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ChaosWolf area band from Mexico that plays a very raw and depressive form of black metal and this is a review of their 2015 album "Templo e Palabras Muertas" which was released as a joint effort between Symbol OfDomination Productions and Caligo Arcanum Productions.

A very dark and epic keyboard sound starts off the album while also returning briefly on later tracks and a few seconds later grim black metal screams make their presence known on the recording and they also have a very depressive tone to them at times and after the intro the music starts going into more of a heavy and melodic musical direction.

Most of the music is very heavily rooted in a raw and depressive style of black metal and clean singing can be heard at times and when the music speeds up a great amount of blast beats are utilized and the songs also bring in a great mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts while the solos and leads remain true to an old school style of black metal while also using melodies at times and a couple of the tracks are long and epic in length and there is also a few seconds of clean playing being utilized at times and one track also brings in a brief use of spoken word sample.

ChaosWolf plays a style of black metal that is very raw and old school sounding while also mixing in depressive elements at times and a a couple of ambient instrumental tracks to make their music stand out a bit bit, the production is very raw and heavy sounding while the lyrics are written in Spanish and cover Lycanthropy, Philosophy, Chaos and Dischord themes.

In my opinion ChaosWolf are a very great sounding raw and depressive black metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this recording. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "La Escision De Ouroboros" "Tanatema" "El Discurrir De Un Cancer Del Ser" and "The End Of Black Metal Paradise".



In the world of graphic art, and I'm talking about paintings and drawings, there are several people with quite and intense and insane way of creating their work. In stead of gently drawing a figure, they seem to loose all control. Paint flies everywhere, pencils pierce the canvas. It's mainly a representation of the immense chaos inside their heads. These are demended, freakish paintings, filled with angst, fear and despair. Often, it hurts the artists more to make them than us to watch them.

There's a musical equivalent of those paintings, and judging from the key emotions I described earlier, you might have already guessed that I'm talking about black metal. A sick, raw and primitive form of the genre is currently haunting my stereo. In fact, it's been a while since I heard something as bleak, chaotic and eerie coming from Europe. It seems that that subgenre is now very alive in Mexico. At least, that's where Chaoswolf hails from.

This one man project, aided by some session musicians, comes up with some of the most vile and disordered black metal I've heard in a while. At first, with the intro, I didn't expect that. This song is loaded with keyboards, who don't seem to return, and reminds me a bit of a primitive version of Vinterriket. However, what happens next delves deep into the traditional blackened era where mid-tempo riffs, screeching vocals and sometimes blast beats make up the most part of the music.

Fans of early black metal and fans of the chaotic version of the genre, will find something utterly delicious on this album. It rarely gets bleaker than this and that's an accomplishment in this region of the musical underground. This is the musical variant of 'splatter art', preferably with the artist's own blood, exorcising all his demons in a frenzy of noise and despair.



I am fascinated by how people lived in old times. How they behaved in relation to the earth, the universe and the elements. Not in a fashion that I practice some pagan rituals but it is interesting to know the history to understand that where we are heading isn’t durable. I don’t know how relevant this is for CHAOSWOLF but that was the vibe I got from their band name. There seems to be a spirituality to their lyrics. Musically this is primitive black metal. It feels like there is a thought behind this other than just blasting away like there is no tomorrow. Which makes this an interesting record.



Ik weiger alle zelfstandige naamwoorden een hoofdletter te geven, want zo stond het in de promo. Nuja, promo, geen promo. ChaosWolf heeft het zelfstandig naamwoord Wolf in zich zitten, wat insinueert dat het vrij raciaal-gefixeerde types zijn. Dat ze zelf uit Mexico komen is al lang geen uitzondering meer in diezelfde context. Doet er niet toe, je weet wel.

ChaosWolf dus. Een band die denkt blackmetal uitgevonden te hebben. Helaas. Blackmetal bestaat al vrij lang, in dezelfde vorm die het primitief opgenomen ChaosWolf dirigeert. Templo de Palabras Muertas zal de geschiedenis ingaan als een semi-melodisch, live opgenomen blackmetalalbum, waarvan de belangstelling zich beperkt tot enkele loslopende Indianen die men bijzonder hard zal missen in het reservaat. De krijs zal weerklinken in de eeuwige jachtvelden, de drums zullen vervangen moeten worden door een ander geldig excuus voor het nemen van paracetamol. Ik spreek in naam van de lijdende voorwerpen, want op zich is het niet zo slecht gesteld met de basic blackmetal van deze Mexicanen. Alleen ja, de trueheid brengt weinig extra's met zich mee. First wave Noorse BM met een zweem van Spaanstalige misantropie, voor de liefhebbers, I guess.



ChaosWolf are a semi-productive outfit by Mexican ‘singer’ Chaoswolf, and known for being a psychic infection, delusional, fighting against all trends within the Black Metal scene. Once again he joined forces with Berserker and Senectus, colleagues in bands like Black Desolation, Divine Dynasty or the great Calvarium Funestus. Templo De Palabras Muertas is the second full length, with material written in between Spring 2013 and late 2014. It consists of eight new tracks and two bonus tracks (amongst which a previously unreleased one), having a total running time of almost fifty minutes, and it gets released by Symbol Of Domination Productions (a sub-division of Russia’s Satanath Records) and Caligo Arcanum Prod from their home country.

The introduction La Escision De Ouroboros reminds me a lot to some symbiosis of (later) Profanum, Valar and Shadowcaster, though Summoning, Vintersemestre and … no, skip it, it’s just a (cool!!!) intro.

Then come three ‘songs’ that make the first capitulo, Fantasma, being / bringing rough, primal and rhythmic Black Metal from the Old School, combining fierce rhythms with traditional melodies, injected by epic structures, grim (sometimes somewhat hysterical) vocals and supported by a raw yet appropriate production. Actually, despite the lack of originality (but then again: why would you, and how should you???), the average quality is quite above ‘expectance’, reminding the listener to the earlier scene – not necessarily the Norwegian one, as one might expect, yet focusing on the essence in the vein of the scenes from Finland or Germany, I guess. No, I do not guess; it’s quite fitting.

Despite the certain lack or ‘being renewing’ -and then I am talking about the other chapters as well- another question once again comes above: is this sufficient to convince. Well, seen the quality of song writing, performance and sound I am inclinable to bend forward to the positive side, i.e. focusing on the strength of the result rather than the originality if the whole [which, once again, cannot bother undersigned, so why would you, unless you pathetic being is too narrow-minded to [self-censorship…]]. Despite the ‘division’ into several parts (which has rather to do with the poetic-lyrical approach), the whole journey gets based on a same-minded ‘primary’ execution, and in combination with quite a cool performance, conviction of execution and stiff middle finger in the ass sound, this might appeal… well, actually, I think the listener needs to find out itself (once again). ChaosWolf do touch the borders of the blackened extrem(eti)es in a manner the intelligent listener cannot ignore / dislike – despite the primitive, and sound-wise inferior excerpts (!!!). Yet getting rid of those elements, black heads (and Hell no, I am not referring to ¨*…) might, no, they need to pay attention to this kind of sh*t!



Nokia is Finnish, and some great black metal comes from Finland. That just cannot be a coincidence. Therefore it is not surprising that Chaoswolf, though hailing from Veracruz, Mexico, reminds me not only of a less sophisticated Satanic Warmaster, but also of my old Nokia 8210. Anyone who had a cell phone around 2000 will be able to confirm that the good old 8210, back then by far the most common phone out there, was as sturdy as a brick. It could do some serious damage when hurled at someone’s cranium. Damaging it was virtually impossible, as it would always work. The 8210 was also absolutely no-frills; it did exactly what it was expected to do. Nothing more, nothing less. The phone was about as crude as its only fancy feature: Snake, a game with the least spectacular graphics in the world, which is hardly surprising on the 8210’s tiny, monochrome display. The gameplay was so easy it could be explained to a complete retard in less than five seconds. Despite all these seemingly less-than-charming features, Snake was surprisingly addictive. Of course the Nokia 8210 is hopelessly outdated by now, and walking around with one would be a downright atavism. All of the above applies to Chaoswolf’s raw, completely traditional. ‘Templo De Palabras Muertas’ sounds as outdated as it is surprisingly effective. The only feature that betrays the band’s exotic roots is the fact that the lyrics are in Spanish, but since pronunciation is not a core strength of the vocal delivery, nobody will probably notice anyway. There is nothing new to be found here, but everything, including the almost clumsy production, works somehow. The only thing that doesn’t quite work is the album’s length, since the last 2 songs don’t really do it any favours. A solid but outdated black metal album from Mexico… now that’s something that isn’t seen every day. Then again, Chaoswolf originates from the same country that kept the VW Beetle in mass production until 2003, so the good old motto ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ seems to apply here


Were it not for the Spanish song titles, there would be little to indicate that Chaoswolf hail from Mexico, judging by Templo De Palabras Muertas. This is cold, grim, raw black metal that brings to mind the likes of Horna and Drowning The Light, and taps in to that same sense of decaying majesty and blasphemous glory. Vicious and rabid, the heresies it presents are full of dark glory and power, possessed of a spirit that is both noble and primitive. But more than that, there is the sense that the Chaoswolf has put something of himself in to these songs, seeking some kind of release from whatever it is that plagues him. It is rare to hear raw, chaotic black metal that has such an intense, cathartic feel.

Introductory track “La Escision De Ouroboros” is a curve-ball, its synth-heavy nature a deceptive, yet unsettling, way to begin the album. More representative are Chaoswolf’s tortured vocals – his shrieks, screams, and invocations are a highlight throughout the album, and their presence on the intro track sets the mood of what follows. And oh, what glorious heresies follow. There are a lot of raw black metal acts out there, but few have struck me with the same force as Chaoswolf do once the album properly gets underway with “Orgasmortem”. The right balance of melody and brutality is present in the riffs and leads throughout the album, successfully tapping in to the same darkness that haunts the best albums of the genre. Of special note is the drumming; rather than simply blasting away, session drummer Berserker adds small cymbal flourishes and technical touches throughout Temple De Palabras Muertas, giving the album extra textures and character that other bands of this style often lack.

Chiefly, though, it’s the guitars and vocals which steal the show. Chaoswolf’s vocals are never less than depraved, a frantic stream of hatred and blasphemy, full of character and force. More than anything, it helps make the music sound dangerous, something that is lacking in much modern black metal. Behind him, the riffs are often catchy, infused with dark melody and power, with solos placed at key points, where they raise the music above the mundane and ordinary. Key to their success is the scornful, superior spirit and aura that they invoke. Even if they hardly reinvent the genre, they are a prime example of just how powerful raw black metal can be. “Tanatema” is a case in point; opening up with a second-wave style riff, it soon shifts in to something slightly slower and more mournful, though no less powerful; whilst fifth track “La Muerte De Calvarium Funestus” slows things down considerably, providing some much-needed respite from what is largely an unrelenting album.

Seventh track “El Discurrir De Un Cancer Del Ser” is, for me, the pick of the bunch. Opening with a mid-tempo, darkly melodic lead and riff, it shifts in to far more frantic tempos, topped off with Chaoswolf’s blood-curdling shrieks. It rarely lingers on one tempo or riff for long, constantly shifting and moving, mixing together fury and melancholy with rare skill. It’s followed by “Extraduccion A Lo Inconsciente”, a relatively gentle acoustic and synth-based outro, before the two bonus tracks “Wings Of Paradox” and “The End Of BM Paradise” kick in. The bonus tracks are different in character to the main album – especially “Wings Of Paradox”, which is quite synth-heavy – but both have their charms, even if the differences in production and style clearly mark them out as additional bonus tracks.

When done well, raw black metal is one of my favourite styles in the genre; and, based on Templo De Palabras Muertas, Chaoswolf have a lot to be proud of here. It is a hateful beast, yet still maintains its dignity throughout; no matter how vicious the album becomes, control is never quite lost. There is undoubtedly a darkness about Chaoswolf that goes beyond the costume Satanism of most black metal acts (if you need immediate evidence, then just look at the artwork); this cathartic, hugely aggressive nature, combined with some strong song-writing, makes Templo De Palabras Muertas an album that fans of bands such as Drowning The Light and Satanic Warmaster would be well advised to check out.

Templo De Palabras Muertas can be streamed and downloaded via Bandcamp; and can be purchased on CD from Satanatha Records webstore.


Chaoswolf play very, very raw and underground style of black metal, which is definitely not for Trendy ears, as the music and vocals here are sure to abuse your soul in the sickest of ways.

The rhythm guitars along with the blasphemous vocals spewing forth pure insults at all that is good, makes you feel as if you belong to some underground cult. “Templo De Palabras Muerto” is a very cult-like in atmosphere and is loaded with tons of evil vibrations to drive the listener to self-mutilation for the devil. The music found on this ten track CD does not get any darker or wicked in sound, as what is represented here is the truest epitome of black metal from the times long gone.

The vocals go from a raspy scream to dirty shouted moments of total frustration and insanity beyond comprehension. The vocals on here go really well with the hellacious-sounding music quite well, and the aura of complete darkness the album creates within the mind is very morbid, to say the least.

This album is a total black metal beast, which is highly influenced from the best days of black metal’s past, with inspiration coming from Emperor, Enslaved, Ulver, Opthalamia and Carpathian Forest.

However, my only complaint here, the mixing of the album and the overall production lacks that punch we’re accustomed to from such raw and brutal black metal. The vocals get lost within the buzzing guitars and the backing rhythms, and the drumming sounds very hollow throughout this album. The recording, unfortunately reminds too much of a garage band type of recording. So this is one aspect this band need to fix, and they’ll sound fucking brutal as brutal can get for a black metal band. Apart from this one aspect here, “Templo De Palabras Muerto” is definitely a true cult, underground black metal release, which harkens back to the glory days of late eighties and early nineties black metal.   Symbol Of Domination



El black metal (y en general todos los estilos extremos) tienen y han tenido mucho arraigo en México. No así en nuestro país, por cierto. Formado en 2007 en Veracruz, Chaoswolf (proyecto unipersonal con la ayuda de algunos músicos de la sesión), se enrola en la corriente más tradicional del metal negro.

La banda lleva activa desde 2007 y este es su segundo larga duración. “Templo de palabras muertas” es un álbum de black crudo, frio, siniestro y true, al estilo de las bandas escandinavas. Todo aquí es primitivo, intenso y caótico, con voces torturadas, gritos y todos los elementos que los seguidores del género aprecian. Recomendado solo para los más acérrimos y ortodoxos escuchas.





"Templo De Palabras Muertas" è l'occasione per una capatina in Messico, popolosissimo Paese del Centroamerica col quale non ho praticamente mai avuto incontri musicali, se si eccettuano i Brujeria (a proposito: ascoltatevi l'ode a Donald Trump rilasciata di recente!), mentre qualche gruppo è comparso invece qui su Aristocrazia Webzine nel corso degli anni. I Chaoswolf sono una band fedele ai dettami della Nera Fiamma scandinava, nel più puro degli spiriti underground fuori dal tempo e dalle mode.


Il black metal dei quattro interpreti di questo disco è maligno e viscerale, con diversi punti di richiamo agli Horna e alla Finlandia per la capacità di unire furia carnale e melodie rituali. Lo screaming di Chaoswolf è slabbrato, gracchiante e sciorinato quasi totalmente in spagnolo, lingua che permette al Nostro di proporre le proprie riflessioni legate al black metal, una sorta di vera e propria filosofia, basata anche su alcune citazioni a diversi pensatori. I suoni invece possiedono la classica aura lo-fi, leggermente ovattata, eppure non traspare mai la sensazione di ascoltare qualcosa di amatoriale o improvvisato, al contrario la sincera passione compensa la totale mancanza di originalità.


L'album si articola su sei pezzi suddivisi in tre capitoli, ai cui estremi si trovano intro e outro erette su tastiere di stampo sinfonico e atmosferico, entrambe piuttosto ben fatte; ciò è ulteriore dimostrazione del buon lavoro dei Chaoswolf. Le ultime due tracce invece sono dei bonus abbastanza superflui e dall'impronta sonora diversa, che si discostano dal resto, come si può notare dai suoni molto più ronzanti, dai titoli in inglese e da uno stile abbozzato, drum machine compresa.


C'è poco altro da dire su "Templo De Palabras Muertas", se non che è un'opera riservata esclusivamente ai maniaci del black metal underground come si suonava nel nord dell'Europa, fra una chiesa bruciata e l'altra.




Mexico's own CHAOSWOLF have returned with "Templo De Palabras Muertas", a follow-up to their 2013 debut "The Fall Of The Idols". The band plays raw Black Metal (think HORNA, old DARKTHRONE, BEHEXEN), the vocals sound similar to old BURZUM, and to date they have 3 demos, 3 splits, a compilation and 2 full length albums released. So, at this point they should have their sound pretty much refined. It is always interesting to check out bands from Mexico as they have had a solid turnout of bands and rarely dissappoint. The album starts out with the song 'La Escision De Ouroboros', a rather atmospheric track that is a solid intro, good drums / keyboards, and the vocals were spot on. Things pick up with track number 2 'Orgasmortem' and with 'Irrevencia', however, the vocals begin to drag out with this track, but the guitars really were the showcase on this song. Nice riffs and an solid guitar solo / hook at the end of the song that slowly fades away. 'La Muerte De Calvarium Funestus' is a good track (solid drum and guitar work) and also the longest song on the album. Grim and evil is the best way to describe the song, but again the vocals were too much and just suffocated the song. Things really pick up with the track 'El Discurrir De Un Cancer Del Ser', the guitar sound reminds me of "Aske" era BURZUM. 'Extraduccion A Lo Inconsciente' is a nice instrumental track with a good keyboard sound, very relaxing. 'Wings Of Paradox' follows suite where 'Extraduccion....' left off with a good instrumental part but then quickly the guitars / drums / vocals kick in. This song again starts with a slower tempo but picks up speed as the song progresses. All in all the music is your run of the mill raw Black Metal, nothing over the top or breaking new ground. The riffs and drums can be catchy at times, but to me the vocals were overbearing and annoying at times... really killed it for me. The drums really needed better mics / production because the drummer does provide a good backbone to the album. Judge for yourself and listen to the album.





Хорошо известно, что в Мексике отлично произрастают блак-металлические коллективы, наряду с кактусами и производятся достойные черные релизы, наряду с текилой и кофе. Мексика экспортирует немало металлической продукции (золото, серебро, железо), которая отлично расходится по всему миру. И не только. Доказательством чего является и сабжевый релиз, который был выпущен Symbol Of Domination (сублейблом Сатанат рекордс) совместно с мексиканской фирмой Caligo Arcanum Productions.

Среди своих камрадов по местной сцене CHAOSWOLF хорошо известны, ибо собрались еще в 7-ом году, с того же времени начав массивно раскрашивать этот мир в красный цвет своими, слабо говоря, мрачными историями о ликантропии и философскими размышлениями о Хаосе с большой буквы. Группа сформировалась из двух единомышленников, которые до того успели поиграть как минимум в 4 коллективах, то есть людей упертых и наполненных продуктивными негативными идеями. Для записей они находят еще достойных музыкантов, дабы не обращаться к компьютерам и сэмплам. В 13-ом году они запустили первый полноформат... и вот второй диск, который даже визуально нагнетает нездоровый интерес у профильных людей. И я, как «отгадывальщик обложек», сразу заподозрил за оформлением фронта кое-какие болезненные финты. Которые сначала выразились в упомянутой хаосологии. А потом уже и в музыкальном содержании.

CHAOSWOLF попервоначалу (после необходимого исключительно мрачного интро) , да и потом всласть на почти 50 минутах игрового времени реализует бешеный аутентичный блак метал, черно-кровавый и по недоброму оголтелый. Все так, не беспокойтесь. Но видимо музыкальные взгляды творческой плеяды формации сформировались особым образом. Коллеги местами впрыскивают в тело траков полные шприцы атмосферных фишек, аудиально оформленных коллажами - пустынными и валокординовыми. А окромя того сооружают мидтемповые формы, где музпроизведение восстает новыми подходами, которые сразу опознаются среди уже освоенных чащоб блэка. Мне с какого-то бока даже показалось, что это этнические моменты, так они шли поперек нашего излюбленного сюжета. Я не особо привязан к фольклорным траншам в блак-произведениях, так как для их полного и труйного интегрирования нужно недюжинное мастерство. НО! Это не были фолк-пробросы! И как зацеписто все было воспроизведено!

ВИА CHAOSWOLF иногда просто ярит TRUE RAW BLACK, а потом через три секунды реализует клавишную сентенцию, а ля данжент синт (например, трак 8), минорную и достаточно глубокую, чтобы утопить пару тройку мечт о знойной мексиканской идиллии. Но ведь дальше продолжатся мид-темпо поджог, в котором синим пламенем уничтожает пространство вокаллер CHAOSWOLF — талантливейший в своем роде специалист, которому можно поручать озвучивать любой фильм ужаса. Его расщепленный, осатаневший и патологический вокал сродни тем, которые выросли в суицидальных командах, и кажется, он вот-вот перейдет в иную форму и перестанет быть человеческим голосом, хотя и сейчас человеческого в нем самый минимум.

Мексиканцы никак не подвели, наоборот дали знать, что у них с БМ все в полнейшем и чернейшем ажуре. В 8-страничном дизайнерском буклете есть тексты, инфа от группы, а также ее важное заявление, что CHAOSWOLF - это психическая инфекция.