inquisition — в антимузыкальном смысле это олдовый жирный дэт метал, который приобрел  колеса и покатился вниз с анатолийских холмов, подпрыгивая и антиклерикально грохоча. В этом  смысле  Batu Cetin конечно, мастер, потому что атмосфера старой школы здесь не только зачетно воспроизведена, но и получила хороший мельдониевый укол бодрости из современности, обретая новую жизнь (и смерть).

Гитары здесь молотят сурово, оголтело, и не менее как монструозно, напоминая динозавров тогдашней сцены, намертво бронируя за собой внимание слушателей, обеспечивая продукту завзятую и фирменную угрожающую манеру исполнения.

Ритм-секция в такого вида музыке представляет собой динамичную взрывную стайную силу, которая моментально меняет дислокации, то уносится вдаль, то приближается максимально близко, угрожая саунд «demonic инквизицией» (трак 2).

Гроулинг  Batu также векторно направлен к олдскул-исполнению, к середине 80-х, но он и сюда беспрепятственно вкидывает пару лишних лопат мизантропии и остервенения. Доложим, что в некоторых местах он своим вокалом организует практически вторую линию ритм-секционной обороны, и это  вполне комфортно воспринимается слушателем.

В драмм-программировании он занимался созданием своего собственного барабанного )) оформления. Это невероятно трудно сделать. Но творить такие вещи нужно, не смотря на многие тысячи до того проведенных опытов. Именно многодневное корпение и в итоге творчество открывает волшебные дверцы в преисподнюю, откуда НЕ ПРОСТО так вылетают листки с начертанными диавольскими знаками, которые мастер уже переведет в антимузыкальное творение. Как, к примеру, сабж.




Grotesque Ceremonium sind ein weiteres neues Nebenprojekt von Batu Çetin, welcher einigen wohl als Gründer und letztes Originalmitglied der türkischen Brutal Deather Cenotaph bekannt sein dürfte. Nach einer EP in 2014 folgt nun mit „Demonic Inquisition“ das erste Album der 2014 ausgerufenen Zeremonie.


Auf dem Album finden sich 9 Songs, davon 8 Eigenkompositionen und ein Cover. Der Sound ist gut und ordentlich kraftvoll als das Album startet und bleibt konstant auf hohem Niveau, genau wie der vorgelegte Old-School-Death Metal, der düster aus den Boxen knüppelt. Grotesque Ceremonium stehen für Death Metal ohne Schnörkel, dafür mit einer unglaublich dichten, dunklen Atmosphäre, die durch sehr düstere, fast okkulte Gitarrenriffs und das tiefe Grunzen von Çetin erzeugt wird. Dabei zeigt der Türke an jedem einzelnen Instrument eindrucksvoll, dass er sie vollends beherrscht, auch bei den donnernden Drums. Die Songs bewegen sich dabei in der Regel im Midtempo, auch wenn sich hie und da kleine Ausreißer einschleichen. Die und die stetig wechselnden Riffs sind dann aber auch alles was es an Variationen ins Album geschafft hat. Aber wer braucht schon übermäßig viele Veränderungen, wenn das Gezeigte zum einen instrumentell sehr überzeugend vorgetragen wird und zum anderen die richtige Atmosphäre und Kraft vermittelt?


„Demonic Inquisition“ böllert ordentlich und kreiert eine zutiefst diabolische Atmosphäre in der die Thematik des Albums (Inquisition, Hexenverfolgung, etc.) erst so richtig zur Geltung kommt. Bei Grotesque Ceremonium leben die 90er auf und das so stark wie seit Langem nicht mehr.




Grotesque Ceremonium is een Turkse eenmansband, van een deathmetalliefhebber genaamd Batu Çetin. Hij is de frontman van één van de beste en langstlopende Turkse deathmetalbands, genaamd Cenotaph, maar neemt ook graag zelf eens een instrument vast om er op te rammen. Dit is zijn eerste probeersel.


Bij kinderen en pannenkoeken is de eerste vaak mislukt, maar dat is hier niet het geval. Demonic Inquisition is een aardige poging tot old school death metal, death metal die het midden houdt tussen Amerikaanse (licht occulte), death metal van Zweedse pioniers en jaren negentig death/doom. Heel vlak en voorspelbaar allemaal, met een constante grafgrunt uit de oude doos, een dynamiekloze gitaarsectie en ditto drumslagen. Inwisselbare nummers en riffs, met een bezoedelde sound en weinig toegevoegde waarde. De Incantation-cover brengt wat leven in de brouwerij, zij het te weinig en te laat. Neen, dit is geen winnaar. Gewoon een uit de hand gelopen solomoment (dat klinkt fouter dan bedoeld) dat een contract kreeg van het altijd sympathieke Satanath Records.




Batu Çetin, musicista turco e unico componente che si cela dietro Grotesque Ceremonium, non fa certo mistero della musica che intende presentare al pubblico. Vi basterà notare come ha chiamato il suo progetto, vi basterà guardare la copertina in bianco e nero che rappresenta Gesù arso al rogo da una folla scheletrica, vi basterà leggere la scaletta dove troverete titoli come "Defiled Spirits Of Unholy Torments", "Crushing Morbid Death" e una cover di "Profanation" degli Incantation, per aver chiaro sin dal primo sguardo con cosa abbiamo a che fare.


Difficile essere più prosaici di così quando si suona death metal cavernoso. I brani che compongono "Demonic Inquisition" emanano un'aria stantìa, che non di rado sfocia in territori doom, mentre un growl che viene da qualche profondità catacombale si erge su una sequela di riff votati alla distruzione, non facendosi problemi ad aumentare il passo. Uno dei grandi pregi di questo album sono proprio le parti di chitarra: malgrado ci sia da ammettere una certa rigidità compositiva nella ripetizione delle strutture, Grotesque Ceremonium sa come sparare sull'ascoltatore riff orecchiabili e spaccaossa allo stesso tempo; così facendo, l'attesa che la traccia arrivi a quel suo tema principale che vi rimarrà in testa per un po' diventa nel giro di pochi brani l'attrazione di questo lavoro.


La parte di "Demonic Inquisition" che mi ha lasciato più dubbi è la drum machine: mentre nel resto delle performance strumentali il musicista turco riesce a soddisfare, qui purtroppo le ritmiche risultano piatte, un po' stereotipate e finiscono per smorzare le sezioni più veloci. La già citata cover di "Profanation" (da "Onward To Golgotha") rende invece giustizia all'originale, da cui però non si discosta affatto, e l'evidente affinità stilistica fa sì che non stoni in mezzo alle altre tracce.


"Demonic Inquisition" è un disco adatto per chi ama intossicarsi con le putride esalazioni del death metal sgraziato. Se si riesce a passare oltre gli evidenti problemi di cui sopra, si potrà godere di un lavoro divertente senza troppe pretese, suonato con in mente solo la devozione verso il metal estremo.





Grotesque Ceremonium is a one man project and the brainchild of Batu Çetin, who we know of his brutal death band Cenotaph. Cenotaph played the Netherlands Deathfest earlier this year (live review only available in Dutch). Besides Cenotaph, Çetin has a bunch of solo projects, among those his project Womb Of Decay, which focuses on funeral doom/death. Musically, Grotesque Ceremonium seems to be plotting a course which is somewhere between both bands/projects: the death part of Cenotaph (although the blunt axe kind of death we get on 'Demonic Inquisition' does tend to lean more towards the slower, chugging and plowing kind) and the more doomy bits of Womb Of Decay. This results in a highly enjoyable, varied album full of dragging, filthy death, which should be pleasing to the ears of fans of Incantation, Demigod, Autopsy, Winter and maybe a rather blunt act such as Rottrevore. Chugging, churning, raw, at times some uptempo, rambling, rattling, growling, plowing, snarling, echoing, threatening, gloomy and blunt to the bone. Damn fine album to wake up your internal cave man. If especially the Incantation fans are not yet convinced to at least go and give 'Demonic Inquisition' a spin, the album also features an Incantation cover, 'Profanation'.





Álbum de estreia do projecto turco Grotesque Ceremonium. É uma one-man-band de death metal cru que tem como principal influência nomes de death metal blasfemo como Incantation (de quem fazem inclusive uma cover a finalizar o álbum) ou Immolation, nos seus primórdios. Apesar de ser um género que não exige grandes exibições técnicas, a produção também não ajuda a que existam dinâmicas, o que faz com que se sinta que já se ouviu tudo deste álbum logo na segunda música. Caso tivesse uma outra produção, definitivamente teria um impacto diferente. Ainda assim, para quem anda de uma proposta mais simples de death metal, poderá encontrar aqui uma boa alternativa.





On finit cette revue de caserne death metal par la Turquie avec GROTESQUE CEREMONIUM, qui incarne mieux que quiconque le fameux credo du grand vizir Iznogoud : "devenir calife à la place du calife" ! Sauf qu'ici le calife est INCANTATION et que ce « Demonic Inquisition » suinte l'hommage et la dévotion au club des quatre de Pennsylvanie par tous les pores jusqu'à reprendre à la note près le cultissime "Profanation" en bonus-track !

Seul problème, le seul membre de cette formation est chauve... alors pour l'hommage capillaire à l'illustre chevelure bleue argentée de John McEntee, cela risque d'être un brin compliqué. Quoique quelques implants couplés à un arrosage intensif de Petrol Hahn peuvent faire des miracles...





Grotesque Ceremonium je projekat Batu Çetin-a, čovjeka iz Ankare koji stoji iza mnogih lokalnih Death Metal imena, a najpoznatiji je kao vokal Cenotaph-a, - benda koji je aktivan još od 1994. godine. Projekat Grotesque Ceremonium iza sebe ima EP iz ''Blasphemous Goat Observance'', koji je izdat 2014. godine. Full Length ''Demonic Inquisition'' je izdat 2016. pod etiketom Satanath Records-a. I ovo je njegova recenzija.




Odlicno old skul death metal izdanje, od logoa i omota do pjesama. Ništa inovativno i revolucionarno, ali urađeno sa ukusom i sve ima svoju hladnu, zagrobnu atmosferu. Masivni i teški rifovi srednjeg tempa voze, gaze, smjenjuju sa OSDM tremoloima, doom djelovima, a dubok, jeziv vokal definitivno doprinosi atmosferi koju bend pokusava da nam prenese. Album zatvara izvanredna obrada Incantation-a. Izdanje koje definitivno neće razočarati fanove OSDM-a, a pjesme poput Burned at the stake i Crushing Morbid Death nikog ne'e ostaviti ravnodušnim.






Grotesque Ceremonium is the project founded by Batu Çetin, a man from Ankara behind many local Metal names, but he is best known as the vocalist of Cenotaph, Brutal Death Metal band that has been active since 1994. The project Grotesque Ceremonium has already released the EP entitled 'Blasphemous Goat Observance' '  in 2014. Full Length '' DemonicInquisition '' was released in 2016 under the label of Satanath Records.




Excellent old school death metal release, the logo and cover art to the songs. Nothing innovative and revolutionary, but done with taste and everything has a cold, otherworldly,after/grave atmosphere. The massive and heavy riffs are real mid-tempo ride, alternating with OSDM tremolos and doom parts, accompanied by a deep, eerie vocals, which definitely contributes to the atmosphere that the band is trying to convey. The album closes with extraordinary cover of Incantation's . Release which definitely will not disappoint fans OSDM fans, and songs like ''Burned At The Stake'' and ''Crushing Morbid Death'' won't anyone indifferent.





Lo he dicho ya varias veces: por alguna razón que desconozco, es increíble la cantidad de bandas de un solo integrante que tienen los géneros extremos. Bien, aquí tenemos otro de esos casos ya que Grotesque Ceremonium es el proyecto del turco Batu Çetin (conocido por su labor en Cenotaph, entre otras bandas), quien aquí despliega todo su poderío deathmetalero.

Y hablo del death metal mas ortodoxo y primitivo, aquel de los primero discos de Benediction, Morbid Angel o Incantation (de quienes justamente versionan “Profanation”, de aquel “Onward to Golgotha” de 1992).

Nada más para agregar. “Demonic inquisition” es un llamado a las hordas más nostálgicas y fundamentalistas del death metal, porque aquí encontraran todo lo que están buscando y mucho mas.




I really hope that this won’t turn out grotesque in a repelling sort of way. Instead I hope that this is going to blow the dust of my old stereo. Make it come to life again. Everything about this, from band name to album title to art work screams “brutal”. If you thought that this was going to be anything but death metal in the Incantation style was off your head. Bloody hell, two in a row of killer death metal. This is already my second fave death metal album of the week. GROTESQUE CEREMONIUM are heavy in a Bolt Thrower manner but death metal in that thick, compact way that is so American. This is thicker than molasses. Stickier than syrup. Once you enter you are stuck.




A guy named Batu Çetin from Ankara, Turkey, enjoys doing his own band alone and, not so surprisingly, Death Metal is what he enjoys and loves as you can infer from the band's name. Influence-wise he loves Johnstown's own Death Metal heroes, Incantation, and perhaps even too much I think. I mean, Demonic Inquisition sounds a lot like Incantation's early demos meet Onward to Golgotha, Incantation's highly praised debut album. His Incantation worship is almost obsessive; the riffs, the drum work, everything – and the fact that Batu sounds very much like Craig Pillard with his gut-wrenching death growls, Grotesque Ceremonium easily earns the title of the best early Incantation clone act in this world.




Turski jednočlani bend Grotesque Ceremonium baziran na oldskul death metalu. Fino iskazano instrumentalno i vokalno umeće, sve to kao plod mašte, imaginarna tvorevina jednog zanetog mozga da prenese u delo. Svakako nećete čuti nikakvu novinu ovde – dakle, ništa spektakularno. Neću hvalisati previše Batua Cetina - upoznata sam sa više one man/one girl bendova različitih žanrova. Ali, kad smo kod njegovog rada na ovom izdanju, jasno je da iznosi svoju ljubav prema muzici u punoj snazi i deli je sa nama uz pomoć svog sviračkog i vokalnog umeća. Ovo izdanje poseduje klasičan oldskul kalup kojim se vodi u svakoj pesmi, te će stoga većina pesama zvučati slično, ali ne i potpuno isto. Bitno je da ima smisao za svoj sopstveni zvuk i dubinu u svakom smislu. Kad smo već kod „dubine”, njegovi grubi growlovi svakom pesmom bivaju, čini mi se, sve brutalniji. Kao da šire mračnu atmosferičnost tokom svih četrdesetak maijakalnih minuta. Poslednjom numerom na albumu još bolje dokazuje svje svoje umeće i sposobnost da kao pojedinac ponese isti teret koji bio poneo ceo bned. Dokaz za to je obrada Profanation, obrada nama i te kako poznatog benda Incantation. Toplo preporučujem ljubiteljima stare škole da posvete malo pažnje ovom liku.




Batu Cetin is a busy man. While I do not know too many Metal groups from Turkey Batu is the founder of Cenotaph which as far as I can judge is one of the better known ones. Although playing in some other bands as well he took the time to create the project Grotesque Ceremony and record the debut “Demonic Inquisition”.


While Cenotaph are a Brutal Tech Death Metal band Batu has chosen to go a different route with Grotesque Ceremony. This is still some brutal and heavy shit but although there is also some technical prowess on display here “Demonic Inquisition” is cut from a different cloth. What we have here is some absolutely putrid and filthy Old School Death Metal that has been buried long ago in a rotten grave and has been exhumed decades later. The sound is as dirty and brooding as it can be and that might not be to everybody’s taste.


From the first track “Defiled Spirits Of Unholy Torments” buzzing guitars are crawling through the speakers. Most of the tracks are held in mid-tempo or even slower making the whole record feel viscid and quirky. There are only a few sections where things get a bit faster just to get back to the speed of a crawling corpse again. It has to be given credit to Batu that the album does not get boring over the running time of 42 minutes despite the relative lack of tempo changes. He is a veteran knowing how to keep things fresh by adding small twists and surprises in the songwriting department.


Batu has done everything by himself here. He has been responsible for the whole instrumentation as well as for the vocals. Speaking of which without the snarling tones using at Cenotaph he sounds even more evil constantly roaring like an ancient beast.


Generally speaking I am a sucker for albums that have a stringent overall concept. This surely is the case here: From the Old School production sound to the black-white cover artwork and the lyrics this is just an atmospheric an dark little piece of art.


I for one hope that Batu will find time to record a follow-up rather sooner than later.




VERDIKT: Projekt Grotesque Ceremonium na albu Demonic Inqusition představuje zanícené barbarství a vášeň pro valivě surový death metal jednoduššího ražení.

Z nabídky promo CDs ruského labelu Satanath Records jsem sáhl i po dva roky staré desce projektu Grotesque Ceremonium Demonic Inquisition. Důvod? O Grotesque Ceremonium jsem doposud neměl tušení, ale jakmile jsem zjistil, že za projektem stojí Batu Çetin, který obstarává všechny nástroje i vokál, měl jsem jasno. Hlas tohoto chlapíka uctívám skoro dvacet let. Respektive kapelu Cenotaph, ve které je vlastně už jediným původním členem. Jeho kariéra nestojí ovšem pouze na účinkování v Cenotaph. Zaznamenat ho lze např. v Molested Divinity a x dalších projektů či kapel.



Z uvedeného vyplývá, že se Grotesque Ceremonium ponese v deathmetalovém duchu staré školy. Čekal jsem něco stejně surového jako Cenotaph, ale Batu dostal evidentně chuť na death chorobného a temného zaměření. A také spíše jednoduššího charakteru. Death metal na Demonic Inquisition je blátivý a páchnoucí po mršinách. Pomalý jak flus po těžké kalbě a tíživý jak svědomí po probdělé noci. Tohle album je možné brát jako dlouhohrající debut. Nicméně skutečný debut si Grotesque Ceremonium odbyl o dva roky dříve s EP Blasphemous Goat Observance. Tohle dílko o třinácti minutách je mnohem špinavější a zrůdnější, než v podstatě uhlazený následovník. Až je mi líto, že se v podobně hnusném duchu nenese i recenzovaná deska.





Hlavní devizou desky je megahluboký growl. Batu Çetin tahá svůj hlas z velkých hloubek, ale není pouze hluboký. Je silný, impozantní a hrůzostrašný. Jakkoliv připomíná styl Demonic Inquisition tvorbu raných Incantation (cover zrůdné flákoty Profanation budiž důkazem i přiznáním), hlasově je tohle připomenutí stoprocentní. Při poslechu Batua mi naskakuje husí kůže stejně jako při uctívání příšerného Craiga Pillarda.




Až doposud bylo vše v naprostém pořádku. Hlas, ortodoxní barva kytar, mlaskavé kopáky, obal fošny i logo projektu… Vše je přesně takové, jak má být. Střední tempo často spadá do valivé až pomalé rychlosti, což nevadí. Obludnostem valivá síla sluší. Batu Çetin je solidní kytarista, už méně basák a vůbec ne bubeník. Proto jsou naprogramované a podle mě je to škoda. Dobrý bubeník s pořádným úderem by desce určitě prospěl.




Nevím, jestli si sedím na uších, ale když nezírám do bookletu, mám problém odlišit jednotlivé skladby. Proto mi album připadne jako jedna jediná, necelé tři čtvrtě hodiny, dlouhá skladba. Díky plochému automatu a přímočaré instrumentaci mi přijde deska Demonic Inqusition příliš primitivní. Ocenil bych více vyhrávek, ne jen pouhé hoblování. V místech, kdy se Batu odváže a druhou kytaru se sólovým partem zakomponuje, dostává skladba o poznání příznivější fazónu. Pestřejší rytmika by albu bezesporu rovněž prospěla.









Dá se říct, že mít Demonic Inquisition kus ohavné surovosti z Blasphemous Goat Observance, primitivní stavba skladeb by tolik nevadila. Automat by se mi asi nelíbil ani tak, ale nebylo by to tak hrozné. Batu Çetin je starý vlk, kterého novým kouskům nenaučíš, a předpokládám, že i podobných posluchačů jeho naturelu jsou spousty, a pro ty bude styl Demonic Inquisition tím pravým ořechovým. Taková surovost v projevu se dnes už jen tak neslyší. Když se odpoutám od uctívání starých pořádků a přísně ohodnotím předložené album, slyším zanícené barbarství, velice sympatickou vášeň pro obhroublý death metal na jedné straně a veliký prostor pro zdokonalení po všech stranách. Jediné, co bych neměnil, je úžasný vokál. Ten je VYNIKAJÍCÍ!




Nos, a Grotesque Ceremonium néven futó projekt egyenesen Ankarából, Törökország fővárosából ontja magából a pokoli zajokat, a hangzatos „Demonic Inqusition” képében. Bármennyire furcsa, black, death, doom, thrash, grindcore vagy akár brutál death metal mint műfaj, itt is fellelhető, színterük változatos, jó pár zenekaruk van. Az undeground metal fertőzést valójában lehetetlen megállítani, mivel folyamatosan terjed világszerte és szedi ártatlan áldozatait.


A formáció egyetlen tagot számlál, Batu Cetin felel a gitárokért, basszustémákért, vokálokért és a dobprogramozásért. Monoton, kissé egysíkú, ódon death metal hallható a CD-n, köszönhetően a gépiesen steril dobhangzásnak. Ez leginkább a pergőleütésekben és a tamozásokban nyilvánul meg, eléggé anti-organikus bizonyos helyeken. Nagy kár érte, élő dobossal biztosan más lett volna a képlet, így sajnos a lemez Achilles ínévé válik. Remélem, hogy Batu a közeljövőben változtatni fog ezen és teljes tagságot talál a zenekari posztra. A gitárok vastagon, durván szólnak, old-school riffelés a kulcs, modernkedésnek helye sincs. Sötét, komor atmoszféra uralja a dalokat, sebességben a kétlábas középtempó váltakozik a susogtató grind tempókkal. Kiugróan ragacsos témákba, fogós részekbe nem nagyon botlottam bele, a hangolás viszont tetszik. Vokálok terén néhol Craig Pillard és John McEntee jutott eszembe, aztán felfedeztem, hogy e párhuzam korántsem véletlen, ugyanis az utolsó track egy Incantation feldolgozás, méghozzá a „Profanation” a kultikus „Onward To Golgotha” albumról. Totál nem lóg ki a sorból, mondhatni beleolvad a lemez egészébe, biztos vagyok benne, hogy nagy inspiráció és favorit lehet. A fekete-fehér lay-out, kivitelezés stílushoz illő, Chris Moyen munkáira emlékeztet, de se több se kevesebb.


Nem tudok többet írni per pillanat, nem dobtam hátast a „démoni inkvizíciótól”, az összes promóciós anyag közül ez a második, ami a legkevésbé fogott meg, de aki szereti kényeztetni magát efféle csemegékkel, az tehet vele egy próbát. Kíváncsiságképpen meghallgattam a négyszámos EP-t is a bandcamp oldalon, az azon hallható matéria meglepő módon köröket ver erre.


Furcsa dolgok ezek.


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