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This is a review of a split album between Iceland/Norway's Curse and Sweden's Styggelse and WAN called Necroholic" which was released as a joint effort between Satanath Records, Black Plague Records and The True Plague and we will start off the album with Curse a band that plays a very raw form of thrash influenced black metal.

Their side of the split starts out with a very raw yet melodic old school black metal sound that uses a good amount of blast beats along with some high pitched screams and the music also brings in elements of punk and thrash in both the riffs and vocals while the songs also bring in a great mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts.

The solos and leads also use a great amount of melody while some of the vocals have a very different yet grim approach to the genre with its semi melodic tone and all of the musical instruments have a very powerful sound to them and they close their side of the split with a cover of Motorhead's "Ace Of Spades", the production sounds very powerful while the lyrics cover dark and violent themes.

In my opinion Curse are a very great sounding raw yet melodic thrash influenced black metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out their side of the split. RECOMMENDED TRACK "War Of One".

Next up is Styggelse a band that plays a very raw and old school form of black metal.

Their side of the split starts out with drum beats and noisy distortion that evolves into a raw black metal style that is heavily influenced by both the first and second wave along with some grim screams and the songs also bring in a great mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts and the solos and leads also add in a touch of rock'n'roll and punk to the bands musical style.

Some of the faster riffs also mix in a small amount of blast beats from the drums and their is also a brief use of back up gang shouts and some thrash influences and while the music has an old school feeling the way it is produced sounds more modern, the production sounds very raw and heavy while the lyrics cover hateful, satanic and anti christian themes.

In my opinion Styggelse are a very great sounding raw old school black metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out their side of the split. RECOMMENDED TRACK "Stay true To Satan For Eternity".

Closing the split is WAN a band that has been featured before in this zine and plays a raw and satanic form of black metal.

Their side of the split starts out with a very raw and old school 90's influenced black metal sound and after a few seconds grim black metal screams make their presence known in the songs and when the music speeds up a great amount of blast beats can be heard while some of the riffs also bring in a small amount of melody that almost has a first wave feeling at times.

Throughout their side of the recording you can hear a great mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts and all of the musical instruments have a very powerful sound to them and none of the songs ever utilize any guitar solos and leads while their side of the split remains very heavy from first to last track which also sees spoken word parts and back up shouts being added into the music, the production has a very raw yet powerful and heavy sound while the lyrics cover satanism, darkness and hateful themes.

In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from WAN and if you are a fan of this band, you should enjoy their side of the split. RECOMMENDED TRACK "Dirty Bastards".

In conclusion I feel this is a very great sounding split and I would recommend it to fans of old and school black metal that like hearing this genre with a more modern production.




Right, back to the old school of black metal, and by 'old school' I mean 'really old school'. Do you remember when the genre emerged? Influenced by thrash metal and punk rock, featuring eerie screams and loaded with obscurity, those first black metal bands were a crushing new force in the world of metal. If you're a bit nostalgic for that era, or if you think modern black metal is too complex and outlandish, than this split is the remedy you need.

Curse kicks off and how. After a few seconds in opener 'Exploding Head', I think of a blend between Slayer and Motorhead, perhaps a bit more blackened than both but with similar riffing, drums and sheer metal power. In fact, Curse also comes up with a great cover of 'Ace Of Spades', an excellent tribute to Lemmy. 'The Observer' certainly takes me back to the early days of black metal, yet it also reminds me a bit of old Tiamat for some reason.

Styggelse continues the face-smashing assault with uptempo black thrash. In 'Angel Blood Shed' I suddenly think of bands like Judas Priest, again in a blackened version. 'Stay True To Satan For Eternity' has something old Sepultura-ish, but perhaps that's because of the overall production. The most punishing song is the harsh, chaotic 'No Team In I', which is a hurtful and grim piece of old school black metal.

Wan has the opportunity to close this and they do it with the thickest guitars on this split. 'In Your Face' has a stunning groove death metal feel and brings Benediction to mind. Wan delivered the dirtiest, grittiest and most chaotic songs on this split, highlighting in the noisy 'På Korset Vi Kräks '. They close with 'Faun', a haunting epos of blackened doom, again seemingly born from the early death metal scene.

There are a lot of non black-metal names in this review and with good reason too. These songs take me back to an era where the term 'black metal' wasn't used yet. Back then it was just a 'Venom' album. You can feel the bleak atmosphere and the malignant nature of the music but musically, it's far away from acts like Darkthrone, Immortal or Dimmu Borgir. That is not a bad thing by the way, on the contrary. As a black metal fan, you should buy this thing. You can't go more old school than this.


Curse is a two piece band made up of,  Eldur - Vocals, Guitars, Bass. Tybald - Drums. Styggelse, is a five piece band made up of, Skadeglade - Drums. Kallbrand - Guitar. Larsson - Vocals. Desekrator - Guitar. Thunderbolt - Bass. WAN: is a four piece band made up of, Tsjud - Vocals. Draup - Drums. Aganaroth - Guitar. Isengrim - Bass. Music style is listed as, black metal. Band location, Curse-Oslo. Styggelse-Gothenburg. WAN-Eskilstuna.

Necroholic split released on Satanath Records December 27th 2015. The first group on this split is the band Curse. They offer us four tracks with tremendous sound lingering on sludge/heavy rock. Influenced by Motorhead. Dirty and gritty distortion and pure raw riffs. "War of One" is the best song for me out of all four. Next, is the band Styggelse. Much better production quality for their recording as oppose to the other two. Their song "Angel Blood Shed", has a great feeling. Mid distortion guitar sound and heavy reverb on the vocals. They offer us four compositions and my favorite is "No Team in I", one of the memorable pieces for me is the chorus line, it is catchy and moving. The solos are on point and fit well. The final band on the split is WAN, four tracks of pure aggression with massive distortion permeate every riff. Their song "Pa Korset Vi Krass", is the dominating song for me. Malevolent and fast drumming is the stand out track by this group.


Online magazine review: https://view.publitas.com/p222-6832/beneath-the-surface-issue-2/page/28-29

CURSE klingen düster, morbide und zermalmend wie nichts Gutes.  Das Hauptaugenmerk liegt nicht auf gut und einfach hörbaren, eingängigen Songs, sondern auf Atmosphäre. Auf dieser Split steuert das Duo aus Norwegen "Exploding Head", "The Observer", "War Of One" und ein geniales "Ace Of Spades" von Motörhead bei. STYGGELSE ist hart, düster und schwarz  - aber gleichzeitig erfrischend anders.  Ein weiteres Zeichen für den Ideenreichtum der Musiker sind verschiedenste Tempowechsel, welche sich vom langsamen Gestampfe bis hin zum nackenbrechenden  Geknüppel erstrecken und somit von anderer Bands abgrenzen. "Angel Blood Shed", "Stay True For Satan For Eternity" und "No Team In I" sind auf dieser Split zu finden. Handwerklich beweisen WAN enorme Qualitäten, welche sich auch im Songwriting niederschlagen. Am Ende stehen mit "I Bran", “Par Korset Vi Kraks" und "Faun" abwechslungsreicher Black-Metal auf der Liste, welches sich der Genrefan definitiv näher zu Gemüte führen sollte. Die Drums sind vielfältig , Tempowechsel fordern; bis hin zu kargen Momenten, in denen nur vertonte Feinheiten aufblitzen.


La sempre attiva Satanath Records ci propone questo energetico split a tre in edizione limitata a cinquecento copie, nel segno dell’ignoranza e del grezzume più esasperati. Ad aprire le danze sono gli islandesi Curse, band non certo di primo pelo (sono attivi dalla metà degli anni novanta) e saldamente ancorata agli stilemi del black metal più lineare e “in your face”, non disgiunto da una certa attitudine punk: i loro indiscutibili punti di riferimento sembrano essere infatti Bathory, Darkthrone (quelli di “Hate Them” e “Sardonic Wrath”) ed ovviamente gli immarcescibili Motörhead, non per nulla omaggiati dalla cover del superclassico “Ace Of Spades”. Molto adrenalici i momenti più tirati ma discreti anche gli stacchi più cadenzati e granitici (ad esempio la parte iniziale di “The Observer”). Pensano invece unicamente a non fare prigionieri gli svedesi Styggelse, band non priva di esperienza che propone un black metal caratterizzato da un riffing scarno ed essenziale ma in grado di scatenare una ferocia sonora davvero devastante: i tre pezzi inclusi in questa release alternano in modo abbastanza convincente sfuriate alla Marduk a vigorosi passaggi di stampo black-thrash. Se Curse e Styggelse, pur non facendo gridare al miracolo, riescono tutto sommato ad essere coinvolgenti e ad indurre qualche spontanea capocciata, il discorso cambia (purtroppo in peggio) quando arriva il turno dei Wan. Anch’essi svedesi e vicini a sonorità di stampo black-thrash, i nostri propongono cinque brani davvero insignificanti ed oltretutto penalizzati da una registrazione indegna perfino di un bootleg (la voce in pratica non si sente, il ronzio della chitarra sovrasta ogni cosa): una vera delusione, dal momento che si tratta di un gruppo con due full length alle spalle e dal quale era certamente lecito attendersi qualcosa di meglio. “Necroholic” finisce così per diventare un’uscita destinata soltanto ai collezionisti più incalliti.


Split records are always an interesting prospect at the best of times, and a three-way (mind out of the gutter you dirty buggers) just adds to the interest.

First off we have Curse from Norway, a band that has been around since the mid 90s in one form or another. A more stripped down thrash variant of black metal is their game and opened Exploding Head wouldn’t feel out of place on an 80s thrash mixtape. Clearly influenced by the likes of Venom and Motorhead (so much so that one of their four contributions to the album is frenetic cover of Ace of Spades), Curse kick off the proceedings in fine fashion.

Next up are three tracks by Gothenburg based Styggelse who inject a more classic metal shot into their black metal mix. Boasting a far better set of production values than Curse,  Angel Blood Shed swaggers along with what could almost be described as a groove based approach. Stay True To Satan For Eternity treads very familiar black metal ground musically and lyrically and their last offering No Team In I screams out of the speakers with the most black metal pedigree seen so far on the record.

Closing the Split with their five tracks are Sweden’s WAN who take a very traditional early 90s approach to their black metal (think drums at the same tempo without letting up and production values akin to being recorded in a biscuit tin in a cave). Which, as I have mentioned in previous reviews, is no bad thing for this style of music. Some would even argue that’s how it’s meant to be played. Their tracks are markedly shorter than the other bands on the record, but are more typical of what one would expect from ‘’true’’ black metal bands. Songs such as Dirty Bastards and I Brand will satisfy many a black metal purist.

Overall, an interesting collection from three bands it would be well worth investigating further.


Buon split a cura della Satanath Records che, in un sol colpo, ci presenta tre band black metal, una proveniente dall’Islanda (Curse) e le altre due dalla Svezia ( Styggelse e Wan).

Si parte con i quattro brani degli islandesi Curse, duo nato sul finire degli anni ottanta e dalla nutrita discografia, composta da una manciata di lavori minori e tre full length; il loro sound risulta un marcissimo black metal, influenzato dal rock’n’roll di matrice motorheadiana, tra testi anticristiani e mitologia nordica.

Ritmiche velocissime e voce cartavetrata, che tanto devono alla band di Lemmy come ai Darkthrone, l’impatto è all’altezza e sui brani composti per l’occasione, spicca la cover di Ace Of Spades, storico pezzo del gruppo britannico.

Si vola in Svezia dove ci aspettano gli Styggelse, fondati all’inizio del nuovo millenni e anch’essi con un produzione già interessante, anche se il gruppo di Goteborg risulta ancor più compatto e devastante, grazie ad una produzione più consona, alla miglior amalgama tra il black metal e la musica del diavolo e tre asce che crivellano di colpi black le teste degli ascoltatori. Le ritmiche da armageddon formano un sound da tregenda che valorizza i tre brani presentati: Angel Bloodshed, Stay True To Satan For Eternity, No Team in I, pochi rispetto alla qualità della loro musica estrema, che risulta la migliore del lotto.

Le noti dolenti arrivano in parte con gli Wan, anch’essi svedesi, con alle spalle due lavori sulla lunga distanza ed un approccio più puro ed old school al genere.

Purtroppo la produzione è deficitaria e l’approccio è assolutamente obsoleto: satanici, oscuri e maligni, i Wan lasciano molto per strada, il loro sound è quanto di più scarno ed essenziale si possa concepire nel genere, ma anche atmosfericamente non alcun ricordo all’ascoltatore guastando non poco il clima di devastante divertimento che le due band, prima di loro, erano riuscite a creare con la loro musica.

Necroholic rimane una proposta interessante, e tre band per una quarantina di minuti non sono male per il fan che non si accontenta dei soliti nomi, per cui l’ascolto è consigliato, con un’attenzione particolare ai tre brani degli Styggelse, davvero molto bravi.


This split EP features 12 cuts of sadistic and horrendous black metal from underground elitists Curse, Styggelse and Wan, which are sure to pulverize your ears.

The three different and much varied styles of black metal found here share one common theme, stay true to the underground and keep the ancient flames of old school black metal lit forever.

First band, Curse, heavily influenced by the likes of Motorhead, as they’ve covered their “Ace Of Spades” song, which Lemmy would’ve been so proud of the way it has been covered. Also, their Celtic Frost and Necrophobic influences are just unreal, as their evil spells come through so effectively via their four cold cuts of blackened death. This band is the type of black metal band you’d listen to when resurrecting the dead from their violated graves.

Second band, Styggelse comes at you with their raw and primitive emotions locked in the vault of all that is dark and sinister in nature. Their darkened vibes here bring images of an infernal hell and torture, as it willingly unleashes upon humanity. “Angel Bloodshed” and “Stay True To Satan For Eternity” remind of early Bathory and Venom mixed in with hints of Sodom, and this is an awesome old school black metal assault, which is so missed nowadays.

The third and final band featured here goes by the moniker of Wan, and this quartet play black metal meets death metal, with a shocking edge. The music of Wan is more in the vein of early Sodom, Kreator and Black Funeral. The music definitely has a death metal vibe, but the end result is a skull shattering war black metal feel to their five songs on feature here. The vocals are sure to warp your mind here, and leave you confused and searching for answers you’re not bound to find. Check it out and feel your immortality become real.  


Satanath Records release, and do appreciate that, quite a lot of splits too. I like it because it might fill up a hiatus for a band’s relative silence in between two albums, for example. Or a split contains rare or old and hard-to-get stuff. Or just because it offers some variety. Or it might give you the opportunity to meet bands you haven’t been listening to before. Or… Nope, this is not an essay on my opinion on split collaborations, but it’s a review for a threesome…

Necroholic offers forty minutes of Black Metal, done by three highly related purveyors of the genre. It comes in an edition of 500 CD’s, politely offered by Russia’s Satanath Records and American labels Black Plague Records and The True Plague.


This soundtrack from the Underworld starts with four elegies by ‘old’ (formed in 1995, initially as Thule) act Curse. It is a project by Iceland-born (now he lives in Norway) multi-instrumentalist Einar Thorberg Guðmundsson aka Eldur, whom you might know as well from the likes of Den Saakaldte, Midnattsvrede, Fortið, Potentiam and some others. For this opportunity he was joined once again by drummer Daniel ‘Tybald’ Theobald (think: Den Saakaldte, Pantheon I, Fortið, 13 Candles etc.). their last effort was the truly grandiose full length Void Above, Abyss Below (you can still check out the review I wrote for that album; it was published on May 8th 2011, and you can find it within the ‘Archive’ - link at the right on top).

In the past this act did always mingle up the essence of the First Wave of Black Metal with a pronounced Thrash’n’Roll attitude. Well, let’s say that this combination now did come to perfection. Take the opener Exploding Head, for example. This is Punk, this is Black Metal, this is Motörhead, early Celtic Frost and Discharge all-in-one. War Of One strongly continues that direction, with that old styled no-nonsense attitude, though it’s remarkably ‘calmer’ and less adventurous.

I think The Observer is a track that stands out completely, for it is totally slowed-down and massive (for one reason or another, the main riff reminds me to the fabulous power of Marduk’s Dracul Va Domni Din Nou In Transilvania), yet without stepping aside from the Punk Rock attitude that characterises Curse’s Black Metal. It starts quite doomish, accelerating during the second half, and sort of erupting towards the end. But Curse’s cover edition of The Ace Of Spades too is top-notch. Actually, I first thought it was a lost rehearsal or live recording done by Motörhead themselves. Curse do not thing something renewing with this (cult) track, but in this case I cannot but agree. Leave it to the essence, and pay tribute to your heroes, that must have been the idea when Curse decided to cover this classic.



Usually split records are a hit or miss situation. Some people do not like them. They want individual records and that’s it. But on the other hand, it can also be a good way to get more music for a good price. If the bands put together are in the same “line” to say it, it might turn into a good experience. This 3-way split starts with CURSE, one of the many artists using that name, a band or project started in Iceland but that nowadays is located in Norway. CURSE plays a very DARKTHRONE - ish style of Metal, but here I am referring to the more recent releases: yes, metallic, with melody in there, with a punkish attitude and with a good dose of Speed / Thrash found in there. It has the right production values and is quite enjoyable, and definitely one band that if you like the last releases form Nocturno Culto and co. there is no reason why one cannot enjoy this. A great song is 'War Of One' with a very moody setting melody and riffs, but still with that chilling Black Metal aura. The MOTÖRHEAD cover was something that goes well along their own music and it is done very, very good I might add even up to the vocals. I like this band! Next is the Swedish horde of STYGGELSE and guess what? Yes, they are in a very similar vein to CURSE and that means to newer DARKTHRONE! And they also play very good, with very metallic riffs, and they shine playing mid tempo or fast, you cannot help but to move your head back and forth! Of course, that also means a big MOTÖRHEAD, VENOM and old BATHORY influence. Then to end this it is Swedish WAN. Although it is supposed to be in a similar style, I find them to be more raw, crude and lacking those “catchy” riffs the other two bands have. Maybe it is due to the quite noisy production. They do sound more like a Brazilian band with references to old SARCOFAGO or old SEPULTURA with some riffs reminding of early KREATOR or POSSESSED. Maybe a better production would have helped these guys, as they surely have some good riffs here and there. All these bands have already albums out so I find this split to be a good way to check them out. I am already looking for more from them!




Drei relativ unterschiedlich gelagerte Acts aus Island, Norwegen und Schweden haben sich auf "Necroholic" zusammengetan, um ihren derzeitigen Output im Verbund unters Volk zu mischen. Fragt sich allerdings: Macht es wirklich Sinn, eine poltrige Death-Metal-Combo, eine melodische Black-Metal-Kapelle und eine sehr puristische Old-School-Formation mit leichten CELTIC FROST-Tendenzen zu einem Paket zu schnüren, das womöglich nicht komplett die jeweiligen Zielgruppen anspricht? Tja, auf den Versuch kommt es an - und der ist über weite Strecken auch gelungen.


Den Auftakt macht CURSE aus Island, die sich sicherlich als MOTÖRHEAD-Variante im Todesblei-Zirkus betrachten. Dass man zum Abschluss eine ganz annehmbare Variante von 'Ace of Spades' einbaut, ist eines der vielen Indizien. Aber auch sonst sind die flotten, dreckigen Stücke eine etwas aggressivere Variante des Lemmy-Vermächtnisses und als solche auch wirklich ordentlich.


Das tatsächliche Highlight dieses Split-Releases ist allerdings der nachfolgende Beitrag von STYGGELSE. Die Norweger scheinen in den letzten Monaten den NECROPHOBIC-Katalog eingehend studiert zu haben, und präsentieren drei pfeilschnelle, aber doch epische Hymnen, die ihren Kollegen aus dem schwedischen Nachbarstaat auf Anhieb gefallen dürften - und deren Fans natürlich auch.


WAN hat daraufhin nicht mehr viel hinzuzusetzen. Der doomige Thrash-Sound, der sich irgendwo zwischen HELLHAMMER und CELTIC FROST einpendelt, mag zwar in Sachen Purismus auf "Necroholic" die Nase vorne haben, wirkliche Highlights sparen sich die Skandinavier aber. Und gerade im Vergleich zu den monumentalen Epen von STYGGELSE ist der qualitative und auch inhaltliche Kontrast schlichtweg zu stark, als dass man sich hier noch nachhaltig begeistern könnte.


In der Summe bleiben somit zwei Bands mit hörenswerten Ergüssen und eine eher durchschnittliche Lärmwelle zum Ende der Scheibe. Das mag reichen, um das Interesse für STYGGELSE und CURSE zu wecken, ist als Argument für eine komplette Investition aber vielleicht ein bisschen zu mager. Von daher: einfach mal streamen und selbst ein Bild machen!


Anspieltipps: CURSE - The Observer, STYGGELSE - Stay True To Satan For Eternity, STYGGELSE - No Team In I





This is a three way split between two Swedish bands and one Icelandic band. All well known within their own spheres. And with their own take on what black metal. CURSE are like cross between Motorhead and Darkthrone. This is very much the black’n’roll that when done wrong rubs me the wrong way in so many directions that it’s ridiculous. But this isn’t that bad at all. I find myself liking the simplicity of CURSE. STYGGELSE are more 80s sounding. More German in their approach. Still simple and to the point but with more of a thrashy feel to their black metal. WAN are more on the heavy side of things. There is some of the same feeling that latter day Satyricon has to the sound of WAN. This is much more black metal than the other two acts on this disc. But what all have in common is that they play it simple. There are no grand gestures to it. And there don’t need to be when it is done well.




Siempre me llamo la atención como el término “black metal” fue mutando en su concepción. Lo que en sus primitivos comienzos no era ni más ni menos que thrash mezclado con punk y algunas letras más o menos satánicas, luego, bueno, todos sabemos cómo fue cambiando.

Pues bien, este Split titulado “Necroholic” viene a poner las cosas en su lugar y retrotraernos a la vieja escuela del black, a sus comienzos, a sus raíces más profundas, a cuando aquella música no era ni siquiera llamada “black metal”.

Son tres las bandas que componen este disco, arrancando los islandeses Curse, con su black thrash fuertemente influenciados por Motorhead (de quien versionan “Ace of spades”) y una pizca de Slayer.

Los suecos Styggelse toman la posta y acá la cosa se pone más interesante, recordándome a sus paisanos Bewitched en su mezcla de heavy/thrash metal sucio y duro, y más allá en el tiempo, cuando no, a Venom.

Los también suecos WAN finalizan este split poniendo la faceta más pesada y menos thrasher de las tres bandas, situando su sonido en los primeros años de la década del ’90 y toda la movida blacker de aquellos tiempos.

Muy recomendable disco, y como siempre digo, en el underground está la verdad. Cuernos arriba para estas tres bandas que hacen lo suyo con sinceridad y convicción.




Каждый видел двухстволку, а кто-то может и палил из нее по бутылкам. Так вот - грех это. Надо было брать трехстволку. Как вот этот мощнейший диск — нордический сплит, который собрал сообразить на троих исландско-норвежскую и две шведские формации.

Легко представит себе, что происходит на этом компакте. Скандинавский северный ад. Мы и посмотрим как СЕЙЧАС идут дела в норск странах с самым черным металлом, который получил второе рождение именно в означенных местах, где северное сияние - это не коктейли водяры с шампанским, а атмосферное явление, которое бодрит электрическими разрядами, своей языческой разудалостью, да вообще тем, что, например, арктической длинномерной ночью вдруг становится чуть светлее. Но не на душе. К тому же когда вы включаете такой диск, мрак только сгущается. Really!

Curse ужасают окружающих с 1998 года (в этом составе), монструозно записали три альбома, останавливаться не желают, да уже и поздно... посмотрите только на их фотки, в буклете есть. Это просто безумцы. Сообразно этому и чертовы изыскания на ниве антимузыкального дестракта. Причем дуэт разборчив в средствах, например первый трак — адово быстрый тру блак, второй - мидтемповый коловорот - опасный и затягивающий, мутировавший в более шустрый блэк-угар, с внятными гитарами и намерениями. Потом попер неизмеримо олдовый хэви блэк, преисполненный угольной зависимостью, такой же черный и бесповоротный. Четвертый трак — роскошный кавер Ace of Spades великих Моториков — вполне аутентичный, ибо Моторхэд дали начало ВСЕМУ металлу и блак металлу тоже. Все исполнено максимально true & raw. То есть по настоящему - от темно-багровых сердца и печени.

А Styggelse как будто перенимают диавольскую эстафету, ибо их первый трак - это однозначный блэк панк, который олдскульно произрастает из плоти динозавров прошлого. Команда строгает с 2003 года и имеет на своем счету только два полноформата, зато прорву других произведений помельче. Снискала бешеное уважение в профильной среде и конечно же неустанно гастролирует по европе. Указанный блэк панк - это корни металлического движения — самого его отмороженной части, естественно. Профильные и судорожные напор, драйв взбалтывают окружающую среду, а также четверг и пятницу (особенно). Притягивающе на себя обращают внимание ударные. Они КАК СТУК ЕГО КОПЫТ, вбивают в эйфорию стаи поклонников и ужасают людей индифферентных, а запойные просто воспринимают сие действо как наступивший конец света. Черный творец сообразил поселить эту формацию в Гетенборге, сами понимаете для чего — чтобы уравновесить тонны гетеборгского мдм, который изливается невозбранно многие годы.

WAN также работает true & raw. Бескомпромиссно и удачливо поливая черной краской свое жилище. Три альбома за черными крыльями сверкают тьмой — ансамбль «мелодично» стальными сверлами бурит к центру земли, дабы найти второй философский камень БМ. Первый давно уже найден и нисколько не прячется от профильной публики — наоборот прописывается в блак-дисках, стремится к фэн-базе, растворяя как адова кислота все преграды, стоящие на пути. Очень по старорежимному работает эта банда, замыкая отличный сплит своим звериным упоением, властью над инфернальным звуком. Иногда замедляясь команда создает впечатление истинного парения над расплавленным свинцом. Любителям винила надо сказать, что они могут найти — двойной диск WAN, который включает на своих дорожкх два первых альбома. А пока вот оно — блэк металлический прыжок в прошлое, которое покажет будущее.

В итоге - очень знаковая работа истовых некроголиков - фанатиков блэк металла, которые не мыслят себя вне жанра, выжимают из него все бесовские эмоции, усердно возводят Highway to Hell. Это ...енный подарок металлистам Руси, да и не только...

Добавлю, что диск реализован Satanath Records совместно с двумя американскими конторами - Black Plague Records и The True Plague. 6-страничный буклет — инфернальный и труйный: черно-белый снаружи и черно-красно-белый внутри.





"Necroholic" è un divertente split ottantiano a tre band, edito da altrettante etichette (Black Plague, Satanath e The True Plague) e rilasciato ormai due anni fa. I norvegesi Curse e gli svedesi Styggelse e Wan sono i protagonisti di queste dodici tracce nostalgiche.


Il duo dei Curse è attivo addirittura dal 1995 (in origine col nome Thule) e i suoi membri sono apparsi sulle nostre pagine anche con i progetti Fortíð e Sarkom. I quattro pezzi proposti si muovono su coordinate black-thrash metal goduriose, come se un Lemmy incazzato cantasse nei Venom; non per nulla la prima parte di questa uscita si chiude con una cover energizzata di "Ace Of Spades" dei Motörhead. C'è spazio inoltre anche per frangenti più velenosi in "The Observer", in cui i Nostri alzano parzialmente il piede dall'acceleratore, e altri più fieri ("War Of One").


La porzione centrale della scaletta è occupata dal quintetto degli Styggelse, originario di Gothenburg, che dopo alcuni anni di gavetta è arrivato a pubblicare due album. Lo stile degli Svedesi è un black-thrash metal arrembante con toni heavy (si veda l'assolo contenuto in "Angel Bloodshed"), che durante "Stay True To Satan For Eternity" richiama il black'n'roll dei Whiskey Ritual, mentre la furiosa "No Team In I" rimanda alla violenza dei Kreator. Non per niente Destroyer 666, Darkthrone e Discharge appaiono fra le influenze citate sulla pagina Facebook. Curiosamente, ho percepito un distinto omaggio ai Judas Priest nell'incipit di batteria di "Angel Bloodshed", palesemente ispirato al celeberrimo assolo presente in "Painkiller".


Gli Wan sono una mia vecchia conoscenza, dato che vi avevo già parlato di loro a fine 2013, precisamente del loro secondo album "Enjoy The Filth". Le cose non sono cambiate per nulla nei due anni trascorsi fra quel disco e questo split. Il loro black-thrash metal rozzo è rivolto ai fanatici degli anni '80 più beceri e primordiali. Le atmosfere evocano i primi Bathory tanto per essere chiari, con una puntatina di Satyricon in "In Your Face" e qualche passaggio più oscuro ("I Brand" e "Faun").


"Necroholic" è un'opera schietta e divertente, senza alcuna pretesa né originalità e di facile ascolto. Non vuole prendervi in giro, né spacciarsi per altro da sé. Ascoltatela sulla pagina Bandcamp di Satanath Records per avere un'anteprima.