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Non posso fare altro che inchinarmi di fronte questo gruppo argentino, fautore di un primitivo, basilare e volgare black/thrash. Sono gruppi come questi che rinnovano la mia fede nell’heavy metal più satanico e rozzo. Prendete i primissimi Sodom e Kreator, mischiateli con i Venom, aggiungete una spruzzatina di Slayer vecchissima scuola, amalgamate il tutto et voilà, avrete i Vomit Of Doom. Già quando lessi il nome sul promo, avevo già capito che sarebbe stato amore a prima vista. Ed in effetti, così è stato. Putrescente e sboccato thrash metal primordiale sporcato di black metal altrettanto primordiale, voce vomitata, riffing basilare, batteria e basso dediti solo ed esclusivamente al più sordo e cieco martellamento. Questi sono i Vomit Of Doom. Non c’è melodia, non c’è virtuosismo, non c’è nulla se non puro odio e abnegazione verso Satana e le sue depravazioni. Pezzi come ‘Metal Pussy Attack’ oppure ‘Kill The New Meassiah’ sono di quanto più zozzo e brutale ci possa essere oggi in campo estremo. Scordatevi la pulizia di certo metal moderno, scordatevi grafiche scintillanti: no, qui il tempo si è fermato al 1986, quando dominavano solo violenza, borchie e pelle. Registrato lo fi (molto probabilmente in presa diretta), questo disco è il tripudio e la celebrazione dello schifo umano, del sangue e delle budella. Ancora una volta l’America del Sud ci dimostra come il vero metal alberghi da quelle parti. Hail Satan! P.S.: l’unica pecca? Esce solo su cd… urge che qualche invasato lo stampi su vinile!




Vomit Of Doom are a band from Argentina that plays a mixture of black metal and thrash and this is a review of t heir 2015 album "Obey the Darkness" which was released by Satanath Records.

Clean playing and horror movie sound effects start off the album and after the intro the music goes into a thrash metal direction along with some grim black/thrash screams and blast beats and the music also brings in a great mixture of first and second wave black metal influences while also being mostly rooted in the South American extreme metal sound of the 80's era.

When solos and leads are utilized they remain true to a very raw and old school extreme style of metal and all of the musical instruments have a very powerful sound to them and after awhile the vocals start bringing in a small amount of growls and the songs also bring in a great mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts and as the album progresses clean playing makes its return at times on the interludes and outros along with some spoken word samples before making a return back to a black/thrash direction and some of the riffs also use a small amount of melody at times.

Vomit Of Doom plays a musical style that takes first and second wave black metal and mixes it with South American style 80's thrash to create some very heavy, extreme retro metal, the production sounds very old school yet heavy at the same time while the lyrics cover Revenge, Satan, Death, Blasphemy and Metal themes.

In my opinion Vomit Of Doom are a very great sounding mixture of black and thrash metal and if you area fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Conspiracy Vs, The World" "Maze Of Doom" "Satan's Vengeance" and "Into the Perdition".




Try to imagine for a few seconds, putting together early Sodom, Blasphemy and Possessed, and you’re surprisingly going to get Vomit Of Doom’s leather and bondage blackened thrash metal.

“Obey The Darkness” harkens back to the good old days of when Satanic Black Thrash Metal was of order and of the highest caliber in terms of talent and wickedness. Fast-forward to 2015, and we are now introduced to Argentina’s Satanic worshippers Vomit Of Doom, with their newest album “Obey The Darkness”, which reeks of old school blackened thrash. One minute you’re banging your head to their ungodly blackened, moshpit firing rhythms from hell, and the next, it’s played fast, with so much precision, you can definitely feel the floor you’re standing on shake, rattle and roll.

It’s something about South America’s air or water, which has produced the likes of Sepultura, Krisiun, Sarcophagus and Ratos De Parao, and now we have Vomit Of Doom.

“Obey The Darkness” is a one hell of a listening pleasure when it comes to blackened thrash metal, and Vomit Of Doom do more than this – they fucking annihilate the senses.




The year was 1989. I was starting to have a bit of a social life and spend some time in a handball team. At a certain moment I met somebody who was into the same music as I was: metal. He gave me a tape with a copy of an Anthrax album which I wanted to have. On the B-side, he copied Beneath The Remains by Sepultura. The first time I heard the Brazilians, I hated every second of them. However, the second time I was mesmerized by that raw, primitive and organic sound and I've been a fan ever since (until Max left).

So why am I telling you this? Well, Vomit Of Doom reminds me a lot of that album. It has a similar raw and primitive sound and a similar balance between thrash and death metal, in this case also mixed with old school black metal. The band hails from Argentina and has been blasting out their misanthropy for quite a while now. The band has no interest in creating modern day thrash, death or black metal. All they want to do, is play fast-paced extreme music with hellish vocals and fierce riffs.

After a short intro, they do exactly that with 'Perversecution', a brutal song driving on an intense rage. From there on, Vomit Of Doom just won't stop the assault. 'Conspiracy Vs The World' slashes on with powerful thrashy riffs and dark, evil vocals. Even the solos on this album sound as if they come directly from the late eighties. So in a way, yes, this is an excellent tribute to the original schools of death and black metal. 'Evoked Devastation' actually comes up with the hardcore punk driven fury which somewhat originated this genre.

After a two minute interlude, an eerie piece with acoustic guitars and strange vocals, the band continues to pour their intense, bleak sound through my eardrums. Title track 'Obey The Darkness' is probably one of my favorites on this album but I don't think any of the songs in inferior to the others in any way. All of them are furious pieces of old school extreme metal but you should know that by now. There's really little else to say about this album. I like it a lot, mainly because of the Sepultura reference in the beginning of this review. I recommend this album to anyone who is nostalgic for the early days of black and death metal and also to the youngsters who think they're favorite bands invented the sound of pure evil.




Viel bekannt ist über diese Formation hier nichts, außer dass sie den Namen Vomit Of Doom tragen und eine ziemlich abgefahrene Mischung aus Black- und Thrash Metal fabrizieren. Vomit Of Doom? Ja! Richtig gelesen und in wie weit dieser Name Programm ist, das gilt es herauszufinden mit dem hören ihres neuen Albums Obey The Darkness. Ob sie euch der Dunkelheit hörig machen werden, oder ob ihr das blanke Kotzen bekommen könntet, das erfährt ihr mit dieser Rezension.

Das Intro The Haunting, klingt schon einmal recht vielversprechend, da kommt eine hallende Chorusgitarre, die obgleich der höheren Tonlage, euch so richtig in die Dunkelheit zieht und irgendwie was an und für sich hat. Nach einer kurzen Stille, geht dieses Intro, welches nur aus diesem schön gespielten Gitarrenriff besteht und dabei doch ein tolles Flair hat über in den Opener Perversecution. Vomit Of Doom, Fackeln hier nicht lange Rum, Kotzen statt Keller. Das Mastering und der Mix der Songs könnte ein bisschen klarer sein, aber dafür hat das ganze wieder einen gewissen Undergroundflair. Die Drums sind stark im Hintergrund, sie werden mit Atemberaubender Geschwindigkeit gespielt, genauso auch die sägenden Gitarren und Bässe, die ich kaum richtig wahrnehmen kann. Der Sänger hört sich wirklich so an, als würde er rumkotzen. Die Band spielt soliden Thrash-Black Zwitter, der auch noch ein geiles Gitarrensolo hat, was aber am Ende sich so anhört als ob der Gitarrist das mit seiner Zunge spielt und dann jault die 6-saiten Lady auch noch ordentlich auf, bevor es an den nächsten Titel Conspiracy Vs The World noch schneller als der Opener, werden hier Blitzschnell (von den Drums natürlich angestachelt) Bass und Gitarre gespielt und auch der Sänger punktet mit seinem Qualvoll-Schrei (Achtung das ist Positiv gemeint) Gesang. Die Powerchords, welche Vomit Of Doom hier spielen klingen so, als wollten sie die Saiten ihrer Instrumente zum glühen bringen. Hier stimmt alles! ein perfektes Headbang gepolter aus Thrash und Black. Wenn beide Welten zusammen kommen, kann dies durchaus ein Erlebnis sein, hiermit habt ihr auch gleich den Beweis. Getoppt wird das ganze dann auch noch durch ein Gitarrensolo, bei dem ich mich frage welchre Satansdiener dem Gitarristen das beigebracht hat, das ist abartig geil! Evoked Devastation ist gar noch einmal ne ordentliche Nummer stärker. Es ist unglaublich: Vomit Of Doom wirken so, als würden sie von Song zu Song immer hungriger, besser und leidenschaftlicher. Der Drummer geht nur so ab und strahlt eine Kraft aus, als ob er die Felle zum reißen bringen will. Davon angestachelt, machen Bassist (dessen Spiel seit Nummer Zwei übrigens kräftiger daherkommt) und Gitarrist ebenfalls eine Wahnsinnsarbeit. Sie spielen ihre Instrumente Blitzschnell und hauen abartig brutale Powerchords aus ihren Instrumenten. Der raue Gesang, geht hier natürlich auch wieder gut ins Ohr. Nach einem Taktwechsel, wird die Band etwas ruhiger, gezügelter, ohne dabei aber von ihrer Energie einzubüßen. Kurzerhand wechseln sich Powerchords mal mit Gesangsline betonenden Riffs ab, bevor es dann wieder zu einem glühend Heißen Solodraht der Gitarre kommt, der wirkt wie ein verdammter Tornado, bereit alles was seinem Weg kreuzt, gnadenlos in Staub und Asche zu verwandeln.

Kompromisslos und Ehrlich, geht es mit dem Song Maze of Doom weiter. Der Song wirkt zu Beginn wie eine Fehlzündung, kann sich aber nach einem kurzen Break fangen und haut mit Geschwindigkeit aufs Trommelfell. Die Band spielt konstant verdammt schnell, als ob sie euch hetzen wollen und legen setzen dabei ein Powerchord-geladenes Monster nach dem anderen Frei. An dieser Stelle muss ich jedoch zugeben: Dieser Track hat zumindest meine Wenigkeit nicht gerade umgehauen, zu oft gibt es derartig gehörtes schon. Sie machen es wirklich gut, keine Frage, aber sie bringen keine eigene Identität mit ins Spiel. Wenn man vom Teufel spricht Hablan Los Ya Muertos (Interlude) hat genau das! es ist nur eine hübsche Zwischensequenz, die aber dafür gut durchdacht ist und Spannung aufbaut. eine unverzerrte Gitarre im Zusammenspiel mit unheimlichen Effekten, sind hier spannungsaufbauende, tragende Elemente. Als nächstes ist der auf dem Cover groß angekündigte Thrasher Obey The Darkness dran, der euch regelrecht zum Headbangen zwingen wird. Zu verlockend ist dieser Track. Powerchordgitarren von Blitzdrums angestachelt die Saiten zum glühen zu bringen. Ein wenig missfällt hier der Sänger, aber auch nur teilweise. Nach einem Wechsel wird eine Anti-Harmonie dargeboten aus depressiven Gitarrentönen, die kurzerhand das Powerchord Gewitter ablösen. Kaum hat man sich daran gewöhnt, verfallen Vomit Of Doom in das Ursprüngliche Muster, beenden den Song aber nicht, ehe nicht noch ein weiteres, jaulendes, schreiendes Gitarrensolo abgelegt wurde. Okay über den Titel von Metal Pussy Attack, möchte ich jetzt mal nichts sagen, außer wow die Jungs haben wahrlich Sinn für Humor. Musikalisch ist das hier wieder eine ordentliche Mischung aus Black mit der Geschwindigkeit und der Fingerfertigkeit von Thrash-Metal. Mit atemberaubender Geschwindigkeit und mächtig Power, sind Vomit Of Doom zum Töten bereit. Zu Befehl! könnte man denken, wenn man den nächsten Titel Kill The New Messiah unter die Lupe nimmt. Attackierende Gitarren und Bassriffs, die eine Mischung aus Powerchord und 2 tönigem hin und her darstellen, sowie einem Messerscharfen solo und Drums wie Hammerschlägen. Der Sänger ist der Wahnsinn, der verbale Killer, ein Dumpf brüllendes Tier!

Nach drei taktangebenden Schlägen auf die Becken, kommt der letzte Albumtitel Satan’s Vengance ins Spiel, der mal wieder das beste auffährt, was Vomit Of Doom zu bieten haben. Auf und Ab hüpfende Riff, gekoppelt mit rauchenden Powerchords und abartigen Drums. Nach einem Break, wird auch hier und da mal das Riff gewechselt, und variation ins Spiel gebracht, bei dem die Riffs wechseln. Auch mal kurze Ausflüchte ins Mid-Tempo segment, könnt ihr hier bekommen, bevor zum Abschied nochmal ein derbes Gitarrensolo hingelegt wird. Ähnlich wie beim Intro, ist das Ultimatum getaufte Outro aus einer cleanen Chorusgitarre mit ordentlich Hall gemacht. Dies klingt Düster und bedrückend und hat an und für sich durch seine Simple Angehensweiße einen gewissen prägnanten Faktor. Einen gewissen Charme haben übrigens noch die zwei Bonus Titel Troops Of Desolation und Into The Pedittion, die einen gewissen Untergrundflair versprühen und auch musikalisch ganz gut daherkommen.

Fazit 7 von 10 : Nun Kotzen werdet ihr vielleicht schon, aber eher durch Headbang-orgieen. Vomit Of Doom haben hier ein doch ordentliches Album abgelegt, dem man aber zur last legen muss, dass es oft zu Identisch klingt, die Songs haben zwar alle unterschiedliche Riffs und Ideen, aber das Konzept bleibt fast Kontinuierlich das selbe. Nichts desto trotz, möchte ich euch diese Untergrundproduktion empfehlen.



Vomit of Doom are the kind of blackened death metal act who understand the inherently fucked up and essentially beautiful nature of the genre. Stripped down to the bone and raw as it comes their sound is chock full of flashy solos, blasting drums and simple riffs. Hovering on top are some gnarly-ass vocal lines that keep the listener stage diving and head walking like mad - and perhaps more importantly, emphasizing the eternally demented sound that only blackened death metal can provide. The "Uggh" at the beginning of a track like Conspiracy Vs The World communicates more in one meaningless syllable than most records can get across in 45 minutes. The point is - Vomit of Doom get what blackened death metal are supposed to be about and it's hard to forget these Argentinean masters once you've heard them. This is the genre at it's finest - ready to skullfuck you into oblivion and leave you to suffer, a slave to the obscene crippling world that defines us all.



South America seems to spew forth new black metal bands with more regularity than a good dose of Epsom Salts could induce. The latest to come to PM’s attention are Argentinian crew Vomit Of Doom, about whom we know nothing more than the fact that this ten-track 27-minute opus was originally self-released on good old-fashioned cassette tape in their homeland, and has now been been picked up by the Russian Satanath label and re-issued on CD (with demo tracks appended to the end). And, to be honest, any band that includes a song called ‘Metal Pussy Attack’ on an album is automatically going to attract this particular reviewer’s attention!

The South Americans seem to live and breathe darkened metal of the most putrid sort, and this is no exception. Steeped in the lore of the first generation of BM bands – the vocals evince early Cronos – it’s raw and fast, with little pretence about it. The performances are competent, the songs are well thought out and constructed, and the production brings out all the elements well. Nothing more you can ask really. And really nothing else you can say either.

There are much better South American blackened thrash bands than Vomit Of Doom, and I am sure there are many much worse, so this makes this an interesting curio worth tracking down by diehard fans of the genre.
Haunting (Intro) / Perversecution / Conspiracy vs The World / Evoked Devastation / Maze Of Doom / Interlude / Obey The Darkness / Metal Pussy Attack / Kill The New Messiah / Satan’s Vengenance / Ultimatum (Outro) / Troops Of Desolation (demo) / Into The Perdition (demo)
Recommended listening: Metal Pussy Attack
‘Obey The Darkness’ is out now and available from the Satanath Records website.



Desde hace un tiempo, vengo sosteniendo que en Argentina están pasando cosas interesantes en materia de Música Extrema. No digo que sea algo alucinante ni revolucionario, sería un perfecto hipócrita si dijera eso. Pero se están generando cosas, se están haciendo bien las cosas. El último disco de Prion es una muestra perfecta de lo que digo, y el primero disco de full de estos asesinos provenientes de General Roca, Río Negro, es otra de las más contundentes muestras de que algo está pasando por estos lares.
Veamos, Vomit Of Doom vienen escupiendo su bilis desde el 2009. Desde ese entonces, han lanzado un par de maquetas, un split con Attacker bloody Axe, participaron en el compilado "Southern Black Demon", largaron un single en 2014, y 2 ep's. Y ahora llega este full lenght, el cual es una clara y demoledora evolución respecto a lo que la banda ha venido haciendo. Es que, afortunadamente, tuve la chance de escuchar casi todo lo que han grabado hasta la fecha, y es por eso que puedo afirmar que Vomit Of Doom han llegado a un punto de madurez innegable, algo que se traduce y transluce en su música. Mas muchos de ustedes se estarán preguntando de qué se trata esto de Vomit of Doom, cómo suenan y qué hacen. Pues hacen un Black/Thrash sucio, virulento y vicioso, claramente influenciado por los primeros Sodom, Bathory, Venom, Abhorer, Sarcófago y ese tipo de abominaciones. Lo mejor de dicha propuesta está en esto: los tipos saben hacia dónde quieren ir, y van hacia esa meta. Suenan como deben sonar, componen las canciones que deben componer -usando los elementos que ellos saben que van a encajar en la música que hacen-, y le dan a toda su propuesta un aura maléfica y llena de odio ideal para lo que hacen. No se complican, hacen lo que saben, y los resultados son óptimos de principio a fin.
"Obey The Darkness" es mugriento, es endiablado y violento. Es lo que debe ser, aunque resulte redundante. Pero, y he aquí lo mejor, es un buen disco, además de ser lo que debe ser. Si hasta tiene momentos orgiásticos en cuanto a la agresividad adictiva que despliegan, tal es el caso de "Metal Pussy Attack", "Perversecution" o el riffeo thrasher en "Conspiracy vs. The World". O sea, este disco vale la pena, no tengo dudas. Y si digo esto es por 2 cosas. Primero que nada, por el disco en sí, pues es convincente, sincero y bestial hasta decir basta. Y, segundo, porque viene a darle más empuje a la movida Extrema argentina, ayuda a que esto siga creciendo. Porque ha sido editado por sellos extranjeros, lo cual abre las puertas a que en otras latitudes se fijen en bandas argentinas, y porque sirve para que la peste siga esparciéndose por todo el Planeta, en vez de centrarse en los epicentros de siempre; ya saben, Europa y USA, amos y señores de todo esto que adoramos. Pero ya es hora de que la gente empiece a ampliar sus horizontes, que empiecen a mirar hacia otros rumbos. Con bandas como Vomit of Doom, no sería nada raro que los maníacos del Metal Extremo de todo el mundo comiencen a fijarse en lo que está pasando aquí, en Argentina y ahora.



Argentina’s Vomit of Doom release this vicious slab of blackened thrash on Satanath Records this year, and as is the way with South American metal, ‘Obey the Darkness’ is vicious, straight to the point and savage beyond help!

Following a ghostly intro, first track proper ‘Perversecution’ is that kind of rabid thrash that bands like Sarcofago made iconic. Vomit of Doom thrash like early Kreator or Sodom, but with an added visceral rawness that comes through on every scratchy scream, every clattering drum beat and every razor riff. ‘Conspiracy vs the World’ is like speed metal dipped in the blood of zombie hookers. Each song is tight, filthy and thrashes like there is no tomorrow, and even though you know what to expect with bands like this, Vomit of Doom really do pull it off with aplomb.

‘Maze of Doom’, which is a personal highlight on this for me, is followed by a foreboding interlude; a calm but not peace between the storms. The title track is rampant, while the intro riff to ‘Metal Pussy Attack’ is so early Slayer it hurts. Vomit of Doom take all the good bits of raw 80s thrash acts, coat it in a thick layer of blackened grime and then inject a high dose of energy into the whole package. ‘Satan’s Vengeance’ is just unendingly savage, and leads us to the gloomy outro. Vomit of Doom have crafted a fine twenty seven minutes of pure rage and riff on ‘Obey the Darkness’, and you’ll no choice other than to raise horns and bang thy head.



Ihr Debüt legen die argentinischen Black Thrasher hier vor und nach dem noch recht stimmigen Intro rotzen die Jungs roh und dreckig „Perversecution“ raus, das mich doch ganz stark an frühe Sodom Werke erinnert und auch mit „Conspiracy Vs the World“ lässt sich dieser Eindruck nicht vermeiden. Das geht geradlinig und auf alle Trends kackend volle Granate nach vorne und durch den rohen Sound ist das old school Feeling permanent vorhanden. So ist es auch kein Wunder, dass „Evoked Devastation“ nach vorne reitet und es im Up Tempo Thrash mit Black Metal Einschüben von Statten geht, doch in „Maze of Doom“ geht es sogar noch einen Gang höher ans Werk. Mit dem beklemmenden „Hablan los ya muertos“ als Interlude geht es düster weiter, bevor „Obey the Darkness“ wieder in vollem Tempo die old school Keule schwingt. Bei der „Metal Pussy Attack“ ist es, wie es im Thrash sein muss, drauf kloppen, aggressive Vocals und sägende Klampfen, aber auch Blastbeats sind bei „Kill the New Messiah“ keine Seltenheit zu dem mehr als feurigen Thrash. „Satan's Vengeance“ rumpelt und holpert ohne Gnade aus den Boxen und schon ist mit „Ultimatum“ leider das Outro zur Stellen, das rein Ambient gestaltet ist. Aber die Argentinier haben noch zwei Demo Songs namens „Troops of Desolation“ und „Into the Perdition“ mit auf der CD, die zwar die Musik der Band gut zeigt, aber der Sound nur Demo Qualität hat.
Nichtsdestotrotz sind VOMIT OF DOOM eine geile Band in Sachen old school Black Thrash und auf so was steh ich, so dass ich auch gerne bereit bin, 7,9 von 10 Punkten zu geben.



Disco debut de esta excelente banda oriunda del sur de Argentina; más precisamente de General Roca (Rio Negro); quienes luego de varios años de estar activos y de editar algunos demos, splits y algún que otro compilado llega por fin a su primer y esperado trabajo discográfico en estudio.

Obey The Darkness viene a confirmar todo lo bien que viene trabajando esta agrupación practicante de un blasfemo y convincente Black/Thrash Metal desde su conformación allá por 2009 -y es algo que a quienes seguimos al grupo no nos sorprende en lo más mínimo-.
Tengo como uno de mis mejores tesoros el compilado Southern Black Demon (Metal Command Records, 2012), donde se pudo conocer hasta ese momento mucho de lo que la banda había grabado hasta allí. Claro que todos esperaban un disco, tal y como se lo merecen, y aquí lo tenemos: diez temas que te atronarán el cerebro en base a su retorcida y violenta composición (hay un outro y dos temas de versiones de demos anteriores cerrando el álbum también) basada en los sonidos mencionados más arriba.
Si te gusta el Black Metal, si te gustan bandas como Angel Corpse, Bathory, Venom, los primeros Slayer o Destruction, no podes dejar pasar por alto a estos fieles exponentes practicantes desde el sur del mundo.
Persecution, Maze of Doom, Kill the New Messiah o Satan´s Vengeance en el final, poseen esa fiereza extraída desde el mismísimo infierno que -se supone-, debes tener para practicar esta suerte de sub-género que muchos fans tiene hoy en día en el jodido mundo.
Vomit Of Doom es, probablemente junto a varias bandas argentinas más, otra demostración fehaciente de que pueden hacerse bien las cosas no importa donde vivas. Y nuestra escena sigue creciendo, por suerte. Cada vez con mejores lanzamientos como para que seamos considerados, de a poco, como un lugar creíble en lo que a Metal Extremo se refiere.



From Argentinia, formed in 2009. A black/thrash band featuring ex Insultor drummer Warpig.

See i dont like intros, but 'Haunting' is a nice atmospheric guitar piece, just should have been at the beginning of the song 'Perversecution' as opposed to a seperate track.
But anyway on to the first proper track and its good old school thrash/speed complete with an epic riff frenzy at the end, the "Black' element seems to be the gruff vocals.

'Conspiracy Vs the World' could be Venom, has that same raw punk energy and speed, as do the next few tracks as well until we hit the 'Interlude'. Really? Two and a half minutes of some sampled speech or movie dialogue.

At least we return to the straight forward stuff after that until the stupid 'Outro'.
The last two demos are so muffled and raw you can barley make them out.



VOMIT OF DOOM, hailing from Argentina, play a style of blackened thrash that can only be found below the Panama Canal. It’s been a while, what seems like decades, since these seasoned ears came across some good rabid black/thrash metal. While others are content to rehash the style, the South Americans live by it. The passion can’t be recreated. Under the auspices of Russian label Satanath Records, Obey the Darkness is released, this short 27-minute release gets full length treatment.

The packaging is impeccable and so is the music. Repeat listens are mandatory, as the songs cut through time and judgement while your possessed body gets tossed about like in The Exorcist. This transcends religions, trends, schools, regions, since the music comes from the timeless source of the heart. Wicked riffs, scythe-like swiftness and virulent vocals turn this into a hellish, rollicking affair. Learn to obey the darkness. The CD is limited to 500 copies worldwide.



E’ dal 2009 che, dai meandri più bui e malsani di Rio Negro (Argentina) i Vomit Of Doom portano blasfemia, distruzione e feroce satanismo in musica, un devastante black metal dai risvolti thrash, bestiale, senza compromessi e dannatamente old school.

Obey the Darkness risulta il primo lavoro sulla lunga distanza, ma la band in questi anni ha rilasciato non pochi lavori sotto forma di demo, split ed Ep (“Death Thrash Genocide” del 2012 e nel 2014 un ep che porta il titolo di questo nuovo lavoro).
Il trio sudamericano, composto da L. Warpig Venomous Abominator al drumkit e voce, Artillery Command e Endless Malevolence alle chitarre, è protagonista di un sound scarno, violento e poco incline a facili compromessi, così che il loro lavoro risulta una mazzata estrema debitrice in primis ai Venom e alle band che uniscono l’impatto nichilista del genere diabolico per antonomasia con l’irruenza del thrash metal (in questo caso di matrice europea), ed il risultato ovviamente non può che essere assolutamente evil.
Produzione vecchia scuola, assalto senza pietà al perbenismo e undici brani più bonus di metal anni ottanta, dissacratorio, putrescente e animalesco.
I fans del genere faranno capriole di giubilo all’ascolto di questo lavoro, accompagnato da una copertina che più old school di così non si può e da un’attitudine che, sinceramente sono ormai anni che si riscontra solo nelle scene sudamericane o asiatiche, poco inclini ai suoni cool e molto più radicate nei suoni metallici di stampo classico.
In effetti all’ascolto di brani dinamitardi, feroci e vomitevoli come Metal Pussy Attack, Evoked Devastation e Kill The New Messiah si torna indietro di quasi trent’anni, ed ai primi lavori di Sodom, Kreator, Slayer e appunto i padri del Black Venom, per una vecchia rimpatriata con Lucifero a cui, se si è amanti del genere, non si può rinunciare.
Album consigliato assolutamente ai soli amanti di queste sonorità, astenersi puristi e timorati.



No one does black/thrash better than the South Americans. It's been a while, what seems like decades, since these seasoned ears came across some good rabid black/thrash metal. While others are content to rehash the style, the South Americans live by it. The passion can't be recreated. Under the auspices of Satanath Records from Russia, this short 27-minute release gets full length treatment. The packaging is impeccable and so is the music. Repeat listens are mandatory, as the songs cut through time and judgement while your possessed body gets tossed about like in The Exorcist. This transcends religions, trends, schools, regions, since the music comes from the timeless source of the heart. Wicked riffs, scythe-like swiftness and virulent vocals turn this into a hellish, rollicking affair. Learn to obey the darkness.



If you’re going to name your band something like VOMIT OF DOOM you better have some sick compositions up your sleeve or you’re just trying hard. Luckily, the Argentinean Blackened Thrashers earned the right to such a name and with their compositions they demonstrate how a proper unity between the occult realm of Black Metal and Thrash chaos should be embodied. This amalgamation just mentioned is brought forth with the LP “Obey the Darkness”.

I wish I could describe VOMIT OF DOOM with better terms, but if I’m to say one thing about them, it’d be that they are the child that came from SARCOFAGO having hardcore intercourse with TOXIC HOLOCAUST. Why? Because the Argentinean bulldozers sound absolutely brutal, chaotic and embody the spirit of the first wave black metal movement while maintaining a perfect balance of Thrash production and feel.

“Obey the Darkness” stands out in its entirety due to the slight monotony of the chaos being birthed with every track. “Perversecution” showcases the harsh high-pitched throat screams of L. Warpig and “Kill the New Messiah” is the highlight of rhythm and solo guitar play from Endless Malevolence on this record. Moreover, production-wise, this release is nowhere disappointing if one’s well acquainted with the crispy style incorporated by Thrash inspired Black Metal fans. Finally, the release closes with two demos with “Troops of Desolation” becoming a track I’ll gladly come back and listen to due to the nostalgic feeling and unclean sound.

VOMIT OF DOOM is by no means a standout band, but alongside others in this fusion genre they play their part in entertaining the general listener and the dedicated niche. “Obey the Darkness” is absolute chaos in a CD waiting to be let out. Play this baby to a crowd of thrashers and watch the blood spill.



Vomit Of Doom kommen aus Argentinien und spielen Black-/Thrash Metal der alten Schule. 2009 haben sie sich zusammengefunden und bislang zwei Demos und zwei EPs rausgebracht, bevor es zu diesem Debüt kam. Und hier geht richtig die Post ab, denn hier wird heftigster Black-/Thrash der Marke Aura Noir, Deströyer 666, Desaster, Nifelheim, Tormentor oder Nocturnal Breed mit simplem War Metal-Geballer im Stil von Sarcofago mit finsterstem Kreischgesang ala Havohej/Profanatica gepaart, dass es eine wahre Pracht ist. Wild und ungestüm bei undergroundiger Produktion liefern die Südamerikaner uns sägende Riffs, wilde Soli und polterndes Schlagzeug. Die Produktion kommt schön erdig daher. Man hört alles klar heraus, aber es klingt nicht wirklich sauber oder transparent. Man scheißt auch auf diverse Triggersounds und vermittelt dem Hörer genau den Sound, den man so wohl auch live von ihnen zu hören bekommt. Die Underground-Produktion ist aber auch nicht zu assi, um lediglich Puristen zu gefallen. Hier passt alles zusammen wie Arsch auf Toast. Wer ein Fan der oben genannten Krawallhorden ist, dem wird das hier sicherlich gefallen!


Yeah I know, you shouldn’t be biased towards certain band names but when you’re called VOMIT OF DOOM I for one start thinking South American metal from the 80s. There is such an old school feel to this name that it would be a shame if it was anything but old school death/black in the Nifelheim tradition. I was not wrong in assuming that this was going to be very basic and rootsy. This is like hearing Blasphemy for the first time. Or very early Bathory, or German Poison. You get the idea? Don’t expect this to be in the line of the last Death album. This is so underground the rats have fled already.



Argentian trash black metal band realised the album that is in every sense a awesome album, and a great and powerful combination of trash and black metal, which is integrated phenomenally with each other and the hole album. On this album it can be heard three instrumental songs, which are two of the first song intro and the outro, of course they are meant to be instrumental , all of the three songs are ideally fitted with the conception of the album, and the story. On the album it can be also heard tehnical compliance that is brought to ideal, acoustic is great , production is solid and good. This album brings you in the world of hate,evil,darkness,destuctruction,porn. Vomit of Doom is anonymos band that desirves a lot of attention of the public and listeneres. This band presents pure power of trash and black metal,supiriour metal music at its best.



Blackened thrash metal di ottima fattura, da parte dei Vomit Of Doom, band Argentina di recente formazione (2009), ma con un background radicato nei primi anni ’80, quando Slayer, Venom e Sodom dominavano la scena estrema mondiale. Il loro debutto “Obey The Darkness” contiene tredici brani, per una mezz’ora scarsa di musica intensa, furiosa e diretta. L’incedere dei pezzi è furioso, con ritmiche veloci e incalzanti e grezze tipiche del thrash primordiale, affiancate da assoli lancinanti e minimali, di scuola slayeriana. Le vocals sono incazzate, una sorta di growl primordiale, via di mezzo tra lo stile di Tom Angelripper e quello di Cronos. “Perversecution” è dominata da un riff distruttivo che sembra uscito da “Reign In Blood”, mentre le vocals sono davvero brutali e blasfeme. “Evoked Devastation” saccheggia anch’essa gli Slayer, tanto che il riff portante è un plagio del brano “Epidemic”. Nonostante la mancanza totale di originalità, è ammirevole la furia esecutiva del gruppo, forti di un’attitudine old school che si è un po’ persa dalle nostre parti, in favore di produzioni più curate ma che talvolta risultano artificiose. La title track ha una ritmica incalzante, a cavallo tra Motorhead, Venom e primissimi Sodom. Un album onesto, suonato con passione e totale dedizione alle sonorità estreme degli anni ’80. Indicato solo per gli amanti del genere.



In their five years of existence, Argentinian combo Vomit Of Doom recorded several demos and EP’s, and at the end of 2014 the Thai label Inhuman Assault Productions did release the five-track cassette Obey The Darkness. It was an omen for their upcoming debut full length album, which contains the very same name (and which, evidently, includes pretty much the very same inhuman sonic assaults). It gets released by Russia’s (top) label Satanath Records (thanks once again to label owner Aleksey for sending me this material – I owe you, brother!) and the strongly upcoming (also) Thailand-based Hell Productions. The material was recorded by Venomous Abominator (impact on the graves and voices of Hell), B.Time (bass of Execution), Endless Malevolence (violent guitars of Doom) and Artillery Command (devastated guitars of Holocaust) during December 2014 and January 2015.

Seen the band’s name, the album’s and song titles, the members’ artist names and their instrumental description, and the (superb – oh, I do like this kind of visual filthiness) artwork by Sickness666, it’s clear what kind of Speed Force we might expect. It turns me on…

Obey The Darkness, which lasts for thirteen minutes (for thirteen pieces, including some bonus tracks from the demo sessions), starts with an acoustic intro (called Haunting), but as from Perversecution on, Vomit Of Doom please the sick (wo)man’s brain with primal and nihilistic, violent and rhythmic Black / Thrash ugliness from the Old Skool. No compromises, no remorse, this material contains everything that defines the booze’n’bitches / leather’n’bullets / misanthropy’n’anarchy / fuckyou’n’fuckmetoo-attitude. It’s fast and violent, with fierce melodies, a remarkably heavy rhythm section (what a drum parts, with thanks to the nice mix!), fabulous soloing (!!!) and gurgling grunts, combining the nastiest elements from the oldest school of the Speed, Thrash, Heavy and Black Metal scene. And damn yes, it lacks of originality and invention, but this kind of material has an inborn allergy to modernism or progression. Therefor the quality of the song writing prevails on top of being renewing, evidently. Besides, the production sort of creates a sound that is both decent and acceptable, as well as rough and raw à la the Old School, and isn’t that the ideal way to get aural pleasure? Indeed it is!

Rock ‘n’ Roll for the dark-minded souls amongst us… Venom and Bathory, Evilspell and Cendra, Discharge and Bunker 66, Profanatica and Onslaught, Bewitched and Nocturnal Breed, Satan’s Wrath and Possession, you see the picture?… Two remarks: the lack of variation, and it does bother (even me), and the inferior sound of both bonus track, which does not irritate me (because it’s a bonus, you see…- which we need to be grateful for, that’s why).



The Russian record label Satanath Records just released the first full-length album by a band from Argentina, Vomit Of Doom. So far V.O.D. was an unknown force to me but they exist since 2009 and have released two demo’s, a couple of EP’s, splits and promo’s etcetera. In 2012, the ‘Southern Black Demon’ compilation was released on CD and tape that compiles most aforementioned releases. Check it out. Last year, the ‘Obey the Darkness’ cassette EP was released and now a full-length that goes by the same name. Not every song from the aforesaid tape are on this full-length, so be aware of that. Vomit Of Doom plays blackened thrash metal that is very much of my liking. Their music sounds very underground but this raw kind of energy is very enjoyable for fans of early Sepultura, Sarcofago and / or Nocturnal (Germany). Obey Vomit Of Doom you all and order this fucker directly by visiting Satanath’s Records Discogs page. This is raw, this is heavy, this is evil!!!



Blistering fast black/thrash with enough catchiness to keep even a one armed outfielder happy (whatever that means). The raw production actually gives this tons of appeal for those that adore the old school side of the genre.
Even features a track entitled Pussy Metal Attack for those that enjoy a little humor with their head banging antics.
Fans of vintage Slayer will lap this up as will fans of hyper fast thrash in general.
Evil, fast and raw this will get any pit riotous


Blackened thrash metal from the heart of Argentina, Vomit of Doom have been thrashing away with reckless abandon since forming in 2009. The debut full length album, Obey the Darkness, dropped in August of 2015 through a joint release between Satanath Records and Hell Productions. The music is energetic and exudes a blackened, sweltering aura that only South American bands can really seem to conjure these days, despite countless hordes attempting a similar sound.

On my first play through the album, I had to check to make sure that I wasn't listening to some South American blackened thrashing death metal band playing Slayer covers, because the riffing is damn near close to straight up copying "Angel of Death" on "Perversecution". And while the riffs do continue to exude that rampant, fast paced palm muting with quick bursts of catchy power chords and melodic licks that permeated Slayer's early career, Vomit of Doom does steer things in a more vicious, blackened direction as the album goes on.

Basically, Vomit of Doom takes that fast paced thrashing and mixes in doses of acerbic blasting and some pretty killer growled shouts. The end result is a blackened dose of death thrash that pays homage to both the sweltering climes of South America and the early thrash scene. I know I mentioned Slayer before, as the band's chaotic, fast paced riffing does lean their way, but the band's sound probably owes more to the early Teutonic scene than the American scenes because of their heavy handed leaning towards death metal throughout a lot of the album.

The CD version adds a few demo tracks which are cool, but don't really flow well with the album proper. Obey the Darkness is a rampant and chaotic blackened thrash metal monster that fans of Sarcófago and Slayer will enjoy equally. I imagine the results of shoving Reign in Blood, I.N.R.I. and Obsessed by Cruelty into a blender would sound something like this. A solid debut from an up and coming band.


Vomit of Doom - is a three piece band consisting of Venomous Abominator-Drums, Vocals. Artillery Command-Guitars. Endless Malevolence-Guitars (lead). Genre described as Black/Thrash Metal. Band origin Argentina.

Obey The Darkness album released on Satanath Records August 16th 2015. Listening to this for the first time I get a vision like the gates of apocalypse flying open, very cryptic, but close to what the music can manifest. Some of the main influence that come to my mind would be Pestilence, Beastial Raids, Venom, early Slayer and Celtic Frost. Imaging bare knuckles smashing concrete or a violent pit about to unfold, many of the songs can cause for brutal interactions as such. In terms of production, the music is gritty and rough but it adds extra character to the sound. In total they offer us thirteen compositions of evil and raw black-thrash metal coming at you at full throtle. The most stand out tracks for me would be "Conspiracy VS The World", it brings back memories of the good days of metal like Venom or Death Angel. Another strong contender would have to be "Maze of Doom", fast and precise drumming with a catchy chorus.

In conclusion, if you enjoy old school raw style of metal then this album is worth exploring.


Arjantin topraklarında hareketlenme söz konusu,insanlar artık sadece Messi'den söz etmekten sıkıldı,birazda METAL konuşulsun,Vomit of Doom thrash metal severlerin kulaklarında yara açmaya yemin etmiş! ! !

Obey the Darkness grubun bir kaç demodan sonra yayınladığı ilk tam zamanlı albümü,ve sound olarak oldukça başarılı,aslında grup black metal tabanlı thrash metal çalıyor fakat thrash teması daha yüksek,sololar,ritimler ve beste yapısı tamamen thrash metal ,sadece vokal türü ve sözler ile black metal kalıbı altına giriyor.

2000 lerin sonlarına doğru bu tarz oldukça yükselişteydi,daha sonra yerini death&black metal yada old school death metal e kaptırdı. Saldırgan,hırçın vokal ile agresif adeta surata tükürük saçan beste yapılarıyla Vomit of Doom kaderinize kusmaya niyetli ! ! !

13 parça toplam 32 dakikayı dolduruyor,tamamen olması gerektiği gibi... Kısa ve öz,kamçının derinize şııılap diye vurması gibi...Kan oturdu etlerinize,nefesiniz daraldı...değil mi ? O zaman doğru frekanstasınız! ! ! O zaman karanlığa itaat etmeniz gerekiyor! ! !Örneklendirmeyi bir kenara bırakacak olursak,Vomit of Doom gerçekten başarılı bir albümle piyasadaki yerini aldı...



Cosa c'entrano le produzioni ortofrutticole con il metallo nero? Normalmente poco, ma se il gruppo si chiama Vomit Of Doom e viene dal capoluogo del Rio Negro in Argentina, allora può vantare quella costellazione. La regione si è arricchita con la produzione di mele, frutto che ha fornito al trio Black-Thrash nato nel 2009 le vitamine necessarie a comporre il debutto "Obey The Darkness". Questa trentina di minuti è il risultato dell'esperienza raccolta con alcune demo e un paio di split.

Le canzoni dei Vomit Of Doom sono lineari, veloci e incalzanti, nella scia di Slayer e Possessed; alcuni accenni Crust Punk ne completano poi la base. Riconoscerete l'influenza delle due formazioni in parti uguali, sia nelle ritmiche sia negli assoli. Venomous Abominator canta le sue storie di morte e male, mentre maltratta le pelli: il gruppo infatti ha scelto la pittoresca soluzione del batterista-cantante. L'attributo «nero» manca nel metal suonato da questi Argentini, tuttavia si trova nell'immagine di copertina e in alcuni testi.

La musica su "Obey The Darkness" è Thrash Metal tradizionale di ottima fattura e qualità costante. L'ascoltatore si prepari ad ascoltarlo con il presupposto del divertimento, senza attendersi grandi sorprese.


Though these Argentinian black/thrashers have been together for ten years, this is their first official debut – and for fans of stuff like Sarcofago and Holocausto, it’s going to be right up their alley. Do you want thrash riffs, horrendously demonic vocal utterances and lyrics about Satan? Well, that’s what you’re getting right here. The disc is a raw pulverizer from beginning to end, just so long as you skip the horribly unnecessary intro, interlude and outro pieces. You’re also going to get those screaming guitar shred-fests that you love so much, so you really can’t go wrong with this one. They’re not going to one-up Sacrofago for me, but they’re still pretty fucking good. The disc comes with some even rawer demo cuts right after the outro, so you’ll want to check those out to see these guys in their pure, unbridled glory.


Blackened thrash metal from the heart of Argentina, Vomit of Doom have been thrashing away with reckless abandon since forming in 2009. The debut full length album, Obey the Darkness, dropped in August of 2015 through a joint release between Satanath Records and Hell Productions. The music is energetic and exudes a blackened, sweltering aura that only South American bands can really seem to conjure these days, despite countless hordes attempting a similar sound.

On my first play through the album, I had to check to make sure that I wasn’t listening to some South American blackened thrashing death metal band playing Slayer covers, because the riffing is damn near close to straight up copying “Raining Blood” on “Perversecution”. And while the riffs do continue to exude that rampant, fast paced palm muting with quick bursts of catchy power chords and melodic licks that permeated Slayer’s early career, Vomit of Doom does steer things in a more vicious, blackened direction as the album goes on.

Basically, Vomit of Doom takes that fast paced thrashing and mixes in doses of acerbic blasting and some pretty killer growled shouts. The end result is a blackened dose of death thrash that pays homage to both the sweltering climes of South America and the early thrash scene. I know I mentioned Slayer before, as the band’s chaotic, fast paced riffing does lean their way, but the band’s sound probably owes more to the early Teutonic scene than the American scenes because of their heavy handed leaning towards death metal throughout a lot of the album.

The CD version adds a few demo tracks which are cool, but don’t really flow well with the album proper. Obey the Darkness is a rampant and chaotic blackened thrash metal monster that fans of Sarcófago and Slayer will enjoy equally. I imagine the results of shoving Reign in Blood, I.N.R.I. and Obsessed by Cruelty into a blender would sound something like this. A solid debut from an up and coming band.


Esto sí que no me lo esperaba! Una banda argentina fichando con el sello ruso Satanath sí que es una sorpresa! En este caso son los rionegrinos Vomit Of Doom, banda integrada por L. Warpig Venomous Abominator en voz y batería, Endless Malevolence en guitarra líder y Artllery Command en la segunda viola.

Con semejantes nombres artísticos, no se puede esperar menos que música muy extrema, ya que lo de Vomit Of Doom es puro y crudo black/thrash que pueda encontrarse en la escena, ennraizado en los primitivos albores del género, con especial énfasis en la agresividad y mucha actitud.

No los dejes pasar que nuestros paisanos nos están haciendo quedar más que bien en el mundo entero.


Wybaczcie, pomylić się wyjątkowo łatwo. Gdyby Vomit of Doom startował trzydzieści lat temu, miałby szansę zdobyć popularność kapeli Toma & Jerry’ego Kerry’ego. Albo może Sarcofago, biorąc pod uwagę umiejscowienie zespołu. Na nieszczęście chłopaki przespały ostatnie trzy dekady i nie zajarzyły, że chyba ktoś to już zagrał. A może mają to gdzieś i chcą po prostu połomotać? Bo przecież „znane” nie znaczy „siuścossące”.

Obey The Darkness to pierwszy pełniak argentyńskich diabołów. Całkiem już doświadczonych wydawniczo, dodam. Płyta została wydana dzięki wspólnym siłom Satanath Records i Hell Productions. Zawiera toto trzynaście kawałków i ciut ponad pół godziny grania. I, jak łatwo się domyślić, jest szybko-prędko-już do przodu.

Wspomniałem już Slejera? Slejerem śmierdzi tu wszystko, począwszy od pierwszego (intro się nie liczy) Angel of Death Perversecution aż po ostatni Satan’s Vengeance, który… też w sumie można z Angel of Death pomylić. Slejer wyskakuje zza każdego rogu jak ten bum, któremu ostatnio dałeś złotówkę i pamięta, a dodatkowo nie jest sam (Slejer, nie bum). Razem z nim wyskakuje też Sodom i może Sepultura, wszystko w tych najlepszych, wczesnych stadiach. I to za recenzję wystarczy. Macie tu kawałki szybkie, bardzo thrashowe, gdzieniegdzie delikatnie podlane czerniną. A przede wszystkim dzikie, nieokiełznane, brudne i prymitywne. Vomit of Doom wulgarnie i prostacko napierdala w te swoje instrumenty, gwałcąc poczucie estetyki zwyczajnej Grażyny Kowalskiej. Nie ma miejsca na rozbudowane melodie, głębokie teksty, technikę. Wszystko sprowadza się do galopującej chłosty agresją i prędkością. Z rzadka pojawia się różnica (tytułowy Obey The Darkness, który bardziej niż reszta trąci blackiem), koncentrując się na prostej i dobrze znanej formie Slejerowego thrashu (Metal Pussy Attack, Evoked Devastation i w sumie cała reszta).

Nie bierzcie tego za zarzuty, brońcie bogowie. To po prostu fakty. W sumie to chyba każdy z Was już dobrze wie, czy Obey The Darkness polubi czy nie. Dla wytrwałych, którzy jeszcze czytają dodam, że brzmienie płyty to jej ogromna zaleta. Świetnie pasuje do granej muzyki, jest klimatyczne i wulgarne. Bardzo mi przypomina taką starą płytę z pomarańczowym platfusem i dużą ilością mieczy na okładce. Jak ona się nazywała….

W sumie to Obey The Darkness można potraktować jako tribute. Może i nie zawiera coverów, ale różnica jest niewielka. Sami zdecydujcie, czy to jest plus czy minus. Sam nie mam nic przeciwko, a te pół godziny było przyjemne i pewnie kiedyś do Vomit of Slejer Doom wrócę. I na półce, ze względu na śliczny layout, nie szkoda trzymać.


Another excellent album from this Russian label, and this time we move on the map to Argentina. This is a quite chaotic and cathartic form of death/black metal, with tons of incendiary guitar riffs, fast structures and punkish attitude.

I really enjoyed this one because includes well balanced influences from many sources (mainly early SLAYER), but it keeps a metallic essence and it sounds really good. Multi-instrumentist Luciano Gorez aka Venomous Abominator (from Abominablood) is involved in the band, and seems like he recorded vocals and drums. Actually, this recording sounds basic, crude and direct to the bone, and you will feel a kick in the brain since the first notes. All tracks are forged in fast guitars, apocalyptic themes and furious essence. It’s not bad for a Latin-American entity formed in 2009 and with many demos, EPs releases, and compilations since then. This CD includes some material from those previous releases (highlights to “Troops of Desolation” demo version) and it worth every cent. If you are into raw and punkish death/black metal, definitely this is for you.



С 2009-го года аргентинский трешево-блаковый зверь вырвался на свободу, и неистово насыщается, нанося громадный ущерб местным стадам крупного рогатого скота, да и прочего скота. За это время экстремальными музыкантами было издано немало демок, сплитов и эпишек, время вдаряло в свои металлические колокола, и двоилось, и троилось в глазах внимающих этому суровому южноамериканскому шторму, да и название хорошее взяли себе — VOMIT OF DOOM. Но все-таки дума там маловато)) —  а все поболее угольного стиля, который пестуется где-то на территориях которые в подданстве князя мира сего. Но замечу, я бы и от дума не отказался…))

На пластинке, кстати, кроме 11 регулярных траков в конеце приварены еще 2 трака взятых с демок, а мы доподлинно знаем,  что в таких вещах сконцентрированы порой настоящие маниакальные злоба и мизантропия, в особенности в заявленном жанре. Собственно пожаловаться на мелодичность в компо VOMIT OF DOOM, записанных и отредактированных для диска, оснований нет. Потому что наша одухотворенная четверка сочиняет кондовые блак-трешевые боевики, каждый из которых может претендовать на свое призовое место и рамочку в хеллканцелярии, вместе с тысячами аналогичных в этом подлунном мире.

Ритм-сеция VOMIT OF DOOM практически идеально организует несущийся по сельве поезд, который не принимает никаких поворотов-разворотов и прочего душевного разлома. Нет, здесь все серьезно, и, начиная со второго трака, продолжает оставаться адски целеустремленным и остервенелым. Оставаясь в рамках означенного стиля музыканты личным мастерством достигают воплощения самых завзятых каннибалистических тем. Хотя композер нет-нет да не чурается эмбиентных загадочных кусков, преисполненных непонятного разговора с дикими криками — может быть из камеры пытки. При всей своей привязанности к определенной стилистике надо заметить, что внутри профильной отработки команда VOMIT OF DOOM  остается «разнообразной» насколько это возможно. А это уже дело солирующей гитары.

И гитареро, который выстругивал мощный стафф, вроде и не имел мыслей ошибаться в своих пронзительных соляках. Меткими бронебойными пассажами струнный саунд делал немыслимое, но очень важное дело — прорисовка чертежей, присланных прямиком из преисподней. С соляками скромно здесь — да. И невместно, но зато ТО, что имеется, отлично ложится в партитуру всей группы, соединяя добротные, воистину угарные произведения блэк треша, представляя на суд публики  танк мчащийся по магистрали, ведущей в ад. Хотя стоп! какой танк, когда на обложке VOMIT OF DOOM в фирмовом блэк-металлическом стиле изображены 4 всадника апокалипсиса, несущих смерть, мор и глад, да и еще что-то вроде — согласно сочинениям некоего Иоанна Б.

Вокаллер этого формирования давно освоил самое дичайшее звукоизвержение, в промежуточном  харшево-гроулинговом стиле, потрясающем самые основы нормального пения. Но главное, что я заметил в его вокале, невыразимые прострелы, которые создаются в ходе его отработки. Полное ощущение, что пролетает настоящий, выстреленный танком, снаряд. Гневные филиппики вокалиста, как стрелы тех всадников — не только пронзают до самой печени отъявленных металло-алкоголиков, но и обличают кой-какие социальные язвы, как например, в траке Metal Pussy Attack. Кстати, тексты команды опубликованы в 8-ми страничном буклете, выполненном как раз в таком дизайне, который обожают профильные металлюги.

Этот диск был выкинут на черный свет Satanath Records совмсетно с Hell Productions из Таиланда. Черный свет стал от этого еще темнее. Группировка при каждой возможности гастролирует в своем регионе. Причем, как я прочитал на одной из афиш, иногда в «брутал метал лагеря» собираются для концертов до 20 команд.





Групппа Vomit of Doom мне попалась в руки во время обмена с Satanath Records, и уже с первого трека я понял, что надо брать диск. Аргентинцы рубят старый как мир приблэкованный трэш-метал в духе других латиноамериканских дивизий типа Sarcofago, Vulcano, Guerra Total и т.д. Рубят очень бодро и задорно, ведь иначе зачем браться? Долой старпёрский среднетемповый трэшак! Выделяется Vomit of Doom тем, что по звучанию отлично соответствует названию. Несмотря на немалое количество позитивной моторхэдовщины в риффах, аргентинцы создают очень мрачную атмосферу с помощью сырого звука и осатанелого вокала а-ля Пол Ледни. Сходство с Profanatica особо заметно на медленных моментах, которые в своей бронебойной примитивности ничем не отличаются от фирменного стиля штатовских богохульных некрофилов. Это явно не случайно. Но скоростная нарезка всё же составляет бОльшую часть музыки Блевунов Рока.


Издана работа без изысков, но прилежно, без жадности. Хорошая бумага и диск, 8-страничный буклет, тираж 500 копий. Рекомендую альбом всем фэнам правильного злого трэша. Подчинитесь тьме!





A band named VOMIT OF DOOM, the album entitled "Obey The Darkness" and despite having two demo tracks added a running time just over half an hour. Accordingly my favorite track is called 'Metal Pussy Attack'. So I guess everyone knows what to expect from the debut by the trio from Argentina. Blackened Thrash Metal, a wild mixture of BLASPHEMY / IMPALED NAZARENE and early KREATOR / SODOM. Naturally the whole album is pretty one-dimensional, but I guess being versatile or progressive never has been the aim of VOMIT OF DOOM. Of course the legitimate question is if the Metal cosmos is in need of another Black / Thrash Metal band, since there are plenty (in fact a bazillion) outfits playing this blend of Metal. For me, yes. Because the riffs are really killer ones and the songwriting may be single-sided, but highly enjoyable.




Препарируемый альбом - один из многих примеров того, когда творчество метал-банды изначально являет собой чистой воды трибьют. Трибьют не конкретному коллективу, но… целому стилю! Ибо только этим можно объяснить создание в 2009 году команды, которая, не стремясь изобретать велосипед, умышленно берёт на вооружение пыльные пожелтевшие чертежи сего дивайса.

Что же касается группы VOMIT OF DOOM, как таковой, то это яркое подтверждение тезиса о том, что увлечение metal-музыкой давно превратилось во что-то между наркозависимостью и религией. В данном конкретном случае, фигурально выражаясь, в шприц был заряжен экстракт при-black-ованного thrash-metal, а тематика проповедей ограничилась тем, что в народе метко называют “мрачной сранью”: Born of the plague… Blood on the floor… Hear the melody of hell... Satan is back…

Исступлённо любя этот жанр, после вороха демок, синглов и сплитов VOMIT OF DOOM, наконец, чётко и осмысленно формулируют свою позицию: „Obey the Darkness”. Ментальный конденсат этого полноформатника настолько силён, что при его прослушивании сами собой отрываются рукава любимой джинсовой куртки, а на её поверхности проступают нашивки VENOM, HELLHAMMER и SODOM; талия обрастает бахромой пулемётных лент, а запястья – строительными дюбелями. В воздухе отчётливо пахнет серой, и вдали уже виднеются силуэты Всадников Апокалипсиса.




Quest’oggi mi sono voluto dare il buongiorno con del sano martirio sonoro e quale scelta migliore se non quella di planare sul debutto degli argentini Vomit of Doom uscito nel 2015?


Obey the Darkness è proprio ciò che sembra, quello che l’intuito mette in movimento al solo rimirare copertina, logo e titoli sparsi sulla tracklist. E’ una gabbia dalla quale non si scappa o meglio, dalla quale non si vuole esattamente scappare; i Vomit of Doom strimpellano il loro pastone death/black dagli spiccati istinti thrash col giusto piglio nevrotico ed irrefrenabile per poco più di una consona mezz’ora. A noi non resta altro che sentire, prendete nota, scuotere e gioire per quel minimo che ci sarà concesso visto “l’effetto sorpresa prossimo allo zero”.


Inutile nasconderlo, ci sono tante, ma tante produzioni meglio di questo Obey the Darkness, ma al contempo non puoi sottrarti all’oscuro fascino che i sudamericani riescono a formulare con visibile sagacia. L’impegno richiesto è quello di essere affezionati al genere marcio/mefitico per eccellenza, sapere come prenderlo o saperlo masticarlo a dovere, altrimenti la solite lagne del caso potranno avere libertà di diffusione (basta solo sapere a cosa si va incontro, in tali casi sarebbe meglio che su altri).


I Vomit of Doom musicano la voglia di fagocitare per mezzo di un rapido caos, appaiono come rozzi emissari ai quali poco importa del giudizio altrui e va bene così, anche se il disco alla fine non risulterà esattamente imprescindibile.


Una dannata sufficienza per un quadro che saprà trovare le giuste sistemazioni nelle giuste case. Obey the Darkness macina terreno rapidamente e in qualità di autorizzato “trattore della morte”, rendendo pieno tributo a tutte quelle band venute prima di loro e sparse a piacimento lungo il loro continente d’appartenenza.