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The  Eyes  Of  Desolation  are  a  band  from  Costa  Rica  that  plays  a  very  dark  form  of  post,  goth  metal  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2016  ep "Awake  In  Dead"  which  was  released  as  a  joint  effort  between  Symbol  Of  Domination  Productions  and  Cavan  Records.

Clean  playing  starts off  the ep  and  after  a  few  seconds  atmospheric  keyboards  make  their  presence  known  on  the  recording  along  with  the  music getting  heavier  and  also  adding  in  death  metal  growls  along  with  some  screams  that  are  very  heavily  influenced  by  black  metal  and  after  awhile the  music  starts  bring  in  more  of  a  goth  metal  style.

Melodic  singing  vocals  can  be  heard  in  some  parts  of  the  songs  and  they  also  mix  both  the  clean  and  heavy  parts  together  at  times  and  the solos  and  leads  also  use  a  great  amount  of  melody  and  add  a  touch  of  post  metal  to  the  bands  musical  style  and  the  songs also stick  to mostly  a  slow  or  mid  paced  musical  direction.

The  Eyes  Of  Desolation  plays  a  musical  style  that  takes  a  90's  style  of  goth  metal  while  mixing  it  in  with  more  modern  post  metal  and elements  of  black,  death  and  doom  metal  to create  something  very  original,  the  production  sounds  very  professional  while  the  lyrics  cover  dark and  depressive  themes.

In  my  opinion  The  Eyes  Of  Desolation  are  a  very  great  sounding  post,  gothic  metal  band  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  musical  genre,  you should  check  out  this  ep.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS INCLUDE  "Waking  Death"  and  "I  Found  My  Place".


You know, I am not sure what really stuck with me and got me to listen (much) longer than I usually do when doing selections for the review and news lists. It must be this darkly threatening mix of Gothic Metal with Progressive trends and elements thrown all over their tune. With enough dissonance to keep you on your toes and awake (well, no pun intended…). Add some crunchy #metal ice-cubes into this Mojito in front of you and ready is your desolate cocktail for the evening.

The Eyes of Desolation just unleashed their newest EP Awake in Dead signed to Symbol of Domination Production (EU) and Cavan Records (CR) onto the unsuspecting world this early 2016. Somewhat eerily reminiscent of Moonspell in a way with a pinch of Todtgelichter, but disturbingly darker, it will work itself under your skin and stick to you like glue. And it’s got these traditional softer attributes to Gothic Metal too sometimes, the vocal delivery reminding me of Blutengel in a way, albeit not as electronic as the latter.

The variety they bring to the table is also their strength: The band delivers from #metal tough to – well – dreamy, almost ballad-like. Just to take to screeching at you at no moment’s notice, always in their somewhat low to mid-tempo delivery. The EP was produced by Isak Arroyo and all recording, editing, mixing and mastering done at Cavan Studio in Heredia.

The Eyes of Desolation actually hail from Costa Rica – not really known as a haven for Gothic Metal in general – and messing with #metal since 2008. They already released a first album in 2013 called Songs for Desolated Hearts.

If you ain’t got it, get it. It will be worth your money.


In today's "post"-craze it's no surprise that new ideas and new versions of metal are starting to appear. We've had post-hardcore, post-metal, post-black metal and post-whatnot, so it was only a matter of time before the gothic side of the metal spectrum would receive a "post"-prefix. So what exactly is post-gothic metal? Well, it's gothic metal with hints of black metal and loads of immersive passages.

The Eyes Of Desolation hail from Heredia, Costa Rica, perhaps not really a country you'd expect to produce such a dark and atmospheric sound. However, somehow, this very modern blend of symphonic metal, doom and gothic rock is quite contagious. While I had a few careful doubts in opener 'Waking Death', 'Crimson Sky' certainly convinced me of this band's quality. Uptempo gothic rock with flashes of industrial and loads of doomed out sounds.

Why doubts? Well, this band was described as recommended if you like Moonspell, Tiamat and Paradise Lost. In a way, that's completely true. The music certainly moves into that direction but it's heavier, often with quite brutal vocals. Nonetheless, like I said, I'm convinced that this is an excellent ep, especially that last anthem, 'Fighting For Your Cause'. That song is a stunning epos of dark, almost droning music, gloomy vocals, awesome synths and a brilliant guitar solo.

So yeah, this is good stuff for those dark souls out there. As often, I now hope that these guys will soon come over to Europe and pour their darkness over our festivals and venues. Go ahead, check it out while I once again bask in this awesome ep...


Online magazine review: https://view.publitas.com/p222-6832/beneath-the-surface-issue-5/page/22-23

Costa Rica ist als Standort der vielleicht weltweit besten Banenen bekannt, nicht jedoch als Brutstätte düstere Klänge. Dennoch tummelt sich im dortigen Underground eine Menge Qualität, vornehmlich in den extremen Spielarten des Metals, aber eben auch im Gothic-Sektor, der mit THE EYES OF DESOLATION bereits anno 2008 eine richtig starke Kapelle hervorgebracht hat. Vor drei Jahren veröffentlichte die Band mit "Songs For Desolated Hearts" ein vielversprechendes Debüt, nun geht es im Shortplay in die zweite Runde, und auch hier wird der geneigte Hörer kaum etwas finden, was er beanstanden könnte.

Sieht man nämlich mal vom nicht ganz so überzeugenden Opener 'Waking Death' ab, bietet die Band aus Zentralamerika exquisites Material in der Schnittmenge portugiesischer Vorreiter wie HEAVENWOOD und MOONSPELL, wenngleich ein bisschen rockiger aufgelegt als bei den offensichtlichen Vergleichsmöglichkeiten. Die Melodien sind einprägsam, aber eben nicht penetrant, die flehenden Vocals sichern die Eigenständigkeit, und die Vermischung feinster Riffs und sphärischer Begleitklänge läuft bei THE EYES OF DESOLATION wunderbar Hand in Hand.

Insofern ist es eigentlich nur schade, dass die Jungs in den vergangenen drei Jahren lediglich vier Kompositionen gesammelt haben, denn das vorhandene Potenzial ist unbestritten. Bei gerade mal 500 Exemplaren dieser EP ist daher auch Eile geboten, denn wenn eine Band mit diesen Qualitäten es einmal aus der heimischen Szene heraus schaft, wird die Nachfrage sprunghaft ansteigen. Schlechter als die Kollegen aus Portugal sind die Jungs nämlich keinesfalls!

Anspieltipps: Crimson Sky, Fighting For Your Cause


This quintet appropriately known as The Eyes Of Desolation play gothic metal, with plenty of melancholic guitar harmonies and dreadful vocal passages, which will make you look deep within yourself in search of truth.

“Awake In Dead” has plenty of influences from Katatonia, Type O Negative, My Dying Bride and The Sisters Of Mercy, with their amplified vocal and guitar driven gothic darkness. There are only four songs on this ep, but with 20 minutes of music, there’s enough darkness and sadness to fill your world to the top. There is no escaping The Eyes Of Desolation’s soul penetrating misery, and it’s something you’re bound to feel deep within your mind and soul.

“Crimson Sky” is the only track, which borders on melodic gothic metal and death metal, and it’s sure to alleviate all of your self-inflicting depression with just one listen.

The haunting clean, at times choir inspired crooning is so damn chilling, you’ll feel like as if you’re trapped in some fucking mental asylum you’ve created in your drug induced, fucked up mind. The four tracks on this album will totally rape your spirit in the name of the horned god standing at the pits of eternal damnation and suffering.

Personally, I’ll be listening to The Eyes Of Desolation during a violent lighting and thunderstorm on a hellish rainy night. At the end of the day, I am dying for an insane and chilling nightmare like “Awake In Dead”.   


Costa Rica's The Eyes Of Desolation seek to be in the same vein as many of your favorite doom/death acts (Swallow The Sun, Daylight Dies) but they still have a bit of work ahead of them. This EP comes three years after the release of their debut, Songs For Desolated Hearts and shows the band more or less continuing with the same lineup they had on the previous recording. Dreary riffs, twinkly keyboards and sullen melodies make up this act, which actually does contain a rather potent backing growl as well as a pleasing vocal performance from frontman Carlomagno Varela who seems to have Peter Steele firmly in his heart. He still needs a little bit of work, but with time and practice he could definitely become something. The mix of scowls and gravel in the harsh vocal segments of “Crimson Sky” certainly give the song some staying power, in addition to Carlos Carazo's memorable keys. They have the right idea but there's some polishing needed here and I really want to be be to appreciate this act more in the future.

I'd actually still recommend the EP as you'll definitely find a few memorable cuts on the one I mentioned as well as “I Found My Place” which proves that The Eyes Of Desolation are a noteworthy act. “Fighting For Your Cause” was a bit too Goth-Pop, but I'm sure that there are people who'll dig it. Whatever the case, I'd hope that these guys continue and I'd certainly love to hear more from them in the future. While still a bit rough, this EP proves that these gentlemen have the right idea and I'll be keeping my eye on them.

For right now, it's a decent album. But that's okay, because it feels like a fresh start from an act with it's fingers firmly planted in right direction. I'm not sure what the LP sounded like, but this EP certainly has promise and potential. Goth metal fans are encouraged to give it a listen.


Mit Costa Rica verbindet man ja nicht gerade Gothic Metal. Umso erstaunlicher ist aber auch nach dem Debütalbum „Songs For Desolated Hearts“ die gebotene Qualität, die mit der vier Strecken umfassenden EP „Awake In Dead“ der im Jahre 2008 gegründeten, fünfköpfigen Band „The Eyes Of Desolation präsentiert wird. In der Schnittbreite zwischen Moonspell und Heavenwood agiert der mit abwechslungsreichen Gesangsstafetten ausgestatte Opener „Walking Death“ zu Anfang noch ein wenig schwerfällig, bevor das recht dicht und sphärisch instrumentalisierte „Crimson Sky“ neben harmonischen Melodiebögen zudem eine gewisse Aggressivität aufzeigt. Auch das eher verspielt und ruhigere „I Found My Place“ bricht immer mal wieder, vorrangig durch sehr fordernde Vocals oder wuchtige Riffs aus, ehe das gitarrenorientierte und laszive „Fighting For My Cause“ den Deckel drauf macht und damit die Vorfreude auf das nächste Full - Length schürt.  


Costo Rica dark gothic metal band realised the album. This album is a classical gothic metal album.

On this album it can be heard the influence of melodic,atmospheric and rock music that gothic sound needs to have in it, these influences, and it is ideally fitted with the hole album. The vocals are awesome, pure gothic vocals, and unclean vocals too, pure rawness and darkness in it. Solos on the album are awesome too, they have this rock vibe to it.

Tehnical compliance is brought to ideal, acoustic is great, production is awesome. This album will take you to a place of death, darkness, coldness, sadness, lonliness.

The Eyes Of Deslolation is anonymos band that desirves a lot of attention of public and listeners. This band is a amazing and unigue gothic metal band, with awesome gothic music, in the most best way.


And lest you think from that last offering that we have any sort of weird grudge against Costa Rica, we now come to The Eyes of Desolation, a sort of gothic metalcore act (self-classified as “dark/gothic metal”) that crosses metalcore/emo screams (which alternate with Fernando Ribiero-esque baritone croons) with a musical approach that melds Moonspell and H-I-M with strong elements of bands like AFI, Atreyu and All That Remains.

Basically, take the uptempo, heavily emo feel of, say, the soundtrack to a CW tweeny drama and bring it to a more particularly “gothic” aesthetic. It’s a million miles removed from goth proper, and is about as far from the female fronted “gothic/symphonic” more generally encompassed by that designation.

Instead, it’s more along the lines of Vile Valo and his heartagram, Ribiero’s long running Portugese act and the sort of gothic doom the UK and Canada seem to specialize in (anything from My Silent Wake, Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride to Sleep of Monsters and The Drowning).

That said, it’s hardly a bad thing to say that Eyes of Desolation manage, by introducing these unfamiliar elements to what amounts from its similarly oriented touchpoints to being a reasonably standardized gothic doom affair, to infuse new life into said template.

While coming closest to Opium-era Moonspell gone H-I-M, there’s a youth and vibrancy in play here that seems less out of place at a darkly inclined high school hangout (think anything from a goth/emo run prom to Hot Topic here) than any of the aforementioned “gothic doom” acts ever would.

And while that may sound like an especially backhanded sort of a compliment, rest assured: I enjoyed this one.

Well produced, skillfully performed, 4 songs that leave you waiting for more.



Já há algum tempo que não nos surgia algo tão nostálgico para analisarmos, não sendo propriamente retro. Poderá parecer complicado mas vamos passar a explicar. Este EP quebra o silêncio de três anos por parte da banda da Costa Rica The Eyes Of Desolation que nos apresenta um metal gótico tal e qual aquele que se fazia no underground nos idos da década de noventa, daí a nostalgia. No entanto, não podemos dizer que se trata de um trabalho datado, apesar de algumas destas soluções realmente não serem usadas hoje em dia, isto porque o metal gótico convencionou-se a usar outros lugares comuns, para longe destes aqui empregados.


Quais são esses lugares comuns? Bem, para já o uso de distorção e de peso bruto com alguns guturais à mistura mas sem usar orquestrações em profusão. O facto das melodias apelarem também ao que bandas como Beseech ou Darkseed faziam por essa altura, também ajuda a que isto aconteça, embora seja o timbre de voz Carlomagno Varela que faça a maior identificação com esse período. Por outro lado, as músicas têm qualidade suficiente para nos garantir o interesse ao longo destes quatro temas. Um EP de qualidade crescente, proporcional às vezes que se ouve, ficando sempre no final da "Fighting For Your Cause" que há aqui mais do que aquilo que nos pareceu encontrar à primeira.





Succèdant à l’album « Songs For Desolated Hearts » remontant à l’été 2013, THE EYES OF DESOLATION est revenu cette année avec quatre nouveaux morceaux constituant sa seconde réalisation intitulée « Awake In Dead ». Depuis ses premiers pas en 2005 du côté de Heredia au Costa Rica, le quintet évolue dans un dark gothic metal qui évoquera par moments des formations telles que MOONSPELL ou encore PARADISE LOST. Concernant le chant, pertinent au demeurant, il passe d’un registre agressif à un autre clair. Ouvrant la marche et prenant son temps pour démarrer réellement, « Waking Death » se montre assez mordant jusqu’à son accalmie doucement atmosphérique. L’aspect gothic l’emporte sur « Crimson Sky » qui met en avant le chant clair. Alors qu’il semble enjoué lors de son introduction, « I Found My Place » se révèle au contraire  plus sombre. Quant à « Fighting For Your Cause », davantage mélancolique avec des allures de “ballade“, il renferme un solo conséquent et s’achève par un long final instrumental mieux rythmé. Par le biais de « Awake In Dead », THE EYES OF DESOLATION nous propose un sympathique EP. Un groupe persévérant à soutenir.





II The Eyes Of Desolation sono in attività ormai da undici anni ma solo tre anni fa giungono alla tappa del primo album. Ora, con la pubblicazione di questo EP sembra che i nostri si siano decisi ad essere un po’ più prolifici. A scanso di equivoci, dichiaro subito che qui si parla di Gothic, genere o non genere, visto che con questo termine possiamo dire tutto e niente. I sudamericani ci propongono un Metal di qualità, quindi già la partenza è buona. Immaginatevi il Gothic europeo, quello orecchiabile e suadente dei primi Lacuna Coil, ma con una reverenza quasi tributaria verso i mostri sacri che rispondono al nome di Type O Negative. Soprattutto la voce somiglia a quella della formazione americana, ma in generale tutto l’EP suona come un vero e proprio inno di devozione al compianto gruppo. Ecco quindi tanto Doom ma con il giusto gusto immediato e orecchiabile, quasi commerciale. Il tutto condito con un’aggressività della voce e da alcune accelerazioni del ritmo tipiche del Black. Insomma, solo perché han voluto omaggiare la band del Nuovo Continente si meritano un voto alto, ma al di là di questo va detto che sotto all’apparente sudditanza c’è tantissima qualità. Non posso che augurare loro di essere gli eredi dello zero negativo, Dio solo sa quanto ne abbiamo bisogno.







Se, all’ascolto delle prime note di Awake in Dead, viene da pensare istintivamente all’operato di una band nordeuropea, alle prese con un gothic rock/metal d’autore, è notevole la sorpresa nel constatare che gli autori del lavoro, i The Eyes Of Desolation, provengono dalle ben più assolate lande costaricensi.


Di certo gli influssi centroamericani non fanno mai capolino in questo breve lavoro, che segue l’esordio sulla lunga distanza del 2013, Songs for Desolated Hearts: i quattro brani proposti, infatti, si muovono nel solco della tradizione europea del genere, tra rimandi a Sentenced e NFD, oltre ad attingere agli imprescindibili Type O Negative.

Se il sound sviluppato dai The Eyes Of Desolation non apporta certo chissà quali novità ad un genere che, in fondo, neppure ne ha bisogno, potendo vivere tranquillamente di schemi ben definiti e sempre graditi agli appassionati, convince e sorprende non poco, invece, la qualità esibita in questi venticinque minuti scarsi offerti dall’ep.

Le quattro tracce sono tutte ugualmente godibili (con preferenza personale per la conclusiva Fighting for Your Cause), sufficientemente diversificate tra loro, e si fissano nella mente con un certo agio, riportandoci alla mente i ben tempi andati, quando alcune delle band citate erano ancora attive e capaci di dare alla luce grandi album. Il vocalist Carlomagno Varela prende le mosse da una timbrica alla McCoy/White, arricchendola con un utilizzo vario e sapiente delle sue sfumature più estreme, ben assecondato da una band preparata e conscia del proprio notevole potenziale.

Derivativi ma talentuosi, i costaricensi meritano il massimo supporto da parte di chi ama questo genere, attendendoli alla prova di un nuovo full length che, dopo aver posto queste solide basi, potrebbe espandere la loro fama al di là





Desde Costa Rica, nos llega el último trabajo de THE EYES OF DESOLATION, que lleva por nombre “Awake In Dead”. Un proyecto de gothic metal con toques dark, grabado, mezclado y masterizado en Cavan Studio, así como distribuido por Symbol Of Domination en Europa y por Cavan Records en Costa Rica.


La banda formada por Carlomagno (voz), Chus Mora (guitarra), Javier Murillo (bajo), Carlos Carazo (teclados) y Mario Vega (batería), profesa un estilo enmarcado dentro de la música gótica con una ambientación muy oscura y doom, encontrándonos con toques a lo MOONSPELL, sobre todo en las voces y ambientaciones, entremezclado con pasajes más potentes a lo largo de estas 4 canciones que nos presentan.


“Walking Death”, nos deja claro el inicio y el camino que va a seguir esta banda. Una triste melodía de guitarra da rienda suelta a crear una atmosfera oscura y densa que se incentiva con el bajo y los teclados, para romper esa monotonía, con unas voces guturales dobladas en algunas partes de la estrofa, donde la guitarra se endurece por momentos. THE EYES OF DESOLATION, fluctúan entre melodías con toques MOOSNPELL sobre todo en las voces limpias con ese tono bajo de Fernando Ribeiro, intercalando pasajes muchos más agresivos, así como partes instrumentales muy etéreas y fáciles de escuchar, sobre todo desde mitad del tema al final, siendo una parte de corte típicamente gótico con unas melodías muy pegadizas. Un buen tema que describe perfectamente la idea musical que ellos tienen.


“Crimson Sky”, comienza con una melodía más alegre, donde el rock gótico está más presente, primando las voces limpias, a las que intercala algunos gritos guturales agudos, lo que más destaca es el estribillo donde los teclados le aportan un toque más álgido, así como la dualidad vocal gana enteros. Destacar también la parte épica final, donde el tema se engrandece a la vez que se endurece. “I Found My Place”, continua con ese rock gótico, que a veces puede asemejarse a HIM, en la música. Aquí las estrofas, se encasillan sobre una base de bajo y percusión, mientras que notas sueltan de guitarras van apareciendo para explotar en uno de los temas más agresivos y de los que más me gustan del álbum, pues su estribillo es muy bueno, resaltando el trabajo en las voces, apreciando todos los registros de Carlomagno en este tema, desde góticos, guturales, rasgados… un temazo, con una parte final brutal.


El último tema es “Fighting For Your Cause”, comenzado con un crescendo instrumental y una voz en megáfono. Una especie de medio tiempo, con estrofas limpias y un estribillo mas álgido. Todos los instrumentos suenan en su sitio, pudiéndose discernir cada uno de ellos, no pecando de saturación (una buena producción). La guitarra de Chus Mora aquí vibra por cuenta propia, transmitiéndonos tanto potencia en el estribillo como sentimientos en sus solos. Otro gran tema que se acelera al final para terminar por todo lo alto.


THE EYES OF DESOLATION, han realizado un gran EP, que me deja con ganas de escuchar más. Destacando temas como, “I Found My Place” o “Fighting For Your Cause”. Los cuales resumen la idea musical que pretenden transmitirnos en sus dos vertientes, la más lenta y la más rápida. Un EP muy bueno.





Costo Rica dark gothic metal band realised the album. This album is a classical gothic metal album.


On this album it can be heard the influence of melodic,atmospheric and rock music that gothic sound needs to have in it, these influences, and it is ideally fitted with the hole album. The vocals are awesome, pure gothic vocals, and unclean vocals too, pure rawness and darkness in it. Solos on the album are awesome too, they have this rock vibe to it.


Tehnical compliance is brought to ideal, acoustic is great, production is awesome. This album will take you to a place of death, darkness, coldness, sadness, lonliness.


The Eyes Of Deslolation is anonymos band that desirves a lot of attention of public and listeners. This band is a amazing and unigue gothic metal band, with awesome gothic music, in the most best way.





Obwohl bereits 2005 ins Leben gerufen gelang es den Costa Ricanern von The Eyes of Desolation erst 2013 ihr erstes Werk in die Welt zu entlassen. Dafür hatte „Songs for Desolated Hearts“ immerhin 11 Songs und über 1 Stunde Spielzeit in petto. Um die Wartezeit auf das nächste vollwertige Album zu verkürzen folgte nun mit „Awake in Dead“ eine gut 25-minütige EP.


Was einem sicher als erstes ins Auge fällt sind die Vocals, denn diese (zumindest der Klargesang) sind mindestens so markant wie Volbeats Poulsen und auch die Gesangsmelodien erinnern an die Dänen. Da enden allerdings die Gemeinsamkeiten, denn The Eyes of Desolation bieten Bockstarken Gothic Metal. Düstere, leicht sludgige Gitarren liefern in Kombination mit epischen, nicht zu aufdränglichen Keyboards für dunkle Stimmung, während die Drums ruhig und besonnen agieren und die Vocals zwischen melodischen Clean und von Growls unterstützem Keifen schwanken und damit den Songs sowohl Ohrwurmcharakter als auch ordentlich Feuer mit auf den Weg geben. Wo andere in weinerliche Belanglosigkeit abdrifte, setzen die 5 Jungs Epik und Spielfreude ein, was zwar immer wieder melancholische Momente bereithält, aber auch nicht an Energie spart. TEOD fesseln von der ersten bis zur letzten Note, so abwechslungsreich und interessant sind die Songs und man kommt von der Replay-Taste gar nicht mehr weg, weil sich ständig neue Details ins Ohr drängen.


Wie bei gutem Wein scheint sich hier die lange Reifezeit vor dem ersten Album ausgezahlt zu haben. Die Jungs wissen was sie tun und wissen vor allem wie man großartige Songs schreibt. Schön zu wissen, dass es noch Gothic ohne käsige Keyboards und langweiliges Songwriting gibt. The Eyes of Deolation – „Awake in Dead„? Kaufen!




“Awake In Dead” es el reciente EP publicado por los costarricenses The Eyes Of Desolation después de “Songs For Desolated Hearts”, su primer larga duración lanzado hace ya 3 años.

Este quinteto originario de Heredia y en activo desde 2008 practica lo que ellos denominan post-gothic metal -o lo que vendría siendo rock gótico fusionado con algún elemento de doom y ciertos detalles de black-, mostrándose herederos directos del sonido de bandas clásicas como Moonspell o Paradise Lost.

Una de las grandes bazas del grupo radica en los matices que imprime el cantante combinando los registros más puros del gothic, con las voces rasgadas y los chillidos desgarrados próximos al black metal. Este aspecto, junto a los inspirados pasajes ambientales creados por el teclado -acertadamente arropado por la guitarra y el bajo- hacen que las atmósferas frías, oscuras, opresivas, escalofriantes y afligidas campen a sus anchas a lo largo y ancho del trabajo. En los cuatro temas que reúne este EP -entre los que I Found My Place y la épica Fighting For Your Cause brillan por encima de los demás- la banda consigue, al amparo de una notable producción, un perfecto equilibrio entre los partes etéreas y atmosféricas y los fragmentos agresivos y densos.

En resumen, The Eyes Of Desolation presentan en este “Awake In Dead” una definida propuesta musical y conceptual que sigue con convencimiento el camino emprendido con su primer disco. De aconsejable escucha para los acérrimos de estos derroteros y para aquellas almas torturadas que gustan bañarse en las oscuras aguas del sufrimiento, la melancolía o la soledad.




"У нас нет ничего общего с париями и непригодными: дайте им умереть в их убожестве. Ибо они не чувствуют".

Алистир Краули. THE BOOK OF THE LAW.

Судя по некоторым названиям трэков из этого диска, это может быть кроваво-дэтовый релиз — например Waking Death – “проснувшаяся смерть». Если посмотреть на обложку, то можно сказать, что это нечто думовое или симфо-павер-метальное. А вот это поближе к реальности.

Этот коста-риканский очень серьезный проект играет в стиле дарк готик металл. Достоин внимательного прослушивания и исследования. Группа выпускала в 13-ом году полноформат, который наделал немало шума в региональном подполье. Сама группа высказалась по-взрослому: «этим альбомом мы подняли флаг готик-металла из нашей страны над всем миром». Ну и еще толика инфы для общего впечатления. Gothic, Melodic Death, Doom Death, Post Black, Atmospheric, Experimental, Alternative, Post Metal. Вот эти все теги оптом обычно прибивает формация к своим творениям. А культовых Мунспелл ребята называют среди групп, которые им нравятся. Я это подметил, ибо уже как некоторое время слушаю сабжевый Awake In Dead. И вижу, например, что мужеский вокал бандоса схож с Мунспелловским)). Не в деталях, а в настроении и направлении. Может еще найду пару слов для него...

The Eyes Of Desolation встречает скрипом пластинки, а потом густым как сироп звучанием по низам (real disk please), которое встречает слушателя и проводит за руку по всему произведению. И за специфичностью саунда команды, низа будут обволакивать вас как варенье, если упасть головой вниз в кондитерский чан. Обволакивать и тащить. Как у Мунспелла тоже.

Но уже буквально через несколько минуток The Eyes Of Desolation представят серьезный музон дарк-метал с подмешанным прогрессивом — неназойливым, дозированным, богато структурированным, но не безумным хаосом, а умным, изобретательным, издаля спокойным, а вблизи еще и мощным консенсусом ритмического и мелодического начал. Примите как факт, что все это будет интересовать вас как дело СОБСТВЕННОЕ — признак настоящего произведения искусства.

Вот основы - мидтемповый ритм-забой с проходами живых ударных, иногда выдвинутых вперед по саунду, но все равно громогласно бубухающих недалеко от основного движа. Переплетение гитарного и клавишного солирования создает полноценное и, главное, гипнотическое впечатление монструозного питона, который глотает целиком некоторые вещи и не вещи, что попадают ему на клыки. Очень умно все прострочено ритм-секцией, талантливо залито соляками — как бетоном. И этот низкочастотный вынос мозга — ну просто на загляденье — очень серьезно говорю.

Вокал впечатляющ по полной программе — нужно послушать владение им в траке 3 - I Found My Place. Сдавленный, сплющенный и тут же он идет выше, хрипит, вырастает в мощный чистый баритон и полузвериный баритон, низкий «континентальный» вокалище. Группе повезло с вокалистом, и она об этом прекрасно знает. Карломаньо - метальный певец от нашего металлического Бога, виртуоз и настоящий мастер своего дела. Кстати, он кое-где в начальных траках пуляет и по жесточайшему отчаянному харшу. Еще и лирикой формации занимается. Вот же дал всевышний таланта. Добавлю, мало того, что Карломаньо шикарно отрабатывает в указанных вокалах, ему прекрасно, как настоящему артисту удается эмоция. Ловите такие козыря, как его вокал в траке 4 - Fighting For Your Cause. Мука, страдание, скрытая ярость плещутся здесь невозбранно и неудержимо.

Это компакт, к которому вам придется возвращаться. Так и есть. У меня уже есть такие планы на енный коста-риканский Мунспелл.

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