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A Thousand Sufferings are a band from Belgium that plays a mixture of black, doom, stoner and sludge metal and this is a review of their 2015 album "Burden" which was released by Satanath Records.

A very dark and atmospheric sounding drone starts off the album along with some spoken word parts and a touch of ambient and on the second track the music goes into more of a heavier stoner/sludge metal direction along with some grim black metal screams making their presence on the recording.

Most of the tracks are very long and epic in length and dark sounding melodies can also be heard at times in both the riffs and guitar leads and the music also adds in a touch of modern black metal in some parts of the songs and all of the songs stick to a very slow yet heavy musical direction that is also very heavily influenced by doom metal and all of the musical instruments have a very powerful sound to them and a couple of track brings in a brief use of clean singing and spoken words and some of the leads also bring in post metal elements and the last song also adds in a few seconds of blast beats.

A Thousand Sufferings plays a musical style that takes the vocals of black metal and mixes it with sludge, stoner and doom metal to create a sound of their own, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover dark and depressive themes along with all of the songs adding in names of colors.

In my opinion A Thousand Sufferings are a very great sounding mixture of black, sludge, doom and stoner metal and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band, RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Red Is Redemption (Bloodletting)" and "Blue Is...(Remembering Treasures)".



 And whop, Belgium strikes again. Is it the current political and social condition our country is in or is everybody simply starting to exorcise his demons in a crushing and brutal way? Is Belgium becoming the ultimate doom country? Perhaps, one day, there will be a documentary on doom metal and Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (The 'Aliens' guy for 'Ancient Aliens') will open his arms and say 'Belgians'. And why not, look at what this country spawned: Bathsheba, AmenRa, Insanity Reigns Supreme, Hemelbestormer and now A Thousand Sufferings.

Because damn, what a monster have they unleashed upon the world. Combining the groove of stoner doom with the bleak atmosphere (and vocals) of black metal, these guys delivered something primitive and deadly. In four songs, the first one being a great dark ambient intro, this quartet brings the listener back to the core of doom metal: thick riffs and utter desperation. Think Winter, think Voivod, think Yob, think old and stripped down My Dying Bride. Most of all, think punishing live performances in absolute darkness.

Apart from the intro, the songs on this album are massive pieces of blackened doom metal, at times almost ritualistic and hypnotic in nature. Although there is traditionally not very much variation in this genre, A Thousand Sufferings still managed to come up with highly immersive songs. Halfway through 'Lamentation', I am completely unaware of my surroundings, drenched in a delightful whirlpool of harsh doom metal. You better believe I love this stuff. It's like searching for a glimpse of light in impenetrable darkness

2016 is going to be an awesome year for the Belgian doom metal scene, with bands like this one leading the new generation to new levels. It's about time we get some of these bands together and have them conquer Europe. This stuff is way too good to be left in oblivion, and I'm not saying that out of patriotism (that would be a hilarious joke) but simply as a doom metal fan. So check it out, you just might find a new favorite band here...



Slow sludgey doom with tons of influences and atmosphere here folks.

A fantastic intro leads the listener into three gigantic tracks each over nine minutes in length, which can either mean one of two things; it gets turned off very quickly (due to boredom) or ones in for a hell of a journey.

Thankfully the latter is the case here. A Thousand Sufferings offer a style of doom that is somewhat diverse with heavier leanings towards the ‘funeral’ arena.

The vocals are of a decidedly dark and dramatic nature though never quite reach a growl status. For some reason I’m often reminded of Akercocke as well as in moments My Dying Bride.

A fantastic release that’s well worthy of laying down your cash for (in the above Bandcamp link). An album you can easily lose yourself in.



A Thousand Sufferings starten mit atmosphärischen Intro in ihre vier Songs beinhaltende EP.

A Thousand Sufferings stiefeln ungestüm durch jeden Song. Nebelige Atmosphäre gibt " Red Is Redemption (Bloodletting)" einen Hauch Mystik. Prägnanten Refrains, ausdrucksstarken Riffs auch bei "Black Is Burden (Lamentation)".Bei diesem Song kann man auch nicht mehr tun, als die niederwalzenden Sounds auf sich einwirken zu lassen und sich lässig zurückzulehnen. Die Musik ist meist ein mächtig cooler und mitreißender Cocktail aus Sludge, Stoner Rock und Doom. “ Blue Is… (Remembering Treasures)” zieht zum Ende hin noch mal alle Register und stellt mit seinem leicht psychedelischen Melodien und den präzisen und trockenen Riffs ein echtes Highlight dar.



Tijdens de maandelijkse petanque-bijeenkomst besloten enkele oudgedienden uit de Belgische black metalscène, waarvan VEX en Verloren al even Maarten gepijpt hebben, hun instrumenten onder het stof te halen om een aardig potje herrie te maken. Alhoewel je niet dadelijk wat aardigs mag verwachten van een band die zichzelf A Thousand Sufferings doopt. Een jaartje geleden wist drummer Timo me te vertellen dat zijn herrezen muzikale activiteiten heil zouden zoeken in het doom en sludge genre. Maar bloed gaat waar het niet kruipen kan en dus speelt A Thousand Sufferings toch eerder een smerige vorm van trage black metal. Of noem het die desbetreffende doominvloeden als je wilt. Na een lange intro vangt “Red is redemption (Bloodletting)” aan met een overheersende trage, maar ook meer “swingende” Satyricon vibe (vanaf halverwege het nummer), maar in plaats van anaal gebleekt en gewaxt klinkt het hier met veel haar op, keel rochelend en ronduit vuil. Waarvoor dank! Smeerpoes PJ mag hiervoor extra in de bloemetjes gezet worden, want zijn fel keelgeschreeuw klinkt pijnlijn, gaat door merg en been en doet me soms wat denken aan drugged Willy ten tijde Hell Militia. Nummer twee, “Black is burden (Lamentation)“, lokt nog zo een eerder vreemde vergelijking op. Het middenstuk deed me namelijk onmiddellijk denken aan “The gate of Nanna” van Beherit. Googlen maar jonkies! Maar A Thousand Sufferings mag zeker niet van plagiaat beschuldigd worden, daar het betreffende stukje gewoonweg beter en tevens sfeervoller wordt ingezet. Afsluiter “A thousand sufferings – Blue is… (Remembering treasures)” is de traagste van de drie lange en uitgesponnen songs, maar vervalt voor geen moment in een My Saaing Bride-moment. Ongeacht of A Thousand Sufferings al dan niet orgineel is, hoor je dit soort smerige trage black metal niet zo vaak. Het wordt met veel overtuiging gebracht en het Russische Satanath Records had het onmiddellijk in de gaten. De helft van het volgende album zou alvast geschreven zijn en daar kan ik alleen maar vol verroeste smart op wachten. Een goede start, heren!



En dépit d'une durée plutôt courte selon les critères actuels (un peu moins de 35 minutes), cette première parution du quartette belge A THOUSAND SUFFERINGS fait forte impression.

Une fois passée les trois minutes de l'introduction ambient et rampante « Once in A Blue Moon », on se trouve confronté à trois compositions imposantes. De par leur format tout d'abord, échelonné entre neuf et presque douze minutes. Et surtout de par le style forgé par A THOUSAND SUFFERINGS qui, pour faire honneur à son nom, semble avoir repris à son compte des éléments émanant de plusieurs styles musicaux différents – Doom Metal, Sludge, Black Metal – pour les fusionner en un inquiétant alliage.

Du Doom Metal, le groupe a repris la pesanteur rythmique, la lenteur des tempos. Du Sludge, nos amis apprécient le son sale et cru, les sonorités tordues et les ambiances boueuses. Du Black Metal, le vocaliste a repris les vocaux grinçants et impeccablement malsains. Le tout parfaitement équilibré pour un résultat dérangeant et oppressant. Cela dit, A THOUSAND SUFFERINGS sait doser ses excès et ne se vautre pas dans les démonstrations maximalistes d'extrémisme. Certes, les riffs sont hostiles et rêches mais des plans mélodiques de guitare solo viennent intelligemment éclairer ce sinistre paysage. Oui les tempos sont lents mais le batteur possède un savoir-faire tel qu'il anime parfaitement l'espace rythmique, échappant à la monotonie et impulsant une dynamique palpable. Assurément, les vocaux sont glaçants et déments mais ils sont suffisamment articulés pour ne pas sombrer dans la caricature ; au contraire, ce phrasé presque posé, combiné à un timbre de psychopathe, décuple l'effet recherché.

Qui plus est, A THOUSAND SUFFERINGS possède un réel savoir-faire en matière de compositions, comme le prouve la rythmique irrésistible et catchy de « Black Is Burden (Lamentation) » qui, après trois minutes d'exposé linéaire et impérial se brise sur une séquence d'une mélancolie poignante qui regagne progressivement en intensité et en menace. Magistral ! Et que dire du monumental « Blue Is... (Remembering Treasures) » qui s'ouvre sur des sonorités douces et étranges pour basculer dans une pure explosion de majesté à l'agonie qui, au gré de variations dosées à la perfection, atteint des sommets d'intensité.

A THOUSAND SUFFERINGS a fort bien réussi son coup, avec ce premier aperçu d'un Doom personnel, héritier dégénéré de Celtic Frost, de Runemagik, du Rock gothique le plus désespéré et du Black Metal le plus lancinant (songez au « Gate Of Nanna » de Beherit et vous ne serez pas loin de la vérité). En somme, je suis tout à fait partisan de subir un millier de souffrances de cet acabit de la part de A THOUSAND SUFFERINGS.



Μια ιδιαιτέρως ελπιδοφόρα κι ανερχόμενη μπάντα σχηματίστηκε στο Βέλγιο το 2013 υπό το όνομα A Thousand Sufferings, η οποία στα τέλη της περσινής χρονιάς κυκλοφόρησε τον ντεμπούτο δίσκο της υπό τον τίτλο Burden, ο οποίος τυγχάνει να έχει full length μορφή, καθώς περιέχει μόλις 4 κομμάτια συνολικής όμως διάρκειας 35 λεπτών, μέσω της Satanath Records.

 Λυρικά μακάβριο το artwork του χορταστικού Burden, που κολακεύει την σκοτεινή μουσική του, μιας και μαρτυρά τα black ηχοχρώματα και τον doom χαρακτήρα του, ενώ η αψεγάδιαστη του παραγωγή προσδίδει μια τραχιά old school αισθητική στον σκαιό ήχο του πρώτου πονήματος των A Thousand Sufferings, αναδεικνύοντας έτσι τις δηλητηριώδεις τους death αναθυμιάσεις.

 Brutal αρώματος καθαρά φωνητικά βουτηγμένα στο γρέζι εναλλάσσονται με βραχνά και σχιστά ουρλιαχτά στο Burden συμβάλλοντας έτσι σημαντικά στην ηχητική ποικιλία του, καθώς άλλοτε μαρτυρούν εύγλωττα τον epic doom χαρακτήρα του κι άλλοτε ζέχνουν death σαπίλα και δίνουν έτσι πρωτόγονα black χαρακτηριστικά στον σκληρό metal καμβά των A Thousand Sufferings.

 Στιβαρά ραπίσματα στο κουφάρι του Burden από τα δυναμικά ντραμς, τα οποία πλημμυρίζουν αρμονικά το σκαιό κι υπέρβαρο blackened doom σκαρί του με το ερεβώδες τους groove, ενώ το πνιγμένο στην αβυσσαλέα fuzz παραμόρφωση μπάσο των A Thousand Sufferings πασπαλίζει διακριτικά με σχεδόν ανεπαίσθητες stoner ψευδαισθήσεις το βαρύ κι ακραίο metal τους άρωμα.

 Πάνω στην αρχέγονη black υφή του Burden οι πολλά υποσχόμενοι A Thousand Sufferings χτίζουν αργόσυρτα και βαλτώδη riffs σε κλασσικό doom ύφος με τις κιθάρες τους, εδραιώνοντας έτσι το blackened doom υπόβαθρο τους, το οποίο επιτυχώς έχουν στολίσει με sludge ψήγματα και με ισχνές funeral πινελιές, που καθιστούν εξόχως απολαυστικό την death doom αύρα τους.

 Εν ολίγοις, θαρρώ ότι το παρθενικό άλμπουμ των A Thousand Sufferings, που καθιστά την extreme κι αρκούντως heavy ηχητική ταυτότητα τους μοναδική, μας παρουσιάζει το ταλέντο και το μεράκι τους για τον doom ήχο και τις black εκφάνσεις της metal μουσικής μες από τα βιαίως όμορφα κομμάτια του Burden, τα οποία υπόσχονται ανίερη blackened doom απόλαυση.



Na prvu ruku bio sam zbunjen A Thousand Sufferings-om. Očekivajući stoner-sludge bend projicirao sam svoja očekivanja te na prvu ruku nisam uopće uspio shvatiti punu širinu njihovog zvuka. Tek kada sam se predao priči, primjetio sam da je emocija i kvaliteta pjesama sasvim poznata svakom ljudskom biću.

Osjećao sam se i zamislio, kao povučen nevidljivom silom u drugu dimenziju, da se nalazim na vrištini – beskrajnoj vrištini, močvarnom polju kojemu se ne nazire kraj nikakav, a horizont je sakriven maglom. Vokal je poprimio oblik izmučenih duša i demona koji su izranjali iz astralnih polja u materijalni svijet. U trenutcima je nastajala iznimna tuga, prorokovanje užasa i krivnje koja dolazi, ali i otrovan glas koji je očaj miješao s krivnjom.

Uz ovakav nevjerojatan teatar zvukova shvatio sam još jednu vrlo bitnu kvalitetu benda – perfektni osjećaj izolacije. Iako je kod mene bila u pitanju vriština, nazire se ispod površine Bezdan i to potpuno u Nietzscheovskom smislu. U svakom slučaju, ovdje se radi o izvrsnom doomu koji koristi ono najbolje iz svog svijeta, iz svijeta black metala, a u to sve uvlači prljavštinu sludgea i nervozu proisteklu iz groovea.

Zasigurno, ovaj bend je napravio svojevrstan proboj u žanru. Miniskulan, ali dovoljan da se nastavi tim korakom i dovoljan da inspirira druge na stvore nešto na tragu takvog zvuka.

A Thousand Sufferings, belgijski kvartet je započeo stvarati svoju glazbu 2013. godine. i u kratkom vremenu svojeg postojanja, snimili su 3 pjesme spremne za izdavanje. Glazbeno, bend traži svoju inspiraciju u napuštenim poljima black metala, težini sludge-a i grooveu stoner rocka. Ne ograničavaju se na žanrove nego na pridjeve – prljavi, zlokobni i teški.


Belgian doomsters A Thousand Sufferings have got their new album, ‘Burden’, out now on Satanath Records. This is a label that keeps producing high quality material, and this is no different.

Opening with the creepy ‘Once in a Blue Moon’, fading in with a menacing spoken word and an ominous hum, you are left unprepared for the hefty riff that crashes upon you in ‘Bloodletting’. Something of a Triptykon-esque vibe rumbles throughout this monolith of doom. The vocals are even remiscient of Tom G Warrior, and the lumbering, tectonic riffs are a thing of granite beauty. When an almost psychedelic solo breaks through, you can sense a stoner influence briefly, before a nihilistic hammer blow returns.

‘Lamentation’ has got a serious Frostian groove to it, and the heaviness is drenched in this tar thick guitar tone which is simply brutal. There’s a mournful section in the middle that shows that A Thousand Sufferings have got a talent for both the loud and abrasive, and the emotive quiet sections. But it’s in the heavy that they are at their best. ‘Burden’ is a huge record, in both scope and in pure weighty riffs. There’s an overt, shimmering atmospheric black metal influence too, where doom riffs rumble under a glacial sky.

Closing with the gloomy finale, ‘Remembering Treasures’, with its odd vocal phrasing and Lovecraftian weirdness, ‘Burden’ is an impressive start to the doom records of 2016. Summoning Frostian nightmares to the surface of a blackened world, A Thousand Sufferings have laid down the gauntlet to this year’s doom legions. ‘Burden’ will be tough to beat this year.


Burden is the debut album from this doom metal four piece hailing from Belgium. While they fundamentally stand on the heavier end of trad-doom, they add touches of black metal and sludge in a moody, heavy yet still accessible album.

A dull ambient intro with typical horror samples plays up to the sort of stereotype one might expect from such an artist name and that rather terrible album cover, but these preconceptions get left behind soon after Bloodletting, the first of the three tracks proper, kicks in. A melodic doomy riff starts things off: sludgy with a hint of an eerie melody, but it’s the vocals that really grab you. PH snarls like Venom’s Cronos, a slow gruff bark up front in the mix, aggressively shouting pissed off lyrics over simplistic riffs that stomp along with a great headbang-able rhythm. The general guitar tone isn’t monolithic, but distorted and meaty enough for the doomy riffage. A slow trad-doom solo weaves along through the middle of the track and completes the eerie doomy vibe. They have a sound that’s both heavy yet accessible, and those aggressive vocals are perfect. The bass through the album isn’t as audible as it could be a lot of the time, but it’s the guitars that go about creating the moody atmosphere that Burden is all about so one doesn’t miss it’s lack of impact on the album like one would with a lot of doom. Lamentation is much more gloomy, the riffs dragging with a leaden weight rather than stomping along as in the previous track, the morose interlude with the sullen guitars drags the mood down further still, before the sludge returns with a great tremolo picked riff. The longest and final track Remembering Treasures also has great variety, showcasing sections of blastbeat fueled black metal, slow trad-doom riffs that wouldnt be out of place on Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, and filthy death-doom riffs that remind of the slower parts of the Autopsy ouvre over it’s twelve minute length.

Doom fans will find a lot to enjoy here, the simplistic riffs and gruff vocals work really well, but the gloomy atmosphere they weave is much more than the sum of it’s parts. But it’s accessible enough that it should appeal to most metal fans, whether you prefer Cathedral, Indian or Venom.


La storia del metal ci ha insegnato due modi per raggiungere sonorità “estreme”: l’infinitamente veloce e l’infinitamente lento. In barba al buon Nicke Andersson e alla sua teoria per cui “la band più veloce vince”, c’è anche chi non la pensa così e insegue il sacro verbo del doom, officiato su lidi differenti da Leif Edling e Lee Dorrian e direttamente derivativo di quei testi sacri marchiati a fuoco dal Sabba Nero.

Tra gli accoliti di simili sonorità annoveriamo i belgi A Thousand Sufferings e il loro debut ep “Burden”, uscito a fine 2015. Quattro i pezzi inclusi, tenuti insieme dalle vocals profonde e mefitiche di PJ e dalla passione della band per accordi aperti e timbriche inusuali, due elementi che riescono in qualche modo a far emergere il combo. L’impressione di essere dinanzi ad un concept è fortissima, ma al di là di tutto una track come “Red is redemption” è già sufficiente per capire che aria tira, con i suoi accordi tirati sino all’inverosimile; tuttavia, non aspettatevi polpettoni drone o simili, dato che la band ha in sé un senso della melodia che si fa strada pur all’interno di suite la cui durata che si aggira pericolosamente intorno ai dieci minuti di media spaventerebbe i più pavidi, mandando al contempo in visibilio i più temerari.

Inoltre, con questo “Burden” siamo dinanzi ad una formula non priva di una sua epicità, che ricorda molto da vicino il filone Ladlo, pur senza condividerne gli intenti avanguardistici. Esempio ne è la conclusiva “Blue is…”, le cui armonie si collocano a metà tra i Solitude Aeturnus (per la scelta del riffing) e i My Dying Bride (neanche a dirlo, per la presenza del violino). Ovviamente, largo spazio è lasciato alle atmosfere più cupe, ben rappresentate dal 4/4 di apertura di “Black is burden”, che ha l’inconsueto sapore della macabra processione e il cui incedere si fa poi nenia, sempre accompagnato da una linea vocale sospesa tra il Tom G. Warrior di “Monotheist” e il miglior Johan Edlund.

Se questo è il peso delle mille sofferenze del quartetto, non oso immaginare come potrà suonare un futuro debutto sulla lunga distanza…


This is the début album from Belgian Doom Metal band A Thousand Sufferings.

This is semi-blackened Doom with dark screaming shouts. The band succeed in creating sombre, down-beat moods that snare the listener in their barbed grasp.

The band have a similar feel and mood to that of Triptykon; like an updated Celtic Frost with added Doom and Black Metal atmospheres.

The riffs pile on top of each other, almost reaching wall-of-guitars proportions but offering more nuance than that style usually does. There’s some quite inventive and emotive ones on here too, adding to the overall dark feelings that they espouse.

A Thousand Sufferings understand the nature of this kind of music all too well, with negativity seeping out of the speakers in an occult way, seeming to feast on the souls of those drawn into this grim web of mystical invocations.

A very enjoyable slab of Doom Metal for fans of the darker side of life.


Big riffs and an almost story telling vibe dominate this EP by A Thousand Sufferings. A little rough around the edges perhaps but then again this hardly takes away anything as it feels natural to the style. One of the most impressively creepy intro tracks I’ve ever heard set the scene for three tracks of grinding, sludgy doom metal. Each given all the time in the world to let the riffage breathe. A good, moody listen and definitely a positive marker for even more impressive things to come.


Muitas vezes associamos a Doom Metal às sombras, melancolia, depressão, escuridão e afins. As tristes melodias também sempre estão associadas, porém nem sempre estes caminhos são seguidos. Há bandas que se utilizam de auras maléficas e conseguem fazer com que sua sonoridade, mesmo cadenciada, soe agressiva.

Afinal, os belgas do A Thousand Suffering só não imprimem velocidade e tristeza em suas composições. O Doom Metal praticado pelo quarteto bebe na raiz do estilo, mas se mescla com o Black Metal e soa como se fosse uma mensagem do mal da forma mais singela e branda possível.

Com uma produção vintage a banda não aposta muito em riffs ultra-pesados e sim no básico. O que dá realmente o peso são as linhas de baixo que, junto com a bateria forte, dão o ritmo cadenciado, porém intenso das músicas. Os vocais seguem uma linha rouca/rasgada e casa bem com a proposta.

Além de uma longa introdução (mais de três minutos), a banda não poupa no tempo das três faixas aqui contidas. Mas, as composições não soam cansativas e os arranjos são bem encaixados. A única ressalva é que as mesmas não empolgam tanto, porém estão longe de ser ruins. Sem destaques, afinal as músicas se completam.


Je zou het in eerste instantie aan de hand van de muziek niet zeggen, maar de band A Thousand Sufferings is eigenlijk ontsproten aan de rijke Belgische black metal scene. Een paar ervaren muzikanten uit de scene (ik noem bands als Vex, Xastur, Verloren) hebben hun instrumenten weer uit de wilgen geplukt om een nieuwe band uit de vruchtbare grond te stampen. De band is ontstaan in 2013, maar had nog even een serieuze terugval te verwerken met het plotselinge overlijden van beoogd zanger Tijl de Bock (de Nederlander kwam om bij een motorongeluk). Daarna wist de band in februari 2014 debuutalbum Burden op te nemen, dat uiteindelijk in december 2015 via Satanath Records het levenslicht zou zien.

Zowel bandnaam als albumtitel doen eerder aan doom dan aan black metal denken, en dat klopt dan ook. Maar dan wel doom met gitzwarte wortels uit zwart-metalen harten. Buiten het 'korte' - nog altijd goed voor drie minuten - intro Once in a Blue Moon krijgen we drie lange (rond de tien minuten) slepende tracks voorgeschoteld, die in het somberste der sferen past. Maar het klinkt me niet in de oren als klassieke doom, of doom die z'n oorsprong vindt in de death metal. Daar verraadt zich dus de oorsprong der muzikanten: het lijkt eerder of A Thousand Sufferings ultra-trage black metal speelt. Luister maar eens naar (het eerste stuk) van Black Is Burden (Lamentation), dat is nog vrij herkenbaar als black metal. Maar dan wel met een heerlijke doomy ondertoon.

Evengoed is dit dus muziek die aan die heerlijke doom-sfeer voldoet waar ik zo van hou: melancholiek, somber. Tegelijkertijd heeft het ook wel wat van het depressieve van black metal; hetgeen hier overigens prima bij elkaar past. De muziek zelf is dus behoorlijk trage metal, of in het geval van afsluiter Blue Is… (Remembering Treasures) zelfs ultra-traag. De black-doom is lekker rauw, met grove riffs en een grauwende stem die de teksten als het ware declameert. Juist die zang doet nog het meest aan black metal denken, maar past prima bij de grofkorrelige doom-klanken. Ook komt er af en toe eens een uptempo oprisping voorbij (zoals in de zojuist genoemde afsluiter), die de oorsprong der muzikanten benadrukt.

Moraal van dit verhaal: uiteindelijk doet het er niet toe wat voor labeltje je aan de muziek hangt, het gaat om de sfeer die het uitstraalt, en wat dat qua gevoel met je doet. Ik beleef Burden als een heerlijk smerige doom-plaat, die het beste (of slechtste?) qua sferen uit twee subgenres weet te halen.


'Burden' is the debut full length release by A Thousands Sufferings who are a relatively newly formed Belgium doom band. Underground Russian label Satanath records have released the record and their impressive roster of underground doom and black metal releases will be getting more attention from me following this discovery.

Opening track 'Once in a Blue Moon' uses a film sample which I found atmosphere invoking and well thought out which is rare with samples I find, so an effective intro. The main album is the 3 tracks around the 10 minute mark which follow - all in all a sludge/doom combination of consistent tempo and riffing. 'Red is Redemption (Bloodletting)' uses a very straight forward riff which recurs often, reminding me somehow of the Deftones with its melodic sense. The rhythm unit reminds me of British doom group the River with the guitar tone and movement. There is a change of direction into a more stoner territory halfway through the track, the record will undoubtedly appeal to stoner/doom/sludge fans as the group are clearly lifers to the cause. Vocals remind me kind of the latter day Darkthrone style, quite distinct and a classic disturbing feel to them. The song features a tapping guitar solo which I just think doesn't match the overall tone created by riffs and vocals. I feel there are a range of influences amalgamated with the doom metal template but nothing exactly memorable about the combined formula.The press release email described the band as blackened doom but I would have to go for sludge/doom being more descriptive.

'Black is Burden (Lamentation)' is the next track. I find the direction very similar to the previous track, standard doom influences with consistent tempo. There is something about the guitar tone which is used for the higher up the neck parts which I felt could have been captured a bit more effectively.

My favourite track on the release was the final 11 minute monster 'Blue is (Remebering Treasures)' which starts with some memorable effect induced guitar tones echoing around my flat sharply followed by a very imminent appearance of the vocals and rhythm members. Much more sincerity in the feeling and delivery of this track. There is a staggered kind of guitar riff which leads to a change of direction and once again I feel the guitar tone lets the impact down. The outro riff brought with it that inner strength you can source from true doom metal - an uplifting experience to close the release.

I've been listeningito a lot of doom and doom crossover bands of late such as Latvia's Frailty who I think are outstanding. This 'Burden' record is perfect for the doom/stoner fans for sure although some elements of the recording and composition I feel the band could have worked on a bit more, there is plenty of promise within the group. I will look out for future releases.


Burden album released on Satanath Records December 23 2015. My initial thoughts are, a thunderous and oppressive sound that could crash walls with sonic aggression. This is the bands debut and it delivers powerful riffs of heavy, destructive hymns from the outer realms. Some of the bands that come to my mind as I listen would be Celtic Frost, Neurosis and The Lumberjack Feedback. The band offers us four tracks with this release. They take the listener through long and menacing journeys. I would have to say the song the most stood out to me is "Red Is Redemption (Bloodletting)" I feel this track captures the essence of what the band is projecting with their sound and also enjoy the solos very much.

In conclusion, if you are looking for something dark, extreme and with enough low end to shake your walls, then look no further and add this release to your collection.


Gritty, heavy and purely filthy among others are some words that can be used to describe A Thousand Sufferings’ release Burden. Although the main focus is doom, hints of devastating black metal can be found as well. Burden weaves plenty of paths for you as they take you through melancholic fields and brimstone lined corridors of hate as well. There are plenty of twists and turns within this release, but one thin remains constant and that is the fact that Burden is terribly heavy.

Through four long and all powerful songs you become encompassed in an abyssal glaze of doom laden blackened fury. I don’t mean fury as in this release is completely blistering and face melting, I mean it is furious in the fact that it is bone crumbling heavy, and once it is over you breathe a sigh of relief.

Each song on Burden is low and slow which of course are signature traits of doom, but at the same time there is an accent that is completely in the range of black metal. Overall the sound is that of abysmal doom, but this release is soaked in black metal overtones that gives it a raw and completely punishing sound.

Burden gives you enough to chew on and each song is long enough to poison your mind with its poison fog, but each song as long as they are they do not overstay their welcome. They come in, invade your mind and leave without you being any wiser as to why you feel disheartened and defeated.

Through each of the four songs you get powerful and gritty riffs supplemented by thick and fuzzed out bass lines, solid drum rhythms and haunting yet harsh vocals. The overall sound is harsh and accosting, like a slow torture taking place but instead of causing bodily harm this causing a healthy dose of mental harm.

This is a release for any doom fan and for that matter any black metal fan. A Thousand Sufferings does a good job of mixing both genres together to create something that provides an atmosphere that is bleak and ultimately heavy.


Das erste konservierte Lebenszeichen dieser Doomheads aus Belgien ist gleich ein Longplayer. Darauf befinden sich vier Tracks, die außer dem zu Intro um die zehn Minuten Spielzeit aufweisen. A Thousand Sufferings spielen zwar klassischen Doom, schauen dabei aber gerne etwas weiter. So dürfen sich auch Freunde Sludge und vielleicht auch Alternative angesprochen fühlen. Die Vocals zeigen sich recht flexibel. Zunächst sind es noch uncleane, mittelhelle Shoutings, die im Sprechgesang von "Lamentation" schon wesentlich tiefer werden, und im abschließenden "Remembering Treasures" zwischen melancholisch zart bis knusprig gegrowlt reichen. So wirkliche Harmonien kommen eher von den Gitarren, die von ihrem fragilen Klang her auch Sludge kennen und cool solieren können. Zu schleppend oder zu finster gehen sie nicht voran, können aber sehr wohl Doomstimmungen verbreiten. Langweilig wird es keinesfalls, das sei versichert!


Considered blackened doom, these Belgians also enjoy their grooves and moments of stoner rock as well, adding up to a performance that is certainly uncommon for the blackened doom genre. But you want to know what it really sounds like? Well, if you liked Celtic Frost's Monotheist and the Tryptikon work as of recent, then you're really going to find something here and I don't mean maybe. It has that stoner-doom feel, but with a definite black metal tinge that just goes perfectly with with the goblin bark of the frontman. Keeping that in mind, we also get some classic rock style solos (while still keeping that blackened groove intact, mind you) which might seem a bit out of place in other genres, but seem to work here. It just feels natural and fans of this stuff will want it in their collection from the first listen. “Bloodletting” opens it with a thick approach more common to what I just mentioned, while “Lamentation” adds a little bit of atmosphere to deviate things up a bit before traversing familiar territory. “Remembering Treasures” is where it all ends, but offers us an expected dose of what in the background almost feels like My Dying Bride style doom, complete with a vocal style that feels much different from what we've been hearing. It's a nice change of pace, as I was worried that this type of band could end up in a sort of derivative rut that makes them nothing more than a Triptykon clone. Fortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case and although admittedly rough in some areas, this is a step in the right direction. I wouldn't mind hearing more from these guys in the future.


Online magazine review: http://www.realgonerocks.com/2016/04/a-thousand-sufferings-burden/

Coming to us from the Russian label of Satanath Records, this album is the first from the Belgian quartet of A Thousand Sufferings.  Not letting that hamper their ambitions any, they've put together a solid concept to the album, one which deals in tying colors to emotional states.

To start things off, there's the intro track "Once in a Blue Moon", providing a few minutes of sonic warm-up to slide listeners into the right mood by way of distorted spoken-word and subtle atmospherics.  Once the moodiness is set, the stability crumbles into rasp-edged blackened doom, with carefully raw production helping the bash of drums, saw-toothed guitar, and harsh vocals take things over in "Red Is Redemption (Bloodletting)".  Picking their way through snarling griminess as well as more melodic sections, the group establishes their sound while making clear that they'll continue to change and rework it for the rest of the album.

"Black Is Burden (Lamentation)" carries on from the aching end of "Bloodletting", bringing up the traditional doom levels while speeding up the beats, and integrating black metal tremolo in the second half.  Lastly, the album's longest song, "Blue Is… (Remembering Treasures)" takes a thunderous path through misery and desolation to reach its finale.  Shifting like a slow kaleidoscope through the facets of their musical blend, ATS conclude the album with a well-done summation, and exit the album on a high note.  Fans of blackened doom, be sure to check this band out, and keep an ear tuned for further releases (they've already got a new live track recorded, so hopefully an EP or something similar isn't too far off).  You can pick up the CD at Satanath Records' BandCamp, or get the digital version (or a T-shirt, or tank-top) over at the band's BandCamp.


Con un po’ di ritardo rispetto all’uscita prendiamo oggi in esame Burden dei belgi A Thousand Sufferings, band che giunge all’esordio dopo una storia iniziata solo da pochi anni.

I musicisti provengono per lo più dalla scena black metal del loro paese, per cui tale retaggio va a fondersi con il doom andando a creare una sulfurea miscela in grado di emanare vapori plumbei e spesso depressivi.

Se di sludge si può parlare, non è certo nei termini classici del genere: qui tutti sommato il riffing appare meno insistito nelle sue distorsioni, lasciando che il sound si palesi più asciutto e, talvolta, di matrice quasi dark.

Il lavoro è relativamente breve, fatto come è di tre brani di circa 10 minuti ciascuno (più intro) e l’intensità non viene mai meno rendendo questa prima prova degli A Thousand Sufferings decisamente riuscita; in particolare, ottima la corrosiva Red is redemption (bloodletting) e molto avvolgente la più dark Black is burden (lamentation), mentre sono mortiferi i rallentamenti doom in Blue is… (remembering treasures).

Non si può negare, d’altro canto, che anche in questo settore per riuscire ad emergere non è più sufficiente comporre “solo” buoni dischi, pena il rischio di restare perennemente invischiati nella massa indistinta di band valide ma prive delle stimmate del campione.

Con tutto ciò, nulla si vuol togliere a questi ragazzi belgi, i quali si meritano un buon voto, alla luce di un’interpretazione convincente di uno sludge/black/doom che, nel loro caso, pare avere ancora dei discreti margini di manovra.


A Thousand Sufferings hail from Sint-Amands, close to Ghent (Belgium), and the band was formed in 2013 by former members of Vex and others. After some first gigs, (Dutch) co-founding member and singer Tijl died in an accident (thirty-six years of age, way too young), so that is why this first official A Thousand Sufferings release is, evidently, dedicated to this guy.

Anyway, drummer Timo, vocalist / guitarist PJ, bass player Nico and (new) guitar player Jurgen did record Burden, their first album, in very early 2014, but it has been released only quite recently via Satanath Records. It’s not the first Belgian band on this Russian label’s roster (or side-label Symbol Of Domination Productions) – cf. Ancient Moon, Angakok, Scum Noise, Zardens and Vox Impia. And FYI, quite some guitar parts have been performed by Noctiz, known from e.g. Paragon Impure and Lugubrum, ex-Gotmoor / Dead Inside / Verloren.

Burden is a four-track album that contains three very lengthy pieces (in between nine and twelve minutes of length) and a shorter introduction, Once In A Blue Moon. This three-minute intro is quite a bizarre thing to experience, for it’s based on a vocal sample (a voice telling about fear) as guidance, accompanied by some sounds like eerie synth lines, bells, sudden drums and haunting noises.

The three other compositions bring a quite unique, own-faced form of Doom. Apart is the voice of PJ, which isn’t a grunt, nor a melodic yelling throat, but something in between. The tortured rawness of his voice, however, corresponds well with the wretched atmosphere of A Thousand Sufferings’ Doom. It’s almost invocative. The songs are very melodious, but structurally based on dissonance and anti-structures. In general, these melodies are quite heavy-paced, which gets strengthened by the powerful rhythm section (low-tuned bass lines, pounding guitar riffs and pushing drums). Actually, there surely is a prominent sludgy attitude riff-wise, yet A Thousand Sufferings do not perform Sludge; let’s be sure about that. Several twin guitar melodies show the craftsmanship of the song writers. The guitar solos are of the purest Doom kind, exhaling both melancholy and inner anger.

Every single track is quite impressive: Red Is Redemption (Bloodletting) for the melancholy and mysticism, Black Is Burden (Lamentation) for its oppressive darkness, and Blue Is… (Remembering Treasures) for the huge variety and great contrasts, as well as the truly grim blackened scream towards the end (a detail, but it arouses me). But above all, there is such a cohesive thing going on, which I cannot ignore. A Thousand Sufferings are not the most renewing band at all, but this isn’t but their debut, and they do distinct themselves from the grey masses with grandeur.

I’d like to recommend you to read the lyrics, for these ones too are not that predictable at all. Okay, it’s not like fabulous poetry, but they are amazingly personal and to-the-point. Belief and deception, religion and disappointment apparently left a mark on PJ’s soul (I think it’s him who wrote the texts).

There are some minor details that need some panache, but I do look out for the next creation. If the trend continues this way, A Thousand Sufferings are about to climb on the throne of the over-crowded Doom scene. I think they can. I hope they will. I’m sure they deserve it.



Mentre il 2016 si avvia verso la fine, siamo ancora in tempo per tornare un po' indietro verso qualche uscita che ci eravamo persi sul finire del 2015. Ci dirigiamo in Belgio per accogliere il lavoro di debutto di un quartetto che mette in chiaro le cose già a partire dal nome: A Thousand Sufferings. "Burden" ha avuto una lunga gestazione nell'arco del 2014, fino a trovare un canale per l'uscita ufficiale attraverso l'etichetta russa Satanath Records.


Non è la prima volta che questi ultimi si imbattono in sonorità simili provenienti dal Belgio, come abbiamo visto anche su Aristocrazia con i notevoli Angakok, anche se stavolta i punti di riferimento sembrano un po' diversi. La copertina, opera del duo di artisti noto come Rotten Fantom, è il risultato di uno stato di trance mistica e un tentativo di costruire un ponte tra il mondo umano e quelli animale e vegetale (che non sono altro che la stessa cosa, in ultima analisi). La cupezza dei colori e il contrasto bicromatico sono un buon biglietto da visita di ciò che ascolteremo nel disco vero e proprio.


La traccia d'apertura è una strumentale composta dallo svedese Simon Kölle (non nuovo a collaborazioni con progetti vicini al metal), che apre le danze al trittico di canzoni che compogono "Burden". Con "Red Is Redemption (Bloodletting)" possiamo già notare due cose molto evidenti: innanzitutto gli A Thousand Sufferings amano i titoli con un sottotitolo tra parentesi, ma soprattutto i quattro devono aver ascoltato tantissimo Thomas G. Fischer in salsa tardi Celtic Frost/Triptykon, fino a rendere proprio quel modo marcissimo e oscuro di intendere il doom metal.


I tre brani sono delle torture di dieci minuti circa ciascuna, in cui gli sparuti lead di chitarra elettrica sembrano essere l'unico appiglio a qualcosa di concreto, mentre tutto intorno ciò che ci circonda collassa e la demoniaca voce di PJ annuncia la fine di un mondo in "Blue Is... (Remembering Treasures)". I riff sono molto pesanti e contribuiscono a proseguire il lavoro claustrofobico del concept generale, anche se il disco stranamente finisce dopo solo tre brani completi e forse il quartetto avrebbe potuto aggiungere qualcosa, magari per spezzare tra un pezzo e l'altro.


Il disco tuttavia non risulta incompleto ed è un lavoro di interesse, specialmente se questa frangia del doom metal vi attira, o anche se volete semplicemente continuare a scoprire questo Belgio sofferente che prosegue a sfornare progetti neri e devastati. A noi va benissimo così, se i risultati si mantengono su questi livelli qualitativi.




As 2016 is almost drawing to a close, we still have some time to go back and rediscover some releases that we might have missed out from 2015 as well. Let's fly to Belgium in order to welcome the debut effort by a quartet that made a clear statement in their name already: A Thousand Sufferings. They have worked on "Burden" throughout 2014, until they found an official release channel in the Russian label Satanath Records.


This was not the first time that the latter crossed paths with Belgian bands in this field, as we also saw on Aristocrazia Webzine with the notable Angakok, although this time it seems the main references are a bit different. The cover artwork — created by an artist duo known as Rotten Fantom — is the result of some sort of mystical trance and an attempt at building a connection between the human world and the natural world (that are ultimately part of the same thing). The grim contrast between the two colors makes a perfect introduction to what we will listen to in the record itself.


The opener is an instrumental track created by the Swedish composer Simon Kölle (it wasn't the first time for him to work on metal-oriented projects), lifting the curtain on the triptych of songs constituting "Burden". In "Red Is Redemption (Bloodletting)" we can already notice two aspects: first of all, A Thousand Sufferings love titles with sub-titles in brackets, but especially they must have listened to a lot of Thomas G. Fischer's latest works as Celtic Frost and with Triptykon, so much so that they seem to have come up with a personal version of that style.


The three tracks are basically ten-minute long tortures, where the relatively rare guitar leads appear to be the only possible connection to something tangible, as everything around collapses and PJ's demonic voice announces the end of the world in "Blue Is... (Remembering Treasures)". All riffs are very heavy and contribute to strengthening the general feeling of claustrophobia of this record, although the latter quite surprisingly finishes after "just" three full songs and maybe the quartet could have added something else as well, perhaps in between tracks.


Nevertheless, the album does not feel incomplete and it is a notable release, especially for people who enjoy this particular branch of doom metal, or even if you simply want to keep on exploring this emerging troubled face of Belgium's metal music. If the general quality of the records coming out of there stays this solid, this is perfectly fine for us.





„Starke Musik erfordert einen starken Namen“ – Soviel Selbstbewusstsein muss man erstmal als Band haben. Aber sie haben recht. Das hier vorliegende durchaus gelungene Debüt ist ein starker Bastard aus Black-Metal und klassisch düsterem Doom geworden. Es wurde professionell produziert, die Instrumente werden beherrscht und zu den schweren Bässen passt die rauhe krächzende Stimme sehr gut.


Im Gründungsjahr 2013 gab es leider einen Schicksalsschlag, denn sie verloren ihren holländischen Sänger Tijl bei einem Motorradunfall. Die Band wurde nicht auf Eis gelegt, es sollte in seinem Sinne weitergehen und so erschien diese auf 500 Kopien limitierte CD im Dezember 2015 endlich als Debüt. Die Mitglieder haben allesamt schon Banderfahrungen, das Line-Up ist nun fest und das merkt man auch.

Die harmonischen Songs sind im Schnitt zehn Minuten lang, werden allerdings durch ihre hohe Intensität und die dunkelschweren Bässe keineswegs langweilig. Mein Favorit zum Reinhören: Song Nr. 4 „Blue is…“

Fazit: Dunkelschöner schwarzer Doom für Fans, die diese Mischung spannend finden. Die Jungs schreiben schon an neuen Songs und man darf gespannt sein, was da noch kommen mag. Den Coverartkünstlern von „Rotten Fantom“ aus St. Petersburg sollte man dann unbedingt treu bleiben – eine wunderbare Symbiose!



This Belgian foursome collectively known as A Thousand Sufferings play some of the most bizarre and depressing doom/sludge metal in the world.

First of, the vocals are rough but can be understood when they’re not growled out like a demon in heat. The bizarre and weird-sounding intro on opening track “Once In A Blue Moon” creates feelings of suspense, darkness, as if someone is condemned to the gallows.

“Burden” does create such illicit moments of sickening atmospheres, where it is hard to even distinguish the band’s subtle musical changes. From the more somber moments to the headbanging rhythmic variations of the four songs here, it’s an EP, which is sure to give nightmares to even a strong-willed listener of extreme metal.

The doom elements here bring to mind the blisteringly savage passages from the likes of Winter, early Paradise Lost mixed in with The Obsessed.

A noteworthy aspect here is that these guys do not sound like anyone within the doom/sludge metal genres, as they’ve a strange and grey style of their own. “Burden” is packed with tons of depressive moments, and it is sure to create heaps of apprehension within the listener’s mind. It’s the fear of the unknown, which this four song EP creates, but done with some killer nuances of eerie guitar rhythms and funeral-laden drum beats thrown in between their odd song arrangements. Easily, one of the most miserable-sounding records of our time…



What’s something that’s familiar to me? Black metal. Love it, know it, and listen to it all the time. Another thing? Doom metal. Crushing, slow, and awesome. I’ve immersed myself in those two styles of metal, but I’ve honestly never seen a band try to mold the two together to great something really different. A Thousand Sufferings has done just that with their debut album “Burden”. Truly a different style, these guys may just be the start of a wave of metal that if it’s started already then I will fully support it because this is the absolute shit!

I’m a firm believer of “less is more” and “Burden” only makes me believe in that even more. There are only four tracks off of this debut, but with doom metal being what it is the album clocks over 30 minutes with three of the four tracks reaching well over nine minutes all three times. The only thing I don’t like about “Burden” is that the first track seems like it’s merely set up for the rest of the record, and to me that’s just a three minute period of nothing important, but other than that I can honestly say that nothing else was wrong with “Burden” thankfully. The vocals were where the black metal really came in as they were very harsh and somehow fit amazingly well with the grinding guitars and the pounding bass that both had an excellent sense of timing when it came to sounding the sound of pure heaviness, or even to give you a more ethereal feel to the music with a more atmospheric. And don’t think the drums are lacking in any way because they are as awesome as they could be with each beat bringing a new pulse of heaviness that I personally cannot help but give a thumb up in approval. And by the end of the experience, I can only say that the one thing I thought was “more”. I cannot begin to think of what an album would say when they pull off everything perfectly, because even this record is something that you’re going to have to sit down for since it packs one hell of a punch. It is the perfect mix of black and doom metal by combining a raw nature and a crushing presence with a slower tempo; the best of both worlds.

As I said, “Burden” is just a magnificent debut. It is a wonderful combination of black and doom metal the likes of which I’ve never thought to imagine and I’m sure that’s the same for many other fans of those two. If you like those two I can’t recommend this enough, and if you don’t then I still implore you to check out “Burden”. As my grandmother always said, “it’ll knock you’re fucking socks off”.




A Thousand Sufferings is a four piece band from Sint-Amands, Belgium who formed in 2013.  A Thousand Sufferings play a killer style of music that incorporates elements of black metal, doom, and sludge within their sound.  Musically, A Thousand Sufferings can be loosely compared to bands such as Thou, Alter Of Plagues, Mutilation Rites, and Liturgy.  Burden is the band's latest four song EP, which was released via Satanath records on January 18th, 2016.  On Burden, A Thousand Sufferings offer up four tracks of sinister and heavy as fuck sounding black metal, doom, and sludge.  Overall, Burden is a killer EP.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!



A thousand Sufferings es una banda de True Doom, sus riffs lentos son de la vieja escuela, hay mucho de Black Sabbath y Candlemass en su música, y también de las bandas de true doom suecas de los primeros noventa. Solo que le dan una capa de barniz y suenan con mayor distorsión evolucionando hacia el sludge y con algo de post rock en su música, aunque en esta faceta no destacan. El doom metal usa, por lo general, los mismos instrumentos de los demás géneros que derivan del guitarra, bajo, batería  Las bandas más tradicionales generalmente usan un sólo guitarrista, que hace las labores de líder y ritmo al mismo tiempo. Los otros subgéneros usan dos guitarristas para dar más poder a su música, aunque no siempre es así. Sin embargo, son muchas las bandas (en general las más extremas) que intercalan el uso de teclados, así como elementos sinfónicos como flautas, violines y arpas. Además son muchas las bandas que añaden sonidos generados por sintetizadores, últimamente en las bandas de drone/doom. Estas, además, generalmente prescinden del uso de la batería por sus tempos largos y densos.

 La lírica es uno de los aspectos más cuidados en el doom metal, sobre todo si se trata de las bandas con influencias del death metal. Históricamente son nihilistas, incluyendo temas como: perdición, ocultismo, depresión, horror, terror, miedo, dolor, muerte, mitología, odio, amor y simbolismo religioso. Todos estos temas comúnmente son comunicados de forma poética y profunda. Este aspecto con respecto a los temas tratados en las canciones de doom metal se presentan en la mayoría de las bandas independientemente del tipo de doom metal que toquen; de esto excluimos el stoner y el sludge metal por el hecho de que las bandas de sludge metal  prefieren temáticas sociales aunque conservando el eje de las luchas internas de los individuos, mientras que las de stoner metal  hablan por lo general de experiencias psicodélicas, drogas y alcohol . Sin embargo, todos estos son aspectos que van variando dependiendo del estilo de cada banda al crear doom metal.

 Los vocalistas del doom metal más tradicional privilegian las voces limpias , que llevan un timbre de desesperación y dolor. Por su parte, los vocalistas del doom metal épico cantan con una voz operática. Finalmente las bandas de doom metal con influencias extremas privilegian las voces guturales si éstas vienen del  death metal  mezclándolas con "palabras habladas", los gritos raspados si éstas vienen del  hardcore Por supuesto, existen bandas experimentales en cuanto a las voces que tratan de ocupar la mayor cantidad, incluyendo el barítono del rock gótico.



With a relatively long EP, crossing the 30 minutes mark with only 4 tracks, the Belgian Doom Metal quartet present their first studio impressions, which I must say, hasn’t lived up to all my expectations. After the intro track ‘Once In A Blue Moon’, an initially eerie narrative that eventually becomes a bit boring after its second minute, ‘Red Is Redemption (Bloodletting)’ rises mildly in its heavily distorted and down tuned guitars. The song is actually really well arranged, and the vocals are as intense as to share its great disgust and contempt to the listener, but the song itself stretches for far too long in the same crawling-like pace, lacking somehow any attempt to make something more out of its long duration. Subsequently, ‘Black Is Burden (Lamentation)’ follows on the same path of long and bland riffs, however, with the addition of more interesting arrangements and melodies that sustain the now afflicted vocalizations. Carrying some sort of Black Metal influence in this song, especially in its guitar tones, the band still keeps with its doomish atmosphere, and at times deliver a way heavier and uncompromised version of the same despairing Doom ANATHEMA once stood for in their early days, as noticed in the long bridge in the very middle of the song. Nonetheless, the bothersome feeling is still there, and despite the incredibly consistent heaviness of the whole album, it wasn’t necessarily any engaging. Finally, ‘Blue Is…(Remembering Treasures)’ retells the story abovementioned, dragging the listener through another 11 minutes of slow and drab distorted music laments. But overall, A THOUSAND SUFFERINGS seems to be a band that intentionally sets up to create simple structures and delivers them in if not the slowest, at least the heaviest way possible. They come with interesting vocal ideas, but still lack any additional detail that would make them stand out among the crowd of bands trying to achieve the bleakest in terms of atmosphere.



Специально для тех меломанов, кто соскучился по думу, сладжу и стоунеру, лейбл Satanath Records выпустил бельгийскую команду A Thousand Sufferings. Это первый полноформат группировки, тем паче нам стоит ждать серьезной работы и не заштампованных изысков. К слову, замечу, что здесь собрались музыканты, которые уже успели поиграть в иных группах, попробовали себя в таком виде творчества. Соответственно, все идеи, которые проросли в их мозгах (неплохо сказано? Прямо по фюнералу)) ) они решили довезти до слушателя в специальных таких черных машинах (зачеркнуто) песнях, которые и записали на этом диске.

Кстати, я и так догадался, что здесь сладжем попахивает - по обложке. Сами посмотрите. Однако не все так просто в этом бельгийском королевстве, участники группы заявляют, что они себя не ограничивают, и черпают идеи, там где придется, начиная от блака, и заканчивая стоунер роком, не говоря уж о том, что расположилось посередине указанных жанров. Так что, надо бы приуготовиться, одеть на всякий случай противогаз, и... - вперед!

Из странностей и совпадений... Буквально 3 часа назад от конторы Moscow Funeral League пришла инфа, что они собираются выпустить бельгийскую группу Marche Funebre. НО 25 марта 17-го года A Thousand Sufferings выступит с ними в одном концерте.

A Thousand Sufferings с самого начала повествования пробуждает где-то посередине грудины такое неприятное чувство — физической опасности, недоговоренного ужаса. По-моему это уже половина успеха для профильной группы. 2. Авангард в блак-дум-стоунере - это такая вещь, для которой и требуется противогаз, о котором я предупреждал ранее.

Как бы для того, чтобы слушатель был введен в курс дела, для того существует трак 1, эмбиентальный с пророчествующим голосом. Но это все мелочи, ибо апокалипсис впереди. Низкочастотный армагеддон начинает сканировать местность в поисках живого, а вокал продолжает витийствовать, но его предсказания уже совершено понятны и прозрачны. Спасения не будет. А низкочастотные будто бы стоунеровские гитары вполне ощутимо роют грунт, перекапывают его в поисках дефицитного «доброго и вечного». Ибо в их отсутствии туда будет прикопано все остальное. Кстати, вокал здесь чистый, хотя и одержимый, напряженный и выруливающий в самый настоящий сумасшедший дом. Почти стоунерно это, и все очень богато обставлено, по думовому креативно, с мрачными переливающимися соляками гитары, красивыми и струящимися.

Далее следуют компо по десять минут, в течение которых авторы душу вынимают их слушателей, и медленно, как и полагается, наматывают ее на виртуальную думовую ось. Очень яркими предстают такие куски, когда три компонента, вокал, ритм-гитара и ударные работают в унисон, тогда и кажется что никакого спасения и не предвидится. Вот такой прогноз ...вый.

В траке 3 благостные с точки зрения думстера, движи смещаются в сторону с центра внимания, и наступает деятельный разбаланс, в котором я и вижу авангард этого диска. Для начала там впилен кусок «стоунер-треша», параноидального и как бы поливающего соляркой грунт, где неминуемо возникают думовые поросли, - все это осенено тем же чистым безумным вокалом, который придает сему действу реальную шизофрению. А как же!

Там же, где-то в середине трака 3 заложена думовая бомба, и вокал туда приплетен в виде фитиля, но уже зловещий, какой испугает даже при свете дня, драматический, искрящий паранормальным явлением. Да уж, будем честны, вокалист здесь, на данном реальном диске A Thousand Sufferings — это чистый брильянт, по внушительности и эмоциональности. Сразу скажу, что на этом компакте он дойдет в своем распаде и до харша — впечатляющее зрелище.

А там еще трак 4 - самый длинный, бешеный и наверно самый думовый, тем не менее, богатый на смены темпа и настроений.




J'ai une manie, un genre d'hallux valgus de l'esprit, qui n'est plus à diagnostiquer depuis beau temps : devant chaque disque dont je dois rendre compte, il faut que je formule l'endroit où le ranger. Vous en pensez ce que vous voudrez : l'essentiel comme on dit est le chemin parcouru (oui, ça marche ici aussi).


Avec A Thousand Sufferings, c'est très vite vu, merci à eux de me soulager promptement de cette souffrance ordinaire. Pour le détail, c'est : les trucs cavernicoles et virils ; Anguish et Cathedral, au cas où vous ne situeriez pas. Et comme chaque fois, cela ne suffit pas à les définir, ce n'est pas fait pour d'ailleurs : c'est le point de départ pour mieux disserter sur ce qu'ils ont d'unique, avec une subtilité d'autant plus savoureuse que le style pratiqué n'est pas supposé l'être pour le touriste - c'est bien en quoi la dégustation de doom procure le même type de satisfaction, du palais et de l'ego, que celle de scotch : pourvoir en riches heures de tastevinerie les fiers drilles dont la vigueur leur permettra de passer sans y perdre toute sensibilité des papilles outre les rudes abords de certaines potions trapues ; et accéder aux ensorcelantes subtilités qui arpentent la steppe au-delà...


Concernant Burden - pour cesser de divaguer à travers champs - on parle donc d'un genre de heavy metal des landes brumeuses, qui vous donnerait presque envie d'y entendre du black metal - si ce n'était que ses aboiements - on pense ce disant aux riffs autant qu'aux parties vocales, de toute évidence - n'avaient l'air d'être poussé par des cailloux, et d'une robustesse telle que même les vents sauvages parcourant sans relâche ni merci cette infernale et impitoyable nuit d'hiver où ils sortent chasser, n'arrivent pas à les disperser ou à les égarer dans leur fièvre tournoyante, et que Burden demeure, qu'il tonne ou qu'il grêle, cette longue mélopée d'une folie maussade et imprécatrice qui est peut-être le pire des prédateurs rôdant dans ce petit et roboratif conte hanté ; le péril se nichant autant dans les rigueurs dont on l'entend capable à chaque méprisante et dure inflexion, que dans la lente et continue érosion de la santé mentale dont elle est l'agent ; là encore, on pense autant à la voix qu'à ces riffs noirâtres ; l'une aussi remarquable que les autres, par la flétrissure qu'ils infligent, et ce qu'ils apportent de palpable, voire soupesable, à la malédiction.


On finit (je le signale à seule fin que vous ne m'en veniez pas rebattre les oreilles sur l'air du petit malin) par penser à Celtic Frost... mais alors un Celtic Frost très sévèrement dégraissé, nippé de tons uniquement ternes et austères, dur comme le fer noir, âpre comme pas deux - ou alors comme le mi-chemin, perdu quelque part sous la Lune cruelle, de Neurosis et Night Gaunt -, débarrassé de tout vernis hair-metal (mais si, vous le savez pertinemment) et de toute forme de bougeotte jouvencelle ; Burden est à fois suprêmement, langoureusement pesant, de tout son imposant saturnisme à en avoir les artères obstruées par l'humeur noire, et dans le même temps coupant comme la silhouette d'un loup sur l'horizon foudroyé, comme le couteau de l'exécuteur ; en vérité, un de ces disques qui vous donnent envie de croire aux vampires, et pas ceux avec des chemises à jabot fleuri, ou à encore d'autres créatures de contes, Jason Weirbach ou Gavin Friday compris, de vous laisser submerger et égarer par les riches parfums de l'horreur médiévale ; et ne faire plus qu'un, façon la plaie et le couteau, avec le vent et la vitupération, qu'il emporte empoisonner toute la contrée maudite... On dira ce qu'on veut, le tradi, c'est tout de même quelque chose.


En bref vous l'avez compris : ne vous fiez surtout pas à son impossible pochette.


Burden en trois mots : obscurantiste, boucané, implacable





El doom que más me gusta suele ser el que no es del todo puro, sino que lleva ciertas impurezas particularmente rockeras, y de igual manera, el rock puro no es normalmente mi estilo favorito, pero en cambio me encanta cuando está altamente contaminado por el doom metal. Y así es la tónica de este disco de A Thousand Sufferings. En “Burden” se confabulan las influencias típicas de bandas como Candlemass con las más “modernas” o accesibles de Cathedral, pasado por un tamiz pesado que recuerda a Celtic Frost y Venom por partes iguales.

Esta producción cuenta con cuatro temas, todos muy bien logrados y respetuosos de la vieja escuela. Alguna vez mencioné en otra reseña, que un grupo que suena igual en todas sus canciones debería dedicarse a otra cosa; en este caso, aunque todas las canciones tienen básicamente el mismo estilo y una marca de identidad inconfundible, aún así no son idénticas y cuentan con la suficiente variedad para que valga la pena escucharlas todas. Particularmente me gusta mucho el tercer track, “Black Is Burden (Lamentation)”, dueño de un groove irresistible.

En resumen, ha sido un placer encontrarme con este disco y reseñarlo, una banda más que proviene del under y que vale la pena descubrir.




„Starke Musik erfordert einen starken Namen“ – Soviel Selbstbewusstsein muss man erstmal als Band haben. Aber sie haben recht. Das hier vorliegende durchaus gelungene Debüt ist ein starker Bastard aus Black-Metal und klassisch düsterem Doom geworden. Es wurde professionell produziert, die Instrumente werden beherrscht und zu den schweren Bässen passt die rauhe krächzende Stimme sehr gut.


Im Gründungsjahr 2013 gab es leider einen Schicksalsschlag, denn sie verloren ihren holländischen Sänger Tijl bei einem Motorradunfall. Die Band wurde nicht auf Eis gelegt, es sollte in seinem Sinne weitergehen und so erschien diese auf 500 Kopien limitierte CD im Dezember 2015 endlich als Debüt. Die Mitglieder haben allesamt schon Banderfahrungen, das Line-Up ist nun fest und das merkt man auch.


Die harmonischen Songs sind im Schnitt zehn Minuten lang, werden allerdings durch ihre hohe Intensität und die dunkelschweren Bässe keineswegs langweilig. Mein Favorit zum Reinhören: Song Nr. 4 „Blue is…“


Fazit: Dunkelschöner schwarzer Doom für Fans, die diese Mischung spannend finden. Die Jungs schreiben schon an neuen Songs und man darf gespannt sein, was da noch kommen mag. Den Coverartkünstlern von „Rotten Fantom“ aus St. Petersburg sollte man dann unbedingt treu bleiben – eine wunderbare Symbiose!